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Fundamentals of SASI

     Application Login
     Desktop
     SASI Modules Globe
     Folders
     Atoms
     Viewing Method
     Multiple Pages
     Toolbar
     Application Exit
         Double click the SASI
      icon located on your desktop

    The SASI login screen
    will appear

  Input your SASI
User ID and Password
as assigned to you by
    SASI support
           Menu Bar

                           SASI Modules Globe
                      (contains folders by category)

Tool Bar

                                 System Filter
                             (for use with Query)

Double click the SASI Modules Globe

                                The SASI menu will open

    NOTE: Available folders will vary based on user security rights
Double click the appropriate folder to access
         a menu of available “atoms”

                                  Double click the desired icon to open
                                  a specific atom. The Student Atom,
                                   found in the Student Info folder,
                                             is shown below.
Each user may determine their viewing method

                ICON or NAME

      Select “View by Icon” or “View by Name”
        from the FILE menu on the menubar
                      DROPDOWN ** TAB ** SCROLL BAR

         These features alert the user of additional fields within the atom.
                  Click the available feature to “turn the page”.

French     Brownie

                           Whittaker         Little         Bit
                                                     A toolbar is a vertical row of buttons located
                                                     on the left side of the SASI desktop. It is
                                                      created by the user and contains shortcuts
                                                      to frequently used atoms. Simply click the
                                                          shortcut to open the desired atom.

1.   Click the drop-down arrow above the scroll arrows
     on the tool bar.

2.   Select “New Toolbar”. A window will appear which
     prompts the user to input the name of this toolbar.
     Type the name then press OK. The assigned name
     will appear at the top of a blank toolbar.

3.   Add atoms to the toolbar by opening the correct
     folder, click once and hold mouse key on the target
     atom, then drag-and-drop the atom onto the
     desired button on the toolbar.

4.   Save the toolbar by clicking on FILE on the menu bar.
     Select “Save Desktop”.

5.   Repeat the process to create additional toolbars.

6.   You may move from one toolbar by using the scroll
     arrows or by clicking the down arrow and selecting
     the desired toolbar to view.
1.   Place the cursor on the shortcut

2.   Press and hold the Alt key and
     the left mouse button

3.   Drag-and-drop the shortcut onto
     the eraser located at the lower
     right corner of the SASI desktop.

                                   The “trash” underneath the eraser
                                 indicates contents within the eraser.
                                  You may empty the trash by selecting
                                  “Clean Eraser on Desktop” located in
                                         FILE on the menubar.
            There are two ways to properly exit SASI:

   1.   Select QUIT from FILE on the menubar
   2.   Use the shortcut by pressing the keys “CTRL” and “Q”

      Using SASI
 Locating Students
 Multiple Open Windows

 Matrix

 Print Function

 Reports

 Customized Folders
1.   Open the Student Atom, click the magnifying
     glass at the bottom of the window to go into
     “find” mode. The FIND button will appear.

2.   Type at least part of the student’s last
     name in the appropriate field and click

3.   Data for the first student with the corresponding
     last name will appear. If this is not the
     correct student, click the scroll arrow
     to view the next student.

4.   Repeat this process until the correct
     student’s data is available.

5.   You may type the entire last name and
     first name or the Student ID to avoid
     scrolling through various students.                 NOTE: This process may be used
6.   Click CLOSE or the “X” in the upper right
                                                         within most SASI atoms.
     corner to exit the Student Atom.
                                  Kidd    Darby   Shaw

                                  Kidd   Darby    Shaw

Numerous windows may be open
simultaneously in SASI. When
a student’s record is accessed
in any atom, the next atom(s)
opened will default to the same
student.                                                 Emergency

Click CLOSE or “X” in the upper   Kidd    Darby   Shaw
right corner to close the atom.
                                           A matrix is a quick method of viewing all students or
                                             students of specific gender and/or ethnicity, etc.

1.   Click the magnifying glass to go
     into “FIND” mode.

2.   Place an asterick (*) in target
     fields and/or select an item
     from a dropdown menu.

3.   Press FIND to view resulting

                         NOTE: Menu selections and astericks may be placed
                           in available fields on multiple pages of an atom.
                              Matrix Results

                                How to sort the matrix

1.   Highlight the target column by clicking once on the column header

2.   Double-click (left button) the column header to sort the data in ascending order

3.   Double-click (right button) the column header to sort the data in descending order
        How to print an active window

1.   Select PRINT from FILE on the menubar

2.   The “Print Selection” window will appear
     with format “A Window” tagged

3.   Change the “Printout Title” as needed

4.   Press OK if the active window displays
     entire data list as shown in the example


5.   Select format “An Expanded Window”
     if the scroll bar is needed to view
     additional data

6.   Press OK

7.   The printer selection window will appear,
     select correct printer, press OK
Opening individual atoms will
prompt new headers on the
menu bar. In this example,
STUDENT appears and allows
access to various reports such

  -   Student Directory
  -   Schedules
  -   Birthday Listing
  -   Class Roster
  -   Ethnic Distribution
1.   Select preferred report

2.   Press SAVE on the Report Interface

3.   An “Atom Info” window will appear;
     insert report name

4.   Press OK

5.   A new icon will appear on desktop
     with report name

6.   Click to open and generate report as
                You may create user defined folders
                to store saved reports, queries, etc.

1.   Select “New Folder” from FILE on the menu bar

2.   A “Save as” window will appear as a prompt to
     name the new folder

3.   Input folder name, click SAVE

4.   The new folder in now displayed on the SASI desktop

5.   Drag-and-drop saved reports, etc into folder

6.   Double-click the folder to open and access saved reports, etc.
                                Quick Reference


   Attendance Aggregation
      Attendance Letters
Daily Attendance (Elementary)    HEALTH/EMERGENCY
Period Attendance (Secondary)
      Update Attendance                 Health
                                  Emergency Contacts

                                                          Vocational Ed
         Course List               STUDENT INFO
        Teacher List                    Classes
                                         GATE                CLASSxp
                                    Home Language
                                                          Class Selection
                                    Parent Guardian      Teacher Selection
     GRADE REPORTING                    Student            Update Seats
                                  Student Distribution
        Course History              Student Groups
         Class Grades
          Honor Roll
        Grading Setup

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