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Term           Brief Definition                    Example         Related Image
Podcast        An audioblog or webcast that        TEDTalks
               can be downloaded and
               listened to on-demand, free         Podcast
               from the restrictions of time,
               space, or a bad wi-fi signal.
Podcaster      The author and creator of the       Ricky Gervais

Subscriber     The ‘consumer’ of the podcast;      Anyone who
               the one listening to or viewing a
               podcast                             has
                                                   subscribed to
                                                   a podcast!
Podcatcher     The program used to subscribe       iTunes
               to podcasts. It downloads,
               stores, and plays podcast

Episode        The individual media file entries   TEDTalks:
               within a podcast (equivalent of
               a TV show episode or a single       Alice Dreger:
               radio broadcast).                   Is Anatomy
                                                   Destiny? –
                                                   Alice Dreger

RSS            “Really Simple Syndication”.        CBC World
               RSS creates a web ‘feed’ for a
               blog, news site, a podcast, etc.    News Feed
               When internet users subscribe
               to feeds, updated content from
               their favourite websites is made
               available within their reader
               program. RSS makes surfing the
               web obsolete!
Reader      A program (often an email           Google
            account) that loads, organizes,
            and presents all updated            Reader
            content from RSS feeds that
            have been subscribed to. A
            podcatcher is simply a reader
            programmed to read podcast
            web feeds.
Webhost/    Webhosts provide ‘room’ on an       Go Daddy
Webspace    internet server to upload
            content that can be accessed
            globally. This room is known as
Audio       A program that records sound        Audacity
Recording   so that it can be edited and
            converted to a file appropriate
Software    for uploading to the web.
Widget/     A small icon that, when clicked,    RSS chicklet,
Chicklet    acts as a link to other websites.
            Often, widgets act as a link to     Twitter
            an RSS feed or a related social     widget,
            media website.
URL         The address of a web page. This     http://www.n
            is the text entered into the
            address bar of your web