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					                  Planning and Research Agenda

                                                 Prepared for

                                          John Hurd
                         Institutional Research Advisory Committee

                                              Jing Luan
                                   Director, Planning & Research

Cabrillo College, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003. 831.477.5656 (voice) 831.477.5250 (fax)
         The Planning & Research Office (PRO) is proposing the following research agenda for
         the year 2002 – 2003 categorized as follows:
              Institution (college as a whole)
              Instruction
              Matriculation
              Occupational Education
              Transfer
              Faculty, staff, other programs and services, external agencies, grant evaluation

                                            Project Name                                                    Timeline         Area/Dept
1.   Cabrillo College Master Planning (CMP)                                                                 On-going         Institution

     PRO is to work with the college community, the College Master Planning Task
     Force and CPC to implement the CMP (2001 – 2004). Specifically, the tasks are:
          Assist Departments with Strategies
          Align various department annual plans, action plans to the master plan
          Provide technical and data support for implementing strategies
          Maintain CMP Website and other documentation

2.   Cabrillo College Educational Master Plan Evaluation                                                      Annual          Institution

     College Master Plan evaluation requires assessment of measurable outcomes of
     objectives and strategies. PRO is to work with components and component
     managers to:
          Identify the data, or data source
          Identify the data reporting format
          Identify the reporting timelines
          Draft evaluation report: Year One CMP Review

3.   Watsonville Center Education Master Plan                                                                 Annual         Institution/
     Development of a comprehensive education master plan for the Watsonville                                                 W. Center
     Center. This includes:
         Data collection
         Needs analysis
         Planning assumptions
         Drafts and final draft

4.   Partnership for Excellence                                                                             On-going          Institution/

     Partnership for Excellence represents the first step the state has taken to bring
     accountability to the community colleges. It has specific data driven performance
     indicators that will shape accountability and funding in the future. PRO will work

         Cabrillo College, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003. 831.477.5656 (voice) 831.477.5250 (fax)
     with various constituent groups to facilitate the implementation of the Partnership
     for Excellence program through data collection, research studies, technical
     assistance, presentations, coordinating meetings, and evaluation of outcomes.

5.   College Fact Book (2001-2002) and Fact Book Webpage                                                     January,         Institution
     The seventh issue of the Cabrillo Fact Book will be further examined for
     improvements and will include or exclude elements identified by users.
     Fact Book web pages will be updated and maintained. Based on national trend and
     availability of technology, it is proposed that PRO investigate the possibility of
     automating and webpaging the entire Fact Book.

6.   Instructional Program Planning                                                                         According         Instruction
                                                                                                               to the
     Assisting the Instruction Component in gathering and analyzing data pertaining to                        yearly
     academic programs and costs. The main project is the Student Feedback Survey of                         program
     Instructional Programs (n = 14 for year 2002-2003). This activity is closely related                    planning
     to accreditation and the Educational Master Plan and Partnership for Excellence.                        schedule
     PRO is responsible for
          Identifying a timeline for the project
          Randomly sampling classes to be surveyed
          Identifying resources for administering, scanning and data validation
          Training student volunteers and assembling survey packages
          Tabulating data by department

7.   CCC411 Statewide Data Warehouse                                                                           Fall         Chancellor’s
                                                                                                               2002           Office
     Continue providing leadership in establishing the statewide data warehouse
     (CCC411). Specifically:
        1) Maintenance of the five goal areas
        2) Web based access to raw data to researchers
        3) Tech support
        4) Development of virtual colleges

8.   Student and Graduate Evaluation of Nursing Program                                                     On-going         Instruction/
     Each semester PRO assists the Nursing Education component by analyzing data
     pertaining to student evaluation of the Nursing Program, including a graduate
     survey,, and will do so annually for the Nursing program.

9.   Data Warehouse Structural Update                                                                        January        Matriculation
     The successful data warehouse provided by CR and maintained by PRO has the
     need to update its structure and re-align a number of its elements. PRO and CR
     need to work together on these tasks. Specifically, the following tasks are
         1) Making all term, age and other date related elements Y2K compatible,
         2) Designing a mechanism to provide census data using an MIS data extract

         Cabrillo College, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003. 831.477.5656 (voice) 831.477.5250 (fax)
          3) Providing additional data files identified by PRO, such as, student name,
             address, instructor name, section location, etc.,
          4) Test-running the above tasks to make sure they are compatible with MIS
             DED definitions as well as data accuracy.
          5) Identify a datawarehouse structure that denormalizes the data

10    CAPP Database Rebuild                                                                                  Fall 2002       Matriculation

      Since PRO is responsible for all assessment testing instrument validation studies at
      Cabrillo, PRO should have the most comprehensive data files on students who
      have been assessed longitudinally. The Assessment Office and PRO will continue
      working toward creating a sub-datawarehouse that will provide the needed data for
      validation studies.

11    ESL CELSA Validation                                                                                   Fall 2002       Matriculation

      PRO will work with ESL faculty and the Assessment Center staff to conduct
      required content review, cut-score determination and consequential validity
      analysis on CELSA test.

12    READING CTEP Validation                                                                                Fall 2002       Matriculation

      PRO will work Reading faculty and the Assessment Center staff to conduct
      required content review, cut-score determination and consequential validity
      analysis on CTEP test.

13.   Prerequisite Research                                                                                  On-going        Matriculation

      PRO has taken on the role of conducting all prerequisite research on campus.
      Research needs are determined by the Prerequisite Committee, a sub-committee of
      the Curriculum Committee. Between 2 and 4 research projects are expected every
      academic year. Research Analyst from PRO sit on the sub-committee.

14.   Occupational Education Outcomes                                                                         Annual         Occupational
                                                                                                              (survey            and
      Specifically, PRO will:                                                                                prep starts     Community
                                                                                                               March         Development
          1) survey the Completers and Leavers (those who did not complete Occ-ed                              2002)
             Programs but have taken more than 9.9 units of occ-ed courses),
          2) determine the job placement rates, the matching rates between education
             and actual jobs obtained,
          3) work with occ-ed Dean and other program directors to identify means of
             making the data easily accessible to students via the internet.

15.   CCONA (Cabrillo College Occupational Needs Analysis)                                                     Annual        Occupational
      In 2002-2003, PRO will assist in a labor market analysis for the proposed Dental                                       Community
      Assistant and other programs currently in development.                                                                 Development

          Cabrillo College, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003. 831.477.5656 (voice) 831.477.5250 (fax)
      The Planning and Research Office:
      1) collects and verifies the mailing list with program directors,
      2) assists with the design of the survey instruments,
      3) surveys and inputs data into a database,
      4) conducts data analysis or provides data tables.

16.   Vocational Enrollment Data for High School and ESL Students                                            On-going        Occupational
      Collect and compile reports for Dean of Vocational Education and Community                                             Community
      Development in the following two areas:                                                                                Development

          1) high school seniors’ enrollment rates in the occ-ed programs at Cabrillo
          2) program enrollment, major claims, and vocational education related goals
             of ESL students by class

17.   Core Measures Analysis/Reporting and UI Wage Data Reporting                                            On-going        Occupational
      PRO will work with faculty and Occupational & Community Development Dean’s                                             Community
      Office to massage the vast amount of employment data on Cabrillo's former                                              Development
      students who have joined the work force. PRO will specifically provide assistance                                        Dean’s
      in interpreting data and maintaining contact with the state’s Chancellor’s Office.                                        Office
      This is an on-going effort as required by SB 645 – the Report Card Bill,
      Partnership for Excellence, and WIA.

18.   MBRP and Community College Consortium High School Outcome Study                                          August          MBRP/
                                                                                                                2002          Consortium
      Originated from The former STC Longitudinal Census, this project is aimed at
      working with high school districts in the Monterey/Santa Cruz region to exchange
      data with community college consortium. The outcomes from this project is to
      understand the pathways of high school students, the impact of STC and the
      college going rate and learning outcome of high school students. The project is of
      great importance to a variety of education services, curriculum design, and
      planning. One of the priority tasks is to seek continued funding for this project.

19.   Cabrillo College Online Application                                                                    June 2003         Institution/
      Working with A&R, CR to establish timelines, technical procedures, test the                                               Services
      software, and implement the final product.

20.   Longitudinal Transfer Studies                                                                            Annual          Transfer
      The work involved is separated into the following two areas:                                                            Admissions
      1) Conduct data matching using NSC services to update the college on transfer                                           & Records
         counts and provide data for a variety of transfer related research, such as high
         school and beyond, basic skills, transfer predicative modeling, etc.
      2) Continue with collection of data from exit interviews with students who
         request transfer transcripts and identifying cohorts of students who have

          Cabrillo College, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003. 831.477.5656 (voice) 831.477.5250 (fax)
          declared transferring as their educational goal.

21.   Transferred Student Data Exchange                                                                        Annual          President’s
      In response to Partnership for Excellence and College Master Plan evaluation and                                          Transfer
      related to the Transfer Study and Student Right To Know, this project involves                                             Center
      working with UCSC, SJSU, and CSUMB to collect data on students who have
      transferred to these institutions. The reports will contain the success and retention
      rates of former Cabrillo students, their GPA, scores from assessment/skill tests and
      outcome of pre-requisite courses they took at Cabrillo.

22.   Student Services Program Assessment                                                                    On-going           Student
      PRO will continue assisting Student Services with its Program Assessment                                                Counseling

23.   Student Right to Know (SRTK)                                                                             Annual          Institution

      This is a federally mandated project that aims to provide streamlined
      accountability information to education consumers throughout the nation. PRO
      has identified a number of areas that are in need of clarification and improvement,
      which will directly impact the programs at Cabrillo. PRO will also work closely
      with faculty to interpret the data.

24.   Census Reporting                                                                                         Census          President’s
                                                                                                                day              Office
      Census reports includes the following:
      1. College Census Report for the Board
      2. Watsonville Center/Area Census Reporting

25.   Reporting Support for Various Departments                                                              On-going               Varies

      This area includes all on-going reporting needs of several offices. Transfer
      students labels based on customized queries, International Students’ annual reports
      and labels, charts/table for new faculty orientation, distance learning students’
      profile, etc.

26.   Multiple Measures Validation                                                                           Fall 2002       Matriculation

      The last matriculation site visit recommended that Cabrillo validate the multiple
      measures used in assessment. While this is not required by the Chancellor’s
      Office, multiple measures validation is desirable. The Multiple Measures
      Subcommittee of the Matriculation Committee has already begun a literature
      review of such validation studies at other colleges. A research plan will be
      prepared by summer and will evaluate experimental versus correlational methods.
      Depending on the specific study design, the validation may be completed by the
      end of 2002.

          Cabrillo College, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003. 831.477.5656 (voice) 831.477.5250 (fax)
27.   PRO Newsletter                                                                                         On-going               PRO

      The PRO Office has published a newsletter for the purpose of informing the
      college community of the following:
          1) completed research studies of interest to the college
          2) planning related issues and activities
          3) trends and announcements

28.   Web Based Project Management                                                                             March,               PRO
      This is in response to the need for a better way of managing various projects and
      studies conducted by PRO. In order to make projects management (updates,
      creation and closing of projects) standardized, anytime anywhere accessible with
      consistent documentation, style, format and follow-up and retrieval capability,
      PRO is taking on the task of using web based technology to pilot test the concept.

29.   Other ad hoc reports/studies/activities                                                                On-going           Variable

      See the three-ring binder distributed in the fall, entitled “Selected Studies from the
      Planning and Research Office” for a sample of ad-hoc research projects conducted
      by PRO or call PRO or visit PRO’s website for a more complete listing. The
      number of ad-hoc studies is increasing as more and more faculty and staff learn to
      rely on the resources from PRO. Many ad-hoc studies have run over the ad-hoc
      criterion of requiring less than 8 business hours to complete. PRO has conducted
      over 60 ad-hoc studies so far this research year (01-02).

30.   Regional Collaborative Research Group                                                                  On-going           Transfer
      Cabrillo is one of the top transfer schools and UCSC is one of its main transfer                                          Transfer
      institutions. PRO office now participates in this research group to assist the                                             Center
      Regional Council in studying barriers to transfer. One, perhaps, two projects may
      be identified soon to be carried out by this group.

31.   Representing Cabrillo to External Agencies                                                             On-going        Institutional/
      PRO Director and the staff will continue representing Cabrillo College on various                                         Office
      local, state and national boards or committees, such as the RP Board, Governor’s
      School-to-Career Evaluation and Accountability Committee. The office has been
      invited to make professional presentations at various local, state and national
      conferences as well. The office will continue reviewing reports, grants and data
      submitted to various local, state and national agencies.

          jlpc/c:\reports\mgmt\research adv. cmt\ragnda02-03.doc

          Cabrillo College, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003. 831.477.5656 (voice) 831.477.5250 (fax)

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