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Fact Sheet TU Braunschweig


									Fact Sheet – RWTH Aachen University
Name of Institution               RWTH Aachen University: International Office

ERASMUS Code                      DE Aachen 01
Address of the Institution        RWTH Aachen University: International Office
                                  Templergraben 57
                                  52062 Aachen

                                  Tel.: +49 241 80-90660
                                  Fax: +49 241 80-92662
Website of International Office
Contact Person for Incoming       Ms. Claudia Hanke, M.A., Head of Division 2.3 – Mobility
ERASMUS Students        

Website for Incoming Students

Courses offered in English        Various, please search the websites of the respective faculties
Courses offered in other          The main language of instruction is German. Courses offered in other
languages                         languages than German and English will be found offered by the Faculties
                                  of Foreign Language Philology and literature only.
Language(s) of Instruction        German
Academic Calendar                 Winter semester: 01. October – 31. March
                                  Summer semester: 01. April – 30. September
                                  For additional Information please search the website :

Course Catalogue                  Campus:
                                                st                      st
Application Deadlines             ERASMUS: 31 July (winter semester), 31 January (summer semester)
                                                     st                          th
                                  Other Programs: 31 May (winter semester), 15 December (summer
Application Procedure for         Online Application starting with summer semester 2011;
                                  At the moment:

                                  The application must be signed by a faculty member or departmental
                                  coordinator from the home university.

                                  Requested documents:

                                  Registration Form (of RWTH Aachen University)
                                  Learning Agreement
                                  Transcript of Records
                                  Motivation Letter

                                  If you have questions please contact: stud.incoming-erasmus@zhv.rwth-

                                  Mail or fax the signed, completed application and accompanying documents
                                  to the following address:

                                  International Office
                                  RWTH Aachen University
                                  c/o Claudia Hanke
                                  Templergraben 57
                                  52056 Aachen

                                  Fax: +49 (0)241 80 92662

                                  Note: The application and the Learning Agreement must be duly signed by
                                  the student and the respective coordinator in charge at the sending
Application Procedure for other   institution.
Exchange Programs

Accommodation (costs,             A housing application can be submitted to “Studentenwerk” Aachen at:
conditions)                       http://www.studentenwerk-

                                  Please note that the International Office is not in charge of housing. Since
                                  the number of rooms in the student dormitories is limited, you should apply
                                  in time. RWTH Aachen University cannot guarantee that every applicant will
                                  indeed receive a room offer.

Orientation program               Takes place in the first weeks of the semester.
Mentor/Buddy Program    


Living Expenses                   ca. 750 Euro per month
Additional Information            The RWTH Aachen University charges a tuition fee of 500 Euro per
                                  semester for regular registered students or Free Movers (exchange students
                                  without exchange program / bilateral agreement).

                                  In addition the university charges a student service fee about 193, 45 Euro
                                  per semester for all students. This is not a tuition fee. The money is used to
                                  provide services for all students such as bus and rail ticket, sports facilities
                                  and building maintenance of student residences, canteens and cafeterias.

Language Courses                  Preparatory German language course in September (Intensive EURO
                                  Language Course)
                                  Duration: 4 weeks /80 hours
                                  Costs: 100 Euro
                                  Separate application: Yes (through the International Office)
                                  Note: Not for beginners’ level!

                                  Regular German language classes during the semester
                                  50 Euro / 2 hours / week
                                  100 Euro / 4hours/ week
                                  Separate application: Yes (through Language Center:

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