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					 Centura Health
Lawson 8 Upgrade
   Upgrading from
    7.2.2 to 8.x
Our Scope
 To upgrade the Lawson Applications to the latest version
   available from Lawson by using Lawson’s upgrade programs for
   upgrading from version 7.2 – 8.x.
 Review of all modified and custom Lawson programs to
   determine their future need and re-implement if necessary.
 Attribute Matrix will be implemented.
 We will migrate access to the Lawson 8.x applications from the
   desktop to web browser access for all employees

 Lawson 8.0.x Environment.
Project Team
  3 Core Teams
     •   Materiels Management/Matching/AP
     •   Financials (GL, AM, CB)
     •   HR/PR
Centura Health Lawson 8.x Upgrade
Project Structure
                                             Jay Picerno/Elaine Callas
                                                Executive Sponsors

                                   Amy Feaster, Chris Bergman, Clay Johnson
                         Jennifer Simmons, Larry Ruark, Emily Magill, Derek Rushing,
                        Chris L'Archevesque, Paul Jensen , Chiles Freidman, Rita Bhasin
                                          Lawson Steering Committee

                                           Emily Magill: Program Manager

          Chiles Friedman                         Phyllis Laydon                     Derek Rushing/ Rita Bhasin
          Program Manager                        Program Manager                          Program Manager
    Human Resources/Payroll/Benefits                Financials                              Materiels/AP

         Core Team                             Core Team                                Core Team

            Marybeth Dellert                      Jenni Canterbury                         Brian Aoyagi
            Jim Humphrey                          Susan Dakanich                           Janna Fitzgerald
            Paul Jensen                           Randy Dirks                              Annette Haack
            Julie Kenville                        Tom Nash                                 Kay Hamilton
            Alice Masset                          Ed Pater                                 Mark Issac
            Michelle Prunk                        Patty Rastetter                          Don Kaiser
            Brandon Mouton                        Dan Rieber                               Kevin Kakuda
            Ed Ray                                Nancy Stokes                             Tom Nash
            Linda Schwartzkopf                                                             Linda Schwartzkopf
            Johnathon Tadtman                  Facilitators                                Steve Wroblewski
            Tracy Towns
            JanWengert                                                                  Facilitators
                                                  Randy Dirks - User Education
         Facilitators                             Patty Rastetter - User Education
                                                  Natalie Sime - Testing                   Michael Lettenmaier - Development
                                                  Patrick Sullivan - Development           Chris L'Archevesque - User Education
            Gary Hauswirth - Development                                                   Deb Schneider - Testing
            Dory Wright - User Education
            Debbie Rudy - Testing
Project Phases
 Planning
 Design
 Development
 Deployment
Planning Phase
 Kick-off Meeting with Teams
 Risk Assessment & Mitigation
 Differences Training
 Technical Upgrade Training
 Hardware Requirements
Design Phase
 Application Exploration (by Core Team)
 Conference Room Pilot Preparation
 1st Pass of Upgrade to be used in CRP
 Conference Room Pilot
 Risk Assessment & Mitigation
Development Phase
 2nd Pass of Upgrade and System Testing
 3rd Pass of Upgrade and System Testing
 Create Cutover Plan
 End User Training Plan Developed
 Risk Assessment & Mitigation
Deployment Phase
 Readiness Assessment
 End User Training
 Risk Assessment & Mitigation
 Final Pass into Production
Topics for Discussion
 Third Party Reporting
    Report Smith & Access

 Browser Access (NED vs. XML)
 Time frame for Cutover
 Hardware Considerations
 Functionality Differences
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724 Tables: 1186 Indexes: 3299
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