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									Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
By Glenn Pellito

Common efforts to raise your search engine ranking

Search engine optimization is the ongoing process of applying techniques and strategies to help raise your
website search rankings. There are many ways to do this, but there are no guarantees that they will work. It
involves applying techniques and strategies both online and off, and should be considered part of your overall
marketing strategy. It is important to remember that it takes time to see results, and that we need to try various
techniques and change things up.

Simple online and offline tips to improve your search engine rankings
Purchase additional and relevant domain names

 This will help direct traffic to your site from other search phrases. Look for domain names that have relevant
keywords in it. These domain names can be pointed to your main site.

Keep things relevant and up to date

Optimization of a website to attract viewers is an ongoing process. When the industry changes, so must the
content of your website.

This includes

   •   Keywords – Words that are used throughout your pages content that is relevant to the topic. If you are
       selling widgets, an example of some keywords would be widgets, the name of the widget, the brand of
       the widget

   •   Search Phrases – What phrase would someone enter into a Google search to find what they are
       looking for. “low cost widgets, widget manufactures, widgets in my town”

   •   Articles – Writing about your industry or your cause can make you an expert in the field. Keep content
       relevant and up to date and don’t copy from someone else. Web visitors are hungry for all kinds of
       information, so why not give it to them.

   •   Blog Posts – Blogging is a kind of online diary. Businesses use this platform as a way to portray a
       public voice about themselves and their company. They can discuss new products, industry trends, and
       stay out in the forefront of their industry. Individuals use blogs as a way to gather information on
       specific topics, and are able to read what the common everyday person has to say. They have become
       a great marketing tool and should be considered for the benefits that they can give.

Visit Competitor Websites – Keeping tabs on the competition is just good business. Visit websites that are
high in the search rankings and review their content. Look for keywords and search phrases that can work for
you on your website.
Write articles or blog about your industry

Remember it is all about content. The more you have to offer, the better. When someone looks for a specific
topic, and your posts are available, they can link to it. This is what you want. People search the web for
content that is useful and informative. When they find it, they are not afraid to pass it along. This can bring
viewers to your site from areas and by means that you never thought of.

Look at It is free and a link from your website to the blog should be possible. This
is an activity that needs to be done on a regular schedule. Being consistent will show that you are dedicated to
the industry or cause and it will give you creditability.

Comment on other blogs and posts

Surf the industry blogs and even subscribe to a few. This will give you the chance to be involved in industry
discussions and to even comment on them. When you do this, you can include your website address in the
comments. Sometimes, you can even link the address to your website. These will most likely be good quality
relevant links, and that is what you want. If you want to, you may be able to create a personal profile, this may
help to bring traffic to your site.

Incoming links

Research shows that the more industry specific and relevant sites that link TO your site, the better. This
shows relevance in the industry or topic. It will set you aside as an expert in the field. When the content is
interesting and informative, people will want to link to it.

Include website address on all printed marketing materials

Just because you have a website up and active does not mean that it will be hit. Marketing and promotion
needs to be done both online and off. Including your website address in all your printed marketing materials
shows that you have gone the extra step to provide your clients and future clients a place to go for information
about you and your industry.

Consider Social Media

Social media has hit the internet at an alarmingly high rate. Both individuals as well as corporations are
enjoying the benefits of the social media craze. This is a way for people to stay connected in both a personal
and professional way. Visit social media sites such as Face Book, and Twitter to see what they can do for you
and your business. Also, do a Google search for social media websites or social networking websites. You
may be surprised at what you find.
Consider a Press Release

Getting the word out to your community that you are in the area and doing business is a great way to promote
you, your business, or your cause. Contact your local newspaper and TV/Radio station to see how to go about
submitting a statement or doing an interview. Some of the local options may be free of charge. Make sure to
confirm this before agreeing to anything. Consider a twist on things to make what you do interesting, current
and needed.

Join Associations

Getting involved and being part of a larger group or organization can be a great way to network and get your
name out there. Look into the Chamber of Commerce and The Better Business Bureau as a starting point. Lots
of communities also have special groups set up specifically for networking. Check them out and see if they
might be right for you. Ask a business person that you respect about the associations they are involved in. That
alone will open the door to many other promotional opportunities.

Talk, Tell, and Show

Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of promotion. Talk to people, give presentations and lectures. Tell
everyone what you are about and what it is you are doing. And Show people what it is you have done, as well
what you are setting out to do. Always remember to do good, quality, creditable work, and be honest in your
dealings. Civic groups sometimes look for people to do this exact thing. There you will have a captive audience
that you can network with. Give it a try, you may be happy with the results.

These are just a few of the more common things that a website owner can do to help raise their website search
rankings and promote their business or cause. Remember that Search Engine Optimization is not an exact
science. Keep trying different things and always keep your content up to date and relevant. Also, your
marketing efforts need to be an ongoing effort as well. The moment you leave the public eye is when people
start to loose interest.

Good Luck

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