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Samsung debuts retro-styled WB1000 digital camera with AMOLED in the Middle East
Samsung Electronics Co. launched the new 12 mega-pixel WB1000, a compact and stylish pointand-shoot digital camera featuring an ultra wide angle 24mm Schneider lens and 5x optical zoom.

In addition to the camera's impressive lens, the WB1000 also raises the bar for innovation in digital imaging as it offers high definition video recording and incorporates a three inch AMOLED screen, the largest AMOLED screen on a digital camera to date. As a consumer electronics manufacturer, synergies exist among Samsung's various business units which present the company with a host of unique competitive advantages in the digital imaging industry. Leveraging those advantages, especially in display technologies, Samsung incorporates a large, three-inch AMOLED screen in the WB1000. Utilising the same advanced technologies found in Samsung's revolutionary AMOLED televisions, the WB1000's AMOLED screen helps enhance the overall digital imaging experience for the end user. 'The WB1000 clearly represents the competitive advantages afforded by the related business units at Samsung. Samsung fully leveraged these strengths in the manufacture of the new WWB1000, especially in the design of the camera's three inch AMOLED screen and high-definition video recording mode. When combined with the camera's impressive lens and automatic features, the WB1000 is easily one of the most advanced compact digital cameras in Samsung's lineup of digital imaging solutions.' said Ram Modak, General Manager of AV Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics. Compared to a traditional TFT-LCD screen, the WB1000's AMOLED consumes less power and offers a higher contrast ratio of 10,000:1, producing darker black levels, more vibrant colours and a brighter display which can easily be viewed outdoors, and even in direct sunlight.

Additionally, unlike a TFT-LCD, the WB1000's AMOLED screen has the ability to display images that can be reviewed at any angle, while fully maintaining the same colour gamut. Samsung's WB1000 also offers advanced high-definition video recording at a resolution of 720p, as well as HDMI connectivity through the use of a cradle to viewone's video and photos in HD clarity on an HDTV. The camera's 5x optical zoom can be used while recording, and because the camera utilises H.264 compression (a codec for high-definition video that yields three to five times the recording length than that of MJPEG video) users can record HD video for longer periods of time with the WB1000. The WB1000 also puts an end to inadvertently lost images with a new feature called the Recycle Bin - a unique function that allows consumers to retrieve images which were deleted by mistake. When the Recycle Bin function is in use, the WB1000 automatically creates a 'trash' folder on the internal memory card which stores any image deleted from the camera. This special feature allows users to shoot, delete and restore images without the fear that they will be lost forever. Featuring a brushed stainless steel finish, the WB1000 is as stylish as it is advanced. The camera offers a compact form factor highlighted by two analog dials found on top of the WB1000's body. The two dials give the WB1000 a retro look and provide users with the ability to quickly glance down at the camera for an approximate readout of remaining battery life and memory capacity.

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