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					                           Te Papa Job Description
Effective Date: 15 July 2009

 JOB TITLE:            Manager – Marketing and Communications
 Directorate:          Business Group
 Reports to:           Business Group Director
 Direct reports:       5
 Number of staff:      Approximately 9 FTE (excluding casual workforce)


The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is a forum for the nation to present,
explore and preserve the heritage of its cultures and knowledge of the natural environment in
order to better understand and treasure the past, enrich the present and meet the challenges
of the future.

Te Papa’s concept is founded on the principles of unified collections, the narratives of culture
and place, the idea of forum, the bicultural partnership between Tangata Whenua and
Tangata Tiriti, and the multidisciplinary approach to delivering a national museum for diverse

Within this concept, matters of concern to Te Papa are expressed within the framework of:
     • Papatüanuku – the earth on which we all live
     • Tangata Whenua – those who belong to the land by right of first discovery
     • Tangata Tiriti – those who belong to the land by right of the Treaty of Waitangi


The Business Directorate is responsible for maximising the operating efficiency and financial
contribution of the revenue producing elements of Te Papa to support the core museum
functions, while ensuring brand strength and integrity. These areas of the organisation
encompass sponsorship and funds development, marketing and communications, retail
stores, hospitality services, picture library, and Te Papa Press.


The Manager – Marketing and Communications is responsible for developing and delivering
the marketing and communications strategy and services for the organisation, internally and
externally, in line with Te Papa priorities and objectives. This role is also responsible for the
relationship with the Friends of Te Papa.


•   Develop and deliver Te Papa’s Marketing and Communications strategy in line with Te
    Papa priorities and objectives in order to best represent Te Papa, target key audiences
    effectively, and positively support the brand image.

•   Manage all aspects of marketing and communications for all Te Papa products and
    service delivery to assist in meeting Te Papa’s visitor and revenue targets and strengthen
    the reputation of the museum both nationally and internationally.

•   Manage the brand integrity of Te Papa through the controlled use of the brand,
    development and implementation of marketing and communications standards, and
    innovative and effective campaigns that positively influence visitor numbers.

•   Manage Te Papa’s media and public relations profile through the development and
    maintenance of relationships within the industry, by maintaining up to the minute
    understanding of key issues and potential areas of media / public interest, and advising
    managers appropriately.

•   Develop and deliver an internal communications strategy, and provide internal
    communications advice and support to all managers, including Te Papa Leadership
    Team and senior management, to ensure all staff are informed about what is happening
    in the organisation and the communications maintain Te Papa standards.

•   Develop and implement a Web strategy to complement Te Papa’s physical visitor
    experience, enhance Te Papa’s online presence, grow revenue and extend market
    reach. This strategy will include the use of popular media including Twitter, Facebook,
    Flickr, etc.

•   Manage the relationship and work synergies between Te Papa and the Friends of Te
    Papa to maximise the benefits to be gained from working in partnership.

•   Manage the production of all corporate publications to effectively present Te Papa to
    target audiences and support the brand image. This involves working constructively and
    supportively across Te Papa Directorates for all online content and productions.

•   Develop business plans and priorities for the Marketing and Communications team, and
    lead the achievement of those, ensuring the business plan is prepared and approved
    within the timeline set.

•   Provide direction, guidance and support to staff (and contactors) within the Marketing and
    Communications team, and foster an environment that supports diversity and attracts,
    motivates, rewards and retains the best talent, enabling the team to contribute to
    achieving Te Papa’s outcomes and purpose.

•   Maintain management control of the Marketing and Communication team’s budget and
    management reporting to provide ongoing, accurate, and timely information in relation to
    the achievement of the business plan and work priorities and ensure all systems and
    processes are followed; this includes making sure budgets are adhered to, expenditure
    and other management decisions have the correct approvals, and budgets are managed


Budget authority                               As per organisation delegations policy, which
                                               may change from time to time
People delegation                              As per organisation delegations policy, which
                                               may change from time to time


Technical skills and/or qualifications required, knowledge and experience
• Commercial management experience in a similar role in a large, complex organisation
• Proven experience in web or e-Commerce strategy development and implementation
• Proven success in media and public relations management
• Experience in managing projects, including coordinated marketing and communications
   activities across internal and external parties
• Experience in managing teams with diverse expertise and experience
• Experience in managing diverse and complex relationships
• Relevant tertiary qualification and/or equivalent experience

Specific competencies

• Provides an environment where Mäori knowledge and skills is valued and supported, and
   current and prospective Mäori staff can achieve their aspirations.
• Demonstrates a working knowledge of bicultural concepts and practices.
• Demonstrates advanced awareness and understanding of the principles of the Treaty of
   Waitangi, Tikanga Mäori, and customary concepts.

People Management
• Articulates a clear vision, strategy, goals and priorities for the team, ensuring individuals
   and teams have relevant goals and objectives and understand how their work fits into the
   larger picture. Recognises and rewards the achievement of results.
• Evaluates needs of the team as they relate to helping Te Papa to achieving its purpose.
   Able to attract and retain high calibre people, and develop successors and talent.
• Can clearly assess and articulate the strengths and limitations of people. Can accurately
   project what various people are likely to do across a variety of performance situations
• Fosters an environment that excites, sustains and rewards the best talent.

Building Trust
• Develops other people’s confidence through consistent action, values and
    communications. Sets an environment where employees can develop trust in each other
    through behaviours. Maintains high standards of integrity and fairness.
• Understands and respects the interest of all people at all levels, shows empathy and
    understanding in response to stated issues. Is able to consider individual interests even
    in the face of competing conflicting pressures.

• Is able to draw from past experience to address complex issues, seeking and integrating
   different ideas and perspectives taking into account important issues before making
• Identifies the most critical, high-impact issues requiring action and evaluates the costs,
   risks and benefits of available solutions.
• Initiates action to address known and unknown factors related to a problem. Takes
   calculated risks with a solid understanding of the potential risks and benefits involved.

Business Acumen
• Applies sound general management practices to ensure Te Papa operates effectively
   and efficiently, and delivers agreed outputs against its outcomes.
• Adopts a strategic and outcomes focussed approach toward people management,
   planning and budgeting operational and reporting.
• Identifies and acts to address the impact of internal and external factors on Te Papa’s
• Demonstrates accountability for results.

Machinery of Government
• Demonstrates a good understanding of the principles and conventions of government
  and constitutional, legal and politically neutral “whole of government” basis on which the
  New Zealand state service operates.
• Works effectively within an environment where politics coupled with public and media
  scrutiny are an intrinsic part of organisational life.

Financial Acumen
• Understands the meaning and implications of key financial indicators to identify key
   issues and to develop strategies and plans with a dual focus on cost and risk
• Accurately performs substantial quantitative financial calculations.
• Focuses on profitability and value for money in all business transactions and decisions;
   understands and uses analytical financial techniques when making business decisions
   and in preparing proposals for funding.

Communication Skills
• Expresses thoughts, feelings, and ideas effectively in individual and group situations.
• Projects credibility and poise even in highly visible and adversarial situations.
• Demonstrates high written and oral communication skills with the ability to prepare well-
  argued and clear written material and to achieve desired outcomes through negotiation.
• Actively develops and maintains effective networks of professional relationships and
  contacts at senior levels across a range of organisations and agencies.

Relationship Management
• Establishes rapport, building and maintaining professional and productive relationships
   with a wide range of stakeholders.
• Creates and sustains an appropriate image and profile of Te Papa through relationships
   held and behaviours demonstrated.
• Maintains an extensive network of technical/professional contacts and other key people
   to keep abreast of latest ideas and developments.
• Demonstrates sensitivity to a range of groups and their individual needs and