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Citing Images in MLA Format


									Citing Images in MLA Format
  Citing an image in a museum or gallery:
Format and what to include:                                Artist if available. Title or description of image. Year if available or n/d.
                                                               Type of image or medium (photograph, drawing, etc.). Collection.
                                                               City of Collection.

Example:                                                   Rivera, Diego. Pan American Unity. 1940. Fresco.
                                                               City College of San Francisco.
  Citing an image from a printed source:
Format and what to include:                                Author/Artist if available. Description or title of image. Type of image or
                                                              medium (photograph, fresco, etc.). The rest of the citation
                                                              information is about the book or article you found the image in:
                                                              Author last name, Author first name. Title of book or article. City of
                                                              publication: Publisher, Year of publication. Medium (Print).

Example from a book:                                       Su Hui. View of Yan’an and the Lu Xun Academy. 1939. Woodcut. Sullivan,
                                                               Michael. Art and Artists of Twentieth Century China. Berkeley:
                                                               University of California, 1996. Print.

Example from an article:                                   Strand, Paul. Cristo. 1933. Paul Strand Archive, Aperture Foundation.
                                                               “Photo-Gloss: On Paul Strand’s ‘Cristo With Thorns.’ “ Masheck,
                                                               Joseph. Art in America. March 1987, 105. Print.
 Citing an image from the web:
Format and what to include:                                Author/artist if available. Description or title of image. Date of Image.
                                                              Title of database or web site. Medium of Publication (Web). Date of
                                                               Access. <url>. URL sometimes optional; check site for specifics.

Example from a Museum site:                                Crawling baby. 1200–900 B.C. Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.
                                                               Web. 2 May 2011. <>

Example from ARTstor database:                             Artist's Last Name, First Name. Title of Visual Art. Year of creation.
                                                               Institution holding the artwork, City of Institution. Title of the
                                                               Website or Database. Medium of publication. Date of Access.

                                                           Lawrence, Jacob. Sedation. 1950. Museum of Modern Art, New York.
                                                              ARTstor. Web. 2 May 2011.

These examples are a compilation of a variety of MLA th edition guides for image citation. For information on formats not listed here, go to:                                                                              KC 5/2011

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