Weight loss by linzhengnd


									Weight loss

   1. how much over how long?
   2. Diet; describe your breakfast, lunch and supper?
   3. do you enjoy your meals? How is mood, sleep and concentration?(anorexia)
   4. appetite?
   5. fever?
   6. nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain
   7. motion: normal in colour, urine normal in colour(liver)
   8. changes in bowel habit
   9. eating causes pain (gastric, mesenteric angina, pancreatitis)
   10. pus/mucus/blood from back passage or vomited blood
   11. tenesmus
   12. floating of stool and difficult to flush away?(malabsorption)
   13. cough, bloody sputum, SOB, any previous lung infections-(respiratory TB)
   14. dyspnoea, orthopnea(breathlessness when lying flat), PND(cardiac-heart
   15. palpitations, tremor, heat intolerance, diarrhoea (thyroid)
   16. Polyuria(excessive amounts of urine), thirst and feeling of lethargy(Diabetes)
   17. nocturia( getting up from sleep to pass water), haematuria (blood in urine)
   18. any aches or pain or rashes
   19. night sweats, pruritis(itch), lump(hodgkins disease)
   20. postural hypotension (Addison)
   21. PMH/ DM HTN Asthma COPD malignancy thyroid
   22. DH/
   23. FH/of cancer or heart disease
   24. SH/
           a. where do you live?(housing condition-crowded-infections)
           b. who do you live with?
           c. are you in an stable relationship? Are you sexually active?
           d. smoking?
           e. Alcohol?
           f. illicit drugs?
           g. occupation?
           h. foreign travel?
   25. Do you have anything to add that I have forgotten to ask?
   26. any concerns or worries or questions?
   27. summarise
   28. thank patient

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