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Locate the members of the Association of Southeastern Asian Nations (ASEAN) on the
   Brunei
   Cambodia
   Indonesia
   Malaysia
   Myammar
   Taiwan
   Vietnam

Locate the following civil war hot spots:
   Eritrea
   Pakistan
   East Timor
   Chechnya
   Peru
   Sierra Leone
   Sri Lanka
   Bosnia

Locate the members of MERCOSUR
(the Southern Common Market):
    Brazil
    Argentina
    Uruguay
    Paraguay

Locate members of the Andean Pact:
  * Bolivia
   Chile
   Ecuador
   Columbia
   Peru

Locate these key cities for international organizations:
   Geneva (WTO)
   Brussels (EU)
    Washington, DC (IMF)

What is Southeast Asia’s most land-locked nation (which faces economic development
challenges as a result)?

Locate the 6 “Pacific Rim” Asian island nations

Locate the city destined to be China’s new financial capital.

Why is Turkey in such a controversial location for possible EU membership?

What Scandinavian nation was recently connected to the European continent by a
trans-ocean bridge?

How can geography be used to identify which Pacific Rim nation broke away from
Malaysian domination in 1965?

If Poland were admitted to the EU, what 2 Russian nations would then border the EU’s
eastern border?

What kind of geographical structure are Indonesia and the Philippines classified by?

Locate the only officially Communist nations left in the world.

Locate the only Asian nation never to be under Western control.

Identify the nations in each of the following economic development classifications
   1. Anglo-Saxon nations & Japan (Mature Affluent)

   2. Mediterranean Europe (Immature Affluent)

   3. Pacific Rim (Recent Well-Off)

   4. Latin America & SE Asia (Future Well-Off)

   5. Latin America, Middle East, Russia (Marginal)

   6. Africa (Subsistence)

   7. China, India (Mixed Future)

Map information (using the Almanac maps):

      · The capital city of each Canadian province that borders the USA

      · The Canadian province that borders Alaska (Yukon Territory)

      · As far east as you can go in Canada          (Newfoundland)

      · Mexican cities on the USA border

      · Which 2 Caribbean nations share the same island (Haiti, Dom. Rep)

      · The 2 nations where Central and South America meet            (Panama, Col)

      · The only 2 land-locked nations in South America        (Bolivia, Paraguay)

      · Geographical significance of the Strait of Gibraltar (connects Africa & Spain)

      · Which EU nations lie north of the Netherlands (Denmark, Sweden, Finland,
            UK, Ireland (Norway not a member)

      · Location of Siberia      Eastern Russia

      · 3 Asian nations that share the same island        (Malaysia, Brunei,

      · The nation connected to the southern extension of Thailand         (Malaysia)

      · The southern most and northern most main Japanese islands

      · The Asian nation that is most spread out geographically (Indonesia)

Winnipeg is in Manitoba. F

Ontario is east of Manitoba.

Calgary is south of Edmonton.

Ottawa is closer to Quebec than to Montreal. F

Alberta is west of Manitoba.

Quebec is farther south than Toronto. F

Toronto is in Ontario.

Manitoba lies between Saskatchewan and Alberta. F

Nuevo Laredo is north of Matamoros.

Juarez is east of Nogales.

Mexicali is east of Nogales. F

Mexico City is north of Guadalajara. F

Acapulco is on the eastern coast of Mexico. F

Monterrey is closer to Saltillo than to Puebla.

Mexico City is east of Guadalajara.

Honduras is north of Nicaragua.

Panama is east of Costa Rica.

Guatemala is east of Costa Rica. F

Nicaragua lies between Panama and Costa Rica f

Haiti is east of Puerto Rico f

Haiti shares the same island with the Dominican Republic

Havana lies on the eastern border of Cuba. F

Jamaica is south of Haiti.

Puerto Rico is smaller in size than the Dominican Republic.

Cuba is north of Jamaica. F

The Virgin Islands are closer to the U.S. than the Bahamas. F

Cuba is closer to Mexico than is Puerto Rico.

Venezuela is north of Columbia.

Paraguay is north of Uruguay.

Brazil is north and south of Peru.

Chile is south of Bolivia.

Bolivia is north of Equador. F

Uruguay is north of Paraguay.

Uruguay is landlocked.

Peru is north of Equador. F

Suriname lies west of Guyana. F

Rio De Janeiro is south of Sao Paulo. F

Both Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo are costal cities.

Chile borders Argentina on the west.

Bolivia is south of Argentina. F

Germany is west of Belgium. F

Scotland is north of Ireland. F

Finland is east of Sweden.

Denmark is north of the Netherlands.

Austria is east of Switzerland.

France is east of Spain.

Spain extends both north and south of Portugal.

Luxembourg is north of Germany. F

Denmark is closer to Sweden than to Norway.

Paris lies in the southern part of France. F

Italy is east of Switzerland.

Rome lies in the far north of Italy. F

Greece is west of Italy. F

Jordan is touched by the Red Sea.

Iraq is larger in size than Iran. F

Iran is east of Iraq.

Syria is south of Israel. F

Egypt is bordered by the Red Sea.

Egypt is closer to Saudi Arabia than to Iran.

Syria is west of Lebanon. F

Sydney is north of Melbourne.

Melbourne is in Queensland. F

South Australia is east of Queensland. F

Western Australia is the smallest state in Australia. F

Brisbane is north of Sydney.

Australia’s capital is south of Melbourne. F

Taiwan is north of Hong Kong.

Taiwan is north of Japan. F

Hokkaido is south of Kyushu. F

North Korea is closer to Hiroshima than is South Korea. F

Shanghai is a costal city.

Taipei is in the middle of Taiwan. F

The Philippines is north of Indonesia.

Indonesia is south of Malaysia.

Japan is east of the Philippines.

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