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    For Google Apps
    What is GoogleTM Apps

    •   Business application suite
           Enterprise directory management
           Enterprise portal
           External business websites
           Document storage and sharing
           Email
           Calendaring
           Spam filtering
           Business tools- word processing, spreadsheets, presentations
     What is Google Apps
 Google        hosts your office domain e.g.:
    www.esnatech.ca- hosted by esntech.google.com

 Pure     Software as a Service solution

 Availablein standard edition ( free) and enterprise edition
 ($50) per user per year

 NO     hardware/servers/foot print

 Minimize         IT requirements- including staff

 Business        in a box WITHOUT THE BOX!!!
    What customers are saying
    Google target market
    •   Small Mid size business with not infrastructure

    •   Organizations with no or min IT staff

    •   Organizations using hosted or pop 3 email applications

    •   Larger distributed organizations with min budgets that
        require extensive IT and collaboration tools- education, &
        public sector

    •   ROI concerned organizations looking to convert depreciating
        assets on balance sheet to monthly expense ( improves
        balance sheet)
       University – Over 770
        opportunities are looking at

       Enterprises – wanting to
        reduce Email and Server costs

       SLE Markets – looking at
        managed solutions
    What is UC for Google apps
     Integrationof the esnatech unified communication
     application server with hosted GoolgeTM apps

             UC server( on site) links to enterprise
     Esnatech
     Google domain through IMAP login leveraging
     Google API’s

     Addsmobility, enterprise presence, and unified
     messaging to Google environment
+ Bridging the enterprise infrastructure to
  Google Applications and SaaS services

     CRM /SFA/ERP            Email/Calendar/IM/Presence              Conferencing and mobile devices

                                 Esna UC gateway
                    Links enterprise PBX to Google applications

                          Enterprise phone system and applications
  + Providing business a better choice


                                                       Cost savings
                                                       *Reduce hardware requirement
     PBX                                               *Reduce application requirement
                 Enterprise portal server              *reduce application management
                                                       *Reduce annual support and

                                                       Going green
                                                       *Dramatically reduce power
                                                       consumption on an annual basis
                                                                                         Telephony office-LinX
E-mail server                        Storage Server                                      *Speech server
                Spam & Security                                                          *Mobility server
                                                                                         *Presence server
                                                                                         *CTI server
                                                                                         *Fax server

Presence IM                            Speech Server
Server           Mobility Server
    Key feature set in current release
    •   Unified Messaging
           Access to voice mail and faxes in native Google e-mail inbox
           Message light support for access to messages from Google inbox
           Access to Google inbox from office business ext or mobile phone

    •   Click to dial integration
           Dial from contacts/ inbox/ calendar
           Integrates with pbx/ phone system ext or registered mobile phone
    Unified messaging- Voice mail
    Unified Messaging- Fax message
    Unified Messaging- Recorded calls
    Mobility- Dialing
    Mobility- Dialing
    Mobility- Dialing
    Mobility- Phone access to inbox
    Mobile UC for Google Apps
    Key features
     WEB       links configuration for multi- OS support

     Esna UC sends message information as web links
     to provide UM/UC form support in any OS, Any
     mobile device etc
        Supports PC or phone playback
        Live reply( phone back)
    Sample partners using esnatech
    UC engine for Google TM Apps
     ConfigureEsna UC engine on Esna UC to log into
     Google APPS Domain with customers Google APPS

     Eachuser uses their individual Google apps
     credentials for UC authentication and

     Configuration   is identical for every customer
    Business Case
•   Google is adding 20,000 new users each month

•   Focus is an alternative to Microsoft
       ( see microsoft/google ROI tool)
       Replacement for following Microsoft servers and applications
        •   Exchange server
        •   Microsoft AD server and networking\
        •   SharePoint server
        •   MS office Communication server
        •   Storage servers
        •   MS office suite and licensing
        Business case
   Google Apps + esnatech UC server= complete office
    communication suite
       Fraction of the overhead
       Fraction of staff management requirements
       Fraction of the power consumption
       Greater interoperability- any OS or device
       Greater scalability- storage
           Standard- 6 GIG per user
           Enterprise 26 gig per user
    Google UC evolution
    version 8.0
    •   Esna UC client will be available as a Google gadget ( work in
        any OS with no software installation)

    •   Integration of Google desktop search on incoming phone
        calls- using caller ID and contact resolution

    •   Support for Google calendar- presence integration

    •   Access to Google contacts over the phone

    •   Presence integration with Google talk
    Google gadgets-

       Dialing

       Presence

       Mobility
    CTI integrated with Google
       Google Search on incoming caller ID and Contact resolution
+ Key Values of Esna UC for Google Apps

• Delivers Full Unified Communications portfolio at a fraction of
  the cost compared to other vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco &
• Enables interoperability with any phone system and mobile
  device so any company can deploy
• Links enterprise infrastructure to Google’s hosted applications
  making it leader in environmentally Friendly UC solution
• Solves SMB and budget constraint organizations issue with
  Mobile workforce and employee productivity
• Works across any OS or business infrastructure- min cost of
  deployment, maximum access to communication tools

    For Google Apps

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