2009-2010 COACHES' CLASS SCHEDULE by smitty1254


									    CYO Coaches’                                                        2009-2010 INITIAL
     Certification                                                      CERTIFICATIONS
                                                                       (all Saturday sessions are from 9:00am - 1:30pm)
  Classes Explained                                               Saturday, August 22, 2009
Anyone who wishes to coach in the CYO                             @ Maumee St. Joseph Parish
program in the Diocese of Toledo is required to                   (104 West Broadway, Community Center)
successfully complete an initial Ohio Parks &                     Pre-paid registration deadline: August 20th by 5pm
Recreation approved safety orientation program
before he/she will be allowed to coach. This                      Saturday, August 29, 2009
became effective for all head and assistant                       @ Sylvania St. Joseph Parish
coaches in December 1997.                                         (5373 Main Street, East Campus -enter doors to new gym)
                                                                  Pre-paid registration deadline: August 27th by 5pm

An initial course is effective for one calendar year              Saturday, November 14, 2009
(12 months) and must be followed annually by a                    @ Perrysburg St. Rose Parish
three-hour course. If a coach ceases to provide                   (215 East Front Street, Sacred Heart Center)
services for a period of twelve months and/or                     Pre-paid registration deadline: November 12th by 5pm
fails to maintain the annual re-certification, the
coach loses his/her eligibility to coach in the                   Sunday, November 15, 2009
CYO.                                                              @ Tiffin St. Joseph Parish (1:00-5:30pm)
                                                                  (36 Melmore Street, Activities Center, Upper Room)
                                                                  Pre-paid registration deadline: November 12th by 5pm
The initial courses offered by the CYO Office are
general in nature and include the Diocesan
Policy on Response to Child Abuse and Adult
                                                                  Saturday, November 21, 2009                               CERTIFICATION
                                                                  @ Bryan St. Patrick Parish
Sexual Misconduct.
The initial course varies from the re-certifications in content
                                                                  (610 South Portland Street, Basement cafeteria)
                                                                  Pre-paid registration deadline: November 19th by 5pm         CLASS
- two re-certification classes DO NOT EQUAL an initial
class and half of an initial course DOES NOT EQUAL a re-
certification class. The re-certification courses may
                                                                  Sunday, December 6, 2009
                                                                  @ Toledo St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Parish
include a coaches’ organizational meeting and/or                  (1:00-5:30pm)
sport specific clinics.                                           (4201 Heatherdowns Blvd, Holy Family Center)
                                                                  Pre-paid registration deadline: December 3rd by 5pm        SHAPING the FAITH
Lanyards are issued for each course attended
and must be worn when coaching. Initial classes                   Saturday, March 27, 2010 (9-1:30) &                          of our YOUTH ...
                                                                  Sunday, April 25, 2010 (1-5:30)
are $15 if pre-paid two business days prior to the
event. $25 at the door. (* lunch is included)                     @ Toledo Catholic Center (CYO Office)
                                                                                                                                Field by Field
-all fees are non-refundable & non-transferable                   (1933 Spielbusch Avenue, Monsignor Doyle Hall)
                                                                  Pre-paid deadline: March 25th & April 22nd by 5pm
                                                              BASKETBALL 2009-2010:               To register for any of these sessions, you MUST print
   RE-CERTIFICATION                                                                th
                                                              Tuesday, OCTOBER 13 (6-9 pm)        out this form and complete it by typing or printing
                                                                                                  CLEARLY. You must then mail it along with the
       SESSIONS                                               at TOLEDO NOTRE DAME ACADEMY
                                                                                                  appropriate fee to: CYO Office, P.O. Box 985,
      (the schedule for the year was set July 20th, 2009)
Three hour clinics cost $5 if pre-paid two business days      Wednesday, OCTOBER 14th (7-10 pm)   Toledo, OH 43697-0985
                     prior to the event;                      at FREMONT SJCC HS (Tri-deanery)
                      $15 at the door
     * all fees are non-refundable & non-transferable         Monday, OCTOBER 19th (6-9 pm)       Name: _________________________________
These sessions include a coaches’ meeting for each sport,     at TOLEDO ST. FRANCIS DESALES HS
    followed by a sport-specific clinic. To fulfill the re-                                       Address: _______________________________
  certification requirement (& receive credit), the coach                          th
                                                              Tuesday, OCTOBER 27 (6-9 pm)        City: __________________________________
MUST be in attendance for ALL three hours of the session.
                                                              at TOLEDO ST. URSULA ACADEMY
                                                                                                  State: ____________ Zip: ________________
FOOTBALL 2009:                                                Wednesday, DECEMBER 2nd (6-9 pm)
Tuesday, AUGUST 4th (6-9 pm)                                  at TOLEDO ST. JOHN JESUIT HS        Home Phone: ___________________________
at TOLEDO ST. FRANCIS DESALES HS                                                                  Work Phone: ____________________________
                                                              HEARTHSTONE HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                  Cell Phone: _____________________________
VOLLEYBALL 2009:                                              BASKETBALL 2009-2010
Wednesday, AUGUST 5 (7-10 pm)         th                                          th
                                                              Monday, OCTOBER 26 (7-10 pm)        E-mail: ________________________________
at TIFFIN ST. JOSEPH (Tri-deanery)                            at KALIDA ST. MICHAEL PARISH
                                                                                                  Parish at which you are coaching:
Thursday, AUGUST 13 (6-9 pm)     th
                                                              SPRING SOCCER 2010:                 _______________________________________
at TOLEDO NOTRE DAME ACADEMY                                  Sunday, March 7th (3-6 pm)          Sports you are coaching:
                                                              at TOLEDO CENTRAL CATHOLIC HS       _______________________________________
Monday, AUGUST 17th (6-9 pm)                                  TRACK 2010:
at TOLEDO CENTRAL CATHOLIC HS                                 Sunday, March 14th (1-4pm)          Site & date of session for which you are
                                                              at CATHOLIC CENTER (CYO Office)     registering:
CROSS COUNTRY 2009:                                                                               _______________________________________
Wednesday, AUGUST 19th (6-9 pm)                               BASEBALL 2010:
at CATHOLIC CENTER (CYO Office)                               Monday, March 22 (7-10pm)
                                                              at TOLEDO CENTRAL CATHOLIC HS       This form along with the appropriate fee must be
CHEERLEADING 2009:                                                                                returned to the CYO Office AT LEAST TWO
Wednesday, AUGUST 19th (6-9 pm)                               SOFTBALL 2010:                      BUSINESS DAYS (by 5pm) prior to the date of
at CATHOLIC CENTER (CYO Office)                               Sunday, March 28th (2-5pm)          the session for which you are registering. No
                                                              at TOLEDO CENTRAL CATHOLIC HS
                                                                                                  registrations will be taken over the phone.
GENERAL (not sport specific):                                                                     Registrations will always be accepted at the door,
Sunday, AUGUST 30th (1-4 pm)                                  GENERAL (not sport specific):       but the higher rate will be charged.
at NOTRE DAME ACADEMY                                         Thursday, April 29th (6-9pm)
                                                              at CATHOLIC CENTER (CYO Office)

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