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                                    in Asia
                          21. - 25.05.2008
                          IMPACT Exhibition Center
                          Bangkok, Thailand

         THAIFEX – World of food ASIA covering
                          · Food & Beverage
                            featuring HALAL & ORGANIC Food
                          · Food Catering & Hospitality Services
                          · Food Technology
                          · Retail & Franchise
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Why You Should Attend

PURCHASE Thaifex – World of Food Asia 2008from across 28
         than 1,000 exhibitors internationally
                                               gathers more

                   countries around the world. By covering the entire
                   value chain, the trade fair provides the ideal trading
                   platform for all in the food and beverage trade.

NETWORK            Bangkok being located in the heart of Asia serves
                   as the ideal spot for hosting the trade fair. This is
                   your opportunity to meet over 20,000 visitors from
                   more than 102 countries. In addition, visit the group
                   exhibitors from Australia, Brunei, China, France,
                   Germany, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines,
                   Sri Lanka, Spain and Taiwan.

LEARN              Visit Thaifex - World of Food Asia and see the latest
                   offerings in the food and beverage industry. Visit
                   featured zones like Halal, Health and Organic. Learn
                   more by attending the seminars cycle which will
                   present three broad topics of market trends, health
                   food and food technology.

ENJOY              Bangkok is voted the 3rd best city to visit in the world
                   by Travel & Leisure magazine in its latest survey held
                   in 2007, and is the only Southeast Asian city on the
                   list. From business to leisure, the city provides a
                   myriad of entertainment options after work.
Group Pavilions

Australia                              Korea

Brunei                                 Netherlands
            Ministry of Industry and
            Primary Resources of
            Negara Brunei Darussalam

China                                  Peru

France                                 Philippines

Germany                                Sri Lanka     Spain

                                                     Spanish Food and Drink
                                                     Industry Federation (FIAB)
Italy                                  Taiwan
Snapshot of Exhibitors and Brands




Exhibitors List

• 3m Food Product Co., Ltd. • A S World Trading Ltd., Part • A. P. Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. • A-1
Produce Co., Ltd. • Aalst Chocolate Pte. Ltd • Abc Product Co., Ltd. • Access Industrial
Technology Co., Ltd. • Acecook Vietnam JSC • Ack Hydro Farm Co., Ltd. • Advance Rice
Trading Co., Ltd. • Affinity Inter Group Co., Ltd. • Agro-On (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Aim Thai
Fruit Co., Ltd. • Aim Thai Intertrade (2001) Co., Ltd. • Alliance Tuna International • American
Food Co., Ltd. • Amnuaychai Canning Ltd., Part • Ampol Food Processing Ltd. • Ampro
Intertrade Co., Ltd. • An-Nur International Co., Ltd. • Apex Foods Co., Ltd. • Aroma Group of
Companies • Art Petizer Co., Ltd. • Asan Service Co., Ltd. • Asia Modified Starch Co., Ltd. •
Asia Pacific Products Co., Ltd. • Asia World Trading 88 Ltd., Part • Asian Peninsula Corporatin
Limited • Asian Seafoods Coldstorage Public Co., Ltd. • Asiatic Agro Industry Co., Ltd. • B. B.
Groups Trading Co., Ltd. • Bam Co., Ltd. • Ban Thanyathip • Bangkok Aloe Ltd., Part • Bangkok
Beer & Beverages Co., Ltd. • Bangkok Chili Ltd., Part • Bangkok Dehydrated Marine Product
Co., Ltd. • Bangkok Flavour Ltd., Part • Bangkok Food System Co., Ltd. • Bangkok International
Cuisine Co., Ltd. • Bangkok Ranch Public Co., Ltd. • Bangkok Selection Foods Co., Ltd. •
Bangsue Chia Meng Rice Mill Co., Ltd. • B-Best Inter Service Co., Ltd. • Belco Confectionery
Co., Ltd. • Bell Foods Co., Ltd. • Betagro Agro-Group Co., Ltd. • Better Chef Co., Ltd. • Big
Kitchen Co., Ltd. • Big One Products Co., Ltd. • Birlesik Dis Ticaret A.S. • Blue Elephant
Bangkok Co., Ltd. • Boonsith Enterprise Co., Ltd. • Bp Squldy Ltd., Part • Bright Time
Intertrade Ltd., Part • Buono (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • C & A Products Co., Ltd. • C.K. Industry
(2000) Co., Ltd. • C. P. Intertrade Co., Ltd. • Carafe Co., Ltd. • Cartino Gelatin Co., Ltd. •
Central Interfood Ltd. • Chaicharoen Marine (2002) Co., Ltd. • Chaijinda Seafood Co., Ltd. •
Chaitip Co., Ltd. • Champaca Marketing Co., Ltd. • Chang Awards (1959) Ltd. • Chanmag
Bakery Machine Co., Ltd. • Chantaburi Frozen Food Co., Ltd. • Chantaburi Global Trade Co.,
Ltd. • Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Co., Ltd. • Chavanaphat Co., Ltd. • Chef’s Choice
Foods Manufacturer Co., Ltd. • Chin Huay Co., Ltd. • China Siam Seafoods Co., Ltd. •
Chocksamut Marine • Chonburi Lc Co., Ltd. • Chotiwat Manufacturing Co., Ltd. • Clearpack
Co., Ltd. • Cls Trading Co., Ltd. • Coagro Co., Ltd. • Cocoa Tree Co., Ltd. • Coconut Today Co.,
Ltd. • Cofe Co., Ltd. • Coffee Beanery Co., Ltd. • Curry Kingdom Co., Ltd. • Daddy Dough
Ordinary Partnership • Daewon GSI (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Dan D Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
• Dan D Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Dan On Foods Co., Ltd. • Delica Foods Co., Ltd. • Delicat
Flore Co., Ltd. • DIA Merchandise Co., Ltd. • Dinsuwanfood Co., Ltd. • Do Food Co., Ltd. • Dole
Thailand Ltd • Eamtip Rice Co., Ltd. • Ebisu Seafoods Co., Ltd. • Eminence Part Ltd • Eureka
International Contracts Co., Ltd. • Excel Rice & Products Co., Ltd. • Excellent United
International Co., Ltd. • Exim Asia Co., Ltd. • Exotic Food Co., Ltd. • Fancy World Co., Ltd. •
Fang Agri Foods Products Co., Ltd. • FDA Registrar Corp • First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd.
• First Confectionery Ltd., Part • Food And Drinks Public Co., Ltd. • Food Blessing (1988) Co.,
Ltd. • Food Cyber Co., Ltd. • Food Ingredient Technology Co., Ltd. • Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
• Food Mixes Group Co., Ltd. • Food Project (Siam) Co., Ltd. • Friendship Co., Ltd. • Gallant
Ocean (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Gallothai Co., Ltd. • Gcf International Co., Ltd. • Gfpt Public Co.,
Ltd. • Ginbis Co Ltd • Global Communications & Business Consultants Co., Ltd. • Globo
Foods Co., Ltd. • Godbawee Food Co., Ltd. • Golden Grain Enterprise Co., Ltd. • Golden Prize
Canning Co., Ltd. • Grand Asia Food Industry Co., Ltd. • Great Food (Dehydration) Co., Ltd.
• Great Oriental Food Products Co., Ltd. • Gunthart (Asia) Co., Ltd. • Haitai Seafood Co., Ltd.
• Heap Seng Huad Panich • Heritage Snacks & Foods Co., Ltd. • Hi-Q Food Products Co.,
Ltd. • Homhual Foods Industry Co., Ltd. • I. G. Management Co., Ltd. • I.P. Manufacturing Ltd
• I. S. A. Value Co., Ltd. • Imperial General Foods Industry Co., Ltd. • Interdrinks Co., Ltd. •
Inter-Oceanic Resources Co., Ltd. • Italian Trade Commission • Italthai Industrial Co., Ltd. •
J & O Processing Co., Ltd. • J. C. Interfood Co., Ltd. • J. D. Food Products Co., Ltd. • Jim’s
Group Co., Ltd. • Juthamarth Marketing Co., Ltd. • K Fresh Co., Ltd. • K.L. Cold Storage Co.,
Ltd. • K.L. Interfood Co., Ltd. • K.R.S. Spicy Food Co., Ltd. • Kaaeru Co., Ltd. • Kc World Foods
Co., Ltd. • Kewpie (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Kijbanlue Multi-Food Co., Ltd. • King Candy Co., Ltd.
• King Milling Co., Ltd. • Kingfood Enterprise Co., Ltd. • K-Interfood Co., Ltd. • Kisco (Thai)
Co., Ltd. • KJC InterFood Company Limited • KM Grand Pack Co., Ltd. • Kodanmal Export
SAN. VE TiC. A.S. • Korea Agro-Trade Center • Korn Thai Co., Ltd. • Kuang Pei San Food
Products Public Co., Ltd. • Kuiburi Fruit Canning Co., Ltd. • Kullanard Grand Co., Ltd. • L H
Rice International Co., Ltd. • L. K. Import Export Co., Ltd. • Lactasoy Co., Ltd. • Laemthong
Corporation Group Of Companies • Laemthong Food Industries Co., Ltd. • Lampang Food
Products Co., Ltd. • Lanna Agro Industry Co., Ltd. • Lily Industry Co., Ltd. • Lucky Cannery
Co., Ltd. • Lucky Surimi Products Co., Ltd. • Lucky Union Foods Co., Ltd. • M & R Gogi Co.,
Ltd. • M. T. Thanavat (2003) Co., Ltd. • Mae-Ruay Snack Food Factory Co., Ltd. • Maethongsuk
Radish Factory • Malee Bangkok Co., Ltd. • Manora Food Industry Co., Ltd. • Marine
Resources And Development Co., Ltd. • Mas Choices Corporation Limited • Mederer
Süwarenvertriebs GmbH • Mighty International Co., Ltd. • Mirt Phol • Mitmai Candy
Factory Ltd., Part • Mitrphol Sugar Corp., Ltd. • Mitsubishi GAS Chemical Co., Ltd. • Mmp
International Co., Ltd. • Monty & Totco Co., Ltd. • Morakot Industries Public Co., Ltd. • M-
Pathy Intertrade Co., Ltd. • M-Trade Bangkok Co., Ltd. • Mundo Co., Ltd. • N.B. Value Link Co.,
Ltd. • Namchow (Thailand) Ltd. • Narai Interfood Co., Ltd. • Nature Best Food Co., Ltd. •
Nature Spice Co., Ltd. • Nature Xan Marketing Co., Ltd. • Neo Suki Thai Restaurants Co., Ltd.
• Netsphere Solution Limited • Nguan Chiang Food Industry Co., Ltd. • Nico Nico Foods (S)
Pte Ltd • Nirvana Foods & Commerce International Co., Ltd. • Nithi Foods Co., Ltd. • Nittaya
Thai Curry Products Co., Ltd. • Noble Marketing Co., Ltd. • Northern Food Co., Ltd. • Nr.
Instant Produce Co., Ltd. • NS International Corporation • Nst Food Ingredients Ltd. •
Nuboon Co., Ltd. • Octa Foods Co., Ltd. • Oishi Trading Co., Ltd. • Oki Products Co., Ltd. •
One-Vilai Syndicate Co., Ltd. • Ongkorn Special Foods Co., Ltd. • Oriental 2006 Co., Ltd. • P.
Charoen Interfood Trading Co., Ltd. • P. Sang Udom Trading Co., Ltd. • P. B. Fishery Products
Co., Ltd. • P. N. Marine Foods Products Co., Ltd. • P. P. Foods Supply Co., Ltd. • Pacific Fish
Processing Co., Ltd. • Pag Design Co., Ltd. • Pakfood Public Co., Ltd. • Palida Co., Ltd. • Pan
Asia (1981) Co., Ltd. • Pantainorasingh Manufacturer Co., Ltd. • Paradox Trading • Pataya
Food Industries Limited • Patum Rice Mill And Granary Public Co., Ltd. • Peep One GmbH
Germany • Penta Impex Co., Ltd. • Phuket Abalone Farm Co., Ltd. • Pichai Fish Sauce Co.,
Ltd. • Piriyapul International Limited • Ponglarp Co., Ltd. • Poonsin Thang Nguan Hah Co.,
Ltd. • Pornchai Industry Chonburi (2003) Co., Ltd. • Pornmakawan Intertrade Ltd.,Part •
Porntaweesophon Co., Ltd. • Prairie Marketing Co., Ltd. • Pranburi Hotei Co., Ltd. • Prantalay
Marketing Co., Ltd. • Premium BSP Co., Ltd. • Premium Foods Co., Ltd. • Promp Plus Co., Ltd.
• Proplan Industrial Co., Ltd. • Pure Foods Co., Ltd. • Queen Products Co., Ltd. • R. S. Foods
Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • R.K. Industries • Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd. • Real
Simple Co., Ltd. • Rimping Foodland Product Co., Ltd. • River Kwai International Food
Industry Co., Ltd. • Rl Food & Craft Co., Ltd. • Royal Foods Co., Ltd. • Ruamkead Co., Ltd. • S
& P Syndicate Public Co., Ltd. • S. Ruamthai Co., Ltd. • S.G. Far East Ltd. • Saichon Roll
Biscuit With Silky Pork • Salid Thai Products Co., Ltd. • Saming Foods Corporation Ltd. •
Sampaotong Food And Supply Ltd.,Part • Samroiyod Corporation Limited • Sandvik
Thailand Co., Ltd. • Sapanan General Food Co., Ltd. • Sea Value Co., Ltd. • Sea Wealth Frozen
Food Co., Ltd. • Senta Pack Machinery & Service Co., Ltd. • Shemberg Marketing Corporation
• Shine Forth Co., Ltd. • Siam Esteemed Product Co., .Ltd. • Siam Export Mart Co., Ltd. • Siam
F. B. Products Co., Ltd. • Siam Food Products Public Co., Ltd. • Siam Food Supply Co., Ltd. •
Siam Foods Industries Co., Ltd. • Siam Fresh Enterprise Co., Ltd. • Siam Jumbo International
Co., Ltd. • Siam M. C. Co., Ltd. (The) • Siam Preserved Foods Co., Ltd. • Siam South Sea Bird’s
Nest Co., Ltd. • Siam Sweets Designs Co., Ltd. • Siamnutra Co., Ltd. • Sino-Thai Starch Co.,
Ltd. • Siong Hong Enterprise Co., Ltd. • Sipso Tropical Drink Co., Ltd. • SKP. Interpack Co., Ltd.
• Skytex Co., Ltd. • Smp Food Products Co., Ltd. • SMTC Co., Ltd. • Snack To Go (Thailand)
Co., Ltd. • Spadrink Concept Co., Ltd. • Srifa Bakery Co., Ltd. • Star-K Kosher Certification •
Stw Group • Sukantha Thai Snack Co., Ltd. • Sun Flour Confectionery Co., Ltd. • Sun Sweet
Co., Ltd. • Sun Yang Food Co., Ltd. • Sunshine International Co., Ltd. • Super J. International
Co., Ltd. • Super T. Food Co., Ltd. • Super Top Food Co., Ltd. • Surapon Foods Public Co., Ltd.
• Suree Interfoods Co., Ltd. • Sutthiluck Innofood Co., Ltd. • Sweet Bee Farm Co., Ltd. • Syn
Mega Corporation Limited, Mas Choices Corporationlimited • T. Thai Snack Foods Co., Ltd.
• T. Wansen Ltd. Part • T. A. C. Beverage Co., Ltd. • T. C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd. •
T. J. Global Trade Ltd.,Part • T. P. V. Sons Co., Ltd. • Taiwan External Trade Development
Council • Takerng Pineapple Industrial Co., Ltd. • Tako Foods Industry Co., Ltd. • Taokaenoi
Food & Marketing Co., Ltd. • Thai Agri Foods Public Co., Ltd. • Thai Atlas Global Food Co.,
Ltd. • Thai Chim Ltd • Thai Flour Mill Industry Co., Ltd. • Thai Frozen Foods Association • Thai
Glico Co., Ltd. • Thai Ha Public Co., Ltd. • Thai Hajima Trading Co., Ltd. • Thai Ko Foods Co.,
Ltd. • Thai Lee Agriculture Co., Ltd. • Thai Meiji Food Co., Ltd. • Thai Nichi Industries Co., Ltd.
• Thai Nisshin Technomic Co., Ltd. • Thai Okabe Promition Co., Ltd. • Thai Patana Frozen Co.,
Ltd. • Thai Pepper & Spice Co., Ltd. • Thai Pineapple Canning Industry Corp., Ltd. • Thai
Preeda Industry Co., Ltd. • Thai Preserved Food Factory Co., Ltd. • Thai President Foods
Public Co., Ltd. • Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group • Thai Shing Ye Inter-Marketing Co., Ltd. •
Thai Soon Food Products Co., Ltd. • Thai Theparos Food Products Public Co., Ltd. • Thai
Union Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (The) • Thai Yod Thip Co., Ltd. • Thaitan Foods International
Co., Ltd. • Thaveevong Industry Co., Ltd. • Thaweephan Product Ltd., Part • The Peace
Canning (1958) Co., Ltd. • Theppadungporn Coconut Co., Ltd. • Thepthunyatip Co., Ltd. • T-
Holding Co., Ltd. • Thongpoon Food Ltd., Part • Three Horses Tea Co., Ltd. • Tia Ngee Hiang
(Chaosua) Co., Ltd. • Timfood Co., Ltd. • Tinsels Ltd. • Tipco Foods (Thailand) Pcl • Top Chef
Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Total Food (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Toumi Intertrade Co., Ltd. •
Tropfin (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • U.M. Tridaughter Sweet Co., Ltd. • U. S. Meat Export Federation
• Udomluck Group Co., Ltd. • Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry (Thailand) Ltd. • Unican
Industry Co., Ltd. • Unicord Public Co., Ltd. • Unifirms Co., Ltd. • United Foods Public Co., Ltd.
• Unity Food Co., Ltd. • Universal Food Public Co., Ltd. • Universal Rice Co., Ltd. • Urc
(Thailand) Co., Ltd. • V & K Pineapple Canning Co., Ltd. • V. Thai Food Product Co., Ltd. •
Vachamon Food Ltd • Venturetec Marketing Co., Ltd. • Vespa Creation Co., Ltd. • Vita Food
Factory (1989) Ltd. • Viya Crab Products Co., Ltd. • Wan Thai Foods Industry Co., Ltd. •
Washington Apple Commission • Well-Grow Co., Ltd. • Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltd. • Win
Chance Foods Co., Ltd. • Win Chance Foods Co., Ltd. • Wing Enterprise Co., Ltd. • Winner
Foods Group Co., Ltd. • Woraporn Fruit And Food Processing Co., Ltd. • Xongdur Thai
Organicfood Co., Ltd. • XYP B (Asia) Co., Ltd. • Yan Wal Yun Co., Ltd. • Yearrakarn Co., Ltd. •
Yong Pun Vegeatrian Co., Ltd. • Yota Co., Ltd. • Zen Thai Marketing Co., Ltd.


• Adinop Co., Ltd. • Affypharm Co., Ltd. • Asian Phytoceuticals Public Co., Ltd. • Bee Products
Industry Co., Ltd. • Bioworld Resources Sdn. Bhd. • Bonback Co., Ltd. • First Organic Farm
Co., Ltd. • Food And Drug For Health Co., Ltd. • Fruit Organic Co., Ltd. • Giffarine Skyline
Laboratory & Health Care Co., Ltd. • Green Earth Biotechnology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Green
Net Cooperative • Harmony Life International Co., Ltd. • Heaven Herb Co., Ltd. • Hei Hwang
Food Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. • HVAC Engineering Corporation Ltd • IL HWA (Thailand)
Co., Ltd. • Larpwisetkasikij Business Co., Ltd. • Leading Star Foods Limited • Liva Enterprise
Co., Ltd. • Malaysia Palm Oil Council • Merit Food Products Co., Ltd. • Mulberry Green Tea
Ltd., Part • New Concept Product Co., Ltd. • Reich Pakpanang Intertrad Co., Ltd. • Richy &
Sons Co., Ltd. • Sampran Food Co., Ltd. • Sureerath Farm • Surin Tip Co., Ltd. • Suwanpaisan
Enterprise Co., Ltd. • Thai Organic Food Co., Ltd. • Thai Organic Trade Association • Thai Pure
Co., Ltd. • Top Organic Products And Supplles Co., Ltd.


• 4 Care Co., Ltd. • Amp International Co., Ltd. • Bioworld Resources Sdn. Bhd. • Choke
Mahachai Beverage Co., Ltd. • Cocon Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. • European Food Public
Co., Ltd. • Ever Delicious Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. • Flower Food Ltd.,Part • Green Earth
Biotechnology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Harmony Life International Co., Ltd. • Hei Hwang Food
Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. • Hung Fook Tong Holdings Ltd • HVAC Engineering Corporation
Ltd • HYT Food Industries S/B • Inno Fresh International Co., Ltd. • Ipoh Home’s Cafe Sdn.
Bhd. • J. M. Food Industry Co., Ltd. • JJ Wellness Food Products Sdn. Bhd. • K. M. C. Inter
Rice (2002) Co., Ltd. • Keko Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. • Korea Fishery Trade Association
• Larpwisetkasikij Business Co., Ltd. • Leadman Precision Enginerring Sdn. Bhd. • Lhian
Thai Rice Vermicelli Co., Ltd. • Lot 5 Trading Co., Ltd. • Malaysia Palm Oil Council • Malee
Enterprises Co., Ltd. • Malee Sampran Public Co., Ltd. • Mawai Food Corporation Ltd. •
Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources • Pan Industry Far East Group Co., Ltd. • Pan
Inter Foods Co., Ltd. • Phiboonchai Maepranom Thai Chili Paste Co., Ltd. • Rinda Food
Industries Sdn. Bhd. • Rungroj Fish Sauce Co., Ltd. • S & J Products Co., Ltd. • Sirinun Food
Co., Ltd. • Smile Fruit Co., Ltd. • Tang Sang Hah Co., Ltd. • Taveephol Product Co., Ltd. • Thai
Better Foods Co., Ltd. • Thai Cereals World Co., Ltd. • Thai Fishsauce Factory (Squid Brand)
Co., Ltd. • The Thai Dairy Industry Co., Ltd. • Torto Food Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. • Vara Food
& Drink Co., Ltd. • White Café Sdn. Bhd. • Work-Rite International Co., Ltd. • World Foods
International Co., Ltd. • Yu Ai Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.


• 3p2m Co., Ltd. • A. S. P. Permkij Ltd., Part • AHT (ASIA) Co., Ltd. • Amp International Co.,
Ltd. • Asia Engineering Pac Co., Ltd. • Associated Pachaging Equipment Corporation • Baan
Klang Thong International Co., Ltd. • Bangkok Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. • Banyong
Engineering Ltd.,Part • Bureau Veritas Certification (Thailand) Ltd • CCM Computer
Controlled Machines • Chakawal Center Co., Ltd. • Choice Coffee Co., Ltd. • Custom Software
Group Co., Ltd. • Cyber Mechanic Co., Ltd. • Delice Co., Ltd. • EKA PAK Co., Ltd. • Ets.andre
Zalkin & Cie • FAM N. V. • Femia Industrie • Fieco Co., Ltd. • Fnb Machinery & Solutions Co.,
Ltd. • Food Equipment Co., Ltd. • Framec (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Framec Services (Thailand)
Co., Ltd. • Good Time Import-Export Co., Ltd. • Herring Plus Co., Ltd. • Impact Enterprice
Co., Ltd. • IQA Laboratory Co., Ltd. • K. Y. Intertrade Co., Ltd. • Kwang Dah Enterprise Co.,
Ltd. • Lamberet Asia Co., Ltd. • Langguth GmbH • M & P (Engineering) Limited • M. K.
Unigroup Corporation Co., Ltd. • M. V. S. Trading Ltd.,Part • Modular Compound Co., Ltd. •
National Food Institute of Thailand • Norca Co., Ltd. • P. P. Packaging Co., Ltd. • Pnumax Co.,
Ltd. • Poniva Co., Ltd. • Quality Pack Printing 2000 Co., Ltd. • Quick Pack Pacific Co., Ltd. •
Retailink (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Rivacold (Asia) Co., Ltd. • S. K. P. Inter Pack Co., Ltd. • Seven
Five Distributor Co., Ltd. • SGS (Thailand) Limited • Siam Pavilion Co., Ltd. • Swan Industries
(Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Temp Tech Co., Ltd. • Thai Scale Co., Ltd. • Thai Stainless Steel Co.,
Ltd. • Thai Wasino Electric • Thai Waterline Systems Co., Ltd. • The Hughes Company, Ins •
Toppack Engineering Co., Ltd. • Union Progress Ltd. Part • Weyerhaeuser Japan Ltd. • Wise
Promotion (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Worakulchai Package Seal Co., Ltd.


• Ablerun Co., Ltd. • AHT (ASIA) Co., Ltd. • Amp International Co., Ltd. • Andra Group
(Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Asia Paper Bag Co., Ltd. • Bagodd Company • Bangkok Consolidated
Industries Co., Ltd. • Bureau Veritas Certification (Thailand) Ltd • CTC Food Machinery
Trading Co., Ltd. • Echo Trend Inter (Co., Ltd.) • Emura (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • ETON Standard
Co., Ltd. • Fieco Co., Ltd. • Framec (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Framec Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. •
Geotech Intertrade • Home Pottery Co., Ltd. • Hummel Co., Ltd. • Impact Enterprice Co., Ltd.
• IQA Laboratory Co., Ltd. • J&P Jasco Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • K2 Company Limited •
Kinetic Engineering Co., Ltd. • Kipson Intertech Co., Ltd. • Kiwi and Kom Kom Products Co.,
Ltd. • Kusamai Bamboo Co., Ltd. • Leadman Precision Enginerring Sdn. Bhd. • Logistics Mart
Co., Ltd. • M. K. Unigroup Corporation Co., Ltd. • M. R. M Co., Ltd. • Makotoya (Thailand)
Co., Ltd. • Mather & Platt (Asia) Limited. • MMP Corporation Ltd • MMP Packaging Group
Co., Ltd. • M-Plus tech Co., Ltd. • MRZ Standard Co., Ltd. • New Tech Lubes Asia Co., Ltd. •
Ocean Star Technology Co., Ltd. • Oiltek & Associates Co., Ltd. • Pascal Intertech Co., Ltd. •
Patkol Public Company Limited • Peerapat Industrial Chemical Co., Ltd. • Pnumax Co., Ltd.
• Ramita Trading Co., Ltd. • Reangwa Standard Industry Co., Ltd. • Retailink (Thailand) Co.,
Ltd. • Saraya International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Sato Auto-ID (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • SGS
(Thailand) Limited • Siam Golden Sales And Service Co., Ltd. • Siam Intermagnate Co.,
Ltd. • Siam Pavilion Co., Ltd. • Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Organization)
• Sripipat Engineering Co., Ltd. • Sunrise Trading Co., Ltd. • Suvaporn Plus Co., Ltd. • Thai
Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. • Thai Steward Services Co., Ltd. • Thai Thermo Dynamics Co., Ltd.
• TUV Nord (Thailand) Ltd • Union Progress Ltd. Part • Vicchi Engineering Co., Ltd. • VPP
Progressive Ltd • Wise Promotion (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Worakulchai Package Seal Co., Ltd.
• World Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. • Zest-Med Co., Ltd.
Supporting Programs

 21 May 2008, Wednesday                                          Location

 Exporting Organic Food to UK
 Organized by International Trade Training Institute,            Jupiter 4
 Department of Export Promotion

 Market Overview & Trends in Europe,
 Asia and The Middle East                                        Jupiter 13
 Organized by Koelnmesse Pte Ltd

 22 May 2008, Thursday

 Exporting Food Products to Overseas Markets
 Organized by International Trade Training Institute,          Jupiter 4 & 5
 Department of Export Promotion

 Healthy Business with Healthy Food:
 Manufacturing Solutions in the Organic Food Industry            Jupiter 13
 Organized by Koelnmesse Pte Ltd

 23 May 2008, Friday

 Market Outlook of Food Products in Canada
 Organized by International Trade Training Institute,            Jupiter 4
 Department of Export Promotion

 Packaging Special: Regulatory Change and Packaging Solutions
 Organized by Koelnmesse Pte Ltd                           Jupiter 13

 24 May 2008, Friday

 Don’t Hurt Your Heart
 Organized by Heart Foundation in Thailand under                 Jupiter 14
 Patronage of His Majesty the King

Seminars Cycle Organized By Koelnmesse
Market Overview & Trends in Europe, Asia and The Middle East
Major market players will share their expertise in drilling down into the
booming Asian markets as well as the European markets. Look at market entry
strategies and how to become a successful supplier.

Healthy Business with Healthy Food:
Manufacturing Solutions in the Organic Food Industry
This is an exclusive seminar on Organic Food. Join the speakers into examining
the threats to the bio-boom and what can be done to minimize them. Business
strategies and manufacturing solutions will be addressed here.

Packaging Special: Regulatory Changes and Packaging Solutions
Join us for the Packaging Special to know more about the regulatory changes
in packaging as well as packaging technology. Study the dairy industry and
understand how to control cost using smart packaging.
Visitor Pre-registration Form
International Visitors Fax: +65 6294 8403 | Local Visitors Fax: +662 2664 2076.
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1. What business categories are you in?
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    Grocery Store                                  Supermarket
    Importer                                       Others (please specify) _____________________

2. What are the products of your interest?
i) Food and Beverage                          ii) Food Catering
     Fruit and Vegetable                           Catering Technology
     Halal Food                                    Technical Equipment, Appliances
     Fine Food                                     and Installations
     Sweets and Confectionery                      Data, Communication and Information Systems
     Ready to Eat                                  Services
     Dairy Products                                Food and Semi-Luxury Goods
     Seafood Products                              Ecology and Conservation Food Technology
     Meat and Poultry Products                     Food Processing Technology
     Health Food                                   Packaging Technology
     Grocery Products                              Beverage Technology
     Rice and Rice Products                        Confectionery Technology
     Alcoholic Drinks                              Cooling and Refrigeration
     Alcohol-free Drinks                           Ingredients
     Organic Food                                  Measurement and Regulating Systems
                                                   Analytics and Hygiene
iii) Food Technology                          iv) Hospitality Services
     Food Processing Technology                    Hotel Equipment and Supplies
     Packaging Technology                          Interiors and Amenities
     Beverage Technology                           Hotel Information Technology
     Confectionery Technology                      Security Systems
     Cooling and Refrigeration                     Cleaning Supplies and Services
     Ingredients                                   Hotel Consultancies
     Measurement and Regulating Systems
     Analytics and Hygiene
v) Retail and Franchise
     Retailing Technology                          Data and Information Systems
     Shop Fittings                                 Franchising
     Product Displays
3. How did you first learn about the fair?
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     Establish contacts / Visit suppliers          Seek representatives
     Evaluate the show for future                  Source products
     participation                                 Others (please specify) _____________________

5.        Please send me more information on side events, conferences or workshops.
Exhibition Hall Plan

       IMPACT Exhibition Center: Challenger Halls 2 & 3

CHALLENGER HALL 2                    GG

   Fruit & Vegetables



   Rice & Rice Products




                                                                           CHALLENGER HALL 2


   Meat & Poultry


   Ready to Eat


   Fine Food







                                                     Buyers’ Lounge



   Fine Food





   Health & Organic



   Alcoholic Drinks


                                                                           CHALLENGER HALL 3

   Tea & Coffee


   Alcohol-Free Drinks


   Hospitality Services




   Food Technology




THAIFEX – World of food ASIA 2008
in brief
Koelnmesse GmbH, Koelnmesse Pte Ltd
Department of Export Promotion
Thai Chamber of Commerce
Challenger Halls 2 to 3
                                                                        Food & Beverage featuring
IMPACT Exhibition Center
99 Popular Road, T. Banmai,
                                                                         HALAL & ORGANIC Food
A. Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120, Bangkok, Thailand                                      •
                                                                             Food Catering &
Frequency: Annual                                                          Hospitality Services
Date: 21 – 25 May 2008                                                       Food Technology
Opening Hours:
                                                                            Retail & Franchise
21st – 23rd May
10:00 to 18:00 hours: open to trade only
24th – 25th May
10:00 to 20:00 hours: open to trade & public                             For further information
Admission: Admission is free
Trade days: Visitors are required to be 18 years and
above. Admission for visitors only in business /
smart casual attire.
The organizers reserve the rights to refuse
admission as deemed appropriate.                                        International
                                                                        Koelnmesse GmbH
                                                                        Ms Marie Tillmann
Media Partners:
                                                                        Tel: +49 221 821 3939
                                                                        Fax: +49 221 821 3723

                                                                        Koelnmesse Pte Ltd
                                                                        Ms Grace Tan
                                                                        Tel: +65 6500 6711
                                                                        Fax: +65 6294 8403

                                                                        Expolink Global Network Limited
                                                                        Ms Supaporn Wannaying
                                                                        Tel: +66 2 640 8013
                                                                        Fax: +66 2 664 2076

                                                                        Department of Export Promotion
                                                                        Ms Liza Chindanonda
                                                                        Tel: +66 2 512 0093 Ext. 296
                                                                        Fax: +66 2 512 2670
All information provided is correct as of date of print. Please check / for the latest
                               PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE
                                      8 May 2008
Koelnmesse GmbH
Messeplatz 1, 50679 Köln
Tel: +49 221 821 0
Fax: +49 221 821 2574

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