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					By: Cain         S.R. No. 1047
                                  SENATE RESOLUTION

         WHEREAS, On May 19, 1995, Jertodd La-Raye Casselberry will
be awarded a diploma from the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin
at commencement exercises to be held on the Rudy Gamblin Football
Field; and

          WHEREAS, His graduation is the culmination of years of
diligent study in a curriculum designed to challenge and broaden
the student's knowledge; and

         WHEREAS, Jertodd can take pride in having earned a diploma
from a school that is respected in academic circles in Texas
as well as nationally for its outstanding quality of instruction
and dedication to excellence; and

        WHEREAS, Jertodd can face the future with full confidence that
his accomplishments, learning skills, and acquired knowledge will
hold him in good stead in whatever path he chooses; and

         WHEREAS, Upon graduation, Jertodd embarks on an adventure
into a world that holds countless exciting opportunities; the family
and friends of this remarkable individual are justifiably proud of
his notable achievements; now, therefore, be it

          RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
74th Legislature, hereby congratulate Jertodd La-Raye Casselberry
for completing the requirements for graduation from the Texas
School for the Deaf and extend best wishes for continued success
in the future; and, be it further

         RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for
Jertodd as a memento of this important milestone in his life.

                     President of the Senate

                    I hereby certify that the above
                 Resolution was adopted by the Senate
                 on May 12, 1995.
    Secretary of the Senate

     Member, Texas Senate

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