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A fresh look to an old
    Bullying is a major problem in
             U.S. schools
•   Bullying is:
•   Common
•   Of increasing concern
•   Too often ignored

• What is bullying?
  Who bullies?
• Who gets bullied?
• Prevention begins with you
• Intervention-when bullying happens
• What not to do
• Bullying and the law
          What is bullying?
•   Hurtful
•   Intentional
•   Imbalance of power
•   Continual threat
           Bullying can be:
•   Physical
•   Verbal
•   Nonverbal/relational
•   Sexual
•   Electronic (“cyber bullying”)
            Verbal Bullying
           Words as Weapons
•   Teasing
•   Threats
•   Insults
•   Notes or graffiti
        You may not see it.
        You may not hear it.
         But relational bullying is happening all the time.

• Exclusion
• Isolation
• Intimidation
           Sexual Bullying
• Physical
• Verbal
• Relational/nonverbal
           Cyber Bullying
• E-mail
• Web sites
• Cell phones
     Think you know the type?
•   Bullies are “loners”.
•   Bullies have low self-esteem.
•   Bullies are boys.
•   Victims are easy to identify.
    Common traits of Students who
•   Impulsiveness
•   Dominant
•   Easily frustrated
•   Break the rules
•   Lack of empathy
•   Blame others often
  There may be outside factors
• Family
• Peers
        Who is being bullied?
•   Shy , socially isolated students
•   Sensitive, insecure
•   Physically weak (boys)
•   Low self-esteem
•   Students with disabilities
            Reading the signs

•   Stays close to adults
•   Avoids target areas
•   Frequent absences from school
•   Declines in school performance
•   Unhappy
Prevention begins with
            Keys to success
• Commitment
• Cooperation
• Continuing efforts
             Work together
• Coordinate with other schools in your
• Consistency
      Have a school policy:
• Review
• Communicate
 Bullying incidents as prevention
• Report to your principal every time you
  witness bullying.
• Document the situation.
• Continue to track and look for patterns of
 Don’t give bullying a chance in
          your school.
• Supervise high risk areas.
• There are several “hot spots” they include
  but are not limited to:
                 Outdoor areas
                 Cafeteria and busses
         More “hot spots”:

• Hallways and stair wells
• Bathrooms and locker rooms
• Recess
 What can you do as a teacher or
        staff member?
• Make a class pact with students, the pact could be;
  “ We will not bully others”, or “ we will include
  everyone and not leave anyone out”.
• Teaching to create a caring climate with values,
  social skills, and by being a role model.
• Teach ways to handle bullying to by teaching
  students to “walk away” and not bully back.
• Encourage students to not show anger or fear, the
  bully wants to see them upset.
• Encourage students to tell a trusted adult.
      More ways to prevent:
• Explain that standing by and watching
  bullying happen is almost the same as
  actually helping the bully.
• Get the message across to students by
  having class meetings, role-playing,
  creating posters, songs, etc. that promote
  respect. (Use the 6 pillars of good
 A little praise goes a long way!
• When students behave in a positive way,
  take notice, every time! (ex. “It was really
  nice of you to invite Ben to hang out with
  you and your friends today”
• Offer classroom privileges or rewards for
  the class showing examples of respectful
      If you witness bullying you
            should always:
•   Stop it right away.
•   State the behavior.
•   Support the victim.
•   Involve bystanders.
•   Give an immediate consequence.
Take reports of bullying serious!

• Listen carefully. ( If a parent requests a
  meeting with you to discuss a situation,
  always do it ASAP)
• Inform the principal.
• Investigate the situation. (Talk to both
  parties involved about what happened)
        Bullying and the Law

• Code section 22.1-208.01 of Virginia states
  that Character education in schools is
• Bullying is a crime when the following
  occurs; sexual assault, physical assault,
  theft, and major property damage.
        Learn all you can.
      Table Top Exercise

A father calls you and angrily reports something
his son just told him: Tow older students have
 been stealing his lunch money everyday for a
 month. The father demands that the bullying
         students be suspended, at least.

         What would you say and do?

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