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					                  The closet                            fiction.

There once was to girls. There names were Isabel and Lucy.
They were moving in to a haunted house. But they didn’t no. once
they herd thumping, growling, screaming, and it would always
seam to them that there was red liquid leaking out of the closet
door crack! But one day Lucy couldn’t find her mom and dad, she
was one her way to tell Isabel, when all the sudden she went right
by the closet, once again. The red liquid was coming out of closet
door crack! She screams so loud Isabel could hear. But that wasn’t
the wars part she herd foot steps coming out of the closet! Lucy ran
so fast you would hear the wind next to her. Lucy was crying.
What’s wrong? Said Isabel, read liquid is coming out of the door
“crack”. Isabel ran to the closet with Lucy behind her. There was
still red liquid coming out of the closet door crack! Do you want to
see what’s in it? Only once this closet is creeping me out! Isabel
walked in the closet with Lucy behind her. They both scram
because they saw a red liquid door. Lucy put her hand on the door
knob, it was ice cold. They saw a rag on the flour they picked it up.
And they you’d it to open the door. It was a tunnel on the other
side there was a world that seamed to be called scream world well
that explains all the screaming! They laughed,
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok let’s get out of hear, Lucy tried to open
the door but it wouldn’t! They started to blame each other, YOU
they were fitting they herd a voice saying, find the “key”. The
voice said. It got closer and closer, we need the key for the door!
The voice went on; the key is on the “table”, on that “hill”. Isabel
found out how many miles sit was, it was 4 miles away! They got
some cotes out of the closet. And went. On the mile they herd
thumps, on the 2.nt mile they herd screams, on the 3.rd mile they
saw red liquid on the ground and tree’s, and on the mile they
got scratched! Lucy was so drowsy when she closed her eyes for 5
minutes she would fall asleep! Witch she already did 5 times!
Isabel was so exited because she saw t he Stone Table! They ran as
fast as their little legs would carry them. There was a case around
it, and it was locked, and it was made out of diamonds. There was
a key lock on it .they herd the ghost again. The ghost said, the key
to open the case is in one of these bushes. The ghost said. That’s
not so hard, Lucy said. So they started to look. So far all they
found was leaves, old candy, old candy wrappers and a neck less.
The key is no where to be seen. Did you find it? Shouted Isabel
.no I “didn’t”, Lucy said. Lucy put on the neck- less. I found it, I
found it! They ran to the table and tried to open it , it didn’t work!
It was a fake key! They where so mad instill Lucy looked at her
neck less and found out it was on her neck less! They tried it and it
worked, it worked! They grabbed the key, it was soled gold! And
started to go to the door. It was the same journey as how they got
there. The mile they herd thumps, on the 2.nt mile they herd
screams, and on the mile they saw red liquid on the trees and
on the ground. They where finally at the door. They opened it, got
clean before some one saw, and never talked about it to any body
ever again. When they herd stuff from they ignored it.