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1st of October 2009


1.1 Promotion of sustainable wastewater treatment
    - New regulations of wastewater treatment in Finland (2006), paper written by Lotta Nummelin
    - Sustainable Sanitation in Central and Eastern Europe: addressing the needs of small and medium-size
        settlements (2007), in Bulgarian, Hungarian, English, Latvian, Romanian, Russian, Slovak and
    -   CCB postcards, Eco-evolution – history of toilet (2005), translated to Ukrainian and Russian 2005.
    -   Poster Urine Diverting Toilets – demonstration sites (2004)
    -   Poster Sustainable Wastewater Management (2004)
    -   Poster Ecological Waterfree Toilet with Urine Diversion (2004)
    -   Postcard Keep water for swimming – not for flushing (revised 2004 and 2005), translated to Ukrainian
        and Russian 2005.
    -   Sustainable Wastewater treatment for a new housing area – how to find the right solution, booklet by
        Peter Ridderstolpe, WRS Uppsala, (English), 35p, (2003). Translated to Polish, Russian, Estonian,
        Lithuanian and Latvian in 2004.
    -   Report from the EEB/CCB Water Seminar, held in Brussels, 29-30 November, 2002, 50 p, (December
    -   Smeltaite River Park, publication in Lithuanian, Ekologiojos sepiniai. Smeltaites upelio parke
        (Lithuanian) 25 p, (2002)
    -   Guidelines for Using Urine and Blackwater Diversion Systems in Single-Family Homes (English,
        Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian), 16p, (2001)
    -   Market Survey- Extremely Low Flush Toilets (English), 53 p, (2001 and reprint 2003)
    -   Sustainable Wastewater Treatment for Single-Family Homes – (English,Estonian, Latvian. Lithuanian,
        Polish, Russian), 16p, (1999-2001)
    -   Wastewater treatment in a small village – options for upgrading – Booklet by Swedenviro (English,
        Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Estonian, Polish), 29p, ( 2000)
    -   Problems of wastewater cleaning in local municipalities – booklet by Zvejone Club in Lithuanian,
        (Lithuanian), 50p, (1999)
    -   The Smeltaite constructed wetland Klaipeda, Lithuania, An example of ecological engineering for
        water treatment. A report by Jonas Andersson, SwedEnviro Consulting Group (English), 5 p, (1998)
    -   Ecological engineering in sewage management, (English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish), 8p,
    -   Ecotechnology for Wastewater Treatment – Functioning facilities in the Baltic Sea region, Book with
        overview of 15 different innovative approaches to wastewater treatment, (English), 96p, (1997)
    -   Eco-eng exhibition, 7 screens. (3copies), ( 1997)
    -   Publication of Eco-eng exhibition text; “Ecological engineering in sewage management”
    -   Exhibition poster Smeltale River Park, Lithuania

1.2 Promotion of sustainable river basin management
    - River Monitoring Handbook, Rivulet Research (Russian), made by Environmental Club Zvejone ,
        Lithuania (2005)
    -   Baltic Sea River Basins Map, made by the Centre for Environmental Initiative, Russia (2005)
    -   Information leaflet on the CCB River Watch CD-Rom (2005)

    -   CCB River Watch CD-rom: A journey along the Jolly Rivulet (2004)
    -   Neman Hot-Spots Map, made by Lithuanian Green Movement and Neman Environment Group, Belarus
    -   River Monitoring book, “Upeliu Tyriwai”, by Antanas Kontautas and Kestutis Matiukas, (Lithuanian)
        99p (2001)
    -   Good Ideas – Excellent Results , Booklet discussing the problems of water use in the Baltic Sea region
        and how it can be solved in a more sustainable way, (English), 24p, (1999)
    -   River Monitoring Handbook, “Upes salia musu” – by K.Matiukas and A. Kontautas, (Lithuanian) 44p

1.3 Promotion of water protection measures in agriculture
    - Report: Industrial Pig-farms in the Baltic Sea Catchment Area of Belarus, by Eugeniy Lobanov,
        (English) (2009)
    -   Report: Report on industrial swine and cattle farming in the Baltic Sea catchment area. Produced for
        the High-Level Political Meeting on Baltic Eutrophication and Agriculture 19-20 April 2007, ed. Jakub
        Skorupski, 2007
    -   Brochure: Ecological Agriculture, society and environment. Good examples of local consumer-
        producer relationship. Made by Polish Ecological Club, City of Gliwice Chapter (English, 2005).
    -   Polish brochure: Wplyw rolnictwa na srodowisko (Environmental Impact of Agriculture. Polish nature
        heritage in farmer’s hands) (2004)
    -   Brochure: Accession and Agriculture: Making CAP work for people and the environment. Translated
        into Polish 2004.
    -   Brochure: Some case studies describing local organic markets in Poland, Finland and Sweden.
        Translated into Polish 2004.
    -   Polish poster for promotion of organic food (2004)
    -   Polish pamphlet on regional recipes prepared by organic food (2004)
    -   Polish pamphlet on organic farms connected to bicycle routes (2004)
    -   Polish brochure: ABC of Bioagronomy, so lets talk about organic farming, (2004)
    -   Brochure “European Union Rural Development Policy in Polish Conditions”, (Polish), (2003)
    -   Brochure “Relationship between Agriculture, Biodiversity and Environment – Policy, Actors and
        Opportunity in Bulgaria and Poland”, (English, Polish), (2003)
    -   Brochure “Agriculture and the Environment. Polish Natural Heritage in Farmers’ hands”, (Polish),
    -   Leaflet “Challenges for Rural Development in Poland in enlarged EU”, (Polish), (2003)
    -   Leaflet “Food and Rest AND Health and Environment”, (Polish), (2003)
    -   “The role of organic agriculture in agri-environmental programs, law aspects”, by Harriet Bennet, - a
        booklet describing benefits coming from using agri-environmental programs including organic , (2002)
    -   “Organic Agriculture”, - Agriculture as an integral part of EU policies, by Urszula Sołtysiak, Agata
        Szlagier-Jabłońska, (2002), basic information about organic agriculture written for members of
        parliament, decision makers at governmental and local levels ,
    -   “Guide 2000. Organic Farms of South Poland. Food. Tourism and Rest”, (2000)
    -   “Organic agriculture as a Basis of Sustainable Development on Rural Areas” - leaflet about organic
        farming , (2000)
    -   Leaflet about Coalition to Support Organic Agriculture in Polish (2000)
    -   Leaflet about Coalition to Support Organic Agriculture in English (2000)
    -    “Organic Farming - Sustainable Agriculture Put into Practice” (reprint 2000)


2.1 Harmful installations and transports in the Baltic Sea Region
    - Pamphlet; Natural values and harmful installations of the south coast of the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea,
        Green World Russia, (Russian and English) (2007)
    -   Electronic map of harmful installations in the Eastern Gulf of Finland on Green World website, (2004)

    -   Pamphlet Stop oil extraction in the Baltic Sea, (English, Lithuanian, Russian) (2003)
    -   Postcard Stop oil extraction in the Baltic Sea, (English, Russian) (2003)
    -   CCB Yearbook 2003; Harmful installations in the Baltic Sea Region, 54p, (English) (2003)
    -   Paper describing existing and planned big installations in the Baltic Sea Region with transnational
        impact, Green World ( Russian) (2003)
    -   The Gulf of Finland we are losing. a booklet describing the threats to the Gulf of Finland from Oil
        spills, including Russian Baltic pipeline System, Primorsk oil terminal, and other plans, (English,
        Russian),(Jan 2002)

2.2 Promotion of sustainable development coastal zones
    - Map: CCB Coastal Hot Spot Map, printed in Latvia 2009
    - CCB Yearbook 2004: Pressure on Baltic Coastal Zones and Fish Resources. Ways to Safeguard
        Nature. (2004)
    -   CCB Report: Checking coastal conservation. International requirements to safeguard nature on the
        Baltic Sea’s coast. – Good and bad examples of their implementation seen from the NGO-perspective.
        Report from the CCB project Baltic Region Sustainable Coastal Development – Requirements,
        Conflicts and Solutions, (English), 41 p, (2004)
    -   Pamphlet Checking coastal conservation. International requirements to safeguard nature on the Baltic
        Sea’s coast. – Good and bad examples of their implementation seen from the NGO-perspective.
        (English), (2004)
    -   Sustainable Development of St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast: Awareness and Expectations, a
        booklet presenting interviews with authorities, public and business community on the topic “local
        Agenda 21 and sustainable development – understanding and expectations”, (English, Russian), 24p,
    -   CCB report National and local LA21 in the Baltic Sea region countries including emphasis on NGO-
        perspectives, (English, Russian), 76p, (2001 and 2004)
    -   North-West Russia on the Way to Sustainable Development. Local Projects and Initiatives, (Russian),
        48p (2001)
    -   Sustainable Baltic - the First Steps, a booklet describing sustainable intitiatives in St. Petersburg and
        Leningrad region, (English, Russian), 40 p, (1999)
    -   Agenda XXI in Lithuania, (English), 40p (1999)

2.3 Harmful impacts of installations such as hydro-electric power plants, dams etc.
    - Hydropower Hot Spots in the Baltic Sea Catchment Area, by Björn Möllersten (English), 28 pp, (2005)
    - The biological cost of hydropower, by Roland Jansson, (English, Estonian, Lithuanian), 9pp, (2002).
        Translated into Estonian, Polish and Russian in 2003.
    -   Small-scale hydropower – threats to free-flowing watercourses, Documentation from the CCB
        International seminar on Small Hydro-power plants and river ecosystem protection, Dec 2001, Riga,
        Latvia, (English), (2002).


3.1 Protection of the naturally spawning Baltic salmon
    - Report, Atlantic Salmon in the Russian part of the Baltic Sea Basin, by Sergey Titov and Dmitry
        Sendek, (English) (2008)
    -   Report, Land-locked Salmon in the Ladoga and Onego Basins, by Sergey Titov, Dmitry Sendek and
        Igor Schurov. (English) (2008)
    -   Leaflet, Atlantic Salmons in the Rivers of Belarus is the Fact, (English) (2008)
    -   Report; Salmonid fish passages in the rivers Helge, Mörrum and Emån in the south of Sweden, Katrin
        Hammarlund, (English) (2007)
    -   Map on the threats to the genetic diversity of the wild Baltic Salmon, Wild Baltic Salmon – the threat is
        real! (Sept 2003, updated 2007)
    -   Atlantic Salmon in the Rivers of Belarus, by Nina Polutskaya (English), 11 pp, (2005)
    -   CCB postcards: Save the Wild Baltic Salmon (English and Swedish) (2005)

    -   Map on the threats to the genetic diversity of the wild Baltic Salmon, Wild Baltic Salmon – the threat is
        real! (Sept 2003, updated 2004)
    -   Poster on the threats to the genetic diversity of the wild Baltic Salmon, Wild Baltic Salmon – the threat
        is real! (Sept 2003, updated 2004)
    -   Time Out for Baltic Salmon – CCB pamphlet (1996)

3.2 Promotion of Baltic Fisheries Sustainable fishing practises

    -   Report, Efforts to Stop Poaching Fish in Latvia, by Alvis Birkovs, (English) (2008)
    -   Pamphlet; The Baltic Harbour Porpoise needs protection, Green federation GAJA Poland, (English,
        Polish, German, Finnish and Swedish (2006)
    -   Zarzadzanie Zasobami Rybnymi a Regionalny Komitet Doradczy Morza Baltyckiego (Management of
        Fish Resources with Perspective on the Works of the Baltic Sea Regional Advisory Committee). Only
        available in Polish. (A. Fabis, P. Gruszka, 2005).
    -   CCB Report Sustainable Baltic Sea Fisheries - the way forward (June 2004, updated 2005) (English).
        Translated into Polish 2004.
    -   CCB Report The Dangers of Bottom Trawling, by C.C.E. Hopkins, (English), 14p, (2003)
    -   CCB Pamphlet The Dangers of Bottom Trawling, (English, 2003). Translated into Swedish 2004.
    -   Possibilities for Eco-labelling of Fisheries – a report from the CCB International Seminar in Pargas,
        Finland 14-16 December 2001, (English), 37p, (2003)
    -   Development of Sustainable Fisheries in the Baltic Sea, updated version, by Sture Hansson (English),
        15p, (2003)
    -   Development of Sustainable Fisheries in the Baltic Sea, by Sture Hansson, (English), 14p, (2001)
    -   Poster on the Dangers of Drift-nets ( Feb 2002)
    -   Report on Possibilities for sustainable Baltic Sea fisheries, incl. proposals for actions
    -   The Dangers of the Drift-nets, CCB-pamphlet (2001)
    -   CCB Report with Proposals for sustainable practices in Baltic Sea Fisheries to the IBSFC meeting in
        September 2001 (2001-08-31) (10 pages)
    -   CCB Report with Coalition Clean Baltic´s views on the future of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP),
        based on the Commission´s Green Paper (2001-09-28) (7 pages)
    -   Sustainable Fisheries poster (2000)

  - Nature conservation atlas of the Russian part of Gulf of Finland, Baltic Fund for Nature, (Russian and
        English) (2006)
    -   CCB Postcards ; Larus Marinus (2005)
    -   CCB Hotspots Map at, updated in 2004
    -   CCB Report: Local and National Agenda 21 in the Baltic Sea countries, translated to Russian 2004
    -   Save Baltic Sea Marine Life, information sheet about Baltic Sea endangered species, connected to CCB
        umbrella, (English), 1p, (2004)
    -   CCB Newsletter (2/96, 1/97, 3/97, 4/97, 1/98, 2/98, 3/98, 4/98, 1/99, 2/99, 3/99, 4/99, 1/00, electronic
        versions: 2/00, 3/00, 2001-2004,) Articles from member organisations and news, (English), (1996-
    -   Our Habitat Values, Gulf of Finland region, book describing the values of the habitat along the south
        shore of the Gulf of Finland, (Russian) 140 p, (St Petersburg 2003, new updated edition 2004)
    -   CCB Yearbook 2002 - Baltic Sea Hot Spots “Hazards and Possibilities for the Baltic Sea Region”,
        (English), 44p, (issued 2001)
    -   Poster with map on Hot Spots, connected to CCB Yearbook 2002 (issued 2001)
    -   Larus Marinus Adventures In the Baltic Sea- A magazine by Kazys Kestutis Siaulytis with comic strips
        on pressing environmental issues of the Baltic Sea, (English), (2001)
    -   The CCB Baltic Sea Action Plan (English, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish), 38 p, (1992),
    -   The ECO´s vision of an Agenda 21 for the Baltic Sea Region, (English, Polish, Russian, Estonian,
        Latvian, Lithuanian), 80p, (1998,reprint 2001),
    -   Habitat Values- book describing the values of the habitat along the south shore of the Gulf of Finland,
        (Russian English), 68p, (1999 and 2000)

  -   The NGO vision of an Agenda 21 for the Baltic Sea Region, 85p, (1996)
  -   Summary Report of The NGO vision of an Agenda 21 for the Baltic Sea Region, (English, Lithuanian)
      25p, (1996)
  -   Green Handbook – by VAK (Latvian)
  -   Local Handbook, Sczcecin – by Green Federation, (Polish),
  -   Green Handbook, Green Consumerism, “Kuidas saada rikkaks?, by Juhan Ruut, (Estonian), 42p (1997)
  -   Sustainable Development, “Keskkonnaraamat”, (Estonian) 99p, (1997)
  -   Book on the Baltic Sea Environmental Protection by EcoBaltic Foundation, (Polish),
  -   Ecology an introduction, by Håkan Pleijel, 94-96p, (1991), (translated from Swedish to; Estonian,
      Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, 1992-1995)
  -   What is happening to the Baltic Sea? Book by Anders Wirdheim 38-85p, (1990), (translated from
      Swedish, to Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, 1991-1994)

  -   10 Areas for Action to Save the Baltic Sea - Brochure on CCB aims and activities, (English) 12 p,
      (revised 2004).
  -   For a cleaner Baltic - Environmental Citizens Organizations (ECO) in co-operation- An information
      pamphlet on CCB, (English, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian), (revised 2004)
  -   CCB information poster, revised in 2004
  -   CCB bookmark (2001)

  -   Institutional Strengthening and Resource Development for Non-Governmental Organizations and Local
      Authorities in the Baltic Sea Region” – book by Marek Maciejowski and Eric C. Martin, (Polish)
  -   Alternativa energija, ekoteknologijas – nu apkures sitemas, Latvian report on alternative wastewater
      treatment, 68 p, (1999)
  -   Musu Mazosios Keliones - Lithuanian booklet by Selemonas Paltanavicius, 28p, (1995)
  -   Toki pasauli regiu” - Lithuanian booklet by Selemonas Paltanavicius, (Lithuanian) 30p, Vilnius (1995)


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