Jean Le Rond d'Alembert by linzhengnd


									Jean Le Rond d’Alembert

     By Razvan Untaroiu
   Born: November 16,
    1717 in Paris, France
   Died: October 29,
   Specialties:
    Mathematics, Physics,
    Legal Philosophy,
   Ethnicity: French
        D’Alembert’s Early Life
   Jean le Rond d’Alembert was
    born as the illegitimate son of
    the famous chevalier known as
    Louis-Camus Destouches.
   He was abandoned by his
    mother and spent much of his
    early life in an orphanage.
   He was adopted by a middle-
    class couple and his father
    secretly paid for his education
    Collège des Quatre-Nations.
   d’Alembert later attended a
    Janisist college and became a
Theories and Contributions
          He was the first to detect the
           major errors of the popular
           schoolbook entitled L'analyse
          Developed and explained
           phenomena in the field of fluid
           mechanics and is credited for
           explaining refraction.
          His exposure to law led him to
           dislike mercantilism and
           support idealism.
          He developed an equation that
           measured wave frequencies.
                 Major Works
   Encyclopédie (1751)- general
    science encyclopedia
   Mémoire Sur la Réfraction
    Des Corps Solides (1740)-
    fluid mechanics
   Preliminary Discourse
    (1757)-dislike of mercantalism
   d'Alembert's Paradox
    (1753)- potential flow equation
    d’Alembert’s Legacy and Impact
   He is known as one of
    the greatest contributor
    to fluid mechanics.
   His ratio test is the most
    common series and
    converges equation.
   His mathematical
    research led to
    innovations in gambling
    probability equations.
   His work mostly dealt
    with physics and math.

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