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					     Issue 7 • Oct - Dec 2008

                                                                   Building resilience
Beyond the library                     design at the
                                                                        in youths
                                    National Day Parade

   Engaging the                                                     Improving lives
community through                                                    through Next
 arts and heritage                                                Generation Networks

 “My Garden”by
                                          Where                       Snapshots –
  scholars wins
                                        worlds meet                  events roundup
London’s Evening
 Standard Award

                                                                 Editorial Board
Dear Readers
                                                                 Julia Hang
Community engagement is one of MICA’s key aims.                  K Bhavani
Arts and heritage activities for the community celebrate         Gavin Chelvan
community identity and encourage community bonding.
Community efforts by the National Library Board such             Contributors
as “Molly, The Mobile Library” also encourage lifelong           Diana Ng
learning in the community.                                       Lim Jia Ying
In this issue, we showcase various initiatives from MICA’s       Kenneth Tan
agencies that strive to engage the community in creative ways.   Joanna Kang
                                                                 Lee Hiang Koon
We hope you enjoy reading this issue of Resonance.
                                                                 Photo Credits
Julia Hang (Mrs)                                                 Development Authority
Chairperson, Resonance Editorial Board
                                                                 National Arts Council
                                                                 National Library Board
                                                                 Skye Tan
Beyond the
Libraries have long-served as a focal point for community learning and socialising in Singapore.
Over the years, the libraries have moved beyond the confines of their physical location to better
engage the community in innovative ways.

BookCross@SG (BCSG) is a local chapter of a wider global phenomenon of “book-crossing”,
which promotes the joy of reading through the sharing of good books. BCSG is essentially a book
exchange cycle, where books will be left at designated hotspots like selected cafes and SMRT
taxis, for anyone to pick up. Upon completion of reading, the reader will return the book back at
any hotspot for another potential reader to pick it up. Readers are encouraged to log in to the
BookCross website when they pick up one of the BookCross books. This helps track the movement
of the book and allows for readers to share their reviews of the book virtually. This initiative brings
reading out of the library and into the streets of everyday living. It encourages social networking
and learning through shared book reviews.

Molly, the Mobile Library bringing books to the community

Since 3 April 2008, NLB has run a prototype
mobile library service in the form of a bus
called “Molly, the Mobile Library”, to bring the            The BookCross@SG programme brings reading out of
                                                            the library
library experience to the underserved. This
service aims to encourage them to become                    All of these stories shared the common theme
active users of public libraries. Institutions              of Singaporeans venturing overseas and
and organisations such as children’s homes,                 immigrants settling into Singapore, a topic
orphanages, special education schools and                   close to the hearts of Singaporeans.
selected primary schools are some of the
places Molly will visit to promote reading                  kidsREAD is a nationwide reading programme
and lifelong learning. These groups will                    to promote the love of reading amongst
have access to over 3,000 customised books                  young Singaporeans, in particular those from
during each visit, based on the user profile of              low-income families. Since 2004, when the
the target audience at the destination. While               programme was launched, NLB has partnered
onboard, patrons can perform electronic                     with community centres, self-help groups and
transactions such as the borrowing of books,                the People’s Association, to set up 85 reading
checking of personal loan information and                   clubs and reach out to 5,000 children from low-
payment of fees and charges via Ez-link.                    income families with a weekly volunteer-run
                                                            storytelling session.
In READ! Singapore 2008, NLB’s annual
nationwide reading campaign, one of the many                Looking ahead, NLB will continue to come up
initiatives was its very first on-board reading              with innovative ways to engage more sections
programme with SilkAir, ‘Booklovers on Board’               of the population to cultivate a nationwide love
in June this year. In this unusual programme,               for reading and lifelong learning.
travellers were offered a selection of Asian
short stories, to borrow on all SilkAir flights.                                                 resonance:00:01
The winning entry from Leong Hin Chee, “No rain can cool down my passion for Singapore!”

CELEBRATING                                                           As part of the DesignSingapore – NDP’08
                                                                      Studio, which serves to create new design

DESIGN                                                                intellectual property, three design touchpoints
                                                                      were produced by 35 Singapore designers and
                                                                      design students in conjunction with Singapore’s

at the                                                                43rd National Day. They were the Perspectives
                                                                      Funpack, AIR Glove and the SPARK! Mass
                                                                      Display Card.
NATIONAL                                                              The NDP Perspectives Photography
                                                                      Competition was also open to the public. The

DAY PARADE                                                            competition challenged all photo enthusiasts
                                                                      to creatively capture their own moments
                                                                      with the design touchpoints, either during
                                                                      or outside of the National Day Parade. The
                                                                      competition deepened the design awareness
                                                                      of Singaporeans and brought out their creative
                                                                      streak in the showcasing of their own design
                                                                      perspectives. The competition drew a total of
                                                                      269 entries, where there were three eventual
                                                                      winners and six finalists.
                                                                      The 1st prize winner of the competition,
                                                                      Leong Hin Chee said, “I was very moved by the
                                                                      strong Singapore spirit at the NDP’08. In my
                                                                      photograph, the crowd was very excited even in
                                                                      the gloomy weather.”
                                                                      Winning works and notable entries were
                                                                      eventually featured at the NDP Perspectives
                                                                      Photography Exhibition at the Toa Payoh HDB
                                                                      Hub from 5 to 21 September 2008.
R ecent survey findings revealed that Singaporeans are increasingly less
prepared and knowledgeable about dealing with crisis situations. The Youth
Resilience Camp – YoReCa – was devised as a means of raising the level of
awareness and understanding amongst our students about resilience. The
camp gives them a flavour of the critical role of resilience in both manpower
and infrastructure. YoReCa also equips them with practical skills to help
themselves and others in emergency situations.
YoReCa was held at the beautiful resort-like campus of NACLI (the National
Community Leadership Institute) from 17-20 November 2008. Organised
by MICA’s National Resilience Division, 70 students aged 15 to 17 attended,
representing a varied mix of 11 schools.
The camp was jointly funded by MICA and the National Security Coordination
Secretariat. Agencies like the Home Team Academy, Singapore Civil Defence
Force and SMRT were roped in to conduct various courses and tours for
participants during the course of the camp. In addition, NACLI organised
separate activities that helped participants build personal resilience and
leadership skills.
To encourage YoReCa participants to be ambassadors of the camp and to share
what they learnt with others, a YoReCa blog and Facebook page were set up.
The participants were provided with laptops for nightly blogging sessions. The
participants were predictably eager to blog, and to connect with each other via
Facebook. Many have continued to maintain their friendships with their camp-
mates through the blog and Facebook group after the camp, sharing pictures
and memories with each other online.
The interaction between students from different schools and backgrounds was
particularly encouraging and essential to the camp experience. By the end
of the camp, goodbyes were an emotional affair, with many sharing words of
gratitude for the new friendships forged.
With the success of YoReCa, there are plans to make the camp an annual event
for youths – eschewing the traditional format of national education and bringing
the important lessons concerning Singapore’s resilience to life.

Engaging the
community through
arts and heritage
                                                          A  mongst MICA’s key outcomes is a mission to nurture a
                                                          gracious people appreciative of arts and culture, along with
                                                          a sense of community and identity. Communities and culture
                                                          strengthen each other, where communities enrich the vibrancy
                                                          of the cultural landscape, whilst culture can provide a socially
                                                          inclusive platform for all races, ages and backgrounds to interact.

                                                          The National Arts Council (NAC) and National Heritage Board
                                                          (NHB) aim to enhance access to culture through an extensive
                                                          series of programming which both bring people to visit our
                                                          cultural institutions, as well as situate arts and culture in
                                                          familiar spaces like their own neighbourhoods, parks and
                                                          schools. In FY 2007, NAC organised and supported some 650
                                                          outreach activities reaching out to more than 930,000 people.
                                                          NAC’s Arts Education Programme in schools has been running
                                                          since 1993 and aims to build greater appreciation of various
                                                          arts forms from a young age through three main types of
                                                          programmes: Exposure, Experience and Excursion. Through
                                                          these programmes, students have the opportunity to engage in
                                                          the arts through enjoying performances in their school, taking
                                                          part in hands-on workshops and attending performances at arts
                                                          venues. Annually more than 350,000 students participated in
                                                          some 2,000 arts education programmes.

                                                          NAC and NHB organise a number of major arts and heritage
                                                          festivals, as well as travelling showcases throughout the year,
                                                          to encourage wide participation from different segments of
                                                          the population. For instance, the Singapore Arts Festival 2008
                                                          organised over 580 outreach activities engaging a wide cross-
                                                          section of the community and reaching out to 600,000 people.
                                                          The festival has always been engaging the public in many
Actively learning more about Singapore’s diverse ethnic
heritage through Community Trails                         creative ways through new initiatives such as the Arts Where
                                                          We Eat programme which brings arts performances to various
                                                          hawker centres in the heartlands.The Singapore HeritageFest,
                                                          NHB’s signature event, drew a record crowd of 1.6 million
                                                          visitors in its 2008 edition. Based on a different theme each year,
                                                          the annual festival offers a wide range of programmes from
                                                          exhibitions, cultural performances, competitions, heritage bus
                                                          tours, new media events and concerts to reach out to different
                                                          target audiences. NHB’s Heritage on the Move travelling
                                                          exhibitions are another important way to reach out to schools
                                                          and the community.

                                                          Free outreach programming is offered to make the arts and
                                                          cultural experience accessible to everyone, regardless of their
                                                          background. The NAC-ExxonMobil Concert in the Park is a
                                                          concert held in our public parks which features performances
by established artists. During International Museum          excursions and showcases for senior citizens. The
Day, which stretches over three days, entry into all the     Community Participation Grant also encourages
public museums is free. The public is also invited to        community groups to initiate their own arts activities,
participate in the range of festivities taking place. The    to deepen engagement through involvement in the
virtual community is not neglected in the agencies’          creative process and working alongside professional
search to reach out to growing population segments           artists.
through online portals like NHB’s blog,
which serves as a heritage blog, as well as My      For NHB, its newly launched Heritage Industry
where the public can contribute their stories.               Incentive Programme (HI2P), is an initiative to catalyse
                                                             the growth of the heritage eco-system with a funding
Encouraging greater community access and                     of S$8 million over the next five years. Through the
participation in arts and culture can provide a valuable     programme, HI2P aims to spur the development of
medium for different segments of the community to            new and innovative heritage and museum products,
interact and develop a sense of community identity.          and work with private players to showcase Singapore’s
NHB’s Community Heritage Trails have been                    heritage assets both locally and abroad. When the
developed through a ground-up approach. They are             programme was piloted from April 2007 to March
organised in partnership with major stakeholders             2008, it supported 10 heritage projects, including the
such as schools and Community Development                    production of Peranakan children’s books by local
Councils (CDCs) to help encourage greater                    writer Adeline Foo. The books were well received
community understanding and celebration of their             by the media and Singaporeans with a total of 1,225
neighbourhood’s heritage. These trails such as the           copies sold within three months.
Bukit Timah Trail and Queenstown Community Trail
are community-led, serving as a platform to galvanise        With these initiatives and more, NAC and NHB intend to
and bond the community.                                      continue their efforts to better engage the community
                                                             more broadly and deeply in arts and culture through
NAC also works in partnership with corporations,             innovative programming and activities.
hospitals, tertiary institutions and community
organisations to bring arts to various community
groups. One major initiative is the District Arts Festival
organised by the CDCs and supported by NAC and the
People’s Association. The festivals are community-
based and held throughout the year in Singapore’s five
districts to enhance community engagement through
the arts. These festivals provide an opportunity to
showcase community talents and encourage creative
expression. NAC also provides a Presentation and
Promotion Grant to support community based cultural
organisations such as the Leng Kee Dance Group,
to facilitate the growth and development of such
community initiated groups.
                                                             The NAC-ExxonMobil Concert in the Park
NAC intends to engage the community more
deeply through targeted programmes for different
population segments with its Arts For All Community
Engagement Plan. This plan is one of the key
initiatives under MICA’s Renaissance City Plan 3 arts
and culture masterplan, and aims to reach out to
those who have no ready access to the arts. Arts For
All will include a series of new outreach initiatives
such as the Silver Arts Programme. The Silver Arts
Programme is based on the philosophy that by
participating in meaningful creative activities, senior
citizens can keep themselves mentally and physically
active, thus enhancing their health and general well-
being. The comprehensive programme will include              The Singapore HeritageFest remains a crowd-puller,
the formation of arts interest groups, workshops,            drawing an increasing number of visitors each year

where                             S  et against the backdrop of an evolving
                                  landscape, our city comes to life in a newly
                                  minted video from MICA, showcasing

worlds                            the people and places of Singapore, and
                                  articulating the Spirit of Singapore. ‘Where
                                  Worlds Meet’ is a new video produced to

                                  showcase Singapore to the international
                                  community of investors, talents and
                                  visitors. Inspired by our heritage and driven
                                  by the aspiration to progress, the video
                                  depicts Singapore’s constant reinvention.

                                  Through the keen eyes of little Amelia, a
                                  5-year-old girl who is visiting Singapore,
                                  the video follows her adventures as
                                  she explores and imbibes the multi-
                                  faceted sights and sounds of Singapore,
                                  making friends along the way. Amelia
                                  eventually meets her doppelganger in this
                                  cosmopolitan city, reinforcing Singapore’s
                                  status as a global hub where worlds meet.

The LASALLE College of the Arts

                                  In the video, heritage sites are juxtaposed against modern skyscrapers where
                                  iconic buildings like the refurbished National Museum of Singapore become
                                  the embodiment of the city that values traditions yet embraces change. To top
                                  it off, the newly completed Changi Airport Terminal 3 and upcoming Marina
                                  Bay Sands Integrated Resorts bear testament to our changing landscape and
                                  constant transformation.

                                  In the city where opportunities abound, Singapore provides an environment
                                  conducive for growth. The striking architecture of LASALLE College of the Arts
                                  takes centrestage in the video as one of the many institutions that nurture the
                                  future stakeholders of our country. Luscious shots of our expansive greenery
                                  bring home the point that in Singapore, growth is in season all year round.

                                  Through constant exchanges and collaboration, bright sparks emerge in various
                                  ways in this cosmopolitan nation. Foreigners feel welcome here and find their
                                  ‘home away from home’.

                                  ‘Where Worlds Meet’ is available in three versions - 1 min, 2 min and 3 min
                                  50 sec, to cater to your various needs for screenings at major international
                                  conferences or visiting delegations, as a short introduction to Singapore.
                                  For further enquiries, please email
    “My Garden” by DesignSingapore Scholars
     Wins London’s Evening Standard Award
S ingapore designs received recognition from the London                  The changing imagery, paper sculpture and technology
community with its first prize win in the “Independent or                 enhance the overall display content by revealing added
Speciality Store: 1 – 5 outlets” category of the Evening                 dimensions to the presentation.
Standard Window Display Award 2008 in September.
                                                                         Being part of the high-profile project has helped the
My Garden is a collaborative work by two                                 DesignSingapore scholars develop their capabilities
DesignSingapore scholars, architectural designer                         and professional networks, showcase their talents and
Melisa Chan and graphic designer David Lee, together                     gain exposure in their respective field of expertise. This
with established London-based fashion designer Ashley                    win has also placed Singapore design alongside other
Isham. My Garden cuts across the disciplines of graphic                  category winners which include established multi-store
design, interior design, fashion, art and technology,                    chain Oasis and Selfridges, the largest department store
combining them in a unique showcase.                                     on Oxford Street, known for some of London’s most
                                                                         imaginative window displays.
This winning Singapore presentation was showcased
during the London Design Festival 2008 and London                        My Garden is supported by the DesignSingapore Council
Fashion Week 2008, in the store-front window display                     of MICA, as part of its efforts to raise the creative design
of multi-brand boutique Aquaint, which stocks Isham’s                    capability of Singapore designers. The retail context of the
designs. Folding techniques found in the art of origami                  presentation lends the project high visibility and elevates
were used to create a textured sculptural landscape of                   the profile of Singapore design. Through this effort,
large lotus flowers representing a garden. Combined with                  DesignSingapore Council seeks to increase the mindshare
breakthrough usage of electro-luminescent technology,                    of Singapore as a city of design excellence among the
to illuminate the display, the finished product is presented              international audience who attended both events.
in a way that is startling, surprising, yet elegant.

           The award-winning window display of My Garden within the shopping mecca of Conduit Street in London

Improving Lives Through
      Next Generation Networks
Communication networks have become key social and economic infrastructure in many countries, including that of
Singapore. Acknowledging this, the Singapore Government has begun developing a Next Generation National Broadband
Network, or Next Gen NBN, to ensure that Singapore will be able to join cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong
Kong, at the forefront of broadband development.

With the award of the first phase of the Next Gen NBN project, the Next Gen NBN Network Company (“NetCo”), to the
OpenNet Consortium on 26 September 2008, and the impending award of the second phase, the Operating Company
(“OpCo”), by the first quarter of 2009, users can expect to enjoy high-speed access to next generation applications
and services by 2012. Besides the economic benefits which the Next Gen NBN is expected to bring, there will also be
improvements in the areas of education, healthcare and business. This will transform the way we live and work.

Increasingly, education involves distance learning. This    In the area of business, high-definition video conferencing
includes areas such as Internet-based research, online      has been heavily touted as one of the next generation
collaboration with fellow students and video conferences    applications which many organisations would be able to
with professors. High quality video, enabled by a bigger    leverage on. Individuals are also likely to enjoy greater
broadband “pipe” can also provide a more intimate and       efficiencies in terms of information sharing and data
interactive two-way experience. For example, students       transfer. This would be especially useful in industries
can take “virtual field trips” in the comfort of their      such as video editing, game development, engineering
homes and obtain information about the things they          and scientific sample analysis where large data files are
encounter immediately through the Internet, by using        shared. This removes the need for bulky hard disks to be
the same computer.                                          transported. Companies can also support telecommuting,
                                                            increasing flexibility for workers who have to juggle both
In healthcare, next generation networks will allow for      work and family commitments.
the use of haptic feedback devices in medical procedures
that can add a sense of touch or “feel” for long distance   At the award of the Next Gen NBN NetCo, Minister Lee
treatments. Known also as “telehealth”, expert surgeons     Boon Yang said “Singaporeans can look forward to the
would then be able to work from a central workstation,      ABC of Next Gen NBN: Attractive prices for ultra-high-
performing operations in various remote locations through   speed broadband; Benefits from innovative services;
machines set up by local nursing staff. Doctors can thus    Coverage nationwide with minimal disruption during
be available when and where the need is most critical.      fast roll-out,” which emphasises the Government’s
This could potentially result in treatments delivered       commitment in ensuring that all Singaporeans can benefit
more promptly and at a lower cost. Patients with serious    from the Next Gen NBN. The Next Gen NBN, when rolled
medical conditions can also be “wired” with sensors and     out, will impact our lives in many ways.
monitors that transmit data to caregivers, family, or
emergency personnel.
Behind Street Names: Prominent               Neither East Nor West: Asians in Monochrome
People of Early Singapore                    23 October 2008 – 1 February 2009
25 October 2008 – 15 March 2009
                                             This exhibition features portraits from the Lafayette collection, including those of Asian
In early Singapore, the Municipal            dignitaries who played a significant role in bridging the gap between the East and
Councillors or Commissioners were            West, and Europeans who were relevant to the development of Asia. The spirit of this
in charge of naming streets. Streets         exhibition reinforces the idea that differences in race, religion, culture and geography
were named in several ways, the              are of no consequence when individuals of different backgrounds come together
most common being after people or            peacefully. The exhibition is on at the Asian Civilisations Museum.
places, such as Alkaff Avenue and
Eu Tong Sen Street. Behind each
street name is a story – about how
the street got its name or the person
it was named after.

This exhibition will explain the
reason for the name behind each
street, touching on the lives and                                                              President’s Design Award 2008
achievements of the people who                                                                 Public Exhibition
had played a vital part in making
                                                                                               3 December 2008 - 28 February 2009
Singapore what it is today. The
exhibition is on at the Lee Kong                                                               The President’s Design Award
Chian Reference Library at the                                                                 is Singapore’s most prestigious
National Library Building.                                                                     award for its designers and
                                                                                               designs, recognising the significant
Admission is free.                                                                             achievements and contributions
                                                                                               of the nation’s design talents. This
                                                                                               year, three designers and seven
                                                                                               designs were recognised at the award
                                                                                               ceremony on 1 December 2008.
                                                          EVENTS ROUNDUP
                                                                                               The President’s Design Award 2008
                                                                                               Public Exhibition will feature the
A Cow and Bull Story                                                                           10 recipients at the URA Gallery from
19 January 2009 – August 2009                                                                  3 December 2008 to 28 February 2009.
This exhibition at the Singapore
Philatelic Museum is held in
conjunction with the zodiac year
                                                 Here’s a sneak preview of the
                                                 line-up of exciting events that
of the ox. Visitors can find out why
the ox is the second animal in the                 MICA has in store for 2009.
Chinese zodiac and the traits of
those born under this zodiac sign.
Interesting facts about the ox will
be explored, such as the strength
and feats of the animal which has
been indispensable to mankind since
ancient times.

Come-in: Interior Design as a Contemporary Art Medium in Germany
22 January 2009 - 12 April 2009

What differentiates art from design? An international touring exhibition developed by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA),
Stuttgart, Germany, and presented in co-operation with the Goethe-Institut Singapore, Come-in examines the unique relationship
between contemporary art and design.

Witness how renowned artists approach the designing of furniture, textiles, ceramics and interior architecture from a
contemporary art perspective, and learn how their ideas and inspirations are interpreted through drawings, installations,
sculptures, models, photography and video. Come and be inspired by the works of contributing artists as they push the
envelope of contemporary art and design. This exhibition will take place at the National Museum of Singapore.

140 Hill Street, 6th Storey,
MICA Building
Singapore 179369
T: 65 6270 7988
F: 65 6837 9480

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