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									                             Frank Briggs                      -

                             Drummer, composer, published author, clinician, producer, teacher,
                             based in Los Angeles CA. Mr. Briggs keeps a busy schedule teaching,
                             playing gigs, touring, recording, writing, producing music and instruc-
                             tional materials. | | ph 818.298.6787

Educational Works                           2009
Complete Modern Drumset - Book              Highlights
A top seller for Mel Bay and available
worldwide. CMD has remained in Mel                 2009 brought Frank to Buenos Aires, La Plata and Mendoza,
Bayʼs Top 10 percussion books since itʼs    Argentina for a very successful series of workshops and concerts with
release in 1995. CMD is used and rec-       Pete Lockett, Phil Maturano, Jota Morelli and Gustavo Meli.
ommended by professors at Berklee
School of Music. 4 star Modern Drum-                             This group of percussionists were featured on
mer review, PAS review.                                        Argentine TV and also shared the front cover of
                                                               Bateristas Al Sur, Argentina’s drum magazine. in
Complete Modern Drumset - DVD
Also a top seller for Mel Bay. and avail-                      which Frank had a featured interview. Frank also
able worldwide. Considered by Modern                           joined Windham Hill artist Kit Walker’s Quantum
Drummer magazine as a classic, “must                           Hum and is working on QH’s first studio album.
have” that help set the standard for all                       The band is playing shows in northern and south-
instructional videos. 4 star Modern                            ern California and preparing for a tour in 2010
Drummer review, PAS review,
The Good Foot
Considered one of the best drum
books in Modern Drummerʼs read-
ers poll in 2003. 4 star review. in
MD, PAS review                              2008
Funky Beats & Breaks                        Highlights
4 star review in MD                         Frank released his first solo album entitled “China Ranch.”“China
Easy Beats & Breaks                         Ranch” made the first round of the Grammys in multiple categories
4 star review in MD                         including Best Instrumental Soloist, Best Contemporary Jazz Album
                                            and Best Instrumental Song. Frank composed and produced all the
Art of Boogaloo
                                            material on “China Ranch” which features many contemporary jazz
4 star review in MD
                                                             heavyweights, including Frank Gambale, Mitchel
First Lessons Drumset                                        Forman, Kit Walker, Jeff Babko, Steve Weingart, Ric
Best seller, translated and released                         Fierabracci and Jimmy Earl. “China Ranch” received
in France..PAS review                                        a 4-star review in Modern Drummer magazine, as
Latin Elements                                               well as a feature interview with Frank. Frank’s live
Best seller, PAS review                                      band includes Steve Weingart (Dave Weckl Band,),
Rudimental Applications for Drumset         Ric Fierabracci (Chick Corea) and Brian Price (Jazz Crusaders). 2008
Best seller, PAS review                     included sessions with Chris Poland (Megadeth) and Ohm. Frank was
Drummerʼs Almanac
                                            featured on Ohm’s Grammy-nominated “Circus of Sound” album and
(Hal Leonard) w/ Dave Weckl, Terri          a brief tour.
Lyne Carrington, Alex Acuna etc.
Essential Reading, Jazz Time etc.
Selected Discography                      Early Years - New York
China Ranch - Frank Briggs                1968-Present
4 Star review in Modern Drummer           Frank spent his formative years playing the drums and gigging. His
Magazine. Grammy nominated (1st           parents owned and operated a teen club in Central NY. His first
round) multiple categories. Available
world wide.                               band, The London Tymes, worked every weekend playing local high
Circus of Sound - Ohm
                                          schools and colleges and was managed by Frank's mother (who also
(Tone Center) Features members of         transported the band to their gigs). Frank recorded his first single
Megadeth. Grammy nominated Best           with The London Tymes on B&W records (a subsidiary of RCA) the
Rock Instrumental and Best Rock
Instrumental Soloist (Frank Briggs)       same year. Frank was 12.  By age 17, he was playing regularly and
                                          opened shows for Alice Cooper, Tommy James, the Brooklyn Bridge
Sluggo - Mike Keneally
(Immune) 5 Star review in Modern          and Sly and The Family Stone. By then, he was listening to Coltrane,
Drummer Magazine. Features many           Yes, Miles Davis, King Crimson, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Genesis,
former Zappa and Vai alumni.
                                          Chick Corea, Weather Report, Tony Williams, Elvin Jones and Jack
Love Crazy - Atlantic Starr               DeJohnette (who Frank had the good fortune of studying with).
(Warner Bros) reached #3 on Bill-
board. Gold single for “Masterpiece”
                                          Jazz Rock & Fusion was a sound that would engage him totally. He
Vibraudoblast - Western Vacation
                                          left college to  join a popular local band called 805. Within 2 years,
(Muffin Records) Features; Stu
Hamm, Steve Vai, Scott Thunes,            805 signed with RCA records. After 2 albums, thousands of gigs,
Chris Frazier and various Vai and         Billboard, MTV, touring with Toto, Allan Holdsworth, Bruford,
Zappa alumni.                             Gentle Giant, Jon Anderson [Yes], Eddie Money, Huey Lewis and
A Christmas Album - Pat Boone             The News etc., Frank decided to head to Los Angeles to further his
Percussion Session
                                          career. Before leaving central New York, he played and/or recorded
World Keeps Turning - William Aura
(Higher Octave) Featured on VH1.          with Mark Doyle (Hall & Oates, Meat Loaf), Andy Pratt, Fran Cosmo
Award winning New Age artist              (Boston) and Masters of Reality (Def Jam). Frank was also a pioneer
Target _ Minako Honda                     in electronic drums, performing clinics and workshops demonstrating
(EMI/Sony) Japanese release. Fea-         the possibilities of Simmons and Yamaha electronic percussion.
tures Rudy Sarzo, Tim Pierce,
St Clair - St Clair
(MTM) German release. Features            Los Angeles
Rudy Sarzo, Tim Pierce, Vinnie Co-          During his first year in Los Angeles, he played the NAMM Show
laiuta and others                         for Noble & Cooley drums, landed a gig with the platinum selling
Stand in Line - 805                       R&B recording group Atlantic Starr, recorded 3 albums for
(RCA) Band member. #33 Billboard,         Higher Octave Records, and releases for MTM (Germany) and
MTV and touring with Toto, Allan
Holdsworth and others.                    EMI/Sony (Japan). This led to endorsement deals with the largest
                                          drum, cymbal, head and stick manufacturers in the world. Atlantic
Evening Dreamer - The London Tymes
(B&W) Band member first recording,         Starr's TV appearances included Arsenio Hall, VH1, Pat Sajak,
12 years old.                             Soul Train and Jerry Lewis' Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.
Plus many indie and lesser known artist
albums, demos and industrials

more info online at | ph. 818.298.6787 | 2
                                           Atlantic Starr charted number 3 on Billboard's pop charts (just un-
Television                                 der Vanessa William's "Save the Best for Last" and Eric Clapton's
                                           "Tears in Heaven") for 6 weeks and won a Gold Album. Frank trav-
• Arsenio Hall Show                        eled to Japan several times and logged many hours on tour buses and
• Pat Sajak Show                           in hotels while sharing stages with Surface, Peabo Bryson, Sheena
• Soul Train                               Easton, Sinbad, The O'Jays, Chaka Khan etc.  After 5 tours in as
• MTV                                      many years, he decided to settle down and stay closer to home. This
• VH1                                      lead to commercial and educational ventures which started by record-
                                           ing jingles and film trailers with a Burbank-based jingle house. Frank
• Sudafed Commercial
                                           was hired as a composer.  During this time he also kept an impres-
• Jerry Lewis Telethon
                                           sive roster of students which lead to authoring his own teaching
Clinics & Masterclasses
1985-present                                                       With his first instructional book/DVD,
• EMU school (and other venues)                                    "Complete Modern Drum Set", Frank
• La Plata, Mendoza, Buenos Aires,
                                                                   consistently heads Mel Bay’s Top 10-selling
• Guitar Center (29 CA & AZ locations)                             percussion methods. To date, he has 11 books
• Musicians Institute (Hollywood, CA),                             and a DVD published.
• Tom Lee Music (Vancouver BC),
• Music Center (Syracuse NY)
• Drome Sound (Albany, NY)                                             His instructional materials are used in col-
• House of Guitars (Rochester, NY)                                 leges (recommended by Terri Lyne Carrington
• Winter NAMM - (Anaheim, CA)
• Syracuse University - (Syracuse, NY)                             and Kenwood Dennard at Berklee School of
                                           Music), In fact, “Complete Modern Drumset” is used by drum
Tours                                      schools, private drum instructors and pros worldwide.
• 1978-1986 w/805; Dates with Huey
  Lewis and the News, Toto, Eddie          Mr. Briggs has also performed and taught seminars at Guitar Center
  Money, Allan Holdsworth, Bill Bruford,
  Gentle Giant, Jon Anderson and oth-      (29 locations), including GC's "Drummers Night Out" which also
  ers.                                     featured JR Robinson, Stephen Perkins and Chad Smith. Syracuse
• 1989-1994 w/Atlantic Starr; 5 tours
  of Japan including MZA, Blue Note(s),
                                           University (Syracuse, NY), Musicians Institute (Hollywood, CA),
  Keystone Corner. plus extensive US       Tom Lee Music (Vancouver BC), EMU School of Music (Buenos Ai-
                                           res, Argentina) and many others have hosted Frank in clinic.
• 1996 w/Mike Keneally; Bottom Line
  (NYC), Berklee School of Music (Bos-
  ton, MA) NXNW Conference, (Seattle       Frank has composed and/or performed music for corporate titans
  WA)                                      American Express, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly,
• 1997-present Frank Briggs Group;
  mostly corporate functions, Eli Lilly,   GameStop, SAP, Forest Labs, Sepracor, Lunesta, Lexipro,
  American Express, Toyota, Gamestop       AstraZeneca and others. He composed, played and produced 45
  etc; Florida, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Den-
  ver etc.                                 minutes of music for the acrobatic act AntiGravity, which was spon-
• 2008 w/OHM; Arizona, San Fran-           sored by Toyota and performed at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. His
  cisco, Los Angeles
                                           band has performed events with Kenny Loggins, Jay Leno, Jeff Fox-
• 2009 w/Quantum Hum; San Fran-
  cisco, Los Angeles                       worthy, Cirque Du Soleil, Caroline Rhea, Riverdance, LiveWire,
• 2009 w/Pete Lockett & Phil               Earth Wind & Fire, The Answer Guys, Hip Pickles and many others.
  Maturano; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Current Endorsements                       3
•   Istanbul Agop Cymbals
•   Yamaha Drums
•   Attack Heads
•   Regal Tip Sticks

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CHINA RANCH REVIEWS                       Burning The Fuse! - Modern Drummer - 11/08
                                          Best known for his top-selling instructional book/DVD, The Complete
                                          Modern Drum Set, LA-based drummer/educator Frank Briggs exposes
                                          his jazz-fusion roots on his first solo recording, China Ranch
                                          ( Briggs displays fat, loose, and powerful Tony Wil-
                                          liams–style technique and tone on this outstanding recording. He’s
                                          also recently recorded a new release, Circus Of Sound, with OHM, a
                                          Southern California–based progressive rock fusion trio featuring for-
                                          mer Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland and bassist Robertino Pagliari.
Veteran Drummer/educator Frank
Briggs gathers LA\'s top Jazz/Rock/                                           OHM allows Briggs the free-
World fusion cats (keyboardist Steve
Weingart and bassist Ric Fierabracci in
                                                                           dom to stretch and explore, which he
particular) to perform his dynamic in-                                     does tastefully and with attitude. A
strumental compositions, designed to                                       disciple of fusion music, Briggs
allow these monsters to shine. Briggs\'                                    studied with legendary jazz drummer
tasty chops and fat grooves highlight                                      Jack DeJohnette to help gain insight
this outstanding debut release.
                                                                           into this advanced musical art form.
- Modern Drummer magazine - 11/08
                                                                          “Jack taught me that time was inter-
Drums & Rhythm                                                             nal,” states Briggs, “that how tightly
Los Angeles based drummer, Frank                                           you hold a stick can change your
Briggs.This is is Frank's japan debut                                      sound and feel, and that it’s always
solo album. Frank plays nice and                                           about the music. After studying with
smooth and his drumming is very                                            Jack, I wanted to become a great
comfortable.                                                               musician, not just a great drum-
Even Frank                                                                 mer–there is a difference.”
plays like                                                                  Briggs composed all ten tracks
firecracker                                on China Ranch and describes his drumming as supportive. “This re-
in some                                   cording is all about the music,” he says. “There is plenty of blowing,
section of                                but in essence, the drums play a supportive and featured role.”
each tune.
That is the
highlight.                                Briggs’ drumming reflects the feel and musi-
H i s d r u m-                            cality of a seasoned veteran of electric jazz.
ming makes                                His compositional style is highly influenced
my ears                                   by his musical idols, which include Tony
very nice and comfortable.This            Williams, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report,
makes me guessed that this guy            and Pat Metheny. Regarding his composing,
should have got a lot of great ses-       Briggs notes, “I ‘use’ the keyboards for com-
sions. All guest players on this al-      posing but don’t really play. I usually start
bum are the first call session play-       with chord progressions, and I seldom rely
ers! This is definitely a master           on theory. I sometimes spend months com-
piece Los Angeles fusion album!!          posing a tune.”
- Drums & Rhythm magazine
                                              Briggs is well versed in many musical
- Japan
                                          styles, and he explains how that aspect has
                                          shaped his career: “I think it’s helped me
                                          develop my own voice more than anything else,” he says. “I draw
                                          from a lot of different sources in music and drumming, which has
                                          made me who I am. That approach has certainly advanced my musical
                                          Mike Haid
                                          Modern Drummer magazine - 11/08

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All About Jazz 11/08                          Complete Modern Drumset Modern Drummer magazine - 02/99
Regardless of the myriad of labels
thrust upon it, good music is simply          This package is one of the most comprehensive collections of mate-
good music. With that stated, drummer         rial for the working drummer on the market today, covering some of
Frank Briggs' release, China Ranch,                                          th most important and "usable"
could fit comfortably within many cate-                                       styles of music, including r&B, funk,
gorizations, its elements including
                                                                             rock, blues, jazz, world beats, odd
fusion/progressive rock, electronic mu-
sic, grooveacious funk or contemporary                                       meters, and over-the-bar playing.
jazz with plenty of creative substance. A
propulsive drummer in the style of Tony                                        Briggs begins the book with some
Williams, Briggs has been active in the                                        enjoyable rudimental studies that
Los Angeles area for a number of years.                                        move from basic to advanced, and
With this debut he enlists the help of a
stellar cast of musicians; some lesser
                                                                               follows with linear patterns that lead
known in addition to recognizable veter-                                       to interesting beat-displacement pat-
ans such as guitarist Frank Gambale                                            terns. Each musical styles is intro-
and keyboardist/composer Kit Walker.                                           duced with a brief suggested listen-
With inspiration from a desert hike in                                         ing index to help guide the student
China Ranch, a Mojave Desert oasis,
                                                                               to capturing the essence of each
the music mirrors Briggs' experience
witnessing the vibrant colors and re-                                          groove. he also closes the book with
newed environment after a desert rain,                                         some good advice and practice tips
teeming with new life and positive en-                                       and includes a very comprehensive
ergy. The spark is ignited with “Desert       suggested listening guide of music for drummers.
Flower,” a fusion up-tempo piece with
Kit Walker providing his still strong
synthesizer and Fender Rhodes chops,
                                              The CD is similar to the Dave Weckl play-along package (with
an elastic Jaco Pastorius-like bass solo      drums/without drums) and features six
from Ric Fierabracci, and a torched           somewhat complicated tunes. The catch
guitar solo from Brian Price as Briggs        is that the charts for these tunes are only
commandingly works the kit. His drum-         found in the book. The video is most
ming covers a broad range, from thun-
                                              helpful in understanding a lot of what's
dering backbeats to cymbal finesse on
the slow-cooked “Tecopa Moon,” a              found in the book and on the CD. Over-
piece with thick electronics and a hyp-       all the information on the video will help
notic pulse.                                  bring this well-rounded package to-
Like a view of the desert terrain, a closer   gether, making it a worthwhile--if hefty--
look reveals variety that might otherwise     investment for gigging drummers look-
go unnoticed; a picturesque ballad in
“Melonie,” neon-lit dance floor persua-
                                              ing to improve in almost all areas of
sions in “Dreams” with its moog-synth         playing.
bass line, Return To Forever jazz funk-
rock on the title piece, and some
'Weather Reporting' on “Furnace
Creek,” a perfect swirl of electronics
and driving beats. Briggs' writing ad-        Mike Haid - Modern Drummer magazine - 02/09
mirably balances both melody and
progressiveness throughout the re-
cording, including the final track
“Saints,” where Mitchel Forman's
piano and keyboards, Gambale's guitar
fireworks and the author's own tremen-
dous drumming all converge in harmony.
China Ranch is a solid debut that is
consistent and filled with memorable
tunes and impressive performances
that would appeal to a variety of lis-
- Mark F. Turner - All About

more info online at | ph. 818.298.6787 | 7
All Music Guide                                 Bateristas Al Sur - Interview (english translation)
On China Ranch, Frank Briggs writes a           by Gerardo Pricolo.
Return To Forever-esque treatment of ten
killer tracks that display strong drumming,
                                                BAS; How long have you been performing drum clinics?
Rhodes and synths, guitar and bass solo-        FB; I performed my first clinic in 1985 on Simmons Electronic
ing. The compositions, inspired by a visit to
                                                Drums. It was hosted by Syracuse University in central New York. I
the family-owned date farm in the Mojave
Desert, keep an eye on the jazz-rock fusion                                        have been teaching drums since I
tradition pioneered by such influences as                                          was about 16 years old. I started
Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, Pat
Metheny and others, while still moving the                                         doing a lot of clinics around 1996
genre forward.                                                                     after my first book (The Complete
On "Desert Flower" the solos run the
gamut from lush, modern electronics and                                            Modern Drumset) was published.
dramatic harmonies to wide-open solo                                               BAS; You have 10drum books
sections for Kit Walker on Synth and
Brian Price on guitar. Briggs' powerful and                                        published. How and when did
rhythmic drumming keeps this song musi-                                            you start to write? Not every
cally focused, energetic and shifting freely
between the jazz and rock elements.
                                                                                   drummer knows how to put the
                                                                                   ideas together to make a book.
                                                                                   FB; Like I said earlier, I’ve been
                       "Tecopa Moon"
                                                                                   teaching since I was 16 and I always
                         may be too hip for
                         the room, as they                                         wrote down my ideas. Basically, my
                         say, since its laid-                                      first
                         back ambience and
                       walking bass lines is
an example of how Briggs' arrangement           came out of lessons that I had been
takes an electronic marvel to another level
                                                handing out to students for years. I
of melodic excellence. The feel shifts from
the very beginning and the tempo ranges         compiled Complete Modern Drumset
from Briggs' moderately slow drumming           because there was nothing like it at
and soundscapes to the lightning fast gui-
tar licks of both Price and Jeff Miley.         the time and I wanted a book that I
The title track, "China Ranch" features         could use in my teaching that covered
twists and turns with surprises and a funky
groove that will have both the band and         all styles and concepts, kind of like an
their listeners enjoying themselves through     encyclopedia for drumset.
this musical ride. The entire recording is
beautifully conceived, expertly crafted         BAS; How did you react when
and is a must for fans of jazz-rock fu-         you received the invitation to
                                                come to Argentina?
                                                FB;I was very excited to visit Argen-
- Paula Edelstein    - All Music Guide          tina because I’d heard so many great
                                                things. Jota had such a great reputa-
                                                tion here in Los Angeles when he was playing with Al Jarreau. I’d also
                                                heard about Gustavo and was excited to meet them and hear them in
                                                person. I was also very excited with the opportunity to work with
                                                Pete Lockett and Phil Maturano. My experience in Argentina far ex-
                                                ceeded my expectations, as not only were the artists I worked with
                                                amazing, but so were the students.
                                                BAS; What did you know about us?
                                                FB; Tango, that’s about it.

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Percussive Arts Society - 2/09              BAS; What was it you wanted to show the drummers and the
CHINA RANCH                                 students down here?
Frank Briggs/
                                            FB; My main goal for the students was to show them how I create
Drummer/composer Frank Briggs'                                                           and de velop idea s and
first solo recording is a brilliant col-
lection of great tunes performed by                                                      some steps to get from
world-class musicians. The music, all                                                    Point A to Point B.
composed by Briggs, is reminiscent of
the fusion music of Tony Williams, Chick                                                 BAS; Did you?
Corea, Billy Cobham and Miles Davis,                                                     FB; I Think so.
but very contemporary in its conception.
Along with Briggs on drums and key-
                                                                                         BAS; How was the ex-
boards, the musicians include LAʼs fin-                                                   perience to work with
est. The recording is very well produced
                                                                                         Phil and Pete and what
and the playing is consistently great.
Each tune is highly arranged and on the                                                  do you think about Jota
complex side, but there is plenty of room                                                and Gustavo?
for improvisation and interaction. Sev-
eral move between a funk/fusion groove                                                   FB; Ever yone has their
and a jazz/swing feel. Briggs is equally                                                 s t r o n g p o i n t s . Pe t e ’s
at home in both styles and the band
makes the transitions effortlessly.                                                      knowledge of Indian music
                                                                                         and rhythms was aston-
                                                                                         ishing, as well as his per-
                Among my favorites is
                                                                                         formances. Phil’s inde-
                the opening track, "De-
                sert Flower," a high-                                                    pendence on the drumset
                energy fusion tune that                                                  blew me away. Gustavo’s
is very much in the Tony Williams Life-
time vein. "Melonie" is a lighter swing     soloing ability and his rhythmic concepts were very inspiring to me.
tune that is very interactive, especially   Jota grooved hard, and he showed me a couple real nice drum and
between the bass and drums during the
bass solo.                                  bass patterns. Jota solos at a high level as well. I also had the oppor-
Briggs' drumming is very present            tunity to hear Fito Messina, who is a wonderful player and a great guy.
throughout the recording but never
intrusive. His musical support for the
                                            I came back very inspired and am practicing.
ensemble sections and the improvised        BAS; Tell us about your last sessions and about your new cd.
solos is masterful. This may be most
                                            FB; I’m currently working on an album with my friend Kit Walker
evident on the final selection, "Saints,"
which is more open and flowing than          (Airto & Flora Purim, Windham Hill). Kit’s an amazing composer and
any of the other tunes. The solos by        keyboard player. The album is world jazz for lack of a better descrip-
Mitchel Forman on piano and Frank
Gambale on guitar are excellent, and        tion. I also have recently released my first solo CD, entitled “China
Briggs finally lets loose with his own       Ranch,” which is available on my website, Amazon, CD Baby and
solo near the end, which is a fitting cli-
max to the whole album.                     iTunes it will be available in Japan soon,. It is an instrumental jazz
- Dr. Tom Morgan - PAS -2.09                fusion album and features many great musicians, Frank Gambale,
                                            Mitchel Forman, Ric Fierabracci, Steve Weingart, Kit Walker, Jimmy
                                            Earl, Jeff Babko and others. I’m very proud of this album and it’s get-
                                            ting great reviews. It’s the first time I’ve ever composed all the songs
                                            and the first time I took on so much responsibility on a recording
                                            project. I think it came out ok. In closing, I’m very honored to be in
                                            Batteristasal Sur. Thanks, Gerardo! I hope I’ll be back in Argentina
                                            real soon.

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Jazz Life magazine - Japan - 11/09

There are many top line guest players
                       on this album
                        such as Frank
                        Gambare: The
                        drummer Frank
                        Briggs was born
                        in NYC region.
                        Frank lives in
                        Los Angeles
                        now doing a lot
                        of sessions and
                        jamming and
                        one of the busi-
                        est drummer in
Los Angeles. This is his first solo album.
there are fantastic guest players on this
album such as Frank Gambare perform
west coast jazz/fusion type music.
Frank's drumming is very smooth and
emotional, and it even makes me
guessed that this guy should have done
many great sessions in his life. Frank's
plays drums very aggressively and even
nice and smooth, he hits many notes but
it is not too much nor bother me at all.
His drumming has a perfect balance!
This is a high technique master piece
jazz fusion album.

Review from Jazz Life magazine -
Japan - November 09 - english
translation by Aki Nakabayashi

For more info, reviews,
audio and video please visit

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