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  Media Kit 2010–2011

                                              COMING IN


                                                Serving the
                                                Houston and
                                                Greater Houston

    an   all-inclusive hard copy   and   online directory         of

houston   and   Greater houston lawyers        and   law Firms   compiled by

    the marketinG research team          at   mylo media Group.
TaKe This opporTuniTy To showcase your pracTice                                                  directory
why a directory and resource Guide?                                                              include:
Did you know that there are over 22,000 lawyers practicing in Houston? For most,                 ACCIdeNt ANd INjurIes
choosing the right lawyer can be a challenging, time consuming and overwhelming                  BANkruptCy
process. As a result, the MYLO Media Group (MMG) is proud to introduce Houston’s first
                                                                                                 BusINess L Aw
annual The Lawyers of Houston Directory and Resource Guide for 2010-2011.
                                                                                                 CONsuMer ANd AutOMOBILe
The comprehensive directory includes Houston and Greater Houston lawyers and law                 COrpOrAte L Aw
firms, conveniently arranged by specialty and location. Feature articles, personal profiles,
                                                                                                 CrIMINAL L Aw
Ask the Expert segment and informative pieces are some of the educational resources
                                                                                                 eMpLOyMeNt ANd wOrkpL ACe L Aw
you will find in this publication.
                                                                                                 FAMILy, dIvOrCe ANd eLder L Aw
The Lawyers of Houston serves as a helpful and insightful resource guide to businesses           GeNerAL prACtICe
and/or individuals seeking legal advice.


who will receive it?                                                                             MedICAL MALprACtICe

!   All lawyers and/or law firms listed in the directory list                                    reAL estAte ANd CONstruCtION

!   Major business/corporations in Houston and Greater Houston area                              wILLs, trusts ANd estAtes

!   Selected homes with household incomes exceeding $150,000 within
      Houston and Greater Houston area
!   Small to mid-sized business owners

!   Professional lobbies and waiting rooms
!   Chambers of Commerce, law universities, and law associations                                  ☛ prOFILes/Ask the expert
                                                                                                     spACe reservAtION:

                                                                                                           May 2, 2010
what will the lawyers of houston directory and
                                                                                                    ☛ Ad spACe reservAtION:
resource Guide offer?
                                                                                                           May 8, 2010
!   Unique custom profiles
                                                                                                       ☛ Ad MAterIALs due:
!   Informative articles
                                                                                                          May 15, 2010
!   Educational pieces
!   Personal stories
!   A complete listing of qualified lawyers and law firms
    (including contact information)                                                              For more advertising information:
!   Ask the Expert advice from established lawyers                                               contact Miriam Lozano, Publisher,
                                                                                                 by phone (281) 957-5302 or email
!   Online publication with multimedia resources                                       

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of designers will work to create an ad design that is unique, cutting edge and result driven.

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Four-page Lawyer Feature                                                                     speCIAL FeAtures INCLude
The Four-page Lawyer Feature is MMG's most in-
depth profile in The Lawyers of Houston Directory                                            !   professional custom photography
and Resource Guide. The exclusive feature allows                                             !   high definition video (2 to 3 min)
lawyers and law firms unprecedented access at                                                !   reprints of your profile article
capturing the hearts and minds of our readers
                                                                                             !   text up to 2000 words per profile
from your unique prospective. The special feature
                                                                                             !   web/online presence
is designed to provide an insightful look about you
and your practice.                                                                           !   custom Framed article (optional)

MMG encourages lawyers to share their account,
on high profile cases, change within the community
and career experiences. Whether you choose to
write a story in your own words or allow our team
of writers to assist, our four page feature creates
a powerful connection between you and your
audience that will leave them wanting more.

Ask the Experts Spread                                                                       seGMeNt requIreMeNts
“Ask the Experts” segment serves as our premium lay-
out design showcasing the very best Houston has to                                           !   at least 10 years of experience
offer. Arranged in a convenient question and answer                                          !   must be registered with the texas
                                                                                                 state Bar (tsB)
format, readers receive answers to their most common
questions from professionals they can trust. Experts                                         !   have at least 8 years of specialty
                                                                                                 experience or certified by the
will be limited to one per specialty. Availability will be                                       texas Board of legal specialization
determined by a first come first serve basis.                                                !   no filed complaints or disciplinary
Upon eligibility confirmation, your practice will be
                                                                                             !   complies with the tsB minimum
featured exclusively and receive premier positioning
                                                                                                 continuing legal education hours
within your designated specialty. Ask your account                                               per year
representative for available specialty categories.                                           !   continues to serve as an
                                                                                                 upstanding and moral individual
                                                                                                 among their community.

Lawyer Profiles                                                                              ALL prOFILes INCLude
Profiles are custom designed for lawyers and law firms interested in highlighting their
practice in a new and exciting way. Content is creatively written to capture reader atten-   !   two page spread, Full page, half
                                                                                                 page or Quarter page profile.*
tion by providing insightful information about your practice. Profile components detail
education background, professional memberships, awards and contact information. In
                                                                                             !   professional custom photography

addition, your practice will be highlighted within the comprehensive directory listing,      !   high definition video (2 to 3 min)
pointing readers to your custom profile.                                                     !   reprints of your profile article
                                                                                                 (excluding half and Quarter
2-paGe spread example                        Full-paGe example     halF & ¼-paGe examples        page profile)
                                                                                             !   text limited per profile size
                                                                                             !   web/online presence
                                                                                             !   custom Framed article (optional)

                                                                                             * Quarter page profile will not include
                                                                                               custom photography. A head-shot
                                                                                               photo must be supplied.
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