Improve Sales – Using the Right Hypnotic Voice in Sales

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					                   Improve Sales – Using the Right Hypnotic Voice in Sales

How many ways to improve sales are there? Probably there are numerous, if you fail to achieve
any results. If you are using covert hypnosis to close sales, all you can work on is to improve
your performance in the hypnotic process.
As you know, the voice is a powerful tool not only in traditional hypnosis, but in covert hypnosis
as well. By using the right tone of voice, you can influence the prospect customer more
effectively. In turn, you will be able to improve sales even further.
For building rapport, you have to match the pitch of voice of the prospect. If it is very specific,
you may want to try to use something close to it, as otherwise it may seem like mockery.
It is also a good idea to match the accent and the pronunciation. Matching the speed with which
the person is speaking is also highly recommended and usually easier to achieve.
When you ask questions about identifying the needs of the prospect, you need to raise your
voice. Speak up so that you can highlight the key words in the question as well as the question
itself. Just make sure that you don’t scream.
You should not use any emotion, when making statements. The emotions on the side of the
salesperson can never improve sales. Quite the opposite, they can affect sales negatively.
Just speak flatly without showing what is going in your mind. This is essential for keeping the
state of hypnotic trance the person is in.
When you are making embedded commands, you should lower your voice. This opens the
subconscious mind to your suggestions even further. Of course, you should not whisper. Just
remember to speak flatly as well.
Now you know how to use covert hypnosis more effectively to improve sales. Keep discovering
more with my article Sales Process – How To Easily Boost Your Closed Sales Ratio.