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					Index & Floor Plans

Company Name Alphabetical                 Hall No.   Company Name Alphabetical                    Hall No.
Abbas Apparel Machinery Co.                      3   Master Rafiullah & Sons                             3
AHS Textile Machinery Company                    4   Master Traders Embroidery / Barudan                 4
Air Tech (Pvt) Ltd.                              4   MB Textile Corporation Pakistan                     4
Al Madina Impex                                  4   MSR Associates / Shan Associates                    4
Al-Ameen Services (Pvt) Ltd.                   3,4   Mubarak Industrial Technique                        4
Al-Ameen Trading Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.          4   Multicom                                            4
Al-Khawaja & Sons                                4   Muscat Thread Mills                                 4
Allied Engineering & Services Ltd.               3   Nazer & Co.                                         4
Al-Mumtaz International                          2   Ningbo MH Industry Co. Ltd.                         4
Almurtaza Machinery Co. (Pvt) Ltd.               2   Orient Energy Systems                               4
Anzo Chemicals                                   4   Pak Asia Group of Companies                         4
Atlas Copco Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd                   4   Pakistan Textile Journal                            4
Butt Technical Services                          3   Paracha Industrial Sewing Machine Co.               3
Chongqing Wintus (New Star) Enterprise Group     3   Powertec (Pvt) Ltd.                   Congress Center
CHT Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.                          4   Powertron                                           3
Classic Apparel Machinery                        3   Rauf Electronic Equipment Service                   4
Data Color                                       4   Reckon Enterprise                                   3
Dongtai Zhufeng Tex. Mach. / M.K. Hussain        4   Salam and Company                                   3
Electro Dynamics Works (Puma)                    3   SGS Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.                             4
Electromec Engineering Services                  3   Shandong Shunxing Machinery Co. Ltd.                4
Encom                                            3   Shaoxing County Qingquan Chemical Fibre             4
Engineering Consortium Consulting Engineers      2   Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Co.                            2
Farooq Sitara International                      4   Shenzhen Texlink Trading Co. Ltd.                   4
Five Star Enterprises                            4   Sinoselen Hi-Tech Co. Ltd.                          4
Forte Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.                        4   Space & Time (Pvt) Ltd.                             4
Gecko World                                      4   Space Power Electronics                             3
GFK By Jeanologia / Akhtar Associates            4   Sultan Chemical Industries                          4
Grecon Greton GmbH / Kash Int’l                  4   T.S. Builders                                       4
Guangzhou Shenghong                              4   Taizhou Precise Cloth Machine Co. Ltd.              4
Gul Impex                                        4   Tapal Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.                        4
Hangzhou Asceno Import & Export Co. Ltd.         4   Taqui Trading                                       4
Hangzhou Qingrun Textile Imp & Exp Co. Ltd.      4   Technogen Apparel Machinery                         3
Hangzhou Xiangsheng Import & Export Co. Ltd. 4       Technogen Engineering                               3
Hebei Jigao Chemical Fibre Co. Ltd.              4   Textile Engineers of Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.            4
Hunan Lerkam Co. Ltd.                            3   The Xeptionalz                        Congress Center
I.S. Textile                                     4   Thermo Tech Engineering                             3
Ibrahim Associates                               4   Union Commercial Company                            4
Imran Enterprises                                2   Unique International                                4
International Rubber Industries                  4   United Machinery                                    3
Intertek Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.                     4   Wenzhou Hongyuan Laser Co. Ltd.                     4
Intertex Corporation                             4   Wuxi Tian Computer Quilting Machine Co. Ltd.        3
Investco                                         4   Xiamen Etong Imp & Exp Trading Ltd.                 4
Ittehad Machinery Group oSf Pakistan             2   Xiamen MC Group Corp. Ltd.                          4
Jivani Traders                                   4   Xian Sunward Aero Space Material Co. Ltd.           4
K & S Machinery                                  3   Xsis                                                3
Kaloya Tex                                       4   Zafar Industries                                    4
M. Tax Embroidery                                4
Marhaba General Trading Company                  4

10      Textile Asia - 2011
Index & Floor Plans

Textile Asia - 2011   11
Index & Floor Plans

12   Textile Asia - 2011
Index & Floor Plans

Textile Asia - 2011   13
                                                                         Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                     2.   ABM International Inc.,
                                                          18209, Chisholm Trail 110,
                                                          Houston TX 77060, USA
                                                          Tel.:    ++1-281-443-4440,
                                                          Fax:     ++1-281-443-4404,
                                                          Web:     www.abminternational.com
ABBAS APPAREL                                             Contact: Mr. Neal A. Schwarzberger,
MACHINERY CO.                                             Email: neal@abminternational.com
G. Floor, Anum Pride,
A/22, Block 7 & 8, K.C.H.S.U.                             Computerized Quilting Machines and Automatic
                                                          Panel Cutters for Home Textiles.
Shaheed-e-Millat Road
Karachi, Pakistan                                    3.   Acme Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.,
Tel.:    92 21 34535120, 34535112                         No. 9, Lane 219, Sec. 3,
Fax:     92 21 34535108                                   Chang- Shing Rd, Lu- Chu Hsiang,
Email: abbasapp@khi.wol.net.pk                            Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan.
         info@abbasapparel.com                            Tel.:     ++886-3-3247291~6
Contact: Mohsin Rashid                                    Fax:      ++886-3-3247297
                                                          Email: acmemach@ms26.hinet.net
Title:   Proprietor
                                                          Contact: Mr. C.L. Chang.
Contact: Masood Rizvi, General Manager
Mobile: 0300-8229044                                      Fabric Dyeing Machines
Direct: 34390611
                                                     4.   Automatex Inc.,
Lahore Office:                                            2305, Boul, Des Entreprises. Terrebonne,
35, Sherpao Bridge Colony,                                Quebec,Canada J6X 4J9.
                                                          Tel.     : ++450-477-2244,
Lahore Cantt., Lahore, Pakistan.
                                                          Fax:     ++450-477-3354,
Tel.:   9242-36663639, 36674643,                          Web:     www.automatex.com
Fax:    9242-36652400,                                    Contact: Mr. Pierre Lemieux, President,
Email : abbasa@wol.net.pk                                 Email: plemieux@automatex.com

Abbas Apparel Machinery Co. specializes in                Automatex Solution AB
machinery and plant for textiles, garments                Londologoton 2, SE-504 35 Bords,Sweden.
                                                          Cell:    ++46 709 46 98 20.
(jeans, trousers, shirts, ladies wear), knitwear
                                                          Contact: Mr. Stefan Persson, President.
(polo shirts, T-shirts, tops and bottoms), leather        Email: info@esautomatex.com Automatic
garments, leather products, shoes, socks,
lingerie, gloves, home textiles and other textiles        Systems for Cutting and Stitching Home Textiles,
with a strong service department of machine               Bed Sheets, Pillow Cases, Napkins, Comforters,
technicians and electronic engineers, most of             Bags and Towels.
whom have received overseas training.
                                                     5.   Avery Dennison Fastener Europe
                                                          Unit 1,wood burn Industrial Park
Abbas Apparel provides customers with quality             Thomas Road, Woodburn Green,
goods at competitive prices, accurate                     Bucks, HP10 OPE, U.K.
information, proper guidance, installation,               Tel.:    ++44-01628-859500
prompt and satisfactory service.                          Fax:     ++44-01628-859567
                                                          Contact: Mr. Mike French,
OVERSEAS PRINCIPALS                                                Sales Manager - FSD EMEA North
                                                          Email: Mike.French@eu.averydennison.com
1.   Able Systems (Pvt) Ltd.,                             Cell:    ++44(0)7785 391246
     500/112, Thimbirigasyaya Road,
     Colombo 05, Sri Lanka                                Programmable, Automatic and Manual Tag
     Tel.:    ++94 11 5543641                             Attaching Machines, Label, Barcode and Textile
     Fax :    ++9411 6643643                              Care Label Printers.
     Contact: Mr. Asela Parera, Director
     Email: ableap@sltnet.lk

     Prefabricated Steel Building Systems

                                                                       Textile Asia - 2011            17
Exhibitors’ Profile

6.   Beck Packautomaten GMBH & Co.                     10. Eton Systems AB,
     KG.Steinbeisstrabe 9,                                 SE-507 71 Ganghester,
     D-72636 Frickenhausen,                                Sweden.
     Germany                                               Tel.:    ++46-33-231200,
     Tel.:    ++49-0-70224009-28,                          Fax:     ++46-33-249167,
     Fax:     ++49-0-702249315,                            Web:     www.eton.se
     Web:     www.beck-packautomaten.de                    Contact: Mr. Roger Ryrlen,
     Contact: Mr. Beate Beck-Deharde,                               Sales Director,
              Sales Manager,                               Email: roger.ryrlen@eton.se
     Email: info@beck-packautomaten.de
                                                           Computerized Unit Production Systems.
     Automatic Packing Machines for Home Textiles.
                                                       11. Gerber Technology Inc.
7.   Brother International Singapore Pte Ltd.              P.O.Box 769, 24 Industrial Park Road West,
     152 Beach Road # 25-01/04                             Tolland, CT06084, USA
     Gateway East                                          Tel.:     ++1-860-871-8082,
     Singapore 189721                                      Fax:      ++1-860-872-6742,
     Tel.:    (65) 6536-8891,                              Web:      www.gerbertechnology.com
     Fax:     (65) 6297-3890,                              Contacts: Mr. Bob Vallender,
     Email: ism@brother.com.sg                                       Regional Director, SWA
     Contact: Mr. Toshiaki Yamada,                         Email: bob.vallender@gerbertechnology.com,
              Director & General Manager.                            Mr. John Mccall,
                                                                     Regional Manager, SWA,
     Brother Industries Ltd.                               Email: john.mccall@gerberscientific.com
     1-5, Kitajizoyama, Noda-Cho,
     Kariya-Shi, Aichi 448-0803,                           Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing and
     Japan                                                 Production Systems for the Cutting Rooms of
     Tel.:      +81-566-95-0088,                           Clothing and Soft Goods Industries.
     Fax:       +81-566-25-3721,
     Web:       www.brother.com                        12. Greenmac International Pte Ltd.
     Contact: Mr. Yoshinori Suzuki,                        2 Skytech # 05-09,
                General Manager                            Bukit Batok Street 24,
                                                           Singapore 659480,
     Industrial Sewing Machines Note: We are Brother       Tel.:    ++65-666-57322,
     agents for Punjab,NWFP and North Pakistan.            Fax:     ++65-62341703, ++65-66657922,
                                                           Web:     www.greenmac.com
8.   Color Service s.r.l.,                                 Contact: Mr. Eugen Fung,
     Via Divisione Julia, 15-36031,                                 Technical Director,
     Dueville (VI), Italia                                 Email: eugen.fung.gmail.com
     Tel.:     ++39-0444-366000-14,                                 Ms. Ginny, Sales Manager,
     Fax:      ++39-0444-592469,                           Email: greenmac@singnet.com.sg
     Web:      www.colorservice.net
     Contact: Mr. Gianfranco Cappellari,                   Industrial Washers, Dryers, Extractors, Sand
               Sales Manager,                              Blasting Equipment, Washing Chemicals and
     Email: sales@colorservice.net                         Enzymes, Water Treatment Plants, Ovens for
                                                           Wrinkle Free Pressing, and Wrinkle-Press
     Color Kitchens for Dyeing Houses, Printing and        Machines for Permanent Wrinkles and 3D
     Tanneries                                             Whisker Mold Presses.

9.   Comez S.p.A.,                                     13. Hannam F.A.S.,
     Via Enrico Fermi 5,                                   1000-285, Igok-Dong, Dalseo-Gu 704-140,
     P. O. Box 5,                                          Daegu, Korea
     27024 Cilavegna PV, Italy                             Tel.:    ++82-53-586-3203,
     Tel.:    ++39-0381-698611, 698665,                    Fax:     ++82-53-586-3202,
     Fax:     ++39-0381-698698,                            Web:     www.quiltingkorea.com
     Web:      www.comez.com                               Contact: Mr. Kim Bong Chul,
     Contact: Mr. Rossano Ugazio,                                   Marketing Manager,
               Area Manager,                               Email: hannam@quiltingkorea.com
     Email: ugazio.comez@comez.com
                                                           Computerized Presser Foot Quilting Embroidery
     Crochet Machines and Needle Looms.                    Machines.

18       Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                             Exhibitors’ Profile

14. In Hyun Precision Co.                                    M & R Sales & Service Inc.,
    308-26, Sundan-Dong, Pochun-City,                        Room 33, 3rd Floor, Lai Cheong Factory Building
    Kyunggi-Do, Seoul, South Korea.                          479-479-A Castle Peak Rd, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Tel.:    ++82-2-2252-1941-2,                             Tel.:    +852-2744-4811,
    Fax:     ++82-2-2252-1940,                               Contact: Mr. Rick Bach,
    Web:     www.yescall.net/snap                                     Regional Manager-Asia Pacific,
    Contact: Ms. Jaemin,                                     Email: rick.bach@mrprint.com
    Email: inhyunco@yahoo.co.kr
                                                             Automatic Textile & Graphic Screen Printing
    Automatic Button, Rivet and Eyelet Attaching             Machines.
                                                         19. Maimin Technology Group Inc.,
15. Jensen AG Burgdorf                                       227 Ambrogio Drive, Unit B, Gurnee, IL 60031
    Buchmattstrasse 8, CH-3400 Burgdorf,                     Tel:     ++1-847-263-8200,
    Switzerland                                              Fax:     ++1-847-263-8299
    Tel.:     ++41-0-344261411,                              web:     www.maimin.com
    Fax:      ++41-0-344261415,                              Contact: Mr. Lance M. Khubchandani, President,
    Web:      www.jensen-group.com                           Email: lance@maimin.com
    Contact: Ms. Regula Meister, Sales Support.
    Email: regula.meister@jensen-group.com                   Panel Cutters for Home Textiles, Straight and
              Mr.Philippe Vasbinder, Sales/Service           Round Knife Cutters, End Cutters.
              Manager Textile.
    Email: phillipe.vasbinder@jensen-group.com           20. Masias Maquinaria S. A.,
                                                             Major de Sta. Magdalena 1,
    Automatic Folding Machines for Home Textiles             17857 Sant Joan Les Fonts (Girona) Spain
    and Towels.                                              Tel.:    ++34-972 293 150,
                                                             Fax:     ++34-972 293 151,
16. LK / LH Co., Ltd.,                                       Web:     www.masias.com
    142 Street East Chiulukeng, Kweisan,                     Contact: Mr. Alan Amer, Export Manager,
    Tao - Yuan, Taiwan.                                      Email: masmaq@masias.com
    Tel.:     ++886+3-3292488
    Fax:      ++886-3-3295292,                               Machinery for Bed wear Automatic Weighing and
    Web:      http: // lknlh.com.tw                          Filling of Pillows, Cushions and Furniture covers,
    Contact: Jack Lu, Email: jack@lknlh.co.tw                and Non-Woven Carding.

    Dyeing and Finishing Machines, Stenters and          21. Milhan Makina Tekstil Iplik Sarma Gida
    Tensionless Dryers                                       MakinalariSan. Ve Tic. Ltd., STI
                                                             Yilani Ayazma Yolu Yidiz San.
17. MACPI spa Pressing Division,                             Sit. NO. 18/51-58-70, 34020
    Via Piantada, 9/D-25036                                  Davutpasa - Istanbul, Turkey.
    Palazzolo S/O (Brescia), Italy.                          Tel.:     ++9212- 4821091,
    Tel.:     ++39030-7403611,7400285,                       Fax :     ++90212 – 482150
    Fax:      ++39030-7403681,                               Contact: Ms. Songul Demir,
    Web:      www.macpi.com                                            Responsible of Foreign Relatives
    Contact: Mr. Stefano Bordogna, Area Manager,
    Email: sbordogna@macpi.com                               Yarn Hank To Cone Winding, Yarn Cone To Hank
                                                             and Soft Winding Machines.
    Automatic and Manual Pressing and Fusing
    Machines for the Clothing Industry. Toppers for      22. Qingdao Weigang Lace Machineries
    jeans, casual trousers, shirts and jackets. Vacuum       Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,No. 256,
    & Spotting Tables, Irons.                                Weihai Road, North City District,
                                                             Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China
18. M & R Sales & Service Inc.,                              Tel.:    ++86-53283023260, 83020388,
    1 North 372 Main Street, Glen Ellyn,                     Fax:     ++86-53283021213.
    IL 60137, USA                                            Web:     www.qdweigang.com.cn
    Tel.:     ++(847)967-4400,                               Contact: Ms. Wang Zhaohong,
    Fax:      ++(847)967-5029,                                        Trading Department,
              Sales:++1-800-962-8883,                        Email: sunshinewzh@yahoo.com
    Web:      www.mprint.com
    Contact: Mr. Rich Hoffman, President,                    Schiffli Embroidery Machines incorporating
    Email: rich.hoffman@mrprint.com                          WILCOM Electronics & Software Systems.

                                                                           Textile Asia - 2011             19
Exhibitors’ Profile

23. Rumi S.P.A.,                                        28. Tonello Srl,
    25082 Botticino Sera (BS),                              36030 Sarcedo (VI) Italy,
    Italy Via E. Salgari, 11                                Via della Fisica, 1/3,
    Tel.:     ++39-030-2693221,                             Tel.:     +39-0445-381-140 / 343-200,
    Fax:      ++39-030-2693760,                             Fax:      +39-0445-380-166,
    Web:      www.rumi.it                                   Web:      www.tonello.com
    Contact: Mr. Danilo Crasti, Area Manager,               Contact: Mr. Flavio Tonello, President,
    Email: info@rumi.it                                     Email: f.tonello@tonello.com
                                                                      Ms. Vania Fattambrini,
     Knitting Machines for Socks.                                     Area Sales Manager,
                                                            Email: v.fattambrini@tonello.com
24. Sala Macchine Speciali S.r.l.,
    Via Messina, 48D,                                       Washing, Dyeing, Brushing Machines, EcoSpray
    20038 seregno (MI), Italy.                              and Laser Robots. & Energy
    Tel.:    ++39-0362 237229,
    Fax:     ++39-0362 325644,                          29. Triveneta Grandi Impianti Srl.
    Web:     www.salamacchine.com                           Via Luigi Cazzola,
    Contact: Mr. Ing. Mario Sala, Chief Executive,          39 -36015 SCHIO ( VI) Italy.
    Email: info@salamachine.191.it                          Tel.:     +390445 575180 + 39 0445 575433,
                                                            Web:      www.trivgi.com
     Vacuum Packing Machines for Pillows, Cushions,         Contact: Ms. Silvia Marcon, Sales Deptt
     Quilts and Roll Cutters.                               Email: info@trivgi.com

25. Salli International Co.,                                Rotary Dryers with Steam or Gas heating.
    1051-7, 2F Sanggye - Dong, Nowon - Ku,
    Seoul, Korea.                                       30. Veith Systems GmbH,Laiming 3,
    Tel.:     ++82-2932-1466,                               83112 Frasdorf, Germany
    Fax:      ++82-2932-1467,                               Tel.:     +49 8052 2636,
    Web:      www.sallint.com                               Fax:      +49 8052 4019,
    Contact: Mr. Mel La, Sales Director,                    Web:      www.veith-system.de
    Email: salli7@uniTel.co.kr                              Contact: Mr. Ulrich Veith, Managing Director,
                                                            Email: ulrich_veith@yahoo.com
     Twin Head Ultrasonic & Electric Hot-Fix Setter                   ulrich@veith-system.de
     and Automatic Hot-Fix Sequin Attaching
     Machines.                                              Pin-Tables for Checks, Stripes and Patterns.

26. Switchtrack Systems Ltd.                            31. VI.BE.MAC. S.p.A.
    120-128 Wrenthorpe Road, Wrenthorpe,                    37057 S. Giovanni Lupatoto (VR), Italy -
    Wakefield, West Yorkshire,                              Via Monte Pastello, 7/I
    WF 2 0JN, England, UK                                   Tel.:    +39-045-8778151-52,
    Tel.:    ++44-1924-371791,                              Fax:     +39-045-8779024,
    Fax:     ++44-1924-386001,                              Web:     www.vibemac.com
    Web:     www.switchtracksystems.com                     Contact: Mr. Enricho Guerreschi, Sales Director,
    Contact: Mr. Andrew Mchale, Director,                   Email: molla@vibemac.com
    Email: andrewmachle@dearnleys.com
                                                            Special Sewing Machines for Jeans & Trousers.
     Overhead Conveyor Production Handling
     Solutions for Bedwear, Curtains and Clothing       32. Wilcom International Pty Ltd,
     Industry.                                              146, Wyndham St.,
                                                            Alexandria NSW 2015,
27. Synergy Engineering (Pv) Ltd.                           Australia
    250/7 New Kandy Road, Pittugala,                        Tel.:     +612-9578-5100,
    Malabe, Sri Lanka                                       Fax:      +612-9578-5108,
    Tel.:    94-11-241-2251                                 Web:      www.wilcom.com.au
    Fax :    94-11-2412463                                  Contact: Ms. Yuki Kotera, Channel Manager,
    Contact: Mr. Goonathilake Upali, Director,              Email: ykotera@wilcom.com.au
    Email: synergyyeng@stlnet.lk
                                                            Computerized Embroidery Designing Systems:
     Consultancy, Supply and Installation of Electric       The world’s largest selling and most sophisticated
     Power Supply Systems for Factories.                    systems, suitable for all types of embroidery
                                                            designing for mulithead and schiffli machines.

20       Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

ADSALE PUBLISHING                                    AHS TEXTILE
LIMITED                                              MACHINERY COMPANY
                                                     66-H, Block-2, P.E.C.H.S.,
JOURNAL FOR ASIA ON TEXTILE &                        Kashmir Road, Karachi, Pakistan
APPAREL / CHINA TEXTILE & APPAREL                    Tel.:    92 21 34387715, 34556038
                                                     Fax:     92 21 34387716
6th Floor, 321 Java Road                             Email: fariduddin@ahstextile.com
North Point, Hong Kong                               Web:     www.ahstextile.com
Tel.:    (852) 2811 8897                             Contact: Hafeez-ur-Rehman
Fax:     (852) 2516 5119                             Title:   Director
Email: cta.ata@adsale.com.hk
Web:     www.AdsaleATA.com/                          BRIEF PROFILE
         www.AdsaleCTA.com                           AHS Textile Machinery Company is the
Contact: Ms. Zoe Cheung                              Leading indenting House/ Marketing Company
                                                     for Machines, Primarily the Textile Machinery.
Adsale Publishing Limited publishes trade            AHS was founded in year 2000; however, AHS
magazines to foster trade between the People’s       Team has over 25 Years of Sales and Marketing
Republic of China and other countries. Journal       Experience.
for Asia on Textile & Apparel (ATA), in
English, and China Textile & Apparel (CTA), in       AHS Provides Technical Solutions and
Chinese, are the premier trade magazines for         Engineering Services to Textile and Polyester
Asian and Chinese textile and apparel industries.    Industry.

They feature a dazzling array of articles,           AHS has one of strongest After Sales Services
covering insightful global market information,       Team and all Customers are fully satisfied for
technology and product news, marketing               AFTER SALES SERVICESAHS Provides
solutions and strategies, as well as the latest      Spare Parts Services and keep Spare Parts in
management intelligence.                             Stock for a number of Machines, helping
                                                     Customers to minimize inventory Cost, Down
Both printed magazines and online magazines at       Time and thus improving the Cost of
www.Adsalecta.com and www.Adsaleata.com              Production.
are distributed free of charge. In addition, daily
news, focus stories and special features are         AHS Team is available for your Service and
available on the websites.                           Consultation.

For free subscriptions, please register at           LIST OF PRINCIPALS AND THEIR
www.AdsaleCTA.com/members (Chinese ver.)             PRODUCTS SPINNING:
and www.AdsaleATA.com/members (English               SSM Scharer Schweiter Mettler A.G,
version).                                            Switzerland
                                                     • Gas Singeing
                                                     • Doubling
                                                     • Air Covering and Air Texturing
                                                     • DYE PACKAGE WINDERS                   AND

                                                     CASON S.p.A, Italy
                                                     Bobbin Stripping Machines

                                                                    Textile Asia - 2011        21
Exhibitors’ Profile

LAROCHE S.A, FRANCE                              WEKO GmbH, Germany
Complete Cotton & Synthetic Waste Recycling      • Fabric Moisturizing System for Sanforising,
Plants. WE ALSO SELL COMPLETE                      Stentor & Compactors
                                                 AUTOMATION PARTNERS INC., USA
AESA Air Engineering S.A., France                Fabric Density Control System, GSM
Air Handling System for Cotton Spinning,         CONTROL
Weaving and Polyester WITH 30% ENERGY
SAVING                                           IDROSISTEM ENERGY S.r.L., Italy
                                                 • Waste Water Treatment & Reverse Osmosis
MECHANIK LEISNIG GmbH, Germany                      Plants
Spindles, Front Bottom Rollers for Ring Frames   • ZERO DISCHARGE PLANTS
& Roving Frames. We also offers BALING
WOVENS                                           Taiwan
                                                 Dispensing System for Dyeing Machines &
OERLIKON NEUMAG                                  Stentors, IR Dryer and Dye House Management
ZWEINGNIEDERLASSUNG DER,                         System
Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Spinning & Draw line for Polyester Fiber, BCF    FLAINOX s.r.l, Italy
Yarn, Spun Bond & Spun Lace Plants and other     • Horizontal Yarn, Garment Dyeing &
Non-Wovens Products                                 Special Continuous Fabric Softening /
                                                    Shrinking Machines for Bottom Wears &
OERLIKON BRAMAG                                     Denim Fabrics
ZWEINGNIEDERLASSUNG DER,                         • We also offers SPACE DYEING, YARN
Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG, Germany             PRINTING, NARROW FABRIC AND
Spinning & Texturizing Machines for Polyester,      DYEING FINISHING MACHINES
Nylon, PP filament yarn, and PP Woven Sacks
Plants                                           LAB TESTING EQUIPMENTS
CECCATO SPINNERETS, Italy                        TEXTECHNO Herbert Stein GmbH,
Spinnerets                                       Germany
                                                 Complete Lab Equipment for Fiber, Yarn &
• Staple Fiber
• Filament Yarn
                                                 • COTTON CLASSIFYING SYSTEM
• Non Woven
                                                 • Fiber Length Distribution Checking System
DYEING & FINISHING                               • Fiber And Yarn Strength And Elongation
SANTEX AG, Switzerland                           • Yarn Evenness Tester
• Knit Fabric Finishing lines
                                                 • Denier Or Count Testing - Humidity Tester
• Tubular Mercerizing & Heat Setting             • Imperfection Tester
                                                 • Equipment For Testing Of Nonwoven
• Woven Fabric Finishing lines
• Brushing, Wet Sueding, Special treatment       LENZING INSTRUMENTS, Austria
• Coating and Laminating lines normal and        Stable Fiber Tester
   hot melt for special fabrics
                                                 KNITTING, WEAVING & EMBROIDERY
SSM Scharer Schweiter Mettler A.G,
                                                 VAUPEL Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG,
DYE      PACKAGE      WINDERS           AND
                                                 Label Weaving, Cut & Fold Machines

22      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                     Exhibitors’ Profile

ZSK Stickmaschinen, Germany                        Our qualified & highly experienced team of
Multi Head Embroidery Machines                     service engineers, customer services and sales
                                                   representatives takes care of your all industrial
VALENTIN RIUS CLAPPERS, Spain                      requirements.
Narrow Fabrics, Tape and Elastic Machines
                                                   We are fully capable and equipped to handle
                                                   efficiently all types of engineering/industrial
                                                   issues in Pakistan. We are well-known for
                                                   working with best reputable international
R-56, Block-9                                      We represent world’s best machinery and part
K.A.E.C.H.S.                                       producers in Pakistan, some of them noted
Karachi, Pakistan                                  below We look forward for a long and mutually
Tel.:    92 21 34392205, 34383860                  beneficial business relationship, and await your
Fax:     92 21 34396154                            feedback and are open for further discussion at
Email: airtechpak@cyber.net.pk                     any time.
Web:     www.airtechpak.com
Contact: Khadim Hussain
Title:   C.E.O.

We are pleased to introduce AIR TECH as a
leading engineering company in Pakistan to         AL MADINA IMPEX
provide total engineering services. Our company    B-566,S.I.T.E.,
profile is attached herewith. Please visit our     Metroville Industrial Area
website for further details, www.airtechpak.com    Karachi, Pakistan
                                                   Tel.:    92 21 36750521, 36657221
AIR TECH was established as a Manufacturing,       Email: madina_mms80@yahoo.com
trading and indenting concern related to           Contact: Muhammad Younus
Industrial, Engineering and Modern sciences
Research products. We have been concentrating      59 Street 11 Sector 02
on import and marketing of every kind of Air       H.B.C.H.S. Karachi Pakistan
Compressor, Compressor’s Parts, Valves,            Contact: Mumtaz Ali
Dryers, Filters, Research Equipment, Oil & Gas     Cell:    +92 +321-8244092 &
Purification, filling, Packaging and pumping                +92 +300-8244092 0301-8233382
solution, Plastic, PET injection Molding           E-mail: hamza_knitting@yahoo.com
Machines, PET Automatic Blow Molding                        786younas@gmail.com
Machine & Molds for PET PREFORM, Air
Operated Diaphragm Pumps, Centrifugal              The professional textile machinery distributor of
Pumps, Dosing Pumps, Submersible pumps, Air        Dragon Circular Knitting Machine In Pakistan
less pumps, Flow meters, Frequency meter,          also sale of important parts of Circular Knitting
Assembly line testers, Pneumatic Tools, Air/Air    Machine (Made In Taiwan).
less Spray Painting Guns and accessories,
Transmission Chains, Conveyor Chains, Solar        Our efforts will a new era of automation &
energy systems, Generators,       Solar pumps      modernization for the whole textile industry sale
,Electrical Modules, vehicles Assembly line/test   machine. Dragon Circular Knitting Machine &
line Testers        and other related industrial   Spare Parts are (10) ten year sale in Pakistan.
equipments and materials.                          The employment is six people. Dragon Circular
                                                   Knitting Machine Quality is No 1. Thanks for
With our dynamic and professional sales team       you.
our company has been actively selling to all
regions of Pakistan.

                                                                    Textile Asia - 2011         23
Exhibitors’ Profile

AL-AMEEN SERVICES                                    SPINNING & NON WOVEN
                                                     1.   Graf + Cie AG
(PVT) LTD.                                                Bildaustrasse 6, CH-8640 Rapperswil,
Plot No.28,Sector 19                                      Switzerland
Korangi Industrial Area                                        Card Clothing for Flat Cards
                                                               Service Machines for Flat Cards
Karachi, Pakistan
                                                               Card Clothing for all type Blow Rooms
Tel.:    92 21 35070635, 35070637                              Card Clothing for Roller Cards
Fax:     92 21 35055625                                        Service Machines for Roller Cards
Email: aatcpl@cyber.net.pk
Contact: Zain-ul-Abideen                             2.   Stewarts of America, Inc.
Title:   Marketing Executive                              2825 Kemet Way, P.O. Box 1058
                                                          Simpsonville SC, U.S.A.
                                                              Pinned Lickerins for Truetzschler & Rieter
                                                              Pinned Chute Feed Rollers and Bars
                                                              Pinned Lags for Rag Tearing and Textile
                                                              Recycling Machines
                                                              Open End parts
CORPORATION                                          3.   Twistechnology
                                                          Ctra, Rubi Km, 22,08228 Terassa - arcelonaSpain
(PVT) LTD.                                                     Special Twisting Machines
Plot No.28, Sector 19
                                                     4.   Tianmen Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
Korangi Industrial Area
                                                          No.9 Fangji Road,Tianmen, Hubei, China
Karachi, Pakistan                                             Drawing Frames
Tel.:    92 21 35070635, 35070637
Fax:     92 21 35055625                              WEAVING, KNITTING, STITCHING
Email: alame@cyber.net.pk                            ANDEMBROIDERY
Contact: K.M. Khalid
                                                     5.   Lindauer DORNIER GmbH
Title:   Director                                         Rickenbacher Str. 119,
                                                          88129 Lindau/B, Germany
It is the 3rd generation of family members of Al              Air jet and Rapier weaving machines
Ameen who are associated with textiles.
                                                     6.   Santoni SPA
Al Ameen Trading Corporation (Private) Ltd.,              P.Iva e Codice Fiscale IT 00273280172,
probably      the      oldest     manufacturer’s          Via Carlo Fenzi,14 - 25135 Brescia, Italy
                                                               Seamless garment machine
representative company in dyes, specialty                      Circular knitting machine
chemicals (Clariant - formerly Sandoz) and                     Sweater knitting machine
textile machinery sales in Pakistan.
                                                     7.   Dohle GmbH & Co. KG
Each department carries separate service setup            Zechenstrasse 130,52249 Eschweiler, Germany
and sales team with industrial, technological or              Industrial Sewing Machines.
electro-mechanical background.
                                                     8.   Groz-Beckert Kg
                                                          Theodor -Grog-Strabe 56,72458 Albstat,Germany
Our principals with international repute are                  Knitting Needles
known for technology, innovation, performance                 Sewing needles
and commitment towards service. Together, we                  Knitting Cylinders
have achieved respectable market presence in
Pakistan.                                            9.   SWF Sunstar Co., LTD
                                                          Gajwa-Dong, Seo-Gu,Incheon, Korea.
                                                              Multi Head Embroidery machines
Transparency, professionalism and service are
the pre requisites demanded by customers and         10. Kern-Liebers Knitting Parts GmbH
we try our utmost to fulfill to enable their drive       Dr.-Kurt-Steim-Str. 35, D-78713
forward.                                                 Schramberg,Germany
                                                              Sinker and Knitting Parts

24      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                             Exhibitors’ Profile

11. Sugiura Knitting Needles Mfg. Co., Ltd              21. Forbo Siegling GmbH
    Mitsui Seimei Nakano Building,11-4,                     Postfach 53 46, Lilienthalstrasse 6/8
    Arai 1- chome, Nakano-ku                                D-30179 Hannover,
    Tokyo 165-0026,Japan                                         Printing Blankets for Rotary and Flatbed
         Circular Knitting needles                               Printing Machines
                                                                 High efficiency flat belts and conveyor belts
12. BTSR                                                         are often irreplaceable system components
    Via S.Rita - Olgiate olona (VA),Italy
         Yarn Quality Controlling System.               22. Hansa Industrie-Mixer GmbH & Co. KG
                                                            Kronsbruch 6-8, 28816 Stuhr /
13. IPM                                                     Heiligenrode,Germany
    Rami Kisla Cad. Emintas Aktoker San,                         Foam generator & mixer for coating
    Sit. No: 160/165, Bayrampasa-Istanbul, Turkey
          Sock Cylinder & parts                         23. Polteks Textile Machinery Co
          Knitting Machine parts                            Kayapa Sanayi Bolgesi, 16149
14. Perfecta Schmid                                              Calendaring machines
    Tripan AG, Santisstrasse 11,
    CH-9401 Rorschach, Switzerland                      24. PLM Impianti Srl
         Shuttles for Schiffli Embroidery machines          Via L. Galvani 1/3 - 24011 Alme (BG) Italy
                                                                 Inspection, automatic cutting and packing
SINGEING, DESIZING, BLEACHING,                                   system
                                                        25. Trelleborg Coated Systems
15. Fong's National Engineering Co., Ltd                    3 Rue de l' Industrie - BP 30160
    Am Hammeranger 1, 95126, Schwarzenbach/                 68702 Cernay Cedex, France.
    Saale, Germany                                               Rubber Belts for Sanforizing & Comfit
         Yarn & fabric dyeing machines                           Machines
                                                                 Rollers & Sleeves Covering for the
16. Goller Textilmaschinen GmbH                                  Converting Industries.
    Am Hammeranger 1, 95126,Schwarzenbach/                       Take-up strips
    Saale, Germany
         Continuous desizing, bleaching, mercerizing,   26. Dollfus & Muller S.A.S
         dyeing & washing machines                          B.P. 32081 - F 68059
                                                            MULHOUSE CEDEX 2,France
17. THEN Maschinen GmbH                                          Conveyor belts for rotary and flat bed
    Am Hammeranger 1, 95126,Schwarzenbach/                       printing & dryer
    Saale,Germany                                                Felts for all type of compactors and shrinking
         Ultra-short liquor Airflow dyeing machines              range.
                                                                 Decatizing Wrapper
18. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co.                          Roll covering
    KGSchwalmstrasse - 301, D-41238,
    Manchengladbach, Germany.                           27. Gerlach Srl
       Monforts-Dyeing & Finishing Machines.                Via Saronnino, 75,21040 Origgio (VA), Italy
       Pad Batch-Dyeing                                          Clips & chain for all type of stenters
       Stenter for Knits/Towel/Woven/Denim
       Relaxation Dryer for Knits                       28. Hermes Schleifmittel GmbH & Co. KG
       Thermosol Dyeing Range.                              Luruper Hauptstr. 106-122,
       Shrinking Range for Woven/Knits & Denim.             22547 Hamburg, Deutschland
                                                                Abrasives / Emery Paper for Emerizing /
19. Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG                                         Sueding machines.
    Donaustrasse 12,93342 Saal / Donau, Germany
        Automatic Weft Straightner                      29. Richard Hough Limited
        Control system Automations                          Mill Hill Street, Mill Hill,Bolton,
20. J. Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH                                  Calendar roll technology
    Eibergstrasse 2-8,A-6330 Kufstein, Austria          30. Christian Maier GmbH & Co. KG
         Flatbed & Rotary Printing Machines                 A.Birgit Seidenleder, Sekretariat /
         Printing Machines for Blankets & Carpets           SecretaryWürzburger Str. 67 - 69,
         (Chromo Jet) & Inkjet Printing Machines            D-89520 Heidenheim
         Coating Systems, Steamer.                               Maier Rotary Joints - Solutions for safe
                                                                 transfer of fluids

                                                                           Textile Asia - 2011             25
Exhibitors’ Profile

31. Alfa Engineering and Machine Industry
    Trade Ltd. Sti.
     kitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Eskoop
    Sanayi Sitesi C-8, Blok,
    No: 569 - 571 K.Çekmece, STANBUL,
          Valves, Flanges, Flow regulators & Impurity
          collecting Filters.
                                                          AL-KHAWAJA & SONS
                                                          5/10,Kashif Centre
                                                          Karachi, Pakistan
DISPENSING SYSTEMS                                        Tel.:    92 21 35221553
32. James H. Heal & Co. Ltd                               Fax:     92 21 35221553
    Richmond Works, Lake View,                            Email: pakistan@alkhawaja.net
    HaliFax HX3 6EP,England
         Laboratory    testing,    quality      control
                                                          Web:     www.alkhawaja.net
         equipments & calibration services.               Contact: Amir Saleem Khawaja
                                                          Title:   M.D.
33. X-Rite Asia Pacific Limited
    Rm 808-10 Kornhill Plaza - Office Tower,              INTRODUCTION
    1 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.
                                                          We are pleased to introduce our self one of the
        Colour matching instruments.
                                                          leading trading house to in the gulf and sub
34. DaeLim Starlet Co., Ltd.                              continent.
    115, 2Ba, Jeongwang-Dong, Siheung-Si,
    Kyungki-Do, Korea                                     We have our companies in U.A.E, Hashmite
         Lab Equipments                                   Kingdom of Jordan, China and Pakistan, as well
                                                          as we representative office in Egypt.
35. Polytex AG
    Grundstrasse 1, CH-5012 Schönenwerd,
    Switzerland                                           Our core business is import/export with
         Fabric Sample cutting machines.                  specialization in equipment, machinery,
                                                          accessories for apparel garments manufacture
36. Merck (Private) Limited                               since last 2 decades, AL Khawaja Group
    D-7,Parveen Building,                                 (Princely Holding), providing best possible
    Shaheed-e-Millat Road,                                product & after sales service to all of you, at
    P.O Box 13021, Karachi, Pakistan
                                                          acceptable price.
        Analytical Chemicals & Testing equipments

INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT,                                     We represent famous brands from around the
                                                          world, such as brother, kansai, Pegasus,
COMPONENTS & LUBRICANTS                                   naomoto-japan, open data, JAM-italy, Eastman
37. Pakistan State Oil                                    USA, Orange-Korea, Avery Dennison-U.K,
    PSO House, Khayaban-e-Iqbal,
                                                          Cihan-Turky, Oshima - Taiwan are some of
    Clifton, P.O.Box 3983,
    Karachi 75600, Pakistan                               many.with our strategically located offices and
         Industrial Lubricants                            ware houses in Dubai Amman and Karachi, we
                                                          can meet your demands in shortest possible
38. SILICONI COMMERCIAL s.p.a                             time. We keep most of item in ready stock:
    Sede leg/ uffici/stabilimentVia francia 4-36053,      Contact us for all f your requirements of
    Gambellara (vicenza), Italy                           industrial and Brother domestic Sewing
        Aerosol / Adhesive Sprays
                                                          machine, Original spares of Japanese,
39. Inplan-Ingenieurtechnik Dipl. Ing. Juergen            Taiwanese & Italian brands, Clutch motor,
    peters gmbh & co. Kg                                  Bobbin & Its Cases, Hooks, Shuttle, V Belt,
    Gewerbepark West 4,                                   Golden Eagle and BBB Trimmers, Q.C Arrow
    76863 Herxheim, Germany.                              & Italian Numbering Sticker, Magic Chalk &
         Thermal oil boilers, horizontal or vertical      Pen, Folder, All kind of pressure Foot, Orange
         types                                            needles, Attachment, Gauge Sets. A grade
                                                          transparent sewing machine oil and Japanese
                                                          silicon oil, sewing machine lights, Mash Metal
                                                          safety gloves, Cutting Machine and spare parts

26       Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                       Exhibitors’ Profile

cutting blades 4mm US and Taiwan, abrasive           Allied Engineering & Services Ltd. is also
belts, cloth clamps, sand blast parts and hand       dealer of world renowned air compressor
rubber tubes, Numbering machines and its spare       Sullair, USA, IMW CNG Compressor from
Ink rolls stickers and tailoring chalk, fabric and   Canada & BROAD absorption chillers from
lops cutting scissors, Item of General Use,          China.
vacuum table form and fan, iron Teflon shoes,
Golden arrow spot cleaning and tag gun, spray        Cat gas generator set products are the industry
way chemical boiler heater and industrial            benchmark for reliability and performances.
washing chemical.                                    Caterpillar has also vast experience in generator
                                                     sets running on an alternative fuels like Biogas,
                                                     landfill / low energy fuel and coal mine methane
                                                     gas (CMM). Due to shortage of gas / oil in
ALLIED ENGINEERING                                   country and increase in power demand one can
                                                     look for power generation on an alternative
& SERVICES LTD.                                      fuels. The Govt. of Pakistan is also encouraging
21/3,Sector No. 22,                                  investors, private companies / business groups to
Korangi Industrial Area                              offer such workable solutions. Caterpillar has
Karachi, Pakistan                                    over 20 years experience in this application in
UAN: 92 21 111-250-250                               Europe, U.K, U.S.A, China & Asian Pacific
Tel.:    92 21 35066901, 35066913                    region. Allied Engineering can provide complete
Fax:     92 21 35066915                              power generation solution to their clients who
Email: madnan@aesl.com.pk                            intend to work on power generation through
Web:     www.aesl.com.pk                             alternative fuels.
Contact: Khawaja Asif Rahman
Title:   Chairman

For more than 80 years, Caterpillar Inc. U.S.A.
has been building the world’s infrastructure & in
partnership with its world wide dealer network
is driving positive & sustainable change on
every continent. With sales & revenues of US $       AL-MUMTAZ
41.0 Billion, Caterpillar is a technology leader &   INTERNATIONAL
the world’s leading manufacturer of construction     Millenium Classic Mega Mall
& moving equipment diesel & natural gas              1st Floor, Rashid Minhas Road
engines & industrial gas turbines. Moreover          Gulshan-e-Iqbal
Caterpillar is the world’s leading provider of       Karachi, Pakistan
distributed power solution for commercial use &      Tel.: 92 21 34596601-5
industrial customers, having sold more than 20       Fax: 92 21 34596604-7
Giga watts of electric generating capacity,          Email: almumtaz@cyber.net.pk
making Caterpillar one of the largest supplier of    Web: www.mumtaz.com.pk
power generation equipment in the world.             Contact: M. Hussain Sharif
                                                     Title: M.D.
Allied Engineering & Services Ltd. is sole
dealer for Caterpillar products in Pakistan since    Al Mumtaz international (a subsidiary of
1976. Headquartered in Karachi, Allied               Mumtaz group) established in 1988, with sound
Engineering & Services Ltd., has offices in          Financial and strong business background, the
geographically strategic locations (Lahore,          company has become a leading name in the
Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar and          textile industry. The company enjoys
Quetta). The organization is well known to the       remarkable reputation in the field of
industry because of his strong countrywide           computerized embroidery machines and are sole
presence & backup support services. The              distributors of different renowned brands for
Caterpillar generator sets population in Pakistan    entire Pakistan such as Richpeace Dynamic &
is over 13,000 units which is equivalent to          Richpeace Mumtaz having some of their
3,000 MW approx.                                     important products such as sequin embroidery

                                                                      Textile Asia - 2011         27
Exhibitors’ Profile

machines, Mix coiling machine, mix chenille        with the option of sequin device, cording device
machine, sequin making machine, quilting           and boring device.
machine, laser cutting machines and also
software’s for shiffli & garments CAD /CAM.        With the motto of "Respect talents, depend on
Mostly these brands are leading the market.        technologies, product-centered and customer-
                                                   oriented", Richpeace Group is striving as usual
Having more then 40 qualified technicians,         to improve and reform the textile industry,
mechanical & electronics engineers to satisfy      making consistent renovations, and to be even
the needs of our demanding customers twenty        better day-by-day and commits herself to be a
four hour a day, 7 days a week, That is the        global brand and to serve her each and every
reason that during last 11 years we have           client.
successfully marketed approx 1600 machines to
our     satisfied   customers.   Al    Mumtaz      Welcome to visit Richpeace factories &
International also deals in building materials     welcome      to    visit our website   at
including elevators, escalators, floor tiles,      www.richpeace.com for more details of our
glasses, almunium false sealing, UPVC doors,       products information.
windows etc, and are also importing electrolytic
tin for canning industry.

By the high-speed development of last 21 years,    ALMURTAZA MACHINERY
Richpeace had been growing up to the leading
role 1 China textile and Apparel Industries,
                                                   CO. (PVT) LTD.
specializing in R&D, Manufacturing, Sales,         Shaheen View, A-18,
Exporting      &     Importing,    Investment      Block-6, P.E.C.H.S., Shahrah-e-Faisal
Management in Embroidery, Quilting, Knitting       Karachi, Pakistan
and Garment and the relevant accessories, with     Tel.:    92 21 34543060, 34543065
the aim of continuous reformation & promotion      Fax:     92 21 34546555
on the traditional industry by applying high       Email: asifrashid@almurtaza.com
technologies as well as advanced practical                  info@almurtaza.com
techniques, Richpeace successes in all above       Web:     www.almurtaza.com
mentioned industries, and enables to provide       Contact: Asif Ali Rashid
customer real sense electronic & mechanical        Title:   C.E.O.
integration machinery.                             Contact: Mr. Mazher Nawab

During Richpeace’s last 21 years development,      Almurtaza Machinery Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. (AMCL)
Richpeace also established over 30 branches        began operations in 1972, dedicated to bringing
offices in China & abroad for sales promotion,     the latest concepts, technology and machinery to
technical training & immediate after-sales         the apparel industry of Pakistan.
                                                   Those were challenging times and AMCL took
Richpeace embroidery machine-the third             up the challenge and empowered the apparel
generation embroidery machine with advanced        industry with the latest technology, machinery
features-has been regarded as the top brand one    and accessories imported from leading
which can be compared with the noted brands        manufacturers all over the world. Visionary
such as Tajima, Barudan, SWF and ZSK, etc.         planning, professionalism, proactive attitude and
There are many special types of embroidery         practical solutions have made AMCL the
machines developed in recent years, such as        runaway leader in its field. Today after over 37
Tubular/Cap embroidery machine which is            years, with its Head Office in Karachi and
supplied with the functions of Tubular/Cap and     branch offices in Lahore, Faisalabad and
flat embroidery, Mixed embroidery machine          Sialkot, AMCL commands a major share of the

28      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                        Exhibitors’ Profile

AMCL IS DIVIDED INTO SIX PRINCIPAL                   Control etc. to ensure          qualitative   and
DIVISIONS                                            quantitative out-put.
• Apparel
• Embroidery
                                                     A complete system for curtain manufacturing &
• Textile                                            finishing machines. Equally suitable for existing
• Laser Technology                                   business set-up or new entrepreneurs in the field
• Home Textile                                       of curtain making.
• Service and Spares
Presently, AMCL represents the latest in             Circular knitting machines for single jersey,
machine and technology with more than 35             fleece, inter rib, striper, jacquard & inter-rib
leading apparel machinery manufacturers from         striper. Japanese quality at its best. You can
all over the world. Besides complete after sales     actually set your manufacturing standards and
service support, our team of professionals           parameters with these machines.
extends crucial support to start new apparel
production units or rationalize and modernize        GRAND
existing factories.                                  Cropping / trimming & embroidery removing
                                                     machines. A must for all garments
  Let Almurtaz’s strength work for you.              manufacturing factories and also becoming quite
                                                     popular in the embroidery sector.
CINTEX                                               HAUSER
State of the art needle / metal detection machine.   Automatic panel cutting & single needle
Almost a mandatory requirement with most             comforter quilting machines. Hauser’s QLA
prominent brands. A more cost effective              automatic spreading and cutting system (both
Chinese assembled model has been introduced          horizontally and vertically) is a state of the art
in the Pakistan market thus making compliance        machine for Home Textile. It has set a new
issues more affordable.                              standard for quality and quantitative out-put and
                                                     just cannot be compared with manual system.
Linking & over-edger for sweaters                    IDROSMACK
                                                     Spot removing machine. A must for all stitching
DA KONG                                              factories. However, one must give extreme care
Full Jacquard circular socks knitting machine        to the quality of chemicals used in these
with single / two main feeders 12 - 16               machines.
Colors, capable of producing terry and plain
socks.                                               JUKI
                                                     Comprehensive range of basic & specialized
DOORY                                                stitching machines for woven, knitwear, leather
Automatic machines for caps and hats                 garments, terry, home textiles and made-ups e.g.
manufacturing. A complete machine from               • 2 Needle Belt loop attaching machine can
stitching to finishing. Easy to operate. Equally          stitch upto 5 loops in 11 seconds. However,
feasible for exporters and manufacturers for the          some operators have fully exploited the
local market.                                             capability of this machine and have
                                                          achieved the speed of 5 loops per 8 seconds.
EASTMAN                                                   Another standard setter,
A complete range of Spreaders, straight cutting      • APW-895 Automatic Welting machine has
knives, round knives, end cutters & a range of            set an industrial standard of making welts
other cutting machines. Spreaders are a                   on pockets @ over 2300 pieces per 8 hours.
necessary labor and time saving equipment                 KANSAI SPECIALAll types of chain stitch
yielding precise results at a great speed. Such           machines for apparel & home textile
machines are equipped with Automatic Edge                 industry- FBX-1104-PL-S is the latest
Alignment, End Catcher, Cutter Box, Pre-Set               technology for attaching waistband on

                                                                      Textile Asia - 2011          29
Exhibitors’ Profile

     bottoms. It can apply chain stitch and lock      NAGEL & HERMANN
     stitch simultaneously. This flexibility allows   Automatic hot fix stone, pearls and nail head
     the manufacturer to comply with customers        fixing machines for value addition. A vast range
     requirements without changing the machine.       of single / double head machines for specialized
     It is actually two machines in one.              designing on garments. The latest addition to
                                                      their range of product portfolio is the Allover
KINNA AUTOMATIC AB                                    Machine. This is a fully automatic computerized
Specialist in Textile Machines. Kinna Automatic       machine with the flexibility of attaching
AB is a Swedish textile manufacturing company         different size, colors stones continuously on a
founded in 1977. They design and manufacture          roll to roll fabric. It requires least amount of
wide range of textile machinery and automatic         supervision.
production lines (from fabric to finished
product) for bed linen, quilt, pillows, mattresses,   NGAI SHING
towel and medical industry.                           Offers a most economical complete variety of
                                                      specialized machines for garment finishing,
KOBAN                                                 fusing, industrial washing, sand blasting
All types of shuttles, bobbin & bobbin cases          equipments and a wide range of attachments and
LECTRA                                                • NS-8813 Double Dummy Trouser Chemical
Lectra is the world’s number one designer,                 spray machine has virtually sidelined the
manufacturer and supplier of Computer Aided                old method of chemical spray on garments.
Designing (CAD) software and Computer Aided                It is cost effective, efficient and eco
Manufacturing (CAM) equipments to large scale              friendly. The needs of the hour.
industrial users of textile, leather and other soft
materials. Lectra developed CAD with the              NAOMOTO
world’s best professionals and manufactures           Product line consists of apparel finishing
best quality CAM for fabric spreading, cutting        equipments like; industrial irons, vacuum tables,
for all types of fabric / leather (Knits, Denim,      electric & gas boilers & trouser finisher.
Leather etc.) CAD is one of the most used
methods of Pattern Designing, Grading and             ORGAN NEEDLE
Marker Making. CAD only, is responsible for           All types of needles for sewing machines
saving millions of dollars each year for the
manufacturers.                                        PANNON
                                                      Semi & fully automatic octopus type screen
MECA                                                  printing machines with movable dryers &
State of the art multi needle fabric                  continuous screen printing machines
embellishment and quilting machine. This is an
ideal machine for making value added quilts and       PEGASUS
fabric. This machine is capable of producing          Wide range of top quality basic & fully
high end fashion fabric and Home Textile              automatic chain stitch, flat-lock & over-lock
products which is fast becoming a prerequisite        machines. All the machines are available with
for the European and USA market. Its capability       labor saving devises like Chain Cutter, Suction
to use sequin, light embroidery etc. has made         device etc. This brand is well known for its
this machine a must for Home Textile and fabric       range in Flat Lock and Over Lock machines.
embellishment industry.
MEI                                                   Stone fixing machine, rivet attaching machine &
Woven label looms with thermal cutting                automatic snap fastening machines. A must for
technology.                                           denim and twill bottoms.

Miller Weldmaster                                     RACING
The first choice in Heat Sealing Technology           Pullers & Attachments for sewing machines.
                                                      These devices are primarily designed to save on
                                                      wastages and labor cost to complete an

30       Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                     Exhibitors’ Profile

operation. These pullers and attachments make      TAJIMA
different operations more efficient and cost       State of the art multi-head computerized
effective.                                         embroidery machines. Tajima has over a period
                                                   of time introduced a wide variety of machines
RESTA                                              which include LH series which specializes in
Tape edging on mattress                            taping, coiling, zig zag embroidery etc. all in
                                                   one machine. Its 56 head machine is ideally
SAFGUARD                                           suited for Home Textile. Tajima embroidery
Button Pull tester is a Quality Assurance          machines are available from 1 - 56 head
equipment specially being recommended for          machines. Tajima was the first to introduce
denim / twill top and bottom manufacturers.        3mm sequin device which has revolutionized the
                                                   embellishment abilities on garments. Its 2 - 4
SEIT                                               head machines are being used for small
Machine & Laser system for the textile industry.   production / boutique work.
This Italian technology is an ideal solution for
coupling laser bridge technology with              TREASURE
embroidery machine working in tandem. Value        Special purpose stitching machines. Blind stitch
addition through this technology is up coming      machines, hand operated embroidery machines
trend in Europe and USA as its cost effective      and picot sewing machine.
and requires very little manpower. It is
predominantly high tech software with laser        TITAN, BARATTO, CORNELY
technology. This technology can be used for        Specialized stitching machines for home-linen
appliqué work, laser engraving etc.                embroidery, blankets, butt seamers & automatic
                                                   carpet / mat production unit
Flat bed knitting machines for collar/cuff,
gloves, socks & sweaters. These machines are
considered standard for quality and quantity.
This is the most preferred brand for flat bed
machines for exporters and commercial knitters
equally. Shima Seiki has been a virtual trend
setter in the whole garment technology.            Engineering Consortium
                                                   Consulting Engineers
Smart MRT                                          1/2, RK Square, Shahrah-e-Liaquat,
Computerized unit production & transport           Karachi
system. (Automatic hanger system) This system      Tel.:    92 21 32402001
is designed to help increase in productivity by    Contact: Mr Jahanzeb,
30%. Some of customers have even claimed that      Title:   Manager
this system has increased their production out-    Email: econskhi@yahoo.com
put by 60% plus. This is an ideal system to
identify bottle-necks and set standards for each   Established in 1998 head office in Lahore.
step of production.                                Engineering Consortium Consulting Engineers
                                                   is one of the renowned and prestigious
STEFANELLI                                         consulting, Services Provider in Compressed air,
Automatic cord inserting machines for apparels.    replacement compressor parts, which provides
Suitable for large manufacturers.                  exceptional and innovative solutions of
                                                   compressed air system.
Fully & semi-automatic slitting & tape cutting     WE ARE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR OF
machines                                           Keltec USA:
                                                   Manufacturer of air compressors spares and
T.S.P Industrial washing machines, plastic         compressor filtration products.
tagging / staple machine & plastic staples &
loop trimming machines

                                                                   Textile Asia - 2011         31
Exhibitors’ Profile

Air Filter Engineering (AFE) Malaysia:             •   Anti Foam
Down stream compressed air filtration system       •   Anti Crease
and accessories                                    •   Eastern Colour range
                                                   •   Neutraliziing Agent
                                                   •   Antimigrating Agent
                                                   •   Binders
ANZO CHEMICALS                                     •
                                                   •   Washing-Off
Plot #15,Sector 19, Korangi Industrial Area        •   Peroxide E-Killer
Karachi, Pakistan
                                                   •   Fixing Agent
Tel.:    92 21 35121992-3
                                                   •   Carrier
Fax:     92 21 35121994
Email: anzochemicals@gmail.com                     •   Acetic Acid
         Marketing@anzochemicals.com               •   Bleaching Earth
         Info@anzochemicals.com                    •   Soda Ash Light
Web:     www.anzochemicals.com                     •   Soda Ash Dense
Contact: Zaki Ahmed Sharif                         •   Refined Sodium Bicarbonate
Title:   Chief Executive                           •   Acetux Plus
Contact: Zaki Sharif                               •   Hydro Sulphide
Title:   Director                                  •   Speciality Finish
                                                   •   Stablizers
MISSION STATEMENT                                  •   Softeners
To provide the best possible, high quality         •   Stiffeners
service to our customers. To assist our business   •   Resin Finish
partners in reaching all potential customers and   •   Buffering Agent
serving as a link between them and the market      •   Bio Wash
place. To incorporate information technology       •   Wuxisyder’s Range
into everyday systems so as to support our         •   Levelling and dispersing Agent
mission.                                           •   PVC Master Batch
                                                   •   One Pach Stablizer for PVC
                                                   •   Cpvc compound
VALUES                                             •   Packaging Films
Integrity,    Professionalism,        Service,     •   TMPI Shrink Films
Improvement, Agility, Ownership and Passion.       •   Electrical Conduits
                                                   •   SWVR System
ANCILLARY ACTIVITIES                               •   Piping system PVC, PE, PPR
We can support our Principals with: Basic          •   Hot & Cold piping system
market research, Product and activity launch       •   PVC Flooring
plans, Seminars to promote and establish quality   •   PVC Doors & Windows
amongst the industry and stake holders, Timely
                                                   •   24” Dia PVC Pressure Pipe
market feedback, Image building
                                                   •   Artificial Leather
CHANNEL PARTNER                                    •   Vinyl Hose
                                                   •   PVC Corrugated Pipe
Authorized Dealer      of Engro Polymers &
                                                   •   Geomembrane
Chemicals Limited and ICI Pakistan Akzo
Noble and also deals in various items as under:
•    Caustic Soda, Liquid                          ANZO Chemicals runs its businesses on four
•    Soda Ash                                      main       principles:  Achieve      maximum
                                                   geographical coverage; Use the latest
•    Hypo (Bleach)
                                                   technology where possible; Provide high quality
•    Desizing Agent
                                                   After Sales Service; Achieve customer
•    Detergents & Wetting Agents                   satisfaction.

32      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

ANZO Chemicals offers a well established set        The products and services range from
up with solid experience. Marketing and Sales       compressed air and gas equipment, generators,
of Chemicals & raw materials for Textile, Soap      construction and mining equipment, industrial
and Plastics industries are our core business.      tools, and assembly systems, to related
                                                    Aftermarket and rental. In close cooperation
We work as an INSTITUTION on long term              with customers and business partners, and with
plans - and not on an “adhoc” or “hit and run”      more than 130 years of experience, Atlas Copco
basis.                                              innovates for superior productivity.

                                                    The Group’s global reach spans more than 150

                                                    Atlas Copco has as a vision to become and
ATLAS COPCO                                         remain First in Mind-First in Choice™ of its
PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.                                 customers,     prospects,   and     other    key
1st Floor, 18-XX, Khayaban-e-Iqbal,                 stakeholders. To us this means being a leader:
D.H.A. Lahore, Pakistan
Tel.:    92 42 35749406, 35749408                   We should lead in the share of mind and in the
Fax:     92 42 35749409                             share of business; we should be seen as an
Email: atlascopco-pakistan                          innovator who sets the standards and exceeds
         @pk.atlascopco.com                         high expectations.
Web:     www.atlascopco.com
Contact: Dereck D. Devlin                           The Atlas Copco core values-interaction,
Title:   Country Manager                            commitment, and innovation-are reflected in
                                                    how we behave internally and in our
Atlas Copco Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd is the part of the   relationships with external stakeholders. We
Atlas Copco Group, A Swedish Company with           operate     worldwide     with    a    long-term
headquarters in Stockholm. Atlas Copco              commitment to the customers in each country
manufactures and assembles products at more         and market served, and we develop close
than 50 plants in 23 countries. Manufacturing is    relationships with customers in order to be able
chiefly concentrated to Belgium, Sweden, the        to meet and exceed their expectations.
United States, Germany, France, and China.
                                                    Customers expect the best from Atlas Copco and
The Group has a strong market presence and          our objective is to consistently deliver high-
strives to maintain close and long-                 quality products and services that reduce their
termrelationships   with    its    customers.       operational costs and increase both efficiency
Approximately 80 countries are served by            and profitability.
wholly orpartly owned customer centers.
Through a worldwide sales network Atlas             With 3 offices open in Pakistan today covering
Copcoreaches more than 150 countries.               Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, and with our
                                                    plan to open more offices in the future we are
We have been present in Pakistan for over 40        sure that we are able to supply all the
years with our distribution partner, as oftoday     information and product support required.
Atlas Copco is the only compressor
manufacturer to have their own operation            OUR DIVISIONS SERVING
inPakistan. We are working together with our        MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY ARE
partners and distributors with the aim ofbeing      Industrial Air Division: has a diversified
able to get closer to you, our customers, and       customer base. The largest customer segments
provide you with a world leadingquality of          are the SMEs, LS manufacturing and process
service for all your product solutions to ensure    industries, which together represent about two
reliable production and plant operation. Atlas      thirds of revenues of Pakistan.
Copco is a world-leading provider of industrial
productivity solutions.                             The products are intended for a wide spectrum
                                                    of applications in which compressed air is either

                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011         33
Exhibitors’ Profile

used as a source of power in manufacturing or as      highest    quality    of    Compressed   Air,
active air in industrial processes.                   Withstanding     of    rigorous  and   Harsh
                                                      Environmental      Conditions,  Environmental
In many applications and processes, the               Friendliness and Energy Efficiency. We take
requirement for high-quality, clean air is crucial,   pride in our Environmental and Social
and 100% oil-free air is needed to safeguard the      responsibilities which we offer through our
quality of the end product and to guarantee a         Products and Services.
reliable process. Our Z Range of Compressors is
just the perfect solution to match and surpass        We are proud to be associated with our
such high Standards of Quality Air, Our Class         customers in Pakistan towards delivering
Zero Certified Oil Free Compressors offer             together for the Economy and for the Future
complete Peace of Mind for the Production             generations.
                                                      Oil Free Air Division: Atlas Copco Turns Your
The Industrial Compressors range also features        Demands into Sustainable Solution.
models that include the latest energy
optimization technology with Variable Speed           Oil Free Air is a division within Atlas Copco
Drive (VSD), which aims to provide energy             Compressor Techniques business area. It
savings of up to 35%.                                 develop, manufacture and market Oil Free Air
                                                      Compressors for all kind of industries
We can offer a full range Quality Air                 worldwide where the air quality is vital and oil
Solutions™ to complement our range of                 injected compressor for less critical applications.
compressors. Whether fully integrated in the
compressor package or installed separately,           All around the world, companies rely on our
Atlas Copco has a full range of air treatment         expertise and innovations to help grow their
equipment for every application, from                 businesses. They count on us to cut their costs
compressed air generation to air treatment and        without cutting their productivity. We help them
condensate management systems.                        invigorate their production processes in a way
                                                      that doesn’t drain the life from our environment.
We are trusted partners to provide the Energy         We supply solutions that are adapted to specific
Efficient solutions to a wide spectrum of             circumstances all around the world. We take our
Manufacturing and Process industry in Pakistan,       responsibilities seriously: toward our customers,
From Textile to Leather Industry, Cement to           toward their future, and toward the future of our
Chemical Industry, Food & Beverage to                 world.
Pharmaceutical Industry, Every Industry Where
Compressed Air is an Energizing Source, our           Innovation is one of the Atlas Copco key values.
Grey Compressors “G” are considered just a            Having retained and strengthened its world
right solution for every process.                     leadership through continuous research and
                                                      development. Now Atlas Copco has achieved a
We today enjoy trust and faith of our Wide            new milestone setting the standard for air purity
Spread customer base which we developed in            as the first manufacturer to be awarded ISO
more than 7 decades with our continuous               8573-1 CLASS 0 certification and Atlas Copco
Support, with our Innovative Product range and        is also first to offer certified “Net Zero Energy
with our efforts towards producing more               Consumption” compressors with its “Carbon
reliable, energy efficient and competitive            Zero” range.
products and Solutions.Besides our continuous
efforts to serve composite Industrial segments in     Atlas Copco the leader in oil free compressors in
Pakistan, We develop and Supply Products for          Pakistan being widely used in major industries
Oil & Gas Sectors which Energize Field                like Textile, Paper, Food & Beverages,
Production units to Purging & Blanketing for          Automotive Painting, Pharmaceuticals, Leather
Pipe Line and Installation.                           & Tyres, Medical, Air Separation, Cement,
                                                      Glass, Powder & Bulk handling, Cosmetics,
Our on Skid Specially developed Compressed            General industries and many more.
Air & Nitrogen Solutions are known for the

34      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                       Exhibitors’ Profile

  We are Atlas Copco. And we energize

Aftermarket Division: Atlas Copco is a global
company and is present in Pakistan from last 40
years through distributors. In 2007 Atlas Copco
                                                    BUTT TECHNICAL
started its own customer center in Pakistan. The    SERVICES
purpose was to have direct and close contact        Flat No.B-1, Above Larosh Resturant
with customers in growing market of Pakistan.       Arshad Plaza, 4D/15/1, Nazimabad No.4
Aftermarket services were also started along        Karachi, Pakistan
with marketing and sales because an aftermarket     Tel.:    92 21 36623227, 36607514
service is one of the key features which            Fax:     92 21 36608401
influence the customer to buy a machine. Now        Email: rb@super.net.pk
Atlas Copco is providing direct quality                      rb317@cyber.net.pk
aftermarket services through its highly skilled              info@btsmachinery.com
and technical professionals.                        Web:     www.btsmachinery.com
                                                    Contact: Abdul Hameed Butt
Aftermarket services refer to providing the parts   Title:   Managing Director
and expertise to ensure the health of machine.
Atlas Copco has its service setup in two                   CONSULTANCY-MACHINERY-
locations. The setup in Lahore covers the Center                    ENGINEERING
and North part of the country and the setup of
Karachi provides services to South part. Now
due to quick service response and minimal           BTS was conceived and formulated in 1976 with
downtime, our customers are more satisfied than     its Head Office in Karachi and Branch Office in
ever. Establishing Atlas Copco Pakistan has         Lahore from 1981.In the beginning we started
helped to fulfill the commitment of offering the    installation of textile machinery in dyeing,
customers best possible solution and streamlined    Printing and finishing sector. From 1986 we
services. The service setup has achieved            started buying textile machines from Europe and
tremendous growth since its start in Pakistan and   selling in Pakistan also on commission basis in
it has convinced the customers about the            spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing and
importance of genuine parts and expert services.    finishing sectors.
No body knows Atlas Copco compressors like
Atlas Copco. Careful monitoring of performance      Also we provide Energy Saving Services in gas /
and maintenance needs over the years has            electric on stenters and gas on other hot-process
enabled Atlas Copco to put together service         machines.
packs and service programs tailored to match
machine requirements. All this is contributing in   BTS has earned national recognition as major
providing the benefits to the customer like save    dealer of used and reconditioned Textile
time in getting the right parts, minimize down      Machinery for the last 30 years, specializing in
time and keeping their maintenance budget low.      Dyeing, Printing & Finishing machines. BTS
                                                    services on the flexibility to meet the demand of
Apart from offering breakdown services and          constantly changing market requirement by
genuine parts for routine maintenances              dealing in large range of modern refurbished and
Aftermarket is also offering a vide range of        reconditioned machineries.
Service Plans to meet the customer needs. These
service plans provide complete peace of mind to     BTS offers are engineered to reflect the highest
customer allowing them to focus on their core       level of specification. BTS also provides the
business,    ensures     optimum      equipment     complete Technical Services which range from
performance levels at all times and increases the   Plant Layout to Service Contract. We also
equipment’s operational life time. These service    operate as Consultant on the above machineries
plans are available in three levels; Total          on turn key basis from feasibility to installation
Responsibility Plan, Preventative Maintenance       and post operation services. Pakistan textile
Plan and Inspection Plan.                           scene is undergoing massive change,

                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011          35
Exhibitors’ Profile

restructuring and modernization under WTO          etc. We have constructed upscale silkworm
obligation to fit in the WTO regime, under         mulberry production bases in Fuling, Wulong,
global market compulsions.                         and Nanchuan for supplying raw materials to
                                                   have secured stable sources of export oriented
BTS has revised its usual model of management      goods at a comparatively lower cost and we also
to serve our customers according to modern         has set the factories in Liangping and Wulong
needs. We have demonstrated remarkable             for dedicated manufactures and processing of
gradual progress and have earned good trade-       silk products.
good will in national and foreign market during
these periods and are now well positional to       Our silk manufacturing technologies and
capitalize on this platform and look forward to    processes rank at the first-class in Chongqing &
the future with firm commitment to success with    even the entire region of southwest China.
standard service to Textile Sector.                Because of this our quality has gained a good
                                                   reputation overseas.we are one of the top
We also work as facilitator between buyer and      exporters in China exporting a huge quantity of
seller for new, used and recondition machineries   silk products, which has become the No.1 of silk
on commission basis. Our technical division        textile industry of Chongqing.
offers a complete plant machinery Dismantling,
Removal, Relocation, Installation, Maintenance,    Our exports are mainly marketed to the
and Breakdown services to Textile Sector, all      countries and regions such as USA, Europe
over Pakistan. We have a very qualified mobile     (Germany, France, Poland), Japan, South Korea,
technical team for this purpose. As such we are    Southeast Asia (India, Thailand, Indonesia,
seeking new business affiliation in line of        Bangladesh, Cambodia) etc. and quantity
Consultant and Coordinator in Technical            increased year by year.
Services to Textile Industry.

(NEW STAR) ENTERPRISE                              CHT PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.
                                                   CHT House, Raiwind Road, 54-B,
GROUP                                              Sunder Ind. Estate, Lahore, Pakistan
RM 1812, 18/F, Metropolitan Tower                  Tel.:    92 42 35297476
68 Zourong Rd, Yuzhong Dist                        Fax:     92 42 35297482
Chongqing, China                                   Email: info@chtpk.com
Tel.:    0086 23 63729115 /63729706                Web:     www.chtpk.com
FAX:     0086 23 63725756                          Contact: Haroon Ali Khan
Email: public@wintus.com.hk                        Title:   Managing Director
Web:     www.wintus.com.hk
Contact: Mr Yan                                    HEAD OFFICE
Title:   Director                                  CHT Pakistan (Private) Limited is a subsidiary
                                                   of CHT R. Beitlich GmbH, Germany. A Group
Chongqing Wintus (New Star) Enterprises            working in more than 20 countries and its
Group is one of the first group of commodity       representative in all over the world.
circulation    enterprises    in     Chongqing
Municipality that have been granted a permit for   CHT PAKISTAN
independent operation of imports and exports,      CHT Pakistan          (Private)   Limited   was
and the group company integrated of production,    incorporated in 2005 as a subsidiary of CHT R.
processing, exportation and trading of silk        Beithlich MmbH, Germany. Keeping pace with
products.                                          time CHT has established itself as a producer of
                                                   quality products in textile area.
Our export products are mainly raw silk, thrown
silk, silk fabrics & ramie silk blended fabrics

36      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                       Exhibitors’ Profile

Innovation is necessary for strong product         of our success to date.We pride ourselves on our
portfolio and CHT Pakistan makes sure that this    ability to conveniently communicate with our
standard is maintained. CHT has set its goal to    industrial clients, which allows us to effectively
become parent company in Pakistan by majorly       provide solutions in all areas of textile and
focusing on the customer satisfaction and          apparel machinery industry.
comfort. That is why high investments are made
in R& D, so that no stone is left unturned to      OVERSEAS & DOMESTIC PRINCIPALS
make our vision a reality.

Moreover the entire team of Pakistan under the     PRECIOUS TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LTD
dynamic leadership of Mr. Haroon Ali Khan,            No.333, Huangjiao Road, Huangyan
(Managing Director) has an urge to keep               District,Taizhou Zhejiang China.
CHT/Bezema brand as a brand of first choice for       Tel.:     86-576-84163333, 84161199, 84163009
all our valued business partners who are leading      Fax:                86-576-84161188, 84161177
manufacturer in textile products in Pakistan.         E-mail: precious@precious.com.cn
                                                      Web:      www.precious.com.cn

                                                   CHNKI PRECISION SEWING MACHINE
                                                       Tiancheng Industrial Zone, Yueqing, China.
CLASSIC APPAREL                                        Tel.:
MACHINERY                                              E-mail: info@chnki.com
                                                       Web:     www.chnki.com
A-58, Block #19, F.B. Area
Karachi, Pakistan
                                                   CHNKI SEWING MACHINES RESEARCHING
Tel.:    92 21 36340160, 36364477                  CO., LTD (JAPAN)
Fax:     92 21 36345921                                Apartment 401 “Abbani 25” 3-13-1
Email: classic3@cyber.net.pk                           Gakuen Higashi-Cho Kodaira-Shi Tokyo Japan
         contact@classicholding.com                    Tel.:   81-8056 778765
Web:     www.classicapparel.org
Contact: Arshad Bilal
Title:   Chairman                                  ZHONGSHAN YU JING MECHATRONICS &
Contact: Mirza Yasir Irfan                         ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.
                                                      Block B,No10 Yunhan Road, Shaxi Township,
Classic Apparel Machinery was established in          Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China
                                                      Tel.:    86-760-7328833
1988. It is a progressive company involved in
                                                      Fax:     86-760-7328683
indent and import of machinery and spare parts
for the textile and apparel machinery industry.

Classic Apparel Machinery is also a
consultancy-based company with focus on            EUROCLASSIC SYSTEMS
                                                      1 Farthington Place, Suite 208
providing innovative solutions such as material       Dartmouth ns, 83A 2K3 Canada
handling systems for garment manufacturing            E-mail: contact@classicholding.com
lines and meeting the changing needs of the           Web:      www.classicholding.com
industry with modern technology.

We have a strong team of highly competent
personnel, whom with their expertise have          ELEGANT APPAREL MACHINERY
earned the trust of customers around the              A-58, Block 19, F. B. area,
country, and enabled the organization to              Karachi 75950, Pakistan,
command a leading position in the textile and         Tel.:    92-21-36364477,36340160
apparel manufacturing industry. Earning the           Fax:     92-21-36834326
                                                      E-mail: contact@classicholding.com
trust of our customers has been the cornerstone
                                                      Web:     www.classicholding.com

                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011            37
Exhibitors’ Profile

We are confident that Classic Apparel               and production facilities. This combination has
Machinery will continue to lead the way in          given the company an intimate understanding of
successfully serving customer demand.               its core markets and how they depend on color,
                                                    thus allowing datacolor to provide cost-effected
Today, Classic Apparel Machinery boats a solid      solutions to manage color globally throughout is
base of experience of two decades, a well-          customers workflows enabling them to realize
established customer portfolio, and a platform of   their vision, save time, improve quality, reduce
advanced technology, which has been built up        costs, and excite their customers.
and developed continuously over the years.
                                                    Industries served include apparel and textile,
The strength of our company is the ability to       paint and coatings, automotive, plastics,
provide all range of garment and textile            photography, digital imaging, home theater, ink,
industrial machinery and high-end spare parts.      printing, paper, leather and others.
We have supplied machinery and parts to most
of county’s leading garment manufacturers.          In supply chains, Datacolor’s award winning
                                                    technology    electronically   controls     and
With our commitment to excel in customer            communicates     color     between    retailers,
satisfaction, we are constantly upgrading our       manufacturers and suppliers.
expertise to level up to new technology and
people development to increase our capability to    In manufacturing, Datacolor improves efficiency
gain business from our customers.                   and competitiveness with fast, accurate color
                                                    matching,     color    testing   and      color
Our business philosophy is based on our full        communication.
commitment to punctual delivery and stringent
control of product quality.

65/2,14th Lane, Khyaban-e-Badban                    DONGTAI ZHUFENG
Phase-VII, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan                                   TEXTILE MACHINERY
Tel.:    92 21 5311025, 5311074
Email: amohiuddin@tec-color.com                     Dongtai Zhufeng Textile Machinery Accessories
Contact: Arshad Mohiuddin                           Factory which located in Tainan Industrial Park
Title:   Director                                   Dongtai, Jiangsu, China is one of biggest
                                                    manufacturer specializes in developing, making
Datacolor is a global leader in color               and selling all kinds of ring spinning spindles,
management solutions and color communication        wool spinning spindles, chemical fiber spinning
technology.                                         spindles, twist spindles and spindle accessories
                                                    such as brake, bearing insert and etc.

                                                    We have above 300 staffs and more than 30
The world’s leading brands, manufacturers,          technicians hereof. With policy of advanced
creative professionals and consumers, have been     technology oriented, we have passed ISO-
choosing Datacolor’s innovative technology and      9001:2000 quality management system and our
solutions to consistently achieve the right color   products are far sold to Southeast Asia, Europe,
for 39 years.                                       America and such other regions.

A Swiss held company, Datacolor’s global            In the new century, Zhufeng keeps innovation
presence encompasses a sales, services, and         with pioneering spirits in the field of textile
support network serving customers in more than      machinery accessories. You will enjoy our top-
65 countries throughout Europe, the Americas,       level technologies, high-quality products and
and Asia, along with 13 worldwide operation         sincere after-service.

38      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                     Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                   technicians in modern techniques of repaired
                                                   and manufacturing. Most advance and precision
                                                   equipment are used in manufacturing and repair

ELECTRO DYNAMICS                                   We have the Product…
WORKS (PUMA)                                       To keep your Machineries and Industries
Plot D-5, Haji Faqir Dad Garden, Near              Alive...
Safdar Square, Liaquatabad
Karachi, Pakistan                                  Computer aided designing of internal circuit’s
Tel.:    92 21 34911414, 35687500                  and manufacturing of machinery is carried out.
Fax:     92 21 34914313                            The method used at firm’s workshop and
Email: habib-ur-rehman                             factories include testing and grading of all
         @dynamicpowers.com                        components to be used in manufacture and
Web:     www.dynamicpowers.com                     repair of the products. Because of these factor’s
Contact: Abdul Malik                               we gave a free guarantee and technical
Title:   C.E.O.                                    supporting service including spare’s after
                                                   completion of work backs all work carried by
POWERTRON                                          us.
12, Hassan Mansion Altaf Hussain Road,
Densohall, Karachi                                 SPACE POWER ELECTRONICS
Tel. (92)-21-3221 3197, 3221 3206                  Space Power Electronics
                                                   23, Sharjah Center Sohrab Katrak Road,
Powertron is a family concern that was             Near Dubai Hotel, Saddar,
established more than three decades ago, as a      Karachi - 75900, Pakistan
service establishment supporting the local         Tel.: (92)-21-365 8700, 3568 7500, 3562 1998
industry. Since then it has grown considerably
and now we manufacture at our own facilities.      Space Power Electronics is a family concern that
                                                   was established more than three decades ago, as
We provide complete Industrial Automation          a service establishment supporting the local
Solution to meet the need of Industries.           industry. Since then it has grown considerably
                                                   and now we manufacture at our own facilities.
Powertron has also becomes the Sole Distributor
of the DELTA ELECTRONIC TAIWAN, for                We provide complete Industrial Automation
saling all his products.                           Solution to meet the need of Industries.
Our maintenance activities extend throughout       Our maintenance activities extend throughout
the length and breadth of the country and we       the length and breadth of the country and we
handle all types of industrial plant and           handle all types of industrial plant and
machinery, covering all aspects of installation,   machinery, covering all aspects of installation,
service and repairing of equipments. We also       service and repairing of equipments.
have retail outlets for the sales of industrial
electronic equipment’s and sub-assemblies.         We also have retail outlets for the sales of
                                                   industrial electronic equipment’s and sub-
Further Introduction of Powertron                  assemblies.
Powertron has own workshop and factory,
where a large number of electrical and             Further Introduction of Space Power
electronics machineries of Industrial category     Electronics:
are manufactured and repaired. Hydraulic and       Space Power Electronics has own workshop and
pneumatic device’s are also served and repaired    factory, where a large number of electrical and
by Powertron. Such workshop and factory are        electronics machineries of Industrial category
amongst very few in the country. We are having     are manufactured and repaired. Hydraulic and
services of qualified and trained engineers /      pneumatic devices are also served and repaired

                                                                    Textile Asia - 2011         39
Exhibitors’ Profile

by Space Power Electronics. Such workshop and        Automation for machine manufacturers and old
factory are amongst very few in the country. We      industrial machine to optimize performance with
are having services of qualified and trained         latest technology at very reasonable cost with
engineer’s / technicians in modern techniques of     performance guarantee along with unbeatable
repaired and manufacturing. Most advance and         backup services.
precision equipment are used in manufacturing
and repair works.

We have the Product…
To keep your Machineries and Industries              703,Park Avenue, Shahrah-e-Faisal
Alive…                                               Karachi, Pakistan
                                                     Tel.:    92 21 34387870
Computer aided designing of internal circuit’s       Fax:     92 21 34387880
and manufacturing of machinery is carried out.       Email: bd@encom.com.pk
The method used at firm’s workshop and               Web:     www.encom.com.pk
factories include testing and grading of all         Contact: Mehmood Ali Gondal
component’s to be used in manufacture and            Title:   Manager B.D.
repair of the product’s. Because of these factor’s
we gave a free guarantee and technical               Since its inception, ENCOM remains a vanguard
supporting service including spare’s after           in providing solutions to countless industrial
completion of work backs all work carried by         heating problems. This task, though seemingly
us.                                                  simple, is quite a tedious undertaking and we
                                                     have proved by our renowned client list that we
                                                     evidently have been successful throughout.

                                                     ENCOM deals with solutions as vast as
ELECTROMEC                                           providing state of the art firing systems,
                                                     complete heating systems e.g. steam boilers,
ENGINEERING SERVICES                                 thermal oil heaters, waste-heat recovery boilers.
Plot No.B-88, Block-1,                               Our main area of work is the supply and
Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi, Pakistan                 installation of boilers, burners, hot water pumps
Tel.:    92 21 34024514, 34024515                    and other such machinery. Our main focus is to
Fax:     92 21 34024516                              provide high-end and state-of-the-art technology
Email: electromec@cyber.net.pk                       to all our customers with immense focus on after
         noor_pk2008@yahoo.com                       sales service which is our extremely efficient
Web:     www.electromecengg.com                      and extensive department.
Contact: Touseef Alam
Title:   Director                                    ENCOM provides turnkey solutions for the
                                                     installation and commissioning of steam boiler
Company established in 1997 to focus all kinds       plants, oil heater plants as well as allied
of industrial services. In 1998 company started      equipment. Some of our specialized services are
Automotive Electric Parts Manufacturing for          computerized tuning of firing systems and
Honda and committed to supply quality verified       capacity/energy audits of various industrial
parts and still supplying good quality               plants.
components which are used in Motorcycles.
Also at same time company focused Industrial         ENCOM is a private company with an aim to
Automation.                                          provide complete satisfaction to our customers
                                                     and to welcome new clients into the ENCOM
Equipments with LG (LS) industrial systems to        family, having a nationwide network for sales
fulfill Pakistan’s industry need as Inverter,        and service which is supported by our head
Servo Motor, Servo Drive, PLC, HMI, Soft ware        office in Karachi, one of the biggest metropolis
Development. Custom Panel making and                 of the world.
complete machine.

40      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                     Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                    FIVE STAR ENTERPRISES
                                                    406,Jillani Centre, Opp: Memon Masjid,
                                                    M.A. Jinnah Road
                                                    Karachi, Pakistan
                                                    Tel.:    92 21 32421743, 32712108
FAROOQ SITARA                                       Fax:     92 21 32411693
INTERNATIONAL                                       Email: fivestarpk@hotmail.com
                                                    Contact: Ishtiaq Hussain
Allahwali Bldg., Plot #M-II, H-39/3
                                                    Title:   Executive
S.I.T.E., Karachi, Pakistan
Tel.:     92 21 32566983, 32588352
                                                    The firm was established in 1991 the founder of
Fax:      92 21 32582805
                                                    the company Mr. Haji Shoukat Hussain Textile
Email: gfarooq_sitara@yahoo.com
                                                    Engineer a well known personality in Pakistan,
Contact: Farooq Sitara
                                                    the company was fully operated by his elder son
Title:    C.E.O.
                                                    Mr.Ishtiaq Hussain.
                                                    In 1991 the company was dealing in paking
Professional Textile machine manufacturer &
                                                    material and was the manufacture of plastic
Service Provider, Established in 1985 known as
                                                    baling hoops
ENTERPRISES” near to Sindh Industrial
                                                    In 1998 the company became a trading company
Trading Estate in Heart of Karachi, Pakistan.
                                                    and bacame a sole agent for Standard
                                                    Engineering Lahroe.

                                                    In 2000 the company became also the sole agent
                                                    of Ali Industries Sheikhpura.

                                                    In 2010 the firm bacame a sole agent for Wax
We are Specialized in various Textile Dyeing,       Zone Lahore and Bismillah engineering Lahore.
Printing & Processing Spare Parts &
Machineries with this we also research and          By the grace of Almight Allah now the company
fabricate new update models of various parts        have 4 top most agencies well known in
and machineries, and with the kindness of           Pakistan and working for them as a sole agent
ALMIGHTY ALLAH that we have vast                    for Pakistan.
production experience, services and inspection      • Standard Engineeriung Lahore deals in
equipments, improved production management               mechanical items
system and good after sale & services.              • Ali Industries Sheikhpura deals in blower
                                                         over head cleaner
Our Development is together with your trust,        • Wax Zone Lahore deals in wax role
our production is our promise, our promise is       • Bismillah Engineering Lahore deals in all
from our integrity. We will services for you with        kinds of sliver canes.
our superior quality and reasonable price.
                                                    NOW THE FIRM HAVE THE FOLLOWING
The Enterprise will make great efforts to provide
higher quality production and more excellent
services.                                           • Mr.Haji Shoukat Hussain (M.D.)
                                                    • Mr.Ishtiaq Hussain (Director)
                                                    • Mr.Zulfiqar Ali (Director)
                                                    • Mr. Shehroze Ali (Future Strenght )

                                                                    Textile Asia - 2011        41
Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                      MTU Gas                      Output                            Efficiency
                                                                   Electrical   Thermal     Total Energy   Electrical Thermal     Total
                                                                      KW          KW            KW            %           %        %
                                                     400 Series    116-386      213-500       655-1061        36          55       86
                                                     4000 Series   775-1948     834-2105     1868-4704        42          44       86

FORTE PAKISTAN                                      Forte Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd., head office based in
                                                    Karachi, a business hub of Pakistan and branch
(PVT) LTD.                                          offices in geographically strategic location of
9-A,M.A.M.H.S., Shahrah-e-Faisal                    Lahore & Islamabad, we are never out of reach
Karachi, Pakistan                                   when required. Our Qualified & Trained
Tel.:    92 21 34538768, 34532882                   Engineers will be available to provide the
Fax:     92 21 34538780                             required support both during the warranty
Email: info@fortepak.com                            period, and in case of any emergency, our office
Web:     www.fortepak.com                           can be contacted any time.
Contact: Yasir Khalid Gulzar
Title:   Director                                   We would also like to state here that Forte has
                                                    substantial resources in terms of funds,
Forte Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. has been doing            manpower and machinery to serve our client in
business in Pakistan since 1977, which shows        best possible way. We strongly believe on best
our commitment to the development of                after sale service and our field service engineers
Pakistan’s industry. We are leaders in the          visit customers periodically to check on
Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Power         performance and providing information about
Generation Systems. We have extensive               product improvement and assist with any
experience, and have been continuously              operation and reduced downtime query.
expanding our spectrum of core competencies
Power Generation & Co-Generation System.

Forte Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. is directly affiliated
with World renowned brand of Power
Generation Systems.
                                                    GD HAN'S YUEMING
                                                    LASER TECHNOLOGY
over a 100 year old company. MTU Onsite             CO. LTD.
Energy is one of the world’s leading providers
of gas based engines. MTU Onsite Energy             GD Han’s Yueming Laser profileGuangdong
provides custom-made system solutions - from        Han’s Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd is a
order and project management to completion of       new & hi-tech enterprise owned by Shenzhen
the turnkey system, from engineering to service.    Han’s      Laser     Technology      Co.     Ltd
                                                    (002008:Shenzhen Stock Exchange), that
MTU Onsite Energy is an innovative leader in        integrated with laser, precise machinery, digital
intelligent and future-oriented energy systems at   control and modern management, and
the highest technological level. We are setting     specializes in developing, manufacturing and
the standards for diesel and gas engine systems,    selling of industrial laser equipments. The
and future technologies such as fuel cells.         company has developped steadily for years, and
                                                    has established modern standard manufacturing
Regenerative sources will continue to play an       factories in Dongguan, Shanghai, and Jiangsu
increasingly important role in our future. MTU      with over 100 sets of precise mechanical
Onsite energy is taking on the responsibility for   processing equipments.
tomorrow’s needs with innovative solutions for
better and more sustainable energy supply. We       The total floor area is over 80,000 sq. meters.
are environmentally conscious, efficient and        Staffed with more than 1000 energetic and
trustworthy.                                        youthful employees, including 6 young optics
                                                    experts, 33 researchers with master degree, 86
                                                    engineers with bachelor degree, the company

42      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

have set up institutes of laser application &      •   Pulp and paper
electronic controlling technology in Shanghai      •   Textile finishing
and Shenzhen. Also, we have built long term,       •   Tannery
steady and interactive cooperation relationship    •   Laundry
with many well-known Universities and              •   Process industry
Institutes, such as Tianjin University, Huazhong   •   Dewatering
University of Science & Technology, Nankai
University, South China University of              It designs and manufactures all products at the
Technology, and Shanghai Institute of Optics       site in Gloggnitz - Austria and delivers to
and Fine Mechanics, CAS.                           customers on all 5 continents.
Han’s Yueming Laser Tech. Co., Ltd sticks to       Fully integrated production covered by highest
its tenet of ‘Win the market with advanced         quality assurance procedures.
technology, Reward customers with best
service’ and follow the spirit of ‘Unification,    Technological co-operation with leading
Strivation, Innovation and Factuality’ to          machinery      manufacturers     and    on-going
revitalize the Chinese national laser industry,    exchanges with end-users make Huyck.Wangner
and to make a continuous contribution. The         a consistent supplier in terms of product quality,
company has owned 10 series of 60 models of        pre-and after sales service embedded in a
laser machines, and its annual output is over      multinational industrial group.
5000 sets.
                                                   Huyck.Wangner Industrial Textiles continuously
Han’s Yueming Laser is the expert of industrial    scans its environment for technological trends
laser application and your trustworthy business    and includes them into it’s R&D.Technological
partner. Whatever your business is, there will     leadership is part of Huyck.Wangner’s strategy.
always be one tailor-made laser machine for
you.                                               HUYCK WANGNER AUSTRIA GmbH
                                                   Huyckstrasse 12640
                                                   Gloggnitz Austria
                                                   Contact: Mr. Khaled SKHAIRI
                                                   Tel.:     +33 3 89 39 29 25
                                                   E-mail : khaled.skhairi@huyck.wangner.com
GECKO WORLD                                        Website: www.xerium.com
Products technology from Huyck.Wangner, a
brand of Xerium Technologies, Inc., sets the
standard in the technical textiles industry.

With 150 years History, Huyck.Wangner is a
stand-alone unit in terms of sales, customer       GFK BY JEANOLOGIA
service and R&D, but fully connected to the        c/o Akhtar Associates, 11-B,
technologies of other units within the worldwide   11th Central Street
group.                                             Phase-II, D.H.A.
                                                   Karachi, Pakistan
As a leading global supplier and manufacturer of   Tel.:    92 21 35837497
industrial felts & belts, Huyck.Wangner            Fax:     92 21 35876343
provides products to various industries, which     Cell:    92 300-8213221
arecharacterized by innovation and superior        Email: ubaid_akhtar@yahoo.com
performance.                                       Contact: Ubaid Akhtar
                                                   Title:   C.E.O.
The comprehensive range of products includes a
full line of forming fabrics, press felts, dryer   Jeanologia started in 1993 as part of the Spanish
fabrics, dewatering felts and wires for use in     family owned Grupo Eurotrend. Originally, it
various industries including:-                     was started as an R&D centre for denim

                                                                    Textile Asia - 2011          43
Exhibitors’ Profile

finishes. Over time, it has evolved into the “go
to” company for product development through
its Brainbox division. Close contact with the
world’s most important laundries provides us a     GRECON GRETON GMBH
global perspective on research, know-how, and      c/o Kash International, 138
advanced garment finishing innovations to help     Farhan Co-op.H.Society
key brands and retailers around the world.         Haider Ali Road
                                                   Karachi, Pakistan
With GFK, it’s global brand for state of the art   Tel.:    92 21 34948904, 34948900
garment finishing equipment under the              Fax:     92 21 34938961
Jeanologia umbrella, the company has become        Email: kashintl@cyber.net.pk
the market leaders in Laser technology owning      Contact: Saiduddin Shamsi
85% of the world’s laser production in their       Title:   Director
                                                   The Family-owned Enterprise was founded in
Although still headquartered in Valencia, Spain,   1911, has 354 employees worldwide and
Jeanologia has a global presence with offices &    agencies in more than 30 countries. Our spark
representation around the world providing          detection systems were built since 1976 and
services to clients in 45 countries on 5           more than 100.000 installations were realized up
continents.                                        to now.
Their mission it's been to enhance industrial      GreCon spark detection systems are safety
garment finishing through technology & know-       devices for ventilation systems in the textile
how combining science and fashion/market           industry and in all production facilities in which
needs and today has evolved to include a deep      cotten or cotten dust are processed. Depending
concern for the future and the ethics of           on the application, sparks can be diverted out of
production in the Jeanswear sector. Jeanologia’s   the material flow or fires in stenters and dryers
objective is to be Market Right and Ethically      can be extinguished. Overheating, mechanical
Bent. Because aside from the obvious product       damage and foreign bodies are causes of
benefits, they really believe these types of       hazardous sparks and glowing embers that can
technologies make the world a better place.        be transported through the processing system.

GRAY MACKENZIE                                     This places certain areas of the plant, such as
                                                   ginning process, blow room, drier and stenter, in
RESTAURANTS                                        danger and may often result in fires or even dust
INTERNATIONAL LTD.                                 explosions. Spark detection systems are
                                                   preventive fire protection measures. They are
(KFC)                                              installed in pneumatic or mechanical conveying
Level-5,Park Towers, Block-4,Clifton               systems. They detect the ignition sources in the
Karachi, Pakistan                                  extraction ducts and automatically divert them
Tel.:    92 21 35877976, 35877996                  within milliseconds, thus greatly reducing the
Fax:     92 21 35877998                            risk of fire in downstream plant areas.
Email: info@cupola.com.pk
Web:     www.cupolagroup.com                       Thanks to the fast reaction time of the system,
Contact: Rafiq Rangoonwala                         only a relatively small distance between spark
Title:   C.E.O.                                    detection and diversion device is required.

44      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                     Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                   ABOUT GUL IMPEX
                                                   Gul Impex was established in year 1996 and
                                                   now we are working as New & used textiles

GUANGZHOU                                          Our specialty
                                                   India two for one twisting, fancy twisting
SHENGHONG NON-                                     Dyeing, finishing, warp knitting, Weaving &
WOVEN CO., LTD                                     Steam Generator (Boiler)
Sandong Industry, Fenghuang Road,
Huadu District, Guangzhou,                         The flexibility of our sales structure and a
China 510800                                       constant focus on quality customer service are
Tel.:   0086-20-86962723                           the key factors of our success. Today Gul Impex
Fax:    0086-20-86962758                           is a growing commercial reality.
Email: ken@sh-nonwoven.com
Web:    www.sh-interlining.cn                      Founded in 1996 by Mr. Maqsood we have now
                                                   become the most reputable and the most
Guangzhou Shenghong Non-Woven Co., Ltd. is         distinguished company in Pakistan. Based in
a professional enterprise involved in producing    Karachi, this is the financial hub of Pakistan,
and dealing non-woven and woven interlining        We have buyers from all across Pakistan calling
with stable quality and innovation. Our products   us for their requirements in used Textile
are widely used in garments.                       machines.

We have whole sets of improved base cloth          We enjoy a good reputation in our local market
production lines and paste dot, double dot and     and have been selling second hand textile
powder dot coating lines, as well as whole sets    finishing, processing, weaving and warp knitting
of testing equipment. Our annual capacity is       machinery in Pakistan since 1996.
around 80 million meters. We consider
production quality as our principal aim and        We are your partner if you have any requirement
attained ISO9001:2000 International Quality        in second hand textile machine or if you want to
Certification in 2005 and Swiss OEKO-TEX           sell your machine then please contact us and we
STANDARD 100 in 2007. We take “Value               will be at your service
stems from quality, and development only
depends on creation” as our management tenet.      (Establishing business relationship with
We sincerely hope to work with friends from at                you in near future)
home and abroad and cordially welcome you to
visit us!

                                                   Alidhra Weavetech Pvt. Ltd.
                                                   Plot 195, Rd 3-F, New Estate,
                                                   Udyognagar Udhna, Surat
                                                   (Gujarat) – 394210, INDIA
GUL IMPEX                                          Web:       www.alidhra.com
M.H. 39/2, Behind Amreli Steel,                    Email:     sales@alidhra.com
S.I.T.E., Karachi, Pakistan                                   info@alidhra.com
Tel.:     92 21 32568505                           Ph:        +91-261-3070707, 2278674
Fax:      92 21 32568518                           Fax:       +91-261-3070730
Cell:     92 300 8207116                           Cell:      +91-98792-03031
Email: gultex2004@yahoo.com
          gultex2004@gmail.com                     Whatever you’re TWISTING or WEAVING
Contact: Maqsood                                          or DOUBLING needs be,
Title:    M.D.
                                                    ALIDHRA WEAVETECH has a solution

                                                                   Textile Asia - 2011         45
Exhibitors’ Profile

“Smarter customers have better figures & know
what to look for -Faster Throughput, Optimum
Efficiency, Reduced Downtime & Reliable
Output Quality”- The same principles that guide
all our machinery developments. Alidhra-
Weavetech Group is one of the largest TFO
Twisters & Shuttleless Looms manufacturer in
                                                     HANGZHOU ASCENO
India with proven product range and well             IMPORT & EXPORT CO.
established service & support network, with
more than 25 years of experience.
                                                     Xiaoshan District Hangzhou City
                                                     Zhejiang Province P.R. China
This position has been the output of long term
                                                     Tel.:    0086-571-82555277
vision of providing our customers the best value
                                                     Fax:     0086-571-82566398
in terms of quality, performance & reliability       Email: info@ascend-yx.com
over the products lifetime. It is no surprise that
                                                     Web:     www.hzyxhx.com
customers investing in WEAVETECH machines
command the highest respect & enjoy excellent        Contact: Tan Liegang
profitability due to the lowest Total-Cost-Of-
                                                     Title:   Manager
Ownership in its class in the market. Taking this
opportunity, we would like to brief you on our       Hangzhou Yongxing Chemical Fiber Co., LTD
range of products that have been proven market       is    located     in     Xiaoshan      Hangzhou
leaders in their own segments.                       China.Company is established in 2001, with the
                                                     rechnology and equipment from Japan and
THE PRODUCT RANGE COVERS:                            China, owns 6 product lines of POY and 30 sets
WEAVING machineries:                                 draw-texturing machines, the productivity of
• Rapier Looms                                       polyester filament yarn is 120,000 tons per year.
• Water Jet Looms
• Air Jet Looms                                      Hangzhou Ascend Import and Export Co., LTD
                                                     is a self-support & export company, the
TWISTING Machineries:                                company mainly deal with the import and export
• TFO Twisters (Filament, Silk, Spun,                of chemical fiber from YongXing, which are
  Industrial yarns)                                  mainly export to Europe, Turkey, Middle East,
• Sewing/ Embroidery Thread Projects                 Pakistan South America, South Korea etc.
• Crepe Texturisers                                  Which are very popular among oversea
• Industrial TFO Twisters                            customer.
• Carpet Yarn TFO Twisters
                                                     HANGZHOU QINGRUN
WINDING Machineries:
• Cops Winders                                       TEXTILE IMP & EXP CO.
• Assembly Winders                                   LTD.
• Drum Winders                                       Xiangyang Village, Chongxian Town
                                                     Hangzhou city, Zhejiang, P.R China
At Alidhra Weavetech, Solutions are matched to       Tel.:    0086-571-86275016
your exact needs and objectives, getting you         Fax:     0086-571-86273502
toWhere you want to be in the improved quality,      Email: hzqingrun@yahoo.com.cn
productivity & reliability picture. If you,re        Contact: Liu Chun
thinkingof investing in new machines or just         Title:   Manager
want to get updated with latest technology
offerings thanPlease do call us anytime. We          We are specialized in all kinds of silk fabrics,
assure you of our prompt & reliable service,         scarf.

46      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

HANGZHOU XIANGSHENG                                 in use by many medium and large-sized textiles
                                                    and garment enterprises in both domestic and
IMPORT & EXPORT CO.                                 overseas markets Jigao Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd
LTD.                                                has passed ISO 9001:2000 Quality System
                                                    Attestation,   ISO14001:2004      Environment
Suite A, 7F, NO.185,
                                                    Management       System     Attestation   and
Jincheng Road
                                                    GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health and
Chamber of Commerce Mansion
                                                    Safety Assessment. Relying on our expertise in
Xiangshan, Hangzhou,
                                                    bamboo fibers industry, JIGAO continues to
Zhejiang, China
                                                    grow rapidly with focus on customer needs and
Tel.:    0086-571-73788738
                                                    product quality through technology, innovation
Fax:     0086-571-83788767/68
                                                    and supply chain development.
Email: xsjck@online.xstex.cn
Web:     http://www.xstex.cn
                                                    The company has invested in home textile
Contact: Qu Cungui
                                                    factory and renovated its yarn mills to produce
Title:   Chief
                                                    high quality bamboo fiber products. Equipped
                                                    with advanced Japan Murata and Italy Savio,
Zhejiang Xiangsheng Group is an integrated
                                                    etc, the company's apparels plant has passed EU
group devoted to chemical fibers, textiles etc.
                                                    BSCI-2 certification and supplies fabrics
The company is one of the top 100 enterprises in
                                                    through the cooperation with excellent
Zhejiang, and one of the top 500 private
                                                    producers. Tanboocel is stepping forward to be
enterprises in China. It has eight subsidiaries
                                                    world renowned so as JIGAO.
and five modern production bases.

Polyester partially oriented Yarn, Polyester full
draw Yarn, Polyester draw Textured Yarn,
Viscose stable Fiber, Viscose spun Farn.

                                                    HUNAN LERKAM CO. LTD.
                                                    Rongxin Road, Chengguan Town
                                                    Yueyang City, Hunan Province, China
                                                    Tel.:    0086 (0730)7600868
                                                    Fax:     0086 (0730)7600668
HEBEI JIGAO CHEMICAL                                E-mail: lerkam@lerkam.com
                                                    Web:     www.lerkam.com
FIBRE CO. LTD.                                      Contact: Ms Zeng
c/o A-110-K,Unit #1, Gulberg-III                    Title:   Manager
Lahore, Pakistan
Tel.:    92 42 35714972                             ABOUT LERKAM ENZYME
Fax:     92 42 35773713
Email: zeeshan@marinaltd.com                        Lerkam is a leading Chinese manufacture
Contact: Zeeshan                                    enterprise with core competencies in the fields
Title:   M.D.                                       of biological enzyme.

Bamboo fiber, which is a treasure product for       We conducted advanced research and developed
textile and garment industry, was invented and      cellulose, hemicellulase and other enzyme
manufactured by Jigao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd,      preparation products. Our products are designed
with a registered TM of TANBOOCEL since             for animal feed manufacturing, textile, food,
2002.                                               biological fuel, healthcare industries and etc.

OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and OCIA, NOP                 We are firmly aligned to our mission statement
certified for its excellent spinning and garment    “Lerkam: bio-technology innovator for a better
properties, the bamboo fibre product is currently   life” and continues our efforts in promote green

                                                                    Textile Asia - 2011         47
Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                             FOR ROTOR SPINNING USED FOR          AMMERAAL BELTECH
                                                             AUTOCORE                             SWITZERLAND
                                                             GAS SPRINGS/SHOCK
                                                             ABSORBERS/DAMPERS FOR ALL
                                                             SPINNING(LIFT O MAT), WEAVING, DYEING, STABILUS, GERMANY

I.S. TEXTILE CO.                                             CEMENT, MEDICAL, AUTOMOTIVE,
                                                             AVIATION, FURNITURE ETC

10-B, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan                           COMBER CYLINDERS/TOP COMBS/BOBBIN
                                                             SPOOLS, COMBER BRUSH ETC
                                                                                               NITTO SHOJI JAPAN
Tel.:    92 42 35851351, 35851354                            CYLINDER WIRE, DOFFER WIRE, TOPS SET,
                                                                                                   READY STOCK FOR
Fax:     92 42 35160433                                      STATIONARY FLAT, LICKER-IN-WIRE, TOP
                                                             CLEARING BRUSH, 8-ROW 10-ROW
                                                                                                   DIFFERENT MADE
Contact: Ahmad Raza
                                                             WEB CONTROL BELTS                    MADE IN NETHERLAND
Title:   Manager Sales
Contact: Shafique Riaz                                       ROUND BELTS
                                                                                                  MADE IN UNITED
                                                             ARBOURS, DISTANCE CLIPS AND ALL      GERMANY
                                                             AND ALL MACHINES
          OUR PROMISE                                        FLYER, TWISTER CAP                   GERMANY
                                                             RUBBER APRONS / COTS                 INDIA, CHINA, GERMANY
                                                                                                  AND TAIWAN
I.S Textile Co has been serving the spinning                 ALL COMPACT PARTS FOR SUSSAN,
                                                             PINTER, AND TOYODA
                                                                                                  SWITZERLAND AND
sector for last 30 years. It has always preferred                                                 CHINA
quality products from reliable manufacturers of              BOBBIN HANGERS OF ALL TYPES          JAPAN, CHINA, INDIA

the world. It has a vision to meet growing needs
of our spinning sector, a team of professionals         OVERSEAS PRINCIPALS
work together to build its image in Pakistan. The       1.       Ammeraal Beltech Switzerland
contribution of our chief Executive Mr. Shafique                (Rapplon)Buechstrasse 37 CH-8645 Jona,
Riaz has been source of inspiration for the                     Tel:      +41-55 2253627 / +41 (0)55 225 36 40
young workers of the organization.                              Fax:      +41 55 2253666
                                                                Email: bincognito@ammeraalbeltech.ch
I.S Textile Co is the company which has                                   mfrei@ammeraalbeltech.ch
introduced the best in spinning sector. The team                Website: www.ammeraalbeltech.ch
which believes that nothing is impossible. A                    Contact: Mr. Basilio Incognito
name you can always trust. It is the leading                              Mr Michael Frei
distributor and sole agent for the world’s most         2.      Stabilus
renowned brands in textile spare parts. Our goal                Wallersheimer weg 100, 56070,
is to provide the best services to our customers                koblenz, Germany
through reliable products, which meet the                       Website: www.stabilus.com
customer’s needs with its best product
performance. We feel proud to assert that we are        3.      Wilhelm Herm Muller
associated with the world recognized and crest                  Heinrich-nordhoff-ring 14, 30826,
                                                                garbsen, Germany
class quality manufacturers in Germany,                         Tel:      +49 5131 4522 – 0
Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherland and                     Fax:      +49 5131 4522 – 110
Japan.                                                          Email: info@whm.net
                                                                Website: www.whm.net
That is why our company has a trusted name in
the market is greatly honored to provide                4.      XEFAR, Switzerland
following machinery spare parts:                        5.      Schoeger, Germany
                                                        6.      A.B.B, Netherland
              PRODUCT                  SOURCE & MADE
                                    AMMERAAL BELTECH
                                                        7.      Nitto Shoji,
                                    SWITZERLAND                 12-5, Nishitenma 4-Chome, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
                                    AMMERAAL BELTECH
 BELTS ETC                          SWITZERLAND
                                    AMMERAAL BELTECH

48       Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                    Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                   VALUE ADDITIONS
                                                   We bring the value additions to our clients
                                                   through Operational Efficiency and Innovative
                                                   & Unique Ideas.
51-C,15th Commercial Street                        KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS WE
Phase-II (Ext.),D.H.A.                             FOLLOW
Karachi, Pakistan                                  • Operational Efficiency
Tel.:    92 21 35889400 35889449                   • Innovation
Fax:     92 21 35896581
                                                   • Customer Satisfaction
Email: iba@cyber.net.pk
                                                   • Business Risk
Web:     www.ibrahimassociates.com.pk
Contact: Dr. Ibrahim Arain                         • Management Expertise
Title:   Director                                  • Cost Leadership

THE COMPANY                                        GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE AND
M/s Ibrahim associates was established in 1980,    FACILITIES:
focusing on excellent implementation of supply     Workshop And Main Warehouse:
requirements of quality promotional tools.         Plot#C/144, Sector-31/D, P& T,
Major sourcing countries include USA, UK,          Korangi Industustrial Area
Germany, Turkey, China, South. Korea, Hong         Karachi-75000 (Storage Capacity 11000SF)
Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia            and    Tel.:     (21) 5060213 & (21) 7090212
Philippine                                         Fax:      (21) 5060480

Dr. Ibrahim has over 20 years of experience        • Conceptualization
specializing in Manufacturing and supply           • Fabrication of display stands etc
development. He has in-depth understanding of      • Fabrication of stalls
operational and field efficiency.                  • POP Material
                                                   • Giveaways
OUR APPROACH                                       • Import
We will be honest, fair and open in our dealings   MANUFACTURING / PRINTING
with our customers and endeavor to help them at    FACILITIES
all Times. We are committed to providing them
                                                   • High quality screen printing, pad printing,
with value for their money.
                                                      foil printing, offset printing & computer
Team & Teamwork
Our ability to execute our strategy relies very    • Plastic Injection Die Making & Molding
clearly on the capability, motivation and          • Fabrication in PVC, Acrylic, Plastic, Wood
performance of our team. To achieve this we           & Metal materials
aim to have the best leadership teams in the       • Packaging
industry and will offer all our colleagues the
necessary training and personal development        INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS
they need to do their jobs well.                   • Senator & Co. GmbH Germany
                                                   • Rabisco Group – Philippine
Society                                            • Uniwell Electronics – Taiwan
Our main contribution to society is the value we   • Nozomi Marketing (M) Sdn, Bhd.,-
can add through our success in business. We           Malaysia
will seek to be a positive influence on those      • Cetin Plastic – Turkey
social and environmental issues, manifesting       • Choice International Co., Ltd. – China
responsibility to our customers, colleagues and    • Mae-Ruay Snack Food Factory Co., Ltd-
suppliers, we think is most important.                Thailand

                                                                  Textile Asia - 2011         49
Exhibitors’ Profile

MAJOR CLIENTS                                      we strive to satisfy all the needs of this industry
• Abbot Laboratories (Pakistan) Ltd                and now we acquire the maximum market share
• AGP (Pvt.) Ltd                                   due to our quality service. Our approach is not
• Aventis Pakistan Limited Barrett Hodgson         just to come over the problems to the industry
  Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.                             but also introduce new machines, materials and
                                                   most important IDEAS that how the related
• Citi Bank, N.A.
                                                   companies can do innovative work with
• Efroz Chemical (Pvt.) Ltd
                                                   complete support for their requirement. We are
• Getz Pharma (Pvt.) Lid                           also providing the embroidery services using Hi-
• GlaxoSmithKline          Pakistan     Ltd.       Tech embroidery machines of quality brands.
  Hilton Pharma Pvt. Ltd.                          We have separate dept for every particular
• I.B.L Health Care                                related to commercial embroidery, whereas the
• Lakson Tobacco Company Ltd.                      team of experts and professionals is taking care
• Merck Marker (Pvt.) Ltd.                         of all the development.
• Mobilink Pakistan, Mobile Communication
  (Pvt.) Ltd.                                      Our company’s Chairman Sir Mr. Bashir
• Novartis Pharma Pakistan Ltd.                    Ahmed, well known name in industry from last
• Pak Arab Refinery (PARCO) Ltd.                   40 years, who worked in Japanese company for
• Procter & Gamble Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.            embroidery machine as a Chief Engineer, many
• Roche Pakistan Ltd.                              well known companies are established with his
• Social Marketing Pakistan (Guarantee)            inspiration here in Pakistan. He is the first
  Limited.                                         Pakistani who is a certified Engineer from many
• Stand Pharm Pakistan Pvt Ltd.                    countries like Japan, Germany, Korea, and
• Surge Laboratoris (Pvt.) Ltd.                    honored by the GOLD MEDAL whereas he also
• Tapal Tea (Pvt.) Limited                         running the Technical Training Institute to
                                                   provide the finest engineers to this industry.
• Unilever Pakistan Limited
• Wyeth Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
                                                   His son Mr. Farhan Bashir (Chief Executive
                                                   Office) of M/s: Al Hamza International Lahore,
                                                   also a well known engineer in the field of
                                                   embroidery machine and also honored by the
                                                   GOLD MEDAL by different international
IMRAN ENTERPRISES                                  companies.
273/A-1, Kashmir Plaza, Umar Colony
Opp:Duty Free Shop, Shahrah-e-Faisal               WE ARE THE AGENTS & SUPPLIERS OF
Karachi, Pakistan                                  • SWS Embroidery Machine (Taiwan)
Tel.:    92 21 34538613, 34531659                  • SWS Laser (China)
Fax:     92 21 34391293
                                                   • Hirose Rotary Hooks for Embroidery
Email: farhan@imranenterprises.com
                                                     Machines (Japan)
Web:     www.imranenterprises.com.pk
                                                   • Hangzhou      Huahong     Rapier   Looms
Contact: Bashir Ahmad
                                                     Machinery (China)
Title:   Director
                                                   • Cone Winder (China)
Industries are the main asset for any country to   • Needle for Embroidery Machines (China)
establish the economy, due which they called       • Spare Parts
develop countries.                                 • Services for All Embroidery Machines

We M/s: Imran Enterprises are the part of
Pakistan apparel industry which plays incredibly   We are now bringing all these products through
vital role to develop this industry. We            out the Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our dedicated
established in 1990 and since from then we         sales & marketing and technical staff is there for
started to contribute to apparel industry and      the support. Our aim is to deliver the better
provide equipments, men power, services and        products with quality services.
back ups. In presence of so many competitors,

50      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                               Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                            program without any charges to its contract

                                                            CUSTOMIZED FORMULATION - LONGER
                                                            SHELF LIFE
                                                            IRI is the only roller company which specially
                                                            designs all its roller compounds best suited with
INTERNATIONAL                                               the climate of Karachi. Due to which our rollers
RUBBER INDUSTRIES                                           having extremely high shelf life, the only thing
F-380, S.I.T.E., Karachi, Pakistan                          is that, rest the rollers on journals (shafts) and
Tel.:    92 21 32563952, 32563953                           rotate them 180 degree after every three
Fax:     92 21 32563934                                     months.(avoid direct sunlight & ozone sources).
Email: info@iri.com.pk
Web:     www.iri.com.pk                                     Our compounds are well tested on wide variety
Contact: Saleem Ahmed                                       of machines since years. We are capable to
Title:   Chief Buss Executive                               provide rollers in different colours, hardness
                                                            (20° Shore A to 100° Shore A) and strength.
  Manufacturer & Exporter of rollers 48
         years of experience                                OVERNIGHT GRINDING SERVICES
                                                            IRI is the only company in Pakistan which
WARRANTY UPTO 2 YEARS                                       offers over night grinding & polishing services.
                                                            (On prior booking)
IRI is the only source of manufacturing superior
quality, long lasting rollers at highly reasonable
                                                            HUGE CLIENTELE
prices with up to 730 days, warranty.
                                                            With these facilities, IRI has been operating for
UNIQUE FACILITIES                                           48 years now and has left more than 280 clients
                                                            well satisfied. They belong to different
IRI is the only roller company in Pakistan
                                                            industries such as textile, graphic arts, metals,
equipped with best roller-making technologies
                                                            converting, printing & packaging, pulp & paper,
following strict quality assurance procedures.
                                                            steel, business machines, wood etc. situated in
• Using DuPont, Bayer, R.T. Vanderbilt,                     Pakistan and abroad.
     Zeon & DSM technologies.
• Member of International Rubber Roller                     SPECIALTY COMPOUNDS (TEXTILE /
     Group. (Excellent source for information
     sharing.)                                              PRINTING & PACKAGING)
                                                            Our engineers, technicians and chemists are
Internal mixer: Farrel
                         5 (Five) Open Mixer Mills (U.K.)
                                                            experienced problem solvers and will work
   Banbury (U.S.A.)                                         concurrently with clients' technical group to find
Multi-purpose Striping
                         Rubber Roller Covering Machine     the solution that best meets their design criteria.
                             6 (Six) Roller Grinders        IRI proprietary compounds blends (both
Roller builder Machine
                          Churchill (U.K.) & Roll Master    peroxide & sulphur cured) of different
(Roll Master – U.S.A.)
                         (max Dia 610 mm x DBC 6096
                                                            elastomers like Nitrile (NBR), EPDM, SBR,
                                       mm).                 NR, Hypalon (CSM), Neoprene, Silicone etc.
                            Shaper Machine/Drilling         (as iritex-Stx, iritex-dm, iriplast-Rchm, iriplast-
Rubber Roller Polishing Machine/Welding Plants/Milling
       Machine         Machine/Hydraulic Jacks/Hack Saw
                                                            Fchm, irioff-Cchm etc.) are strong, durable, and
                                 machines etc.              resistant to all kinds of impacts and abrasions.
  15 (Fifteen) Lathe
                              8 (Eight) Autoclaves:         iritex-chm, iritex-chmplus are most suitable in
 (max Dia 915 mm x
                        (max Dia 1000 mm x length 6096      all textile finishing processes whether conducted
                                       mm).                 in strong chemical environment as (alkaline e.g.
  length 9144 mm).
                                                            caustic & Hydrogen peroxide etc.; acidic e.g.
BEFORE/AFTER SALES SUPPORT                                  H2SO4, HCl etc.) or under high temperature &
IRI is the only roller company in Pakistan which            heavy pressure. IRI proprietary compounds,
offers comprehensive after-sales support                    compression properties exceed conventional
                                                            elastomers of equal hardness. In addition to

                                                                             Textile Asia - 2011           51
Exhibitors’ Profile

tension and compression, it has a greater load-      Our services take us into almost every field
bearing capacity as well as extremely high load-     imaginable, such as textiles, toys, electronics,
bearing properties. IRI have expert rubber to        building, heating, pharmaceuticals, petroleum,
metal bonding knowledge.                             food, minerals, and cargo scanning.

IRI rubberized rollers, resilient and even surface   We operate a global network of more than 1,000
give very efficient services; they squeeze           laboratories and offices and over 27,000 people
properly (perfect nip), and improve the quality      in 110 countries around the world. Intertek
of finishing and dyeing of the fabrics/yarn. IRI     provides testing, inspection and certification of
rollers also have a very long life that decreases    products, commodities and systems and many
the production delays, quality losses,               other services.
maintenance expenses, labour hours, wastage,
replacement of roller expenses, frequent re-         Intertek helps customers to assess their products
rubberizing expenses, etc. That is a great cost      and commodities against a wide range of safety,
saving.                                              regulatory, quality and performance standards.

PRODUCT LINE                                         We add value to the products and processes of
Rubberisation:                                       our customers, such as manufacturers, retailers,
Rubber Padder/Squeezer, Press rollers, inking        governments and traders, to facilitate their
rollers, Silicone Roller, Kuster swimming roller,    success in the global marketplace. Wherever we
Textured sizing roller, Guider Rollers, Bowed-       work, our focus is to support our customers and
Spreaded rolls (repair & new) & Ebonite              provide confidence-inspiring expertise.
Coating etc.
                                                     INTERTEK PAKISTAN (PVT.) LTD
Metal Roll Fabrication:                              • Started operating in Pakistan since 1998
Our workshop is well equipped to fabricate           • Establishment of state-of-art Textile
different types of metal rollers as steel, mild         Laboratory    having     accreditation  of
steel, aluminum etc.                                    ISO/IEC 17025:2005
                                                     • Providing one window service covering
Precision Grinding & Grooving services:                 Testing, Inspection & Auditing (CSR) for
On roller grinder machines & lathe machines for         catering the needs of a wide range of
rubber and metal Roller.                                customers

                                                     CORE SERVICES
                                                     • Testing: Dimensional Stability and related
                                                       Tests, Colour Fastness Tests, Fiber
INTERTEK PAKISTAN                                      Composition, Fabric Strength, Fabric
                                                       Construction,       Performance     Tests,
(PVT) LTD.                                             Flammability Tests, Extractable Heavy
1st Floor, S/94-A, Gulbai, S.I.T.E.                    Metals Testing like Lead (Pb) etc.
Karachi, Pakistan                                    • Inspection: Factory Evaluation, Pre-
Tel.:    92 21 2590154, 2590158                        Production Inspection, During Production
Fax:     92 21 2590172                                 Inspection, Final Random Inspection,
Email: imran.javed@intertek.com                        Container Loading Supervision
Web:     www.intertek.com                            • Auditing: TGI, WCA, SQP, MQP, GSV,
Contact: Imran Javed                                   SA 8000, WRAP, Customer Code of
Title:   Business Manager                              Conduct Audits

Intertek is the leading international provider of
quality and safety services to a wide range of
global and local industries.

52      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                        Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                     webs and belts. E+L is ranked among the
                                                     worldwide leading suppliers of control, guiding,
                                                     and inspection systems for the textile, paper,
                                                     corrugating, film, tire, rubber, non-woven, and
                                                     printing industries.
INTERTEX                                             Application experience and manufacturing
CORPORATION                                          expertise characterize the history of the
254-C, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S.,                          company from its foundation in 1919 in
Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan                  Augsburg.
Tel.:    92 21 34393584, 34393585
Fax:     92 21 34395532                              E+L’s broad product range comprises
Email: intertex@super.net.pk                         customized solutions for web control, web
Web:     www.fayyazenterprises.com/                  guiding    and    spreading,   web     tension
         intertex.html                               measurement and control, cutting technology,
Contact: Sohail Shekhani                             measuring and inspection technology as well as
Title:   C.E.O.                                      print image monitoring.

Intertex Corporation is the representative of        Some of the most common E+L application
Textile Machine and Chemical Manufacturers in        equipment being used in the textile finishing
Pakistan. The company was established in             industry today are:
1988. It is based in Karachi with liaison sales      • Edge sensing scanners, Stenter infeed
offices in Faisalabad and Lahore.                        motors with control, Segmented guider
Intertex has supplied complete projects as well          rollers, Scroll rollers, Steering rollers, Cloth
as numerous individual machines and equipment            guiders, 2/3/4 Finger un-curlers, Pneumatic
to customers all over Pakistan. The company              selvedge openers, Mechanical (plate type)
has a complete setup for sales, installation and         selvedge openers, Load cells to control
commissioning of textile machines including the          fabric tension, Fabric slitting and Selvedge
after-sales service. Intertex has well qualified         Trimming equipment, Metal Detectors,
engineers who have been trained on-site by the           Rope Opening and Slitting Machine, Weft
visiting principal’s engineers. In addition, there       Straighteners, Pick Counters, Width
is an electronic lab in-house for the repair and         Measurement systems, Web inspection
trouble shooting of electronic equipment and             system, Scrays, Batching and Plaiting
devices.                                                 Equipment, Printing Blanket/Belt control
Intertex Corporation is a sister concern of
Fayyaz Enterprises which was established in
1975. Fayyaz Enterprises is a well reputed
buying and out-sourcing house for the export of      BOBOTEX HANS LADWIG GMBH & CO.
various kinds of textile products from Pakistan      KG
to Europe and USA, especially woven and              D-42389 Wuppertal, Germany
knitted garments/apparels and home textiles          www.BOBOTEX.de
including towels and bed linen.
                                                     Roller Coverings and Anti-Slip Tapes
                                                     Bobotex specializes in development and
                                                     manufacturing of various kinds of roller
                                                     coverings and anti-slip tapes. Innovations and
D-86391 Stadtbergen, Germany.                        advancements of products are developed at the
www.erhardt-leimer.com                               company’s internal laboratory.
Fabric Guiding, Spreading, Scanning                  The Bobotex roller coverings are used in textile
Equipment                                            finishing, weaving and spinning industries. The
Erhardt+Leimer (E+L) is specialist for system        company makes products for various
solutions and automation technology on running       temperature ranges that cover most parts of the

                                                                       Textile Asia - 2011           53
Exhibitors’ Profile

textile industry hence giving fabric the grip that   In honour of the high quality standards,
it requires.                                         Honegger was awarded the "AUSTRIA
                                                     QUALITY SEAL" by the Austrian society for
                                                     the Promotion of Quality.

CO. KG                                               INTERSPARE GMBH
D-42389 Wuppertal, Germany.                          Rontgenstrasse 8. D-21465 Reinbek, Germany.
www.expert4textiles.de                                www.interspare.com

Felt Belts and Technical Felts                       Owner of Artos, Krantz, Famatex,
EXPERT Stephan Heuser GmbH & Co. KG,                 StentexSpare parts and accessories of Textile
based in Wuppertal (Germany), is one of the          Finishing, Weaving and Spinning machines of
worldwide leading manufacturers of cork tapes,       various European brands
technical felts and roller coverings for various     INTESPARE was founded in 1994 in Hamburg
industry sectors. In 2007, the 'technical felts'     Germany. The company specializes in supply of
product range of the worldwide leading               spare parts and accessories for textile finishing,
manufacturer, P & S Textiles Ltd. UK' was            weaving and spinning plants.
taken over and successfully expanded. The
product range of EXPERT Stephan Heuser               On 1st November 2007 INTERSPARE took
GmbH & Co. KG also includes conveyor belts           over all rights to all patents, licences, drawings
and PTFE foils and silicone-coated fabrics. The      and technical documentation inclusive the spare
manufacture of all EXPERT products is done on        parts stock, of the brands ARTOS, BABCOCK
the most modern machines in European                 (BTM), FAMATEX, HAAS, KRANTZ, and
factories.                                           STENTEX as an ideal complement to the
                                                     existing spare parts business. Long-service
Some of the applications of Expert Felt Belts in     employees with technical knowledge of these
textiles are in,                                     product areas were recruited by INTERSPARE
• Sanforizing Machines, Compactors, Dryers,          to complete the total acquired know-how.
                                                     Therefore, INTERSPARE can offer solutions in
HONEGGER OSTERREICHISCHE                             terms of spare parts, services, extensions,
                                                     modernizations, upgradings and new machines
                                                     for above brands. As the sole supplier of
Brundlgraben 49. A-3500 Krems, Austria               ORIGINAL spare parts INTERSPARE is also a
www.honegger.at                                      competent partner for service, maintenance and
                                                     modification of large machinery of various
Raising Wires / Card Clothing                        systems. In addition, INTERSPARE continues
Since decades Honegger produces high quality         to supply spare parts and accessories for the
products. The use of high-grade raw materials        other European brand machines too.
and an experience of more than 150 years in the
production and development of card clothings
guarantee that his requirement is met.

Product Range: Honegger produces all kinds of        K+Z CORPORATION LTD
card clothings for different uses in the textile-    (Kidd+Zigrino)Nakorn Pathom,            Thailand.
industry, for                                        www.kzcorp.com
• Woollen and Worsted Systems, Raising and
    Finshing, High Pile Knitting machines,           Loop Steamer and Colour Kitchen
    Yarn Raising Machines and so on., as well        Equipment
    as for Tanneries for processing of skins and     Kidd+Zigrino Co. Ltd., was established in Great
    for     other    SPECIAL        USE      and     Britain in 1972.

54      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                       Exhibitors’ Profile

In 1991, Kidd+Zigrino Co. Ltd., expanded into       •   Open Coating Structure (O.C.S.)
Asia and established a branch of the Company        •   Closed Application System (no contact with
(as a joint venture) in Thailand to oversee the         oxygen)
Asian Market.                                       •   Processing with high viscose products
                                                    •   Back Coating of textiles
In 1993, the company moved all the Textile          •   Coating of Airbag fabrics
Machinery Developments and Manufacturing to         •   Carpet backing
the more competitive Kidd+Zigrino established       •   and other similar applications
base in Thailand.

The re-organization of the Company was thus
completed in 1996 by the formation of K+Z           TEXPA MASCHINENBAU GMBH & CO
Corporation Ltd. in Don Tum, Nakorn Pathom,         Mittelweg 9. D-97633 Saal/Saale, Germany.
Thailand, to Head and Control all Kidd+Zigrino      www.texpa.de
Business interests with all existing Associated
Companies.                                          Automated Stitching, Folding and Packaging
                                                    Lines for Terry Towels, Bed Linen, Table
Some of the products which K+Z is                   Linen and Blankets
manufacturing / supplying are:                      Based on roughly 50 years of experience in
Loop Steamer, Colour Kitchen Equipment such         system design and production and as a
as Thickener preparation / dispensing / mixers,     worldwide leader and producer of fully
Rotary Engraving equipment, Sample tables,          automatic systems for cutting, sewing, folding
Squeegee washers, Drum washers and so on.           and packaging of home textiles; TEXPA offers
                                                    custom designed machines according to the
                                                    individual needs.

LACOM VERTRIEBS GMBH                                TEXPA’s strength is legendary: Many years of
                                                    experience, strong R&D, continuous and high
73466 Lauchheim, Germany.                           production for the fastest payback.
                                                    Satisfaction and success of Texpa’s international
Laminating and Coating Machines                     customers always have priority - the only way to
M/s LACOM is one of the leading                     expand Texpa’s strong market position
manufacturers of Laminating and Coating             worldwide.
machines with innovative technical concepts.
The Lacom Lip/Slot Die coating system, the          For that reason, Texpa’s service is not just
Gravure roller process, as well as the multi-       limited to the supply of highly efficient
roller technology are examples for the              installations with innovative advancements, but
conversion of future-oriented ideas by most         also includes the assembling and the intensive
modern technologies.                                training of customer associates by Texpa’s
                                                    highly skilled personnel, a competent customer
The LACOM machines are playing a very               service and fast and reliable spare parts service.
important role in the production of technical
textiles all over the world. Some of the            Some of the most common Texpa machines
processes possible on LACOM machines are:           are:
•   Production of duplex and triplex laminates      Terry Towel Machines: Length Slitting,
    by thermoplastic or reactive hot melt           Length Hemming, Cross Hemming, Folding,
    adhesive systems                                Packaging
•   Air permeable laminates
•   Full cover coating, such as: carpet backing,    Bed Linen Machines: Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet,
    shoe toe & heel stiffener, upholstery fabric,   Pillowcase, Duvet Covers, Fitted Box making,
    mattress ticking                                Pillowcase and Duvet Cover closing (semi-
•   Soft handle of Laminates                        automated), Length Hemming. Most of the

                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011          55
Exhibitors’ Profile

machines have possibilities of ‘S’ hem, ‘Z’ hem,
bordering, piping, etc…., Folding, Packaging

WENK                                               Ground Floor, Ocean Centre,
Via per Alzate , 20/c. 22063 Cantu (CO)–Italy      Talpur Road
www.wenk-italia.com                                Karachi, Pakistan
                                                   Tel:     92 21 32410150, 32413138
Rotary Screen Endrings                             Fax:     92 21 32429340
Wenk specializes in the manufacturing of           Email: investco@investcopakistan.com
aluminum rotary screen endrings. The Wenk                   salim@investcopakistan.com
endrings are made from high quality aluminum       Web:     www.investcopakistan.com
alloy and turning is carried out by CNC tooling    Contact: M. Arif A. Habib
machines.                                          Title:   Chief Executive

The application of even one faulty endring could   INVESTCO is over 40 years old company
jeopardize the printing results, therefore each    acting as exclusive representation of the world
endring is checked with advanced control tools     renowned textile machinery manufacturers.
in order to ensure a perfect product.              Investco believe more in after-sales service than
                                                   in selling textile machines.
Wenk produces more than 30 models of
endrings in various repeats for all types of       INVESTCO EXCLUSIVELY REPRESENT
Rotary screen printing machines.                   FOLLOWING COMPANIES

                                                   UNIPLET        GROUP     A.S.,     CZECH
WERNER MATHIS AG                                   REPUBLIC
CH-8156 Oberhasli/Zurich. Switzerland              Products:
www.mathisag.com                                   • Single Cylinder Socks Knitting Machines –
                                                       Ange Line.
Laboratory machines for Textile Dyeing and         • Double Cylinder Socks Knitting Machines –
Finishing                                              Dera Line.
Mathis AG is the world’s leading manufacturer      • Panty Hose Kitting Machines – Edis Line.
of exceptionally high quality machines for         • Seamless Knitting Machines Model –
textile dyeing and finishing laboratories.             Charlotte.

The Mathis machines are well known worldwide       PILOTELLE, ITALY
for their workmanship, quality, repeatability of   Products:
process/results and long life.                     Knitting Machines, Single Cylinder, Double
                                                   Jersey, Terry, Fleece, Open Width, Colour
Many years of experience and close contact to      Stripes.
renowned companies in textile sector (such as
chemical and dyeing/finishing companies) leads     CANALAIR SPA, ITALY
to the constant development and construction of    Products:
practice-oriented laboratory machines.             • Air condition and filtration system for
                                                       textile projects.
Some of the most common and widely used            • Automation.
Mathis machines are:                               • Central suction for socks project including
·         Beaker Dyeing, Drying/Curing Oven,           electrical line, power line, light pipes, air
Universal Steamer/Dryer, Padders, Coating              compressed line etc.
machine, Yarn Dyeing, Continuous Thermosol
Dyeing, Continuous Pad Steam Dyeing &
washing and so on……

56      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                Exhibitors’ Profile

ZKL, KINEX A.S., SLOVAKIA                     Ittehad Group is basically an Engineering Group
Products:                                     established in 1970, manufacturing textile/
• Bearings for Textile Industry.              sewing machinery and accessories thereof. The
• All types of bearings for O.E. Spinning     local made textile machinery could not compete
    Machines up to 110,000 rpm.               the challenge of advanced technology of the
• Bearings for Automotive Industry.           World and hence confined to cottage industry.
• Bearings for Railway Vehicles.
                                              Ittehad Group entered into import of all type
WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY                    industrial machinery in 1981 and has now
SRL, ITALY                                    become one of the largest machinery groups in
Products:                                     Pakistan. Being the largest importers of New
Waste water treatment plants for civil or     and Re-conditioned Garments & Apparel
industrial discharges.                        machinery, Ittehad has proven a track record of
                                              steady and solid performance, which takes
NAMSEO          PRECISION         KNITTING    excellence and long term growth as a basis of its
NEEDLE COMPANY LTD., KOREA                    corporate philosophy.
Hosiery Needles, Sinkers, Jacks, Transfer
Needles, Flat Needles, Raschel Needles etc.   For the last many years, the latest high
                                              technology machinery like GRACEFUL Sequin
CZECH OPEN END spinning machines and          Embroidery machines, Richpeace Garments
spare parts complete range.                   CAD/CAM        Systems,      Richpeace   Fully
                                              Automatic Fabric Spreading Machines, Needle
SOCKS knitting machines parts complete        Detector machinery, Sunstar Automation
range.                                        Machinery Korea, and the latest Multipurpose
                                              Fiblon Fusing Press Machines are now available
                                              in Ittehad Ware House round the clock. Ittehad
                                              Group is the only recognized importers and
                                              stockiest who are supplying all sorts of
                                              Garments/Apparel machinery throughout the
                                              country. People rightly say:

ITTEHAD MACHINERY                             The best short economy route to industrial
                                              machinery always passes through ITTEHAD
GROUP OF PAKISTAN                             only.
240,Madina Market (Jubilee), Garden Road
Karachi, Pakistan                             OVERSEAS PRINCIPALS
Tel:     92 21 32721079, 92 21 32722184
Fax:     92 21 32768004
                                                                Machinery Co., Ltd, Korea
Email: ittehad@cyber.net.pk
                                              Since founded in June 1974, SunStar Machinery
Web:     www.ittehadmachines.com
                                              Co.. Ltd. has been committed to manufacturing
Contact: Nadeem Raza
                                              industrial sewing machines for the past 30 years.
Title:   Director
                                              It has led the development of Korean sewing
                                              industry with outstanding quality products.
96, McLeod Road, Lahore, Pakistan
                                              Furthermore as a top class sewing machine
Tel.:   92 42 37243701, 37354749
                                              manufacturer, it is supplying best sewing
Fax:    92 42 37246786
                                              machines to the world sewing industry. It
Email: ittehad@brain.net.pk
                                              succeeded in producing servo motors which can
Web:    www.ittehadmachines.com
                                              be applied to all types of sewing machines
                                              around the world. Sunstar's Jean-dedicated
                                              system is an automated jean production system
           PAKISTAN                           and enables the immediate response to fast-
                                              changing and diverse fashion trends. It offers

                                                               Textile Asia - 2011         57
Exhibitors’ Profile

highest productivity and top        quality   by
providing best sewing conditions.

Richpeace Technology Group China                    JIVANI TRADERS
By the speedy development of last 20 years,         C-257/1,Khudad Colony
Richpeace has grown up to be the leading role in    Karachi, Pakistan
China Textile and Apparel Industries.               Cell:    92 300-2585108, 300-2336208
Specializing in R&D, Manufacturing, Garment         Email: jivanitrader@yahoo.com
CAD/CAM Systems & Fully Automatic Fabric            Contact: Mohsin
Spreading Machines, and other relevant              Title:   C.E.O.
accessories, with the aim of continuous reforms
& promotion in the traditional industry by          We JIVANI TRADERS are Sole Agents of M/s.
applying high technologies as well as advanced      SAGA CO., LTD. TAIWAN in Pakistan.
practical techniques. Richpeace succeed in all
above mentioned industries. Richpeace is the        M/S. SAGA CO., LTD. was founded for more
only one firm in China who can provide              than 20 years and specialize in the production,
customer real sense of electronic & mechanical      agency, marketing full range of plastic staple
integration, because Richpeace developed all        pins, tag pins, tag guns, tag gun needles, plastic
kinds of computer control systems of different      staple attacher machines, tagging machines,
textile & garment machinery. So Richpeace has       rubber leg, loop lock, V-Tool, V-Fastener,
the best understanding & knowledge to make the      consecutive labeller, price labeller, string loop,
computer control system with advanced               carbide paper, etc.,
software to match with high quality & super
precision mechanical parts & components. Our        With practice and development for many years,
Garment CAD/CAM Systems and Fully                   M/s. SAGA CO., LTD. have become a
Automatic Fabric Spreading Machines are well        professional leading company in garment
equipped to satisfy customer needs and              accessories business, and SAGA brand gains
diverging market trends. With High-Tech             good reputations from the customers all over the
software functions, easy to use & easy to           world.
understand and available at very competitive
price, Richpeace Garment CAD/CAM System             With high-tech production technology, excellent
have already been proved best in Pakistan           product quality, afordable price, strict and
Market.                                             specialized management system, profesional
                                                    after-sales service system, and excellent team,
             FUSING PRESS Technology                founded GUANGZHOU MITCHELL PLASTIC
KOREA                                               CO., LTD., branch in 2004; meantime trying our
Korea Fiblon Co., Ltd. are the leading              best to expand the range of services to our
manufacturer and exporter of highly qualified       customers and increase variable patterns of
Garment Machinery in Korea. Since established       cooperation.
1982, Fiblon concentrated all their efforts in
developing the machines to meet various             We are looking forward to establishing long-
requirements from the garment industry.             term business cooperation with you for brilliant
Through the courtesy of our distributors over the   future.
world, we are getting various information and
keeping business with sincere partnerships and      Please feel free to get in touch with us at any
our R&D team is developing distinctive items.       time to check what we can do for you & how we
ITTEHAD Group is our trusted & reliable             can cooperate together.
partner since last 10 years in Pakistan, and
contributed a lot to the sales & After Service of   We will do our best to provide you with the
Fiblon Fusing Press machines.                       most professional and high quality service!

58      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                    22-Km Ferozepur Road,
                                                    Rohi Nala, Near Nadir Chowk
                                                    Plot #6, Lahore, Pakistan
                                                    Tel:     0090-42-35271269
K & S MACHINERY                                              03009610461-03008001867
C-I,374,Sector 16-B, North Karachi                  E-mail: c.n.wear@hotmail.com
Industrial Area
Karachi, Pakistan                                   Head Office: Switzerland
Tel:     92 21 36978434                             Contact: Ch.Abdul Hafiz
Fax:     92 21 36642538                             Cell:    00923009256721
Email: kandsmachinery@cyber.net.pk                  Tel:     0041794299072 -0041765287595
Web:     www.kandmachinery.com                      E-mail: chaudhury.hafiz@bluewin.ch
Contact: M. Khurram Saleem
Title:   Director                                   We feel honor to inform that we have become
                                                    the sole distributor and legal representative of
K&S Machinery was organized to facilitate           Leading Manufacturer of Circular knitting
textile machinery buyers all over the world. Our    machines of Orizio Srl in Pakistan.
company understands the needs of textile
manufacturers all over the word especially in       The company has expanded during almost
Asia. We can offer good quality used and brand      04years to cover entire southern, central and
new machinery to narrow fabric, sewing, and         northern regions. Today the total numbers of
embroidery industry.                                clients have reached up to 50 clients.

We are based in Pakistan and one of the largest     We have a complete range of all branded
used narrow fabric machinery dealers in the sub-    knitting machines and we also provide services
continent Asia.                                     of commercial Knitting.We can provide quality
                                                    machines with compatible prices and good
For any need of buying or selling used narrow       service.
fabric Knitting, Weaving, Sewing, Label
weaving and embroidery machinery please feel
free to contact us. We are happy to offer our
services to buyers and sellers in this market. We
guarantee that we will offer you the best prices    M. TAX EMBROIDERY
for your used machinery as well as very             3-C,Jami Commercial Area,
competitive prices, if you are in need of           Street-3, Phase-VII,D.H.A.
purchasing used machinery.                          Karachi, Pakistan
                                                    Tel:     92 21 35311761, 35311763
                                                    Email: mtax@msbintl.com
                                                    Contact: Mubashir
                                                    Title:   C.E.O.

                                                    MTAX Sewing Equipments Manufacturing Co.
KALOYA TEX &                                        is a Chinese-foreign venture specializing in
CHAUDHARY KNITWEAR                                  manufacturing     computerized      embroidery
#138,Sector 16-B,                                   equipments and installation kits. The factory is
North Karachi Industrial Area                       located in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, near
Karachi, Pakistan                                   Shanghai & Hangzhou City covering the area of
Contact: Shams                                      20,000 square meters.
Title:   Director
                                                    We produce MTAX brand embroidery machines
ORIZIO SRL, CHAUDHARY KNITWEAR &                    with more than hundred kinds of specifications
KLOYA TEX                                           having different performances like Flat (Not
                                                    trimmer & Auto trimmer), Bording, Sequence,
                                                    Towel, Cording and Corling embroidery as well

                                                                    Textile Asia - 2011         59
Exhibitors’ Profile

using Advanced        local   &     International   CHIEN LUN MACHINERY CO., LTD /
technologies.                                       TAIWAN
                                                    High Speed Raising, Shearing & Sueding
With reasonable structure, complete functions,      Machines
steady run, dependable performance and
convenient operations, our products have            TEXWORLD INTERNATIONAL (CHINA)
already occupied many domestic & international      CO., LTD / P.R. CHINA
markets in many countries in Europe, North          Manufacturers and Supplies of Weaving
America, South America, South-East Asia and         Machines/LoomsDisplay Air Jet Weaving Loom
Middle East.                                        2800mm and Flexible Shuttleless Rapier Loom
On the basic principles of Excellent Machine
Quality, Perfect After-Sales Services &             TAIPEI PERFECT MACHINE INDUSTRY
Competitive Product Price, we welcome all our       CO., LTD / TAIWAN
friends from all over the World for mutually        Pallet Wrapping Machines
beneficial development.
                                                    TAILIFT CO., LTD / TAIWAN & P. R.
MARHABA GENERAL                                     CHINA
                                                    Diesel/Gasoline/LPG Fork Lift Trucks (1.5 Tons
TRADING COMPANY                                     ~ 5 Tons)
96-C, Mezzanine Floor, Jami Commercial
St.11, Phase-VII, D.H.A.                            JAYSYNTH DYECHEM LTD., MUMBAI /
Karachi, Pakistan                                   INDIA
Tel:     92 21 35396151, 35396152                   Textile Dyes
Fax:     92 21 35396153
Email: info@marhaba-trading.com                     KLANG HOCK PLASTIC INDUSTRIES
Web:     www.marhaba-trading.com                    SDN. BHD / MALAYSIA
Contact: Arif Munir                                 LDPE Shrink Film, LLDPE Stretch Film, Food
Title:   C.E.O.                                     Wrap / Cling Film, & Cast Polypropylene

Company established in 1998 to promote and
market Textile Machinery, Packing Machines,
Packing Materials, Textile Dye & Pigments and
Textile Chemical/Auxiliaries.

We are Agents/Distributors of following world       MASTER RAFIULLAH &
renowned companies successfully promoting /
marketing their Products to the best satisfaction   SONS
of most reputed Mills in Pakistan.                  A-58/3,Roshan Bagh Society,
                                                    Power House,Block-19,
HSING          CHENG          MACHINERY             F.B.Area, Adj.Masjid-e-Aqsa
INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD / TAIWAN                        Karachi, Pakistan
Manufacturers    of    Automatic   Finishing,       Tel:     92 21 36367599, 36367598
Inspection & Packing Machines for Woven and         Fax:     92 21 36829700
Knitted FabricsDisplay Open Width Compactor         Email: waseem@masterrafiullahsons.com
(HC-OCM-2600) and Automatic Slitting                Web:     www.masterrafiullahsons.com
Machine for Knit Fabrics (HC-ASS)                   Contact: Waseem Ahmed
                                                    Title:   Managing Director
INDUSTRY CO., LTD / TAIWAN                          Master Rafiullah’ Sons and its associated firms
Textile Dyeing Machines Display Model: AK-          are devoting to all kinds of industrial sewing
REO Normal Temperature Soft Dyeing                  machines (new & used) and their related spare
Machines for Towels and Knit Fabrics                parts, accessories, folders and attachments,
                                                    garment finishing equipments and other many

60      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                           Exhibitors’ Profile

related items for more than three decades. We
are one of the largest distributors for all kind of
industrial sewing machines and we have stock of
many kinds of industrial sewing machines spare
parts and can supply spare parts for most of the
famous brands.                                         MASTER TRADERS
Currently we are the sole agent of LAIKE,              EMBROIDERY
SUPREME, and BAIHUI Brand in Pakistan.                 Block J-98,Johar Town
                                                       Lahore, Pakistan
LAIKE: Laike is specialized in all kinds of            Tel:     92 42 35314563-5
Manual / Auto trimmer single needle, double            Fax:     92 41 8861939
needle, lockstitch series, overlocks and               Email: mastertraders@link.net.pk
Interlocks series, chain stitch flatbed series and     Web:     www.mastertraders.com.pk
many others special series. We have some direct        Contact: Mian Zamir Ahmad
drive single needle, overlock, and interlock           Title:   C.E.O.
machines series that can save electricity up to
60%.                                                       Just bring yourself To the Master
                                                          Traders We will lead you to success
SUPREME: Supreme is specialized in                         Because we know what you need.
electronically controlled high technology and
efficient machine series like Electronic Bar
                                                       Sole Distributor of                       Barudan
tacking, Button attaching, Automatic loop
                                                       Embroidery Machines in Pakistan
attaching machines, Computerized eyelet button
hole, pattern taker of big size like 220mm x
                                                       Master Traders & Embroidery Works is
100mm and 300mmx200mm and High
                                                       dedicating its services to the nation in many
technology pneumatic type feed of the arm
                                                       products from last decade. We believe on
                                                       continuous improvement. By the passage of time
                                                       Master Traders has enable it self to enhance its
BAIHUI: Baihui is specialized in all kind of
                                                       ability in order to serve best to its customer.
Multi needle flat bed /cylinder bed chain stitch
machines series. We have some bigger gauges
                                                       Master Traders has expanded to the major cities
like 1/4” 25 needles and 3/16” 33 needle
                                                       of Punjab and Looking forward for Sindh by
smocking with shrink chain stitch machine
                                                       opening up its 1st office in Karachi by august
series, waist band and curve type waist bands
series, Loop making series.
                                                       Right now Master Traders is operating in 4
We are also specialized in manufacturing folder
                                                       major cities of Pakistan.
attachment, cutting range table, stools, basket,
racks and other related items according to the         • Lahore
buyer's requirement! Our main object is to             • Faisalabad
facilitate our customers by providing them             • Gujranwala
friendly environment and extreme customer              • Karachi
                                                       Master Traders has achieved a great respect
It is always a pleasure to meet and serve you all      among its large list of customers by providing
old, new friends and we invite you to initiate to      up to the mark sales and after sales services.
a business relation with us... a relation of benefit
and prosperity that we assure you will enjoy.          AREAS OF CONCERN
                                                       Master Traders showing excellence through its
                                                       sales team comprised of 4 regional offices with
                                                       its regional managers. We are able to be best
                                                       through our engineering staff comprised of 40
                                                       engineers in all localities. Our after sales staff is

                                                                         Textile Asia - 2011            61
Exhibitors’ Profile

well trained by foreign manufacturers of the         unique is our rich experience spreading over so
concerning products in order to be the best in the   many years coupled with manual equipments
field. Master Traders believe on saving wastage      and CAD/CAM Technology.
of time. To achieve this purpose Master Traders
has its own parts outlet from where all parts of     We afford to our enlightened customers
concerning products are available at its 1st need.   unquestionable quality at competitive prices. If
                                                     you feel to have any further assistance please
Thats how Master Traders Strive for excellence.      feel free to contact us at our Karachi, Lahore
                                                     and Faisalabad offices. You will feel us at your
PRINCIPAL COMPANY                                    door step.
CITY, AICHI - PREF, 4910004 JAPAN                    FOLLOWING ITEMS
www.barudan.co.jp                                    Spinning:
                                                     1.    Indian Card Clothing Co Ltd. Card Wire India
                                                     2.    Indian Card Clothing Co Ltd. Sharprite Wire
                                                           Reshapning, Sharprite Tops Machines, Flat
                                                           Clipping Machine & Wire Mounting Machine.
                                                     3.    RIFA Textile Machinery for Compact Spinning
                                                           System. China
                                                     4.    RIFA Textile Machinery for Two for One Twister.
MB TEXTILE ORPORATION                                5.    RIFA Textile Machinery for Open End Rotor
                                                           Spinning. China
PAKISTAN                                             6.    MAG SOLVICS Fiber to Fabric Complete Testing
MB House,18-W-102,Madina Town                              Solutions. India
Faisalabad, Pakistan                                 7.    CTMTC Jingwei Spindle Bolster. China
Tel:     92 41 8531111                               8.    Changzhou Hangyue Textile Machinery Fitting
Fax:     92 41 8715522                                     Co Ltd for H.YUE Steel Ring. China
                                                     9.    Sanyou Holding Group Co Ltd for Ring &
Email: mb@mbtex.net
                                                           Simplex Bobbins. China
Web:     www.mbtex.net                               10.   Wuxi no 2 Rubber Co Ltd for WRA Rubber
Contact: Khurram Shafiq                                    Apron & Cots. China
Title:   Director                                    11.   Mashintex Ltd for Lubriclean. Japan
                                                     12.   Dowcorning. Japan (Molykote G Rapid Spray)
It is a Great Pleasure to introduce our company      13.   Conitex-Sonoco for Paper Cones. Italy
to the world market, as one of the leading           14.   Conitex for Plastic Bobbins. Germany
importers, Indentors & stockiest of spinning,        15.   H&F Open End Spinning Parts. China
weaving, embroidery machinery and parts. Our
company has carved out an honorable name in          Weaving:
                                                     1.    CTMTC for Warping & Sizing Machine. China
the comity of textiles and world over.               2.    FWH, Steel Dropper, Guide Teeth, Projectile
                                                           Body, Projectile Gripper, Picking Shoe, PFR
The hall marks of our trading creed range from             Sensors. China
quality products to a safe and speedy execution      3.    Second Hand Sulzer Projectile Machines/ Air jet
of orders. We believe in the absolute satisfaction         Machines
of our reverend clients and customers as it          4.    All Kind of Air jet Machine Parts. China
                                                     5.    All Kind of Rapier Machine Parts. China
serves as the hub and heart of any business

MB has a proud claim to professional excellence      Printing & Dyeing:
                                                     1.    CTMTC for Printing & Dyeing Machinery. China
and technical equipage. We always prefer to hire
the singular services of the expertise in the
relevant field. We do whatever in our power to       1.    MB TEX Embroidery Thread
ensure the cherished quality and durability of       2.    MB Multi Head Embroidery Machine with
our products. What has made our company                    Sequence/ Cording & Chenille Device. China

62      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                         Exhibitors’ Profile

OUR PRINCIPALS                                        •   Compact pressurized pipeline can be drawn
                                                          into shape in one time and a special surface
                                                          treatment guarantees extremely low friction
                                                          coefficient and high wear resistance
COMPACT SPINNING SYSTEM. CHINA                            characteristics. Different shapes suit
                                                          different suction slot fiber spinning. The
In order to meet the requirement of yarn with             porous endless belts are made of special
low hairiness and high strength, the compact              fiber and have the characteristics after
spinning device with independent intellectual             special treatment later: no joints, smooth,
property rights has the following characteristics:        wear-resistant and anti-static surface,
superior maneuverability, flexibility and                 evenness      and    stability.  Introducing
economy.                                                  advanced cutting technology to ensure
                                                          stable and consistent size, smooth running
Its unique technical strength lies in:                    and avoid deformation.
• Patent Technology: The porous endless belt          •   Simple system structure can reduce
     is running actively from transition gear to          effectively the refit difficulty and refit
     the front roller with the characteristic of          workload as well as the cost of operation
     smooth running, constant and accurate                and maintenance. Humanized design allows
     speed. The transition gear is made of                easy refit and is suitable for any types of
     abrasion-resistant material to realize silent        ordinary ring spinning machine.
     running and single-spindle porous endless        •   Users can change it to be an ordinary ring
     belt is tensioned automatically by the spring        spinning machine easily according to the
     to guarantee stable operation.                       needs of production in a short time without
• The pressurized device of matched compact               the slightest impact on the quality of yarn,
     leather roller can control actively the fiber        which is the RFCS compact spinning
     in free area and the special structure design        system to production cost control from the
     can guarantee invariable pressure on both            user’s point of view.
     sides so that the yarn quality is free of        •   Advantage of Technological Leadership:
     diameter change of the leather roller. This is           The     compact spinning        with     many
     suitable for any draft cradle.                           independent intellectual property rights
                                                              The production of compact spinning special
• The system of supplying pressure with                       are solved successfully
     optimized design: the high-pressure air                  The gathering result, rationality, stability of
     blower with independent and changeable                   the compact spinning system has already
     frequency conversion controls and with                   been fully verified
     special design of flue and blast pipe can                Fully master the relevant technology and
     guarantee the negative pressure of the                   process of compact spinning
     sucker mouth in the tailstock and                •   Remarkable Operation and Flexibility
     locomotive of the machines within the                    Modular architecture design of compact
                                                              spinning      makes       accessibility   and
     range of best technological requirement.                 maintenance very convenient
     The negative pressure tunnel will be                     Suitable for spinning yarns with different
     arranged in draft district to make the route             fibers and different thickness
     of pipeline as short as possible and the wind            The driving system with different collocation
     will be exhausted through wind system in                 provides the users with more selection space
     tailstock so that it can eliminate the           •   Advantage of fully application of advanced
     interference of air flow in the workshop and         auxiliary functions
     the working environment also can be                      The compact spinning machines with high
     improved.                                                collocation have reliable servo control
• Special safe and dustproof design reduces                   The draft drive system with high added value
     maintenance workload and six or four                     (suitable for spinning fancy yarn) brings
     integrated modular architecture design                   infinite appreciation to users
     makes accessibility very convenient and can              The convenience of management has reduced
     be      assembled      without     tools   or            production and operation cost
     decomposition. Meantime, it is very easy to
     maintain so that downtime can be reduced.

                                                                       Textile Asia - 2011               63
Exhibitors’ Profile

•    Choose the high quality and special parts          clothing for woolen applications, variety of
     suitable for producing high speed and              raising fillets and Hand cleaning cards.
     quality yarns
         High quality drafting system                   In order to consolidate its position, ICC has now
         High speed spindle                             forayed into the card service room equipments
         The high speed rings and travelers which are   to produce Sharprite Resharpening Device for
         special for compact spinning are imported
                                                        Wires and Tops.

                                                        MSR ASSOCIATES
The Indian Card Clothing Co Ltd.                        64-P,Phase I,D.H.A. Lahore, Pakistan
                                                        Fax:     92 42 35720532
Innovative solutions For better carding                 Email: bluereed@wol.net.pk
                                                        Web:     www.bluereed.es
The Indian Card Clothing Co. Ltd. (ICC),                Contact: Raza ul Mohsin
Established in 1955, is well known for its range        Title:   Director
of metallic and flexible card clothing. Keeping
pace with the changing times, it has introduced
new products required by the industry. Today it
has products for all cards to process any
material. While ICC produces card clothing for
the Revolving Flat Cards and Roller & Clearer           SOFT CHEMICAL S.R.L.
cards, its UK based subsidiary, Garnet Wires            Via 11 Settembre,112C
Ltd has the complete range of metallic wires for        Marnate (VA) Italy
the non woven cards and other applications.             Tel.    +39 0331 369378
                                                        Fax     +39 0331 606055
With branches in all major textile centers in           Email: info@softchems.com
India, ICC has a wide reach covering all                Web:    www.softchems.com
spinning mills. ICC also exports 15% of its
products to major textile producing countries            “SOFT CHEMICALS s.r.l was founded in
like Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia,              1999 as a supplier of auxiliary chemicals to the
Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and Africa.                   textile industry. The company is located in
                                                        Northern Italy, in the town of Marnate, close to
ICC now has a wide array of cylinder wires              Milano Malpensa Airport, in the heart of the
made out of Alloy Steel wires which have set            Italian textile industry. In the early days of its
new standards for the industry – Primus, Maxus          existence the activity was directed almost
and Tenace series. Different types of doffer            exclusively to the local coating and finishing
wires to suit the different processing parameters       industry. The product range gradually expanded
are available in the Aero-doffer, Serrated doffer       to embrace preparation, dyeing, finishing,
and Standard doffer wires. It range of flat tops is     coating and garment treatments. Auxiliaries and
equally wide to suit specific requirements.             specialities are now available for virtually every
Different densities of wire population are              aspect of textile processing. Our team of highly
available in the Triumph, Endura and XL series.         experienced technicians is the base for a strong
Recently MAS tops have been introduced to               relationship with our customers which allows
withstand the exacting demands for the recently         technological improvements, costs savings and
launched modern high speed cards. All types of          process controls. A true and creative partnership
Accura carding elements are available to suit           with the fashion leading companies involve
different makes of cards, besides all the fillets       every day the company in a continuous effort to
for card specific use.                                  propose to the textile market new look, new
                                                        touch, new feeling made by printing, coating or
To ensure adequate cleaning and opening of              finishing on every type of fabric or garment.
cotton in the blow room, ICC has developed the          Great emphasis is placed on technical support to
Accura Beater Segment for the popular makes of          our customers, backed by well equipped
beaters. ICC also produces Accura Carding               laboratories and specialists with in-depth
Elements, Stationary Flats, Flexible card               knowledge of the relevant chemistry.”

64      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                         Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                      Mubarak Industrial Technics (MIT) was
                                                      founded in 2004.Backed by technical expertise
                                                      and years of experience in Teflon Fabrics,
BLUE REED, S.L.                                       Teflon Tapes, Conveyor Belts, Industrial
C. Bellfort, 153. P.O. Box 25,                        Adhesive Tapes, and Printing Accessories. We
08560 Manlleu, Barcelona, Spain.                      cater and serve a wide variety of industries:
Phone: +34 93 8510995                                 plastics, textile, packaging, printing, food,
Fax:     +34 93 8510739                               electronics, abrasives, filtration, insulation and
E-mail: bluereed@bluereed.es                          others.

“With almost 50 years experience, BLUE REED
is today a well known reference as a reputed
supplier of accessories for weaving looms, more
especially in the manufacturing of all type of        MULTICOM
weaving and preparation reeds for the textile         Karachi, Pakistan
industry. Blue Reed has significant share of          Email: azam@ahstextile.com
imported reed market in Pakistan. Products sold       Contact: Azam
in Pakistan include:
Profile Reeds (for air jet looms), Flat Reeds (for
high speed Rapier Loom, Projectile Loom) and          Multicom deals in 2nd hand textiles machinery
Terry Reeds (for Towel reed for Rapier,               especially from europe.
Projectile & Air jet Loom). A professional after
sales service ensures all “Blue Reed” users           Multicom also deals in original & genuine spare
worldwide a personalized follow up of their           parts (electrical, mechanical & electronic pcb's
needs and a continuous search for the maximum         etc.) From european textile machinery i.e.
optimization of their loom's profitability.           Spinning, weaving, terry towels and dyeing &
Blue Reed customer list includes clients from all
over the Pakistan. We also provides customers         Any enquiry would be welcome.
with customized products, after sales services,
delivery at door step and advice on reeds
specifications / help on related technical issues.”

                                                      MUSCAT THREAD MILLS
                                                      Karachi, Pakistan
                                                      Email: yasiraashoo@yahoo.com
                                                      Contact: Asif
MUBARAK INDUSTRIAL                                    Title:   Manager
Sindh Madressah Market #5,                            MUSCAT THREAD MILLS SAOG
Shahrah-e-Liaquat,                                    P.O. Box : 122; Postal Code 124 Rusayl
Karachi, Pakistan                                     Sultanate of Oman
Tel:     92 21 34943762                               Tel.:   968 2444 6806, 2444 6806
Fax:     92 21 34853885                               Fax:    968 2444 6807
Email: moizsadri@hotmail.com                          Email: thread@omantel.net.om
Web:     www.mubarakindt.com                          Web:    www.mtm.com.om
Contact: Mustafa Jamali
Title:   C.E.O.                                       COMPANY PROFILE
                                                      Muscat Thread Mills SAOG (MTM) was
                                                      established in 1996, as a Public quoted company

                                                                       Textile Asia - 2011          65
Exhibitors’ Profile

on the Muscat Securities Market and
commenced commercial production in August
1997 with a capacity of 900 tons per annum.
Gradually capacity was increased to 1560 tons      NAZER & CO.
per annum. MTM is ISO 9001:2008 certified          Plot # L-31, Block-22, F.B. Area,
company. MTM products are Oeko Tex                 P.O.Box 7017
Standard 100 certified.                            Karachi, Pakistan
                                                   Tel:     92 21 36362121, 36369246
As per today’s international economic situation,   Fax:     92 21 36341072
every organization works to cut corners, where     Cell:    0323-6362121, 0343-6362121,
they can reduce the cost of production, in                  0300-8243063
attempt to sustain decreasing prices of garments   Email: zeshan@nazergroup.net
and remain competitive in the market.              Web:     www.nazergroup.net
                                                   Contact: Luqman Mooraj
MTM has launched a new premium brand by the        Title:   Director
name of “SILVER FALCON”, which is of the
same quality and service level as those of other   Nazer & Co. was founded on the 21st of January
leading international brands in the market.        1952 by the late Mr. Nazer Mooraj. In 1953
                                                   Nazer started representing manufacturers of
AVAILABLE PRODUCTS AS MENTIONED                    textile machinery from Europe. Over a period of
BELOW                                              a few years, Nazer expanded and added further
• 100% SPUN POLYESTER:                             sections to its existing organization, which were
                                                   responsible for Plastic Machinery, Chemical
                                                   Plants and its installations.
• TEXTURED POLYESTER:                              Further to this, they also established a section
• LOCKED FILAMENT POLYESTER                        for slitting, cutting and sealing of spindle tapes,
• TRILOBAL EMBRIODERY THREAD                       Transmission Belts, Conveyor Belts and
• BLIND HEMMING THREAD                             Printing Blankets with imported equipment from
• WATER SOLUBLE THREAD                             Switzerland. Nazer is one of only a few
• HEAT SEPARABLE THREAD                            companies in S. E. Asia and Africa to be able to
• CF POLYESTER THREAD                              install a 4 meter wide printing blanket directly
• TEXTURED NYLON                                   on the printing machine.
The product was launched in the month of April
2004 and carries excellent quality service as      Nazer & Co. has always taken service, both
well as product technical support through our      before and after sales, very seriously.
experienced marketing team based in the region.
                                                   The development in this sector has led to the
The products is approved by ABERCROMBIE            establishment of a service and training center in
& FITCH, ANN TAYLOR, GAP INC,                      their organization. In this department Nazer not
JORDACHE, KOHLS, TARGET, TEMA                      only maintains service personnel and spare parts
MAGAZACILIK and is available in Middle             but also trains the personnel of its customers.
East, GCC and East African countries, Pakistan,
India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.                   NAZER INDUSTRIES (PRIVATE) LIMITED
                                                   Plot # L-31, Block # 22,
                                                   Federal "B" Area,
                                                   Karachi - 75950, Pakistan
                                                   Tel:     0323-6362121 / 0343-6362121 /
                                                   E-mail: info@nazergroup.net

                                                   Nazer Industries (Private) Limited was founded
                                                   in 1963 by its parent company Nazer & Co.

66      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                       Exhibitors’ Profile

The manufacturing unit is in Karachi which          industrial heart of Bologna, in Pontecchio
designs and manufacturers machinery for the         Marconi.
textile,  pharmaceutical,    cosmetic,     food,
chemicals and allied industries. Nazer has          This is a story which initiated with an idea and
exported its machines to Bangladesh, Iran,          born with the chrism of innovation, which was
Dubai, and East Africa. Nazer Industries is now     mostly unaccepted at the early stage and then
concentrating on Export and is looking out for      accepted at first by few people, and later by an
good representation world wide.                     increasing number of knitwear firms both in
                                                    Italy and abroad: the single ply cutting, owes its
Product Profile:                                    success to accurate cutting and waste reductions,
Nazer manufactures various types of machines        in addition to an increased productivity and floor
for the following industries:                       space saving.

Textile Industry:                                   An experience which matured day by day, all
Inspection machines for cotton, synthetic,          over the world, affirming substantial advantages
hosiery, jute and woolen fabrics, rolling           of their single–ply / single–size system when
machines, chemical feed stations, batching          compared to the traditional multi–lay/multi–size,
trolleys, mixers and blenders, material handling    since it allows complete freedom from
equipment etc.                                      production splits raised by market repeated
Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic & Food Industries:
Filling machines, mixing machines, blending         bierrebi is today, a well established company
and packing for liquids, powders and pastes.        (with more than 10.000 covered square meters,
                                                    in two separate plants), formed by a group of
General Industries:                                 highly specialized individuals and by a range of
Conveyors, material handling and general            resources harmoniously integrated to the final
engineering.                                        result: cutting resulting in an economic art. For
                                                    strongly qualifying itself in research, design and
Chemical Industries:                                development, the company has generated the
Chemical feed and mixing stations, blenders,        bierrebi Electronic Division, which designs and
agitators, emulsifiers for liquid, powder and       manufactures hardware and software for
paste feeders, conveyors, single-jacketed storage   machine control.
vats with direct and indirect
heating or cooling, with agitators, paddle          bierrebi exports approximately to thirty
stirrers, etc.                                      countries and as of today, over 2.100 companies
                                                    have installed one or more Automatic Cutting
Complete Projects:                                  Rooms. In the USA bierrebi has been the market
Nazer can fabricate complete projects for:          leader for a long time and therefore in 1997 an
perfumes, talcum powder, hair tonic, colognes,      American branch, Bierrebi International, was set
paste, hand and body lotions, balm, powder          up. It is now located in Greenville, SC and
insecticide, pesticide & detergents, mineral        provides full services such as showroom sales,
water plant, salt iodization plant etc.             spare parts stock and after sales service to the
                                                    USA, Canada and Central America.

                                                    The standard production is organised in specific
BIERREBI S.P.A.                                     lines and structured as follows:
VIA G. DOZZA, 2                                     • LTE series - Automatic Cutting Room for
40069 ZOLA PREDOSA (BO)                                  knitted and non knitted continuous fabric
ITALY                                               • TA 103/ TA 104 series – Automatic Cutting
                                                         Room for knitwear
bierrebi was founded more than 30 years ago         • TA 105/TA 106series – Automatic Cutting
and since then has always produced Fully                 Room for lace fabric, pattern matching and
Automatic Cutting Rooms for knitted fabrics              non.
and non-wovens. It has its headquarters in the

                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011          67
Exhibitors’ Profile

To complete its systems bierrebi has also          •   finishing lines for technical textiles
developed a DEDICATED CAD SYSTEM to                •   finishing lines for carpets
optimise the lay out design and the concurrent     •   coating lines for textiles
processing pattern and lay outs, in order to       •   bonding and finishing lines for nonwovens
transfer onto computer the whole know how          •   heat recovery and air purification systems
acquired during a very long experience,            •   energy saving concepts
matured in world wide cutting rooms.
                                                   Our flexible team of experienced engineers and
As a result, the costs of the whole cutting        technologists is ready to analyse your
process are drastically reduced and are the        requirements. It is our expertise to create a tailor
lowest in the market today.                        made solution for your needs. Benefit from our

& CO. KG
Benzstr. 8-10, 71229 Leonberg, Germany             KARL MAYER
Tel:     +49-7152-12-0,                            TEXTILMASCHINENFABRIK GMBH
Fax:     +49-7152-12-9254                          POSTFACH 1120
Email: mail@brueckner-tm.de                        63166 OBERTSHAUSEN
Contact: Mr. Manfred Schulte Austum                GERMANY
Brückner was founded in 1949 and today, is in a    The name KARL MAYER stands for high-
leading position worldwide as a supplier of        quality products of the international textile
systems and ranges for textile dry-finishing and   industry. Top quality and technical perfection
related branches of industry.                      are the basis for the good reputation of Karl
                                                   Mayer textile machines. Today the company is
In the design and development of our modular       among the world-wide leading manufacturers of
machinery, flexibility and technical superiority   textile machines.
play just as an important role for our
technologists, as do simple operation and easy     The Karl Mayer Group comprises of eight
maintenance. During every phase of project         companies in six countries and produces
development our customers have a highly            machines for all sectors of the warp knitting
qualified team of specialists at their disposal.   industry: outerwear, sportswear, lace and
                                                   curtain, technical textiles, semi-technical
Our new products meet the highest possible         articles, nettings and tubular fabrics.
requirements in respect to performance. The        The company's subsidiaries are located in Japan,
modular design principle enables us to cater for   Hong Kong, Great Britain, the USA, and its
the individual needs of our customers in the       branches are established in Saxony/Germany,
finishing industry.                                Italy and the P.R. of China.
Our production program includes:                   The company Karl Mayer belongs to one of the
• stenters for woven and knitted fabrics           few leading manufacturers of textile machines
• relaxation dryers for tubular and open-width     which is owned by a family. It was founded in
   fabrics                                         1937 by Karl Mayer senior, whose personality,
• compacting calendars for tubular and open-       commitment and achievements are the basis for
   width fabrics                                   the company's success.
• sanforizing and denim finishing lines
• rope opening and slitting machines               Karl Mayer possesses a world-wide network of
• dewatering and stretching machines for           agencies and servicemen who are available in
   tubular fabrics                                 case of an emergency in almost every country, at
• continuous dyeing ranges                         any time.
• hotflues and infrared-dryers

68      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                       Exhibitors’ Profile

The Karl Mayer Group has altogether more than        Andritz Küsters has built up an unrivalled
3,000 employees world-wide.                          reputation as the calender specialist for the
                                                     textile and nonwoven industry, joining the
                                                     famous S-Roll and HyCon technology and the
                                                     long experience of Küsters and Kleinewefers
                                                     under one roof.
P.O. BOX 13 1264
                                                     ERKO TRÜTZSCHLER GMBH
                                                     HALTERNER STRABE 70
The Paul Heller company started in 1960 as the       D – 48249 DÜLMEN
first specialist in the field of roller coverings.   GERMANY

Manufacturing rubber and plastic sheets, they        ERKO Trützschler GmbH is one of the leading
developed, in close connection to all important      manufacturers of textile machinery for the
manufacturers of looms, special executions for       Nonwovens industry. We offer our customers
their textile machines.                              complete installations from a single supplier,
                                                     covering all stages from bale opening, blending,
Soon Mr. Paul Heller recognized the need for         carding, cross lapping, web drafting to needling.
“ROLLTEX”           roller-coverings   worldwide.    We have also made a name for ourselves in
Therefore is was still only the early sixties when   manufacturing special machines for our
the company started to export their products to      customers.
all the textile centers in Europe and America.
                                                     ERKO Trützschler was founded in 1993 under
Today, the brand ROLLTEX stands for superior         the company name ERKO by Mr. Erwin Kock.
quality products made in Germany. More than          In January 2006, Trützschler, based in
80 high quality “ROLLTEX” roller-coverings           Mönchengladbach, acquired a stake in ERKO
are offered covering nearly every application in     Textilmaschinen GmbH, which has since been
the Textile Industry.                                trading under the name “ERKO Trützschler

                                                     ERKO Trützschler is now part of the Trützschler
ANDRITZ KÜSTERS GMBH                                 Group using the complete service network of
Eduard-Küsters-Str. 1                                Trützschler world wide. Through that network
47805 Krefeld, Deutschland                           we were able to strengthen our market position
Phone: +49 (2151) 34 2564                            in offering complete productions lines for
Fax: +49 (2151) 34 4564                              Nonwovens with an excellent local service.
CONTACT: MR. Gonska Gerold
                                                     Additional members of the Trützschler Group
Andritz Küsters Nonwoven is one of the world’s       are Fleissner GmbH and Trützschler Card
leading suppliers of machines and technologies       Clothing (TCC). Fleissner is producing
for the nonwoven industry (wetlaid nonwoven          Spunlace- and Drying-Technology, as well as
lines, calenders and wet finishing equipment) as     lines for chemical bonding and manmade fibre
well as calenders for the textile industry. Our      extrusion lines. TCC manufactures card wire for
motto “nonwoven eXcellence” stands for               spinning and nonwoven cards.
technologically state-of-the-art machinery and
comprehensive service, certified quality, reliable   In Duelmen, Germany we have a “Nonwoven
advice and fast project completion. Together         Technology Centre” (NTC), which is equipped
with our worldwide representatives and service       with a complete Nonwoven line. The NTC is
centres, we offer our customers solutions from       used for technology development and is
forming to finishing.                                available for customer trials.

                                                                      Textile Asia - 2011         69
Exhibitors’ Profile

Our experienced team is looking forward to
continue the close work in developing new
Nonwoven technologies with our customer’s             OSTHOFF-SENGE & CO.,
world wide, providing the best service possible.      POSTFACH 110465
                                                      D-42304 WUPPERTAL,
                                                      osthoff-senge was founded in 1912 at Wuppertal
VIALE INDUSTRIA, 4                                    and is still family owned. The medium sized
12051 ALBA (CN)                                       company specialises in the construction of
ITALIA                                                singeing machines. With more than 3000 units
                                                      in operation, osthoff-senge is the market leader
Over thirty years have gone by since the              in this field. Progressive thinking, continuing
company was established, but the main aim of          development, comprehensive know-how and
BIANCO remains the same. The technical and            decades of experience are the cornerstones of
technological innovation of the finishing sector      success; Osthoff became a by-word for singeing.
is the philosophy that encouraged Mario Bianco
to undertake the transformation of the small          As a supplier to the textile industry throughout
family business in 1947 with passion, tenacity        the world, the company has active and
and entrepreneurial vision, and this very same        competent agents in all countries where textiles
philosophy now makes Bianco a point of                are produced.
reference in the same finishing sector, with
installations all over the world.

The company has gradually expanded from the           THE OLD STATION YARD
first production plant in Alba, remaining faithful
to innovation and quality. In 1995 work ended         KIRBY LONSDALE, CARNFORTH,
                                                      LANCASHIRE, LA6 2HP
on the current plant, which occupies 15,000
                                                      UNITED KINGDOM
sq.m and in which every Bianco product is
designed and manufactured.
                                                      ROTO-VAC is a newly patented technology
                                                      developed to deliver cost effective removal of
Bianco machines set the standard for production
                                                      lint dust and debris within a wide range of
capacity, reliability and assistance. Innovation is
                                                      continual processes. Initial demand has come
the greatest strength of Bianco which together
                                                      from the textile printing industry, but ROTO-
with extreme flexibility and the willingness of
                                                      VAC is equally applicable to a wide range of
the company’s technicians to understand and
                                                      related industries such as digital printing,
solve the problems of its customers supplies a
                                                      bleaching, dying, special coatings and graphic
wide, varied range of system. A story of
continuing     growth,     in     observance    of
fundamental values, and with a business
                                                      Through the effective removal of debris, ROTO-
philosophy that can be summarized as follows:
                                                      VAC can improve print definition, increase
                                                      productivity and reduce print machine down
•    Extensive design and production experience
•    Maximum attention to the customer,
     production and materials.
•    Constant evolution, standardized and often
     compatible and applicable to existing            ERBATECH GMBH.,
     machine and / or those already installed by      POSTFACH 1153, D-64701 ERBACH
     Bianco.                                          GERMANY.
•    Wide Production range.
                                                      At its facilities in Germany, the company
                                                      produces machinery for wet finishing processes
                                                      of textiles and carpets.

70       Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

The Beginning
Kurt Brückner founded the company in 1963 to        H. STOLL GMBH & CO.,
act as design and development centre for the        STOLLWEG 1
Brückner-Group of companies and to be a             D-72760 REUTLINGEN
technology partner for the textile industry.        GERMANY

The 70s - Early Growth                              MY STOLL. MY FUTURE.
In the late 1970s HASPELFLOW®, a piece-
dyeing machine for tubular knits and wovens         Nobody can look into the future. Nevertheless,
was developed to replace the prevalent dye beck     we can still do plenty for you to be able to work
technology. The machine provided an economic        successfully tomorrow. During the past 135
and innovative alternative that was sold in large   years we have been committed to it - with all
numbers     worldwide       and     strengthened    our expertise and all of our market knowledge.
BRÜCKNER’s name in the industry.
                                                    This way, MY STOLL. MY FUTURE. stands
The 90s - Establishment in the Markets              for fascinating flat knitting machine techniques,
In order to satisfy the increasing demand for       pioneering software solutions and a complete
open-width processing ranges the SCOUT®             service package for your success - in more than
product line was developed. The first machines      70 countries. With our subsidiaries and our
went into operation in 1995. Since then this        international sales and service partners we are
modular and economic machine concept has            near you wherever you may be. About 1.000
developed into the most important product of        Stoll-employees are working for you worldwide.
ERBATECH, with total sales of more than 120         In addition, there are many hundreds of
machines up to date.                                experienced employees of our partner
                                                    companies all over the world.
After 2002 – Independence and Focus
In 2002 the company was split off the Brückner-     With MY STOLL. MY FUTURE. we make a
Group and renamed ERBATECH GmbH. Mr.                promise: You will always be the center of our
Ulrich von Christen took over the MD position       company and as such an incentive for us to
and is leading the operations. Under new            continue improving. Your opinion, your
ownership the company was restructured and          experience is always part of our development
focused only on wet finishing machines. All         work. Only together with you, we can create
product lines were refurbished and further          products that bring you to the fore and make us
upgraded.                                           proud.

New Products
In 2004 the new dye padder SCOUT-COLOR®
was developed together with partners from the       WUMAG TEXROLL GMBH & CO. KG
textile industry. This dye padder is applicable     DÜSSELDORFER STR. 100
for woven as well as for knitted fabrics and        47809 KREFELD
completes our product portfolio in order to
provide the full package of machines for            WUMAG TEXROLL cylinders, rolls and
integrated finishing plants.                        machines - Quality for your production!

Latest Developments                                 Optimization of all products on the respective
In 2006 OBERMAIER® the well-known                   customer and procedure-specific request, that is
producer of yarn dyeing machines was acquired       the guiding principle of the WUMAG
and integrated into ERBATECH. Our company           TEXROLL engineers. For this purpose they use
now offers the full portfolio of machines and       most     modern      technologies    for    the
services for yarn and fibre dyeing.                 thermodynamic, flow-technical and mechanical
                                                    design of rolls and machines. High performance
                                                    machinery and the large Know-How of
                                                    experienced workers provide for the exceptional
                                                    quality of the WUMAG TEXROLL rolls,

                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011         71
Exhibitors’ Profile

cylinders and machines. In the manufacturing of     management and employees towards continuous
steam-heated drying cylinders and water-flowed      improvement       through      research     and
cooling cylinders WUMAG TEXROLL is                  development. Today Habasit AG is a global
leading the market since many years. The            force in the synthetic belting industry with its
reliably high quality standard fulfills highest     products used in a wide rage of industries and
requirements of renowned customers of               applications.
international textile mechanical engineering. In    • Textile Spinning
the area of mechanical engineering the spectrum     • Textile Printing
of WUMAG TEXROLL is broadly varied and              • Tobacco Industry
very individual coordinated with customer's         • Automatic and Tyre Industry
requests . The scope extends from drying            • Paper and Packing Industry
cylinders in all conceivable specifications up to   • Wood and Particle Board Industry
special purpose machines for thermosetting,
                                                    • Flour Mills
equipping, smoothing, coating, laminating etc.

                                                    WEMS CORPORATION
                                                    1028 6B 3L Daechon-Dong,
                                                    Dalseo-Gu, Daegu,
DUNLINE RUBBER PRODUCTS                             The Republic of Korea, 704-801
84 ALBERTA CRESCENT,                                Wems Corporation is a manufacturer of
BLDG. NO. 11 AND 84                                 computer-controlled      Schiffli  embroidery
P.O. BOX 543                                        machines. WEMS has been launching Shuttle
HURON PARK, ONTARIO,                                Embroidery Textile Solutions since the
CANADA NOM 1Y0                                      beginning of 2000 in Daegu, which is the center
                                                    of Textile Industry in Korea.
Dunline evolved as a Division of the Dunlop
Rubber Company the World famous British             The supply scope of Wems Corporation
Rubber Products Manufacturer established in the     includes:
1850’s. Dunline is today the largest and most       Computer controlled schiffli embroidery
experienced rubber shrinking belt manufacturer      machines in 15 and 22 yards, sampling
with sales in 82 countries. Dunline                 machines, engineering support and consumption
manufacturers about 3 times as many rubber          parts supply.
belts than any other producer and maintains
eight(8) warehouses throughout the world,
insuring fast delivery.
                                                    KASTILO TECHNISCHE GEWEBE
Dunline alone has the qualified staff to provide    VERTRIEBS GMBH
complete Technical assistance to our rubber belt    AUGUST-NAGEL-STRAßE 16
customers throughout the world, for the             D-89079 ULM-EINSINGEN
preparation, process and quality control of         GERMANY
fabrics processed by the Rubber Belt
Compressive Shrinking Machine, whether for          Kastilo was founded in 1993.
shrinking control or simply for hand /
appearance improvements.                            Backed by decades of experience with coated
                                                    fabrics combined with our technical expertise,
                                                    the company has been able to expand at a
                                                    remarkable rate.
Habasit AG was founded in Basel. Switzerland        Right from the start, the company’s long-term
in 1964 by Mr. Fernand Habegger. The back           policy has focused on an efficient partnership
bone of the company’s steady growth over the        with customers and manufacturers, together with
years has been the commitment of the                the establishment of a world-wide sales network.

72      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

The future success of our company is ensured by    Morrison’s dedication to customers’ satisfaction
our wide range of manufacturing and processing     through on-time delivery, proven performance
facilities and our focus on the extension and      and local field service is well established in
modification of our product range for the many     Pakistan.
different application areas.

The Kastilo team looks forward to doing
business with you.
                                                   MOROIL TECHNOLOGIES
                                                   PO Box 127, Davidson, NC 28036-0127
                                                   Toll Free: 800-230-1651
BECK CIRCULAR KNITTING MACHINES                    Tel:     704-795-9595
O.B. IMPORT & EXPORT GMBH                          Fax:     704-782-4171
AUF STEINGEN 22                                    email: info@moroil.com
GERMANY                                            In business for more than 50 years, we
                                                   manufacture, blend, process and package high
Beck Circular Knitting Machines produce            quality lubricants for use in all applications and
Round Circular Knitting Machines with effort of    industries. In fact, we are the largest U.S. based,
the newest Technologies. The customer with his     independent producer of lubricants for the
expectation and success stays in centre of our     textile industry.
acting, which is determinate of fairness and
partnership. We make the necessary know how        With customers in Africa, the Middle East and
available to rationalise and improve the           throughout the Americas, MorOil is delivering
production of our customers. Also we               quality lubricant products and peace of mind.
recondition second hand machines by our selves.    We are creating solutions to everyday problems
                                                   that affect your business. What can we do to
                                                   help you? MorOil has more than 50 years
                                                   experience producing, packaging and delivering
                                                   quality lubricant products for application in the
COMPANY                                            textile industry. Our customers count on us to
Founded in 1959, Morrison Textile Machinery        deliver quality on time, every time. That's why
Company is a fourth generation family business     we work directly with the Original Equipment
that designs, install and services technically     Manufacturers (OEM) to ensure compatibility
advanced dyeing and finishing machinery            and efficiency.
throughout the world.
                                                   MorOil products help keep today's high tech
Morrison’s Denim Systems consisting of Ball        machinery running smoothly for applications in
Warping, Indigo Rope Dyeing, Re-Beaming and        yarn     manufacturing,   weaving,      knitting,
integrated Denim Finishing are the industries      finishing, apparel and all aspects of textile
leading choice for first quality preparation,      manufacturing. We work hard to keep our
dyeing and finishing process applications. Over    customers on track, because there is no time for
350 Morrison ranges are installed in 30            down time. Find out what we can do for you.
countries with Pakistan being one of the major

The recent introduction of SanforTROLTM , the
first true fully automated and documented
shrinkage control system, is yet another example
of Morrison working closely with their broad
customer base to identify needs and offer
technological solutions.

                                                                    Textile Asia - 2011           73
Exhibitors’ Profile

Moroil is a proud member of the                     Distribution companies with technical staff in
Independent Lubricant Manufacturers                 almost all European markets as well as in North
Association                                         and South America, China and the Asia Pacific
                                                    region ensure outstanding services and delivery.

BANDO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD.                      Retouching Products for Textilen Currently
Bando Chemical Industries Ltd. was established      the most modern and best retouching agent. The
in 1906 and has consistently attached a great       use of Textilan-pens enables the retouching of
deal of importance to the sales and manufacture     nearly all usually occurring faults. However, as
of power transmission belts, conveyor belts and     wrongly retouched places cannot be remedied,
other industrial products all of which are of the   Textilan products should only be used with
highest quality in the world.                       extreme caution.

At present there are 5 domestic and 11 overseas     UV Preparations UV Textilan Ink, UV Inks
Bando manufacturing facilities around the           Water-borne, UV Marker - permanent, UV
world. They have steadfastly maintained             Fluorescent Marker, UV - Black light Lamps.
Bando’s world-class brand quality through the
acquisition     of    major   quality    control    FIXON® Marker Textile Marker, Industrial
certifications such as those granted by JIS         Marker
(Japanese Industrial Standards), the JASO
(Japan Automobile Standards Organization), the      Textile Marker FIXONI is applied, where a
ISO       (International    Organization     for    lasting and durable marking of textiles is
Standardization) and QS9000.                        demanded.

Bando (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is one of Bando’s       MARK Textile Pen zum Bemalen, Markieren
sales companies and is responsible for regional     und Kennzeichnen auf fast allen Textilien
marketing activities in Asia.
                                                    Special Mesh Adhesive This product was
Our main products include:                          specially developed for woven fabric, knitted
• Belts and complementary items                     ware and tufting-industry.
• Transmission Belts (Rubber, Polyurethane)
   and complementary items                          Fabric Stamping Ink These products are
                                                    special marking dyes, that can be stamped on to
* BANDO is a registered trademark recognized        fabric with metal or rubber stamps.
in major countries around the world.
                                                    BiKo Label Remover Easy removal of
                                                    adhesive paper labels with Biko Label Remover

THE ARNTZ OPTIBELT GROUP                            FLOCK® Professional Cleaner FLOCK®
The Arntz Optibelt Group, with headquarters in      Professional Cleaning Products
Höxter, Germany, is a leading manufacturer
of high performance transmission belts.
The quality of Optibelt products like S=C V-        With 50 years of specific experience in the
belts, OMEGA and ALPHA timing belts                 textile sector, the BRAZZOLI Company is
(chloroprene and polyurethane) is appreciated       globally recognized as the leading manufacturer
by many well-known OEM's and MRO's around           of dyeing machines, with high technological
the world.                                          content, for the treatment of fabrics in rope
The Arntz Optibelt Group maintains several
manufacturing locations in Europe and overseas.

74      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                        Exhibitors’ Profile

Recently a new innovative impulse allowed the        to deal with these systems only. With its own
company to extend its own production range           manufacturing facility, the company proposes to
towards the open-width discontinued dyeing,          offer the Plants / Systems in most cost effective
presenting a revolutionary specific technology.      manner.

At the company headquarters, located near            Strength of our Company, which has never
Milan, the commercial, research and                  looked back since we started, is our satisfied
development, together with the post-sales and        clientele. Compared to the business volume, our
technical assistance departments are located as      sales force is just meager, thanks to our kind
well as the productive unit.                         customers whose strong references work magic
                                                     to our sales.
In addition, there are various established
assistance and maintenance organizations in the      Our sales team can rely on the strength of such
world that are specifically trained on the           references because of sincere and co-ordinated
BRAZZOLI products.                                   efforts put in by the rank and file in the
                                                     organisation, which unmistakably reflect in the
A constant synergistic relation with the users       superior quality of supply and services.
allows the BRAZZOLI Company to introduce
extremely innovative applications on its own         Complimentary to human efforts, we have
products.                                            modern electronics facilities along with tailor-
                                                     made software in the design office and adequate
Today the BRAZZOLI Company in the respect            machinery    and     handling     facilities  in
of its tradition, and by concentrating its efforts   manufacturing units.
in the research and development activity, is
reaching inimitable results in the optimisation of
the industrial process of discontinue dyeing, by
rendering the proposed products a technological
reference for any textile company willing to win
the world market challenge.
                                                     NINGBO MH INDUSTRY
                                                     CO. LTD.
UNITOP PROJECTS & SERVICES PVT.                      MH Bldg. #616-618
                                                     Jiangdong South Road,
LTD.                                                 Ningbo City, China
Unitop Projects & Services Pvt. Ltd. is a group      Tel.:    0086-574-27766769
of professionals having experience in project        Fax:     0086-574-27766000
engineering and turnkey execution of chemical        Email: mh@mh-chine.com
and other projects. The Company is an off-shoot      Web:     www.mh-chine.com
of M/s. Elite Engineers, who have been               Contact: He Minglei
operating in this field since 1974.                  Title:   Manager

Our group enjoys the facilities of a modern          We are one of the biggest also leading
Engineering Office at Thane and two                  manufacturer and exporter for various items of
Manufacturing Units in the name of M/s. Elite        tailoring materials. We have been in this line for
Engineers, Thane and M/s. Special Process            many years with regular customers coming from
Equipment Engineering Co, Badlapur. Our              near 70 countries, including of Middle East,
exports of equipments & projects have made           South and Normal America, West and North
dents in many of the developing countries,           Africa, total Europe and Asia. Our main
recording an impressive turnover.                    products are Sewing thread, Embroidery Thread,
                                                     Laces, Zippers, Bias Binding Tape, Ribbons,
In view of overwhelming response to our efforts      Various Buttons and others tailors materials.
in Pollution Control Systems including
Evaporation & Drying Plants, we are
encouraged to launch Unitop Aquacare in 2003

                                                                      Textile Asia - 2011          75
Exhibitors’ Profile

SYSTEMS                                             PAK ASIA GROUP OF
Plot # 16,Sector-24,
Korangi Industrial Area                             COMPANIES
Karachi, Pakistan                                   39-B,Ahmad Block,
UAN: 92 21 111-507-507                              New Garden Town
Tel.:    92 21 35072091, 35072094                   Lahore, Pakistan
Fax:     92 21 35072095                             Tel:     92 42 37655026
Email: mashkoor@orient-power.com                    Fax:     92 42 37652225
Web:     www.orient-power.com                       Email: khawar@pakasiagroup.com
Contact: Mehdi H. Wazir                             Contact: Iman Dawood
Title:   G.M.                                       Title:   C.E.O.

Starting business operations with a humble          PAKASIA GROUP, was established in 1959
beginning in 1996, by the Grace of the Almighty     and is in the business for over 50 years doing
Orient Energy Systems (Pvt.) Limited (OES) is       diversified business. It is the sheer hard work,
today present in three countries, Pakistan,         dedication and professional approach of founder
Bangladesh and U.A.E. backed by a strong            members, directors of the Group and high
dealership network. With continuous dedication      caliber professional management. The group is
and hard work, over the years OES has won           in the multi functional business consisting of
several honourable awards and emerged as a          manufacturing, trading, imports/ exports of
leading distributor of superior quality products.   various textile and engineering products and
                                                    CNG business. Group companies are placed on
OES represents the best international brands in     prominent position in the Industrial and trading
its network which include GE Jenbacher –            business sphere.
Austria (gas generators), Cummins – UK (diesel      • Pakasia Mill Store
generators), Shuangliang – China (absorption        • Dawood Mill Store
chillers), Dunham Bush – Malaysia (HVAC-R           • Dawood Sons
equipment), Euroclima – Italy (Air Handling         • Ali Amjad trading Co
Units), AUX – China (HVAC-R equipment),             • Dawood Spinning Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
XCMG – China (Earth moving and construction
equipment), Hangcha – China (forklift trucks),      The group Companies are specialized in all sorts
and Wuxi – China (air compressors).                 of industrial Bearings, Ring Travelers and steel
                                                    rings for Spinning and Twisting Machines,
Orient Energy Systems recognises that its           Rubber Apron, Rubber Cots, and all sorts of
success is mainly dependent on its ability to       Belting. The group has emerged as a house of
support its customers throughout the life of the    quality in the market. In spite of a lot of
equipment; our Product Support team delivers        competition Pakasia with its dedicated team has
both customised support and knowledge when          outpaced the competitors by adopting advance
and where needed.                                   managerial techniques and proper planning.
                                                    Pakasia has proved to be the best and is
With well-equipped workshops in Karachi,            determined to sustain the same by ensuring
Lahore and Dhaka and a dependable back-up           complete customer satisfaction. Our prompt
warehouse facility, Orient Energy Systems is        service and after sales support come in as a
best positioned to meet your emergency              bonus. Our slogan is quality, which is never
requirements and reducing overall outage time       compromised whatsoever for any reason at all.
of your equipment, giving you convenience, cost
advantage and assurance.

76      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                         Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                      • Leveling grading on 1250 acres completed
                                                      • Road construction in progress
                                                      • Water works package in progress (20
                                                        million gallons process water reservoir, 1.5
                                                        million gallons potable water, 120,000
                                                        gallons for fire fighting, 120,000 gallons
PAKISTAN TEXTILE                                        over head tank, pump room, etc.)
CITY LTD.                                             • Letter of intent (LoI) for Coal fired 250
Eastern Industrial Zone, (Port Bin Qasim)               MW power plant issued
Karachi, Pakistan                                     • Admin building completed and functional
Tel.:    92 21 34221671, 34221674                     • Combined Effluent Treatment Plant design
Fax:     92 21 34272060                                 finalized
Email: imran.afreedi@technocity.com.pk
Web:     www.textilecity.com.pk                       Please visit our stalls in Hall No.04.
Contact: Zaheer Hussain                               www.textilecity.com.pk UAN: 021-11-711-117
Title:   C.E.O.

With the vision to provide Pakistan’s textile
sector state-of-the-art infrastructure to enhance
productivity, quality and cost effectiveness, we
foresaw the opportunity to develop and operate
Textile City, Pakistan’s first dedicated industrial   PAKISTAN TEXTILE
zone where the required modern facilities will
be provided in a synergistic business                 JOURNAL
environment. The project is located in the            B-4,2nd Floor,64/21,M.A.C.H.,
Eastern Industrial Zone at Port Qasim Industrial      Miran Muhammad Shah Road
Area, Karachi, only 6 km from the National            Karachi, Pakistan
Highway.                                              Tel.:    92 21 34311674, 34311675
                                                      Fax:     92 21 35206188
INFRASTRUCTURE                                        Email: ptj@cyber.net.pk
World class WTO and ISO compliant                     Web:     www.ptj.com.pk
infrastructure and services:                          Contact: Mazhar Yousuf
• One Window Operation                                Title:   Editor in Chief
• 250 MW captive power plant
• Steam for Processing                                Founded by Mr. Mazhar Yusuf, in 1951,
• Uninterrupted Water Supply of 20 MGD                Pakistan Textile Journal is the only technical
                                                      trade journal for the textile industry of Pakistan
• Gas for Processing
                                                      published regularly for the last sixty years.
• 18 MGD Effluent Treatment Plant
                                                      Readers of Pakistan Textile Journal gain access
• Sewerage and Storm Drainage System                  to latest technological innovations for the textile
• Boundary Wall of entire City                        industry. Our readers are kept abreast of latest
• Roads and HI-tech Telecommunications                technological, management and marketing
                                                      relating information and news of vital
ZONES                                                 importance to them.
• Denim
• Apparel                                             The magazine is a four colour, 64-80 page
• Bed Linen                                           monthly publication printed on art paper in
• Dyeing                                              European standard A4 size. The complete
• Hosiery & Knitwear                                  layout design and editorial of the publication is
• Towel                                               done in house. An internet edition is published
• Weaving                                             simultaneously on the internet with complete
                                                      contents in both html as well as pdf format.

                                                                       Textile Asia - 2011           77
Exhibitors’ Profile

Leading textile machinery manufacturers, textile   Started To Produce Shoes Machines, Bag Closer
fairs organizers like Messe Frankfurt advertise    And Sewing Machine Parts, Accessories, And
for exhibitions like Heimtextil, Intertextil       Also Started To Produce High Speed Over Lock
Shanghai, Texworld in Pakistan Textile Journal.    Machines SK-615, SK-619 Series.

The editors and reporters of Pakistan Textile      Started To Produce High Speed Overlock
Journal cover textile events and seminars and      Machines      H-300,  H-500    In    Shulin
workshops in Pakistan and abroad. Pakistan         Factory.Taipow Machine Co., Ltd Established
Textile Journal has been participating as an       And Specialized In Producing Machine Head
exhibitor with its own stand at various leading    And Painting.
textile technology exhibitions such as ITMA,
ITMA ASIA, Shanghaitex, ITM Turkey, ITME           Started To Produce High Speed Lockstitch
India and Textile Asia Pakistan.                   Machine Dl Series.

Monthly circulation is 10,000 copies distributed   CHING CHI MACHINE CO., LTD`s Hsin-Teen
per month by courier services to Pakistani and     Factory Established And Moved In For
International textile companies. We are covering   Production In The Same Time.
the sectors of spinning, weaving, knitting,
technical textiles and nonwovens, embroidery,      Started Manufacturing Super High Speed
dyeing, printing, finishing fabrics and woven      Overlock Machine Model SH-6000 Series.
and knitted garments.
                                                   Headquarters And Business Dept Moved In The
                                                   New Office Building In Jan.

                                                   Started Manufacturing Super High Speed
PARACHA INDUSTRIAL                                 Cylinder Bed Coverstitch Interlock Machine –
                                                   CT-6500 Series.
11,Shaheen Towers,                                 Started Manufacturing Super High Speed Flat
Near Nursery, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S.,                 Bed Coverstitch Interlock Machine – FT-6500
Shahrah-e-Faisal                                   Series.
Karachi, Pakistan
Tel.:    92 21 34535906, 34535487                  Started Manufacturing The Automatic Thread
Fax:     92 21 34535489                            Trimming Devices For Cylinder Bed And Flat
Email: sirajparacha@cyber.net.pk                   Bed Interlock Machines.
Contact: M. Siraj Paracha
Title:   C.E.O.                                    Started   Manufacturing    All   Kinds Of
                                                   Attachments And Devices For Cylinder Bed
We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves     And Flat Bed Interlock Machines.
as one of the leading importers and stockiest of
complete solutions for Garments, Knits and         Started To Use ISO-9001 QC System In
apparel manufacturing Industries. All genuine      Manufacturing.
spare parts readily available or can be arranged
within the short period.                           Started Manufacturing Ultra High Speed
                                                   Overlock Machine UH-8000 Series Introducing
A BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF OUR                        New Multi-Needle Chainstitch MT-4500 Series.
                                                   Started Manufacturing MT-4500 Series , Started
                                                   To Use ERP Computer System In Order To
                                                   Consolidate All Resources ,Introducing New
CHING CHI MACHINE CO., LTD Established             Super High Speed Cylinder Bed Coverstitch
In Panchiao City, Taipei.                          Interlock Machine CT-7500 Series.

78      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                     Exhibitors’ Profile

K-Chance Sewing machine Development Co.,
ltd. was founded in 1985. Based on long
                                                   PARACHA APPAREL
abundant technical and accumulated experience      MACHINERY
for more then 30 years, we have produced           D-6, AL-Hamra Centre, Bl-7&8
superior quality of industrial machines and have   Shaheed-e-Millat Road
been exporting “K-Chance” brand all over the       Karachi-Pakistan.
world very well.
                                                   Contact: M Qamar Paracha (Director) /
•   Supper high-speed flat bed chain stitch                 M Muneer Paracha (Director)
    machine.                                       Tel:     +92-21-34391013-4
•   Supper high-speed cylinder bed chain stitch    Fax:     +92-21-34391015
    machine.                                       Cell:    +92-300-8282192
•   High-speed lockstitch straight buttonholing    Cell:    +92-300-8246408
    machine.                                       E-Mail: qparacha@cyber.net.pk
•   High-speed lockstitch straight buttonholing             mparacha@cyber.net.pk
    machine. (With concealed cylinder-bed
    under patent)                                  We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves
•   High-speed Chain Stitch button machine.        as one of the leading importers and stockiest of
•   Supper high-speed over lock machine.           complete solutions for Garments, Industrial,
                                                   Knits, Textile, Leather, Car seats, shoe and
•   3-Needle Feed-off-arm, double chain-stitch
    machine with and out puller.                   Weaving Industry like Belt, Twill Tape, Elastic
                                                   band, fancy robes, laces, fancy laces etc.
•   KC-1850 Bartaking Machine.
•   KC-1900 Electronic Bartacking Machine.
                                                   MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS
•   KC-1903 Electronic Button Machine.
                                                   Serve the customers, promote their benefit, their
                                                   success and make ourselves growing up.

Mr. Ghidini Benvenuto originally founded           MANAGEMENT POLICY
Ghidini as a private company on 6th April 1955,    Service, quality, sincerity.
at that time the company based in Soffedini
Street, Milan.                                     MANAGEMENT GOAL
                                                   • Devote to provide world famous hi-tech
On 27th June 1984 the company was later
incorporated into a S.r.l. between 1957 to 1967
                                                   • Devote to provide the application of
the company has moved premises several times;
                                                     advanced concept, excellent staff and highly
but on 1st January 1974 it purchased its current
                                                     sophisticated technology.
buildings in Tolstoi Street, in S. Giuliano
Milanese in the suburbs of Milan. Today            • Devote to provide confirming to the trend of
Ghidini is one of the leading producers of           times, promoting the development of
finishing equipment in these different fields.       economy and progress of society.
• Laundry
                                                   All genuine spare parts readily available or can
• Dry Cleaning
                                                   be arranged with the short period.
• Garment Manufacturing

The wide range of products includes: ironing
tables and presses, formers and toppers,
finishing cabinets, spotting tables, electric
boilers and electric steam irons.

                                                                    Textile Asia - 2011         79
Exhibitors’ Profile

A BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF OUR                          research and education for a new stage of new
PRINCIPALS IS AS FOLLOWS                             product development. Only in 2003 “Huigong
                                                     No.3” has developed 26 new products. By now,
                                                     it has owned 15 patents. The quality strategy of
                                                     “Highlead” brand products is to supply the
                                                     competitive quality with that of the world
Shanghai Huigong No.3 Sewing Machine
                                                     advanced products at Chinese pricing.
Factory (briefly called “Huigong No.3”) is a
leading enterprise in China, specialized in
                                                      “Huigong No.3” has achieved the certification
producing industrial sewing machines, as well as
                                                     of registration for quality system ISO
a major national export base for industrial
                                                     9001:2000. In 1998, it was authorized to import
sewing machines in China. “Highlead” brand
                                                     and export directly. In 1999, it achieved
has been titled as “Shanghai Notable Trade
                                                     certification of CE registration of European
Mark”. “Highlead” brand high speed lockstitch
                                                     Community. In running 4 years since 2000,
sewing machine is one of the main products
                                                     “Highlead” brand products have been titled as “
produced by “Huigong No.3”, which is also a
                                                     Shanghai Well-known Product”. In 2001,
“Recommended Product” named by China
                                                     “Huigong No.3” was assessed as “Shanghai
Sewing Machine Association. Up to date,
                                                     Enterprise with High & New Technology”. In
“Huigong No.3” has developed and produced
                                                     2002, “Highlead” brand again won the title of
more than 180 products under 5 categories,
                                                     “Shanghai Notable Trade Mark”. Besides, it
available for the lines of garment, knitting,
                                                     won many titles such as “Shanghai Top 500
leather, bag & case, shoe & cap, automobile, etc.
                                                     Industrial Enterprise”, “Shanghai Model Unit
                                                     with Best Credit Reputation” and “Shanghai
And well sold into more than 50 countries and
                                                     Top 100 Well-known Product”. Now it is
regions in the world. Its annual sales value is
                                                     applying for “China Top Trade Mark” actively.
over 300 million RMB, in which export value is
over 13 million USD. The annual profit and tax
                                                       The enterprise spirit of “Huigong No.3” is
achieved is over 38 million RMB. The total
                                                     “Gather the elite, develop hi-tech, keep credit
assets is over 200 million RMB, in which 64
                                                     and overpass first-class”. The managing concept
million RMB is fixed assets. “Huigong No.3”
                                                     is “Be based on humanity in pursuing
has 480 employees and the yearly productivity is
                                                     excellence; Customer be first in meeting
over 650,000 RMB per person, which is the best
                                                     demand; Be practical and realistic in respecting
in China sewing machine industry. Thus
                                                     science.” The enterprise working style is “Be
“Huigong No.3” is regarded as “the strongest
                                                     factualistic,   hard     working,    aggressive,
competitor in China” by the giants of sewing
                                                     communicated and united”. The goal being
machines in the world.
                                                     sought is the best combination of enterprise
                                                     benefit and social benefit.
  In 1993 “Huigong No.3” entered into a
technical cooperation agreement with Mitsubishi
Electric Corp. Japan. By availing the                •   GC-128-M High speed single needle
opportunity of OEM production, it introduced in          lockstitch sewing machine.
and absorbed the advanced technology and             •   GC-1088-M High speed single needle
advanced management from Mitsubishi Electric             lockstitch sewing machine.
Corp. Japan. Meanwhile “Huigong No.3” has            •   HLY-18B Automatic welting machine.
greatly been developing its own “Highlead”           •   GC-1988-MDZ High speed dry lubricated
brand products, focusing on fine industrial              direct drive lockstitcher with thread
sewing machines of “small batch, more varieties          trimmer.
and high technology” as well as serialization,       •   GC-128-M-D3 High speed lockstitcher with
diversification,       specialization,    electro-       automatic thread trimmer.
mechanization and oil free lubrication. In           •   GC-20518-B Twin-needle high speed
February,2003 “Huigong No.3” invested to set             lockstitcher with auto thread trimmer.
up “Highlead Technology Center” and worked           •   GC-20528-B Twin-needle high speed split
hand in hand with domestic university and                needle bar lockstitcher.
institute, as well with the famous overseas giants   •   GC-188-M-D High speed single needle
of sewing machines, integrating production,              lockstitch sewing machine with trimmer.

80      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                       Exhibitors’ Profile

•   GC-188-MC High speed lockstitch sewing
    machine with edge cutter.
                                                    POWERTEC (PVT) LTD.
                                                    94-B,Muhammad Ali Society
•   GC-0318-1 Heavy duty top and bottom feed        Karachi, Pakistan
    lockstitch sewing machine.                      Tel.:    92 21 34530256, 34526859
•   GC-0618-1 Heavy duty compound feed              Fax:     92 21 34525043
    lockstitch sewing machine.                      Email: info@powertec.com.pk
•   GC-2698-1 Cylindrical bed compound feed         Web:     www.powertec.com.pk
    lockstitch sewing machine.                      Contact: Farrukh Husain
•   GK-0058 High speed chain lockstitch             Title:   Managing Director
    sewing machine.
•   GM-288 High speed over lock sewing              Powertec Pvt Limited are the exclusive
    machine.                                        distributors in Pakistan for the following
•   GM-700 High speed over lock sewing              companies     of  outstanding  international
    machine.                                        reputation:-
•   GK600-4 High speed cylinder bed
    machine.                                        •   M/s Guascor, S.A.– Manufacturer’s of
•   GK500-4 High speed flat bed stitcher                quality gas generating sets in the power
    machine.                                            band 260 -1200 kWe.
•   GK3088-2 Twin needle feed-off-arm               •   M/s Broadcrown –OEM producers of
    sewing machine with and without puller.             excellent diesel gensets covering the power
•   GK3088-3B Three needle feed-off-arm                 range 30-2500 kVA.
    sewing machine with and without puller.         •   M/s Anglo Belgian Corpn- Suppliers of
•   GL-13118-1 Blind stitch sewing machine.             heavy duty dual-fuel & furnace oil
•   CZM200 Auto – Sharpening cutting                    engines/gensets up to 5 MW.
    machines.                                       •   M/s Reliance of the USA- Manufacturers of
•   KL-100 CNC sewing Unit such as                      quality OEM parts for John Deere engines.
    upholstery, air bags, leather, foot wear,       •   M/s IPD of the USA- Manufacturers of
    textile filters, safety belts and special           quality OEM parts for Caterpillar Engines.
    technical textiles.
                                                    Powertec has been positioned in the market
                                                    place as a consultative sales and service
                                                    organization, which provides innovative power
1.PNEUMATIC COLLAR         AUTOMATIC CP-323T        solutions and high quality products backed by
COLLAR TURNER & TRIMMER    CP-303AX                 excellence in after sales support. We believe that
                                                    success in the market place and satisfaction of
2.AIR COMPRESSIVE CUFF-    AUTOMATIC CP-205A        the customers can only be achieved as a result of
FIXING MACHINE                                      continuous internal investment along with
                           AUTOMATIC CP-600SC       perfect coordination of employees, marketing,
                                                    sales and service functions.
                           CP-1000SH CP-1000SL
                           CP-1600SH                Since the inception of the Company in 1991, we
                                                    have supplied and installed over 250 MW in the
                           SEMI-AUTOMATIC CP-300B   country in diesel, gas, dual fuel and heavy fuel
                                                    applications. Full after sales service with foreign
                                                    trained engineers backed by a large inventory of
                                                    competitively priced spares completes our
                           CP-450D                  commitment to the customer.


                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011           81
Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                    Industrial Weighing (for all Industries)
                                                    • Batching Controllers
                                                    • Counting Scales
                                                    • Floor & Platform scales
RAUF ELECTRONIC                                     • Load Cells
EQUIPMENT SERVICE                                   • Peripherals and Printers
3-C2/18, Nazimabad                                  • Weighbridges
Karachi, Pakistan                                   • Weighing Terminals
Tel.: 92 21 36615569, 36615557                      • Weights
Fax: 92 21 36617578                                 • Metal/ Needle Detector
Email: service@rees.com.pk
Web: www.rees.com.pk
Contact: Abdul Samad Amiwala
Title: Executive Director                           METTLER-TOLEDO AG.,
                                                    Im Langacher, Greifensee, CH 8606,
Rauf Electronics Equipment Service is the sales
and service partner of METTLER TOLEDO for
                                                    Tel:     00 41 44 944 2211
Pakistan, and collaborating with their Lab,
                                                    Fax:     00 41 44 944 3540
Analytical & Industrial Products portfolios in
                                                    Web:     www.mt.com
various     industries     including     Textile,
Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Dying, Steel, Sugar,
                                                    Mettler-Toledo is a leader in innovation – not
Cement, Gold/Jewelry and retail markets, also
                                                    only in products and services but in the way we
offers for Textile Industries, sales and services
                                                    think about everything. Innovation is the art of
of Laboratory Weighing, Analytical, Quality
                                                    finding answers before the question is asked.
control and System products from METTLER
                                                    Originally known for weighing technologies,
                                                    today we are a recognized leader in
                                                    communications, optics robotics and other
METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global
                                                    technologies. As well as software to integrate
manufacturer of precision instruments. The
                                                    these technologies’ into powerful lab industries
company is the world’s largest manufacturer and
                                                    and retail solutions. We are committed to
marketer of weighing instruments for use in
                                                    ensuing our innovations translate into real value
laboratory, Analytical, industrial and food
                                                    for customers like you.
retailing applications. Weighing Applications
can be found in almost every industry.
                                                    PRODUCT LINE
METTLER TOLEDO products are used in the
laboratories as an integral part of the research    Laboratory Weighing:
and quality control process; in industrial          Lab Balances, Microbalances, Analytical,
processes such as materials preparation, filling    Precision Balances, Moisture Analyzers
control, piece-counting, and packaging, Yarn,
Cotton & Fabrics Testing, weight per length,        Pipettes and Tips:
self-service and check-out applications for         RAININ, Manual & Electronic Pipettes, LTS &
integrated management of perishable goods.          Standard, BioClean Tips.

PRODUCTS FOR PAKISTAN TEXTILE,                      Analytical Instruments:
                                                    Titration, pH/Ion Measurement,          Thermal
                                                    Analysis, Density, Lab Electrodes
Laboratory & Analytical instruments                 AutoChem:
• Analytical & Precision Balances                   Particle Characterization, Reaction Analysis,
• Moisture Analyzer                                 Lab Reactors, Calorimeters, PAT
• Software
• Titrators / Karl Fisher                           Industrial Weighing:
• pH-/ Cond. Meter                                  Terminals, Weigh Modules, Load Cells, Floor
• Electrodes / Buffer Solutions                     Scales, Bench Scales, SQC, Software

82      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

Products Inspection:                                •   BAOYU      INDUSTRIAL     SEWING
Checkweighers, Metal Detection, Needle                  MACHINE (China)
Detector, X-ray Inspection, Vision Inspection       •   SHENGTIAN      VACUME       TABLE,
                                                        THREAT SUCKING MACHINE &
Transport and Logistics:                                FINISHING EQUIPMENT (China)
Truck Scales/Rail Scales, Dimensioning,             •   SHENGTIAN FUSING MACHINE (China)
Post/Mail Scales, Forklift Scales                   •   MEGA SEW FLAT SEAMER MACHINE
                                                        & 4 NEEDLE 6 THREAD FEED OF THE
Process Analytics:                                      ARM (Taiwan)
pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Turbidity,      •   EMBROIDERY MACHINE (China)
TOC, Gas Analyzer.                                  •   MOTOR ENERGY SAVER (China)
                                                    •   POWER MAX (China)
Food Retail:
                                                    •   QILI   BRAND    CUTTING     CLOTH
Weighing, Wrapping, Labeling, Software
                                                        MACHINE (China)

                                                    Feel free to contact Reckon Enterprises for all
                                                    types of Industrial Sewing Machine. We are also
                                                    eagerly awaiting any feedback for further any
A-6, Block-19, Roshan Bagh
F.B. Area, Karachi, Pakistan
Tel.:    92 21 36364833
Fax:     92 21 36364825
Cell:    92 332-3197309, 300-2122072
Email: aqeel2002@yahoo.com                          SALAM AND COMPANY
Contact: M. Arif
                                                    4, Amber Castle, Shahrah-e-Faisal
Title:   Managing Director                          Karachi, Pakistan
                                                    Tel.:    92 21 34523818, 34537441
                                                    Fax:     92 21 34537442
Reckon Enterprises is one of the importer of        Email: salamco@cyber.net.pk
Industrial Sewing Machine from China and            Contact: Muhammad Shezad
Taiwan Manufacturing company Bella, Baoyu,          Title:   Director
Shengtian, Mega Sew. Reckon Enterprises is
importer of Industrial Sewing Machine with          BRANCH OFFICES
complete modern machine installing and modern
technology facilities providing.
                                                    88, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad
                                                    Tel: (041) 26644381, 2642668
                                                    Fax: (041) 2642668
Our history is dotted with achievement &
success but to us our future is more important      Lahore
than our history. It was 2004 when, Mr. Arif,       L-972 Near Khokar Chowk,
founder of Reckon Enterprises an ambitious,         Johar Town, Lahore
energetic, dynamic leader and with a great          Tel: (042) 35290672
vision established a modest industrial sewing
machine unit in Karachi. Today it is a company      Sialkot
which is selling world’s leading brands. Reckon     Afzal Plaza, Chowk Shahabpura,
Enterprises quality products quickly earned trust   Defence Road, Sialkot
across the continents.                              Tel: (052) 3253020
                                                    Fax: (052) 3242030
• BELLA THREAT CROPING MACHINE                      SALAM AND COMPANY was established in
  GARMENTS & DENIM (China)                          1980 with a vision to facilitate garment industry

                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011         83
Exhibitors’ Profile

in the manufacturing of garments by providing           24. Dino: Automatic Thread Trimming Devices and
them with solutions and machines, enabling                  Tape Cutter (Taiwan)
them to be competitive in the international             25. LK: Automatic Snap and Rivet attaching machine
market with innovative and latest machinery and
technology. With this mind set SALAM AND
COMPANY has grown manifold during the
years. With Head Office in Karachi and
branches in LAHORE, FAISALABAD and
SIALKOT and foreign trained Technicians and             SGS PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.
Sales Staff we are fully capable of providing our       H-3/3,Sector-5, Korangi Industrial Area
customers the best of machines and services.            Karachi, Pakistan
                                                        UAN: 92 21 111-222-747
After dominating the Knitwear Industry we have          Tel.:    92 21 35121388, 35121397
expanded our sales and list of agencies to cater        Fax:     92 21 35121323
WOVENS,          DENIMS,          SWEATERS,             Email: tariq.khan@sgs.com
LEATHER, SHOES and similar productions.                 Web:     www.sgs.com
Today we can offer our customer “THE                    Contact: Tariq Khan
COMPLETE SOLUTION” COVERING ALL                         Title:   Assistant Manager Business
ASPECTS       OF     PRODUCTION          FROM                    Development
Brands are represented by SALAM AND                     SGS, the world’s leading inspection,
COMPANY as their Agents in Pakistan.                    verification, testing and Certification Company,
                                                        was established in Pakistan in 1952. Having a
1.    Assyst: Cad System (Germany)
                                                        dynamic team of over 600 specialists and related
2.    Morgan Tecnica: Automatic Spreading & Cutting
      System (Italy)                                    disciplines of quality verification, supported by
3.    Brother: Industrial Sewing Machines (Japan)       state-of-art laboratories and advance technology,
4.    Yamato: Industrial Sewing Machines (Japan)        SGS Pakistan is offering its services across
5.    Siruba: Industrial Sewing Machines (Taiwan)       industries and geographies nationwide in
6.    Pami: Automatic Sewing Units for Denims (Italy)   inspection,      verification,    Testing     and
7.    A-S-S: Automated Sewing System for Trousers &     Certification.
      Jackets (Germany)
8.    Pfaff: Automatic Welding and Hot Air Sealing
      Machines (Germany)                                With the head office in Karachi and liaison
9.    Yilmak: Washing Machines and Equipments           offices across the country, a broad range of
      (Turkey)                                          services are made available to trade and industry
10.   Saltex: Washing Machines and Equipments           to mitigate risks, expedite work-flow and assure
      (China)                                           quality standards. The SGS laboratories have
11.   Hashima: Fusing & Needle Detector Machines        been in accordance with requirements of
                                                        ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by Pakistan National
12.   Walz: Automatic Screen Printing Machine
      (Germany)                                         Accreditation Council (PNAC).
13.   ASKME: Automatic Oval Screen Printing
      Machine (Taiwan)                                  CONSUMER TESTING SERVICES
14.   Dolphin: Automatic Quilting Machine (Korea)       The sharp reduction in customer return rates is
15.   K.M: Straight Knife Cutting Machine (Japan)
                                                        evidence that SGS has helped achieve a
16.   North Phoenix: Multi Head Computerized
      Embroidery Machines (China)                       consistently high standard. We deliver product
17.   New-tecH: Automatic Placket Making Machines       testing, inspection, audit, training & technical
      for Polos (Turkey)                                assistance services to Textiles, Leather &
18.   Sheng Meei: Flat & Gloves Knitting Machines       Footwear, Food and Hard-line sectors to help
      (Taiwan)                                          reduce risks, eliminate defects at an early
19.   UnionInk: Textile Printing Inks(UK)               production stage, ensure quality, performance &
20.   Beta: Heat Transfer Machine (UK)
                                                        compliance with local and international
21.   Sprayway: Stain Removing Aerosol and
      Adhesives (USA)                                   requirements, faster time to market, avoiding
22.   Schmetz: Sewing Machine Needles (Germany)         regulatory and non-compliance bottlenecks.
23.   Nisho: Vacuum Tables, Irons, Thread Trimmers
      and Equipment for Apparel Industry (Singapore)

84        Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

WHY SGS                                              glutamate, Preservatives, Moisture, Salt, Sand
• Largest & strategically located global             silica, Acidity, Fat, Starch content, Insoluble
  network of testing laboratories, quality           matter, pH, Peroxide value, Iodine value,
  control and regulatory specialists.                Saponification value, Unsaponification matter,
• Internationally-recognized       certification     Aflatoxines (B1, B2, G1, G2), Melamine, Ash.
  marks demonstrating product fulfils
  technical requirements                             Microbiological Analysis: Total Plate Count,
                                                     Total Coliform, Faecal Coliform, E.Coli,
LABORATORY TESTING SERVICES                          Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Vibrio
                                                     cholerae, Vibrio parahemoticus, Mold & Yeast,
Textile Testing: Composition, Construction,
                                                     Listeria monocytogenes, E.coli O157:H7.
Shrinkage, Appearance, Colour Fastness,
Strength,     Pilling,    Abrasion, Bursting,
                                                     INSPECTION (FABRIC, GARMENTS,
Fabric/Garment performance, Flammability,
Care Label recommendation, Garment Size              SPORTS GOODS, SURGICAL GOODS,
Measurement, Wicking, Colour Difference &            ELECTRIC APPLIANCES)
whiteness, Yarn Testing, pH, Accessories             • IPC (Initial Production Check)
testing (Zipper & button)                            • DUPRO (During Production Check)
                                                     • FRI (Final Random Inspection)
Packaging & Carton Testing: Grammage,                • LS (Loading supervision)
Bursting Strength, Edge Crush, Flat Crush,
Water Absorption, Bending Stiffness, Moisture        CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
Content, Thickness.
Leather & Footwear Testing: Thickness,               • Buyer’s        code     conduct      audits
Hardness, Water Vapour Permeability, Static             (Social/Security)
Water Absorption, Volatile Matter (Moisture) of      • WRAP        (World    Wide     Responsible
Leather, Adhesion of Finish, Tensile Strength/          Accredited Production)
Elongation, Tear Strength, Bursting/ Grain crack     • BRC (British Retail Consortium)
(Lastometer), Flexing Endurance, Seam                • SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade
Performance, Abrasion Resistance, Colour                Audit)
Fastness to Light, Rubbing, Perspiration, Dry        • C-TPAT (Custom Trade Partnership
cleaning, Water Spotting.                               Against Terrorism)
                                                     TRAINING AND SEMINARS
RESTRICTED SUBSTANCES: (RSTS)                        • Certified trainer on behalf of AATCC,
AZO, Chrome VI, phthalates, lead, cadmium,              ASTM and SDC
APEOS, NPEOS, PFOS, PFOA, Formaldehyde,              • Munsell 100 Hue and Colour Assessment
heavy metals, nickel release, disperse,              • Test Method Training
carcinogenic, pesticide content, chlorinated         • QA/QC training
aromatic organic carriers, organotins, dimethyl      • REACH
fumarate, chlorinate phenols, SCCP, MCCP,            • CPSIA
volatile organic compound VOCs.
                                                     • Restricted Substances (RS)
                                                     TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE
                                                     • Technical solutions
Chemical Analysis: Heavy Metals, Nutrition
review / label review, Protein, Carbohydrates,       • Defect analysis and suggestion for remedial
Calories, Dietary fiber, Total Solids, Solid-non-       measures
fat, Antioxidants, Free Fatty acids, Specific        • Monitoring Services
gravity, Dye content, Water activity, Acid value,    • REACH Solutions
Iodine Value, Melting point, Moisture &              • Testing laboratory development and
Volatile matter, Refractive index, Brix / Total         Management
Soluble Solids, Fatty acid profile, Sugar Profile,   • Gap Assessment QA/QC systems.
Vitamins, Minerals, Omega 3, Omega 6,                • QA system development
Cholesterol, Reducing sugars, Monosodium

                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011        85
Exhibitors’ Profile

SHAN ASSOCIATES                                      GIAMMINOLA SHNGHAI CO., LTD
                                                     Giamminola Group present in all major Textile
(Pvt) Ltd.                                           countries with Manufacturing and trading
365 F2 Johar Town Lahore, Pakistan.                  concerns. With their head office and main
E-mail: sohail@shanassociates.com                    manufacturing facility in Italy and braches in
Tel:     92-302-8664942                              China, Brazil, USA and almost major textile
Fax:     92-41-8538106                               related countries, Giamminola is providing best
Contact: Rana Sohail Ahmad                           services to their clients for supplying parts for
Mobile: 92-321-8664942                               all types of Looms, Heald Frames, Beams and
                                                     many textile accessories.
                                                     Rm101, BlockC2,
                                                     No.6000 Shenzhuangong Rd.
                                                     Songjiang District,
IRO / ROJ                                            Shanghai 201619 P.R.CHINA
"The IRO group (part of the VAN DE WIELE             Tel:+862167855000
group) is the world’s leading producer of yarn       Fax:+862167855001
feeding equipment to the textile industry. With      Mobile: +86 138 177 91954
production facilities in Sweden, Germany, Italy,     Email: commercial@itg-china.com
China and Taiwan. With an annual turnover in         Web: www.giamminola.it
excess of 100 million euro, the IRO Group
answers today for over 60% of the global             YANTAI HENGJU ENGINEERING
production of yarn feeders and is unique in          CO.,LTD.
offering a complete product range covering           Yantai series of electronic jacquards are mainly
virtually every yarn feeding requirement within      used to weave selvage which can mark the
the textile industry. "In complete control of the    fabric material, origin and brand information.
weft insertion process" IRO/ROJ offer a              Yantai selvage electronic jacquards are always
comprehensive range of weft feeders and              meeting different demands from the customers.
auxiliary equipment for Rapier, Projectile, Air      In China it has more than 70% market share.
and Water jet weaving machines. The products         Silent Features are: Adoptable on projectile,
represent many years of research and                 rapier, air and water looms, Quick and
development and have evolved in line with            convenient adjustment, Friendly operating
transitions within textile production to keep pace   interface on program and control, Easy
with ever increasing demands within the              maintenance.
industry. Whatever you weave, we can help
improve the quality of your products. Visit          Yantai Hengju Engineering Co.,Ltd.
www.iro.se or www.roj.it for more details."          No.61, Hongfu Street, Fushan Zone, Yantai
                                                     City, Shandong Province, China
IRO AB                                               Tel: +86-535-2955398-813
Box 54, SE-523 22 ULRICEHAMN, SWEDEN                 Fax: +86-535-6303873
Phone: +46 321 297 00                                Email: ythengju@yahoo.cn
Fax: +46 321 298 00                                  Website: www.ythengju.com
E-mail: info@iro.se

Via Vercellone 11, IT-13900 Biella, ITALY            ITALTEX
Phone: +39 015 84 80 111                             Italtex – since 1959 publisher of fashion trends
Fax: +39 015 40 58 15                                books and technical textile publications. Our
E-mail: comm@roj.com                                 books present the latest trends for colours,
                                                     compositions, yarns, patterns, finishes for
                                                     apparel and home textiles. At present, they cover
                                                     all fields of fabric production - from wool to
                                                     cotton, linen, silk, man-made fibres, up to prints

86      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                       Exhibitors’ Profile

and knits - and all styles - from casual up to
elegant and formal wear for men and women,
while for interiors we have books for both
jacquard and textured upholstery. All these
publications are prepared by the textile
designers and stylists of Italtex, who either
create new trendy fabrics or select them from       SHAOXING COUNTY
the collections of the Italian manufacturers co-
operating with the company, while the colour-       QINGQUAN CHEMICAL
cards provided with the books are the result of     FIBRE CO. LTD.
careful study of the market and fashion trends,
and of the exchange of information with fibre       Shaoxing County Qingquan Chemical Fibre Co.,
producers and spinners.                             Ltd.is one of the foremost and leading chemical
                                                    fibre manufacturing which specialized in
ITALTEX SRL                                         manufacturing polyester yarn, nylon yarn,
Books of Fabric Forecasts                           embroidery threads, Polyester Mono Yarn.
Via C.F. Trossi 11                                  Located in Shaoxing well known for its
13900 Biella, Italy                                 commerce in China and being adjacent to
tel. +39 015 8493607                                Shanghai the international shipping center,
fax +39 015 8353073
e-mail: patrizia@italtextrends.com                  The company was launched by enterprising
www.italtextrends.com                               personalities, Mr. shen since 1997.

                                                    Our operating philosophy is to provide buyers
                                                    with product that meets their specification,
                                                    reliably delivered at a reasonable price in
                                                    Domestic and International Markets.
MACHINERY CO. LTD.                                  SHEIKH KHAJOO BHAI &
No. 19 Miaoling Road Room 101                       CO.
Yulong Building Qingdao China                       51/C, Commercial Street #12th
Tel.:    0086-532-88987017                          Phase-II Ext., D.H.A.
Fax:     0086-532-88987380                          Karachi, Pakistan
Email: 2008GELIN@163.COM                            Tel.:    92 21 35800753, 35800754
Web:     WWW.SHUNXING.CN                            Fax:     92 21 35882680
Contact: Roger                                      Email: skbco@cubexs.net.pk
Title:   General Manager                            Web:     www.khajoobhai.com
                                                    Contact: Sheikh Abdul Qayyum
Shandong Shunxing Machinery Co., Ltd. was           Title:   Managing Director
founded in 2002.It is a private limited-liability
company, situating in Gaomi, between the Kites      Please see profile at end.
City Weifang and beautiful seaside city
Qingdao. At presen, the whole scale of our
company is 90000 square meters, standard
processing workshops 8000 square meters.We
are leading manufacture of cotton waste
recycling machine in China mainland, we
produce to warious textile waste recycling
machinery and cotton ginning machinery baling

                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011       87
Exhibitors’ Profile

TRADING CO. LTD.                               SINOSELEN
65-66,Chamber of Commerce Bldg,                HI-TECH CO. LTD.
Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road
Karachi, Pakistan                              Founded in April of 2003, with registered
Tel.:    92 21 32411395                        capital of RMB260.00 million, SINOSELEN
Fax:     92 21 32411395                        HI-TECH CO., LTD. is known as a national
Email: karachi@akbar&akbar.com.pk              grade high-tech enterprise. Based on self-own
Contact: Syed Farrukh                          patents and technology, it mainly engages in
Title:   Marketing                             R&D, production and sales of high performance,
                                               high-tech and functional fiber and supply of
TEXLINK ENGINEERING CO., LTD.                  chemical fiber plant.
No.1 Building, Wei Tai Industrial Area,
Ying Ren Shi, Shi Yan Street,                  MAIN PRODUCTS
Bao An District, Shenzhen 518108.              • Bicomponent yarn and staple fiber plant,
P.R.China                                         Cellulose acetate fiber plant, Microfiber
Tel.:   86-755 -26712986                          high imitation artificial leather plant,
Fax:    86-755-26712259                           Monofilament plant
Web:    www.texlinkmachine.com                 • Bicomponent elastic yarn, Low melting
Email: sales@texlinkmachine.com                   point heat bondable fiber, Electric
                                                  conducting yarn, PPS yarn and staple fiber
built up by experts in Textiles Machinery
Design, Fabrication, Quality Assurance,
Marketing and Back Service.

We provide qualified textiles machinery in
following range:
• Fabric       Dyeing:   WINBOX-     HT/AT     SPACE & TIME
     Evenflow Dyeing machine, TOWEL-ECO-
     AT Softflow dyeing machine, SHO-HT
                                               (PVT) LTD.
     Softflow Dyeing Machine. SL-ECO-AT        B-112, Block-3,
     Softflow Dyeing machine Etc.              Gulshan-e-Iqbal
                                               Karachi, Pakistan
• Yarn Dyeing: TPYD-HT Package Dyeing
                                               Tel.:    92 21 34979244, 34994798
     machine, TCSD-HT Package Sampling
                                               Fax:     92 21 34979244
     Dyeing machine, THDB-AT Hank Yarn
                                               Cell:    92 300-3519338, 300-2675727
     Spraying Dyeing Machine, THDH-HT
                                                        302-2841691, 321-2983547
     Hank Yarn Spraying Dyeing Machine. Etc.
                                               Email: basra@spacentime.net
• Terry Towel Finishing: TCTD-Continuous
                                               Web:     www.spacentime.net
     Tumble Dryer, TURBO- Continuous
                                               Contact: Muhammad Amin
     Tumble     Dryer,   TACS-    Continuous
                                               Title:   M.D.
     Hemming Machine
• Garment Washing/Dyeing: TORO-Washing         LINE OF BUSINESS
     Dyeing     Combination,   TGW-Washing
     Dyeing machine, TTD-Tumble Dryer          • Industrial & Textile Plant, Machinery &
• Miscellaneous Equipments for Textiles:          Equipment
     TCO-Hydroextractor, TDTW-Detwsiter        • Pre-inspection, Inspection, Supervision of
• Textiles Laboratory Equipments                  Dismantling & Installation
                                               • Chemical Products for Textile Processing &
                                                  Water Sector

88     Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

•   Software Control On-Line for Textile            knitting, dyeing and finishing & printing
    Processing                                      machines.
•   Customized Automation & Control Systems
•   Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics,     Contact Information
    Digital, Mechatronics, Textile & Industrial     Ishtiaq Hussain
    Engineering & Technical Services &              Orient International Textile Machinery
    Solution Provider                               Breitscheider Weg 117. 40885 Ratingen.
CONSULTANT & ADVISER                                Tel : +492102 - 3096833 , 3096835
Alternative / Renewable / Sustainable Energy &      Fax : +492102 - 3096836 .
Fuels - Wind, Solar, Bio etc.                       Moblie : +49174 - 1434925
                                                    E-mail : oitmsc@orienttex.de
PRODUCT LINE                                        URL: www.orienttex.de
• Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Finishing &          Rollmac (Gemata Spa)
  Printing Projects;                                Machines and plants for finishing / resining of
• Knit Dyeing, Finishing & Printing Projects;       textiles and for the direct coating,
• Woven Dyeing, Finishing & Printing                COMBINED KNIFE / ROLLER COATING
  Projects;                                         HEAD, KNIFE COATING HEAD
• Yarn Dyeing, Finishing & Printing Projects;
• Garment Dyeing, Finishing & Printing              Contact Information
  Projects;                                         Michele Fassina
• Denim Weaving, Dyeing & Finishing                 Rollmac a division of Gemata Spa
  Projects;                                         Via Postale Vecchia, 77,
• Terry / Towel Weaving, Dyeing, Finishing          36070 Trissino (Vicenza) Italy
  & Printing Projects;                              Tel. +39 0445 490618
• Chemical & Power Generation Projects;             Fax. +39 0445 490639
• All types of Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery,       E-mail: rollmac@rollmac.it
  Stitching & Sewing Machines                       URL: www.rollmac.it
• Boilers, Compressors

• Muhammad Ameen Basra; (Managing
   Director) Email: ameen@spacentime.net
• Hafiz Ain-ul-Ghani Basra; (Director)
   Email: aghani@spacentime.net
• Engr. Muhammed Arif Basra; (Technical             SULTAN CHEMICAL
   Director) : Email: basra@spacentime.net
• Hafiz Muhammed Umer Basra; (Director) :           INDUSTRIES
   umerbasra@spacentime.net                         1-KM,Katter Band, Ind'l Estate,
• Muhammad          Ain-ul-Shakoor     Basra;       Tokhar Niaz Baig, Multan Road
   (Director) Email: ashakoor@spacentime.net        Lahore, Pakistan
                                                    Tel.:    92 42 35294162, 35294164
FOREIGN PARTNERS                                    Fax:     92 42 35294163
                                                    Email: ksultan@sultan.com.pk
Orient International Textile Machinery
                                                    Web:     www.sultan.com.pk
                                                    Contact: Saleem-ul-Hassan
Orient    International    Textile    Machinery
                                                    Title:   C.E.O.
(O.I.T.M.) welcomes you on their Booth. We
are one of the leading world wide sellers of pre-
owned textile machinery. We buy and sell all
types of used textile machineries including         SULTAN have come a long way from our
spinning, weaving preparation & weaving,            humble beginning as a small trading company of
                                                    chemicals in the late 50’s to currently being one

                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011         89
Exhibitors’ Profile

of the leading chemical trading & manufacturing
company in Pakistan. Our penetration is over
75% in the industry. Currently we are handling
over 100 million KG yearly. (Selling to end         SUNSTAR (PAKISTAN)
customer/industry). Our accomplishments are a
result of the strict adherence to our core values
                                                    CO., LTD.
of Trust, Loyalty & Commitment.                     1007 Park Avenue, 10th Floor
                                                    Bock 6, P.E.C.H.S., Shahrah-e-Faisal
PROFILE OF SULTAN CHEMICAL                          Karachi, Pakistan
                                                    Tel:     +92-21-34305890
                                                    Fax:     +92-21-34305891
Founded in 1972, Approximately area 7000 sq         Email: swfpakistan@sunstar.co.kr
meter – old plant is in Faisalabad which is         Web:     www.sunstar.co.kr
manufacturing Sodium Silicate, New plant in         Contact: Mr. Jay Kim
Lahore commissioned in late 2009 for
Polymerization and reactions for Textile            SWF - Sunstar with FutureSince the foundation
auxiliaries, approximately area is 3500 sq meters   in 1990, SWF embroidery machines have been
for textile applications.                           exported to 150 countries around the world.
                                                    They are ranked No. 1 in the local and overseas
PRODUCT LINE                                        markets. As global top products, they are
Our product line from pretreatment to finishing     endeared by global consumers.
covers all stages of wet process which includes
Desizers, enzymes, detergents, wetting agents,      In the fast-changing business circumstances,
stain remover (APEO NPEO Free), Stabilizers,        trend and customers requirements can be
Sequestrant, Silicone Emulsions, Micro              changed frequently, and in order to cope with
emulsions, Elastomers, Resins for shrinkage         these circumstances, we, SWF have established
control, Fixing agents for Pigments, direct &       direct-branch offices here in Pakistan, Lahore as
reactive dyes. We also manufactures binder,         well as in Karachi also. This is to provide direct
Poly vinyl acetates, anti flushing for printing,    & in-time services for the Pakistan customers
lubricants, poly ethylene, & anti statics. Now we   from SWF. Please keep in mind that we, SWF
are introducing Pigment emulsions for woven         are always here beside you and we are sure that
segment.                                            you will never be unsatisfied with SWF sales
                                                    and after-sales services.
We are specialized in 100% cotton, PC, 100%
polyester, Towel, Lawn, Twill, Denim, Knitting      OVERSEAS PRINCIPAL
fabrics & non-woven                                     Sunstar Co., Ltd.
                                                        # 178-212, Gajwa-Dong, Seo-Ku,
SERVICES                                                Incheon, Korea
                                                        Tel :    +82-32-580-5990 / 5984
We give prompt service to our clients by                Fax :    +82-32-579-8350 / 1
providing A class packing, prompt supply                Email: swfpakistan@sunstar.co.kr
though efficient logistics. We also serve our           Web:     www.sunstar.co.kr
customers by providing Lab applications for
product development and chemical evaluations.

                                                    T.S. BUILDERS
                                                    c/o AHS Textile Machinery Co.
                                                    Karachi, Pakistan

90      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                          Exhibitors’ Profile

Head Office:                                           industry district of taizhou, zhejiang province.
Talal Shah Khan                                        The headquarter company covers an area 45,500
Office No. 6, 3rd Floor, plot 40-C,                    square meters and it includes seven company,
Main khyaban-e-boukhari                                such as TAIZHOU PRECISE CLOTH
Phase 6, DHA, Karachi.                                 MACHINE          CO.,     LTD,      SHANGHAI
Tel:       92-21-35846626                              KAIXUAN SEWING MACHINE CO.,LTD,
Fax:       92-21-35846670                              GUANGZHOU             KAIXUAN          SEWING
Cell:      0333-2378587                                MACHINE          CO.,     LTD,     CHANGSHU
                                                       KAIXUAN SEWING MACHINE CO., LTD,
Branch Office:                                         HK EASTMANS SEWING MACHINE
M. Moosa Qureshi.                                      CO.,LTD, INDIA KAIXUAN SEWING
H. NO. 779. 1st Floor,                                 MACHINE CO., LTD. AND VIETNAM
Ammar Shaheed Road,                                    KAIXUAN             SEWING           MACHINE
Chaklala Scheme 3,                                     CO.,LTD.ETC. The company has passed the
Rawalpinidi Cantt. Rawalpindi.                         authorization of ISO9001:2000 and CE.
Tel/ fax: 92-51-8136580
Cell:     0333-3038265                                 Top and reliable quality with the best globe after
                                                       sales service let our company gain the positive
T.S. Builders (Pvt.) Ltd. is the official applicator   comments and appreciation from our customers.
and contractor for Sika Pakistan for the               The products have been exported to over 80
application of their world renowned industrial         countries and regions across America, Europe,
floorings, water proofing. Crack fillings and          Middle East, Southeast, Asia, Africa, etc. You
admixture to provide every lasting and durable         are always welcome to cooperate with kaixuan,
modular Epoxy Flooring solution for Textile            looking forward to realizing resplendence with
industry.                                              you.

T.S. Builders (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the leading
Company in the application of PU and Epoxy
flooring both in industries and sports facilities
all around Pakistan. We are the only applicator        TAPAL ENTERPRISES
in Pakistan who had successfully applied PU
flooring at MOL, Karak and Palpa Karachi.
                                                       (PVT) LTD.
                                                       Ameejee Chambers, Campbell Street,
The company is fully geared to provide one             P.O. Box 51, Karachi, Pakistan
window solution for all your industrial flooring       Tel.:    92 21 32625492, 32625497
needs with complete solution for the water             Fax:     92 21 32627817
proofing, joints repairs and shotcreting the           Email: m.ali@avs.com.pk
damaged structure with renovations and face            Web:     www.avs.com.pk
lifting.                                               Contact: Muhammad Ali Khan
                                                       Title:   Manager

TAIZHOU PRECISE CLOTH                                  Ceccato Air Compressor. with its headquarters
MACHINE CO. LTD.                                       in Brendola (Vicenza), has more than 60 years
No. 52, Airport Road, Xiacheng Jiadjiang               experience in compressed air technology, and is
Taizhou Zhejiang, China                                today one of the leaders in the compressed air
                                                       business in the Italian market. We have an
Tel.:    0086-0576-88150286
Fax:     0086-0576-88179878                            important position in the European market and
Email: sew@kaixuan.com                                 are rapidly increasing our presence in other
                                                       continents. We distribute our products
Web:     www.kaixuan.com
Contact: Mr Chen                                       worldwide through more than 1000 dealers with
Title:   Manager                                       whom we have built up real partnerships.

Zhejiang KAIXUAN Sewing Machine Co., Ltd               After the acquisition by the Atlas Copco group
was established in 1985, located in Binhai             in 1998, emphasis was placed on the re-layout

                                                                        Textile Asia - 2011          91
Exhibitors’ Profile

and modernizing of our production facilities and
on the redesign of the complete product range.
Today more than 95 % of our products are less
than 3 years old and the state-of-the-art, efficient
production facilities are a reference in the           TECHNOGEN APPAREL
All products are designed and manufactured in          MACHINERY
accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001                 1-C E/2,Banaras Nagar, Qasba Mor,
certification and all models conform to the            Manghopir Road, Karachi, Pakistan
rigorous ISO 1217, Ed.3, Annex C-1996                  Tel.:    92 21 36363232, 36699131
acceptance test code, the guarantee of                 Fax:     92 21 36699131
dependability and a long service life.                 Email: umair_tech2003@hotmail.com
                                                       Contact: Muhammad Ashfaq Khan
Ceccato Air Compressor is also a subsidiary of         Title:   Director
the Atlas Copco Group, the world leader in the
air compressor industry.                               Techno Gen Apparel Machinery Company has
                                                       more than 12 years of experience in the apparel
Both of these factors mean that Ceccato Air            manufacturing industry During this time the
Compressor, or a sister company, in one of the         company has witnessed a steady growth,
70 countries around the world, where group             primarily due to timely decisions taken to
companies are present.                                 furnish the garment industry with the most
                                                       modern machinery, equipment and accessories
Tapal Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. In 2006, the Tapal        imported from leading manufacturers across the
Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. have also acquired the          world. Consistent planning, professionalism and
distribution ship of Ceccato Screw Air                 a proactive approach have helped Techno Gen
Compressors and accessories for Industrial             derive impressive results so that today it retains
requirements.                                          a major share of the market share of the apparel
                                                       machinery market of Pakistan.
For more information: www.ceccato.com
                                                       With its head office in Karachi and branch
                                                       offices in Faisalabad and Sialkot. Techno Gen
                                                       represents more than 20 leading global apparel
                                                       machinery manufacturers and has a remarkable
                                                       repute of marketing some of the latest and most
                                                       technologically advanced apparel machinery in
TAQUI TRADING                                          Pakistan.
E-40,Quality Godown, Shershah
Karachi, Pakistan
                                                       WE REPRESENT FOLLOWING
Cell:    92 345 8206111
Email: taquitrading@gmail.com                          INTERNATIONAL BRANDS IN
Web:     www.taquitrading.com                          PAKISTAN,
Contact: Faisal Ahsan                                  • JOYEE sewing machines
Title:   Director                                      • JIKET sewing machine
                                                       • Weijie apparel machinery
With almost 12 years of experience, TAQUI              • Shengtian apparel machinery
TRADING is today well known reference as a             • Cheng Feng apparel machinery
reputed supplier of Foreign used usually
                                                       • Max apparel machinery
ATLAS COPCO air compressors and
                                                       • Haicheng Heat Transfer machines
                                                       • Licheng Heat Transfer machines
A professional after sales service ensures all our     • Amida thread trimmers
customers personalized follow up of their needs        • Rustgo chemicals
and a continous search for the maximum                 • Getidy sterilizer
optimization of their industry profitability.          • And many more

92       Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

TECHNOGEN                                           TEXTILE ENGINEERS OF
ENGINEERING                                         PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.
                                                    1006,Park Avenue,10th Floor, 24/A,Block-
1-C E/2,Banaras Nagar, Qasba                        6,P.E.C.H.S., Shahrah-e-Faisal
Mor,Manghopir Road                                  Karachi, Pakistan
Karachi, Pakistan                                   Tel.: 92 21 34537091 - 4
Tel.:    92 21 36363232, 36699131                   Fax: 92 21 34537095
Fax:     92 21 36699131                             Email: info@tep.com.pk
Email: umair_tech2003@hotmail.com                   Web: www.tep.com.pk
Contact: Muhammad Ashfaq Khan                       Contact: Aarij Iqbal
Title:   Director                                   Title: Director
TECHNO GEN ENGINEERING Established                  Lahore Office:
with the objective of fulfilling the industrial     House No. 396, Block H-1,
requirements in the best economic way be            M. A. Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan.
giving full technical information to its client.    Tel.:     +92 42 35304396, 36144676
                                                    Cell:     +92 321 8497664
TECHNO GEN ENGINEERING Spiritually                  Email:    lhr.office@tep.com.pk
ensures to supply quality product with optimum
operative effectiveness with guaranteed back up     DETAILS OF PROMINENT PRINCIPALS
of spare and services coupled with trouble
shooting derivatives.                               OF OUR COMPANY

TECHNO GEN ENGINEERING Has through                  •   Bekaert Carding Solutions Ltd., Belgium
market research, keep eye on changing market            Products: Complete range of card clothing
trends, and is laying foundation to structure the       for Cotton, Man-Made Fibers, Non-Woven,
business of trading in a manner to provide              Woolen and Worsted Spinning Industry.
benefits to the clients.                                Card maintenance equipment.

TECHNO GEN ENGINEERING We trust that a              •   Loptex Italia, Srl, Italy
trade house should have capability at evaluate          Products: Loptex Sorter – Color and
the need of business, analyze the various sources       Colorless Contamination Removal System
and conclude a sincere recommendation that wit          for Blow-room Line
the client needs.
                                                    •   C-port JACOBI GmbH, Germany
TECHNO GEN ENGINEERING Being a part                     Products: Automatic traveling cleaners for
of his trading would do business vigorously with        spinning and weaving machines. Stationary
governments, semi government, and private               suction cleaning system. Central vacuum
organization, we have supplied theme various            cleaning system. Spindle Tape and
competitive prices.                                     Covering Roller for Spinning. Bobbin
                                                        conveying system. High duty automatic
TECHNO GEN ENGINEERING Has the pride                    card stripping equipment
to have a proven performance which attracts the
foreign well known manufactures and suppliers       •   C-port Center-P+, Germany
to sign contract to look after this dynamic             Product: Spindle centering device.
market on there behalf by appointing us a their
agents.                                             •   Reseda Binder GmbH, Germany
                                                        Products: High quality wax rolls for various
                                                        yarn applications. Special wax rolls for yarn
                                                        conditioning and steaming application.

                                                                    Textile Asia - 2011          93
Exhibitors’ Profile

•    Sarteks Tekstil, Turkey                              automatic lines for tubular slitting. Winding
     Products: Bianco Brand - High quality                machine for looms and btach. Compactor
     spinning cans for highest quality slivers.           for open width fabric.

•    Emmebi Impianti, Srl, Italy                      •   Saspe Srl, Italy
     Products: Solutions for air technology.              Products: Raising Machines, shearing
     Centralized air conditioning plants. Air             machines, sueding /peach skin effect
     filtering plants. Waste recycling and                machines, lab machines for raising shearing
     collection. Air treatment for spinning mill          and sueding/ peach skin machines.
     and weaving mills.
                                                      •   TMT Manenti Srl, Italy
•    BWI Pinned Products                                  Products: Calendering Machine. Kier
     Products: Leading manufacturer and                   Decatizing Machine, Crabbing Machine,
     supplier of high precision steel textile pins,       Pressing Machine, Steaming    Machine,
     pinned products and pinned roller for                Warping Machine, Brushing Machine.
     blowroom and carding machines. Stenter
     pin plates                                       •   Giovanelli Co., Italy
                                                          Products: Beam stacking and storing
•    Rohne Precision Engineering                          system, sectional warping machine.
     Products: Comber segments for combing

•    Wuxi Owl Textile Accessories, China
     Products: Steel ring cups and ring travelers.    THE XEPTIONALZ
                                                      Office #204, 2nd Floor, FL 3/13 Block-5
•    Qingdao Textile Machinery Co. Ltd.               Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Rashid Minhas Road
     China                                            Karachi, Pakistan
     Products: Chute Feed Systems – Efficiency        Tel.:    92 21 34979263, 7658869
     Upgrade for Traditional Carding Process.         Fax:     92 21 35206666
     Complete    Range     of   Card    Room          Email: info@thexeptionalz.com
     Maintenance Machines. Complete Range of          Web:     www.thexeptionalz.com
     Embroidery Machines                              Contact: Huma Adeeb
                                                      Title:   Director Operations
•    Biancalani Spa, Italy
     Products: Airo 24 - Continuous tumble            Exhibitors TV Network, which is on-air at
     dryer machine for softening and drying of        www.exhibitortstv.net, is the First Ever Online
     fabric in open width form. Airo - Machine        Video Portal for the Global Trade Show
     for washing, drying and softening of fabric      Industry launched by “The Xeptionalz”
     discontinuous rope form.                         (www.thexeptionalz.com), which supports the
                                                      conventional exhibition by echoing exhibitors’
•    Simet Textile Machinery Srl, Italy               participation through their video insights
     Products: Electronic winders, assembly           recorded at their stands and helps them to reach
     winders, twisting machines for fancy yarn,       those potential buyers of their products/ services
     deknitting winders, sewing thread winders        and technologies, who due to any reason
     and special winders.                             couldn't make it to attend the Exhibition.
                                                      Companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft,
•    Arioli Spa, Italy                                Fujitsu, Sharp, Blackberry, Cisco, Intel and
     Products: Continuous Open Width Washing          many more have benefitted through this new
     Range.                                           media service we launched at GITEX Dubai.
                                                      Exhibitors TV Network has been a “Media
•    Daroitex, Srl. Italy                             Partner” of different International B2B
     Products: Fabric inspection machines for         Exhibitions and is also the Media Partner of 8th
     woven, knit and non-woven fabri. Complete        Textile Asia 2011 International Exhibition.

94       Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                       Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                      energy efficiencies, and optimize production
                                                      processes according to 'Best Practices'.

                                                      DESIGN AND BUILD
THERMO TECH                                           TTE is committed to energy efficient design.
ENGINEERING                                           We can DESIGN-BUILD your integrated,
                                                      turnkey utility. We combine the best available
C-174, Sector 31-D, P&T Society,
                                                      technologies for utilities energies re-use
Korangi Industrial Area
                                                      strategies to increase your bottom line.
Karachi, Pakistan
Tel.:    92 21 35120840, 36621894
Fax:     92 21 35120839
Email: info@tte.com.pk                                • Consultation / Engineering
Contact: Rashid Ahmad Khan                            • Planning
Title:   M.D.                                         • Calculation
                                                      • Fabrication / Construction
COMPANY                                               • Installation & Commissioning
Thermo Tech Engineering (TTE) was                     • After Sales Service
established in July 2006 and based in Karachi,
specializes in designing and manufacturing of         OUR PRODUCTS
waste heat recovery system equipments,                • Steam, Hot Water & Thermal Oil Boilers
industrial utility equipments, yarn process             (Waste Heat Recovery & Direct Fired)
vacuum chambers and general fabrication.              • Flue Gas Diverter Dampers
                                                      • Flue Gas Shut-Off Valves (Isolation
We offer complete waste heat recovery systems.          Dampers)
Design, manufacture, supply equipments &              • Heat Exchangers (Shell n Tube and U Type
accessories, installations & commissioning as           Tank Heaters)
custom design solutions.                              • Air Heaters / Radiators
                                                      • Hot Water Heaters / Hot Water Generators
Our products includes utility equipments & we
                                                      • Steam Generators
also offer general fabrication of your needs like
                                                      • Hot and Cold Water Storage Tanks
steel structures, plate forms, machines, tanks etc.
We have experienced work force and all                • Chemical Feeders
required equipments, accessories and work             • Expansion & Compression Tanks
facilities. Our workshop is situated in P&T           • Air Separators
Society Korangi industrial area Karachi.              • Economizers
                                                      • Water Pressure Boosters
OUR FOCUS                                             • Hot Water Generation and Storage System
We design and develop energy efficient                • Water Softeners
solutions to create value within your                 • Yarn Vacuum Conditioning Machine
organization. Our competitive edge is based on
our unified approach used to maximize overall
energy and process efficiency.

We possess numerous engineering and scientific
capabilities to transform your process into an
energy efficient, effective operational system
through a process of assessment, needs
definition, analysis, re-design, test and

We provide value-added products and services
for industrial and commercial clients in
Pakistan. Our primary focus is to maximize

                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011        95
Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                  •   SANGJIN     MACTECH           CO      LTD
UNION COMMERCIAL                                      Manufacturer of “Lion”
                                                                                   Brand     Ring

202, Business Avenue, 26/A,                       •   WUXI         UNIVERSAL          FIRST
Block-6, P.E.C.H.S., Shahrah-e-Faisal                 PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD
Karachi, Pakistan                                     Manufacturer of “Astrosun” Brand Mesh
Tel.:    92 21 34313929, 34314752                     Aprons and Spindle Tape
Fax:     92 21 34545217
Email: info@unicom.com.pk                         •   CHANGZHOU HANGYUE TEXTILE
Web:     www.unicom.com.pk                            MACHINERY FITTINGS CO LTD
Contact: Muhammad Ali                                 (CHINA)
Title:   C.E.O.                                       Manufacturer of Original ‘3-H.Yue’ Brand
                                                      Steel Spinning Rings
C-605 CITY TOWERS 6-K MAIN                        •   P.T. KAMPUNG HARAPAN PLASTIC
BOULEVARD GULBERG-II                                  (INDONESIA)
LAHORE – PAKISTAN                                     Manufacturer of “DJ” Brand Simplex
TEL: (042) 35770432-33                                Plastic Bobbins for FL-16 Toyoda, Howa
FAX: (042) 35770494                                   and FL-100 Toyoda.
EMAIL: lahore@unicom.com.pk
                                                  •   OMATEX SRL (ITLAY)
We have long experience for importing and             Manufacturer of Omatex” Polivel Picker
selling Textile Machinery Parts and Accessories       (Fluff Gun)
and especially for Textile Spinning Machinery
components.                                       •   Stockists of following textile machinery
                                                      components (China):
We import directly from Manufacturers and sell           Original “Jingwei” Spindle with Bolster
directly to End-User.                                    JWD-3203-CE 20.5
                                                         Original “HFJ” Brand Top Roller (Arbor)
Due to our experience, we select best quality            and Needle Bearing LZ-2822 , LZ-3224
products with competitive prices.                        Plastic Cradle
                                                         Bobbin Hanger
We Represent following famous Overseas                   Snail Wire
Manufacturers as their Sole Agent and Stockists          Spinning Laboratory Testing Equipments
in Pakistan:                                             (Yarn Length Tester, Sliver Roving Length
                                                         Spindle Oiling Machine

                                                  •   We may arrange supply of your specific
SOLE AGENT & STOCKISTS                                components from our overseas suppliers.

     Manufacturer of “Wonchang” Brand
     Rubber Aprons and Rubber Cots

     Manufacturer of “Wonchang” Brand
     Blower Tape and Flat Endless Belt.

96      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                       Exhibitors’ Profile

                                                     STRONGANA MBS 30: Special grease used in
                                                     rolling and sliding bearings under vibrations,
                                                     shock and compressive stress at upto 180ºC.
G-1/1,Maymar Avenue, Block-4                         STRONGANA M12FS: Roller and plain
Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan                   bearings in industrial plant, textile industry
Tel.:    92 21 34815535, 34800240                    (Stenters, drawing rollers, washers) washing and
Fax:     92 21 34815629                              dyeing machines temp upto 160ºC.
Email: uniqintl@cyber.net.pk
Web:     www.interspare.com                          STONGANA M 9EP: High pressure grease for
Contact: M.A. Billa                                  rolling bearings in electric motors temp upto
Title:   C.E.O.                                      150ºC.

Unique International has been in business for        SILKOPEX L50: Silicon grease used in plastic
last Ten years, as an independent company            parts, coupling sockets joints at 230ºC.
active in supply of quality distribution of
integrated solutions for lubrication of high         PROTEX CE 222: Corrosion protection for the
performance production machines for textile          inner lining of steamers at 150ºC.
finishing and spinning from INTERSPARE
GERMAN LUBRICANTS-, spindle tapes/roller             SYNTEC PG 220/680 EP: Bearing of drying
coverings from TEXTAPE-ITALY and Textile             cylinders, Calenders dryers, bevel gears and
Chemicals     from    ROTA      CHEMICALS            worm gears etc.Temp 180ºC.
                                                     ALGERNON HIGH SPEED 18: High speed
INTERSPARE LUBRICANTS                                grease for open ended spinning turbines,
The special high quality lubricants, help achieve    opening and pressure rollers spindle can
maximal performance and highest productivity         bearings and belt guide rollers at 150ºC.
of finishing machines such as Stenters. Some of
the products manufactured and supplied by            ALGERNON EPA SPEED: High speed
INTERSPARE                                           lubricants for OE spinning turbines, opening &
                                                     pressure rollers, OE twin disc bearings.
LUBRICANTS are mentioned hereunder:
                                                     AVADA 2FS: Grease for temperature ranges
PREMIUM HT PLUS OIL: Stenter chain oil,              20ºC upto 120ºC.
chain in steamers, fabric conveyor chains,
sliding chains,chain in dryers for printed fabrics   AVADA HD 2: Specially suitable for rolling
temp upto 260ºC.                                     and sliding bearings under vibrations, shock &
                                                     compressive stress specially at increased bearing
DURATA HT 56-02: High temperature grease             temperature and load. Temp -30ºC to +160ºC.
especially developed for stenters chains oil free
chain parts (bearings) temp upto 260ºC.              AVADA 2 PLUS: Can be used for lubrication of
                                                     roller & friction bearings at normal to high
MOLYBDRY TL 5 SPRAY: Spray temperature               temperature. Temp -30ºC to +150ºC.
dry lubricants especially for width-adjustment
spindles temp 550ºC.                                 AVADA 3: For roller & friction bearings also as
                                                     multipurpose grease of industrial machines.
STRONGANA MBS12: Long term grease for                Temp -20ºC to +130ºC.
plain and rolling bearings, Drying cylinders,
calender rollers, sizing dryers, roller bearing in   VEELA NB3000S: Synthetic special paste for
washing, mercerizing, dyeing machines temp           high pressure application.Temp upto 180ºC.
upto 160ºC.
                                                     VEELA C PASTE: Anti size product used in
                                                     firfing & annealing plants, steam boilers,hot gas
                                                     turbines,exhaust gas & drying plants, screw

                                                                      Textile Asia - 2011         97
Exhibitors’ Profile

fitting of extruder heads, return pulleys in         Beyzat BASARDI Abdulazim OZKAN
electrode kilns/cars, conveyor plants, conveyor      General Manager/Executive Vice President
chains, etc at 1100ºC temp.
                                                     ROTA CHEMICALS has 20 years background
RELABO GBS 130: Special grease used in               is one of the Leading Specialist Producer and
mixers, rolling & plain bearings in wet working      Exporter of
machines, pumps, washing & rinsing machines          • Industrial Textile Chemicals,
spindle bearings at 160ºC temp.                      • Needle and Sinker Oils for Knitting
RELABO BE 100: Special grease used in                • Leather Chemicals,
machine building industry, rolling & plain
                                                     • Paper Chemicals.
bearings in the automotive industry at 180ºC
                                                     • Optics
                                                     • Swimming Pool Chemicals
STURGIS CHD FS: Special lubricant used in all
chains in textile industry.                          Along with having International Quality
                                                     Standarts and modern manufacturing systems,
ACCIO GH 75: Special grease used in rolling &        we’ve been working under the system of
plain bearing in generators, automotive &            research     and   development,     know-how
machine building industry.                           technology together with our well educated and
                                                     qualified staff.
ABRAXAN 95 SPRAY: High performance
grease used as corrosion protection in the textile   Annual production and avarage sales are around
industry.                                            8000 tons/year. With our 150 different range of
                                                     products, we’ve been supplying chemical
TEXTAPE S.R.L.-ITALY                                 requirements of Famous Trade Mark Companies
                                                     in domestic market.
Textape from Italy is manufacturer of Spindle
Tape/Roller Coverings for finishing machines.        We as a Professional and Corporate Goverment,
The company is equipped to handle the various        produce all kind of chemicals for all processes
enquires and a sample book or any other              from yarn to fabric by recognizing the values of:
information regarding Textape from Italy will be
                                                     • Correctness
available at the booth of Unique International. In
                                                     • Reliability
the year 2001, the enterprise took the name of
T.D.F. Textape S.r.l. and the range of products      • Innovative products and service
increased to 35 kinds of bands for recovering        • Technical Support
rolling of textile machinery. Currently the          • Customer satisfaction
enterprise has as a project the ISO certification    • Flexibility
and an investment led to E-commerce as a             • Stability
commercial support to its 32 Textape
distributor’s agents worldwide.                      Forming and developing dyeing recipes,
                                                     feedbacks upon customers’ requests and any
ROTA CHEMICALS LTD.                                  order you may place with us receive our utmost
Haramidere Sanayi Sitesi                             care.
K/Blok No: 211-212-213
Avcılar/ stanbul-TURKEY                              By being self motivated and having long
Direct Line : +90 212 593 50 11                      adopted to the western mentality and as well as
Tel : +90 212 422 74 07 / 3 lines                    having the advantage of being one of the leader
Fax: +90 212 422 74 01                               producer, we are going to open you many doors
Mobile1 :+90 554 534 86 60                           that for others stay closed.
Mobile2 : +90 534 285 12 86
www.rotakimya.net                                    At our factory, remarkably higher capacities
rota@rotakimya.net                                   have been achieved and production processes
skype:rota.chemicals                                 are conducted under high degrees of care using
                                                     the latest technologies. All kind of chemical and

98      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

fabric tests are conducted at our facilities. So,   •   ROTA SOFT 50 NANO SILICONE
we offer to meet your all kind of Industrial            EMULSION      ROTA    DEC    521
Textile Chemicals requirements and will do our          DECREASING REACTIVE WASHING
best to make sure you get the special attention         AGENT
you deserve.                                        •   ROTA     PG    755  HYDROPHILIC
                                                        SILICONE EMULSION ROTA AP 333
TEXTILE AUXILIARIES                                     ANTOPEROXIDE ENZYME
• PRE-TREATMENT          CHEMICALS                  •   ROTA MB 250 ANTISTATIC AGENT
   ENZYM                                                ROTA PA 404 ANTI-PILLING AND
   ROTA ENZ 300 DESIZING AGENTS                     •   ROTA H 1051 COMBINE FINISH APRE
   ENZYME                                               COLOUR VIVIDNESS
• ROTA STAB 601 ORGANIC PEROXIDE                    •   ROTA PX 400 PARAFIN WAX
   STABILISER ROTA W ENZ 400 STONE                      EMUSION
   WASH ENZYME                                      •   ROTA PVA 300 POLIVENIL ACETAT
• ROTA AT 86 POLYMERIC ANTI-                        •   ROTA SIL 102 CONCENTRATED
   CREASING AGENT                                       ELASTOMERIC SILICONE
   AGENT SPIN FINISHES                                  DENIM FINISHING
   AGENT     SPIN   FINISHES    FOR                     LEVELLING AGENTS ROTA ENZ 300
   FOR POLYESTER FILAMENT                               ENZ 400 STONE WASH ENZYME
• ROTA     WET    MR    MERCERIZED                  •   ROTA AST 50 ALKALINE BUFFERING
• ROTA LUB 3800 HYDROPHILIC                         UNITED MACHINERY
   SOFTENER ROTA OP 2010 OPTICAL                    S-3,West Land Trade Centre,
   BRIGHTENING AGENT                                Block 7/8,K.C.H.S.U., Shaheed-e-Millat Rd.
• ROTA LUB 4000 POLYETHYLENE                        Karachi, Pakistan
   EMULSION                                         Tel.:    92 21 34392782, 34392781
• ROTA SIL 101 MICRO SILICONE                       Fax:     92 21 34382384
   EMULSION WASHING CHEMICALS                       Email: unitedmh@cyber.net.pk
• ROTA SOFT 50 NON-IONIC SOFTENER                   Web:     www.unitedmachinery.com.pk
   ROTA YM 306 REACTIVE WASHING                     Contact: Naeemuddin
   AGENT                                            Title:   Director
   ROTA YS 302 SOLVENT-FREE OIL                     Branch Office: 25, United Arcade,
   AND STAIN REMOVER                                Nicholson Road, Rex Market, Lahore.
• ROTA SOFT 70 MACRO SILICONE                       Ph:       +92-42-6291680-81, 8448557.
   EMULSION ROTA YS 305 OIL AND                     E-mail: lhr@unitedmachinery.com.pk
   STAIN REMOVER                                              naveeduddin786@gmail.com
• ROTA SIL 111 PARFUMED SOFTENER                    Website: www.unitedmachinery.com.pk
   AGENT                                            We feel pleasure in introducing ourselves as sole
                                                    agent. Is world renowned manufactures of

                                                                     Textile Asia - 2011         99
Exhibitors’ Profile

woven, knitted, home textile and leather                 sold throughout the world. The most
garments products, shoe making industry.                 important fields of application of JAM
                                                         machines are: Jeans, Casuals Shirts,
Kindly note, we have our head office in Karachi          Footwear and Leather goods. The most
and recently established our branch office in            popular machines for Jeans are Pocket
Lahore so as to offer our sales and sales services       Setters (Fully Automatic & Semi
to the industry. We also like to add that we keep        Automatic), Loop      Attacher, Pocket
ample stock for as delivery for our client in any        Hemming, Feed Of the Arm (With
one of the above field.                                  Thickness Sensor), Waistband, Pocket
                                                         Creaser and Automatic Programmable
The spare parts inventory is also maintained in          Pattern Sewer.
our each office, which customer can obtain as
per his requirement etc. flow ever for larger        •   ORISOL ASIA LTD (Taiwan):-
quantities. If machines parts we would be please         Orisol is an industrial leader in the
to offer cnf Karachi by sea or cnf Lahore by air         development, production and marketing of
prices of our principals.                                advanced sewing machinery for the
                                                         footwear industry. since 1987, orisol has
FOLLOWING ARE OUR BRAND’S                                pioneered the introduction of vision
                                                         controlled computerized sewing systems
•     GOLDEN WHEEL (TAIWAN):-                            and is pushing ahead with the introduction
      GOLDEN WHEEL is the world’s best &                 of advanced and constantly expanding lines
      largest manufacturers of industrial sewing         of shoemaking systems, utilizing the latest
      machines having complete collection for            technology to provide better productivity
      Garments (Knits & Woven), Home Textiles,           and cost effectiveness. orisol asia is part of
      Leather Goods & Shoes. GOLDEN                      the pou chen group-yue yuen industrial
      WHEEL’S Quality Control & Designing                (holding) ltd is the largest branded athletic
      departments are in Japan. All the major            and casual footwear manufacturer in the
      parts are also Japanese But assembled in           world. through its subsidiaries it makes
      Taiwan.                                            athletic footwear, athletic style leisure
                                                         footwear, and casual and outdoor footwear
      HSING):-                                       •   AVANTEC (ITALY):-
      is the leading company of Industrial Sewing        Industrial Washers, Dryers, Ovens, Whisker
      Machine Motors and Industrial Ring                 etc.
      Compressors. We specialize in R&D and
      manufacturing of the AC Servo Motors           •   PONY (ITALY):-
      (BLDCM) and Ring Blowers fitting various           Automatic Finishing Press & Forming
      applications in automation or pneumatic            machines (Steam Iron, Steam Generator,
      systems. We own a top-notch and                    Ironing Board, and Garment Press e.g.
      professional operation team, developing            Toppers, Logger, Universal Press, forming
      innovated management information system,           machines etc…
      having the excellent electronic, mechanism,
      microprocessor, and integrated technology      •   MITSUBISHI (JAPAN):-
      of AC servo system. With strict QA system,         MITSUBISHI IS THE World’s famous
      advanced testing equipment, and delicate           brand for Automatic Industrial Sewing
      inspection instrument which makes us               Machines, the most valuable machines of
      acquired the approvals of ISO 9001, CE,            Mitsubishi are, Pocket Designing Machines,
      RoHS, CSA, UL and CCC.                             Pocket Welting Machines, and Bartack
                                                         Machines etc.
      J.A.M. S.P.A. is an Italian company with       •   PARMEL CAD/CAM TECHNOLOGY
      expertise in      the engineering    and           (CZECH REPUBLIC):-
      manufacturing of a variety of Automatic            PARMEL is the most advanced and
      industrial sewing machines, and has been           versatile CAD system for the apparel

100        Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                      Exhibitors’ Profile

    Industry. Its spearhead technology is a real    •   SHANGHAI             DINGLI       NEEDLE
    revolution in CAD/CAM/CIM system for                DETECTOR           INSTRUMENT           CO.,
    the tailoring industry.                             LTD:-
•   CHE NG YI MACHINE CO., LTD                          Shanghai Dingli Neelde Detector Company.
    (TAIWAN):-                                          Ltd is the drafting company of light industry
    Our main products are mattress flanging             standard (Metal detector) of the People’s
    machine, blanket machine, glove machine,            Republic of China: our company is the main
    bag making machine and ultrasonic                   factory manufacturing the needle detector in
    seamless machine. “Sincerity, innovation,           china, is the leader in technique industry,
    quality, Mutual-Benefit” are our business           passed the ISO 9001 International Quality
    philosophy. We do our best to set up long-          Certificate and CMA.
    term and friendly partner relationship with
    all customers at all time.                      •   YE HONE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.
                                                        Ye Hone Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded
•   DASHUN (CHINA):-                                    in Taiwan in 1985 by her general manager,
    As the only enterprise rising together with         Mr. Liao. Following the company motto
    Wenzhou shoe industry in 1980s, Wenzhou             "Service, Innovation, and Sincerity" as her
    Dashun Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.              commitments to customers, Ye Hone has
    has grown up as a well-known manufacturer           gained     the    recognition    of     shoe
    in shoe machinery industry in China. The            manufacturers around the globe. By now,
    products cover all production line of shoes         Ye Hone has grown to be a multinational
    processing with more than fifty kinds,              company with one head office and one
    which mainly include three series as                factory in Taiwan, two factories in China
    molding machine series, shoe puff                   and more than a dozen of sales and service
    processing series, and insole processing            stations in China and other countries. With
    series.                                             ever-changing new technology, Ye Hone is
                                                        not only devoted to bringing cutting-edge
•   DEFU BRAND QINGDAO XING DEFU                        techniques into her machines, but also to the
    COMPUTERIZED MACHINERY CO.,                         realization of "Customer-oriented" concept
    LTD.(CHINA):-                                       into the machines. All these efforts can be
    The company has the working experience of           observed from Ye Hone's excellent
    more than 20 years. Development in                  machines, including lasting and other
    production done through researching and             shoemaking machines.
    absorbing the advanced technology of the
    international top quality machines blending     •   ARES (ITALIA) Srl
    with Japanese technical features. That’s            Ares (Italia) is a company that project and
    make         DEFU         COMPUTERIZED              realize oil-dynamic clicking presses for cut
    EMBROIDERY MACHINE, a machine                       with cutting knife as manual management,
    which is cost effective with high efficient         with rotating arm or with movable trolley.
    performance. Years & years of success &             Actually our product are used in many
    good local market share, gives company the          application fields that go from leather to
    courage to move into international market.          shoes wear, from apparel industry to
    Producing      multi-series    models      of       sporting goods production, from textile
    computerized        embroidery      machine,        production to cardboard cutting, from
    especially since they have made the first           abrasives field to rubber and plastic
    Chinese High Speed Machine to enter the             materials fields.
    market. These machines have been
    welcoming by the consumers from domestic
    and overseas market. To meet the needs of
    the different market and users, the company
    developed multi-functions mixed machines,
    such as sequin, chain & chenille, coiling &
    cording, cap, etc. embroidering functions.

                                                                    Textile Asia - 2011         101
Exhibitors’ Profile

WENZHOU HONGYUAN                                   Haswani Trading Company, we work for a
                                                   better TODAY & brighter TOMORROW.
NO.238-248 LONG ZHOU ROAD                          Based on the above principle we serve the
LONG GANG TOWN, WEN ZHOU                           Industry with the latest, user-friendly state of the
ZHEJIANG, CHINA                                    art machinery & equipments. We know the
Tel.:    0086-577-68001688                         future & the present of the Industry is of HIGH
Fax:     0086-577-68001699                         quality & BULK production, which only be
Email: sindy20070821@yahoo.cn                      achieved through reliable, cost effective, & time
         info@wz_hongyuan.cn                       saving options.
Web:     http://www.wzhongyuan.com.cn/
Contact: Chen Zhanfan                              We at Haswani Trading Company, represent
Title:   Sales Manager                             some of the best available brands like, Wuxi
                                                   Tian Yuan Computer Quilting Machine (Made
Established in 2005, Wenzhou Hongyuan Laser        in china), HENGYE multi needle quilting
Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of        MACHINERY (Made in CHINA), DADILI
various laser holographic packing materials. Our   SEWING (Made AS JAPAN.) QINGBEN
company covers an area of 1,200 square meters      SPECIAL DECORATION SEWING (Made in
with a total investment of more than 8 million     CHINA), BOMA SHOE SEWING MACHINE
RMB. Our company has molding presses,              (Made in CHINA), Mitsubishi (Made in Japan),
coating machines and the most advanced             SEIKO (Made in JAPAN), HOSHING (Made
computers to make a plate system. We are the       in Taiwan) Oshima Mattel Detecting (Made in
leading enterprise in laser holographic            China), NONWOVEN FIBRIC MACHINERY.,
mechanical technology in China at present. We      PACKING       MACHINE,         EMBRIDERY
implement science and technology and develop       MACHINE.,
new products constantly. We produce hundreds
of types, including colorful BOPP, PET and         Headed by CEO, Mr. Muhammad Allauddin,
PVC laser holographic packing films,               backed up with his yearlong Technical
holographic see-through films, aluminum-plated     experience (Both in Electronics & Mechanical)
films and meson films.                             coupled with the association of our foreign
                                                   trained, work loving & dedicated TEAM,
                                                   through which we are gaining the market share
                                                   very rapidly. We at Haswani Trading Company
                                                   always want to works on “KAIZEN” philosophy
WUXI TIAN COMPUTER                                 for continuous improvements.
QUILTING MACHINE CO.                               We sell the solutions as complete solution
LTD.                                               providers for the Apparel (Woven, Knits &
C/o HASWANI TRADING COMPANY                        Home Textiles, QUILTING, NUNWOVEN
Main Bazar, Mansoorabad                            Fabric), Leather & Footwear Industry. Our
Str.#12, Near Alfalah Cloth House                  highly technical Sales department always
Faisalabad, Pakistan                               welcomes & advised the best highly productive
Tel.:    92 41 2020533, 2042633                    & cost effective solutions.
Fax:     92 41 8029719
Email: haswani@haswani.com.pk                      XIAMEN ETONG IMP & EXP
Contact: Allauddin
Title:   Director                                  TRADING LTD.
                                                   Flat 8c Jinyuan Building
DEALS IN ALL APPAREL MACHINERIES                   No. 57th South Hubin Rd
SUPPLY & SPAIR PARTS, MITSUBISHI,                  Xiamen, Fujian, China
SEIKO, DADILI, BOMA, TIANYUAN                      Tel.:    86-592-5164675
QUILTING     MACHINE,       BAOSHI                 Fax:     86-592-5164676
EMBROIDERY, HO HSING, QINGBEN                      Web:     www.etongtex.com

102      Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                        Exhibitors’ Profile

The Xiamen Etong Import and Export Trading           Xi’an Sunward Aerospace Material Co., Ltd is a
Ltd is a specialist import and export trading        high-tech enterprise based on China Aerospace
company that primarily deals in the business of      Science and Technology Corporation. The
corduroy and denim fabrics. The company has          general headquarters is situated in the Xi’an
clients from all over the world, with the majority   High-tech development zone.
being located in Africa, South America, the
Middle East and South East Asia.                     The company is mainly engaged in producting
                                                     metal and non-metal materials. These products
                                                     cover a wide application range, including
                                                     petroleum and natural gas industries, electric
                                                     power, environment protection, textile industry
                                                     and other fields.
A301, No.55 Wanghai Road Software Park
Xiamen, Fujian, China 361008
Tel.:   0086-592-2621326
Fax:    0086-592-2621328
Email: info@polyesteryarn.cn
Web:    www.polyesteryarn.cn                         XSIS
                                                     Plot #75,Sector 7-A ,Korangi Industrial Area
Our company mainly produces 20s, 24s, 26s,           Karachi, Pakistan
30s, 40s, 50s, 60s pure polyester spun yarn and      Tel.:    92 21 35062488, 35062490
regenerated polyester spun yarn. We adopt            Fax:     92 21 35060459
advanced production technics and high quality        Email: xsis@cyber.net.pk
testing equipment. With 10 years' development,       Contact: Haris Ahmad
our company has become well-acknowledged in          Title:   C.E.O.
the market with good commercial reputation.
We hold a tenet of "developing with reputation,      Xsis Apparel Machinery offers an extensive
surviving in quality, and benefiting from            range of leather & textile processing & finishing
management".                                         machinery, accessories and spare parts.

MAIN PRODUCT AS FOLLOWS                              We represent a wide selection of some of the
Polyester spun yarn:                                 world’s leading and most pre-eminent Textile
20s, 24s, 26s, 30s, 40s, 45s (100% virginal fiber)   Machinery Manufacturers, supplying equipment
20s, 24s, 26s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 63s (regenerated       used in the manufacture, processing and
spun yarn) high quality                              finishing of leather, textiles and textile-related
Polyester cotton yarn: 30s(65/35)
All produced by auto corn machine.                   SERVICE
                                                     We strive to continue to provide the highest
                                                     level of service to both our machinery Principals
                                                     & customers.
SPACE MATERIAL CO.                                   TECHNICAL COMPETENCE
                                                     Our qualified and technically competent sales
LTD.                                                 staff offer consultative advice and solutions to
SHANXI XIAN PO 101                                   meet our customers’ requirements and can
Tel:   0086 29 83604004                              propose a wide range of competitively priced
Fax:   0086 29 83602490                              machinery and equipment, to assist in improving
Email: rapier@aeromat.cn                             productivity, efficiency and quality whilst
Web:   www.aeromat.cn                                providing the fastest return on investment for
                                                     capital employed.

                                                                      Textile Asia - 2011         103
Exhibitors’ Profile

Our Spare Parts Department is available to offer
technical advice on replacement spares with a
view to ensuring quick supply and minimum            METOD MAKINA SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI.
machine downtime. Either parts are supplied ex-
stock from our warehouse or where parts are not               “INTELLIGENT HEATING
held in stock, our dedicated team sources and
orders parts with emphasis placed on the                          MANAGEMENT”
quickest possible delivery at a competitive price.
                                                     We, as Metod Makine, are one the leading
Xsis Apparel Machinery continues to expand the       Turkish machinery manufacturers, who are
range of textile machines and accessories that it    specialized in the production and sales of
can offer manufacturers with an impressive           Industrial Curing Ovens for garments since
portfolio of agencies and we firmly believe in       2002. As having the mission of providing total
maintaining good and long term relationship          machinery solutions in Garment Dry Processing,
with our principals and prestigious clients.         we are also producing Dye and Chemical
                                                     Application Cabinets, 3D Crinkle Machines,
                                                     Denim Effect Apparatus, Pressing Machines,
                                                     Rodeo Machines and Automatic Chemical
                                                     Application Equipments. Besides, we also
                                                     provide Spray Guns, Temperature Measurement
We produce 270 different industrial ironing          Labels and Spare Parts of all machineries in our
machines and presses in Turkey since 1971 with       product range.
high quality low prices, under ISO 9001 quality
system according CE norms. Malkan exports to         Metod Makine is well-known in the Local and
5 continents and serves to more than 25000           International markets thanks to its high quality
customers.                                           machineries, excellent technical service during
                                                     and after sales. Levi’s Plants, in most of the
Today MALKAN is manufacturing its goods on           countries including Turkey, Hungary, Poland,
6000 m² closed area and exhibiting all machines      are using Metod ovens and other major plants in
in fully fitted out, two showrooms where             countires such as Pakistan, Jordan, Sri Lanka,
enables our esteemed customers checking and          Russia, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Morocco, Ukraine
trying. Our production system has many national      and Syria are our valued customers.
and international quality certificates like CE,
ISO 9001, TUV and TSE. All our machines are          By means of a hard working technical team,
produced through the latest technology of            customer care based sales department and aim at
Trumpf-Germany laser cutting and bending             producing solutions addressing customer
system with very competitive price and quality.      demands by frequent customer visits, we are
We have 36 branches in Turkey, 23 sole               having the right honour of keeping our
agencies, more than 50 distributors and 19.000       reliability both in local and international areas.
references are still using 180.000 machines
produced by our company with satisfaction all        You may visit our website:
around the world. We produce high quality with       www.metodmakina.com and see the images of
low prices. Malkan produces ironing presses,         our machineries.
vacuum units, steam generators, ironing tables,
finishing tables, toppers(air formers), rodeo
finishing machines, fusing presses, transfer
printing presses, tricot ironing machines, spot
                                                     Mactec was founded in 1995 and represents a
removing,      leg   turning    machines    and
                                                     technological reference for the realization of
compressors, hat ironing machines, industrial
                                                     systems and equipment for the ageing of
steam hand irons and wide range all kinds of
                                                     clothing items. The owing of a lot of patents and
spare parts line.
                                                     the unquestioned success of some equipment
                                                     such as FGM, Teca, Kneematic and Margherita

104       Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                        Exhibitors’ Profile

are evidence of absolutely excellent research,        SPINNING
and the relevant added value comes out in all the     Bales breaking and opening, storage, blending,
product lines.                                        carding and non-woven lines feeding.
                                                      Accessories for the pneumatic transport and
The constant attention to the market demands          metal elimination.
permit dynamic research and scrupulous
conformity with its needs.                            FINISHING
                                                      System for the triggering, brushing, shearing,
Now we are proud to present a complete range          polishing, inspection, rolling, measurement,
of machines and dummies for the realization of        half-width rolling, and packing.
3D whiskers that can satisfy all needs, with the
possibility of producing up to 240 items per
hour with one machine.

Mactec uses innovation as the critical factor of
basic importance for its success.

                                                      ZAFAR INDUSTRIES
LIDEM is a Spanish machine manufacturing              6-C, 21st Commercial Street
company where investigation and design are            Phase-II Ext., D.H.A.
always constant. For this reason, LIDEM had           Karachi, Pakistan
been awarded several times due to innovation in       Tel.:    92 21 5880268, 5380248
its systems.                                          Fax:     92 21 5887846
                                                      Email: tariqmunir@zafarindustries.com
PRODUCT LINES                                         Web:     www.zafarindustries.com
                                                      Contact: Tariq Munir
LIDEM contributes to your company with all            Title:   M.D.
kind of innovative technical solutions which
assure your company productivity. LIDEM               PAI LUNG MACHINERY MILL CO., LTD.
offers systems for the below stated fields.           Pail Lung Machinery Mill Co. Ltd. established
                                                      in 1977. In 1979 Company moved to Nan-Kang.
CUTTING ROOMS                                         1980 Company marketed its products in
Systems for the spreading, cutting and stacking;      Malaysia and Thailand under its own brand
roll slitting into ribbons, bands, tapes and bias.    name of “Pai Lung”. 1981-3 Pai Lung’s 16” and
Useful for all kind of fabrics, knitwear, non-        30” Gear Driven Double Knitting machine won
woven, polymers, glassfiber, etc.                     Taiwan’s Golden Dragon Award for machine
                                                      design. 1986 Pai Lung begun to establish
STUFFING & PACKING                                    international marketing network under brand
Systems for the fibre fine opening and pillows,       name of Pai Lung. 1992 Pai Lung Released
cushions, cuddly toys, puffs, etc. Useful for all     Electronic Six-color Auto-stripper. This was the
kind of fibres, feathers, foams, latex, porexpan...   first model capable of carrying six different
Vacuum packing or rolling packing systems.            colors yarn and patented in many countries.
                                                      1993 The Double Knit Terry Machine and the
TREATMENT & RECYCLING                                 Electronic Six-color auto-striper were bot
Systems for the treatment and recycling of            obtained design awards. 1995 Pai Lung obtained
fabrics, fibres and non-woven. Stages: cutting,       “CE MARK” Certification from the Belgium
oiling, transport, metals elimination, storage and    AVI company. Pai Lung presented its Computer
blending, feeding and tearing.                        Jacquard Machine at ITMA International Textile
                                                      Machine Exhibition in Milan. 1996 Five newly-
CUTTING & CRUSHING                                    developed Pai Lung products won “Very Well
System for the cutting and crushing of polymers       Made in Taiwan” certification. Under the
                                                      guidance of Fubon Securities, the company
and plastic materials, fabrics, non-woven, foam,
latex, paper, cardboard, etc.                         made its first public issuing in June. 1997 The
                                                      Hongkong       Bank     and    China    Venture

                                                                      Textile Asia - 2011        105
Exhibitors’ Profile

Management Inc. invested in Pai Lung obtained        includes apparels, high-tech industry, and
a seat each on the board of directors. Pai Lung      aerospace purpose. These are Pai Lung’s most
totally invested USD 16 million in new plant         important value in creating a competitive edge
and was qualified the standard of Taiwan             in the knitting machinery industry.
Industrial Development Burea (MOEA) for
technology business. 1998 Moved to current           Pai Lung has many patent rights of knitting
address of Juei-Fang plant in November. 1999         technology in the world. There are 5 model’s
Successfully developed new models of “double         first developed by Pai Lung, including single
side terry with computer jacquard” and “swing        jersey 6 color striper machine, float plating
cams”. Pai Lung presented new design machines        knitting machine, double jersey direct shearing
at ITMA International Textile Machinery              terry machine, double jersey machine with
Exhibition in Paris. Year 2000 Pai Lung won          sinker ring, and double terry jacquard machine.
award of “National award of Small and Medium
Enterprises” and “Rising Star Award”                 In 2002, Pai Lung obtained UK SGS Company
Implement of R & D tool “Pro-Engineer” 3-            ISO –9001, and Taiwan small & medium
Dimension       software    and    “Windchill”.      enterprise administration top awards.
Moreover, established whole company advanced
process “Enterprises Resource Planning               Pai Lung first promoted the X series with
“program to meet quick responses in                  mechanism; electronics & communication
management manufacturing, Services…. etc The         technology for worldwide connect in remote
inauguration of Juei-Fang facility. 2001             monitoring system.
Formally launched “X” Series. Set up an ERP
internal resources planning system and               In 2002, a new platform to combine ERP &
integrated with supply chain management,             PDM to establish the close relation between
resources     planning,    customer     relation     customers, agents, R&D, production line, sales,
management and enterprise web side among             and component suppliers.
some other electronic systems. 2002 ISO 9001
(Version 2000) QA system certified by SGS,           “ Pai Lung” brand is marketed in 72 countries,
England. Received the Ministry of Economic           where we have our distributors and sales
Affairs’s subsidy to development of a “Custom-       networks. All our distributors and sales offices
made design and order system (CDOS)” under a         do provide perfect after services and technical
demonstrative IT application R & D program.          support to our clients.

Pai Lung has a complete production system            The launching of our customer-made design
equipped with a number of the most up-to-date        order system (CDOS) Id provided our clients in
facilities     computer-controlled     flexible      every corner of the world a complete and
production system, automatic warehousing,            innovative platform to get access to Pai Lung’s
various advanced CNC working machines, and           website for selection or simulation of the fabric
affiliated companies to produce key components       patterns to be produced with our machines, and
and parts-cams and needle cylinder. We use a         then to confirm whether the machines they are
supply chain management (SCM) system in our          going to order are satisfactory to them or not in
ERP internal resources planning system to            order to accelerate order placing decision. After
integrate and control our affiliated companies       delivery we provide kinds of support including
and subcontractors so that Pai Lung and its          provision of the latest related information,
satellite system can obtain the up-to-date           assistance for trouble shooting.
production requirement simultaneously for
prompt response to the market demand.                All of these are Pai Lung commitment to all the
Our knitting machines are mainly characterized
by the widest range of choices in the industry for
needle pitch and cylinder diameter in all type of
machines. From 4 to 42 gauge and 2” to 60”
diameter, our capability provides custom request
knitting machines model, and fabric application

106       Textile Asia - 2011
                                                                        Exhibitors’ Profile

SHEIKH KHAJOO                                        computerized touch panel with international
                                                     standard therefore every volume of business
BHAI & CO.                                           appreciated this machine and got benefit in their
51/C,Commercial Street #12th,                        businesses to save time and money as well.
Phase-II Ext., D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan                                    In 1995, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company
Tel.:    92 21 35800754, 35800755                    take step ahead in packaging industry and
Fax:     92 21 35882680                              introduce another machine Case Sealing
Cell:    92 300 2000541                              Machine for sticking tape automatically on
Email: skbco@cubexs.net.pk                           carton top and bottom, in “U” shape for efficient
Web:     www.khajoobhai.com                          sticking, this machine met all international
Contact: Sheikh Abdul Qayyum                         standards and also very speedy thus became hot
Title:   Managing Director                           cake specially for exporters.

Mr. Sheikh Khajoo Bhai, founder of M/S Sheikh        In 1997, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company
Khajoo Bhai & Company, established his               again introduce Self Adhesive Tape in Pakistan
company in 1952 and due to his strong business       with two different brands “Royal Pack” and
relation and dedication to his work, he survived     another one “SKBCO” with solvent and acrylic
in market very rapidly, after many attainments       water base in many different range, Import from
they re-organize their firm in 1970.                 Taiwan.

In 1972, the company install up to date machine      In 1999, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company
and take on modern technology to create best         introduced Shrink Wrapping Machine for
quality color full Plastic Bailing Hoops (PP         shrinking cartons and individually items
Strap) first time in Pakistan, as a result M/S       according to the international stander of
Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company name is the             packing.
pioneer in Plastic Bailing Hoops before that just
Iron Hoops recognized in Pakistani Market. M/S       In 2000, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company
Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company markets every           introduces Shrinkable Film from Bollore
corner of Pakistan and uses all efforts to replace   “France”. It is very famous by the name of
iron into plastic and they got success in their      Bolphane Shrinkable Film in local market.
goal.                                                Bolphane shrinkable film provides high-class
                                                     width, maximum tension straight and minimum
In 1982, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company            haze.
developed their second modern Plastic Bailing
Hoops manufacturing unit in Pakistan to meet         In 2001, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company
growing market target in this era. M/S Sheikh        introduced another best quality self adhesive
Khajoo Bhai & Company was manufacturing              tape base on natural rubber & hot melt base in
very best quality, which was approved by             Anker & Euro brand import from tape
British, German, and other QC engineers              manufacturing leading company from Greece.
therefore volume of customers naturally
increased day by day. To provide the prompt          M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company always
and better service to our customer we install        tries to introduce best performance machines in
another two plants one for coverage the              Pakistan, which complete the need of current
industrial area of Punjab province and NWFP.         technology, and we are proud to participate to
In this era M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company         develop industrial packing system on
production was 2500 tons per year, we hold 90%       international standard
share of local market.
                                                     In 2003, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company
In 1985, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company            introduced Orbital Wrapping Machine for wrap-
again took step first and introduces Automatic       up your product for unlimited length in the
Strapping Machine, to trim down the packing          shape of carton or bunch, suitable for fabric roll,
cost up to 50% in Pakistan. Above mentioned          denim roll, carpets, plastic roll, leather roll, and
machine is very fast and equipped with               many other products like pipes bunch, aluminum

                                                                       Textile Asia - 2011         107
Exhibitors’ Profile

bunch, wooden bars, glass products all type of                         Note:
cloths roll, and lengthy and massive products         _______________________________________
this machine import from Spain.
And Alhamd-U-Lillah finally in this year 2004         _______________________________________
M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company become
manufacturer of Pallet Stretch Wrapping
Machine” this machine is 100% made in                 _______________________________________
Pakistan, and fruit of our 52 years efforts as well
as our pride. This machine is fully automatic and
based on touch system and capable 2000 KGs            _______________________________________
load. Within same era we also introduce Battery
Powered Manual Tool for Plastic Strapping, this
is 100% portable handy machine specially              _______________________________________
design for unreachable areas for other automatic
strapping machine. For small home use or small
businesses M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai &                   _______________________________________
Company introduce Hand wrap tool this is
lightweight and 100% manual and easy to use.
In 2005, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai and Company
is introducing a new concept of packing of
Intermediate Bulk Container (SpaceKraft) in           _______________________________________
Pakistan market and importing this product from
U.S.A. This product is very useful for the
packing of all kind of liquids and solids.            _______________________________________
In the light of above, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai
& Company completes very successfully his             _______________________________________
golden jubilee and grabs almost 90% market in
Pakistan and becomes a landmark in packaging
industry. Now M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai &                _______________________________________
Company imports a variety of automatic
packing machines and material from many
different countries like Taiwan, China,               _______________________________________
Malaysia, Greece, France, Germany, U.S.A,
Japan & others.
Now M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company is
operational in Karachi, Lahore, and Multan with
more then 5 manufacturing units. M/S Sheikh           _______________________________________
Khajoo Bhai & Company major manufacturing
item is plastic strip, which is use in all kind of
business.                                             _______________________________________
M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company belongs
to packaging industries therefore we are              _______________________________________
involved in all kinds of business sectors from
local market to import or whole seller to retailer
from different locations in Pakistan. M/S Sheikh      _______________________________________
Khajoo Bhai & Company’s early turn over more
then 60 million from import and manufacturing.

108       Textile Asia - 2011

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