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					Best Seller Shelf
Title                                       Author's         Name          Fic/Non-       Best Seller Audio Book
Decoded                                     Jay-Z                            Nonfiction

Man Down                                    Dan              Abrams          Nonfiction

The Peach Keeper                            Sara Addison     Allen           Fiction

The Amen Solution                           Daniel G.        Amen            Nonfiction

The Land of Painted Caves                   Jean             Auel            Fiction

Debt Free for Life                          David            Bach            Nonfiction

Hell's Corner                               David            Baldacci        Fiction

The Sixth Man                               David            Baldacci        Fiction

One Summer                                  David            Baldacci        Fiction

Untied: A Memoir of Family, Fame, and       Meredith         Baxter          Nonfiction

The Company We Keep                         Robert           Bear            Nonfiction

The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change       Glenn            Beck            Nonfiction

Broke                                       Glenn            Beck            Nonfiction

The Emperor's Tomb                          Steve            Berry           Fiction

Minding Frankie                             Maeve            Binchy          Fiction

Transition: The Story of How I Became a     Chaz             Bono            Nonfiction

Cold Wind                                   C.J.             Box             Fiction

Playing the Game                            Barbara Taylor   Bradford        Fiction

River Marked                                Patricia         Briggs          Fiction

Breaking the Rules                          Suzanne          Brockmann       Fiction

Caleb's Crossing                            Geraldine        Brooks          Fiction

The Weird Sisters                           Eleanor          Brown           Fiction

Against All Odds                            Scott            Brown           Nonfiction

Decision Points                             George W.        Bush            Nonfiction

Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files   Jim              Butcher         Fiction

In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks          Adam             Carolla         Nonfiction

The Union Quilters                          Jennifer         Chaiaverini     Fiction

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Title                             Author's        Name        Fic/Non-       Best Seller Audio Book
Worth Dying For                   Lee             Child         Fiction

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother   Amy             Chua          Nonfiction

Dead of Alive                     Tom             Clancy        Fiction

I'll Walk Alone                   Mary Higgins    Clark         Fiction

To Have and to Kill               Mary Jane       Clark         Fiction

Mobbed: A Regan Reilly Mystery    Carol Higgins   Clark         Fiction

Live Wire                         Harlan          Coben         Fiction

The Reversal                      Michael         Connelly      Fiction        Auidobook

The Fifth Witness                 Michael         Connelly      Fiction

Port Mortuary                     Patricia        Cornwell      Fiction

Demonic                           Ann             Coulter       Nonfiction

The Valcourt Heiress              Catherine       Coulter       Fiction

The Best Advice I Ever Got        Katie           Couric        Nonfiction

The Sentry                        Robert          Crais         Fiction

Crescent Dawn                     Clive           Cussler       Fiction

The Kingdom                       Clive           Cussler       Fiction

The Jungle                        Clive           Cussler       Fiction

Carte Blanche                     Jeffery         Deaver        Fiction

Edge: A Novel                     Jeffrey         Deaver        Fiction

A Secret Kept                     Tatiana         DeRosnay      Fiction

Room                              Emma            Donoghue      Fiction

Townie                            Andre           Dubus III     Nonfiction

The Dukan Diet                    Pierre          Dukan         Nonfiction

I Remember Nothing: And Other     Nora            Ephron        Nonfiction

Smokin' Seventeen                 Janet           Evanovich     Fiction

Promise Me                        Richard Paul    Evans         Fiction        Audiobook

Miles to Go                       Richard Paul    Evans         Fiction

Silent Mercy                      Linda           Fairstein     Fiction

The 4-Hour Body                   Timothy         Ferriss       Nonfiction

Bossypants                        Tina            Fey           Nonfiction

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Title                                      Author's    Name          Fic/Non-       Best Seller Audio Book
I Still Dream of You                       Fannie      Flagg           Fiction

Devil's Food Cake Murder                   Joanne      Fluke           Fiction

American Assassin                          Vince       Flynn           Fiction

Freedom                                    Johnathan   Franzen         Fiction

Love You More                              Lisa        Gardner         Fiction

Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That?        Ina         Garten          Nonfiction

Zero History                               William     Gibson          Fiction

Is It Just Me?: Or is it Nuts Out There?   Whoopi      Goldberg        Nonfiction

The Investment Answer                      Daniel C.   Goldie          Nonfiction

The Life You Want                          Bob         Greene          Nonfiction

The Hidden Reality                         Brian       Greene          Nonfiction

The Outlaws                                W.E.B.      Griffin         Fiction

Afraid of the Dark                         James       Grippando       Fiction

The Confession                             John        Grisham         Fiction        Audiobook

Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock            Sammy       Hagar           Nonfiction

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me          Chelsea     Handler         Nonfiction

A Discovery of Witches                     Deoborah    Harkness        Fiction

Dead Reckoning                             Charlaine   Harris          Fiction

Pale Demon                                 Kim         Harrison        Fiction

Straight Talk, No Chaser                   Steve       Harvey          Nonfiction

Unbroken: A World War II Story of          Laura       Hillenbrand     Nonfiction

Secrets to the Grave                       Tami        Hoag            Fiction

The Red Garden                             Alice       Hoffman         Fiction

A Simple Government                        Mike        Huckabee        Nonfiction

Dead Zero                                  Stephen     Hunter          Fiction

Devious                                    Lisa        Jackson         Fiction

True You: A Journey to Finding and         Janet       Jackson         Nonfiction

Area 51                                    Annie       Jacobsen        Nonfiction

Fatal Error                                J.A.        Jance           Fiction

Chasing the Night                          Iris        Johansen        Fiction

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Title                                   Author's    Name         Fic/Non-       Best Seller Audio Book
Eve                                     Iris        Johansen       Fiction

All That is Bitter & Sweet              Ashley      Judd           Nonfiction

Kardashian Konfidential                 Kourtney    Kardashian     Nonfiction

In the Company of Others                Jan         Karon          Fiction

Mystery: An Alex Delaware Novel         Jonathan    Kellerman      Fiction

Born of Shadows                         Sherrilyn   Kenyon         Fiction

Full Dark, No Stars                     Stephen     King           Fiction

On China                                Henry       Kissinger      Nonfiction

What the Night Knows                    Dean        Koontz         Fiction

In Too Deep                             Jayne Ann   Krentz         Fiction

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest   Stieg       Larrson        Fiction

In the Garden of Beasts                 Erik        Larson         Nonfiction

Suck on This Year                       Denis       Leary          Nonfiction

Moonlight Mile                          Dennis      Lehane         Fiction

Damage                                  John T.     Lescroart      Fiction

Boomerang                               Michael     Lewis          Nonfiction

When Passion Rules                      Johanna     Lindsey        Fiction

I'd Know You Anywhere                   Laura       Lippman        Fiction

Stories I Only Tell My Friends          Rob         Lowe           Nonfiction

I'm Over All That                       Shirley     MacLaine       Nonfiction

A Turn in the Road                      Debbie      Macomber       Fiction

Family Affair                           Debbie      Macomber       Fiction

The Troubled Man                        Henning     Mankell        Fiction

An Object of Beauty                     Steve       Martin         Fiction

Trader of Secrets                       Steve       Martini        Fiction

The Greater Journey                     David       McCullough     Nonfiction

The Paris Wife                          Paula       McLain         Fiction

Getting to Happy                        Terry       McMillan       Fiction

The Inner Circle                        Brad        Meltzer        Fiction

Late Edition                            Fern        Michaels       Fiction

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Title                                 Author's          Name            Fic/Non-       Best Seller Audio Book
Southern Comfort                      Fern              Michaels          Fiction

Cesar's Rules                         Cesar             Millan            Nonfiction

William& Catherine: A Royal Wedding   Andrew            Morton            Nonfiction

The Snowman                           Jo                Nesbo             Fiction

The Tiger's Wife                      Tea               Obreht            Fiction

I Beat the Odds                       Michael           Oher              Nonfiction

The Money Class                       Suze              Orman             Nonfiction

America By Heart                      Sarah             Palin             Nonfiction

A Heartbeat Away                      Michael           Palmer            Fiction

Painted Ladies                        Robert B.         Parker            Fiction

Sixkill                               Robert B.         Parker            Fiction

10th Anniversary                      James             Patterson         Fiction

Tick Tock                             James             Patterson         Fiction

Toys                                  James             Patterson         Fiction

Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel           James             Patterson         Fiction

Cross Fire                            James             Patterson         Fiction        Audiobook

The Devil's Light                     Richard North     Patterson         Fiction

The Gift                              James             Patterson         Fiction

Call Me Irresistible                  Susan Elizabeth   Phillips          Fiction

Sing You Home                         Jodi              Picoult           Fiction

Heartwood                             Belva             Plain             Fiction

Gideon's Sword                        Douglas           Preston           Fiction

Quicksilver                           Amanda            Quick             Fiction

As Always, Julia                      Joan              Reardon (EDT)     Nonfiction

The Twelfth Insight                   James             Redfield          Fiction

Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A     Condoleezza       Rice              Nonfiction

Indulgence in Death                   J.D.              Robb              Fiction

Treachery in Death                    J.D.              Robb              Fiction

Chasing Fire                          Nora              Roberts           Fiction

Happy Ever After                      Nora              Roberts           Fiction

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Title                                     Author's           Name          Fic/Non-       Best Seller Audio Book
The Twelfth Imam                          Joel C.            Rosenberg       Fiction

Three Seconds                             Anders             Roslund         Nonfiction

The Wise Man's Fear                       Patrick            Rothfuss        Fiction

Buried Prey                               John               Sandford        Fiction        Audiobook

Cinch: Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds…     Cynthia            Sass            Nonfiction

Trickle Up Poverty                        Michael            Savage          Nonfiction

Cleopatra                                 Stacy              Schiff          Nonfiction

A Singular Woman                          Janny              Scott           Nonfiction

Save Me                                   Lisa               Scottoline      Fiction

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk                   David              Sedaris         Fiction

Dreams of Joy                             Lisa               See             Fiction

Love for No Reason                        Marci              Shimoff         Nonfiction

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks      Rebecca            Skloot          Nonfiction

Fallen                                    Karin              Slaughter       Fiction

The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party       Alexander McCall   Smith           Fiction

Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat After Forty Suzanne           Somers          Nonfiction

Midnight and the Meaning of Love          Sister             Souljah         Fiction

Late, Late at Night                       Rick               Springfield     Nonfiction

44 Charles Street                         Danielle           Steel           Fiction

Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide       Jon                Stewart         Nonfiction

The Help                                  Kathryn            Stockett        Fiction

From This Moment On                       Shania             Twain           Nonfiction

Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?     Steven             Tyler           Nonfiction

400 Calorie Fix                           Liz                Vaccariello     Nonfiction

The Pale King                             David Foster       Wallace         Fiction

Lover Unleashed                           J.R.               Ward            Fiction

Seal Team Six                             Howard             Wasdin          Nonfiction

If You Ask Me: And of Course You Won't    Betty              White           Nonfiction

Night Vision                              Randy Wayne        White           Fiction

Strategic Moves                           Stuart             Woods           Fiction

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Title                    Author's   Name       Fic/Non-       Best Seller Audio Book
Bel Air Dead             Stuart     Woods        Fiction

Obama War's              Bob        Woodward     Nonfiction

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