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					                                                                                  The Protector
                                                                                    Unified Threat Management

The Protector
Unified Threat Management


                                           Prevent SPam,viruS,malware and HackerS
                                                  from entering your network.
√   Superior unified            Security is key to any network
    threat management           The cost of security breaches, downtime and data loss is unacceptable in this day and age. You
    internet Protection         need to be sure that your network is fully protected against any form of undesirable Internet
                                traffic it might encounter.
√   comprehensive multi-
    layered Security filters
                                Unified Threat Management                         Content Filter with Web Filter
√   anti-Spam with              The Protector is a Unified Threat Management      The Web Filter allows you to control all web-
    grey listing                network security appliance, which comes           sites that are being visited on the network.
                                pre-loaded with comprehensive security            You can choose to block from more than 62
√   content filter with         Protection Filters:                               categories such as adult, news, gambling,
    web filter                                                                    auction sites, blog sites and many more.
                                Intrusion Prevention System
√   Highly Sophisticated        with Zero Day Protection                          Highly Sophisticated Intrusion Preven-
    intrusion Prevention        Microsoft Active Directory Support                tion System with Zero Day Protection
    System with Zero day        Anti-Spam with Grey Listing                       The Intrusion Prevention System consists of
    Protection                  Anti-Phishing                                     more than 12 years of research. For maxi-
                                Anti-Spyware                                      mum defence Zero Day Protection adds an
√   Built in Protection from    Anti-Virus & Anti-Worms                           extra shield to your network so it can protect
    denial of Service attacks   Anti-Instant Messaging                            against many new or unknown threats before
                                Anti-VoIP                                         the vulnerability is discovered. This provides
√   multiple anti-virus         Anti-Games & Anti-P2P                             true protection from exploits before they
    vendors Supported           Content Filter with Web Filter                    can be created and launched against your
                                Web Proxy                                         network.
√   Bi-directional Scanning     Instant Messaging Recording
    on all filters                                                                Built-in Protection from Denial of
                                                                                  Service Attacks
√   transparent SmtP            Anti-Spam with Grey Listing                       The Protector blocks Denial of Service attacks
    gateway                     The revolutionary Anti-Spam Grey Listing          so that your systems are robust under heavy
                                functionality blocks between 75-85% of all        attacks.
√   interface Support videos    spam before it enters the network. The rest of
                                the spam that comes in, is then scanned by        Multiple Anti-Virus Engines Supported
                                the latest customized SpamAssassin engine         The supported engines are BitDefender,
                                that detects it as spam and quarantines it.       Kaspersky, Norman and ClamAV.
                                                                                  Multiple Anti-Virus scanning supported.
                                                                                                                        The Protector
                                                                                                                        Unified Threat Management

Specifications                                                Protector                       Protector                 Protector                        Protector
                                                              P300/P700                       P1100                     P1600                            P2100
                                                                                              1U Rack mount             1U Rack mount                    1U Rack mount
         Height                                               Small Form Factor Chassis
                                                                                              Heavy-duty steel          Heavy-duty steel                 Heavy-duty steel
         max recommended users                                5 - 25 Users                    25 - 250 Users            500 - 1000 Users                 1000+ Users
         max daily recommended mail Processing                10.000 Mails                    70.000 Mails              400.000 Mails                    800.000+ Mails
         throughput Speed                                     50 Mbps                         500 Mbps                  2 Gbps                           2+ Gbps
                                                              Operating : 10° to 35° C        Operating : 0°C to 40°C   Operating : 0°C to 40°C          Operating : 0°C to 40°C
         environment temperatures
                                                              Storage: -40° to 65° C          Storage: -20°C to 80°C    Storage: -20°C to 80°C           Storage: -20°C to 80°C
                                                                                                                      460W Redundant Power
                                                              180W ATX Power supply. AC / 250W ATX Power supply. AC /                                    460W 1+1 ATX Redundant
         Power Supply                                                                                                 supply. AC / DC 90~264VAC
                                                              DC 90~264V full range       DC 90~264V full range                                          Power Supply.
                                                                                                                      full range
         failover Support                                     -                               -                         √                                √
         redundant Power Supply                               -                               -                         √                                √
         redundant local disk Storage                         -                               -                         √                                √
         dual Processor                                       -                               -                         √                                √
                                                              10/100/1000 mbit                10/100/1000 mbit          10/100/1000 mbit                 10/100/1000 mbit
         network 10/100/1000 mbps
                                                              Ethernet interfaces             Ethernet interfaces       Ethernet interfaces              Ethernet interfaces
         redundant local disk Storage                         -                               -                         √                                √


   anti-Spam                                                 anti-Spyware                                                content-filter
       √ Latest customized SpamAssasin engine                     √ Bi-directional scanning of incoming and                  √   Web content-filter
       √ Grey Listing technology blocks 75-85% of                   outgoing traffic                                         √   62 Web filter categories
         spam before it enters the network                        √ Neutralizes spreading of spyware from                    √   Web proxy
       √ Blocks image spam                                          infected workstations                                    √   Large URL databases
       √ Individual user login and customization                                                                             √   URL keyword blocking
       √ Message Content Protection (MCP)                                                                                    √   Import your own URL lists
       √ Web Mail for POP3 user login                                                                                        √   Anti-Freemail providers
                                                                  √ Blocks Peer 2 Peer protocols for illegal
       √ Advanced configuration options                                                                                      √   Anti-Games
                                                                    traffic content.
       √ Supports SMTP, POP3                                      √ This includes advanced protocols such as
       √ LDAP support                                               Kazaa, BitTorrent and Limewire                       automatic update
       √ Active Directory Support                                                                                            √ Automatic daily database updates
       √ Managed Anti-Spam/Virus Service with MX                                                                             √ Automatic firmware updates with new
         record mapping                                      anti-voiP
                                                                                                                               features and functionalities
                                                                  √ Blocks VoIP hardware and software such
                                                                                                                             √ Centralized update point
                                                                    as VoIPBuster, FreeCall, and other
   intrusion Prevention System                                      software VoIP programs
                                                                                                                             √ Automatic alert when database is expired
       √ More than 10.000+ signatures                                                                                        √ Option to upload updates manually via the
       √ Zero Day protection                                                                                                   interface
       √ Zero Day web exploit protection                     anti-instant messaging
       √ DoS/DDoS protections                                     √ Blocks all Instant Messaging protocols such          Scalable and upgradeable
                                                                    as MSN, Yahoo, Skype and many others                     √ All units can be upgraded for network
                                                                  √ Instant Messaging recording. Recording of                  growth via a software license
   anti-virus                                                       MSN Chat conversations in any language                   √ Investment protection
       √ Multiple Anti-Virus vendors supported:                   √ Block file sending or receiving on MSN Chat
         BitDefender, Kaspersky, Norman                                                                                  Support and maintenance
         and ClamAV                                                                                                          √   One year database subscription included
       √ Multiple Anti-Virus engine scanning                 anti-Phishing                                                   √   Web console management
       √ Zero Day Anti-Virus protection                           √ Blocks phishing web sites                                √   Full support included
       √ Bi-directional scanning of incoming and                  √ Blocks phishing attacks in emails                        √   Option for instant replacement hardware
         outgoing traffic                                         √ Blocks advanced phishing attacks                         √   Quick setup wizard
       √ Scans SMTP, POP3, HTTP, FTP                                                                                         √   Configuration backup/restore
       √ Scans ZIP/GZIP/BZIP2/RAR/more...                                                                                    √   Email alert and logging via syslog
                                                                                                                             √   3 Years World Wide Support

                                                                                                                                        Partner Information


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