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									                                              JIBC ESS Course Schedule: August 2009-March 2010

         Date                  Course Name                 Location
    22-Aug-09      Group Lodging                   Vancouver
    Total: 1
    5-Sep-09       Documentation                   Vancouver
    12-Sep-09      Reception Centre                Comox Valley
    12-Sep-09      Group Lodging                   JIBC
    12-Sep-09      Reception Centre                Kitimat
    19-Sep-09      Reception Centre                Lytton FN
    19-Sep-09      Registration & Referrals        Nanaimo
    19-Sep-09      Registration & Referrals        Quadra Island
    19-Sep-09      Registration & Referrals        Vancouver
    19-Sep-09      Managing Walk-In Volunteers     Vernon
    23-Sep-09      Registration & Referrals        Mission
    24-Sep-09      Documentation                   Fort Nelson
    26-Sep-09      Managing Walk-In Volunteers     Delta
    26-Sep-09      Resource Acquisition            Kamloops
    26-Sep-09      Group Lodging                   Midway
    26-Sep-09      Reception Centre                Nelson
    26-Sep-09      Group Lodging                   Salmon Arm
    26-Sep-09      Managing Walk-In Volunteers     Taylor
    27-Sep-09      Documentation                   Midway
    Total: 16
    early October Managing Walk-In Volunteers      Revelstoke
    early October Documentation                    Revelstoke
    3-Oct-09       Reception Centre                Cranbrook
    3-Oct-09       Resource Acquisition            JIBC
    3-Oct-09       Reception Centre                Victoria/Esquimalt
    4-Oct-09       Registration & Referrals        Cranbrook
    14-Oct-09      Group Lodging                   Surrey
    16/17 Oct 10   Managing Walk-In Volunteers     Quesnel
    17-Oct-09      Reception Centre                Campbell River
    17-Oct-09      Managing Walk-In Volunteers     Creston (RDCK)
    17-Oct-09      Group Lodging                   Terrace (KSRD)
    17-Oct-09      Reception Centre                Vancouver

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                                              JIBC ESS Course Schedule: August 2009-March 2010

         Date                  Course Name                 Location
    24-Oct-09      Registration & Referrals        Comox Valley
    24-Oct-09      Reception Centre                CVRD/Duncan
    24-Oct-09      Group Lodging                   Nanaimo
    24-Oct-09      Registration & Referrals        Vancouver
    24-Oct-09      Registration & Referrals        View Royal/Colwood
    31-Oct-09      Documentation                   Kitimat
    31-Oct-09      Group Lodging                   Richmond
    Total: 18
    2-Nov-09       Documentation                   Salmon Arm
    6-Nov-09       Group Lodging                   Leqamel
    7-Nov-09       Documentation                   Vancouver
    14-Nov-09      Registration & Referrals        CVRD/Duncan
    14-Nov-09      Registration & Referrals        Delta
    14-Nov-09    Group Lodging                     Langford
    18-20 Nov 09 ESS Directors Course              JIBC
    19-Nov-09    Documentation                     Coquitlam
    23/30-Nov-09 Group Lodging                     North Shore
    28-Nov-09    Managing Walk-In Volunteers       JIBC
    28-Nov-09    Documentation                     Saanich
    Total: 11
    9-Jan-10       Managing Walk-In Volunteers     Oak Bay
    16-Jan-10      Documentation                   Nanaimo
    23-Jan-10      Managing Walk-In Volunteers     Comox Valley
    30-Jan-10      Reception Centre                PEMO (Sidney)
    Total: 4
    6-Feb-10       Resource Acquisition            Kent/Harrison
    10-Feb-10      Registration & Referrals        Surrey
    13-Feb-10      Registration & Referrals        Langford
    27-Feb-10      Group Lodging                   Metchosin
    Total: 4
    5-Mar-10       Reception Centre                Leqamel
    6-Mar-10       Managing Walk-In Volunteers     Nanaimo

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                                             JIBC ESS Course Schedule: August 2009-March 2010

         Date                  Course Name             Location
    13-Mar-10      Resource Acquisition           Comox Valley
    13-Mar-10      Documentation                  View Royal/Colwood
    26/27 Mar 10   Reception Centre               Quesnel
    27-Mar-10      Reception Centre               Saanich
    Total: 6
    TOTAL: 60

ESS Course Schedule 2009-101                                                                    3 of 3

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