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									  School-Age Gymnastics
  Schedule & Prices (Ages 6-18)
   We Bring Out the Champion in Your Child and Make Learning Fun!
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     Welcome to Patti’s All-American! We are pleased you have              August 24 , 2009 – June 19 , 2010
  chosen us for your child. All-American has five departments:
  Tumblebear Gym, Champion Gymnastics, The Dance Connection, The Swim Connection, and Gym-N-Learn Educational
  Preschool, plus we have special events such as birthday parties, gymnastics camps, kids night out, and preschool Lunch
     Our office hours are M-F 8:30am-8pm, and Saturday 9am-4pm. FULL TUITION AND THE $38.00 ANNUAL FAMILY
  REGISTRATION. We reserved the right to replace instructors and change or cancel classes due to low enrollment.
  NEW THIS YEAR – PAYMENT POLICY Gymnastics, Karate, and Dance are year-round activities with only two sessions.
  You only need to register for the school session, August 24, 2009 -June 19, 2010 and the summer session, June 21-August
  14, 2010. Instead of paying tuition all at once, we have convenient 8-week pay periods. We have you pay in advance for
  the eight weeks. This ensures at all times that we know the number of students in class and can allow new students to join
  if you discontinue class. Every family is required to keep a credit card or bank account on file. Every eight weeks, tuition
  statements will be given to you on Week #5 and you have until Week #7 to pay by check, cash, credit, or debit card. If by
  the end of Week #7 your tuition is not paid, we will charge tuition to your credit card or bank account we have on file. All
  families who wish to pay every four weeks are required to use our Monthly Auto-Pay Program (credit/debit card) or our
  Monthly Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program (bank account). If you wish to pay by cash or check, the entire eight-
  week tuition must be paid in full. If you choose to un-enroll, please give us two weeks notice, so we don’t charge your credit
  card or bank account inadvertently.

  Teachers Initial Key: BR = Miss Brittany                     Gymnastics apparel is required. Girls wear leotard with or without elastic
  NG = Miss Nicole CW = Mr Chris RZ = Miss Rhonda              waist shorts or unitard with gymnastics shoes. Boys wear t-shirt tucked into
  NW = Miss Natasha AC = Miss Alyssa
  VK = Miss Ve-Ve RT = Miss Rachael
                                                               elastic waist shorts and gymnastics shoes. If you are an Advanced or Elite
  ChW= Miss Chrissy                                            student, advanced gymnastics shoes are required.

  Classes and Tuition              MONDAY              TUESDAY          WEDNESDAY THURSDAY                   FRIDAY        SATURDAY             SUNDAY
       Jr. Gymnastics           4:15-5:15 NG / NW 3:40-4:40 NW         3:40-4:40 BR                                        10:45-11:45 RZ
                                                                                             6:10-7:10 NW 3:30-4:30 NW                    3:15-4:15 ChW
(6 & 7 yr. olds) $145 / 8-Wks    5:20-6:20 NW     5:55-6:55 RZ         5:50-6:50 NW                                         1:05-2:05 AC
    Beginner Gymnastics
                                                     4:35-5:35 BR      7:00-8:00 BR                       3:30-4:30 VK                        3:15-4:15 ChW
(8 yrs & up) $145 / 8-Wks       4:15-5:15 NG / NW
          Advanced                                                     4:35-5:35 NG
                                                     3:40-4:40 RZ                                         6:50-7:50 NW
    Beginner Gymnastics         6:25-7:25 NW                           4:45-5:45 NW                                        12:00-1:00 AC 4:20-5:20 ChW
                                                     4:35-5:35 VK
(8 yrs & up) $145 / 8-Wks                                              5:50-6:50 BR
                                                                       3:30-4:30 VK/CW
                                                     3:30-4:30 VK      4:45-5:45 BR
 Intermediate Gymnastics        5:20-6:20 NG                                                              5:45-6:45 VK
                                                     4:45-5:45 NW      5:45-6:45 CW/VK                                     12:00-1:00 BR 2:05-3:05 ChW
       $145 / 8-Wks             6:25-7:25 NG                                                              5:55-6:55 RT
                                                     7:00-8:00 RZ      6:55-7:55 VK
                                                                       7:00-8:00 NW
  Advanced Gymnastics
                                4:30-5:30 RT         3:30-4:30 NG      4:35-5:35 RT                       4:45-5:45 RT
       $145 / 8-Wks
  2-Hr. Elite Gymnastics
       $222 – 8-wks             5:35-7:35 RT
   Teacher Invite Only
                                4:00-5:00 VK/CW                 3:30-4:30 NG
  Tumbling & Trampoline                         5:40-6:40 BR/VK                                          4:35-5:35 VK/NW
                                6:10-7:10 VK/CW                 4:40-5:40 CW/VK                                          1:05-2:05 BR         4:20-5:20 CW
 (7 yrs & up) $145 / 8-Wks                      6:50-7:50 BR/VK                                          6:50-7:50 VK
                                7:35-8:35 NW/NG                 5:40-6:40 RT
                                                                       5:40-6:40 NG                                          2:10-3:10
  Tumbling & Trampoline         7:20-8:20 VK/CW      8:00-9:00 BR/VK                                      3:40-4:40 RT                        2:05-3:05 CW
                                                                       8:00-9:00 CW/VK                                        VK/BR
      $145 / 8-Wks
     2-Hr. Advanced
  Tumbling & Trampoline                              4:30-6:30 NG
       $222 - 8wks
    Boys Gymnastics             5:05-6:05Beg/Int.                      6:55-7:55 Int./Adv.                                                    1:00-2:00 Elite
      $145 / 8-Wks                   VK/CW                                    CW                                                                  CW
                                                  $16.00 Pre-registered Members
                                                                                                         8:00-9:00 VK/NW                      3:15-4:15 CW
  Back Handspring Clinic                   $18.00 Non-Members and same day sign-ups
        1 Hr. Clinic                                For Intermediate and Advanced Students Only
                                  An hour concentration of drills and spotting for back handsprings and back tucks.
                                              For your child’s safety gymnastics shoes are required.

                                                    We guarantee fitness based lessons in the cleanest, friendliest
                                                     environment or your money back! (within the first 30 days)

                                                     1530 Joliet Street, Dyer IN 46311 * (219) 865-2274
                                                        All schedules at      OVER

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