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									                               MARSH GIBBON
                              PARISH COUNCIL
Present:       Cllrs R Cross (Chairman), I Metherell, D Leonard, P Evershed, V Summers,
               E Taylor, J Smith, G Cumming (clerk).

Apologies:     None

1. Declaration of any Interests of Members
       The chairman asked if any member had any interests in the topics on the agenda. Cllr
         Taylor announced an interest in Planning Applications 11/00305/APP, Westbury
         Court Business Centre
2. Minutes of the meeting of the 8th February 2011
       The minutes of the meeting were accepted by the Council and they were signed by the

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes
      Cllr Smith reported that the missing manhole covers in Little Marsh Road had still not
         been replaced
      Cllr Summers asked for priority issues that she could report to the NAG AGM on the
         23rd March and it was agreed that these were speeding, burglary and parking in the
         vicinity of the school

4. Items for Public Participation
      The Chairman opened the meeting
        Mike Hall raised 3 issues:
                     o The undergrounding of the cables by Eon. This was a separate agenda
                        item and would be discussed under that topic
                     o The new notice board in Millfield Avenue
                     o The state of the road surface along the Heet Road
      The Chairman brought the meeting back into Council

5. General Correspondence
       AVDC
             2011 Census – Councillor Handbook
             Planning Information Newsletter
             Bulk Refuse Collection service – times and dates 2011
             Standards Committee – 14th March
             Vale of Aylesbury Plan

          Bucks CC

             Waste Procurement Project – decision to use WRG
         BALC
             Election Publications

         Community Impact Bucks

         HM Prisons
          i. Nothing

         Waddesdon NAG
             Community Messages
             Community Policing Awards Nominations

         Memorials
             Highworth memorials – Late Jesse Hodges Approved by Council
             Abingdon Stone and Marble – Late Alfred & Phyllis Rawlings Approved by

         Others
              J Biggs – Burial of ashes
              Clerks and Councils Direct
              The Playing Field – Winter Newsletter
              Oxfordshire CC – Closer to Communities Strategy
              Bucks Fire Authority – Council Tax rate kept flat
              John O’Conner – Landscaping Services
              Greatmoor – Planning Application – Agreed that a special PC Planning
               meeting be set up to discuss
              CAB – Annual Report
              Technical Surfaces – Free Pitch Inspection
              HMRC – PAYE for Clerks
              Greatmoor Community Liaison Panel meeting – 16th March
              J Biggs – Interment of ashes
              I Metherell – Rural Housing
              P Ferrens – Request for yellow lines at school Cllr Summers to raise with
               NAG and Cllr Metherell to raise with LAF

6. Clerk’s Correspondence
       Written Correspondence
              Calvert Green PC – New cemetery request
              LAF Claim for new dog bins
              Invoice to tennis club for grass cutting

         Email Correspondence
             Road Repairs/Road Signs
             Hedge laying by tennis courts

         Telephone / Visit
              Insurance Claim for replacement Notice board in Millfield Avenue
              AVDC – Fly tipping in Green Lane

         Cemetery
             Burial of the late Edna Herring
             Follow up on request for internment of ashes – Late M Biggs

7. Planning Correspondence

         Applications Determined by AVDC During the Month

      Bulletin 08/11               10/01734/APP
                                   Westbury Court business Centre, Bicester Road
                                   Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of two storey
                                   farmhouse with detached garage
                                   Mr. J Phipps
                                   Application Refused by AVDC

      Bulletin 09/11               11/00108/APP
                                   18, Rectory Close
                                   Single storey rear extension
                                   Mr. Tim Arnold
                                   Application Approved by AVDC

                                   The Byre, Clements Lane
                                   Erection of cart shed and cycle store
                                   Mr. David Goss
                                   Appeal dismissed by Planning Inspectorate

         Applications Considered by Council

      Bulletin 08/11               11/00120/APP & 11/00121/ALB
                                   Manor Farm, Station Road
                                   Conversion of Barn into Dwelling
                                   Ewelme Trust
                                   Application - Objections by Council on the following
                                   1. The access to the road is dangerous as it is on a blind
                                   bend in the road and accidents have happened there
                                   2. It will distract from the church scene and it is
                                   inappropriate to have a dwelling immediately next to a

                                      3. There is a high risk of disturbing graves during the
                                      construction of the dwelling
                                      4. The security of farm equipment stored in the
                                      adjacent area is compromised - currently the entrance
                                      is locked every night.
                                      5. There is a diesel storage tank and pump immediately
                                      next to the building, which is not marked on the
                                      planning application, and is in constant use
                                      6. The barn is a grade 2* listed building and in a
                                      conservation area

        Bulletin 09/11                10/00178/ATP
                                      21, Rectory Close
                                      Crown Raise Sycamore
                                      Mr. Gerald Barker
                                      Application - No Objection by Council

                                      Swan Farm, Castle Street
                                      Demolition of barn and erection of 2 buildings
                                      Ewelme Trust
                                      Minor Amended Plans – Noted by Council

                                      Westbury Court business Centre, Bicester Road
                                      Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of two storey
                                      farmhouse with detached garage
                                      Mr. J Phipps
                                      Application - No Objection by Council

8. Clerk’s Financial Report
        The Clerk presented the Financial Report for March 2011, requesting approval for
         payments totaling £7,702.05. This was approved by Council
        The full report is detailed on page 1221
        The Bank statements for February month end were made available for inspection, and
         the Clerk reported that he had carried out the monthly Bank reconciliation.

9.   Public Participation
     The Chairman opened the meeting
         Mike Hall mentioned that the new notice board in Millfield Avenue had been
           installed but was not yet in use. The Clerk reported that he had to fix the key to the
           board onto a chain and attach to it and he would do this in the next few days. Clerk to
           attach key to notice board

        The condition of the road surface between Muddy Lane and Oak Apple Farm was still
         extremely bumpy and in need of attention. Cllr Metherell to raise at the next LAF
    The Chairman brought the meeting back into Council

10. Cemetery Matters
       It was noted that the covered seating area had been completed and that a good job had
          been done. Council was pleased with the end result and the Clerk was asked to write
          to Twymarsh developments and thank them for the work. Clerk to write to
       The old seat had been put into the covered seating area, but consideration of any other
          seating would be left for a month or two.
       It was noted that some Christmas wreaths were still on some graves. Cllr Cross to

11. Parish Plan
        The Final Draft version of the Parish Plan had been previously circulated and had
           been discussed in some detail at a separate PC meeting on the 7th March, where some
           amendments had been agreed.
        Cllr Evershed proposed and Cllr Summers seconded a motion that the Parish Plan
           should be adopted by Council and this was carried unanimously by all remaining
        It was agreed that to move the Plan forward a new sub-committee would be needed
           and its members would include Cllrs Smith and Metherell and Peter Storey and Shane
           Angus with Graham Cumming providing administration support. This needed to be
           added to the list of committees for approval at the AGM. Clerk to add to AGM

12. Grass Cutting
        The Clerk had circulated a summary of the bids received and the cheapest bid was
          from Windmill developments. It was agreed that the contact should be offered to this
          company but that the conifer hedge should only be cut once in the season (they had
          quoted for 2 cuts) – so reducing the total by £140 – a full total cost of £1,967 for the
          season. The Clerk was asked to confirm this and to let the other applicants know they
          had not been successful. Clerk to inform all parties

13. Finance Committee / Annual Accounts
        Cllr Metherell reported that the Finance Committee had met on the 1st March and had
           discussed the forecast outcome for the year.
        The next meeting would be on the 11th April, where the Clerk would present a draft
           set of accounts for the year. These would then be put to Council at the PC meeting the
           following day
14. Street Lighting
        Cllr Evershed had attended a site meeting with Eon and work on undergrounding the
           overhead power cable would be between the 14th March and 22nd April. Work in the
           area of the school would be done at weekends
        There were 7 poles with lights on but some of these also have BT wires attached to
           them. We would need 4 new columns if it is decided to go for new lights:

                     i.  Station Road
                    ii.  o/s Old White Hart
                   iii.  Each end of Acland Terrace and possibly o/s Rose Cottage in
                         Clements Lane
             BT were indicating that they would not take on responsibility for the poles if there
              were not electricity wires attached and the PC had its lights on them. Clerk to
              talk to BT

15. Sports Ground Hedge Cutting
        Cllr Cross thought that this had already been done as Tony Bentley was having his
           done at the moment

16. Annual Parish Meeting
       The date was set for the 26th April at 8pm and Agenda items to be included were:
                    i. Parish Plan
                   ii. NAG
                  iii. Charity reports
                  iv.  Affordable housing

17. Environmental Matters
        The new light and column at the junction of Whales/Moat Lanes was still not working
          as were the lights o/s 3, Millfield Avenue and o/s 6 Little Marsh Road
        There was a paving slab up in Castle Street opposite the end of Swan Lane
        There was a huge pile of hedge cuttings that had been dumped down Green Lane
        Clerk to report all issues

18. Play Equipment and All Weather Pitch
        Cllr Smith reported that the Play area inspection was satisfactory. Cllr Evershed
          agreed to do the next inspection
        It was noted that the far fence at the All Weather Pitch was damaged and the goal post
          nearest to the entrance was loose.
        The Clerk had asked Technical Surfaces to come and inspect the pitch as there had
          been comments it was a bit uneven in places
        There had been no response from Wicksteed re the surfacing at the Play Area

19. Any Other Business
        The AGM was set for Tuesday 10th May 2011

20. Date & Venue of Next Meeting
        Tuesday 12th April 2011 at 8pm

The Meeting ended at 10.15

                                       MARSH GIBBON PARISH COUNCIL
                                                  CLERK'S FINANCIAL REPORT
                                                         March 2011

Receipts & Payments in the Month

Payments to be Approved
                                                                                              Cheque Number      £
   Clerk's Expenses (Graham expenses - Office expenses + Reimbursements) March                    102024         253.10
   Hire Costs for Village Hall - Invoices 1101/12                                                 102025           11.50
   B leonard - Notice Board Installation                                                          102026         177.60
   Bucks Playing Fields Association - Annual Sub                                                  102027           20.00
   Sarah Rowe - Parsh Plan design                                                                 102032         160.00
   Eon - New light in Whales Lane (nv 017052)                                                     102028         860.40
   Eon - New Lamp in Millfield Ave (Inv 016437)                                                   102029         306.00
   Steve Beebe - Christmas Tree Light Electricity                                                 102030           63.45
   Twymarsh - Cemetery Covered Seating                                                            102031       5,850.00
                                                  Total Payments                                               7,702.05

Receipts                                                                                      Credit Number      £

   Abingdon Stone & Marble - Late Phyllis Rawlings                                                100116          60.00
   Tyrrels - Late Edna Herring Burial                                                             100117         370.00
   J W Biggs - Late Margaret Biggs Ashes internment                                               100119         195.00
   Highworth memorials - Late Jesse Hodges                                                        100118          20.00

                                             Total Receipts                                                      645.00

                                             Net Payments / (Receipts)                                         7,057.05


   COMMUNITY ACCOUNT                                                                                              £
                   Bank Statement Balance - 25th February 2011 (before Transfers from Other Accounts)         (4,034.05)
                   Transfers in from Premium Account                                                            4,500.00

                        Bank Statement Balance - 25th February 2011 (Actual Balance)                             465.95
                                 Unpresented Cheques - Prior Months                                               75.00
                                 Receipts not yet credited                                                     (585.00)
                                 Payments for Approval (Above)                                                 7,702.05

                                                        Closing Balance                                       (6,726.10)

   BUSINESS PREMIUM ACCOUNT                                                                                      £
                    Bank Statement Balance - 28th January 2010                                                14,256.83
                             Transfer to Community Acct - Monthly Transfer                                    (4,500.00)

                                                        Closing Balance 25th February 2011                     9,756.83

   BUSINESS RESERVE ACCOUNT                                                                                      £
                    Bank Statement Balance - 28th January 2010                                                38,860.84
                             Transfer to Community Acct - Parish Plan Monies                                     500.00

                                                        Closing Balance 25th February 2011                    39,360.84

                        Synthetic Carpet Replacement on 5-a-Side Pitch                                        21,920.00
                        Synthetic Carpet Refurbishment on 5-a-Side Pitch                                         695.00
                        Improvement to Play area (Incl £160 from PCC)                                          5,953.00
                        Play Equipment Maintenance                                                             1,000.00
                        Ware Pond Cleaning                                                                       900.00
                        New Street Lamps                                                                       4,600.00
                        Village Seats Refurnishment                                                            1,000.00
                        Cemetery Seating                                                                       2,000.00
                        Rectory Close Trees                                                                      300.00
                        Jubilee Plantation                                                                       250.00
                        Parish Plan Monies                                                                       711.50
                        Others - to be agreed (Current Interest)                                                   31.34
                                                          Total (above)                                       39,360.84


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