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					                                      GLBT Conference
                                    October 29-31, 2010
                                    Westin Mission Hills
                                     Rancho Mirage, CA

Breaking the Silence 101 and 102
Presenter: Roger Kavigan, Rosenda Thomas, CTA Human Rights Cadre Trainers
As students struggle to deal with gay and lesbian issues, educators need factual information so
they can correct the misinformation about homosexuality. This training will provide participants
with the strategies for reducing hostilities towards gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender,
questioning students and learn ways to create a safe and free learning environment for all
students. Participants must have attended BTS 101 in order to fully understand and be able to
participate in BTS 102. If you have attended BTS 101 in another venue, please feel free to only
attend the 102 portion of the presentation beginning at 3:35p Saturday.

Bullying 101 and 102
Presenter: David Hernandez, CTA Staff
Everyday in our schools, students are teased, threatened and tormented by bullies. Ignoring
bullying creates a climate of fear, hostility and violence. Learn how to recognize bullying,
examine its characteristics and find out what you can do as educators to prevent bullying among
your students. Participants must attend 101 prior to attending 102 in order to fully understand
and participate. If you have attended 101 in another venue, feel free to attend 102 only
beginning at 3:35p on Saturday.

Creating a Safe Place – You, Me & GLBT
Presenter: C. Scott Miller, Co-chair of GLBTIAC
What are my legal rights as a GLBT employee in California? Can parents decide to remove their
children from my classroom just because I identify as a GLBT teacher? What are my/students'
rights to "coming out". How can colleagues show support for me if I encounter a hostile
environment? What can I discuss with students about myself? What rights do I have to
advocate for GLBT students? What is AB537, The California Student Safety and Violence
Prevention Act of 2000, and its requirements for school districts? This is the workshop to bring
all of your questions concerning being on the job and addressing GLBT issues. Discuss your
rights by law and CTA recommendations that may be applicable to your school or classroom.

Exploring Intersections of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation
Presenter: Carl Bullard, NEA Cadre Trainer
This workshop designed for all school personnel, explores the relationship and commonalities
between gender, race and GLBT issues, with an emphasis on enhancing race and gender
awareness when addressing GLBT issues in school.

GLBT Leadership Training – Obstacles to Association Involvement
Presenter: Lisa Buckner, CTA Human Rights Cadre Trainer
The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Leadership Development Committee developed this
workshop to help gay, lesbian, and transgender members develop leadership skills at all levels
within the Association. This training session examines difficulties experienced by gay, lesbian,
bisexual and transgender members in becoming involved in association activities and programs.

GLBT Leadership Training – Understanding the System
Presenter: Lisa Buckner, CTA Human Rights Cadre Trainer
The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Leadership Development Committee developed this
workshop to help gay, lesbian, and transgender members develop leadership skills at all levels
within the Association. This component presents an overview of the National and State
Association governance and program structures with a focus on accessing power and programs.

GLBT Legislation
Presenter: Jennifer Baker, CTA Staff
California has seemingly always been in legal and legislative battles with the GLBT community.
From attempting to ban GLBT teachers from the classroom to the recent Prop 8, legal and
legislative battles have plagued the community. Participants will discuss the past battles, present
battles and those that may be on the horizon for California.

Is it a Choice?
Presenter: Vicent Pompei, CTA Member
Is being gay or lesbian a choice? Some religious institutions claim it is and believe therapy can
"cure" homosexuality. On the other hand, organizations such as the American Psychological
Association couldn't disagree more. Learn what major national organizations have to say about
the current research on homosexuality. Is it a choice? What do they say about reparative
therapy or conversion therapy to "convert" someone's sexuality? Let's begin by dispelling the

A New Generation of GLBT Activists
Presenter: Brian Jeffrey-Advisor to “Stand” Los Osos High School
Millennials are on the MOVE!!! Young activists using technology, drama, computers and cell
phones to create a safe place for GLBT students. These activists spend time educating educators
about GLBT issues from the students' perspective. Learn about using student to student mentors
and programs to educate all students at your school.

Starting a Gay-Straight Alliance
Presenter: Daniel Solis, GSA Network Southern California Program Manager
Wonder what a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is and what it can do to make a school better for
GLBT students? What legal rights do you have to start your GSA? How do you start a GSA and
make it into a successful student led club? We'll cover all of these topics and more in this
interactive and informative workshop led by current Gay-Straight Alliance youth leaders, working
to fight homophobia and transphobia in their schools everyday. The GSA Network is a youth
leadership organization that connects school based Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA's) to each other
and community resources through peer support, leadership development and training. GSA
Network supports young people in starting, strengthening, and sustaining GSA's and builds the
capacity of GSA's to: create safe environments in schools for students to support each other and
learn about homophobia and other oppressions, educate the school about homophobia, gender
identity, sexual orientation issues and fight discrimination, harassment and violence in schools.

Presenter: Amy Scharf, Groundspark
This workshop is a viewing of the documentary "Straight-laced; How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up"
followed by a facilitation of small group dialogue of the film's application in the classroom. In the
film, participants will meet 50 incredibly diverse students who take us on a powerful journey to
see how popular pressures around gender and sexuality are shaping the lives of today's American
teens. An uplifting and surprisingly funny film that accessibly demonstrates how gender-based
expectations are deeply intertwined with homophobia, and also are impacted by race, ethnicity
and class. From girls confronting popular messages about culture and body image, to boys who
are sexually active just to prove they aren't gay. Straight-laced reveals the toll that deeply held
stereotypes and rigid gender policing have on all of our lives, and offer both teens and adults a
way out of anxiety, fear and violence.

Questioning your sexual orientation or gender identification? Coming out? Advocating for GLBT
youth/members? Dealing with discrimination? Are these issues causing you stress? Learn
helpful "tips" for managing stress in all aspects of your daily life. Discover how life changes and
your behavior impact your stress level.

Presenter: Gail Watts, CTA Staff
This workshop is a viewing of the documentary "Trinidad" followed by an intense dialogue of
observations and experiences of the issues brought forth in the film. Trinidad, Colorado is known
as the "sex change capital of the world". In this documentary, three transgender women
transition from man to woman and make their way in and out of this rural ranching town-turned-
transsexual mecca. The film and follow up dialogue is an experience and may challenge the
limits of the participants' personal views on gender and rigid categories of humans.

Unconscious Bias
Presenter: Rowena Russo, CTA Staff and Katherine Catanzarite, CTA Human Rights
Cadre Trainer
Social psychologists and other social scientists have found that all of us, regardless of race, have
cognitive biases that influence how we perceive and make decisions about other people. The
behavior of human beings is often guided by racial and other stereotypes of which we are
completely unaware. This training will explore the shortcuts and subsequent perceptions we
make about people and our surroundings. It will also provide tools to increase awareness about
our cognitive biases and offer intervention strategies.

Welcoming GLBT Parents and their Children
Presenter: Amanda Litwin-LA Gay and Lesbian Center
Students with GLBT parents are often left out of the safe schools conversation, but they are just
as impacted by bullying, harassment, exclusive curriculum and assumptions about their family.
This interactive workshop will address the unique issues facing students with GLBT parents,
outline specific strategies and best practices for creating safe and welcoming classrooms and
schools for all students and provide space for educators and parents to explore their own fears,
challenges and concerns about incorporating GLBT families into existing diversity curriculum.
Participants will leave with tools, strategies and resources as well as an advanced understanding
of GLBT families.

What’s in a Name?
Presenter: Eric Heins, CTA Board Member
As we continuously grapple with understanding the human mind, self identification is still one of
the few categories that each individual holds the key. Each person may or may not identify with
categories set forth by society. Each category contains a continuum or degree to which each
person views themselves relative to each self identified category. This workshop discusses the
identification continuum relative to gender and sexual orientation and its application within
participants, their colleagues and students.

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