Philosophy 40 Schedule by smitty1254


									Philosophy 40-501


The following schedule lists lecture topics and reading assignments due by the date listed. Handouts can be found
at Note that events during the course of the semester may
require changes to this schedule.

January 13       Introduction and Critical Thinking in Some Sense

January 20       Truth, Opinion, Relativism, and the Possibility of Lying
                 Read “Is Truth Relative?” Handout

January 27       Reason and Logic
                 Read Chapter 1 (1.1) in Informal Logic

February 3       The Nature of Argument
                 Read Chapter 1 (1.2-1.7) in Informal Logic

February 10      Argument Structure

February 17      Some Syllogistic Logic

February 24      Propositional Logic and Techniques in Formal Reasoning

March 3          Direct Proof

March 10         DeMorgan’s Theorem

March 17         Review

March 19         Midterm Exam

March 24         Language & Fallacies
                 Read Chapters 2 and 3 in Informal Logic

March 31         Holiday

April 7          Spring Recess

April 14         Definition and Analogy
                 Read Chapters 4 & 5 in Informal Logic

April 21         The Nature of Scientific Reasoning
                 Read Chapter 7 (7.1-7.3) in Informal Logic

April 28         DNA Analysis
                 “Anastasia: Dead or Alive?” Video

May 5            Alien Abduction
                 “Kidnapped by UFOs?” Video

May 12           Psychic Power
                 “Secrets of the Psychics” Video

May 19           Final Exam

                                                                                        Updated January 13, 2009

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