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! " % & ! ' & )+
     #$       $         (        *#           +& &                      contemplating the need to return, these are benefits of
With the departure last month of long-time Expat Services               mission service that you might really miss.
Assistant, Carolyn Millward, it was always going to be a
challenge to find the right person to “fill her shoes”. But Mrs         However there are very important and legitimate reasons
Lyn Price, who has moved across from Adventist Volunteer                why you may need to make the decision to PR. Whether it is
Services, to care for all our expat missionaries’ needs, is just        health reasons, or the needs of a growing family, or aging
the lady for the job! Wife of Pastor David Price, who works in          parents, there are often significant family considerations that
the Adventist Media Discovery Centre, and mother of 20                  must be taken into account.
year-old apprentice industrial electrical engineer, Jared, Lyn
hails from Western Australia originally (where all good things          My advice is to consider your options carefully and with all
come from!), and has had much experience.                               the members of the family concerned. Do not make “last-
                                                                        minute” rushed decisions that you might later regret. It could
                                   Lyn has served in the                be that further consultation with your employer or the SPD
                                   SPD for the last five                Expat Support Services, will find a way of resolving some
                                   years, in the Personal               problems, and allow you to continue mission service more
                                   Ministries Sabbath School            effectively while addressing the niggling issues. Whether it’s
                                   Department, and more                 a medical/health problem, the need for further education or
                                   recently as Assistant to Pr          more fulfilling employment for a spouse, there might be a
                                   Bob Bolst, caring for all            better way of solving the problem than rushing to put in your
                                   the volunteers. She’s                PR!
                                   quite adept at arranging
                                   visas and travel and                                          When we hear that you are planning
                                   medical insurance – so                                        to return, we’ll send you a great little
she’s in good shape to care for our missionaries.                                                book by Peter Jordan that will help
                                                                                                 you prepare for the transition. It’s a
“I’m excited to be taking up this new position and to get to                                     great read!
know all our expat missionaries. I’m loving it already,” says
Lyn.                                                                                              Be assured that everyone who
                                                                                                  returns does go through an
, #+ + -!. & ) & ) ( 0
     ,               $ /         )                                                                adjustment process, and one of the
Making the decision to apply for “Permanent Return” is one                                        best ways of dealing with this is to
of the most difficult decisions you may have to make in the                                       plan to attend a RE-Entry orientation
time of your church employment. Most other appointments                 program. You’ll be surprised as to just how much “stuff” you
are usually initiated and imposed by your employing                     need to process, and how much a brief retreat and
Conference, institution, or the SPD, and we can often see               orientation will help you face it! So do not plan your return
God’s leading and guidance in what was perhaps a surprise               without factoring in the 4 day program at Crosslands –
or mystery to ourselves. But it’s quite a different thing to take       usually just before Christmas. You can then face the
your destiny into your own hands and “pull the plug” as it              Christmas break and time with family over the holiday period
were, by asking to come home!                                           better equipped to face the transition.

Mission service can be so rewarding – though obviously with                    )       .+
                                                                          $) & && 1 ) ,3         2    3
its sacrifices and challenges – and life after returning can be         There are so few returning missionaries this year-end, that
so dull and “ordinary” in comparison. There’s often a greater           the SPD has decided to cancel the scheduled Re-Entry
sense of commitment to the mission of the church when you               Retreat at Crosslands. Perhaps it’s because many
are surrounded by a different culture and not so affected by            appointments to responsible positions fit within the
the rampant materialism of Australia or NZ. The camaraderie             quinquennial term of service - which does not finish until
of fellow missionaries on a compound or campus can be far               2010, that there are no PRs from within our division this year.
more fulfilling than the isolation of a rushed and                      The only families returning home this year are IDE’s who
individualistic society “back home”. So if you are                      have served in other Divisions or the General Conference,
                                                                        and most of them have already returned mid-year.

                                                                            College in January with a mini-Institute held in Honiara for
                                                                            approximately four families, some of whom are already on
                                                                            location. The numbers taking up new expat appointments
                                                                            this year were not sufficient to make a full program at
                                                                            Avondale worthwhile. Instead, Pastor Ray Coombe, Vince
                                                                            David, Dr Chester Kuma and David Potter with some local
                                                                            input will conduct a 3 day program in Honiara in early
                                                                            February, 2010.

                                                                            These families and all new appointees in 2011 will be
                                                                            required to attend the 2011 Mission Institute at Avondale
                                                                            which will be conducted by the IWM team from Andrews
A great place to relax – Crosslands Convention Centre
                                                                            University, and will be open to other IDE attendees from
However, Crosslands Convention Centre has already been                      around the world. It will be a 3 week program Jan 10 – 29.
booked for 2010, and we expect quite a few who will be
concluding terms of service to return. So please note in your                 ( .) /            + $ .
                                                                            .$ & $ -.-) 77 )& #. (                % 7 %+1     "
dairies, December 15 -19, 2010, and plan to enjoy a relaxing                                       The death of Chad Chapman (33),
retreat.                                                                                           youngest son of Gary Chapman, our
                                                                                                   SPD Expat Support Accountant,
%+ + ) !.$. * " , ) & ) ,
       $ +                       ) 1 /             4                                               brought great sorrow to all the family
Peter & Lily Joseit, returning from President of the Swiss                                         and friends on Monday, October 19,
Union Conference, EAD after 4 years, to Sydney for work                                            when he passed away after a nine
and/or retirement. Arrived July                                                                    month battle with cancer. Chad grew
Greg & Allison Young and Kanya (5) , returning from ADRA                                           up as a small child in Lae, Papua
International at the General Conference, to director of ADRA                                       New Guinea when Gary served as
SPD. Arrived September.                                                                            Associate Treasurer in the Papua
+ 5 " * -& ( 4
 ,          + . ,                                                           New Guinea Union Mission. He attended Avondale Primary
Paul & Marit Peterson, from SPD Field Secretary, to Head of                 and High School when Gary was working at Avondale
Biblical Languages, SDA Theological Seminary, Andrews                       College and the North NSW Conference. In adulthood Chad
University. Leaving November 2009.                                          became a skilled builder, and was married to Lauren with two
Raull & Gisela Schnieder and 2 children, from ADRA                          small boys, and was an active member of the Macquarie Life
Director, PNGUM to ADRA Myanmar. Departure uncertain.                       Centre in Cardiff, Newcastle.

   ! ($ &
        (+             " ,1+ " # &$ 4
                        )        $ +                                        Many former missionaries and SPD staff joined the family
Barry & Bev Chapman, ADRA Country Director in the                           and friends on Monday, October 26 for the funeral service,
Solomon Islands, Honiara, commenced in May 09.                              and gained comfort and hope from the assurances of God’s
Eugene & Windelfe Llamis and children (Oakley -7, & Olley –                 word.
5), IDEs to teacher at Sonoma College from the Philippines.
Hatsar & Dina Venkaya and child (Aaron -2), to Director of
Church Development & Sabbath School in New Caledonia,
from Mauritius. Commenced January 2009.

   ! ($ &(+
Lindsay & Sue Birch and children (Lindsey – 14 & Mitchell –
12), to CEO Atoifi Hospital, Malaita, Solomon Islands, from
private employment, Mackay, Qld. Awaiting Work permits.
Bennett & Delina Spencer and child (2), to Volunteer pilot,
Adventist Aviation Service, Goroka, PNG from USA.
Simon & Marilyn Lewis & children (Tiarna -10 & Jeneya – 8)
to ADRA Nepal Country Director from ADRA PNG.                               The Chapman and Coombe kids in Madang, PNG, 1979
                                                                            We extend to Gary, Grace and their extended family our
%+ +        $        +/
    2%+ + + && & ) ( # * , " + 6"        $                                  sincere love and sympathy at this time of loss and sadness.
The Division administration has decided to replace the                      All who knew Chad, remember him as a delightful boy,
annual Mission Institute for new appointees at Avondale                     young man, husband and father who truly loved Jesus.
                                                        Department of Adventist Mission
                                                             South Pacific Division
                                                        Email: mission@adventist.org.au

7) ! " &  " $ /                                                          “We were so worried that the dramatic cut in budget funding
#)" 3$1                                                                  this year from $150,000 to just $50,000 would prevent us
Carolyn Millward has                                                     from taking on any new projects”, said Pastor Ray Coombe,
served the IDEs and                                                      Director of Adventist Mission. “However, the local
expat missionaries of the                                                Conferences and Missions have been willing to pick up a
South Pacific Division for                                               larger share of responsibility and reserves held at the
30 years. Prior to that,                                                 General Conference have kicked in to ensure that the
Carolyn had worked in                                                    mission of the church does not falter.” These General
the Treasury Department                                                  Conference funds are provided from the Week of Sacrifice
and as a Secretary in the                                                Offering that was collected in churches around the world on
South NZ Conference.                                                     November 7.
During her years at SPD,
Carolyn has been a                                                       In fact, the total value of the projects approved for 2010
wonderful “mother” and                                                   represents an all-time high of A$1.5 million. Of this the SPD
mentor of expat families, providing good support to her                  is contributing $192,000, the Unions are contributing over
Treasury bosses like Lynray Wilson, Hank Penola and now                  $241,000 and the GC is contributing over $504,000. (See Pie
David Potter. On September 22 Carolyn was farewelled                     Chart)
during an SPD Morning Tea – a hilarious moment, - and last
month she and Romana Heiler moved to their new units at                                         2010 GM Fund Sharing                LOCAL
Port Macquarie. Known for her great humour, artistic and                          GC,
musical skills and impersonations of the queen, Carolyn will                    $504,249
be missed by folk within and beyond the office. According to
her last email, her “hammock awaits”!

   $ %+ + ( $ #& : ($ -) !+ -
-" 8 "           $ )9                       $
In spite of financial limitations the number of Global Mission
projects around the South Pacific Division that plant new                           SPD,                              UNIONS,
churches and open up new areas continues to grow.                                 $192,032                            $241,577
Whereas some fifty projects were extending the presence of                             LOCAL MISSION/ CONF   UNIONS     SPD      GC
the church in 2009, and budget cuts threatened to limit the
addition of any new ones, 66 Global Mission projects (out of             Committee chairman and SPD General Secretary Pastor
75 applications received) have been approved and given                   Lawrence Tanabose says, “Global Mission projects
funding for 2010.                                                        represent the cutting edge of church growth and when so
                                                                         many areas are calling for us to open up new work we must
The October 20 meeting of the SPD’s Global Mission                       respond. The Lord is opening doors of opportunity and every
Committee in Wahroonga ensured that 50 ongoing projects                  new church plant represents a group of new candidates for
and 16 new projects will grow new church groups next year.               God’s Kingdom.”
These range from inner and outer-city church plants in
Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, to new island communities                   Although reports from this year are not yet due, well over 100
and isolated highland villages.                                          baptisms have already been reported and photos received of
                                                                         new church buildings. “It’s always exciting to get photos of
                   66 Projects in 2010
                 Total Value = $1,505,352
                                                                         new church groups and baptisms of the firstfruits from a new
                                                                         area,” says Pastor Coombe.
       TPUM                                     PNGUM
        22                                        26                     Some of the new church plants in Australia already under
                                                                         way include the “Church in the Fields” based at Macarthur
                                                                         Adventist College, Sydney, Marrickville church plant – an
                                                                         extension of “Fountain in the City”, two new groups on the
                                                                         Sunshine coast in Queensland (Chancellor Park and
                AUC                       NZPUC                          Calamvale), Tabulam Indigenous church plant in North NSW,
                 14                         4                            All Nations church and Café 7 in Perth, WA, Coober Pedy
                                                                         indigenous group, SA – where they meet underground-, and
                   PNGUM   NZPUC   AUC   TPUM
                                                                         a revived church group at Scottsdale in Tasmania, called
                                                                         Project Hope. The new projects approved for next year

                                                     Department of Adventist Mission
                                                          South Pacific Division
                                                     Email: mission@adventist.org.au

include an exciting outreach on Saibai Island in the Torres              With a minister now located on Nauru, this group is
Strait, a new church plant at Bourke in outback NSW, and                 beginning to grow and hoping to purchase land after many
two in Melbourne at Melton and Western Inner city, an                    setbacks. A new Fishing outreach on Onotoa in Kiribati is
extension of Gateway Adventist Centre.                                   going well, and in Samoa, a new church has been built
                                                                         following a successful evangelistic campaign at Tuamasaga.
                                                                         The local Mission is joining forces with It Is Written Oceania
                                                                         to re-start attempts at a church plant on Fakaofa Island in the
                                                                         Tokelua group – one of the remaining “un-entered” countries
                                                                         of the South Pacific.

                                                                         Two new church plants on Tongatapu at Popua and
                                                                         Longoteme are continuing and in Fiji, churches have been
                                                                         built at Dama, Vunimacava, Dubalevu, with firstime outreach
                                                                         commencing at Oneata.

                                                                                                          “All these projects represent
                                                                                                          the mission of the church to
                                                                                                          take the gospel to every
Kids Group enjoying fun at Tabulum, North NSW
                                                                                                          nation, tribe and people
In New Zealand, projects continue at Matamata, with an                                                    group”, says Pastor
Indian group in Auckland, and a new project will plant a                                                  Coombe. “It is being done by
church among the Filipino population in Christchurch. The                                                 faithful lay members who act
new group of Adventists on Wallis island struggle against                                                 as Global Mission “pioneers”,
intense opposition, but Dr Jude Cuniah continues to minister                                              and it is supported by funds
there.                                                                                                    from the church to purchase
                                                                                                          equipment, building supplies,
A double handful of projects continue in Papua New Guinea,                                                Bibles and picture rolls, and
where funding has been missing for two years. These                                                       provide transportation”.
include 10 very successful church plants in the Western                  Donations through the tithe envelope, and offerings such as
Highlands Mission with 101 baptisms reported and over 500                the Week of Sacrifice offering, help to provide the budgets
people attending. Five new projects have been approved for               that support these Global Mission projects.
2010, with other church plants developing in the Sepik,
Madang Manus and Central Papua areas.                                       7#+
                                                                         ( #++ " ,                    7 +      + 1
                                                                                             ,* # % &$ 7 ) -2 &% "
                                                                          ($ & &
                                                                         $ ( ) / +1
Several small chapels have been constructed in the Solomon
Islands, with new groups forming and baptisms occurring at               The number of Seventh-day Adventist youth attending
Gela, Santa Ana, Rennel, north Malaita and the Temotu                    universities in Pacific island countries has escalated
province. In Vanuatu, new church groups are growing among                dramatically in recent years. Division Associate Youth
the John Frum cargo cult people of Tanna Island, and on                  director, Pastor Nick Kross estimates that membership in the
southern Malekula.                                                       Adventist Uni student Associations now tops 15,000 and the
                                                                         outreach opportunities to other students are phenomenal.

                                                                         “Many of the Adventist student groups do outreach on their
                                                                         local campuses with singing group witnessing, running on-
                                                                         campus worships, and Bible studies. Their uni-student
                                                                         conventions attract many non-SDA students and result in
                                                                         baptisms”, says Pastor Kross. “They desperately need
                                                                         pastoral nurture and help in their outreach by having local

The new church group at Tuamasaga in Samoa

                                                     Department of Adventist Mission
                                                          South Pacific Division
                                                     Email: mission@adventist.org.au

                                                                          economic downturn,” says Adventist Mission Director, Pastor
                                                                          Ray Coombe, “and a slight improvement on the previous
                                                                                                                           Camp Mission Offering Projects

                                                                                                                                      New Mission Plane,
                                                                           200,000                              Kwailebesi
                                                                                                         Training School, Malaita,
                                                                                                                  $50,805                                  Health Clinics,
                                                                                                                                                                               Partner in Mission
                                                                           150,000                                                                                                  $94,880

University students baptized at PNG Convention                             100,000
                                                                                                          New Mission Plane, PNG,

                                                                                     NBNIM Office Building,                                                 PAU Library

Obviously many Adventist youth attend our own tertiary                      50,000
                                                                                       Kokopo, $40,186                                                       Extension,
                                                                                                                                                              $78,166           Fulton College

institutions such as Pacific Adventist University, Sonoma,
                                                                                     French Polynesia Radio                                                                        $102,045
                                                                                     Station, Tahiti, $40,186

Fulton College and Avondale College in the pursuit of career                    0
                                                                                        2004/05                 2005/06              2006/07           2007/08               2008/09

training and academic qualifications. However many
hundreds more do not have the opportunity of gaining their                Camp Mission Offering Results in recent years
education on a church-run campus or in a religiously-
oriented environment.                                                     Although it will take a little while for the partner mission
                                                                          projects to be implemented and completed, these funds
The pressures of secularism, materialism and evolutionary                 provide a stimulus for small projects and help to strengthen
science are affecting many of these young people, and the                 the relationships between Conferences and Missions.
church wants to face this challenge with the appointment of
University chaplains who can specifically minister to the                 Morobe Mission in PNG, who partner with the Western
needs of Adventist youth on university campuses across the                Australian Conference, are planning to provide much-needed
Pacific.                                                                  accommodation in Lae for their single ministers. Fiji Mission
                                                                          is developing a TV/video production facility to complement
The South Pacific Division has already supported the                      their very successful Radio and Hope TV ministry in Suva.
Student Associations with financial sponsorship of their                  The $35,000 raised by the North NSW Conference for this
conventions and a church in Fiji for the University group. This           project will certainly be a great help to their partner! Vanuatu
year’s Pacific Islands Advancement Offering, taken on June                Mission has identified building developments at the
20, is being directed to the specific need of university                  Kwataparen Junior Secondary School on Tanna island and a
chaplains. “We hope to raise sufficient funds for at least                District Director’s house and office on Malekula, and the
three new budgets” says Division CFO Rodney Brady.                        South Queensland Conference is very involved in both
                                                                          evangelistic and building projects with their partner in
“The call for additional chaplains in the Pacific islands comes           Vanuatu. The Solomon Islands Mission is looking for funds to
at a time when outreach activities are beginning to gather                help operate their medical yacht which takes health outreach
momentum”, says Nick Kross. “Its not just our own young                   teams to island communities, and Kiribati Mission have
people that will benefit, but the potential of scores of other            purchased a PA system for youth evangelistic outreach from
students who are searching for a spiritual home.”                         the funds contributed by South Australia.

Last year’s Pacific Islands Advancement Offering which
helped provide additional minister budgets for New
Caledonia Mission amounted to $136,000, the highest total
so far.
        $      &          /&
%+ + ( ) ) ;7 " $ 8 7&7 $ # %(         + )%
  7 +
$ 7) -
Over $100,000 has been given to the Trans Pacific Union
Mission to help with the purchase of land for the new Fulton
College campus at Sabeto, Fiji, as a result of Camp Mission
Offerings for the last financial year. In addition, all
Conferences who have a “partner mission” have funds to                    The Greater Sydney Conference is supporting the Central
assist their partner mission with special projects that were              Papua Conference in Papua New Guinea and their funds will
identified and promoted during the camp mission program. A                help to complete the Pelagai chapel at Aroma - a lay training
total of $196,926 was collected in camp offerings and                     facility. North New Zealand camp offering income will assist
pledges this last year. “This is a gratifying result, given the           the Cook Island Mission with a new Adventist Book Shop

                                                      Department of Adventist Mission
                                                           South Pacific Division
                                                      Email: mission@adventist.org.au

and Health Store. New Caledonia Mission hope to develop a
health outreach ministry from funds contributed by their                             Daru island, separated by the great Fly River from the rest of
partner, South New Zealand. “These are very exciting                                 the Mission, lies at the western extremity of SWPM and is
mission projects that have a specific local focus”, says                             the District headquarters of a vast isolated region, including
Pastor Coombe.                                                                       the great West Papuan plains, the Fly River, Turama River
                                                                                     and the borders of Australia in the Torres Strait.
                           Meanwhile, the project of
                           relocating Fulton College is                              Over time, the buildings and facilities at Daru have
                           getting under way with the                                deteriorated from the intense humid conditions and heavy
                           signing of the lease for the                              monsoonal rains. The Papua New Guinea Union Mission
                           Sabeto land, near Nadi on 7                               now wants to rebuild this facility and provide a stronger
                           October, and developing of                                support for mission outreach in this neglected part of the
                           plans for the new Campus.                                 country.
                           “We really appreciate the
                           injection of funds from the
                           camp mission offerings,” says
                           TPUM      President,   Pastor
                           Waisea Vuniwa, “but we have
                           a lot more to do in rebuilding
Fulton on a brand new campus.”

“We will continue to be challenged financially as we try to
prepare Fulton College for opening as a new campus and
part of Pacific Adventist University in 2012, and we hope that
camp offerings in 2009-10 will help us reach that goal”, said
Pr Vuniwa.
                                                                                     Current Pastor’s house at Daru

 7 + $              +,
$ 7 ) -& ) 8/ " -" #& ,%+ + + ( (           $           /
                                                                                     “The new house and District Office at Daru will become the
-/ 7                                                                                 vital centre for providing better services in terms of pastoral
The Mission Extension Offering on December 5 will this year                          ministry to the Western Province,” says PNG Union
help to rebuild mission facilities and churches in the isolated                      President, Pastor Thomas Davai. “Although Western
and neglected Western Province of South West Papua in                                Province has a large land mass and population, they do not
Papua New Guinea.                                                                    have pastors. The only full-time missionary is the district
                                                                                     director and a Frontier Missions missionary. Most of the
The South West Papua Mission (SWPM) with headquarters                                pastoral work is done by either Volunteer In Action [VIA ]
at Kikori, covers two very large and swampy Provinces,                               workers, or other lay people sponsored by local church
divided by hundreds of rivers and comprising huge river                              members.”
deltas. Road access is impossible to most of the districts.

Banana boats on the Kikori River – the only means of transport
The only means of getting around the Mission is either by
flying, using Adventist Aviation or by motor-powered banana
boats. The rivers are dangerous and it was at the mouth of                           The surviving District Director’s house which was built in the
the large Turama River that Pastor Ern Lemke lost his wife                           1940’s needs to be replaced and Pastor Davai would like to
and two small boys in a tragic accident fifty six years ago.

                                                                 Department of Adventist Mission
                                                                      South Pacific Division
                                                                 Email: mission@adventist.org.au

see a double-story building that incorporates an office on the           Moresby or Lae, and there is a K1,000 penalty for importing
ground level.                                                            food without a permit.

“Many of the houses in South West Papua Mission are run                  PAU currently have two containers on hold at the wharf
down due to lack of finance to keep them maintained.                     because they have food items like cereals and tinned foods
Dwellings like those in the picture are typical of buildings             included in them that do not have an import permit. Vincent
around the Mission”, says Pastor Davai. “We must do better               suggests that it is cheaper for Expats to order food items
than this!”                                                              through the local mini-Mart than to import directly from
                                                                         Australia. For example, SHF tinned food retails at the PAU
                                                                         mini Mart for K6.50 a tin, which is equivalent to just
                                                                         AUD$3.00. Weetbix (1Kg) is selling retail at PAU mini Mart
                                                                         for K8.00, which is equivalent to just AUD$3.75. They would
                                                                         be much more if you imported them yourself and had to pay
                                                                         the K100 permit fee!

                                                                           ( $8 7&7 $ 6 &. 88 & 7 ) -
                                                                            ,&          + )% <                  .$ 7 +
                                                                         Don’t forget that 25% of the 13th Sabbath Offering collected
                                                                         around the world this quarter on December 26, will come to
                                                                         the South Pacific Division, and will specifically help the
                                                                                                   rebuilding of Fulton College and
A typical minister’s house in South West Papua                                                     printing of 3000 Flip for Jesus
                                                                                                   charts for Children’s evangelism.
“I’m embarrassed by the condition of our houses in this                                            Mission stories written by Charlotte
Mission”, says SWPM President, Pastor Benny Soga, “and I                                           Ishkanian that feature SPD stories
cannot expect our missionaries to work effectively in a                                            are providing a good impetus which
situation like this. I wish we had more funds to build more                                        we hope will result in a record
churches!”                                                                                         offering!
                                                                                                   “We hope that we might receive
In addition, the Mission Extension Offering this year will                                         half a million dollars towards the
hopefully provide funds for a church building in the South                                         huge task of rebuilding Fulton,”
West Papua region. “Due to its remoteness and difficulty to              says Division CFO Rodney Brady. Julie Weslake is also
get building materials to the area, very few of our                      counting on a good share for the printing of the flip charts for
congregations in this Mission have proper church buildings”,             Kids.
says Pastor Davai.

“These are very worthwhile projects that help to extend the
mission activity of the Church”, says Adventist Mission
Director, Pastor Ray Coombe. “And the rebuilding of this
district office and more church buildings in the South West
Papua Mission will provide a support base for greater
outreach and evangelism in this somewhat neglected corner
of our Division.”

Last year, the Mission Extension Offering collected in the
SPD, totalled A$152,555 and was directed to Media ministry
in Fiji and Samoa. Hope Radio and Hope Channel programs
will soon be available across both these island nations.

,$ 5 + $ &7 $ & 7 + & ( -
     & %( ) $ , / 7               $                                      “My greatest fear is that within our own Division, the holiday-
A message from Vincent Teulilo to staff at PAU is good                   Xmas season will negatively affect a BIG 13th Sabbath
advice to anyone living in Papua New Guinea. Simply put – it             Offering the day after Christmas”, says Ray Coombe,
says that import permits are required for importing any food             Director of Adventist Mission. So if you are planning to be on
into PNG, and such permits cost K100 for every shipment. A               vacation or away from your local church, make sure you
permit is required before the shipment arrives in Port                   send a good offering to the Conference or Mission.
                                                                                                                  Editor: R L Coombe

                                                     Department of Adventist Mission
                                                          South Pacific Division
                                                     Email: mission@adventist.org.au

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