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                                Beaver Lake Association
                                   Annual Meeting
                                     June 05, 2010

The Beaver Lake Association annual meeting was held on Saturday, June 5, 2010 at the
pavilion. The meeting was brought to order by President Jerry Putman at 9:05 a.m. Board
Members in attendance included: Jerry Putman, Sue Paul, Rose Kozlowski, Pat Rourke,
Steve Feathers, Gladys Walling; absent were Al Weiland, Joyce DeAngelo, and Gene

President Jerry Putman opened the meeting by asking the members in attendance to
introduce themselves. He also asked that moment of silence be observed in memory of
Association members who passed away during the preceding year including: Emma
Northrup, Dottie Topa, and Gary Mangarian.


The reading of the minutes from the Annual Business Meeting of August 15, 2009 was
waived in light of the fact that the minutes were posted on the Beaver lake website. All
those present accepted the minutes as posted.

Old Business

   1. Jerry Putman noted that Beaver Lake is to be taken off the DEC’s list of
      endangered water bodies. Sue and Larry Paul continue to head our water testing
      committee. Larry reported that we underwent testing by department of health for
      toxic blue green algae in August, September, and October of 2009. Although a
      written report has not yet been issued, Jim Hyde reported that Beaver Lake
      contains very low levels of blue green algae (0.78 – levels greater than 1 are cause
      for concern). A report is expected to be issued within few weeks.

   2. Larry Paul suggested that we consider testing the lake water for e-coli through
      CSLAP. It was pointed out that the Health Department already conducts such

   3. Jerry Putman noted that a new law requires that everyone must wear a life jacket
      in a boat between 11/1 -/5/1. It was further noted that boaters should always have
      a life jacket in the boat anytime.

   4. Members were reminded that to dispose of garbage you must make arrangements
      with Bert Adams for trash pick-up or take it home.

   5. Options for removing lily pads/pond weeds were discussed. Jerry Putman has
      consulted with members of Deer and White Birch Lakes and outlined the
      following findings: harvesters are expensive to maintain and do not remove plant
      roots so they simply grow back and proliferate; copper sulfate is potentially toxic

       to the ecosystem and requires a permit for application; pulling weeds in the
       deeper waters is not practical; grass carp, which work well on aquatic grasses but
       do not eat lily pads/pond weed, are expensive and must be added slowly. Jerry is
       continuing to do research on other chemical options and will report back to the
       membership. Larry Paul offered to lend the book, Diet for a Small Lake, to
       anyone who is interested. Gladys Walling asked if it is still the case that one needs
       a permit and everyone on the lake to sign off on the use of chemicals.

   6. Jerry Putman updated the membership regarding the question of permitting
      electric motors on the lake. He noted that the original deeds and covenants of
      Nature’s Retreat specify that there are to be no gasoline or motor driven boats.
      Thus far board members have received no feedback from members in favor of
      allowing motors on the lake and he indicated that the Board affirms bylaws that
      currently forbid it. Jackie Simons shared that she visited eight lakes, all of which
      allow motors and have reported no problems with this policy.

   7. Jerry Putman proposed that a pancake breakfast on a Sunday morning as
      fundraiser. Interest was expressed by the members in attendance. It was agreed
      that a date will be picked to hold a breakfast at the pavilion.

   8. It was noted the road looks great. A round of applause was offered for Rodney
      Kipp and the other members who have worked to keep our road in good repair.
      Members were reminded that this is roadwork day and members are asked to
      clean the ditches by their cottages.

   9. The schedule of events was read by Pat Rourke.

June 5          10:00 am     Roadwork (June 12, rain date)
June 5           9:00 am     Annual Meeting
August 14       10:00 am     Business Meeting
August 15        1:00 pm     Annual Picnic
August 28        7:30 pm     DJ on the Lake Ho-Down
September 4                  Chicken BBQ
September 5                  Light-Up-Night

New Business

   1. It was noted that the Vince & Deborah Randisi, and Gladys Walling were
      mistakenly omitted from the list of dues paying members on the newsletter.

   2. It was suggested that the Lake Association provide candles and white bags to be
      sold at the annual picnic for light up night. Rose Kozlowski volunteered to try to
      find bags and candles.

   3. Jerry Putman announced that Rees Munro resigned as a board member and will be
      selling his cottage. Jerry noted that there has been some difficulty with the sale
      because their deed does not specify access to a right-of-way to the lake. The right-

       of-way in question is owned by Hoyt and Kay Emmons who have agreed to
       permit use of their right-of-way for this purpose. Al Weiland has agreed to fill
       Rees’ unexpired term which is up for election next year.

   4. Jerry Putman requested volunteers to serve on the nominating committee. Chris
      Putman, Rodney Kipp(Chair), and Gladys Walling volunteered to serve on this

   5. Members were reminded that dues are to be paid by 07/01/10. Suggestions were
      entertained regarding seeking new members for the association and strategies for
      collecting dues. Jerry Putman reported that lake associations have legal recourse
      to sue property owners to recover dues owed back to the date at which they
      acquired the property in question. Jerry agreed to draft a letter to property owners
      who are not members of the Association regarding the benefits of joining the
      Association and the potential consequences of refusal to pay dues. He also agreed
      to identify residents on the back road that might be approached to join as well.
      Other suggestions that were voiced included: recruiting the town of Windsor to
      collect dues payments on our behalf; instituting an option to join as either a full
      member ($100) or a partial member ($50 or $75 for use of the lake). It was noted
      that the 48 current members represent a little more than 50% of the property

   6. Freddie Remza noted that the trailer and cabin on Ferrantes property are in
      disrepair. She suggested that the board consider writing a letter to the property
      owners pointing out that their dilapidated properties constitute an attractive
      nuisance and that they can be sued if anyone is injured on the property. The Board
      might also offer to help them identify potential buyers if they wish to sell the

   7. It was noted that a piece of land including the dam may be for sale. This property
      would provide good access to work on back side of dam. It was suggested that the
      Association consider making an offer to purchase this property.

   8. Larry Paul reminded members to clean and inspect guests boats, canoes and
      kayaks before placing them in the lake.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:57 a.m.

Patricia Rourke
Recording Secretary

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