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					April 01, 2011 - Entertainment

RavenMyth Interactive Studios

Aafter Zombies - A game for iphone/ipod touch
available on Appstore now.
RavenMyth Interactive Studios has announced the release of
Aafter Zombies 1.0

                                 RavenMyth Interactive Studios has announced the
                                 release of Aafter Zombies 1.0. Aafter Zombies is the
                                 casual game for the iphone/ipod touch platforms which
                                 has been released by the RavenMyth Interactive Studios.
                                 Unlike most of the zombie games Aafter Zombies is the
                                 game where the user has to cure the zombies back to
                                 normal humans instead of killing them, and then taking
                                 the cured safely to the hospital at the corner of the town
                                 to save them from other zombies. Saving the zombies is
                                 worth some rubble and with that the user can buy grubs
                                 to sustain their stamina which helps to cure more and
                                 more zombies.

                                 The game play involves the touch functionality and the
                                 timing input functionality, it allows the user to adapt the
                                 game play without any complications to enjoy the fun it
                                 delivers. Overall it is absolutely a different zombie game
                                 experience through the compelling visuals and the funny
                                 sounds of curing and saving the undead.

                                 We've stabbed them, shot them, blown them away,
                                 charred them down but have we ever cured them. That's
                                 right have we ever cured zombies? Lets unlock the fury
                                 of Arthur- the zombie doctor as he journeys ahead with a
                                 cure for zombies. Help Arthur cure as many zombies as
                                 possible and unlock exciting weapons that makes the
                                 process easier.

                                 Guess what with zombies on the prowl this job ain't easy.
                                 Travel through the forsaken town and evade these
                                 mindless undead with the humans following Arthur to the
                                 safe zone.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
* 13.6 MB                                                         Page 1/2
                              Pricing and Availability:
                              Aafter Zombies 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent
                              amount in other currencies) and available worldwide
                              exclusively through the App Store in the Games

                                Aafter Zombies 1.0:
                                Purchase and Download:
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RavenMyth Interactive Studios, is an independent developer of cross-platform and
cross-genre video games. Ravenmyth is wholly owned and operated by GuruDrona, an
Indian conglomerate excelling in various fields of businesses in recent years.

RavenMyth Interactive Studios

No:45, Indian mutual building, mount rd, Chennai
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
India 600002

Voice: +91-9500146660

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