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									      Chosen Best Chamber
      Newsletter in Oregon
         2003 and 2004
                                          Business News
                                          September 2005
    is archived monthly on the
                                          Newsmakers . . .                                           Local legislators                                               THE CHAMBER . . .
                                                                                                                                                                   Creating a Strong Local Economy
       Chamber’s Web site at                                                                            weigh in on the                                                    Promoting the Community

ARE YOU DOING BUSINESS                                                                               2005 session                                                Providing Networking Opportunities

IN SALEM? CHECK OUT                                                                                  As a special feature for the September issue                      Representing the Interests
THESE GREAT RESOURCES                                                                                of the Chamber’s Business News, local
                                                                                                                                                                     of Business with Government

FOR BUSINESS:                                                                                        Representatives Vicki Berger, Kevin                                  Taking Political Action
                                                                                                     Cameron, and Betty Komp share insights on                             on Business Issues
  “Salem Area Young                                                                                  the 2005 Legislative Session. What did they
    Professionals”                                                                                   accomplish? What did they feel were the
                                                                                                                                                                In this issue...
Are you a young professional                                                                                                                                    Crystal Apple Award
                                                                                                     biggest obstacles to a successful session? See             nomination deadline ..................Pg 2
working or doing business in
the Salem area? Watch for kick-
                                                                                                     Page 5.
                                                                                                                                                                Leadership rosters ....................Pg 4
off information about the area’s
newest networking group.                                                                             Award-winning doctor                                       Key Bank’s “Ask the Expert” ....Pg 6
Interested? Questions?                                                                Shangri-La’s
Call 503-581-1466.                                                                  ARK leather      headlines the Chamber                                      Welcome New Members ............Pg 6

                                                                                                                                                                What’s Happening? ..................Pg 8

  Chamber Launches
                                                                                    and nylon
                                                                                    canine har-
                                                                                                     Forum Series kick-off                                      Member Newsroom ..................Pg 10
                                                                                                     Salem Rotary Club and
   Online Business                                                                  nesses will be   United Way of the Mid-                                     President’s message ................Pg 15
   Resource Center                                                                  used at the      Willamette Valley partner                                  Small business feeling
You asked for it and we lis-                                                        National         with the Salem Chamber                                     health insurance crunch ..........Pg 15
                                          Vicki Lawrence at the Elsinnore Theatre
tened. The Salem Chamber has                                                        Search and       to host “Life Savers - The
                                                                                                     Heartbeat      of      our                                 Ribbon Cuttings........................Pg 16
launched its online Business                                                        Rescue Service
Resource Center. This newly                                                                          Community” at the Salem
developed       section      of
                                                                                    Dog Day in
                                                                                    New York.
                                                                                                     Conference Center in                                       Advertisers... has                                                                             downtown Salem on                                          City View Funeral Home,
                                                                                    See Page 13.     September 21.                                              Cemetary & Crematorium ..........Pg 2
been formed to advise busi-                                                                                                           Kenton Gregory, M.D.
nesses on ways to achieve suc-                                                                                                      Director, Oregon Medical    Hidden Lakes Active
                                                                                                     Credited with saving
cess. The 11-page Business                                                            Macy’s pre-                                  Laser Center at Providence   Retirement Comunity ................Pg 2
                                          Macy’s donates to Oregon Black Pioneers                    countless         American    St. Vincent Medical Center
Resource Center includes                                                            sented a $5000                                                              Marion County Public Works
                                                                                                     lives during the war in
information on topics such as                                                       check to the     Iraq, the chitosan bandage, invented by Dr.
                                                                                                                                                                Environmental Services ............Pg 3
planning, marketing, and                                                            Oregon           Gregory and the Oregon Medical Laser Center,               Rick Maurmann
financing your business.                                                            Northwest                                                                   Coldwell Banker Mountain
                                                                                                     was recently named one of the 2004 “Top 10
Included are valuable links to                                                      Black Pioneers                                                              West Real Estate ........................Pg 4
                                                                                                     Greatest Inventions” by the U.S. Army. It was
sites providing more detail on
                                                                                    for education                                   the only medical prod-      United Way ..................................Pg 7
each topic category. The online
Business Resource Center is
                                                                                    and research                                    uct included on the list    SELCO Community
                                                                                    projects. See                                   of award winners.           Credit Union ................................Pg 7
made possible through a part-             The 5th annual Oregon Remodelers Home
                                          Tour happens September 10-11. Pictured:   Page 12.                                           This special Forum
nership with the Chemeketa                                                                                                                                      Oak Park Family Dental..............Pg 9
                                          Dale’s Remodeling project.                                                                Series luncheon is pre-
Small Business Development
                                                                                                                                    sented by the Salem         Creative Company ....................Pg 11
                                                                                      The 5th
                                                                                                                                    Area Chamber of
                                                                                    annual           The chitosan bandage is con- Commerce,
                                                                                                                                                                Harold’s Quality Auto Care ......Pg 11
SAVE THE DATES - 2005                                                               Oregon Home      sidered the industry leader in
2005                                                                                                 hemorrhage control and has
                                                                                                                                    Rotary Club and United      Olson Florist, Inc. ....................Pg 12
                                                                                    Remodelers       been credited with saving Way         of the Mid-
Salem Chamber, United                                                                                                                                           Salmon in the City ....................Pg 12
Way and Rotary                                                                      Tour is Sept.    countless American soldier’s Willamette        Valley.
                                                                                                     lives in Iraq.
Luncheon..............September 21        Studio S pulls off “Ambush Make-Over”     10-11. Details                                  Sponsors are Withnell       Et Cetera Antiques / Gallery ....Pg 13
Chamber Golf                                                                        are on Page 8.   Motor Company, Portland General Electric and               Salem Public Library ................Pg 13
Tournament ..........September 26
Evening d’                                                                                           U.S. Bank.
                                                                                                        The luncheon is from 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.            Dean Otto ..................................Pg 14
Elegance ..................November 5                           The Studio S “Ambush
                                                              Make-Over” required a num-             and the cost is $12. Reservations are required for         Business Software Solutions ..Pg 14
Apple Awards ........November 17                                                                     this Forum by contacting either of these organi-
2006                                                          ber of Chamber members to                                                                         Boy Scouts of America ............Pg 15
                                                                                                     zations: the Chamber, 503-581-1466 or the
SAIF Agri-Business                                            make it happen. See Page 5.
Banquet ....................January 20                                                               United Way, 503-363-1651 on or before                      Rich Duncan Construction ......Pg 16
First Citizen                                                                                        September 13th. Reservations can also be made
                                                                The Blue Pepper Gallery,                                                                        2005 Latino Small Business
Awards Banquet......February 18             Carmen at Blue                                           online at                            & Workforce Development
Show-Biz                                    Pepper Gallery    Framing & Internet Café                   Programs for the the Chamber’s 2005-06                  Conference ................................Pg 16
Trade Show ......................May 11
                                                              offers meeting space, as well          Forum Speaker Series season have been set and
                                                              art and framing. See Page 7.           season ticket brochures will be in the mail about          Inserts
Our Mission                                                                                          mid-September. The speaker line-up includes                Comcast
To serve as your business and                                  Jay Mahlin is named branch            Columbia Sportswear’s Gert Boyle; Bill Wyatt,              Consumer Credit Counselors
community advocate and work                                                                          Director of the Port of Portland and the latest            George Fox University
                                                              manager of the West Salem                                                                         Northwest Medi-Spa
to keep the Salem area a great                                                                       on the new Salem Film Festival slated for next
place where business can                    W. Jay Mahlin     Bank of the Cascades. Read                                                                        Saalfeld Griggs PC
                                                                                                     Spring. Season tickets offer savings on the                Salem Public Library
prosper and families can live,               Bank of the      more in “Member
                                           Cascades, West                                            Forum Speaker Series.                                      SMART
work, play and shop.                        Salem Branch      Newsroom” on Page 10.

                                                             Distributed locally to over 10,000 readers
The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce                                                                                                                                             PRST STD
1110 Commercial Street N.E.                                                                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
Salem, Oregon 97301-1020                                                                                                                                                         PAID
                                                                                                                                                                               Salem, OR
                                                                                                                                                                              Permit #288

Page 2                                                                        Business News -                                                            September 2005

                                                                                                 The Chamber:
  The Chamber: Promoting the Community                                                                                                                        EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                                                                                      Providing Networking Opportunities                                      PRESIDENT

Crystal Apple Award
                                                                                     Dates, times and locations for networking events are listed in the       Kris Jon Gorsuch
                                                                                     calendar section of Business News. Changes are updated online              Saalfeld Griggs PC
                                                                                          at or by calling 503-581-1466.                 PAST PRESIDENT

nominations deadline:
                                                                                                                                                              Kathy B. Goss
                                                                                Monday Chamber Business Women                                                   Capital Valuation Group, Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                              PRESIDENT ELECT
                                                                                1st & 3rd Mondays at 11:45am, bring a lunch
October 7th
                                                                                                                                                              Ross Carey
                                                                                Salem Chamber office, Room A                                                    U. S. Bank
                                                                                Monday’s CBW has a special schedule this                                      SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT
                       Launched in 1997, the nationally recognized              month with the Labor Day Holiday. We will                                     Theresa Taaffe
                       Crystal Apple Awards program was created                 meet the first Tuesday, Sept. 6th, at the Historic                              Portland General Electric
                                                                                                                                                              VICE PRESIDENTS
                       by the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce                    Elisnore Theater for a special tour. Bring your
                                                                                                                                                              Terri Frohnmayer
                       as a way for the business community to                   brown bag lunch, guests are welcome. Monday                                     First Commercial Real
                       honor employees of Salem-Keizer Public                   Sept. 19th we will return to our regular location.                              Estate Services, LLC
                                                                                Our featured speaker is Susan Carey, Executive,           Patti Woods         John E. Zielinski
                       Schools who have made significant contri-                                                                        Shaklee Products
                                                                                Executive Director of the Humane Society of                                     E.Z. Orchards
                       butions to the lives of children.                                                                                    Chamber           TREASURER
                                                                                the Willamette Valley. Spotlight is Curves for
                          New this year is an invitation to Salem                                                                       Business Women        Ellen Weyant
                                                                                Women. CBW is an excellent way to advance              Monday Group Chair       Hoots, Weyant, Baker
                       private schools who are members of the                   your business connections.                                Staff Contact:        & Wiley, P.C.
Salem Chamber. Eligible to participate this year are Abiqua School
                                                                                                                                          Tracey Etzel
Foundation, Blanchet Catholic School, Queen of Peace School, St.                Tuesday Chamber Business Women                                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Joseph Elementary School, and St. Vincent de Paul School.                       1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 11:45am, purchase lunch                                 Janet Clark
  Over 4,500 business, education and community members have                     Sip, 325 Court St. NE                                                           SUMCO Oregon
attended the event with over 900 guests at the 2004 banquet. 486                                                                                              Brent DeHart
                                                                                Many thanks to Best Little Roadhouse for host-                                  DeHart’s Mission Street Shell /
school district staff have been nominated and 105 Crystal Apples                ing our group in July and August! Great food and                                Salem Aviation Fueling
have been awarded.                                                              friendly service made for some pleasant summer                                  and Pilot Services
  The 9th Annual Crystal Apple Awards Banquet is slated for                     meetings. We have changed our location and will                               Gene Derfler
                                                                                be meeting at Sip, 325 Court St. NE, downtown,                                  Retired
Thursday, November 17, 2005, at the Salem Armory Auditorium.
                                                                                                                                                              Anthony DeSantis
  Nominations are open for the 2005 Crystal Apple Awards.                       for the duration of our calendar year. A big thank
                                                                                                                                                                DeSantis Landscapes, Inc.
Forms and criteria are available at the Salem Area Chamber of                   you to Angie Roth for agreeing to have us!                 Carol Pavelek      Norm Gruber
                                                                                   In September we’ve invited Chamber                     Design-in-a-Day       Salem Hospital
Commerce office, at all Salem-Keizer public schools and at the
                                                                                President, Kris Gorsuch, to get acquainted with               Interiors       Debra Herring
Chamber member private schools listed above. Title sponsor                      us, and to share his vision for the coming year.             Chamber            Debra Herring Studio
offices also have forms: Mountain West Group, AmeriTitle and                       On the spotlight agenda for the month are             Business Women         Unique Clothing & Accessories
Washington Mutual branches. Information is online at                            Sedonia Harsh of Waddell & Reed, Gerry                 Tuesday Group Chair    Ken Lund
                                                                                                                                           Staff Contact:       G.I. Joe’s, Lancaster or by calling Mary VanNatta-Gail at the                    Morgan with Juice Plus, Nicole Titus of the                                   Benjamin Orozco
Chamber, 503-581-1466 x308 or Mary Paulson at the School                                                                                    Tracey Etzel
                                                                                Ipsenault Co., and Wendy Laudette, YWCA                                         Legacy Real Estate
District, 503-399-3001.                                                         Salem Outreach Shelter. Looking forward to see-                               Sue Parsons
                                                                                ing all of you at Sip!                                                          FASTSIGNS
                                                                                                                                                              Jim Rasmussen
Latino Small Business and Workforce Development                                                                                                                 Modern Building
Conference at Chemeketa on September 24                                         Wednesday Chamber                                                               Systems, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                              Scott Snyder
Presnted by Advanced Economic Solutions and Interface Network, the              Business Women                                                                  VIPS Industries, Inc. /
conferece is designed to help business owners, workforce members and            1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 6:45am, purchase breakfast                              Phoenix Inn Suites
                                                                                Blue Pepper Gallery & Framing, 241 Commercial St. NE                          T. J. Sullivan
youth navigate the business and workforce landscape.                                                                                                            Huggins Insurance Services
  Those who will benefit from attending the conference include Latino           We’re excited about September. Our Sept. 7th
                                                                                                                                                              Chuck Swank
                                                                                guest is Kyle Sexton, Salem Chamber Director     Diane Holzman
business owners, business start-ups, workforce service providers, busi-                                                                                         Grove, Mueller & Swank, P.C.
                                                                                of Member Services, on making the most of Glenn’s Professional                Dick Withnell
nesses wishing to connect with the Latino market and Latino youth age
                                                                                your Chamber membership; and our spotlight Window Cleaning, LLC                 Withnell Auto Group
1-20.                                                                           speakers include Janet Kintner of Northwest         Chamber
  Workshops include marketing, job readiness, leadership development,                                                           Business Women                LEADERSHIP YOUTH
                                                                                Human Services and Karen McMahon of
career awareness and diversity as a business imperative. The conference                                                           Wednesday
                                                                                Carlson Veit, Architecture and Interior Design.                               BOARD REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                  Group Chair
will also feature exhibitors and includes breakfast, lunch, door prizes and     On Sept. 21 we’ll be learning about gift giving                               Brittany Alexander
                                                                                                                                  Staff Contact:
entertainment.                                                                  and the art of thanking others with Linda Bruce                               Sprague High School, Senior
                                                                                                                                  Tracey Etzel                Andrew Fudge
  The conference is Saturday, September 24th from 8am-5pm at                    and Phyllis Arthur of Words Lovely Words Gift                                 McKay High School, Senior
Chemeketa Community College, Bldg. 7. To register or exhibits contact           Shoppe and will discuss our monthly reading
Esther Puentes or Marin Arreola at 503-365-0088 or             selection, “Who Moved My Cheese?”                                             CHAMBER STAFF
                                                                                                                                                              Call 503-581-1466 plus extension
                                                                                                                                                              Mike McLaran, #302
                                                                                Greeters                                                                        Executive Director
                                                                                Fridays from 8:30-10am. Location varies, check                        
                                                                                Chamber calendar and Web site. Continental                                    Jason Brandt, #304
                                                                                breakfast, beverages                                                            Member Services
                                                                                I asked Kyle Sexton how many new members                              
                                                                                came to the Chamber in the last few months. He                                Tracey Etzel, #306
                                                                                                                                         Shawn Abbey            Marketing / Communications
                                                                                said we welcomed over 55 new members! Most
                                                                                                                                       Abbey Carpet Care
                                                                                of these came from referrals. Thanks to the              Greeters Chair       Sylvia Forster, #303
                                                                                Chamber, these businesses can now benefit from           Staff Contacts:        Administration
                                                                                word-of-mouth networking that makes so many             Sharron Seideman
                                                                                businesses expand and succeed! Shay Sumner                 Kyle Sexton        Susan Ingersoll, #300
                                                                                from Altair Therapeutic Massage had a great                                     Information Services
                                                                                experience thanks to Greeters:                                        
                                                                                                                                                              Kathy Moore, #316
                                                                                   “Shortly after joining the Chamber and consis-
                                                                                                                                                                Leadership Programs
                                                                                tently attending Greeters, I was able to stop                                   Coordinator
                                                                                advertising. I was getting a lot of referrals and the                 
                                                                                word-of-mouth was spreading quickly. I could                                  Cori Pratt, #301
                                                                                look at a random day on my massage calendar                                     Information Services
                                                                                and everyone would either be someone I know                           
   DO YOU HAVE A LOVED ONE OVER 75?                                             from the Chamber or a referral from one of
                                                                                                                                                              Carole Reynolds, #300
                                                                                                                                                                Information Services
                                                                                them. It was great! A referral-only business is a                     
                                                                                                                                          Monica Baez
                                                                                goal that most therapists strive to achieve and I                             Sharron Seideman, #307
                                                                                                                                      Monica Baez Insurance
                                                                                was able to do it in a short amount of time by             Agency, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                Special Events Manager
                                                                                giving my all to networking at Chamber events.” State Farm Insurance  
                                                                                                                                                              Kyle Sexton, #305
                                                                                                                                         Chamber Latino         Director of Member
                                                                                Chamber Latino Network                                    Network Chair         Services & Sales
                                                                                4th Tuesday of the month from 9am-10am. Location           Staff Contact:
                                                                                                                                           Jason Brandt
                                                                                varies, check Chamber calendar and Web site
                                                                                                                                                              BUSINESS NEWS EDITOR
                                                                                Looking for a job? Looking to improve diversity in your workforce?
                                                                                                                                                              Tracey Etzel
                                                                                Utilize the Chamber Latino Network to broadcast your job openings or
                                                                                your employment availability and skill sets. I receive at least two phone     STAFF SUPPORT / INTERNS
                                                                                calls a week from very credible employers in Salem and Keizer looking         Marion Segal
    Hidden Lakes - Active Retirement Living                                     for guidance in hiring Latinos for their employment opportunities. I am         Chamber Angel
           l h
       Simply the Best - 503-588-2922
                                5  2                                            inviting all of them to our CLN events, so make sure to come prepared         Leanne Sangster, Intern
                                                                                to network! Don’t forget the Latino Small Business and Workforce                Gonzaga University
   400 Madrona Avenue SE, Salem, OR 97302
                                                                                Development Conference on Sept. 24.
September 2005                                                                  Business News -                                                          Page 3

Convention brings inspiration, not blues                                                                The Chamber: Representing the Interests
                     St. Louis is known for          members, and impact the Salem community.             of Business in Government / Taking
                     its great blues music,                                                                Political Action on Business Issues
                     not its conventions, but            Packaging the products and services that
                     I found the recent
                     American Chamber of
                                                     you purchase from the Chamber is a model
                                                     we are working to implement here in Salem
                                                                                                       Governmental Affairs Committee
                     Commerce Executives             over the next year. This will provide you         keeping tabs on local concerns
                     (ACCE) Convention               greater convenience in your purchases, and
                     quite inspiring.                offer levels of recognition for your overall                           Join Salem Representatives
      Kyle Sexton       I didn’t find any blues      investments in the Chamber.                                            on September 1st
      Salem Area                                                                                                            The September Governmental Affairs
 Chamber of Commerce in St. Louis. It’s not for
  Director of Member a lack of desire; merely                                                                               Forum will feature Representatives Vicki
                                                         Communicating who we are and what we
   Services & Sales  a lack of focus. Some           do in our community is the goal of Salem’s                             Berger, Kevin Cameron, and Betty
                     colleagues went to see          new Virtual Membership Tour online. I                                  Komp from 7:00 - 8:30am on Thursday,
John Lee Hooker, Jr., but I skipped it in            shared this technological innovation at the                            September 1st. Plan on participating in
favor of networking with other convention-           convention, and we’re receiving daily emails                           the discussion on the accomplishments
                                                                                                           Jason Brandt
eers. Besides, I can catch Hooker next time          from chambers requesting permission to                 Salem Area
                                                                                                                            and challenges of the 2005 Legislative
he comes to Lefty’s.                                 copy it in their market.                           Chamber of Commerce Session. The Governmental Affairs
  Time spent networking after convention                                                                  Member Services   Committee also asked some key ques-
hours paid off in a big way. The connections                                                                                tions of the representatives. See their
                                                          I taught breakout sessions of 40 to 150
made from this convention will ultimately            other chamber professionals. Topics were          responses on Page 5 of this Business News.
mean programs and services of the Salem              related to building membership benefits,
Chamber will more effectively engage you, as         sales, and national chain stores. Overall, I      Chamber Board supports needs
members. Here are a few highlights:                  was involved in producing six different ses-      of Fire Department
                                                     sions, speaking in four. I’m pleased to report    On Wednesday, August 17th the Salem Area Chamber of
    I attended a networking training session         that these sessions were among the highest        Commerce Board of Directors voted 16-0 in support of
by Darcy Rezac, author of “Working the               ranked when the evaluations were tabulated.       efforts to meet the needs of the City of Salem Fire
Pond,” a book about how business people              It’s an honor just to be asked.                   Department. Fire Department officials have been making
can network for better relationships in their                                                          presentations on the proposed $24 million fire bond levy to
community. This training will help make all          Our staff at the Salem Chamber execute            community groups around the city. Article continued online
of our networking functions for effective            some pretty incredible programs and publi-        at:
uses of your time.                                   cations, and other chambers are clamoring         html
                                                     for new ideas in these areas. In the same way
    I gained great insight into successful pro-      we search for successful programming mod-         Mill Creek Industrial Park moves forward
grams for young professionals from the peo-          els, other chambers of commerce are look-         The first phase of the planned 646-acre industrial site in
ple who have been running these programs             ing to beg, borrow and steal from the Salem       Salem is shovel ready. Phase 1B and 1C includes 197 acres of
for the last 6 to 12 months. We’re out in front      Chamber. The programs you, our members,           land available for large industrial use. For additional informa-
on this trend, but there are still a few success-    help to shape and implement, are being            tion on Mill Creek Industrial Park contact Larry Glassock
ful models to follow. We’re REALLY excited           copied throughout North America. We’re            of SEDCOR at 503-588-6225 or via email at lglassock@sed
about how this program will benefit our              glad you’re a part of it!               

E3: Ready to Learn. Ready to Work.                                                                     Death Tax vote heads to Senate
Local employers team with School District                                                              The “Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act
                                                                                                       of 2001,” signed into law by President Bush, gradually
                         Hiring qualified employ-      Wally Gutzler, Executive Vice President
                                                                                                       phases out the death tax until it is completely repealed in
                         ees with a positive apti-   of Sunwest Management, Inc., says his inter-
                                                                                                       2010. However, if Congress fails to act, the death tax would
                         tude for work is funda-     est in the project is in “maintaining commu-
                                                                                                       be fully reinstated in 2011. Article continued online at:
                         mental to any successful    nication between employers and potential
                         business plan. Preparing    employees” and “fostering young people’s
                         our youth with the nec-     attitudes that favor a productive work ethic.”
                         essary skills and work        Gutzler is among a growing number of
                                                                                                       Oregon Business Plan update
                         ethic to succeed in the     business leaders supporting the Employers
     Glenn Gelbrich
                                                                                                       View the progress report on efforts taken to strengthen the
                         work place and continu-     for Education Excellence (E3) initiative with
Assistant Superintendent                                                                               state’s business climate.
                         ing education is an         the School District. He and other business
      Salem-Keizer                                                                                     chamber/govaffairs/state.html
     Public Schools      important responsibility    leaders serve on a subcommittee focused on
                         of the full community.      modifying hiring practices that reinforce
  Salem area businesses are teaming up with
the Salem-Keizer Public Schools to tackle
                                                     their organizational goals while affirming
                                                     Oregon’s Career Related Learning Standards,                           MARKET
that challenge together. They are working to         which are a part of the State curriculum for
develop specific strategies to help students         students.                                            MEMBER-TO-MEMBER
learn and develop attitudes and behaviors              The committee hopes to get support from
that lead to success in college and the world                                                                      with an inserted flyer in
                                                                                    Local employers
of work.
                                                                                 continued on Page 5                  the Business News
                                                                                                        Get connected with your fellow Chamber members. Use inserted
                                                                                                        flyers in Business News to offer member-to-member discounts or
                                                                                                        specials on products and services, and to market your business
                                                                                                        directly to other Chamber members.

                                                                                                        Inserts are 8½ x 11" flyers, supplied by you, that are placed in the
                                                                                                        Business News edition that is direct-mailed to 2,500 Chamber mem-
                                                                                                        ber businesses, and key community leaders and contacts.

                                                                                                        Insert space is limited in each issue of Business News so call today to
                                                                                                        reserve your space. Insert three or more times a year and earn discounts.
                                                                                                        Contact Tracey Etzel at 503-581-1466, Ext. 306 or tracey@salem
                                                                                               to reserve your insert space.

                                                                                                                      Insert Rates           
                                                                                                                  Single placement $195
                                                                                                           3X placement $555.75 (5% discount)
                                                                                                           6X placement $1053 (10% discount)
                                                                                                         9X placement $1,491.75 (15% discount)
                                                                                                          12X placement $1,872 (20% discount)
Page 4                                                                       Business News -                                                      September 2005

       The Chamber: Representing the Interests of Business in Government Through Leadership Development

   The Executive Leadership Council                                          Leadership Salem                    Leadership Salem Class of 2005-07
         LEAD SPONSOR of LEADERSHIP YOUTH                                    Day Sponsors for                 Contact Kathy Moore for Leadership program details, kathy@salemcham
                                                                                                    , 503-581-1466, Ext. 316 or go online to:
               Jim Bauer                           Jeff Raines
                                                                             2005-2006                        Kimberlee Ayers                        Kevin Joyce
        Willamette University                Oregon Telecom, Inc.                                             Branch Manager                         Vice President /
            Art Bobrowitz                   James L. Rasmussen               September Program                Oregon Community Credit Union          Relationship Manager
     Compass Rose Consulting             Modern Building Systems, Inc.       “Setting the Stage Day”                                                 West Coast Bank
    Patricia Callihan-Bowman                     Cory Redding                                                 Sue Bloom
                                                                             Bank of the Cascades
       Express Personnel and            C. D. Redding Construction, Inc.                                      Executive Director                     Joe LaFreniere
         Professional Staffing                     Ray Sagner                                                 United Way of the                      Information Systems Director
           Paul Dakopolos                      The Legacy Group
                                                                             October Program                  Mid-Willamette Valley                  Salem Area Mass Transit
   Garrett, Hemann, Robertson,                  Ryan Skogstad                “Community History
                                                                             & Culture Day”                   Jason Brandt                           Jean Lasater
Jennings, Comstock & Trethewy, P. C.              Merrill Lynch
                                                                                                              Member Services                        Director of Development
          Edward E. Davis                         T.J. Sullivan              Prudential Real Estate           Salem Area Chamber of                  Northwest Human Services
          Acordia of Oregon               Huggins Insurance Services         Professionals -                  Commerce
           Mike DeRochier                        Theresa Taaffe              Commercial Services                                                     Dan Lemhouse
               AmeriTitle                  Portland General Electric                                          Lori Jordan Brown                      Business Loan Officer
            Tony DeSantis                       Janet R. Taylor                                               Director of Alumni Relations           MaPS Credit Union
    DeSantis Landscapes, Inc.                Mayor - City of Salem           November Program
                                                                                                              Western Oregon University
            Jerry J. Egger                      Jerry H. Walling             “Natural Resource Day”                                                  John Lujan
   Mid-Valley Presort & Mailing                  Jay Van Hess                Boise-Packaging & Newsprint      Mark Buchholz                          Multicultural Development
          Terri Frohnmayer                Walling Sand and Gravel Co.                                         Director of Willamette                 Officer
         First Commercial Real                    Dick Withnell              December Program                 Valley 911 Center                      Chemeketa Community College
          Estate Services, LLC              Withnell Motor Company                                            City of Salem
                                                                             “Business & Commerce Day”                                               Dan Mahoney
               John Gall                            Paul Wulf
      Oregon Industrial Repair           Paul R. Wulf Construction, Inc.     State Farm Insurance             J. Channing Bennett                    Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
              Kathy Goss                                                                                      Garrett, Hemann, Robertson,            Willamette University
       Capital Valuation Group          COORDINATING ORGANIZATIONS           January Program                  Jennings, Comstock
                                                                                                              & Trethewy, P.C.                       R. Mike Miller
          James C. Griggs              Salem Area Chamber of Commerce        “Education Day”
                                                                                                                                                     Director of Elementary
         Saalfeld Griggs PC              Keizer Chamber of Commerce          Portland General Electric        Gayle Caldarazzo                       Education
            Douglas Grout
                                                                                                              Owner                                  Salem-Keizer Public Schools
 SELCO Community Credit Union          PROGRAM SPONSORS/PARTNERS
           Norman Gruber
                                                                             February Program                 G & G Consulting
                                           Qwest Communications                                                                                      Gregg Peterson
            Salem Hospital              Supra, a division of GE Security     “Legal Day”
                                                                                                              Elaine Crawley                         Owner
             Tom Hendrie                   Blanchet Catholic School          Don Pancho Authentic             Youth Policy Programs Director         Broadway Café
          Northwest Natural                                                  Mexican Foods                    Mid-Willamette Valley
               Reno Hoff                COMMUNITY BOARDS ON WHICH                                             Education Consortium                   Lauren Saucy
            Corban College                SECOND YEAR YOUTH SERVE            March Program                                                           Associate
            Cathy Holmes                 A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village                                     Andrea Downs                           Paul Saucy, P.C.
      Washington Mutual Bank
                                                                             “Community Resource Day”
                                            Enterprise Youth Council                                          Relationship Manager
          Charles Hopewell                  Mid-Willamette Education
                                                                             NW Natural                       U.S. Bank, Private Client Group        Belle Smith
       Neilsen Manufacturing                         Consortium                                                                                      Natural Resource Staff
               Ken Jundt                      Family Building Blocks         April Program                    Barbara Hacke-Resch                    Administrator
           West Coast Bank                     Garten Services, Inc.         “Government Day”                 Financial Planning                     Bureau of Land Management
             Alan Koloen                                                                                      Specialist / Consultant
                                          Keizer Chamber of Commerce         Harrang Long Gary
  Willamette Financial Group, LLC                                                                             Smith Barney                           Shay Sumner
                                           City of Keizer - City Council     Rudnick P.C.
             Ron Lechner                                                                                                                             Owner / LMT
                                         Keizer Iris Festival 2005 Council
                                                                                                              Karin Holton                           Altair Therapeutic Massage
             Umpqua Bank                  Marion County Alcohol & Drug
                                                                             May Program                      Development Coordinator
             Robert Lowe                       Planning Committee                                             Salem Art Association                  Ernesto Toskovic
                Ticor Title                        Marion County             “Leadership in Action-
                                                                                                                                                     Underwriting Officer
               Ric McNall                     Health Advisory Board          Ready, Set, Go! Day”             Angelique Jarman                       Key Bank - Commercial Banking
         McNall Construction           Marion County Sheriff’s Department    AmeriTitle                       Branch Manager /
               Gary Nopp                   Marion County Solid Waste                                          Vice President                         Marc D. Welker
        Nopp's Jewelry & Art /            Management Advisory Council                                         West Coast Bank                        Human Resources
         Star Exchange Loan
                                                                             June Program
                                       No Meth - Not in My Neighborhood                                                                              Representative
              Kris Norton                   Mid-Willamette Education
                                                                             “Community Project Day”                                                 State Farm Insurance
        Bank of the Cascades                         Consortium              West Coast Bank
            Daniel C. Penn                      Oregon Symphony
         MaPS Credit Union
          Anna M. Peterson
                                               Association in Salem          Leadership Youth                 Leadership Youth Class of 2005-07
     Retired Business Member
                                       Salem Area Chamber of Commerce
                                              Salem Art Association
                                                                             Program Schedule                 Armando Alvarado                       Ian Kirby
             Richard Pine                  City of Salem - Salem Youth                                        North Salem High School, Junior        South Salem High School, Junior
   O'Neill Pine Company / FPS                  Advisory Commission           2005 - 2006                      Dulce V. Barraza                       Kory Klopp
              Lettie Price                      Salem Convention
              Wells Fargo                      & Visitors Association
                                                                             September Program                North Salem High School, Junior        McNary High School, Junior
           George Puentes                          Salem Electric            You're On Our Team!
                                                                                                              Kelsey Best                            Justin Lanaro
              Don Pancho                  Salem Leadership Foundation        October Program                  Barbara Roberts High School, Junior    Sprague High School, Junior
      Authentic Mexican Foods          Salem Youth Advisory Commission
                                                 Today’s Choices -           In The Beginning...
                                                                                                              Kaitlyn Blum                           Amanda Lee
                                             Tomorrow’s Community            November Program                 West Salem High School, Sophomore      South Salem High School, Junior
                                                                             It's Your Business...
                                                                                                              Ricci Candi                            Alivia Mack
                                                                             December Program                 North Salem High School, Junior        South Salem High School, Sophomore
                                                                             Respect Your Resources
                                                                                                              Steven Michael Clifford                Laura Martinson
                                                                             January Program                  Blanchet Catholic School, Junior       McNary High School, Sophomore
                                                                             What's Your Verdict?
                                                                                                              Allyssa Cole                           Kayle Mueller
                                                                             February Program                 Sprague High School, Sophomore         West Salem High School, Junior
                                                                             Service Above Self
                                                                                                              Miriam Cortez                          Ashley Naas
                                                                             March Program                    McNary High School, Sophomore          West Salem High School, Junior
                                                                             It's All Politics... Or is it?
                                                                                                              Mel Davis                              Katie Pilcher
                                                                             April Program                    Sprague High School, Sophomore         South Salem High School, Junior
                                                                             Education in Action
                                                                                                              Zackery Fernandez                      Jenny Rodgers
                                                                             May Program                      Barbara Roberts High School, Junior    South Salem High School, Sophomore
                                                                             Making It Happen!
                                                                                                              Bryant Gehring                         Yoon Fow Saeteurn
                                                                                                              South Salem High School, Sophomore     McKay High School, Junior
                                                                             2006 - 2007
                                                                                                              Guadalupe (Lupe) Geronimo              Brian Wang
                                                                             September-May                    McKay High School, Junior              McNary High School, Junior
                                                                             Community Board Service
                                                                                                              Jazalyne Hittle
                                                                             June                             McNary High School, Junior
September 2005                                                             Business News -                                                            Page 5

               Three local legislators weigh in on the 2005 session
As a special feature for the      deal this session took place     Representative                         collectively?                         Democrats and Republicans
September issue of the            in a closed room with very       Kevin Cameron                          Passing a responsible and             alike. This created many
Chamber’s Business News,          few participants. I am very      (R) District 19                        sustainable budget that                               opportunities
Local Representatives Vicki       bothered by that. However,       What was your biggest                  invests in our kids, our                              to share infor-
Berger, Kevin Cameron, and        with all the conflicting needs   accomplishment as an                   seniors and our communi-                              mation about
Betty Komp shared some of         and all the pressures to do it   individual in the 2005                 ties without raising taxes.                           important
the accomplishments and           without a tax increase—it’s a    Legislative Session?                                                                         issues and vot-
challenges they faced as law-     good budget.                     As many people know, I was             What was your biggest                                 ing as a mod-
makers during the 2005                                             appointed to the legislature           challenge as an individual               Betty Komp   erate.      My
Legislative Session. Each         What was your biggest            six weeks behind the rest of           in the 2005 Legislative                 22nd District growth in fur-
were asked the exact same         challenge as an individual       the freshman class, to fill the        Session?                                              ther under-
series of questions and all       in the 2005 Legislative          spot vacated by Rep. Dan               Adjusting to the slowness of          standing aspects of the leg-
responses are published ver-      Session?                         Doyle in House District 19.            the process. As a small busi-         islative process was tremen-
batim.                            My biggest frustration indi-                     I spent a lot of       ness owner in the restaurant          dous, especially in Revenue
                                  vidually was that many of                        time getting to        industry, we constantly make          and Veterans as a committee
Representative                    the complexities of legisla-                     know my col-           adjustments to better meet            member.
Vicki Berger                      tive process don’t work as                       leagues      on        the needs of our customers.              I learned the process of
(R) District 20                   they should. Policy and bud-                     both sides of          If there is a problem that            writing bills and even getting
What was your biggest             get were tied together in this                   the aisle and          needs addressing, we take             one passed-The Troops-to-
accomplishment as an              session and too many              Kevin Cameron visiting with           care of it immediately. In            Teachers Bill, which sup-
individual in the 2005            important bills were passed        19th District other depart-          the legislature, the process is       ports veterans to earn a
Legislative Session?              at the end without enough                        ment heads             much slower. It's more like           bachelor's degree upon
On a personal level, I was        notice or comment. For           and key decision makers, in            running a marathon as the             returning home. Also, as the
pleased to have found a fix       example, we voted on the K-      order to better represent my           tortoise. Slow and steady             session neared an end, I
for the school zone law.          12 budget, which is 45% of       constituents. My priority              wins the race. It takes a             spent time working with
Anytime you have some-            the general fund, at four in     was to meet with and dia-              tremendous amount of                  senators to reach consensus
thing that effects people's       the morning without so           logue with constituents and            commitment and relation-              on budget bills.
                daily lives and   much as a word of conversa-      listen to their issues and             ship building to move legis-             The results of these
                gets the kind     tion. Again, an interim com-     concerns. Legislatively, I             lation. Hopefully, the delib-         accomplishments will be a
                of response       mittee will be looking at        introduced a bill which elim-          erateness of the system               solid base to begin the 74th
                we got collec-    these issues and I certainly     inates sports action and               turns out better legislation          Legislative Session in 2007.
                tively means      hope we can find a way to        allows Oregon to meet the              that benefits the people of
                you better deal   make the legislative process     criteria for NCAA basketball           our state in a greater capaci-        What was your biggest
Representative with it. It was    more      productive      and    tournaments to be played in            ty.                                   challenge collectively?
  Vicki Berger
  20th District harder than I     responsive.                      our state. Coming late into                                                  The biggest challenge col-
   Republican   expected. It is                                    the session, I was pleased             What was your biggest                 lectively was getting a bill
                not easy to       What was your biggest            that this bill made it all the         challenge collectively?               passed. As a freshman legis-
find a statewide solution to      challenge collectively?          way through the process and            Similar to running a busi-            lator in the minority, many
what is essentially a local       My biggest disappointment        is currently sitting on the            ness. Balancing the needs             of my bills sat in various
issue. The fix advantages         was that no consensus was        Governor's desk for his sig-           and expectations of all               committees for a long peri-
Salem because its built           reached on a rainy day fund.     nature. This is a great eco-           Oregonians      (customers)           od of time. Some received a
around the flashing yellow        No structural change was         nomic opportunity for                  while keeping prices (taxes)          courtesy hearing and then,
lights which Salem has heav-      made to the way we fund          Oregon as it will showcase             low and returns (product)             died immediately. If a bill
ily invested in and which,        state government that will       our state nationally, and has          high.                                 did move forward, it fre-
under the current law, are        protect us during the next       an estimated financial                                                       quently was sent to one or
tuned off a good deal of the      spin of the economic cycle.      impact of $128 million over            Representative                        two more committees
time.                             There was a significant          a fifteen year period, to our          Betty Komp                            before it would pass to the
                                  amount put away one time         State. One of my major pri-            (D) District 22                       floor. So, patience is a
What was your biggest             in this budget, but it was my    orities as a legislator is to          What was your biggest                 strongly needed skill. I am a
accomplishment                    hope to have an ongoing          help improve the business              accomplishment as an                  person who likes to get
collectively?                     rainy day system. There is       climate and opportunities              individual in the 2005                things done and was hoping
On a collective level, I think    going to be an interim group     for all Oregonians.                    Legislative Session?                  for more bills to be passed
this legislature came up with     working on this; I hope to                                              My biggest accomplishment             to support the people of
a very good budget. The           be a part of it.                 What was your biggest                  as a legislator is building           House District 22.
process to reach the budget                                        accomplishment                         strong relationships with

Local employers
continued from Page 3                                              Studio S “Ambush Make-Over” required
                                                                   a number of Chamber members to pull it off
business leaders to include specified questions and other cri-
teria in their hiring practices. Examples of practices being          When Shay Sumner, Altair Therapeutic Massage nominated Jill
considered include requesting a copy of a student applicant’s      Wells as a contestant in the Studio S “Ambush Make-Over,” she wrote,
                                                                   “Jill is currently a student at Oregon School of Massage. She will gradu-
report card (which includes attendance data) and listing ref-      ate in about five weeks and start her massage career. She is a hardwork-
erences who know about the student’s performance in                ing girl who is bound to turn into a hardworking business woman very
school. The committee is also exploring sample interview           soon.” Shay teaches at the school and Jill is her teacher’s assistant.
questions intended to compare students’ attributes in light of        Jill was “ambushed” at a Chamber Greeters meeting in August at the
the jobs they are applying for.                                    Blue Pepper Gallery & Framing, there under the guise that she was
                                                                   to talk about the school.
  Chamber members will get a complete update on the E3                Suzy Sladick, owner of Studio S Salon, pulled together a number
project, including the specific proposals of this subcommit-       of Chamber member businesses to pull-off her “Ambush Make-Over”
tee, in the early fall.                                            contest, which offered a day of beauty treatments and pampering to                                  Before
  If you have ideas to share with the committee, please call       one lucky winner.
me at 503-399-3002. Other business members on the com-                Lulay’s Car Connection, Inc. provided a day’s worth of VIP trans-
                                                                   portation in a luxury Hummer (driver Leon is pictured in the middle).
mittee include: Kerry Haverty, Sunwest Management;                 Debra Leonard (far left in picture), a certified skin specialist, did skin
Michael Roth, Roth’s-Your Family Markets; Ross Carey,              treatments and make-up. Suzy (far right in picture) colored, cut and
U.S. Bank; Peter Novak, Wells Fargo Bank; Patty                    styled Jill’s hair. The day included waxing, pedicure and manicure as well
Rumbaugh, Washington Mutual Bank; and Cameron                      as lunch, compliments of Best Little Roadhouse.
Rudolph, Acordia. You can also contact the Salem Area                 According to Suzy, the day was so much fun, Studio S will likely make
                                                                   the “Ambush Make-Over” contest an annual event. Studio S Salon, 328
Chamber of Commerce to get connected, 503-581-1466.                Judson Street South, 503-990-2275.                                                                   After
Page 6                                                                           Business News -                                                                 September 2005

                                    The Chamber: Creating a Strong Local Economy - Welcome New Members
Aja's Blinds and Designs                 American Diabetes                           large variety of home accents.          tects and stores their wireless        503.588.0704. Lighting.
2040 Allendale Way NE, 97303;            Association                                 Furniture includes bedroom, dining,     phone data on a CD. Mobile also
Contact: Aja Holland; 503.763.8736;      2350 Oakmont Way #208, Eugene,              upholstery, recliners, leather, occa-   offers migration services to corpo-    Valley Mailing Service, Inc.
Fax 503.763.8736; ajasblinds@hot         97401; Contact: Cindy Benton;               sional tables, entertainment centers,   rate customers who are planning to     2775 Commercial St. NE, 97303; Specializing in custom         541.343.0735; Fax 541.342.1491;             home office, and curios.                change wireless providers or           Contact: Donald T. Tesdal, Sr.;
window coverings, both hard and Association.                                                  phones.                                503.364.8826; Fax 503.370.8468;
soft treatments. Aja’s provides a                                                    Eagle Home Mortgage                                                   Over 45
range of brands including Hunter         Ashley Furniture                            2601 25th St. SE #100, 97302;           Northwestern Mutual                    years specializing in direct mail.
Douglas, Graber and Nanik.
                                                                                     Contact: Dean Lewis; 503.391.           Financial Network                      Inkjet addressing, bar-coding, tab-
Onsite consultations and installation                                                0600; Fax 503.391.0601; dlewis@         1221 SW Yamhill St. #400,              bing, folding, inserting, printing,
included. Aja is also a certified        3850 Hagers Grove Rd. SE #100,     Eagle                                                   computerized list maintenance and
                                         97301; Contact: Ed Davis;                                                           Portland, 97205; Contact: Jeff
Feng Shui consultant, providing res-                                                 Home Mortgage is a mortgage             Stewart; 503.508. 6120;                NCOA, and occupant list for Salem
idential and business consultations.     503.391.6555, Fax 503.391.6444,             banker with in-house underwriting                                              and surrounding areas. Pick up
                                Located                                            ;
                                                                                     and approval capabilities. This is      Insurance.                             and delivery.
                                         next door to the new Kelly's Home
Allure Salon & Day Spa                   Center, Ashley Furniture
                                                                                     important because it indicates Eagle
5680 Commercial St. SE #120,             HomeStore showcases furniture in
                                                                                     has the financial strength and expe-    Oak Park Family                        Weddings Only Inc.
97306; Contact: Marty Wendt;                                                         rience required by the major nation-                                           581 Lancaster Dr. SE #120, 97301;
                                         a beautifully furnished, bright envi-       al investors such as Fannie Mae,
                                                                                                                             Dental Care, LLC
503.585.3029, pioneer33@com              ronment. In addition to Ashley's                                                    4175 Silverton Rd. NE, 97305;          Contact: Roderick Walker; Beauty and day spa.                                                        Freddie Mac, FHA and VA. Eagle                                                 503.585.3900, Fax 888.799.9136;
                                         high-end appearance and value-              also represents many other lenders      Contact: Marcine Hays;
                                         priced furniture, the store features                                                503.588.9700. Dentist.       
                                                                                     and investors with niche products or                                           Complete wedding planning ser-
                                         leading brand mattresses and a              non-conforming loans.                                                          vices backed by a 100% uncondi-
                                                                                                                             Oregon Business                        tional money back guarantee.
                                                                                     Grocery Outlet                          Leadership Network                     Weddings Only has created and
                                                                                     2879 Lancaster Dr. NE, 97305;           4134 N Vancouver Ave. #400A,           tested its delivery systems, perform-
 Health care costs                                                                   Contact: Sue Donnelly; 503.370.         Eugene, 97217; Contact: Lucy           ing wedding related services for
                                                                                     8500; Fax 503.370.8585. Retail          Baker; 503.281.1424;                   many years.
 worry owners                                                                        grocery.                       Business
 Q: I have been in business for                                                                                              association.                           Willamette Spine Center
 15 years and have 35 employ-                                                        HCS Commercial                                                                 Chiropractic Physicians
 ees. We have weathered ups                                                          Real Estate                             Gordon J. Peters, M.D.                 2480 Liberty St. NE #180, 97303;
 and downs together, but these                                                       2720 Commercial St. SE, 97302;          6272 Sunnyview Rd. NE,                 Contact: Dr. Michael Dutton;
 days, health care costs are                                                         Contact: Elizabeth Becerra;             97305.3277; Contact: Gordon J.         503.763.3528, Fax 503.763.3530;
 becoming increasingly diffi-            care costs - in one year - by 18
                                                                                     503.586.2000; Fax 503.586.2004;         Peters, M.D.; 503.566.9921;  
 cult to deal with, almost to the        percent.
                                                                                   Individual.        Chiropractic physicians and sur-
 point where I might have to             · A city in California offered
                                                                                     Commercial real estate services.                                               geons.
 shut the doors. I certainly do          classes and fitness training in an                                                  QuickDrop of Salem
 not want to do that. I have             attempt in order to reduce back                                                     980 Lancaster Dr. NE, 97301;
 shopped around and gotten               problems. Worker's comp claims              Meridian Business                                                              Willamette Valley
                                                                                                                             Contact: Nicole Putnam; 503-362-
 lower rates, but they are still         went down, and so did medical               Solutions, Inc.                         3229;
 too high. Any other sugges-             costs and sick days related to              245 Evergreen Dr., Aumsville,           Locally owned eBay drop-off store      PO Box 3287, 97302; Contact:
 tions? Allison                          back injuries.                              97325; Contact: Kayleen Kreger;         providing a simple, fast and conve-    Kaleb Ramsey; 503.364.1716, Fax
                                                                                     503.749.2902; Fax 503.749.2902;         nient way to sell items and vehicles   503.364.1657; kaleb@wvpevents
 A: With the high cost of health-        So the medical cost savings to     Human             on eBay.                               .com. Willamette Valley Productions
 care being what it is these days,       your business resulting from hav-           resources and bookkeeping consul-                                              produces the Home Shows for the
 you are not alone. Businesses of        ing health and wellness programs            tants.                                                                         Willamette Valley. Team WVP has a
 all sizes are increasingly on the       are quite real. And yet even so,                                                    Salem Monthly Newspaper                combined company and tradeshow
                                                                                                                             135 Liberty St. NE, 97301; Contact:
 lookout for ways to cut medical         the benefits go beyond money                Mobile Exchange LLC                     A.P. Walther; 503.540.0022;
                                                                                                                                                                    production history spanning over
 costs. This may help: I recently        savings and include higher pro-             4676 Commercial St. SE, 97302;                                                 25 years. Come see the landmark
 ran across one option that is           ductivity, reduced absenteeism,                                            Newspaper         events of the region and boost your
                                                                                     Contact: Vincent D. Reed;               distributors.
 worth a second look -- wellness         less injuries, and greater morale.          503.881.3437; vincent@                                                         company’s visibility and success by
 programs. These innovative pro-                                            Mobile Exchange                                                 getting involved. Next Home Show
 grams are a great way to keep           So, how do you implement a                  LLC provides clients with Mobile
                                                                                                                             Solatube                               & Remodeling Show is Oct. 21-23
 healthcare costs down, and also         wellness program in your work-
                                                                                     Data Storage and Migrations             4823 Commercial St. SE, 97302;         at the Oregon State Fair & Expo
 bring morale up.                        place?
                                                                                     (MDSM) package that safely pro-         Contact: Lora K. Creswick;             Center.

 Wellness programs are on the            Start by picking someone to
 increase throughout the country.        coordinate the program -- either
 According to a recent survey I
 saw, more than 80 percent of
                                         you, the head of your HR depart-
                                         ment, or some other capable per-
                                                                                      “The Chamber routinely finds common
 businesses with 50 or more
 employees have some form of
                                         son. This needs to be someone
                                         enthusiastic about health and                  ground and builds friendships . . .
 health/wellness programs. The           exercise. If your business is big
 most popular types are:                 enough, you may even want to
                                         create a wellness committee.
                                                                                            This Chamber delivers.”
 ·   Exercise and weight loss            They then need to come up with
 ·   Stress reduction                    a sensible budget for the pro-                “As a lawyer and a small business owner, I see the       You can see this relationship play out whether it’s
 ·   Stopping-smoking, and               gram. But remember, every dollar              impact of “community” attitudes and involve-             Leadership Salem, the Business News, the Forum
 ·   Back care                           spent should save you more than               ment regularly. The Salem Area Chamber of                Speaker Series, Leadership Youth, the Buy in
                                         that down the road.                           Commerce puts the people of Salem and the busi-          Salem program, the Krok Center, the Salem
 Needless to say, these programs                                                       ness community together for our mutual better-           Conference Center, and its many other efforts of
 popular among employees for             Next: the person or people in                 ment.                                                    community and business concern.
 obvious reasons, but that such          charge need to decide upon the
 wellness programs positively            goals of the program and which
                                                                                                                                                The Chamber routinely finds common ground
 affect the bottom line have made        types of classes might be the
                                                                                                                                                and builds friendships to rise above the fray. This
 them maybe even more popular            most popular. Again, consider:
 with small business owners and
                                                                                                                                                Chamber delivers. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my
 management. Businesses that             ·   First aid courses                                                                                  association with the Salem Chamber and I am
 have adopted such programs              ·   Exercise classes                                                                                   proud to be a member.”
 especially like the savings in          ·   Weight loss                                                                                                                            Spencer Taylor
 insurance premiums and time             ·   Stress reduction                                                                                                      Law Office of J. Spencer Taylor
 lost due to sickness:                   ·   Smoking cessation                                                                                                            280 Court Street NE, #2
 · Du Pont's wellness program            Read the rest of Robert’s column
                                                                                                                                                THE SALEM CHAMBER
 resulted in $1.42 in savings for        and         more    online     at
 every $1 invested.             Key
 · Providence Health Care had a          Bank and the Salem Area                                                                                    Creating a Strong
 28 percent reduction in the use of      Chamber of Commerce are                                                                                    Local Economy
                                                                                                                                                    Promoting the Community         Take the online
 its health care plan after starting a   proud to provide great tips and                                                                                                           Membership Tour
 "wellness challenge."                   sound advise from nationally rec-                                                                          Providing Networking
                                                                                                                                                                                     at www.salem
 · At Berk-Tec, a manufacturing          ognized USA Today columnist                                                                                Opportunities           
 plant employing 1,000 people, a         and small business consultant,                                                                             Representing the Interests           or call
 wellness program reduced health         Steve Strauss.                                                                                             of Business in Government        503-581-1466
                                                                                                                                                    Taking Political Action         for information.
September 2005                                                           Business News -                                                                         Page 7

Go back to school . . . as a mentor                                                                  Forum Speaker Series line-up solidified
                                                                                                     Watch your mail in mid-September for the Forum Speaker Series
                September is a     dawns, so does our chal-         school close to your office,     brochure. The 2005-06 season is heating up so book your season tickets
                month often        lenge: to help bridge the gap    and the school will help pair    as early as possible. All Forums are at the Red Lion Hotel.
                associated         between the number of stu-       you with a student looking       October 10                      Sponsor: Garrett, Hemann,    March 13
                with         the   dents who need a mentor          for a new friend. Your week-     Gert Boyle: Chairman of the     Robertson, Jennings,         Stephen Sanchez, Counselor
                                                                                                     Board, Columbia Sportswear,     Comstock & Trethewy, P.C.    "Media Impacts on Youth"
                thoughts of a      and the number of students       ly time together is spent eat-   "One Tough Mother" and          January 9                    April 10
                new      school    who will actually have a         ing lunch, talking, playing      Kerry Tymchuk, Oregon           Major General Raymond        Salem City Council
                                                                                                     Director U.S. Senator           Rees: Adjutant               Candidates
   Scott Bigham year. It is also   mentor this year.                games, reading books, or         Gordon Smith's Office.          General, Oregon National     Sponsor: Saalfeld Griggs PC
   Smith Barney
                the time of          The reason you will find       playing outside.                 Sponsor: Don Pancho             Guard "State of the Guard"   May 8
year when those of us on the       the Salem Chamber’s Youth          Schools only ask for a         Authentic Mexican Foods         Sponsor: Bank of the         Local "Hot Topics"
                                                                                                     November 14                     Cascades                     Sponsor: TBA
Salem Chamber’s Youth              Mentoring Committee mem-         commitment for the school        Celebrating the Arts: Salem's   February 13                  July 10
Mentoring Committee roll           bers so endeared to this         year and are flexible in work-   NEW Film Festival               Bill Wyatt: Executive        Annual Chamber Celebration
                                                                                                     Sponsor: Express Personnel      Director, Port of Portland   Co-sponsors:
up our sleeves to work even        cause is we see the need first   ing with your schedule. In       & Professional Staffing         Sponsor: Mid-Valley          MaPS Credit Union
harder in asking for your          hand. In volunteering as         other words, it’s easier than    December 12                     Presort & Mailing            & AmeriTitle
                                                                                                     Salem Hospital Foundation
help.                              mentors ourselves, we talk to    most people think and much
   Why? Because we know            school teachers, counselors,     less time consuming than
the statistics. We know that       and principals who tell us of    most imagine.
each year, in the Salem-           the number of students who         Becoming a mentor is one
Keizer school district alone,      could benefit by having a        of the best decisions you can
the number of students who         mentor. And tougher yet, are     make in volunteering your
would significantly benefit        the questions from young         time and you’d hear that
from having a mentor far           elementary school students       from any of our committee
exceed the number of peo-          who ask: “Can you be my          members. We invite you to
ple who volunteer to be            mentor too?” or “How can I       make the same decision this
mentors. We know what a            get my own mentor?”              school year and go back to
big difference mentoring can         As business professionals,     school again…this time as a
make in the lives of our at        we are trained to look at the    mentor.
risk youth.                        return on any investment,          For more information
   Mentoring has been              and we can assure you that       please contact the Salem
shown to improve school            being a mentor is one of the     Area       Chamber          of
performance and reduce             simplest volunteer opportu-      Commerce                Youth
illicit drug use, underage         nities around and the            Mentoring Committee co-
drinking, and violence             rewards are many.                chairs: Scott Bigham, Smith
among young people. And              Most schools we work           Barney,        503-588-5726,
better yet, it can enhance a       with have lunch-buddy pro-       scott.h.bigham@smithbar
child's self-esteem and instill    grams. All they ask is that or Chris Arnett,
a sense of hope for the            you schedule one lunch hour      Oregon Lock & Access, 503-
future.                            a week at a school. We can       375-3173 or chrisa@ore
   So as a new school year         help you find a participating

Blue Pepper is more
than art and Internet
The Blue Pepper Gallery,
Framing & Internet Café at
241 Commercial St. NE in
downtown Salem offers
meeting space for up to 35
(theatre style) or 20 seated at
a table. The meeting space is
also wired for high tech pre-
sentations. Recent events at
the gallery have included
bridal showers, wedding
receptions, business meet-
ings, Chamber Business
Women and a Chamber
Greeters networking meet-
ing. 503-371-4600;
Page 8                                                                           Business News -                                                            September 2005

                                                                                                                       The Chamber: Promoting the Community’s Events

What’s Happening?
                                                                                                                        program; new varieties of Japanese     15, Noon PST until 1:30pm. Prices
                                                                                                                        Maples; and learn how to re-pot        and program details: 503-581-2134;

                                                                                                                        5th annual Oregon                      For women only: A free
                                       offering unique architecture and       or just tell someone how much you         Remodelers Home Tour                   orientation on weight
                                       decorated in a theme that varies       care. Olson Florist, Inc., 499 Court      Sept. 10-11; 10am-5pm. Salem area      management
                                       from Southern Country Living to        Street NE, 503-363-7166.                  participants are Dale’s Design &       Sept. 10; 1pm. Presented by Kathie
Acrylics on display at Studio 735      Windows on the Willamette to                                                     Remodeling, Westview Products          Van Loh, Lifestyle and Weight
Acrylic paintings by Dale Draeger      Chinook Victorian Collections.         September events at the                                       Inc., Golden       Management Coach. A free orien-
                 through Sept.         Chef demos, authors and artists.       Salem Public Library                                          Rule Remodeling    tation to introduce a 12-week
                 Dale likes to cre-    Tickets: Daue House 503-364-           BOOKSIGNING/TALK: best-                                       & Architecture,    course designed for women. The
                 ate a flow and        8318; Encore Furniture 503-581-        selling mystery writer J.A. Jance,                            Inc., Olsen        course is focused on permanent
                 rhythm which car-     3300; Roth’s: Vista, Sunnyslope and    7pm, Sept. 13 in Loucks                                       Homes &            lifestyle change, not diets, pills or
                 ries the eye on an    West Salem. Advance: $20 full day;     Auditorium, $5. FILM SERIES:                                  Renovation, Elk    special foods. Preregistration: 503-
                 interesting jour-     $25 day of tour. assistance            Four-part series of films exploring          Golden Rule      River Construct-   392-3614; vanloh@oregon
ney. 735 Browning Ave. S.; 503-                            the theme, From Wagon Trains to              “after” photo
                                                                                                                                            ion, Kraft
585-9900;                                                     Lattes: The Transformation of the         Custom Construction and C&R
                                       Theatre dedicates show to              West, $2. “Sometimes a Great              Builders. $15/person at                Peoples Church hosts
Artist Tracy MacEwan at                Soroptimists of Salem                  Notion” 7pm, Sept. 15. “Shane”            TicketsWest (Safeway Stores), Parr     Single Adult Conference
Mary Lou Zeek Gallery                  Moonfall Theater in Dallas dedi-       7pm, Sept 22. “My Little                  Lumber or any of the participating     Sept. 23-24; 4500 Lancaster Dr.
The Mary Lou Zeek Gallery is pre-      cate its Sept. 30th performances to    Chickadee” 7pm, Sept. 29. “East of        remodelers businesses. A portion       NE. Topics include: recovering
miering a new series of paintings      Soroptimist International of Salem.    Eden” 7pm, Oct 6. GAMING:                 of tickets sales will go to Salem      from divorce, single parenting,
                  by Tracy             The event includes refreshments as     LAN Gaming with Unreal                    Assistance League. 503-788-2274;       being self-employed and single, sur-
                  MacEwan for the      well as the current show, “City        Tournament 2004, 6:30-10:30pm,                    viving in a two-income family
                  month of             Lights.” Locally, Soroptimists have    Sept. 16 in the Gates Computer
                                                                                                                        KIDS & FAMILIES                        economy, dealing with change, wid-
                  September. An        supported Salem Outreach Center,       Lab, $15. 585 Liberty St. SE; 503-                                               owhood and more. Registration
                  opening show         Marion Polk Food Share, SMART          588-6052;               Redwall series author visits           required: 503-304-4000; peo
                  reception will be    reading program, and Canyon                                                      Salem Public Library         
                  held First           Crisis Center. Tickets: $20; Info:     40th Mount Angel Oktoberfest              Tickets available Sept. 15 to see
                  Wednesday,           503-838-2314.                          Sept. 15-18. Food, arts, crafts, an                                              RETAIL ROUNDUP
                                                                                                                        Brian Jacques, author of the popu-
Sept.7, 2005, 5-7pm. 335 State                                                adult Biergarten, family Weingarten
                                                                                                                        lar Redwall series, appearing at 7pm   Salem Grocery Outlet hosts
                                       Discover Pink: Walk for                and family Alpine garten, entertain-      on Oct. 5 in Loucks Auditorium at      Septemember events
BENEFITS & FUND RAISERS                Breast Cancer Awareness                ment and more.           Salem Public Library, 585 Liberty      Wine tasting, Sept. 3 from 3-6pm.
                                                  Oct. 1. Registration                                                  St. SE. Tickets at the Library Youth   Senior morning and store bingo,
West Coast Bank collecting                        8am, start 9am,             Oregon Meth Watch Training                Services Desk or at Jackson’s          Sept. 7 from 9-11am. Wine tasting
school supplies                                   Willson Park, 775           Sept. 22, 8-9am at the Wittenberg         Books. Limit: 4 per family. Children   Sept. 9 from 4-7pm. Great bargains
West Coast Bank is sponsoring a                   Court St. NE (next to       Inn. Learn about Meth Watch—it’s          younger than 8 will not be admit-      on great wines and more. 299 D
school supply drive through Sept.                 Capitol Building). $5       much more than putting pseu-              ted. 503-588-6088;   Street NE; 503-581-1728.
1. Collection barrels and school                  registration fee, chil-     doephedrine out of reach.
supplies lists are available at all               dren 12 and under free.     Sponsored by West Coast Bank,             Cwerks “Double Play” Saturday          Wacoal Fit for the Cure at
Salem locations. Monetary dona-        Details: YWCA, 503-581-9922            Wittenberg Inn, and NO METH,              at Northern Lights                     Nordstrom Salem Center
tions will be accepted.       x128;                   Not in MY Neighborhood.                   Sept. 17. Cwerks, Inc. and             Sept. 8: 5th annual WACOAL FIT
                                                                              Reservations: Lisa Miller,                Northern Lights Theatre Pub pre-       FOR THE CURE—$2 donated for
Carousel Cruise street rod rally       Premier Chefs event on October 2       Community Action Drug                     sent “Double Play Saturday.”           every bra fitting on that date, an
Sept. 3. 14th annual Willamette        Mountain West Group Chefs’ Nite        Prevention Network, 503-585-              Cwerks perform their new chil-         additional $2 donated with pur-
Valley Street Rod “Carousel            Out, benefit for Marion-Polk Food      6232.                                     dren’s show “Tortoise and the          chase WACOAL bra. Participating
Cruise” with over 300 special inter-   Share, is Oct. 2, 4-7pm at                                                       Hare,” followed by a children’s        labels are Wacoal, DKNY under-
est vehicles. Salem’s downtown         Willamette Valley Vineyards. The       Withnell receives Boy Scouts              movie. $10/lunch, the play, and        wear, or Donna Karen Intimates
Riverfront Park. 503-364-1442.         event, hosted by WVV and               Distinguished Citizen Award               movie., 503-999-1196;       bra. Call Lingerie Department for
                                       Willaby’s Catering, will feature 46    Sept. 22; 6-8:30pm. The Cascade , 503-     appt.: 503-371-7710, Ext.1240. Oct.
Chip in FORE Kids benefits             restaurants, caterers, wineries and    Pacific Council, Boy Scouts of            585-4232.                              1: Fall trends in Cosmetics
Family Building Blocks                 other beverage purveyors from          America’s 3rd Annual                                                             Department, call favorite cosmetics
Sept. 16. Sponsored by Marquis         throughout the region. Live enter-     Distinguished Citizen Award dinner        Harvest Festival & Pumpkin             line for details.
Spas at Illahe Hills Country Club.     tainment is by The Severin Sisters,    and recognition is at The                 Merriment at Discovery Village
100% of the entry fee goes directly    guitarist Jim Skewes, and The Bill     Wittenberg Inn. $50/person or             Oct. 15; 1-8pm. Beyond the tradi-      Debra Herring Studio
to Family Building Blocks.             Hughes Trio. $60 per person, tick-     table packages available for your         tional harvest festival activites,     celebrates 3rd anniversary
Registration: Summer Cornell at        ets: 503-581-3855.                     group, company or organization.           businesses are invited to sponsor      Sept. 16; 10am-6pm. Debra
800-275-0888, ext.160 or email                                                Reservations: 503-581-6601; lly           an artist-carved pumpkin or carve a    Herring Studio, Unique Clothing &; family       2005 Walk to Remember                                   of their own design to light up in     Accessories celebrates its 3rd                    Oct. 8. A benefit walk for                                                       the evening for a special pumpkin      anniversary in the Sunnyslope
                                       Alzheimer's Network of Oregon at       EXPOS, FAIRS & FESTIVALS
                                                                                                                        glow. Last year’s event featured       Shopping Center, 4555 Liberty Rd.
Oregon Symphony Association            Salem’s downtown Riverfront Park.      140th Oregon State Fair                   over 500 pumpkins. Details: 503-       S., Suite 130. Special sales and give-
kicks off 50th with gala dinner        Registration / details: Tonya                                                    363-7318;               aways.
                                                                              Through Sept 5. Oregon’s show-
Sept. 23, 6pm, Salem Conference        Valentine, 503-910-1500; tvalen        case of agriculture, crafts, food,
Center. Oregon Symphony      ;            amusement rides and more. fun-            OPEN HOUSES &                          Meier & Frank events
Association in Salem 50th anniver-
                                                                     for events/schedules.          STOREFRONT OPENINGS                    Oct. 19-29: “50 Years Together”
sary celebration and gala dinner.      Hertz Car Sales Bowser’s
                                                                                                                        Labor Day Open House at WVV            birthday bash with in-store appear-
Title sponsor is Pioneer Trust         Boo Bash date announced
Bank. Carlos Kalmar, Music                                                    Mid-Willamette Fall Bridal Show           Sept. 3-5, 2005 at Willamette Valley   ances, drawings and entertainment.
                                       Oct. 22. Annual dinner and auction     Sept 10, 11; Oregon State Fair &                                                 Oct. 29 at 7pm: an evening of local
               Director and                                                                                             Vineyards, 800 Enchanted Way SE,
                                       benefit for the Humane Society of      Expo Center, Jackman Long                                                        music and dance performers and
               Conductor of the                                                                                         Turner, 1-800-344-9463;
                                       the Willamette Valley at the           Building; $7. Apx. 70 exhibitors to                                              celebrity fashion models. $35 tick-
               Oregon Symphony                                                                                
                                       Oregon Garden. Accepting silent        help area brides plan for their spe-                                             ets benefit United Way of the Mid-
               is the keynote speak-   and oral auction donations, spon-      cial day including bridal attire, cake                                           Willamette Valley. Nov. 6, 7:30-
               er. Salem Mayor         sorships available. Contact Kristin,                                             World Alzheimer’s Day open
                                                                              decorators, photographers, dj’s,                                                 10:30pm: Holiday Fragrance
               Janet Taylor will       503-585-5900, x304;                                                              house and ribbon cutting
                                                                              event sites and more, plus two                                                   Festival, gifts and drawings, reser-
               commemorate the                                                          Sept. 21, 3:30-6:30pm, ribbon cut-
Carlos Kalmar event at the Sept. 6                                            fashion shows daily. Next bridal                                                 vations open Oct. 1,Cosmetics
                                                                                                                        ting at 4:30pm at the new office of
                                                                              show, Jan. 7, 8. 503-838-2226; ore-                                              department.
               City Council meeting                                                                                     Alzheimer's Network of Oregon.
                                       Family Building Blocks Dream 
by proclaiming October as                                                                                               Refreshments, meet board and           SPORTS & RECREATION
                                       Builders Luncheon is Nov. 8
“Oregon Symphony in Salem                                                                                               committee members while net-
                                       Nov. 8. Family Building Blocks’ 5th    Home & Remodeling Show                                                           HydroSports and Gold’s partner to
Month.” Tickets/sponsorships:                                                                                           working, and get valuable informa-
                                       annual Dream Builders Luncheon         Oct. 21-27. The 16th annual Home                                                 offer scuba diving experience
503-364-0149;                                                                                                           tion, including ways to reduce your
                                                        sponsored by          & Remodeling Show at the Oregon                                                  Those interested in learning about                                                                                                     risk of Alzheimer’s disease. 3855
                                                        Comcast and           State Fair & Expo Center, Jackman                                                scuba diving are invited to intro-
                                                                                                                        Wolverine NE, Building A, #27, in
                                                        Mountain West         Long Building. 503-364-1716;                                                     ductory diving experiences offered
Asthma Walk at Riverfront Park                                                                                          the Village East office complex just
                                                        Group. Contact                                                                   by HydroSports Dive and Travel.
Sept. 25; 12:30pm, Salem’s down-                                                                                        north of Borders, Lancaster Drive
                                                        Brenda Kidder,                                                                                         Participants get a free 7-day pass to
town Riverfront Park. A benefit for                                           HOME & GARDEN                             NE. 503-364-8100;
                                       503-566-2132 ext.230 or bkidder@                                                                                        Gold’s Gym. Dates: Sept. 20, and
the American Lung Association of
                                                                              KPTV Good Day Lifestyles                  PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT,                 Oct. 27. Details: 503-304-5383.
Oregon. 866-661-5864 ext. 20; asth
mawalk                COMMUJNITY EVENTS                      in September                              HEALTH & WELLNESS
                                                                              Saturdays, 9-11am; KPTV-Fox 12.                                                  THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT
                                       Olson Florist celebrates FTD®          A visit to the the display garden at
14th annual Cooks Tour                                                                                                  Wishweavers transforming lives
                                       Good Neighbor Day                      the Oregon State Fair and visiting                                               Scott Huckabay at The Blue
showcases Chinook Estates                                                                                               through the telephone
                                       Wednesday, September 7. Go to          with Doug Hart of Hart’s Nursery;                                                Pepper & Framing
Sept. 26, 10am-5pm. Sponsored by                                                                                        A six segment teleclass series enti-
                                       Olson’s for a free dozen flowers.      fall lawn renovation, unique fall                                                Sept. 1; 8pm. Guitar alchymist
Assistance League® of Salem.                                                                                            tled “TLC: Transformational Life
                                       Keep one for yourself and give the     tomatoes, new gardening books;                                                   Scott Huckabay performs at The
Seven homes, located in Chinook                                                                                         Creation” every other Tuesday
                                       others to eleven other people. Meet    the ‘Plant a Row for the Hungry’                                                 Blue Pepper Gallery and Framing.
Estates, will be showcased, each                                                                                        beginning Sept. 6 and ending Nov.
                                       someone new—spread goodwill—
                   September 2005                                                                               Business News -                                                            Page 9

mmunity’s Events
                   $10/Chamber members, $15/at the         mentary schools. SMART needs            $20 includes dinner, gratuity and
                                                                                                                                            September                            CURRENT AS OF 08/22/05
                                                                                                                                                                                   for updates. Meetings

                                                                                                                                                                                 are at the Chamber office
                   door. 503-371-4600; thebluepep          adult volunteers who can spend          fashion show. Dinner includes a
                                                                                                                                                                                  unless noted otherwise.
                                         one hour a week from October -          choice of a glass of wine or
                                                           May reading with two children           dessert and a choice of five
                   Kiss Me, Kate at Pentacle               from kindergarten through third         entrees. Tickets at Jacquelynn’s
                   Theatre through Sept. 17th              grade. A sponsor recruitment            Boutique (Mission Mill Museum);          Week of August 29 - September 2     Chamber Business Women
                   Tickets at the Pentacle Ticket          breakfast for businesses interested     Studio 735, 735 Browning Ave SE;                                             Room A, 11:45am
                   Office inside the Book Bin, 450         in having their employees become        Leah Stevens Fine Fashion Jewelry,       MONDAY 29
                                                           volunteer readers is Sept. 13, 8:30-    417 Kestrel St. N, Keizer; and Eola      Ribbon Cutting                      TUESDAY 20
                   Court Street NE. Credit card
                                                                                                                                            Garlic Jim's Famous                 Chamber Business Women
                   orders, 503-485-4300. Tickets are       9:30am, sponsored by First Tech         Inn; 4250 Salem Dallas Hwy. 503-                                             Sip
                                                                                                                                            Gourmet Pizza
                   also at the theatre Box Office on       Credit Union. Program info/reser-       363-8580;                   1594 Edgewater St. NW, #160,        325 Court Street NE, 11:45am
                   show nights, based on availability.     vations: 503-385-4699.                                                           Noon
                                                                                                   WORKSHOP, SEMINARS
                   324 52nd Avenue NW, about five                                                                                                                               WEDNESDAY 21
                                                                                                   & CONFERENCES                                                                Board of Directors Meeting
                   miles west of Salem on Highway          WU Internship & Volunteer Fair                                                   THURSDAY 1
                   22,                Sept. 19 in Cat Cavern, 2nd floor       Training for manufacturers and           Governmental Affairs Forum          Rooms A & B, 6:45am
                                                                                                                                            Speakers: Representatives Vicki
                                                           of The University Center at             high tech businesses                                                         Chamber Business Women
                                                                                                                                            Berger, Kevin Cameron, Betty
                   Orchestra’s season features             Willamette University. Those inter-     The Chemeketa Community                  Komp and Sen. Jackie Winters        Blue Pepper Gallery & Framing
                   new Schedule and new conductor          ested in participating can contact      College Training & Economic              Topic: Achievements and             241 Commercial St. NE, 6:45am
                   Salem Chamber Orchestra cele-           Cathie, 503-375-5374 or Jennifer at     Development Center (TED                  Challenges of the 2005
                   brates its 21st season with a new       503-370-6494.                           Center) is offering technical work-      Legislative Session                 Forum Speaker Series Kick-off
                   conductor and new performance                                                   shops and customized onsite train-       Rooms A & B, 7am                    Celebration of Community
                                                                                                                                                                                at Salem Conference Center
                   options. After years of performing      2nd annual Mentoring Awards             ing for manufacturers and busi-
                                                                                                                                                                                Speaker: Kenton Gregory, M.D.
                                                                                                                                            FRIDAY 2
                   on Sunday evenings, the orchestra       Luncheon                                nesses in the high tech arena.
                                                                                                                                            Labor Day weekend                   Presenters: Salem Area
                   will change to a Saturday night         Sept. 28, noon-1:30pm at the            Training topics include Oracle,          No Greeters                         Chamber of Commerce, Salem
                   (7pm) and Sunday afternoon (3pm)        Governor Hotel, Portland.               Network Security, Telecommuni-                                               Rotary Club and United Way of
                   schedule. Tickets on sale for the       Presented by Oregon Mentors and         cations, MEMs, Auto CAD, and             September 5 - 9                     the Mid-Willamette Valley
                   2005-06 season; concerts begin in       lead sponsor, Portland General          Automation Technology. Made
                   October at Willamette University’s      Electric. Salem Chamber sponsors        possible by the Enterprise for           MONDAY 5                            Crystal Apple Awards
                                                                                                   Employment and Education                 Labor Day                           Program Committee Meeting
                   Hudson Hall in Mary Stuart Rogers       include: Liberty Northwest,                                                                                          Room A, 3:30pm
                                                                                                                                            Chamber office closed
                   Music Center. 503-375-5483;             Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield of       through a $2.76 million U.S.
                                                                                                                                            No CBW, see Tues. the 6th
                           Oregon, U.S. Bank, Washington           Department of Labor grant.                                                   Alzheimer’s Network of Oregon
                                                           Mutual, Comcast, Oregon                 Information: Ray Hoyt, CCC TED           TUESDAY 6                           3855 Wolverine Drive NE,
                   Classic stand up comics at              Restaurant Association, NW              Center, at 503-399-5088; ore-            Chamber Business Women              Bldg. A, Suite 27, 4:30 pm
                   Chinook Winds Casino Resort             Natural and Wells Fargo.                 Sip
                                                           Reservations/table sponsorships:                                                 325 Court Street NE, 11:45am        THURSDAY 22
                   Sept. 2, 3. Comedy on the Coast is                                                                                                                           Ag Committee Meeting
                   in its third year of showcasing pro-    Barbara Caplan, 503-542-2750; bar       “Pitching Your Case to                                                       Room B, 7:30am
                                                                                                                                            Chamber Business Women
                   fessional stand up comedians from                     Claim the Spotlight”                     Monday group special meeting
                   Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York                                                Sept. 7; 11:30am buffet lunch;           Tour of Historic Elsinore Theatre   Leadership Salem
                                                           WHAT’S COOKIN?                          Salem Chamber, Rooms A & B.
                   City and all over America. All three                                                                                     170 High Street SE                  Day Chair Meeting
                   comedians–Kenny Bob Davis, Joe                                                  Public Relations Society of              Bring sack lunch, 11:45 a.m.        Room C, Noon
                                                           Fall cooking classes at Lullu’s
                   Restivo, Tim Haldeman–have per-                                                 America Capital Chapter launches
                                                           Sept. 9: Todd Wieweck of Practical                                               WEDNESDAY 7                         FRIDAY 23
                   formed at Chinook Winds Casino                                                  2005-06 season with PR profes-
                                                           Gourmet, end of summer vegeta-                                                   Chamber Business Women              Greeters
                   at least once a year since the incep-                                           sional Laine Latimer of the
                                                           bles. Sept 12: Lullu, Pasta al Forno.                                            Blue Pepper Gallery & Framing       Blanchet Catholic School
                   tion of the popular comedy series.                                              Latimer Group. $10 PRSA mem-                                                 4373 Market St. NE, 8:30am
                                                           Sept. 14: Marilyn of Lullu’s,                                                    241 Commercial St. NE, 6:45am
                   541-996-5776; chinookwindscasi                                                  bers; $12 nonmembers; $5 pro-
                                                                          Autumn dinner, pep-
                                                                                  gram only. RSVP by Sept. 2, 503-         Chamber Ambassadors                 Week of September 26 - 30
                                                                          percorn and mustard
                                                                                                   588-2800. Oct. 5: Frustrated by          Quarterly Meeting
                                                                          crusted roast pork.
                                                                                                   Powerpoint? Hate how some peo-           Room A, 3:30pm                      MONDAY 26
                   Murder on the Willamette Queen                         Sept. 15: Randy
                                                                                                   ple use it? Learn how not to be                                              16th Annual Chamber Golf
                   Sept. 9 & 23. A new interactive                        Hunt, private chef,                                               THURSDAY 8                          Tournament
                   murder mystery by Marian Scadden                                                one of those presenters with
                                                                          shish-ka-bob, cous-                                               Ways & Means Committee              Creekside Golf Club
                   of Cwerks, Inc. on the Willamette                                               “Death By Powerpoint” by
                                                                          cous. Sept. 21: Pedro                                             Room C, 7am                         Shotguns: 8am and 1pm
                   Queen Sternwheeler. $35 includes                                                Carolyn Bolton. Nov. 2: Hear how                                             7pm Banquet / Awards
                                                                          Roasles of La
                   dinner, cruise, and show. Show                                                  Lloyd Brown won an award for             Leadership Salem
                                                           Margarita Co., Enchilada Suiza.
                   reservations: 503-371-1103. Cwerks                                              how he managed a major crisis            Day Chair Meeting                   TUESDAY 27
                                                           Sept. 23: Bob Robello’s Wine Class.
                                                                                                   involving an “archeological discov-      Room C, Noon                        Leadership Salem
                   info: or 503-999-1196.       Sept. 27: Jeff Nizlek of Silver
                                                                                                   ery” while working for the                                                   Meet at Chamber at 7:30am
                                                           Grille, Autumn lamb dishes. 357                                                  Leadership Salem Orientation        Travel to Youth With a
                                                                                                   Washington Department of
                   Vicki Lawrence and Mama:                Court St. NE; 503-364-7900; tut-                                                 Rooms A & B, 4pm                    Mission Ropes Course
                   A Two-Woman Show              
                   When comedienne/TV personality                                                                                           FRIDAY 9                            Chamber Latino Network
                                                                                                   TTJ Computer offers RISK Seminar         Greeters                            Steering Committee
                   Vicki Lawrence arrives at The           Fall fashion show at Eola Inn
                                                                                                   Sept. 8; 8:30am, continental break-      Ashley Furniture HomeStore          Room B, 9am
                   Historic Elsinore Theatre on Sat,       Riverview Restaurant                                                             3850 Hagers Grove Rd. SE,
                   Sept. 10, 7:30pm, she definitely                                                fast, at the Red Lion Hotel &
                                                           Oct. 6 at Eola Inn Riverview                                                     #100, 8:30am                        WEDNESDAY 28
                                                                                                   Convention Center, 3301 Market
                                                           Restaurant. Shopping at 6 pm,                                                                                        Leadership Youth
                                                           fashion show at 7 pm, dinner avail-                    What’s Happening?         Week of September 12 -16            Rooms A & B, 7:30am
                                                           able starting at 5 pm. Door prizes.                                                                                  Travel to Youth With a
                                                                                                                continued on Page 14                                            Mission Ropes Course, 1pm
                                                                                                                                            TUESDAY 13
                                                                                                                                            Executive Committee Meeting
                                                                                                                                            Room A, 7am                         FRIDAY 30
                                                                                                                                                                                Greeters “Networking Friday”
                                                                                                                                            Evening d’Elegance                  U.S. Bank, Ladd & Bush Branch
                                                                                                                                            Committee Meeting                   302 State Street, 8:30am
                                                                                                                                            U.S. Bank, 11:30am
                   will be packing light. She’ll be                                                                                                                             Week of October 3 - 7
                   packing herself and her “Mama”                                                                                           Leadership Youth
                   character all into one body. Her                                                                                         Chairs Meeting                      MONDAY 3
                                                                                                                                            Room C, 6pm                         Chamber Business Women
                   “Two-Woman Show” is a double                                                                                                                                 Room A, 11:45am
                   header that features herself in the                                                                                      Leadership Youth Orientation
                   first half of the show and the                                                                                           Rooms A & B, 7pm                    TUESDAY 4
                   other half as the beloved character                                                                                                                          Chamber Business Women
                   “Mama” she first created in “The                                                                                         THURSDAY 15                         Sip
                   Carol Burnett Show. $30-$60; 503-                   Flex Hours                  Convenient Location                      October Business                    325 Court Street NE, 11:45am
                   375-3574.                                                                                                                News deadline
                                                                Before work                         1 and 1/3 blocks north of the
                                                                                                                                                                                WEDNESDAY 5
                                                                On the way home                     ride-free zone                                                              Chamber Business Women
                   “Pigs, Pineapple, and                        Or come in on your                  Free off-street parking                 Ribbon Cutting                      Blue Pepper Gallery & Framing
                   Poison” by Cwerks                            lunch hour                          2 blocks north of Salem Center          LaBelle Maison                      241 Commercial St. NE, 6:45am
                   Sept. 17. Cwerks, Inc. will perform                                              5 blocks from Center Street             1313 Mill Street SE, #103, 4pm
                   the interactive murder mystery                                                   Bridge                                                                      THURSDAY 6
                                                                Make an appointment                                                         FRIDAY 16                           Governmental Affairs Forum
                   “Pigs, Pineapple, and Poison” at
                   Annette’s Westgate in West Salem.          that fits YOUR schedule! Close to West Salem, too!                            Greeters                            Program TBA
                                                                                                                                            Salem Area Chamber of               Rooms A & B, 7am
         ; 503-999-1196.                                                                                                Commerce
                                                                                                                                            at Salem Conference Center          Member Orientation Lunch
                   VOLUNTEER OPS & EVENTS                                                                                                                                       Rooms A & B, Noon
                                                                                                                                            200 Commercial St. SE, 8:30am
                   Back to School - Back to SMART
                                                                                                                                            Week of September 19 - 23  or call
                   September is officially SMART                                                                                                                                503-581-1466 x300 to attend
                   month. SMART (Start Making A                                                                                             MONDAY 19
                   Reader Today) is a non-profit early                                                                                      Past Presidents Lunch
                   intervention literacy program serv-                                                                                      Room B, 11:30am
                   ing Oregon children in public ele-
Page 10                                                                                                           Business News -                                                             September 2005

                                                                           The Chamber: Creating a Strong Local Economy

Member Newsroom
                                                                                                                                                         ments. Tutoring is provided as          Frias of El Paso representing the
                                                                                                                                                         needed. The JCPenney                    two finalists. Frias is one of three
                                                                                                                                                         Afterschool Fund is giving              players returning to the team
                                                                                                                                                         $875,000 nationally for the Power       from last year with Kevin Taylor
                                                                                                                                                         Hour program, which is part of a        of the Michigan Bucks and John
A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village                           prizes included passes to the                             A graduate of Oregon State          total $2.2 million contribution to      Thompson of the Ocean City
celebrates one millionth visitor                           Oregon State Fair, admission to                        University, Mahlin brings 20 years     Boys & Girls Clubs of America           Barons.
A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village                           Enchanted Forest, one night stay                       of experience in the financial ser-    this year.                 For a second straight season a
recently welcomed their one-mil-                           in a Jacuzzi Suite at the Phoenix                      vices industry. His previous posi-                                             member of the Surge back line
lionth visitor. Ali Canady and                             Grand Hotel, tickets to a Cascade                      tions include Branch Manager,
                                                                                                                                                         Brown & Dunton                          has represented the club on the
her family had just moved back                             Surge soccer game and a pizza                          Regional Manager, and
                                                                                                                                                         becomes BDI Staffing                    All-League Team with Josh
                                                           dinner at Paddington’s Pizza                           Operations Director. Mahlin is a                                               Westerman taking the place of
                                                                                                                                                         Brown & Dunton, Inc. has
                                                           Parlor.                                                member of the Salem Area                                                       current teammate Jeremy
                                                                                                                                                         changed their name to BDI
                                                              Formerly called Gilbert House                       Chamber of Commerce, Lions                                                     Tolleson. Westerman helped lead
                                                                                                                                                         Staffing. The same owners and
                                                           Children’s Museum, the village                         Club, Rotary Club and is an ele-                                               Cascade to a second consecutive
                                                                                                                                                         the same staff will continue to
                                                           has been in operation for over                         mentary school mentor and a                                                    Northwest Division title with a
                                                                                                                                                         provide the superior service to
                                                           fifteen years. It is located at the                    United Way volunteer.                                                12-2-2 record, tallying three goals
                                                                                                                                                         which they are known as previous
                                                           north end of Riverfront Park in                                                                                                       and an assist in 15 games this sea-
                                                                                                                                                         recipients of the prestigious
                                                           downtown Salem. 503-371-3631;                          Boldt, Carlisle & Smith                “Employer of the Year” award            son. Dana McGregor and
                                                                                          welcomes new staff                     presented by the Salem Area             Andriy Budnyy were also named
                                                                                                                  Dan Gerig has joined the               Chamber of Commerce.                    to the team. cascade;
                                                           Mahlin named Manager of                                accounting firm of Boldt, Carlisle        Over the past 18 years, BDI
Ali Canady, here with her family, was the
                                                           West Salem Bank of                                     & Smith, LLC. He was previously        Staffing has achieved status as the
one millionth visitor to A.C. Gilbert’s                    the Cascades branch                                    with a firm in Albany.                 oldest privately owned and oper-        Coldwell Banker Mountain West
Discovery Village. Their prizes included a                 Patricia L. Moss, Chief                                   He grew up in Baker City,           ated staffing service in the Mid-       named in top 50 affiliates
life-time family membership to the Village                 Executive Officer, Bank of the                         Oregon and received a B.S. from
and a one night stay at the Phoenix Inn                                                                                                                  Willamette Valley. BDI staffing         Coldwell Banker Mountain West
Grand Hotel.
                                                           Cascades announced that W. Jay                         Oregon State University in             serves several hundred clients in       Real Estate, Inc. has been named
                                                           Mahlin was named Branch                                Business Administration, graduat-      the area of manufacturing,              the number 37 affiliate company
to Salem from Las Vegas and                                                Manager for the                                          ing with concen-     assembly, clerical, administrative,     in Adjusted Gross Commission
decided to visit some familiar                                             West Salem                                               trations in          professional placement and con-         and the number 36 affiliate com-
places. Fortunately, she chose                                             branch of Bank                                           Accounting and       struction trades. Additionally,         pany in Total Units for the 2nd
A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village                                           of the Cascades.                                         Management in        they employ several thousand            quarter of 2005. Coldwell Banker
at just the right time and won a                                           Mahlin oversees                                          March, 2003.         employees per year for a wide           Mountain West earned this dis-
lifetime village membership and                                            the daily opera-                                         Dan was a mem-       variety of positions. 200               tinction from among 1,280
other prizes.                                                              tions and serves                           Dan Gerig
                                                                                                                                    ber of the           Hawthorne Ave. SE #D470; 503-           Coldwell Banker affiliate compa-
                                                             W. Jay Mahlin
   After claiming her prizes, one                                          the financial rela-                                      accounting aca-      364-5189;                   nies across the nation.
of her children exclaimed, “let’s                          tionship needs of the bank’s West                      demic fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi                                                  Gail Powell recently affiliated
come back tomorrow!” The                                   Salem customers.                                       at OSU.
                                                                                                                                                         Capitol Ford of                         with Coldwell Banker Mountain
                                                                                                                     Dan will provide financial
                                                                                                                                                         Molalla adds to staff                   West as a real estate broker.

                                                                                                                  statement services such as audit,                                              Powell was raised in suburban
                                                                                                                                                         Capitol Auto Group has added
                                                                                                                  review, and compilation for small                                              Chicago and relocated to Salem
                                                                                                                                                         Brad Mosher and David
                                                                                                                  businesses, local governments,                                                 eight years ago with her husband
 40 Years or More                                          William D. Bateman, DMD ............1996                                                      Gobbel to its staff of Capitol
                                                                                                                  not-for-profit organizations, and                                              and two children. She has a B.S.
 Americold Logistics ......................1957            Bain Wealth Management Group..1996                                                            Ford of Molalla.
                                                                                                                  agricultural businesses. He will                                               in Marketing and Business
 Key Bank National Association ....1957                    Cascade Landscape                                                                                Brad Mosher has worked in
                                                                                                                  also provide tax services to indi-                                             Administration and an M.B.A.
 Pepsi Bottling Group ....................1963             Management ................................1996                                               various capacities for Capitol for
                                                                                                                  viduals and family businesses.                                                                   Powell formerly
                                                           Original Roadhouse Grill ..............1997                                                   over 16 years and has more than
                                                           Prostar Security, Inc. ....................1997           Amy Parker joined the firm in                                                                 worked in
 30 Years or More                                                                                                                                        20 years of automotive experi-
 Austin, Chuck ................................1967        Salem Insurance Agency, Inc. ......1997                January of 2005 after graduating                                                                 Salem’s commu-
                                                                                                                                                         ence. With a strong background
 Boise Packaging & Newsprint ......1968                    Tross, Jeffrey R. ............................1997     from Oregon State University                                                                     nications indus-
                                                                                                                                                         in Ford sales and service, he is
 First Presbyterian Church ............1968                Fischer, Hayes &                                       Cum Laude with a Bachelor of                                                                     try and for
                                                                                                                                                         excited to be appointed the new
 First American Title                                      Associates, PC..............................1997       Arts degree in Business
                                                                                                                                                                           General Manager                         Salem-Keizer
 Insurance Company ......................1971              Redwood Heights                                        Administration with a concentra-
                                                           Retirement & Assisted Living ........1997                                                                       of Capitol Ford                         Public Schools.
 Wells Fargo Bank -                                                                                               tion in Accounting. Amy grew up                                                    Gail Powell
 East Salem Branch ......................1972              Wittenberg Inn ..............................1998                                                               of Molalla.                               Bob Reynolds
                                                                                                                  in Salem and graduated from                                                                      recently affiliated
 Sir Speedy Printing Center ..........1973                 David Evans and                                                                                                    “Ford is a great
                                                                                                                  Sprague High School. She was a                                                                   with Coldwell
 Eldred Realty, Inc. ........................1974          Associates, Inc. ............................1998                                                               product and
                                                           Joe Hensing                                                              member of Psi                                                                  Banker
 Environment Control Building                                                                                                                                              Molalla is an out-
 Maintenance Co. ..........................1974            Edward Jones Investments ..........1998                                  Kappa Phi                                                                      Mountain West
                                                                                                                                                            Brad Mosher
                                                                                                                                                                           standing town,”
 Your Town Press, Inc. ..................1974              Woodburn Company Stores..........1999                                    Honor Society at                                                               as a real estate
                                                                                                                                                                           he said. “I am
 Lancaster Mall ..............................1975         Farm Credit Services ....................1999                            OSU and com-                                                                   broker. Reynold’s
                                                                                                                                                                           really looking
                                                           Conflict Management                                                      pleted a minor in                                               Bob Reynolds
                                                                                                                                                                           forward to being                        background is in
  20 Years or More                                         Strategies, LLC ............................2000                         Spanish including
                                                           Creative Company ........................2000                                                                   part of the com-                        the financial ser-
 Comcast Cable                                                                                                                      a semester of
 Communications, Inc.....................1977              American Exchange                                         Amy Parker                                            munity.”              vices, construction and property
                                                                                                                                    study abroad at                                              management industries. Reynolds
 Prudential Real Estate                                    Services, Inc. ................................2000                                                                David Gobbel
                                                                                                                  the Universidad de Cantabria in                                                has also served as a director with
 Professionals ................................1978        McMenamins Hotel Oregon ..........2001                                                                          is the new
                                                           Sebastian's Healthy                                    Santrander, Spain.                                                             a number of nonprofit organiza-
 Investors Brokerage, Inc. ..............1980                                                                                                               David Gobbel   Service Manager
 Jackson, Gloria ............................1981          Pet Food & Supply ........................2001            Amy will provide tax services                                               tions. 615 Commercial St. NE;
                                                                                                                                                                           for Capitol Ford.
 Wildwood, Inc. ..............................1981         Oregon Territory                                       to individuals, businesses and                                                 503-364-9596;
                                                                                                                                                         David, a Silverton resident, has
 Macy's ..........................................1983     Federal Credit Union ....................2001          trusts. She will also provide finan-
                                                                                                                                                         over 15 years’ experience with
 AmeriTitle ......................................1983     Terra Cotta Imports L.L.C. ............2002            cial statement services to local
                                                           Glance Optics and Eyewear ........2002                                                        Ford.                                   Comcast donates PSA’s to
                                                                                                                  governments, financial institu-
                                                           Sportsman's Warehouse ..............2002                                                         “It is wonderful to be able to       Family Building Blocks
 10 Years or More                                                                                                 tions, not-for-profit organiza-
 Oregon Plant Works /                                      Center for Plastic Surgery ............2002                                                   live and work in the communities        Comcast Cable Communications,
                                                                                                                  tions, employee benefit plans and
 EnerChi Living Spaces..................1986               Teresa M. Lulay                                                                               that I love,” he said. Capitol Ford     Inc. has donated $5,000 worth of
                                                                                                                  small businesses.
 Nathan Levin Co. ..........................1987           Insurance Agency, Inc. ..................2002                                                 is part of Capitol Auto Group,          public service announcements to
                                                           Jade Earth Acupuncture, LLC ......2003                    Boldt, Carlisle & Smith, LLC
 Sunco Homes & Remodeling........1987                                                                                                                    which is based in Salem. Capitol's      Family Building Blocks. The
                                                           DPS, Inc. ......................................2003   was formed in 1968 and has three
 Peter Corvallis Productions                                                                                                                             lineup includes Chevrolet,              PSA’s will begin this fall. Family
 Special Events Co ........................1988            Oregon Child Care Resource &                           offices in Salem, Stayton, and
                                                                                                                                                         Cadillac, Subaru, Toyota, Scion         Building Blocks is a child abuse
 Salem Food 4 Less ......................1988              Referral Network ..........................2003        Albany with a total staff of 40
                                                                                                                                                         and Capitol Honda in                    prevention program serving
 Overall Laundry Services, Inc. ......1988                 Sandstrum Homes Inc...................2003             including 22 CPAs.
                                                           Bennett & Associates, Inc. ............2003                                                   McMinnville.               Marion and Polk counties whose
 Shangri-La Corporation ................1989
                                                           JD Marketing ................................2004                                                                                     mission is to keep children safe
 Phoenix Inn Suites South..............1990                                                                       Boys & Girls Club launches
 Carl's Jr. ........................................1992   American West Real Estate, Inc. ..2004                                                        Cascade Surge players named             and families together. 2425
                                                                                                                  afterschool tutoring program                                                   Lancaster Dr. NE; 503-566-2132;
 Cascadia Behavioral HealthCare ..1992                     Worthington Financial....................2004                                                 to PDL 2005 All-League Team
                                                           Broadway Cafe..............................2004        The Boys & Girls Club of Salem,                                      
 Jackson's Books............................1992                                                                                                         The United Soccer Leagues
                                                           Stayton, Mill City &                                   Marion and Polk counties will
 Curt Arthur, Coldwell                                                                                                                                   recently announced the 2005
 Banker Mountain                                           Silverton Septic Service ................2004          launch an innovative afterschool
                                                                                                                                                         Premier Development League              Creative Company
 West Real Estate ..........................1992           Salem Grocery Outlet....................2004           tutoring program designed to
                                                                                                                                                         All-League Team, recognizing 11         welcomes new staff
 Attention to Detail..........................1993         The Summit Group                                       teach homework skills to local
                                                           of Oregon, LLC..............................2004                                              of the best players in the PDL          Creative Company recently added
 Selectemp Employment                                                                                             youth through a grant from
                                                           First Response, Inc. ......................2004                                               for the past regular season as          two new members to its market-
 Services ........................................1993                                                            JCPenney. The Power Hour pro-
 Great Oak Financial Group ..........1995                  Crown Financial Ministries ............2004                                                   voted on by team coaches and            ing and branding staff. Mark
                                                                                                                  gram is an interactive homework
                                                           G & G Consulting, Inc. ..................2004                                                 general managers.                       Scarborough, formerly executive
                                                                                                                  assistance program for children
 Working on 10 years                                       First Call Home Health Agency ....2004                                                           Eleven clubs were represented        vice president and general manag-
                                                           Hicks Technology Services, Inc.....2004                ages 6-18. The program helps
 Cascade Collections Inc. ..............1995                                                                                                             with midfielder and two-time            er of Joseph Abboud Worldwide,
                                                           Associated Properties Inc. ............2004            children appreciate homework as
 ABC Window Cleaners                                                                                                                                     league MVP Tomas Boltnar of             Inc. of New York City, joins the
 & Building Maintenance ................1995                                                                      a time to work independently and
                                                                                                                                                         Des Moines and forward Daniel           team as an account manager, and
                                                                                                                  feel good about their accomplish-
September 2005                                                                     Business News -                                                                Page 11

                                                  The Chamber: Creating a Strong Local Economy
                   Holly Dotin,           “I am thrilled that Lona has        toy drive later in the year. esche-    offered in Boise. Night and week-                       wide, and this is
                   formerly an         joined our team,” said                                      end courses are designed to meet                        his third book in
                   account manager     Cheveallier. “I am confident that                                             the needs and learning styles of                        the series.
                   with                she has the skills and ability to      Garrett Hemann et al welcomes          working adults.                                           “Financial
                   LandreyMorrow,      take the Children’s Guild on a         Workers’ Comp attorney                    Green brings in-depth under-                         Planning encom-
                   Inc. of Portland,   prosperous and successful jour-        The law firm of Garrett,               standing of the processes of                            passes many
       Mark        joins Creative      ney. Her enthusiasm is conta-          Hemann, Robertson, Jennings,           adult learning and has finely            Ron Kelemen    things,” noted
   Scarborough     Company as an       gious and she has already taken        Comstock & Trethewy, P.C.,             honed management skills,                                Kelemen, “but
                   account manager     on some great projects and con-        announced the addition of H.           Provost Robin Baker said.             over my 24 years in practice, I
                   and copywriter.     nected well with staff.”               Thomas Andersen to the firm.           Under her leadership, enrollment      have observed that most clients
                     At Joseph            Lona’s experience and training         Andersen defends employers          at the Clovis campus grew from        focus upon two great goals in life:
                   Abboud              has prepared her for program           and insurers in workers’ compen-       15 to 250 students.                   financial security in retirement
                   Worldwide,          development and oversight,             sation and employment law cases,          “This is a big move for me and     and education for their children
                   Scarborough was     board development, financial           and is experienced in all aspects      my family, but I believe that I can   and grandchildren.”
    Holly Dotin
                   responsible for     development, facilitation, strategic   of workers’ compensation law.          use my experience with adult-            Chamber members can pur-
                   brand manage-       planning, and public speaking.         Most recently, he served 19 years      degree programs and adult stu-        chase a copy of Living &
ment and international licensing          “My personal goal is to             as Trial Counsel and Special           dents to make a difference,”          Learning by making a $50 tax-
of designer Joseph Abboud’s            enhance visibility, increase vol-      Assistant Attorney General with        Green said. “I am very excited        deductible contribution to the
apparel, accessories and home          ume and develop additional pro-        SAIF Corporation, where he             about being part of George Fox        charity of their choice. 503-371-
furnishing lines. After working in     grams and services,” said Lona.        managed an extensive caseload          University and its commitment to      3333.
the fashion industry for 17 years,     “While the focus will remain on                          involving compli-    excellence.”
Scarborough brings extensive           children with disabilities and spe-                      cated medical,          Green also served as an associ-    HCS Commercial announces
experience with both brand man-        cial needs, we will work to                              factual and legal    ate professor of history at WBU.      two new staff
agement and design to Creative         increase the range of our services                       issues. Prior to     She published a book last year on     Walt Wood has been named
Company.                               to impact even more families.”                           SAIF, he was a       medicine in the Civil War titled,     Principal Broker for HCS
   “I count myself blessed to live        Since 1982 the Easter Seals                           litigator in         “Chimborazo: The Confederacy’s        Commercial Real Estate, LLC
and work in Yamhill County,”           Oregon Children’s Guild, in                              Burlington,          Largest Hospital,” with the           and Hub City Capital. He has
said Scarborough. “Creative            Salem, has provided therapeutic            H. Thomas                          University of Tennessee Press.
                                                                                                Vermont, and                                               held a real estate license since
Company is just fantastic—a top-       services to local children. Today,                       the litigation       The book has been nominated           1994 when he retired as a Senior
notch creative-services agency         the guild is a comprehensive child     partner in a business and corpo-       for the national Jefferson Davis      Vice President after a 34-year
where there is plenty of dynamic       and family development center.         rate law firm in Eugene.               award, an annual award given by       career with U.S. Bank. Walt’s
and exciting work. And what a          290 Moyer St. NW; 503-370-                Anderson holds a degree in          the Museum of the Confederacy                           banking experi-
kick it is to see the dramatic         8990;              political science from the             for the best historical work on                         ence includes
impact our work has for our                                                   University of Illinois and is a        the Civil War.                                          business and
clients.”                              Eschelon associates donate to          graduate of University of                 She earned her bachelor’s                            commercial
   As an account manager,              local food banks                       Oregon School of Law and is            degree in history from                                  loans, manage-
Scarborough will manage brand-         Eschelon Telecom, Inc., a              presently associated Of Counsel        Southwestern Oklahoma State                             ment and real
ing and marketing projects for         provider of voice, data, Internet      with the firm.                         University and a master’s degree                        estate loans
several clients, including Linfield    services and business telephone           He has served on a variety of       and Ph.D. in history from Texas           Walt Wood     while his real
College, Western Oregon Waste          systems announced its associates       private and public boards, includ-     Tech University.       estate experience has included
and North Lincoln Sanitary             donated nearly 16,000 food items       ing President and board member                                               both residential sales and com-
Service of Lincoln County, Ore.        or approximately 5,300 pounds of       of the Lane Transit District;          Local advisor helps author            mercial brokerage management.
   Holly Dotin comes to Creative       food to local food shelves             Chair of the Westside                  financial planning book                  Elizabeth Becerra has been
Company with nine years of             throughout its 19 markets in the       Neighborhood, City of Eugene;          Ron Kelemen, an independent           hired as Marketing Director. She
agency experience. In addition to      Midwest and Western U.S. This          the Board of Directors of              fee-based Certified Financial         was raised in Salem, graduated
serving as account manager at          was Eschelon’s first all-company       Cascade Manor, Inc. and Cascade        Planner licensee with The H           from Oregon State University
LandreyMorrow, Inc., she has           charitable campaign.                   Manor Foundation, and as an            Group, Inc., is a contributing        with a BS in Computer Science
worked in public relations and            “With the success of                Elder at Central Presbyterian          author to the new financial plan-     and earned her MBA in
marketing at KVO Public                Eschelon’s many charitable drives      Church in Eugene. He has               ning book entitled, “Living &         Marketing at American
Relations and Landrey & Hunt,          in its individual markets we           coached youth baseball and             Learning: Achieve Retirement          Intercontinental University in
both in Portland, Ore.                 thought it would be great to hold      enjoys competitive swimming,           and Education Security-Practical      Atlanta, GA. In her free time,
   Dotin has extensive experience      an all-company event,” stated          acting, and long-distance bicy-        Answers From America's                Elizabeth enjoys keeping fit and
crafting a variety of marketing        Cliff Williams, Founder and            cling. 503-581-150;                    Foremost Retirement Planning          spending time with her husband.
messages, including press releases,    Chairman of the Board. “Our                          Advisors.”                            HCS Commercial is a full service
video scripts, advertising and         associates really came through—it                                                Published by Quantum Press         real estate brokerage with offices
product-label copy. Her responsi-      was very exciting to be able to        George Fox University hires            and edited by national IRA expert     in Albany, Portland and Salem.
bilities at Creative Company           make such an impact to so many         first dean of School of                Robert Keebler, this 544-page         2720 Commercial St. SE, Suite
include managing the SELCO             food shelves across the country.”      Professional Studies                   reference book addresses nearly       250; 503-586-2000; hcscommer
Community Credit Union                    In Oregon, Eschelon donated         Carol Green has been hired as          all areas of retirement and educa-
account and writing copy for a         nearly 450 pounds of food to           the first dean of George Fox           tion planning in a question and
variety of client projects.            Oregon Food Bank, Marion-Polk          University’s School of                 answer format. Kelemen was
   “At Creative Company, I get to                                                                                                                                        Member Newsroom
                                       Food Share and Food for Lane           Professional Studies. Green was        invited to be one of only 42 con-
do what I love at a place that’s                                                                                                                                       continued on Page 12
                                       County.                                formerly dean of Wayland Baptist       tributors to the project nation-
disciplined yet relaxed, with peo-        Eschelon’s all-company food         University-Clovis Campus in New
ple who have had a vast array of       drive was sponsored by the com-        Mexico, a position she had held
experiences,” said Dotin. “It’s        pany’s Community Matters               since 1997.
fast-paced, so I’m always chal-        Program. The Community                    In 1986, George Fox became
lenged and never bored. And it's       Matters Program is an associate-       the first college in the Northwest
in wine country! What more             driven committee that supports         to offer degree-completion pro-
could I ask for?”                      employee volunteer efforts, col-       grams tailored for working adults.
   “We are excited to have Mark        lections and various charitable        The School of Professional
and Holly joining our team,” said      drives within the company.             Studies now has 300 students and
Jennifer Larsen Morrow,                   Through the program,                offers five undergraduate degree-
Creative Company president.            Eschelon and its associates are                           completion pro-
“Their skills and experience will      giving back to the communities                            grams for adults
serve the company and our              that they serve and coming                                at sites in
clients well.” 1.866.363.4433 (toll-   together as a company to support                          Portland, Salem
free);                 vital community services that                             and Boise, Idaho.
                                       help those in need. Eschelon                              A master’s-level
Easter Seals Oregon hires              plans on holding an all-company                           program is
                                                                                 Carol Green
director for Children’s Guild
David Cheveallier, President
and CEO of Easter Seals Oregon
announced Lona O’Dell has
been hired as the Children’s Guild
Center Director. O’Dell has expe-
                rience in devel-
                oping and man-
                aging a variety of
                programs for
                local non-profit
                social service
  Lona O’Dell
Page 12                                                                      Business News -                                                                September 2005

Member Newsroom                                         Liberty               Wilkson recently presented a                                 team.                   More than 18,000 professional
continued from Page 11                                  Northwest’s cor-      $5,000 check to Willie                                         Francisco, a       craft artists throughout the U.S.
                                                        porate communi-       Richardson and Gwen Carr,                                    Gervais High         and Canada nominated over 700
HUT Airport Shuttle relocates                           cations depart-       representatives of the Oregon                                School graduate,     galleries, retail stores and museum
HUT Airport Shuttle relocates                           ment. Her cur-        Northwest Black Pioneers, to                                 plans to attend      shops. Criteria for selection
from its Salem Airport location                         rent role includes    provide assistance with on-going                             Oregon State         includes treating artists with cour-
to the Red Lion Hotel &                   Amy Winans    internal and          efforts to educate Oregon com-                 Aubrey Cowan University and        tesy and respect, paying on time,
Convention Center at 3301                               external commu-       munities and research history to                             major in political   promoting and marketing
Market St. NE.                         nications and project manage-          the Oregon Northwest Black                                   science. His par-    American crafts, giving back time
   “We have been providing trans-      ment. Before joining Liberty           Pioneers.                                                    ents, Pancho         and energy to the craft communi-
portation between the Salem            Northwest, Winans worked in              An Oregon extension of                                     and Coleen           ty, mentoring emerging artists and
Airport and Portland                   public relations at Gard &                                                                          Ruiz, live in        maintaining an inventory that is
International Airport (PDX)            Gerber. Before moving to the                                                                        Gervais.             at least 85% American craft.
since 1973,” said owners Nick          west coast, Winans was the com-                                                                       Karena is             “I am honored to recognize
and Doris Hutmacher. “The                                                                                                   Francisco Ruiz
                                       munications manager for Bass                                                                        headed for           this year’s winners,” noted
Red Lion’s central location is easy    River Baking Company in                                                                             Oregon State         Wendy Rosen, publisher of
to get to from anywhere in Salem       Massachusetts. Previously, she                                                                      University to        NICHE magazine. “Their com-
and has a comfortable and              worked in the marketing depart-                                                                     pursue a double      mitment to American crafts
upscale waiting area. It offers free   ment at the Four Seasons Hotel                                                                      major, computer      ensures the strength and growth
parking as well as a covered pas-      Boston (Boston, MA), and on                                                                         engineering and      of the arts and small business in
                                                                              Gwen Carr (left) and Willie Richardson
senger boarding area.”                 Boston Ballet’s public relations       (middle), representing Oregon Black                          music. She grad-     communities throughout the
   The Hutmachers also noted           team (Boston, MA).                     Pioneers, accepted a $5,000 check from        Karena Dokken uated from            country.” 335 State Street;
that Anthony’s Restaurant &              Winans was awarded the 2004          Bill Wilkson, Manager of the Macy’s store                    North Salem          503-581-3229;
Lounge at the Red Lion offers a                                               at Lancaster Mall. Photo provided by the
                                       Public Relations Society of            Statesman Journal.
                                                                                                                                           High School.
pleasant place for passengers to       America-Portland Metro                                                                              Her parents are      McGrath’s celebrates 25 years
spend time with family and             Chapter’s New Professional             Macy’s own Northwest Black                                   Cort and Kathie      McGrath’s Fish House, which
friends before departing for           Award of Excellence. liber             Pioneers, the project funds will                             Dokken of            started in downtown Salem, is
PDX. 503-364-4444.                                  be used to collaborate with aca-                             Salem.                                     celebrating 25
                                                                              demic and historical organiza-                                 Yesenia, a                               years of busi-
                                                                                                                            Stephen Perona
HydroSports partners with              Integra charity golf                   tions for research and to provide                            North Salem                                ness. The fami-
Gold’s Gym to offer scuba              classic raises $43,000                 content for the new historical                               High School                                ly-owned
Members of Gold’s Gym in               For the third year in a row, the       written resource, with a distribu-                           graduate, will                             restaurant com-
Salem and Keizer have the              employees of Integra Telecom           tion to state-wide classrooms by                             attend                                     pany now oper-
opportunity to participate in an       organized their annual charity         the fall of 2006. The completed                              Chemeketa                                  ates 18 restau-
introductory scuba diving experi-      golf classic to benefit Providence     project will be in partnership with                          Community                                  rants through-
ence taught by HydroSports Dive        Newberg Health Foundation’s            the Salem-Keizer School district                             College, Salem,                            out Oregon,
and Travel. Participants will be       charity care fund. The August          to develop appropriate curricu-                Drew Phillips in the fall.                               Washington,
entered into a drawing for a free      event at The Reserve Vineyards         lum, publish and distribute the                                Stephen gradu-                           Idaho, Utah,
PADI Open Water Diver certifi-         and Golf Club in Aloha raised          materials and will be an updated            ated from West Salem High                                   Arizona and
cation class to be taught by           more than $43,000.                     version of the Resource Book                School and plans to attend                                  California and
HydroSports. HydroSports cus-             “We are so pleased to once          and Study Guide that was origi-             Oregon State University, majoring      McGrath’s      Fish employs over
tomers receive a free 7-day pass       again partner with Providence          nally published in 1995. Macy’s is          in business administration with a      House, founded in 1,200.
to Gold’s Gym.                         Newberg Health Foundation to           located in Lancaster Mall.                  focus in marketing and advertis-       Salem, is celebrat- Founder John
   Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)                                                                                                                                   ing is 25th anniver-
                                       raise money to help those who                                  ing. His parents are Paul Perona                            McGrath, and
events are planned for September       are most in need in our commu-                                                     of Sheridan and Renee Perona                                his family are
20 and October 27. Participants        nity,” said Mike Daniel, general       MaPS Credit Union names                     of Fort Worth, Texas.                 natives of the Pacific Northwest
meet at HydroSports at 6:00pm          manager of Integra Telecom of          scholarship recipients                         Drew Phillips graduated from       and have always enjoyed the
for an orientation followed by a       Oregon. “We appreciate all of the      MaPS awarded six college schol-             West Salem High School. His par-      region’s endless outdoor activities
supervised diver experience at         help we received from our gener-       arships ranging from $500 to                ents, Sam and Jennifer Phillips,      including fishing, crabbing and
Willamette University’s pool.          ous vendors and employees who          $1,000. Winning the MaPS Credit             live in Salem. Drew will attend       clamming. With Salem so close to
   Gold’s Gym members may reg-         donated their time and resources       Union Scholarship for $1,000                Boston University’s School of         the coast, the concept of opening
ister at both locations. Info:         to make this such a successful         each were Aubrey Cowan and                  Business Administration, major-       a seafood restaurant was natural.
Mark Fischer, HydroSports              event.” 503-453-8400; integratele      Francisco Ruiz. MaPS Business               ing in finance and economics          The first McGrath's Fish House
Dive and Travel, 503-304-5383;         com.                                   Partner Scholarships for $500               with a minor in political science.    opened in August of 1980.                                                              each were awarded to Karena                                     “I’ve always been very proud
                                       Macy’s presents $5,000                 Dokken, Yesenia Flores                                                            of how our business got started
Liberty Northwest expands              to the Oregon Northwest                Ramos, and Stephen Perona. A                 Mary Lou Zeek Gallery                here in Salem,” said John. “The
communications team                    Black Pioneers                         $1,000 award went to Drew                   named a Top 100 Retailer              community embraced us from
Amy Winans recently joined             Macy’s Store Manager Bill              Phillips.                                   Mary Lou Zeek Gallery of Salem        day one and I’ve always appreciat-
                                                                                Aubrey is a graduate of                   was named one of this year’s Top      ed that.”
                                                                              McNary High School and the                  100 Retailers of American Craft          McGrath's continues to con-
                                                                              daughter of Thomas and Lori                 at an awards ceremony in August       centrate on serving fresh, high
             Wednesday, September 7, 2005                                     Cowan, Keizer. She will attend              during the Philadelphia Buyers        quality fish and seafood at afford-
                                                                              Brigham Young University, study-            Market of American Craft at the       able prices. Some of its special-
                                                                              ing engineering and math. She               Pennsylvania Convention Center        ties include alder planked salmon,
                                                                              will be participating on the track          in Philadelphia, PA.                  halibut parmesan, wood-fired
                                                                                                                                                                prawns, crab cakes and pan fried
                                                                                                                                                                oysters. The menu also includes
                                                                                                                                                                USDA Choice steaks, BBQ ribs,
                                                                                                                                                                chicken, gourmet salads, sand-
                                                                                                                                                                wiches, pasta and burgers. Each
                                                                                                                                                                restaurant features a full bar and
                                                                                                                                                                happy hour menu.
                                                                                                                                                                   Although it remains a family
                                                                                                                                                                business, many people have
                       Olson Florist Inc.                                                                                                                       played an integral role building
                                                                                                                                                                McGrath’s. James Marshall, the
                                                                                                                                                                company’s Vice President, has
                                                                                                                                                                worked for the company for over
                                                                                                                                                                10 years and resides in the Salem-
                                                                                                                                                                Keizer area. Bruce Kelley, the
                                                                                                                                                                controller, also lives in Salem and
                                                                                                                                                                Alan Brines, the executive chef
                                                                                                                                                                who develops the recipes, lives in
               OLSON FLORIST will open at 8:30 a.m.                                                                                                             the Portland area. Long-time
                 499 Court Street NE, 503-363-7166                                                                                                              employees, Steve Turner,
                                                                                                                                                                Dennis Craig and Willie Craig
                                                                                                                                                                have been with the company for
                                                                                                                                                                most of the 25 years.
                                                                                                                                                                   To celebrate its anniversary and
                                                                                                                                                                support youth activities, the
                                                                                                                                                                restaurant sponsored the Salmon
                                                                                                                                                                in the City’s 5K run in August.
                                                                                                                                                                “This is a great way to celebrate

                                                                                                                                                                               Member Newsroom
                                                                                                                                                                             continued on Page 13
September 2005                                                                        Business News -                                                                    Page 13

Member Newsroom                           Foundation, William S. Walton         banking, online loans, bill pay-           four machines. The ir8500 is built     strongly,” said Frank Pignataro,
continued from Page 12                    Charitable Trust, Jeld-Wen            ment, electronic statements, and           for speed and quality, two of the      State Farm Agency Vice
                                          Foundation, Salem Cultural and        no-surcharge ATMs. 3833                    most common customer requests.         President for the Pacific
our anniversary and give back to
                                          Tourism Promotion Advisory            Commercial St. SE; 503-315-                   Sir Speedy is a full Canon pro-     Northwest. “This award acknowl-
the community at the same time,”
                                          Board, Gannett Foundation,            4300;                           duction center for digital work in     edges her dedication to serving
said McGrath. 350 Chemeketa St.
                                          PGE Foundation, Samuel S.                                                        addition to its printing press. The    her customers and the communi-
NE, 503-362-0736; 3805 Center
St. NE; 503-485-3086; mcgraths
                                          Johnson Foundation, and Spirit        Shangri-La’s ARK to participate            business is poised for growth and      ty.”
                                          Mountain Community Fund.              in NYC’s “Search and Rescue                can accommodate most any                  She is the first agent in Salem-
                                          1313 Mill St. SE; 503-585-            Service Dog Day”                           printing and copying needs.            Keizer to achieve Crystal
                                          7012;                 Shangri-La’s ARK Manufacturing,            Chamber members may receive            Excellence status. Furer is mark-
Grant allows Mission Mill to
                                                                                local producer of quality leather          special promotions, contact Sir        ing 25 years as a State Farm agent
undergo rehabilitation
                                          Senate-Aires to travel to Canada      and nylon goods, is exhibiting its         Speedy for details or to get put       this month. She opened her West
Not since it was built in 1889 has
                                          for September competition             latest Safety and Law                      on their mailing list. 1695 12th St.   Salem agency on September 1,
the Thomas Kay Woolen Mill
                                          The Senate-Aires chorus will          Enforcement products at the                SE; 503-399-8749;                      1980. It’s been located on
building been so extensively tend-
                                          travel to Calgary, Alberta, Canada                                                     Edgewater Street NW all 25
ed to as it is now. Mission Mill
                                          in September for the annual                                                                                             years, the last 18 in its current
Museum is the recipient of a
                                          Evergreen District Barbershop                                                    Long-term rates on schedule            location in the Oak Hills
Saving America’s Treasures
                                          Harmony Quartet and Chorus                                                       according to Smith Barney              Shopping center. She and her
grant—an honor accorded to
                                          contest. The Senate-Aires, with                                                  strategists                            staff of four have over 90 years
only one other site in Oregon.
                                          director Steve Morin, will be                                                    George Friedlander and                 of combined insurance experi-
The museum’s association had to
                                          seeking their ninth consecutive                                                  Michael Brandes, Economic              ence.
raise $250,000 to match the grant
                                          Evergreen District Chorus                                                        Strategists for Smith Barney,             “We have a terrific staff that
in order to receive it and that                                                 Workers      at   Shangri-La’s      ARK
                                          Championship, an accomplish-                                                     report there appears to be a sense     keeps the customer’s best inter-
match has nearly been achieved.                                                 Manufacturing plant sew the leather and
                                          ment no other chorus has done.        nylon canine safety products used by       of panic among some Wall Street        ests as their number one priority.
   At issue is the health of the
                                          The winner of the chorus trophy       search and rescue organizations through-   observers because rates have           We’ve been truly blessed to have
four-story brick building that is                                               out the country.
                                          will represent Salem and the                                                     rebounded quickly and fairly           enjoyed the relationships we’ve
the centerpiece of the site. It
                                          entire Northwest at the                                                          sharply—at least by recent stan-       developed over the years,” said
houses two floors of museum
                                          International Championships to                                                   dards. Only recently, many of          Furer, who gives much of the
exhibits, shelters several guilds of
                                          be held in Indianapolis in July                                                  these same observers believed the      credit for her success to her hus-
                                          2006. 503-390-2920;                                                              Fed was “nearly done” and that         band of 40 years, Bob.
                                                                                                 long-term rates would soon begin          “There were few role models
                                                                                                                           to ease.                               for women transitioning into this
                                          SELCO offers no-cost instant                                                        The two strategists have taken      field twenty-five years ago, so his
                                          check and credit cards                                                           a contrarian approach for most of      expertise and level-headedness in
                                          SELCO Community Credit                National Search and Rescue                 the last two years, and see no rea-    business has been invaluable to
                                          Union has taken the lead as the       Service Dog Day, on September              son to change now: in their view,      me,” she said.
                                          only financial institution in         17 and hosted by the Bear Search           the rebound in rates should be            Furer is active with the West
                                          Oregon to offer instant-issue         and Rescue Foundation aboard               viewed as “good news,” and the         Salem Business Association,
                                          check and credit cards to its         the historic battleship Intrepid in        risk of a further sharp run-up in      Salem Association of Insurance
                                          members.                              New York Harbor.                           rates remains quite modest.            and Financial Advisors, and the
                                             Instant Card Issuance means           “We are very excited to have               For a free copy of the report,      Salem Area Chamber of
                                          that when opening a new               the opportunity to demonstrate             contact Barbara Hacke Resch,           Commerce. 1579 Edgewater St.
                                          account, a member can leave the       ARK’s innovative products to key           Financial Planning Specialist,         NW; 503-370-9434.
                                          branch with a card in hand, days      military and law enforcement               Smith Barney at 503-588-5738 or
                                          before it would previously have       officials, while honoring the hero-        through her website at                 West Coast Bank promotes two
                                          been received in the mail. The        ic efforts of service animals,” said         Two members of West Coast
                                          service is without a charge for all   Roseanne Shrull, ARK Mfg.                  barbara_hackeresch.                    Bank’s treasury management team
                                          new accounts.                         Manager.                                                                          have been promoted to vice pres-
                                             “We always strive to better           This event recognizes canine            Local State Farm Agent                 ident of treasury management
                                          serve our members,” said SELCO        heroes and showcases service               earns company’s top honor                               sales; Julia
                                          CEO Ava Milosevich. “This             dogs who perform military, cus-            Salem State Farm Insurance agent                        Dungey-
                                          new program gives them what           toms and law enforcement duties            Barbara Furer has earned one of                         Quintal and
                                          they need faster and easier. And      as well as guide, companion and            the company’s most prestigious                          Carl Thornton.
                                          we’re proud to be the only ones       therapeutic services. The Bear             honors, the Crystal Excellence                          Both are certi-
                                          in Oregon to offer it.”               Search and Rescue Foundation,              award, as she celebrates her 25th                       fied by the
Top photo: A worker repoints the mortar      Any member who needs a new         created to honor Bear, a golden            year in business.                              Julia
                                                                                                                                                                                   Association for
on an outside wall. Middle photo:                                               retriever credited with finding the
                                          card for an existing account can                                                    Crystal Excellence is a special       Dungey-Quintal Financial
Damaged or rotting wooden window sash-
                                          also have an instant-issue card for   most victims in the rubble of the          designation within State Farm’s                         Professionals as
es and frames are replaced. Bottom
photo: The Thomas Kay Woolen Mill circa   a small fee. For example, if a card   World Trade Center following the           “Legion of Honor,” which recog-                         a Certified
1950.                                     is lost or damaged, a member can      September 11 attacks, provides             nizes agents who consistently                           Treasury
                                          walk out of a branch with a new       training, equipment and transport          provide quality service to their                        Professional
fiber artists, provides facility
                                          one. SELCO will also continue its     of Search and Rescue teams                 customers and demonstrate excel-                        (CTP), and are
rentals to support the museum
                                          free replacement service, which       across the nation and health care          lence in the marketplace. It is one                     members of the
operations budget, and preserves
                                          delivers new cards in three to five   to canines that performed recov-           of the highest honors a State                           Association for
Salem’s early history. The build-                                                                                                                                    Carl Thornton
                                          business days via US mail.            ery duties after September 11.             Farm agent can earn, going only                         Financial
ing has lived through heavy use
                                             “We know how frustrating it        Shangri-La Corporation is a non-           to those agents who have been          Professionals as well as the
when the mill was in operation,
                                          can be to lose a check or credit      profit organization providing              named to the Legion of Honor at        Portland Treasury Management
as well as neglect after the mill
                                          card,” continued Milosevich.          homes, jobs, and supports to               least 20 of the last 24 years.
closed in 1962.                                                                                                                                                                 Member Newsroom
                                          “Now, members will have the           individuals with disabilities or              “Barb embodies the ‘good
   Workers are now addressing                                                                                                                                                 continued on Page 14
                                          relief of a new card in hand right    economic disadvantages. 503-581-           neighbor’ service we believe in so
the gradual deterioration that
                                          away.”                                1732;;
occurred over the years. The soft
                                             With a network of ten branch
bricks are porous, and prone to
water damage where the mortar is          offices throughout western and
crumbling, the gutters are leaking,       central Oregon, SELCO provides        Sir Speedy expands with new
and the windows are worn.                 service to more than 75,000           equipment purchase
Repointing (or tuckpointing) is a         members in six counties.              Sir Speedy Printing Center has
priority. Repointing is the process       Members can access their              purchased second Canon Image
of removing deteriorated mortar           accounts through a variety of         Runner 8500 digital printer/copi-
and replacing it with fresh mor-          convenient, no-cost options           er. The addition brings its digital
tar, while doing as little damage         including online banking, phone       printing/copying capabilities to
to the bricks themselves as possi-
   Rotten wooden sashes and
frames are being repaired and                                                    VISIT US
replaced, with care being taken to
leave as much original wood and
                                                                                 We Buy AND Sell
glass as possible.
   Visitors to the mill are advised         Annual end of Summer SALE
to detour around the immediate              20% OFF ‘til September 10th
work area. Tours, facility rentals,                                                      18th, 19th and 20th
and classes continue as usual in
the meantime.
   Contributions have come from
U.S. Bancorp Foundation,
Kinsman Foundation, Salem
Foundation, Oregon Community
Page 14                                                                     Business News -                                                          September 2005
Member Newsroom                      Westaff ’s new regional structure,”     When the ‘Sideways’ movie goers                                             What’s Happening?
continued from Page 13               said Trish Newman, President            showed up in the wine shops, our                                            continued from Page 9
                                     and CEO of Westaff. “I’m very           sales organization was primed to
Association.                         pleased that Karen has accepted         fill those orders.”                                                         St. NE. Developed by SocicWALL
   Julia is a 36-year Willamette     this new responsibility, and I’m            Sales revenue increased 67%                                             and presented by TTJ Computer.
Valley banking veteran and is the    confident that she will help            and net income before taxes                                                 Protect your network. Learn the
primary treasury management          Westaff achieve its aggressive          increased 268% for the three                                                five steps to maintaining network
contact for the company’s Coast-                                                                                                                         security while supporting a mobile
                                     growth and profitability goals.”        months ended June 30, 2005 as
Willamette market from her                                                                                                                               and productive workforce. 503-363-
                                        Tarka previously held a variety      compared to the prior year peri-
Salem office.                                                                                                                                            2993, Ext. 20061;
                                     of management positions within          od, and increased 49% and 82%,
   Carl has 21 years of banking      the industry, including district        respectively, for the six months
experience and services the                                                                                                                              Employer Briefing: The Human
                                     manager for Westaff in Southern         ended June 30, 2005 as compared                                             Side of Change: Helping
Portland and South Puget Sound       California.                             to the prior year period. The win-                                          Employees Move Into the Future
treasury management markets. He         “I’m delighted to be offered         ery continues to earn national                                              Sept. 9; 8:30-10:30am. Location:
also coaches youth basketball and    this integral role at such an excit-    accolades and awards from a vari-                                           Cascade Employers Association in
soccer in the North Clackamas        ing time for Westaff,” said Tarka.      ety of industry publications such                                           Salem. Details/Registration: 503-
school district.                     “I’m committed to helping               as Wine Enthusiast and Wine &                                               585-4320;
   West Coast Bancorp, one of        Westaff successfully implement          Spirits magazines.                     lenge, according to local author
Oregon Business Magazine’s 100       new programs designed to meet               The company continues to           Laura Handke Jones. It seems         CPR / First Aid Training
Best Companies to Work For in        our clients’ needs, and to create a     benefit from the national expo-        there is a never-ending stream of    Sept. 19, 7:30am-noon at the
2004 and 2005, is a Northwest        stronger, unified operation that        sure provided by the airing of         barriers, from lack of time and      Phoenix Inn North, 3760 Market St
bank holding company with $1.8       reflects the full-service staffing      Rachael Ray’s $40 a Day on the         money to insufficient information    NE #166. Liberty Northwest.
billion in assets, operating 52      firm we have become.”                   Food Network and PBS’s Caprial         and resources. According to          Registration:;
offices in Oregon and                                                                                               Handke Jones, turning a dream        toll free 1-800-463-6381, Ext. 1111.
                                        Westaff provides staffing ser-       and John’s Kitchen, where the
Washington. The company com-         vices and employment opportuni-         company has been featured.             into reality should be exciting,
bines the sophisticated products                                                                                    not scary. Her new book, “Six        SBA Loan Briefing on Sept. 20
                                     ties for businesses in global mar-          “It was great having Rachael
and expertise of larger banks                                                                                       Degrees to Your Dreams” intro-       Chemeketa TED Center hosts a
                                     kets. Westaff annually employs          Ray and her film crew at the win-                                           briefing on financing a small busi-
with the local decision making,      approximately 150,000 people            ery,” commented Bernau. “We            duces readers to a plan to guide
market knowledge and customer                                                                                                                            ness on Sept. 20; 11:15am-12:30pm,
                                     and services more than 15,000           had no idea what devoted viewers       them through the process.
                                                                                                                                                         365 Ferry St. SE. Registration: 503-
service of a community bank.         client accounts from more than          she has.” 8800 Enchanted Way              The book is an iUniverse          399-5088;                             240 offices located throughout          SE, Turner;                   Editor’s Choice Selection. An E-
                                     the United States, the United                                                  book version is also available.      Business Security Awareness
Westaff appoints Karen Tarka to      Kingdom, Australia and New              Winter Hawks announce        ; 1-800-                Sept. 21; 8:30-11:30am. A dynamic
Regional Vice President              Zealand. 530 Center St. NE              2005-06 season schedule                AUTHORS. 503-581-2134; wish          seminar of key security insights for
Westaff, Inc., a leading provider    #401; 503-364-3235;        The Portland Winter Hawks                             private, state and federal agencies.
of staffing services, announced                                              Hockey Club announced a tenta-                                              Topics include: security threats of
the appointment of Karen Tarka       Willamette Valley Vineyards             tive schedule for their upcoming       Woodburn Company Stores              2005 and beyond, security technol-
as Regional Vice President. In her   announces results of second             30th anniversary season. The           opens travel site                    ogy advances, products and tactics
                  new position,                                                                                     The Oregon Travel Information        for building security and how to
                                     quarter                                 home opener is Saturday,
                  Tarka will be                                                                                     Council’s first Travel Plaza has     reduce time evaluating and resolv-
                                     Willamette Valley Vineyards, Inc.       October 1st versus the defending
                  responsible for                                                                                                                        ing emerging threats. No cost. 503-
                                     (NASDAQ symbol: WVVI),                                                         opened at the Woodburn
                  Westaff branch                                                                                                                         566-7227;
                                     announced its results for the sec-                                             Company Stores. The plaza is the
                  operations in      ond quarter ended June 30, 2005.                                               site for Woodburn Area Chamber
                  Oregon,                                                                                                                                Employer education conference
                                     Oregon’s only public common                                                    of Commerce Oregon Travel            Sept. 21-23: The Oregon Employer
                  Washington and     stock held winery reported                                                     Information Center and makes         Council state conference for busi-
   Karen Tarka
                  several counties   achieving its highest performing                                               Woodburn a hub for regional          ness is at Seven Feathers Hotel and
within Southern California.          quarterly results in its history.                                              tourism promotion.                   Conference Center, Canyonville.
   Tarka’s promotion coincides          “The favorable business cli-         WHL Champion Kelowna                      The plaza in Woodburn is the      The conference is open to all
with the introduction of several     mate and the remarkable interest        Rockets. The home schedule fea-        first of the five new statewide      Oregon employers. Details: 503-
restructuring, growth and perfor-    in Pinot Noir generated by the          tures 13 Saturday night games, a       plazas proposed by the Travel        947-1305; marney.roddick
mance enhancement measures           movie ‘Sideways’ are the big rea-       New Year’s Eve Matchup with            Information Council (TIC) slated; workinginoregon.
designed to streamline Westaff's                                                                                    to open during the 2005-2007         org/OEC.
                                     sons why we are having so much          Seattle and a special Martin
operations and organization          success," exclaimed founder and         Luther King Jr. Holiday game in        biennium.
structure, improve profitability                                                                                       The plaza offers travelers        Basic Medic First Aid
                                     CEO, Jim Bernau. “The timing            January.
and support expansion.                                                                                              access to amenities including safe   Sept. 23; 9am-4pm. Location:
                                     of the movie was perfect. We               The schedule has General                                                 Cascade Employers Association in
   “With 20 years of experience      had just finished training all of       Manager, Ken Hodge, excited,           and sheltered access to travel
in the staffing industry, Karen                                                                                                                          Salem. Details/Registration: 503-
                                     our distributors on the unique          “We are very pleased with the          information, refreshments and
brings a wealth of knowledge to      qualities of Oregon Pinot Noir.         quality of our home schedule.          snacks, clean restrooms, an ATM,
                                                                             This is our most fan friendly          plus dozens of travel-oriented       Latino Small Business and
                                                                             schedule since the 1997-98 sea-        retailers selling everything from    Workforce Development
                                                                             son.”                                  beach towels and sunglasses to       Conference
                                                                                Portland meets arch rival           rain parkas and umbrellas.           Sept. 24; 8am-5pm at Chemeketa
                                                                             Seattle for the first time on             An information kiosk features     Community College, Bldg. 7, 4000
                                                                             Saturday, October 8th in               stories of local attractions and     Lancaster Dr. NE. To register or
                                                                             Portland. The Winter Hawks face        services, and provides space to      exhibit: Esther Puentes or Marin
                                                                             off with the defending U.S.            accommodate advertising and          Arreola, 503-356-0088;
                                                                             Division Champs a dozen times          brochures. Revenues generated
                                                                             with six home games in Portland        from the sales of advertising on
                                                                             and six games at the Key Arena.        the kiosk display will help fund     Salem Public Library
                                                                                                                    the development of future Travel     Business Seminar Series
                                                                                On Sunday, October 23rd,
                                                                                                                    Plazas on both public and private    Getting It All Done: Practical Time
                                                                             Portland will get their first oppor-
                                                                                                                                                         Management, Fred Pryor Seminars
                                                                             tunity to avenge last year’s first     land. woodburncompany
                                                                                                                                                         /Career Track, 9am-4pm, Sept. 26
                                                                             round game seven playoff defeat,
                                                                                                                                                         in Loucks Auditorium, $85, register
                                                                             when they host the Everett.                                                 online at or at the
                                                                                Like the 2004-05 season, the        Wendy Laudette named                 Library. 503-588-6052.
                                                                             Winter Hawks will begin this sea-      director of YWCA’s SOS
                                                                             son on the road with back-to-          Wendy Laudette has taken the         Reasonable Suspicion Training
                                                                             back road games. The season            job as Director of the YWCA’s        Sept. 29; 1:30-3:30pm. Location:
                                                                             begins September 24th in               Salem Outreach Shelter. Wendy        Cascade Employers Association in
                                                                             Kelowna against the Rockets, fol-      had been employed at the shelter     Salem. Details/Registration: 503-
                                                                             lowed by a September 25th game         since October of 1999 as the         585-4320;
                                                                             in Kamloops.                           House Manager.
                                                                                26 of the 36 2005-06 home              Gary Lasater, director of SOS     Mini-MBA: Business Essentials
                                                                             games are weekend games with           for three years, took a new job at   Fridays, Oct. 2005-March 2006;
                                                                                                                    Oregon Youth Authority. Linda        9am-Noon. Location: Clackamas
                                                                             five Fridays, 13 Saturdays, and
                                                                                                                    Smith, an employee of SOS            Community College in Wilsonville.
                                                                             eight Sundays. The weekday
                                                                                                                                                         Details/Registration: 503-585-4320;
       IN FRONT OF 10,000                                                    schedule includes one Monday,          since March of 1999 filled the
                                                                                                                    position of House Manager.
                                                                             three Tuesdays, five Wednesdays,
  Advertise in the Chamber’s Business News                                   and one Thursday game. The sea-        Wendy is a member of the
                 1 issue = $68                                                                                                                           HR Leadership: A Certificate
                                                                             son begins Sept. 24th and runs         Tuesday Group of the Chamber         Program for Human Resource
      3 issues = $193.80 (5% discount)                                       through March 19th. 503-238-           Business Women. Her primary
      6 issues = $367.20 (10% discount)                                                                                                                  Professionals
                                                                             6366;                 focus will be fundraising for the    Oct. 26-28, 2005; 8:30am-4:30pm.
      9 issues = $520.20 (15% discount)                                                                             operations of the shelter. 768       Location: Liberty Northwest in
     12 issues = $652.80 (20% discount)                                                                             State Street; 503-581-9922;
                                                                             Laura Handke Jones of                                                       Portland. Details/Registration: 503-
               CALL FOR DETAILS                                                                           
                                                                             Wishweavers publishes book                                                  585-4320;
            Tracey Etzel at 503.581.1466 x306
            Kyle Sexton at 503.581.1466 x305                                 Making a vague dream into a firm
                                                                             action plan can be a real chal-
September 2005                                                           Business News -                                                                         Page 15

Fall means back to business as Chamber                                                                Small business feels health
gears up programs and events for 2005-06                                                              plans crunch in big way
                      Can it be fall already? It       What accomplishments classify Dr.                                     More than 60 percent of America’s
                      must be. I have returned      Gregory as a “world-class” life saver? He was                            uninsured are small-business owners
                      from summer vacation.         the first physician to treat heart attacks with                          and their families or employees of small
                      We have packed our son        lasers, using a laser system he developed. He                            business. Any criticism directed at busi-
                      back to college. The          also developed the hemorrhage control                                    ness owners implying that they do not
                      office picnic was a huge      dressing that has saved the lives of many of                             want to offer health insurance is totally
                      success. And, the brief       our soldiers currently serving in Iraq. His                              off base. Many small business owners
                      August respite that you       story promises to be moving and inspira-                                 themselves do not have coverage. The
   Kris Jon Gorsuch                                                                                       Mike McLaran
                      have enjoyed, is over.        tional.                                                                  reason: the cost is prohibitive.
                                                                                                        Executive Director
                         Fall means back to            Sorry you sleepy headed golfers. The golf                                The majority of small business own-
business in a big way. Your Senior VP,              tournament on September 26th was sold out         ers would love to have access to affordable health insurance
Theresa Taaffe, PGE, just held a very pro-          by August 1st. That included all golfing spots    and offer that coverage to employees. As a Chamber of
ductive meeting with our Leadership                 and all sponsorships. There are still a few       Commerce, we operate just like a small business and we have
Development and Efforts in Education                seats available for dinner. Next year, remem-     had to make adjustments like many have had to do. We con-
groups.                                             ber to sign up the day you get the brochure!      verted a couple of years ago to a Health Savings Account
   Within our Efforts in Education group,           Too bad if you miss seeing my game. I             with health coverage that has a $2,500 deductible for each
there are the E-3, Youth Mentoring,                 haven’t played in 30 years, but Mike has me       employee. Small businesses everywhere have to make these
Educators Leadership Institute and the              on a team with our presenting sponsor West        types of adjustments.
Crystal Apple Awards Program.                       Coast Bank. Highlights will be on ESPN               So, while we respect very much the work of those in pub-
   Under our Leadership Development                 Bloopers.                                         lic employment, many of the health benefit plans that have
Program there are The Leadership Salem,                Speaking of early calendaring for great        been negotiated are unrealistic. Unions must approach this
Leadership Youth, Graduation/Banquet,               events, remember November 5th is the              issue with a sense of understanding that adjustments must be
Chamber Latino Network, and Chamber                 Evening d’ Elegance benefit, to be held at        made. Local governments and school districts cannot sustain
Business Women.                                     the Salem Conference Center, and                  the types of increases to keep benefits at the status quo.
   Three exciting new programs emerged              November 17th is the Crystal Apple Awards            What is being done to help small business? During the last
from this meeting of committee chairs. The          Banquet. Both of these events were at or          U.S. Congress, the House twice passed legislation to allow
first, is a group which will be formed to           over capacity last year and our volunteers say    small business health plans—plans that would allow small
define and prioritize the Leadership Salem          this years’ events are going to be even better.   businesses to join together across state lines to purchase
and Leadership Youth Community Projects,            So reserve early and stay late.                   health insurance, raising their buying power and lowering
early in the process, in order to help these           Rounding out this month, we start the          their costs. However, the Senate never acted. The Senate is
programs reach their maximum potential and          Leadership Salem, and Leadership Youth            now discussing legislation, but more support is necessary in
community benefit.                                  classes, our Latino Network has several           order to make Small-Business Health Plans a reality. Log on
   Second, a “Leadership Masters” program           events, weekly meetings of the three              to for your Senator’s contact infor-
was outlined which will launch from the             Chamber Business Women’s Groups contin-           mation and make your voice heard.
Leadership Salem platform with more in-             ue, Greeters booms every Friday morning              In the mean time, if you would like more information
depth public service and community involve-         (after a Labor Day holiday), a host of ribbon     regarding “safety net” coverage for your employee’s children,
ment training. You will hear more about this        cuttings are scheduled with the                   the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) may be an option. While I
program as the details unfold.                      Ambassadors. And of course, we have an            am not happy with the past operation of OHP and while
   Finally, a Salem Young Professionals group       interesting schedule of governmental affairs      there is still abuse and things not structured right within the
will be formed this year to network “up and         programs awaiting you.                            system, the one good thing is that it can be a stopgap mea-
comers” in our business community. I am                Like I said in my article last month, “your    sure to ensure the children of our state are covered until
very excited about this, and I know several         Chamber is one busy place!” I am sure I           other options become available.
young professionals in my office are ready to       missed something important, but you can              The number to call for more information is: 1-800-359-
join. So, watch the Web site and Business           check our Web site for more information.          9517 and the Oregon Health Helpline is 1-866-458-4457.
News for updates on these three exciting new        And while you are surfing, notice that there         Healthy and well-educated children must be a top priority.
opportunities.                                      are still some opportunities for advertising      As we begin a new school year, think about what difference
   Looking forward to the upcoming Forum            on the website. If you are interested, please     you could make in the life of a child by becoming a mentor.
Speaker Series? I am! This year’s line up is        call Kyle at the Chamber.                         One hour a week could make the difference of a lifetime. E-
stellar. Order your season tickets early. It will      In closing, I want to give big “Kudos” to      mail or
make your life easier every month. Also,            all of our volunteers. It seems like every time   if you are interested.
remember our kickoff Forum is September             I go to the Chamber building or attend a
21 at the Salem the Conference Center. It is        meeting I meet someone new who is taking
a joint event with Salem Downtown Rotary,           time from their work day to pull the oar and                                                       Join the Cascade Pacific Council of

United Way, and the Chamber. The event’s            make this Chamber a better place. Many of                                                              the Boy Scouts of America
theme is “Life Savers - The Heartbeat of            them are invisible to many of our members.                                                                   to honor their
our Community” and the speaker is Dr.               However, the job that they do is not invisible.                                                        2005 Distinguished Citizen
Kenton Gregory, Director, Oregon Medical            So, thank you volunteers, and we look for-
Laser Center at Providence St. Vincent              ward to a great fall kickoff.
                                                                                                                                                         DICK WITHNELL
Medical Center in Portland.                                                                                                                              Thursday, September 22, 2005
                                                                                                                                                               6:00 - 6:45pm Reception
                                                                                                                                                         7:00 - 8:30pm Dinner & Recognition
                                                                                                                                                                  The Wittenberg Inn
                                                                                                                                                         5188 Wittenberg Lane North, Keizer
                                                                                                                 DICK WITHNELL                                          Advertising
                                                                                                      GOLD PATRON TABLE - $1,000                                       opportunities
                                                                                                        1 table of 8, premium seating, full-page tribute                 available
                                                                                                      SILVER PATRON TABLE - $800
                                                                                                        1 table of 8 and full-page tribute                           RESERVATIONS
                                                                                                      CITIZEN’S TABLE - $400                                            503-581-6601
                                                                                                        1 table of 8                                                      Ext. 202
                                                                                                      INDIVIDUAL TICKETS - $50 each                                  FAX 503-581-6602
                                                                                                        ($24 of $50 ticket price is tax-deductible)       

                                                                                                                         Proceeds from this event support Scouting pro-
                                                                                                                         grams and outreach efforts in Marion and Polk
                                                                                                                         counties. These dollars assist in breaking down
                                                                                                                         the financial barriers to join Scouting and pro-
                                                                                                                         vide youth with a quality, values-based program.
Page 16                                                                  Business News -                                                              September 2005

                                                  The Chamber: Creating a Strong Local Economy
                                                       Ribbon Cuttings / Ground Breakings
                                          Dozens of people and
                                          community leaders were
                                                                          Wthnell Motor
                                          on hand for the dedication
                                          of Bill Frey Drive, off
                                                                          Company breaks
                                          Portland Road, on August        ground on Hyundai
                                          4th. Bill Frey left a legacy
                                          of community leadership         dealership
                                          and volunteerism in the
                                                                          David Withnell, president of
                                          northgate neighborhood.
                                                                          Withnell      Motor     Company,
                                          Allure Salon & Day Spa          announced a $3 million remodel
                                          invited Chamber                 of the Withnell Hyundai auto
                                          Ambassadors to their rib-       dealership at a groundbreaking
                                                                                                                David Withnell (right) and his father Dick broke ground to begin expansion and
                                          bon cutting ceremony at         ceremony held Monday, August
                                                                                                                remodel of the Hyundai auto dealership on Mission St. SE. Salem Chamber
                                          their new salon in South        8th.                                  Ambassadors and Executive Director Mike McLaran attended the ceremony.
                                          Salem. 5680 Commercial            Withnell Motor Company has Below is an artist’s rendering of the completed facility.
                                          St S, #120; 503-585-            had the Hyundai franchise, locat-
                                          3029.                           ed at 1996 Mission St. SE, since December 1994.             and Mission St. SE address. In addition, the pre-
                                                                          The service department has been located at the              owned (used) car and reconditioning operations
                                          Shurgard Self-Storage                                                                       for all of Withnell Motor Company—Dodge,
                                                                          Withnell Dodge facility, 2650 Commercial St. SE.
                                          opened at 4780 Liberty
                                                                            According to David Withnell, it just made                 Hyundai, and Nissan in Albany—will have a new
                                          Road S. Cutting the rib-
                                          bon are Greg Goheen,            “economic sense” to expand and remodel the                  building just south of where their facility is now
                                          District Manager; John          20th and Mission St. SE facility because of                 located (part of the existing 20th & Mission St .
                                          Eisenbarth, Market              increased Hyundai sales. Withnell Hyundai has               SE complex).
                                          Manager; Paul Beyer,            increased sales from six units to 50-plus per               “We are confident of the Mid-Willamette Valley
                                          Store Manager and Greg          month.                                                      marketplace,” said David, “and our investment is
                                          Plenert, Field Sales and          “It’s a win-win for Withnell Motor Company,”              a commitment to our customers, as well as our
                                          Market Representative.          said David, “creating a greater service capacity            employees.”
                                                                          for the Dodge operation on 2650 Commercial St.
                                                                          SE, and a total ‘stand alone’ facility for Hyundai
                                          Barry Bowers and Natalie
                                          Frajola are the new own-        sales and service on Mission St. SE.”
                                          ers of the former                 Part of the $3 million renovation will include
                                          Roscoe’s Landing                increased office and repair space for Withnell
                                          Restaurant. In August,          Body & Paint, which is also located at the 20th
                                          they brought back the for-
                                          mer name, “Flight Deck
                                          Restaurant.” 503-581-
                                          5721, 2680 Aerial Way

                                          Tim Layton and family cut
                                          the ribbon at I Sold It, an
                                          eBay service store in
                                          South Salem. 4093
                                          Commercial St SE, #140;

                                          Brianna Berry and
                                          Truman Baird, Chairman
                                          of the Board, cut the rib-
                                          bon to Oregon
                                          Community Credit Union's
                                          new South Salem branch,
                                          their second in Salem,
                                          and ninth overall in
                                          Oregon. 5325
                                          Commercial St SE; 503-
                                          588-2347; oregon

                                          Carolyn Contos, far right,
                                          broke ground on
                                          Worthington Financial’s
                                          new office site at 2152
                                          Commercial St. SE.
                                          Construction begins this
                                          month and completion is
                                          slated for early 2006. The
                                          4,500 building will include
                                          commercial offices avail-
                                          able for rent, as well.
                                          Mike McLaran and Terri
                                          Frohnmayer, broker for
                                          First Commercial Real
                                          Estate Services, LLC
                                          attended the ground-
                                          breaking. 503-378-7556.

                                                  CCB# 158330

                      Construction Inc.
           “Providing The Structure For Outstanding
          Performance In The Construction Industry.”
503.851.9804                                   Fax 503.390.3633

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