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                                                                        Tenth Birthday
                                                                        Edition!                                     SPRING/SUMMER

Now We Are Ten!
 Diane Lebo Wallace

       ood, clothing, shelter–and books! We believe books               loves books!”
       are, indeed, one of the basics for a good life, espe-                 “The Read-a-thon helped me broaden my reading
       cially for babies and children. For ten years we at              zone,” says a young reader who was part of this elemen-
Family Reading Partnership (FRP) have been                                                     tary school event for students.
giving books to families, reading books aloud,                                                     We have now placed more than
celebrating reading throughout our community                                                   200,000 books into the hands of chil-
and recirculating gently used children’s books.                                                dren! We know that our programs are
We have been welcoming newborns with a                                                         working to help families understand
book at birth, producing fun calendars and                                                     the importance of sharing with their
banners that encourage reading, providing doc-                                                 children the joy and excitement of
tors with books to give their young patients,                                                  reading together.
orchestrating book festivals, introducing kids to                                                  We are proud that we have also
authors, dressing up as loveable book charac-                                                  influenced other communities around
ters–and so much more.                                                                         the nation to start family reading
     We started with a bold vision: to build a                                                 partnerships of their own, using our
culture of literacy where all children in our       We have given more than 200,000 books programs as inspiration.
                                                    to families in our area since Family Read-
community know the pleasure of books and            ing Partnership began.                     As Jim Trelease, author of The Read-
being read to as part of everyday family life.                                                 Aloud Handbook, said of FRP, “Family
And we have made significant headway toward that goal.                   Reading Partnership is exceptional in the United States.
We know, for example, that a full two-thirds of local fami-             Your organization should be held up as a national model
lies surveyed who registered a child for kindergarten credit            for communities to say that this is what is possible to achieve
the Family Reading Partnership with influencing their                    when private and public work together for the good of chil-
attitudes toward reading. From talking with kindergarten                dren and families.”
teachers we also know that more children in our commu-                       As we celebrate ten years, we also affirm and acknow-
nity are starting school ready to enjoy books and reading.              ledge that “the book is just the beginning.” As FRP execu-
     When we asked members of the community to tell us                  tive director Brigid Hubberman
how Family Reading Partnership has made a difference in                 explains, “The real power lies in         IN THIS ISSUE
the lives of their families, we were flooded with enthusiastic the combination of the book,                    Director’s Words........2
responses from children, and from their moms, dads and                  the parent and child and the link Read-Along Songs.....3
caregivers.                                                             created between home and school Red Hot Gala............4
     “FRP improves our lives in a million little ways,” says            and family and community as a         At Home with Books...4
one parent, who mentions the Bright Red Bookshelf, ban-                 result of enjoying the book.          Katrina Morse...........5
ners around town, calendars and book gifts through the                  Books build relationships.”           New WTSB...............8
Women, Infant and Children’s (WIC) program.                                  For ten years we have dreamed
                                                                                                              Read to Me Heroes...9
     “FRP has helped us make books and reading a regu-                  of a day when all families in our
lar part of our life,” says another parent. “Our daughter               community will read to their                    continued on page 9
                        Director’s Words
                         Happy Birthday Family Reading Partnership! There is so much
                         to celebrate! The ten-year story of the Family Reading Partnership
                         is truly an amazing and inspiring one. It is a story of visionary yet
                         practical dreams, hope and hard work, challenges seen as opportu-
                         nities, determination and more determination, local and national                               www.familyreading.org
                         impact and, of course, many families and children and thousands                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                         of books in between.                                                                           Bobbie Schneider–President
                                                                                                                        Karen Powers–Vice President
                         It is remarkable that in our first ten years more than 200,000                                  Christy Ludlow Hilker–Treasurer
                                                                                                                        Marty Turnbull–Secretary
                         beautiful children’s books have gone to families or, as we have come                           Mary Baker
                         to say so often, into the hands, homes and hearts of children. We                              Michael Bend
Brigid Hubberman         want each book to carry with it the message that snuggling up and                              Maureen Boyd
Executive Director,                                                                                                     Jessica Casey, DO
Family Reading           reading aloud to your child as a special part of everyday family life                          Daphne Cornell
Partnership              is one of the most important and fun activities you can do.                                    Anne DiGiacomo
                                                                                                                        Barbara Eshelman
                         The Family Reading Partnership is most of all a powerful story                                 John Longhouse
                                                                                                                        Melissa Pruitt
                         about community and collaboration. We knew early on that for our                               Rita Rosenberg-Barber
                         vision of a “culture” of literacy to become reality, it would take all                         Roger Sibley
                                                                                                                        Rich Steinacher
                         of us. From the very beginning, with all our hearts, we believed that                          Elizabeth Stilwell
                         “together we are better,” and each and every day we have acted out                             Lisa Swayze
                         that motto. Indeed, in these fast-paced ten years, this community-                             EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                         wide team with a reading dream has joined forces with virtually                                Brigid Hubberman
                         every sector of the community to create reading magic. To all of                               ASSISTANT DIRECTOR
                         you we are most grateful!                                                                      Katrina Morse
                                                                                                                        PROGRAM COORDINATORS
                         With the support of dedicated staff, committed volunteers and                                  Lisa Berry
                                                                                                                        Mary Milne
                         community partners, the culture of literacy that we imagined has
                                                                                                                        OFFICE COORDINATOR
                         grown and grown. Reflecting on all that we have accomplished in                                 Kaye Stone
                         these past ten years, I can say to you with great confidence that                               CONTRIBUTING AND EDITING
                         with your continued support and involvement,                                                   Jackie Dowdell
                         the best is yet to come!                                                                       Emily Rhoads Johnson
                                                                                                                        Diane Lebo Wallace
                                                                                                                        FRP staff
                                                                                                                        Katrina Morse

                                               Family Reading Partnership Programs
     Books Before Birth            Books to Grow On                Welcome to               Kids’ Book Fest                 “Read to Me”
      & Books at Birth            Doctors give young               School Book              The community comes           Banners & Calendars
      Every expectant family      families a book                        Kindergartners      together to celebrate                Reading together
      receives a book at a pre-   at each well                           receive a new          children’s books at                images are made
      natal visit and another     visit with a                                  book at                    this fun,               into large banners
      book from the hospital      prescription                              registration                     annual                    and calendars
                    when their    to “read to their                             as a gift                    event.                    to spread the
                        baby      children 20                                from their                                                     message
                       is born.   minutes a day.”                           new school.                                               “Read to Me!”

           Bright Red               Children’s Book              Traveling Books            Give the Gift of              Read-Along Songs
           Bookshelf                     Fund                   Volunteers                  Family Reading                 A set of 6 books and CD of
       Gently used books are        Community donations         read to                                                   the books being both read
       collected and                                            children                               Low-income        and sung are given to young
                                  fund grants to agencies for                                                families
       placed on red                               books as     at child                                                 children as a path to literacy
       shelves free                                             care centers                            receive new           through a new door.
                                                   gifts for                                                books at
       for families                                families     and homes
       to select                                                and leave crates of         the holidays, funded by
                                                  they serve.                                community donations.
       and own.                                                 books to be enjoyed.

                FRP Mission: To create a culture of literacy in which all children have early, frequent and pleasurable
                             experiences with books, together with a loved one, as part of everyday family life.
     Inviting Families to
     Literacy through Music

              eading! Singing! Talking!             the way her students interacted with
              Family Reading Partnership’s          books after they received the books                  Read-Along Songs
              newest program focuses on rhym-       and played the CD in the classroom.
      ing and rhythm to connect children            Students who had difficulty with
      and families with the joy of words and        language suddenly knew the words to                        For Children
      books. With a generous grant from an          entire books because they had heard           • Increase interest in and affection
      anonymous donor at the Community              them sung and read.                               for books
                                                                                                  • Increase rhyming ability
      Foundation of Tompkins County, the                By the time John and Cal visited          • Increase knowledge of alphabet
      Read-Along Songs program was able to          Caroline Pre-K, they were celebrities         • Increase vocabulary
                             place a bright red     with the under-five crowd! “I thought          • Increase attention span
“It was just so magical                                                                           • Increase background knowledge
                             book bag filled with    it was absolutely wonderful,” said            • Expose children to greater expressive
       for my students to six beautiful books       Downes. “It was just so magical for               communication and receptive language
    see the actual people and a CD of the           my students to see the actual people
they’ve been listening to books being both          they’ve been listening to on this CD                        For Families
                                                                                                  • Provide families with auditory modeling
 on this CD for the last read and sung into         for the last couple of weeks.”
                                                                                                      of songs and reading aloud
       couple of weeks.” the homes of more              Another benefit of the program             • Increase parent/adult time engaged
                             than 500 families in   is that the books and CD connect                  with their children around books
                                                                                                  • Increase positive verbal interactions
   – Kathleen Downes, TCA Head Start,               school to home. “We want to make
                                                                                                      with children through talking and
  Caroline Elementary ICSD Pre-K,                   sure students have lots of early lit-             singing, as family centered activities
  School Pre-K teacher TST BOCES Even               eracy experiences,” said Diana Levy,          • Encourage families to make reading and
                             Start programs and     program leader for the district’s pre-            singing a part of everyday
                                                                                                      family routines
      Franziska Racker Center classrooms.           kindergarten program. “Read-Along             • Introduce families to the fun and
          The goal of the program is to bring       Songs is a way to strengthen the links            entertainment of the combination of
      families closer to books through music        between home and school. The same                 books and songs
      (see Objectives, right). A committee of       books that are being read and sung in
      early education teachers along with lo-       school can also be read and sung at                For Schools and Programs
                                                                                                  • Support teachers and schools by
      cal singer/songwriter John Simon and          home.”                                           providing this literacy enhancement
      Village at Ithaca Executive Director              The impact of the program con-               at school and at home
                                                                                                  • Strengthen the bridge between home
      Cal Walker carefully chose six different                                                       and school with a book and singing
      children’s books that were also favor-                                                         connection
      ite children’s songs to be a part of the
      program.                                                                                   tinues to grow. Other funders have
          A CD was produced at Hiltronex                                                         come forward to provide additional
      Studios in Ithaca, with John Simon play-                                                   sets of Read-Along Songs to more
      ing guitar and singing the books and Cal                                                   children. IPEI has funded sets for each
      Walker reading the books in his rich,                                                      kindergarten and first grade classroom
      animated voice. Affectionately known                                                       in the Ithaca City School District.
      as “Simon and Calfunkle,” John Simon                                                       Trumansburg Head Start and kinder-
      and Cal Walker have visited more than                                                      gartners received sets funded by an
      25 classrooms to sing and read.                                                            anonymous donor and South Seneca
          Kathleen Downes, a teacher in the                                                      kindergartners have received sets
                                                     John Simon and Cal Walker performed Read-
      Caroline Elementary School Pre-K               Along Songs in more than 25 classrooms,     funded by the Ujeni Fund.
      program, saw immediate changes in              reaching hundreds of children!

FRP Celebrates 10th Birthday                                                            “Read-Along Songs” from their new
                                                                                        CD of music and stories for children.
                          the festivities. Dinner tables
with Red Hot Gala! one toballroom were decorated with
                   in the
                                                                                        The night ended with spirited music
                                                                                        by the Ageless Jazz Band.
                                            candy red hots and white candles with           The warm memories of the Red
                                            “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” (the          Hot Gala will stay with us for a long
                                            book given by FRP to all newborns at        time! We had good friends all together
                                            Cayuga Medical Center) at each place        in a beautiful place, delicious food,
                                            setting. Thanks go to Tompkins Trust        wonderful music and prizes donated by
                                            Company for sponsoring the book.            so many community businesses. What
                                                A very special part of the evening      a celebration!
                                            was the announcement of the 2008                The Red Hot Gala launches Fam-
                                            Read to Me Heroes (see page 9). Marty       ily Reading Partnership into its second
                                            Allee, retired reading teacher, Tomp-       decade!
                                            kins Trust Company, sponsor of “The           See the Red Hot Gala
                                            Very Hungry Caterpillar” book since           slide show at

           hat a night! On March 15,        1995, and Triad Foundation, supporter
           2008, we held our culminat-      of FRP since our inception, were each
           ing event in celebration of      presented with an engraved crystal book
Family Reading Partnership’s tenth          as appreciation for being Read to Me
birthday, our Red Hot Gala Benefit.          Heroes.
Almost 200 friends and supporters of            The night continued with a raffle
FRP came to Cornell’s Statler Hotel         of eight red hot gifts valued at up
dressed in red dresses, red ties, or with   to $1,000. The grand prizes were
some splash of red in their attire.         a $1,000 gift card to Wegmans and
   The evening started with the pop-        a weekend get-away for two at La
ping of more than 50 red balloons           Tourelle Resort and August Moon Spa
that party-goers purchased for the          with a complimentary dinner at John
prizes inside. Rich Steinacher, read-       Thomas Steak House.
                                                                                          FRP supporters George and Bobbie
ing teacher at Northeast Elementary,            John Simon and Cal Walker enter-          Schneider (new FRP Board President)
acted as emcee and welcomed every-          tained the crowd with a selection of          donned red fedoras at the Red Hot Gala.

At Home with Books
                                                The book is a gentle story of a         on each page and discover Patches the
                                            bear family and the fun they have           cat, who seems to be just as interested
                                            reading together at home. Imbedded          in listening to books as the bears.
                                            in the charming tale and beautiful              To support and encourage families
                                            illustrations are subtle messages to        as they read aloud and make books a
                                            families–ideas for how to make the          special part of everyday family life, At
                                            read-aloud experience more meaning-         Home with Books has a section of read-
                                            ful for their child.                        aloud ideas for more fun with books
                                                Brother bear tells us the story of      included at the back.
                                            his family and how books and read-              At Home with Books was designed to
                                            aloud fit into family time at home.          strengthen the connection children and
                                            The bear family reads books at the          families have with books by encourag-

          ur tenth year also marked         kitchen table while pancakes are cook-      ing read-aloud at home and activities
          the publication of our first       ing, on the big, soft sofa when their       based on books.
          children’s book!                  friend visits, in bed just before sleep,        More than 6,000 copies of At Home
   Family Reading Partnership               and in all kinds of cozy places that        with Books have gone to children in the
assistant director Katrina Morse wrote      make reading together special. This is      Tompkins County area and as far away
and and illustrated At Home with Books,     a family at home with books!                as North Carolina and Maryland. To
which was published by Family Read-             The colorful illustrations help chil-   order a copy visit www.familyreading.
ing Partnership.                            dren follow baby sister bear’s activities   org or call 607.277.8602.

   Katrina Morse, “Jill” of All Trades
   Emily Rhoads Johnson
                                              as a perfect combination of her pas-

           ainting, writing, graphic          sion for creating art and educating.
           design, photography–the                Born in Ithaca and raised in
           multi-talented Katrina does it     Elmira, Katrina attended the Univer-
   all. Hired by Brigid eight years ago       sity of Vermont, where she majored in
   to work on a special project, she is       studio art. She married, moved back to
   now the Family Reading Partnership’s       Ithaca in 1983 and continued painting
   assistant director, and her respon-        while her sons, Kyle and Eric, were
   sibilities include overseeing general      growing up. Later she attended Elmira
   operations, preparing handouts and         College and earned a master’s degree
   mailings, taking photographs, han-         in education, intending to teach art
                                                                                             Katrina Morse signed copies of
   dling website content and creating         in the public schools. “And then I got         At Home with Books at the
   images for FRP magnets, T-shirts and       side-tracked,” she laughs, referring to        Tompkins County Public Library.
                           Books to Grow      her serendipitous meeting with Brigid.
  “I am proud to be a On materials.           “Although I didn’t end up teaching in         “The Family Reading Partnership
  part of such a deep- She says she feels     a school, my job with the Family Read-    is a stellar model of an organization
  reaching initiative.” lucky to have a       ing Partnership gives me many oppor-      that pulls together all sectors of the
                           job where she      tunities to make connections between      community to work for a common
     – Katrina Morse, can use her skills      teachers, parents, kids and books.”       good: the future of our children,” Ka-
FRP Assistant Director as an educator             One way she connects with fami-       trina says. “I am proud to be a part of
                           as well as her     lies is through her two columns in the    such a deep-reaching initiative, and it
   artistic talent.                           Ithaca Journal. For the “Book Nook”       is a bonus that I have such wonderful
       “Most recently I have had the          she enlists young readers to write        co-workers!”
   wonderful opportunity to write and il-     reviews of their favorite books, and in       Her co-workers echo her senti-
   lustrate a children’s book (At Home with   “The Family Reading Corner,” she          ments. In the words of Program
   Books, Family Reading Partnership,         discusses good books for families to      Coordinator Mary Milne, “It’s a joy
   2007) that encourages families to read     enjoy together. For both columns she      to work with Katrina, who notices and
   aloud and discover the joy of books.”      supplies the photographs. Many of her     appreciates the magic, surprise, and
   Katrina usually paints still life on       stunning photographs of adults and        beauty of the world every day.”
   canvas, but for her new book she had       children reading together are featured        There will no doubt be more cre-
   to develop an illustration style and       in the 2008 Family Reading Part-          ative endeavors that Katrina pursues
   painted on board using colored pencil      nership calendar and banners hung         that will use her talents and encourage
   for details. Katrina describes the book    throughout the county.                    families to “make friends with books.”

   Local Families Featured                                                                   Watch for our 2009 “Read to
                                                                                             Me” banners and calendars
                                                                                             featuring these nationally known
   in “Read to Me” Banners and Calendar                                                      children’s book illustrators:

         n celebration of our 10th
         birthday, we are delighted                                                                   Suzanne Bloom
         that our 2008 “Read to Me”                                                                   Nancy Carlson
    banners feature local families pho-                                                               Bryan Collier
    tographed enjoying books. Each                                                                    Jane Dyer
    black and white photo is surround-                                                                Lori McElrath-Eslick
    ed by a colorful border and the                                                                   Denise Fleming
    words below, “Read to Me and I                                                                    Gail Gibbons
    will be at Home with Books.” The                                                                  Max Grover
    9’ x 12’ banners hang on buildings                                                                Sylvia Long
    throughout the community and                                                                      Iza Tripani
    the “Read to Me” photos were
    also made into a calendar.

    Our History
Where we’ve been...
Family Reading Partnership grew from the idea that for children to be successful adults, they need
to know how to read. For children to be successful at reading they need to love books. For children
to love books they need to hear books read aloud to them from birth and have books at home.

1994 Give the Gift of Family Reading began as part of the TST BOCES
           “Family Reading Program.” We now give books at the holidays to families at
           12 WIC sites and seven agencies.
          WIC readers began visiting sites monthly. We now have eight readers.
1995 Books at Birth program began as a TST BOCES program.
              Every baby born at Cayuga Medical Center receives a new book.
1997 “Building a Caring Community” conference sparked the idea
            of creating a community coalition for literacy.
          Family Reading Partnership created and incorporated.
                                                                                                     Father and son choose a new book to take
          Bright Red Bookshelf site established. We now have 20 sites.                               home through Give the Gift of Family
1998 Community Literacy Vision Day We have hosted four envisioning sessions.                         Reading program at their WIC appt.
          Welcome to School Book program began. There are 21 schools in our area now involved.
          Children’s Book Fund established. Twenty six different human service agencies
            have provided books for the families they serve over the years.
          Kids’ Book Fest celebration of children’s literature first held with close to 1,000 in attendance.
          Aliki generously gave permission to use her drawing of the girl hugging book as FRP icon.
          Program Coordinator added to staff.
1999 First Book for First Graders program began. This program gave new books to first graders for four years.
                    2000 Kids’ Book Fest attendance exceeded 2,000.
                    2001 Family Reading Partnership received 501(c)(3), non-profit status.
                                           Books to Grow On program began. We now have 12 doctors’ offices who participate.
                                           Second Program Coordinator added to staff.
                                           At Home with Books newsletter first printed and distributed.
                                    2002 Traveling Books program folded into FRP. Currently, 12 volunteers
                                             read to children at 18 childcare sites.
                                    2003 “Read to Me” Campaign launched with banners and calendars.
                                              We produce 12 new banners and a calendar each year.
                                           www.familyreading.org website became active.
The newest Bright Red Book-                FRP’s Great Community Read-a-thon The first of two events.
shelf was placed in the Emer-              First Family Reading Partnership Alliance member. Cortland County
gency Dept. at Cayuga Medical
Center and used immediately by      2004 Books Before Birth program established to give books to expectant parents.
a family waiting for a loved one.            We have four OB-GYN offices who participate.
                                           Appetizing Books baskets sold to restaurants. There are six sites.
                                           Second Family Reading Partnership Alliance member. Chemung Valley
2005 Jim Trelease visited Ithaca and included FRP in the 6th edition of his book The Read-Aloud Handbook.
          Third Family Reading Partnership Alliance member. Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County (NC)
          Office Coordinator position added to staff.
          FRP held the first Family Story Walk and 21 Run benefit honoring George Boiardi.
2006 Development Director added to staff.                                              To learn more about Family Reading Partnership
                                                                                                 programs and initiatives visit
2007 Read-Along Songs program began.                                                     www.familyreading.org and click “Programs.”
          Read to Me Society founded.
          At Home with Books, Family Reading Partnership’s first children’s book, published.

      Our Futu
Where we’re going...

We must and will do more for families who have the greatest literacy and economic challenges keeping
them from a culture of literacy. We’ll provide more books, more information and training and more
support for those who need it most. We are determined to deepen and strengthen our efforts so that
each family receives the books and support it needs to establish a read-aloud tradition at home.

           Plans for Deepening and Strengthening
        As we enter our next ten years Family Reading Partnership will...

        • Explore new strategies to connect children and families with books by building on the
           success of our newest program, Read-Along Songs.

        • Provide read-aloud trainings and information to agencies that work with families
           and to the families themselves.

        • Give more books to families who need them most.
          Some ideas:
             - Give 10 books for babies by birth at WIC.
             - Strengthen and expand children’s book fund grants
                 so that more agencies can use books as part of
                 the services they provide to families.
             - Provide books to speech/language pathologists
                 to give to families at home visits.
             - Add Bright Red Bookshelf sites at food pantries
                                                                  Every family with young children should
                 and other places that serve low-income families. know the joy of books and reading aloud.

        • Partner more with schools to support a culture of literacy and provide used books
           to school populations by expanding Bright Red Bookshelf sites.

        • Partner with libraries to promote them as one of the first places families go with a
           new baby.

        • Provide information about our organization, programs and initiatives to other

        • Inspire others to develop their own unique programs that encourage families to
           discover the joy of books and reading.

     Thank You!
      Thanks to funds raised during the 10th Birthday–We Must Do More Campaign we
      are able to begin the process of deepening and strengthening our programs.
      Through ongoing and new sponsorships and donations we look forward to continu-
      ing to make ours a community that values books and reading, and to share what we
      have learned with others.

Every Kindergartner: A Splendid Friend, Indeed
                                             The book helps to calm nerves on                   who wants to talk and talk and talk,
                                         that first trip to their new school in the              could really represent the experience
                                         spring and gives the message from the                  of a kindergarten student coming to
                                         school to parents that reading together                school for the first time. The friend-
                                         is important. When the students come                   ships formed could be one or more of
                                         back in the fall, they have the common                 so many–teacher and student, reading
                                         experience with all their classmates of                and student, writ-
                                         owning and knowing the same book.                      ing and student, “I like to think of my-
                                             The initial book given to children                 school community self as Bear, and my
                                         at the start of the program was Feathers               and family, etc.     students, especially the

            e are pleased to announce    for Lunch by Lois Ehlert. Then in 2005,                    “I like to think
                                                                                                                     entering kindergartners,
            that A Splendid Friend,      the book was changed to Hattie and                     of myself as Bear,
            Indeed by Suzanne Bloom      the Fox by Mem Fox. The new book                       and my students, as Goose.”
has been chosen as the new book to       choice for 2008, A Splendid Friend, In-                especially the
                                                                                                                            – Karen Keller,
be given to kindergartners as a “Wel-    deed, has been enthusiastically received               entering kinder-
                                                                                                                       principal, Fall Creek
come to School Book” at kindergarten by principals and teachers. The book                       gartners, as Goose.
                                                                                                                       Elementary School
registrations and screenings in schools was chosen for its theme of friendship,                 That is the kind
across the TST BOCES region.             age-appropriate text and beautiful                     of relationship
    The Welcome to School Book pro- illustrations.                                              and caring that I want my school to
gram started in 1998 as one of the first      Karen Keller, principal at Fall                    project. This book just makes me feel
initiatives of the Family Reading Part- Creek Elementary School in Ithaca,                      GOOD.”
nership. The program provides a book comments, “The message in A Splen-                             We feel good about the new Wel-
to each kindergartner as a gift from his did Friend, Indeed is so sweet and so                  come to School Book and how many
or her school with program coordina-     simple at first read, but then I think                  kindergartners will hear A Splendid
tion by the Family Reading Partnership of much more. The message of the                         Friend, Indeed read to them before
and funding for the books provided by character ‘Bear,’ who wants to read                       school starts again this fall.
M&T Bank.                                and write and think, and ‘Goose,’

Our Influence and Inspiration Spreads...
Family Reading Partnership Alliance Members
2003 Family Reading Partnership of Cortland County
2004 Family Reading Partnership of Chemung Valley
2005 Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg
        County (NC)
2007 Seneca County Literacy Project
2008 Geneva Reads

                                   The public library in Batavia, NY,
                                        purchased 12 “Read to Me”
                                      banners with their“GRO” logo
                                    added. The banners will hang on                                   Family Reading Partnership of Chemung
                                             buildings there to inspire                               Valley hosted a very successful Kids’ Book
                                     families to read to their children.                              Fest in March with the theme of “homes”
                                                                                                      based on FRP’s last Book Fest.
                                                                           In only five years of website activity, we have had hundreds
                              Our 2008 “Read to Me” calendar               of requests from individuals and organizations from 27 New
                              featuring families from Ithaca, NY,          York State communities, 17 other states and three other
                              made its way to a school in Thailand         countries for information about how to start their own Fam-
                              where a friend of FRP was working.           ily Reading Partnership, how to start one of our programs or
                                                                           how to learn more about read-aloud and books.

2008 Read to Me Heroes

        his year we were pleased to honor three
        Read to Me Heroes – a business, a found-
        ation and an individual. Each has been a
consistent supporter of Family Reading Partner-
ship efforts to spread the joy of reading. Our 2008
Read to Me Heroes were presented with
gifts of engraved crystal books at our Red Hot
Gala on March 15.

  Tompkins Trust Company (TTC)
  stepped forward in 1995 to help launch the
                                                              Honoring Our
                                                                       Read to Me Heroes
                                                                                               Triad Foundation has been
                                                                                               a consistently strong FRP supporter for
                                                                                               more than a decade, giving us the wings
                                                                                              to take off and fly! Joanne Florino and
                                                                                               the family of Roy Park, Jr. believed in
  Book at Birth program that would give a new                                                  and seeded the success of the Family
  book to every baby born at Cayuga Medical                                                    Reading Partnership from the beginning,
  Center. For more than a decade TTC has                                                       first through the Park Foundation and
  funded this program, which has encouraged                                                    then the Triad Foundation. Funding
  thousands of families to read to their                                                      support originated with a grant to
  children right from the start.                               Joanne Florino & Roy Park, Jr. establish the organization and allow
                                                                Family Reading Partnership to become an independent not-for-
                                                                profit. Most recently Triad provided a significant $250,000
                                                                matching grant for our 10th birthday campaign. (see page 10)

                                                               Marty Allee, a retired reading and
                                                               support teacher, has volunteered exten-
                                                               sively with Family Reading Partnership.
                                                               One of the first board presidents, she was
   Greg Hartz. current president of Tomkins Trust Company,     involved for more than ten years in many
             and Jim Byrnes, former president.                 Family Reading Partnership programs:
                                                               as a volunteer at the annual Give the Gift
                                                               of Family Reading program at WIC sites
                                                               during the holiday season, on the Kids’
                                                               Book Fest Committee and as a volunteer
                                                               extraordinaire for many FRP events.                  Marty Allee

continued from page 1                             their future success at reading. Read-        family literacy so that we can share our
children as a special part of everyday            ing is a basic skill that can help chil-      knowledge and experience with others.
family life. For this to happen we know           dren and families overcome poverty               Your time, your gifts, your books–and
that families need four things:                   and develop the skills that can help          especially your enthusiasm–are vital to
                                                  them lead better lives.                       our continued success. Read more about
• Knowledge and understanding
  that reading to their children is                   Over the next ten years our focus will    our vision for the future and how you can
  exciting and important                          be to deepen and strengthen our efforts       help, throughout this newsletter.
• Motivation to make reading                      to reach families that may not have
  aloud to children habitual                      found success in reading. We want to do
• Books to read                                   what we can to help them make books
• Encouragement, skills and the                   part of family life and to fully experience
  support necessary to read to their              the pleasure of reading.
  children                                        Regionally and nationally, our ef-
   Every book that enters a family’s              forts will focus on becoming a lead-
home helps children enjoy books and               ing center for information, ideas
reading in their daily lives, and seeds           and resources on family reading and

Share Your Story a Huge Success                                                           hear and motivates us to do more.
                                                                                             As one mother says, “In a busy, clut-

        s a dedicated group of close      partnerships serving our community.             tered world, the Family Reading Part-
        friends of Family Reading         The Share Your Story campaign was               nership provides regular, gentle remind-
        Partnership gathered to envi-     launched at our red tent at the Ithaca          ers that we should pause each day and
sion special ways to commemorate          Festival in June '07, and we gathered                 enjoy a good book with our child.”
our 10th birthday, everyone agreed        stories throughout the                              From a
that finding a way to collect and share    summer and into fall.                                           new mom
stories of our impact on families and     We were amazed                                       When I was fi
                                                                                                               ve months pre
children in our community                     at the many                                      husband and                       gnant my
                                                                                                                I started telli
was at the top of the list.                    beautiful and                                    daughter, in u                  ng our
                                                                                                                 tero, the sto
   With an amazing                               heartfelt stories                             “The Very H                      ry of
                                                                                   We read it to               ungry Caterp
ten years and a mult-                               of families reading                               her every nig             illar. “
                                                                                                                      ht at bedtim
itude of innovative                                  together and receiving       When she w                                           e.
programs in partner-                                   books as gifts–through my h                 as born, I had
                                                                                       usband was w                  a C-section,
ship with a variety of                                WIC (Women, Infants I was                           ith our daugh               so
                                                                                        still in the O                     ter while
community organizations, and with         and Children), their doctors,          to say at firs           .R. He didn’t
                                                                                                 t and then he            know what
more than 200,000 books placed into       Bright Red Bookshelves and             of the moon                       said, “In the
                                          their schools.                                          a little egg la                   light
the hands, homes and hearts of chil-                                            looked right                      y on a leaf...”
                                              The stong feelings of                              at him!                           she
dren and their families, we knew their
stories had to be told!                   families in our community            When we go
                                                                                                t the book to
   Share Your Story was conceived as a    and articulation of the impact couldn’t wait                             take home w
                                                                                                 to show her                       e
way for people to connect those stories   of Family Reading Partnership Now our dau                              the pictures.
                                                                                                ghter is 18 m
and to connect the dots of the nu-        over the last ten years has been often asks to                         onths and sh
                                                                                                read the boo                      e
merous FRP programs and our book          very gratifying for us all to                                          k!
                                                                               www.familyreories of our impact at

We Did It!
                                          achievement we can all be proud of,”

            ith much appreciation to      said Lisa Berry, FRP’s Director of
            you, our community of         Community Relations and Develop-
            supporters, we are very       ment, reflecting on the success of the
pleased to announce that the goals of     10th Birthday Campaign and special
our 10th Birthday–We Must Do More         events. FRP saw an increase in both
Campaign have been met and sur-           the number of donors to the organiza-
passed! In honor of Family Reading        tion and the amount of the average
Partnership’s ten years of making an      gift. We are proud to establish The
impact on the lives of children and       Read To Me Society for donors of $1,000
families in our community, and to help    or more and honored that two dear
us deepen and strengthen our work         friends of FRP have already bequested
in the coming ten years, the Triad        gifts to the Read to Me Legacy Society.
Foundation offered a generous chal-            This successful campaign gives
lenge. For this milestone in Family       Family Reading Partnership the                  and having access to books lay the foun-
Reading Partnership history, Triad of-    expanded capacity to deepen and                 dation for a good life.
fered a dollar for dollar match for the   strengthen the impact of our estab-                  Our sincere thanks go again to the
first $250,000 raised during our 10th      lished programs. It will pave the way           Triad Foundation for their generous
Birthday campaign.                        to develop new initiatives to serve             challenge. We continue to be extremely
    We are thrilled to report that by     families who need the most support              grateful to Joanne Florino and the fam-
March 31, 2008, just seven months         and encouragement to find pleasure               ily of Roy Park, Jr. who believed in and
after receiving the Triad Challenge,      and joy in reading together. We look            seeded the success of the Family Read-
more than $260,000 was raised! “The       forward to our continued collabora-             ing Partnership from its earliest days,
support of the community, Triad           tion as we work to reach even more              first through the Park Foundation and
and our family of donors has made         families and communities with the               now through the Triad Foundation. We
the 10th Birthday Campaign an             message that reading aloud to children          look forward to the next ten years!

The Read To Me Societ
                                                            Key to Our Successful
                                                            10th Birthday Campaign

        en years ago, together, we shaped a dream                    families who have not yet found pleasure and success in books.
        for a culture of literacy. The dream was for all                To date, 61 individuals and local businesses have
       of our children to begin life in homes where                  answered this call to action by becoming the founding
reading together and beautiful children’s books would                members of The Read To Me Society, Family Reading
be a part of the values, routines and traditions of                  Partnership’s newly established named giving society.
family life. In these ten years, with your support, we               With gifts and pledges of $1,000 or more during our
have made tremendous progress, making a difference                   10th Birthday–We Must Do More Campaign, The Read To
in the lives of thousands of children and families.                  Me Society founders were instrumental in surpassing the
But to reach our dream, we still have more to do for                 $250,000 matching grant offered by Triad Foundation.

                                                               o         y:
        Our Sincere Thanks to the Founding Members of The Read t Me Societ
        Carolyn & Timothy Ainslie, Marty Allee, Beverly Baker, Mary & John Baker, Robert Baxter of Dryden Mutual Insurance,
        Michael Bend & Valerie Hans, Maureen Boyd & David Saiia, Charlotte Bruce, Jessica Casey, D.O., Alice Colby-Hall, Diane
        & George Conneman, Carol & Will Cooke, Daphne & Ezra Cornell, Frederick Cowett & Diana Riesman, Patricia & Thomas
        Davis, David & Peggy Dunlop*, Audrey & William Edelman, Emerson Power Transmission, Jason & Julieanne Fane, Joanne
        Florino, Barb & Paul Eshelman , Sandy & Glenn Galbreath, Margaret I. Gibson, Fair & Fred Gouldin, Bradley & Mary
        Grainger, Patricia & Robert Haley, Ann Halpern, Juris & Ellymaria Hartmanis, Greg Hartz of Tompkins Trust Company,
        Joan & Bob Horn, Brigid & Alan Hubberman, Mark Jauquet & Mickie Sanders-Jauquet, Alfred & Mary Kahn, Carol
        Kammen, Arthur Kuckes & Martha Wright, Heather & Bruce Lane, R. Carolyn Lange, Steve Leveen, Ilma & Gilbert Levine,
        Jim Milne, Deborah O’Connor & Peter LePage, Karen Powers & Jim Dennis, Melissa Pruitt & Michael Snyder, Mimi & Bill
        Schaffner, Bobbie & George Schneider, Diane & Dick Shafer, Arthur & Charlotte Shull, Ceil & Jim Spero, Triad Foundation,
        David & Lucia Tyler, Gail & Jim Salk, Andy & Rosemary Sciarabba, Roger & Carole Sibley, Margaret & Richard Steinacher,
        Jay & Sandy True, Carol Warshawsky, Sarita Warshawsky, Wegmans, Mark Wenham & Anne Bechert, David & Linda
        Woodard, Scott Wiggins & Kash Iraggi-Wiggins of La Tourelle Resort & Spa, Barbara Yale*
                                                                                          * Bequest made to Read to Me Legacy Society

 Family Reading Partnership Membership 2008                                                         (Optional) My gift is in honor or
                                                                                                    in memory of: ____________
Your membership contribution helps us continue to give books                                        ______________________
and read-aloud support to those families who need it most.
Members are invited to an annual picnic in September and                                            Please send a recognition card to:
receive a special invitation to the Kids’ Book Fest. Thank you!                                     ______________________

m $30 m $50            m $100 m $500              m $1,000         m Other $_______                 Address:
m My check for $_______ is enclosed.                                                                ______________________
m Please charge my Visa/MC for $_________
                                                                                                         Gifts of $1,000 or more
Card #______________________________________ Expires_________

                                                                                                              o         y
                                                                                                     The Read t Me Societ
                                                                                                       entitle you to be a member of
Signature ___________________________________________________

Name _____________________________________________________                                                with invitions to special
                                                                                                        receptions and newsletters
Address ____________________________________________________                                               throughout the year.
        ____________________________________________________                                           Please mail your membership
Phone _________________________ Email _______________________                                              form and donation to:
                                                                                                      Family Reading Partnership

                                                            o       acy   y.
m I’d like more information on making a bequest to The Read t Me Leg Societ
                                                                                                              54 Gunderman Rd.
                                                                                                              Ithaca, NY 14850

Kids Book Fest 2007 featured At Home with Books by
FRP’s Katrina Morse. Families enjoyed book-centered
                                                                                       Kids’ Book Fest 2008
activities and fun based on the theme of HOMES.

                                              The featured book was made into
                                             an interactive area where the book’s
                                                           characters read stories.

                                                                                          Mark your calendars for
                                                                                       Kids’ Book Fest 2008, Saturday, November 8,
Children made their own houses out                                                     10am-4pm at Boynton Middle School.
of cardboard and found objects.                                                        The theme this year is adventure
                                                                                       and the featured book is My Father’s Dragon
                                                                                       by Trumansburg author Ruth Stiles Gannett
                                                                                           2008 marks the 60th anniversary of the
                                                                                       publication of this beloved classic. With
                                                                                       sponsorship from Time Warner Cable, lo-
                                                                                       cal elementary schools will be able to give
                                                                                       multiple copies of the book to students prior
                                                                                       to the Book Fest
                                                                                           Join us at Kids’ Book Fest for music, art,
                                                                                       entertainment and activities all based on
                                                                                       children’s books with adventure themes.
Bookmaking was done with
house and barn shaped books.                                                           Meet local authors, including the author of
                                                          At Kids’ Book Fest '08,
                                                        Ruth Stiles Gannett Kahn       My Father’s Dragon!
                                                        will be the featured author.      It’s free family fun! Keep up-to-date on
          At Home with Books figures                                                    planning meetings and Fest details on the
             and 3-D house were given to
          children to take home and color.                                             “News and Events” page of www.familyread-

Family Reading Partnership                                                                                           Nonprofit Org.
54 Gunderman Rd.                                                                                                     U.S. Postage Paid
Ithaca, NY 14850                                                                                                        Ithaca, NY
                                                                                                                      Permit no. 780


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