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									                                                                                         FITNESS SCHEDULE
             Campbell Community Center                                   FEE: PASS/DROP IN FOR ALL LISTINGS
             Fitness Center Weight Room                              FITNESS              Days          Time          Location
No membership required! - Open to ages 18 and up                     CENTER

Pay cash each time or buy a discount use Fitness Pass                                      M-F      5:30-8:00 am    Fitness Center

Please bring your own towel and wipe equipment after use                                   M-F      11:30-2:00 pm   Fitness Center

Locker rooms available with showers and day use lockers                                   M-Th      5:00-6:30 pm    Fitness Center
(bring own lock and towel)                                                                  F       4:00-7:00 pm    Fitness Center
                                                                                          Sa/Su     9:00-11:00 am   Fitness Center
INDIVIDUAL FITNESS PASSES                                            GROUP                Days          Time          Location
Fitness Center patrons may purchase a 20-visit fitness pass          FITNESS DROP
                                                                     IN CLASSES
for $75 (a $3.75 per day cost as opposed to the $5 visit
fee) or a 10-visit fitness pass for $45. $50 monthly pass             Strength/Sculpt      T-Th     6:00-7:00 am      Room 50
                                                                     Alexis Loevenich
available for pass holder only and good for specific
                                                                         Spinning        M/T/W/Th   12:15-1:00 pm   Cardio Room
calendar month. Pass entitles patrons use of Drop In
Fitness Center programs and facilities listed. Passes may
                                                                          Yoga              T       12:15-1:00 pm     Room 47
be purchased at the Fitness Center/Pool Office, Recreation             Cheryl Hunter
Office or at any aerobics class.
                                                                           Yoga            Th       12:15-1:00 pm     Room 58
    AERObICS             LOCKER ROOMS          LAP SWIM              Alexis Loevenich
   WEIGHT ROOM          DROP IN SPORTS           YOGA                  Cardio-Sculpt        F       5:45-6:45 pm      Room 50
                                                                       Lloyd Green
                                                                         Aerobics          M/W      6:15-7:15 pm      Room 50
GROUP EXERCISE (18+ yrs)                                              Jennifer Correia

Aerobics including cardiovascular, step aerobics, conditioning,      Minimum of 4 students must be in exercise room by 12:15 pm
                                                                     for noon classes to be held
and strengthening exercises. See Adult Fitness page for
specific class styles, dates, fees, etc. Classes are 45-60           LAP SWIMMING         Days          Time          Location
minutes (see schedule to right) and use a variety of music styles.                         M-F      6:00-8:00 am        Pool

FITNESS CENTER - WEIGHT ROOM (18+ yrs)                                                     M-F      11:30-1:30 pm   Pool (summer
                                                                                                                    hrs 6/22-8/14)
The Fitness Center/Weight Room has a variety of equipment
including: Roman chair, dip combo, seated calf, preacher                                   M-F      8:30-10:00 pm   Pool (summer
                                                                                                                    hrs 6/22-8/14)
curl, flat utility bench, adjustable incline utility bench, pro
bench press, incline press, military press, Smith machine,                                 Sa       8:30-10:30 am       Pool
leg extension, tricep press, pec deck and seven station gym.                               Su       8:00-11:00 am       Pool
Free weights, exercise bars and weighted medicine balls              BADMINTON            Days          Time          Location
are also available. Treadmills, stationary and recumbent
                                                                                           M-F      11:30-1:45 pm     Aux Gym
bikes, stair climbers and elliptical machines are included.                                                            (closed
Locker rooms and showers are available during public times.                                                           6/22-8/14)
CORPORATE/bUSINESS MEMbERSHIP                                                              Th       11:30-1:45 pm     Main Gym
Community based businesses and corporations are                                            Sa       6:00-10:00 pm    Main Gym &
encouraged to purchase the CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP                                                                       Aux Gym
PROGRAM. This entitles ALL EMPLOYEES of the                                                Su       12:00-4:00 pm     Main Gym
corporation/business the use of Fitness Center programs              BASKETBALL           Days          Time          Location
and facilities as listed above. This is an excellent way for
                                                                                          M/W/F     11:30-1:30 pm     Main Gym
employers to provide fitness and recreation for their employees
while staying close to work. Trimester membership fees are           VOLLEYBALL           Days          Time          Location
$275 for businesses with up to 25 employees; $375 with                                      T       11:30-1:45 pm     Main Gym
up to 99 employees and $425 with over 100 employees.                                       M/F      7:00-10:00 pm     Main Gym
Memberships can be renewed each trimester (17 weeks).
                                                                                           Su       9:00-12:00 pm     Main Gym
Contact Jennifer Correia, Fitness Specialist at (408) 866-
2768 for more specific information and a tour of the facilities                            Su       7:00-10:00 pm     Main Gym
with our Fitness Center staff.                                       Bring towel & lock for lockers. ALL DROP IN
                                                                     FACILITIES WILL bE CLOSED 5/25, 7/3, 7/4, 9/7

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