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					                                                          A N N UA L                           R E P O R T

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                                                                                                   Our paddling group at Rocky Gap
                                                                                                   State Park in Cumberland, MD.

Canoeing and Kayaking Club

After a number of students expressed interest in canoeing
and kayaking during our first Choose-Your-Own-Adventure
trips day in June, we decided to give them an opportunity
to earn some physical education credit by doing a series
of activities during the year. Our first trip took us to the
Patuxtent River where we spent some time on the water just
upstream from Jug’s Bay and also along Western creek.
    For the first of our three day-long adventures, we drove   Paddling in Lake Habeeb, fed by Rocky Gap run, under the shadow of
                                                               Evitt’s Mountain.
out to Rocky Gap State Park which was having an unsea-
sonably warm Columbus day (85 degrees). Rocky Gap is 5         And in some cases swimming! Great progress made by all.
miles east of Cumberland and has a large lake, champion-          We finished up by visiting the start of the 184.5 mile
ship golf course, and a number of outdoor recreation options   C & O Canal in Cumberland, site of numerous Parkmont
(including biking and segway trails). We spent our time at     adventures in the distant past, and also the beginning of a
the lake working on paddling skills, having one person canoe   relatively new bike trail of 160 plus miles to Pittsburgh along
races, learning canoe portage, and figuring out how to deal    an old railroad bed. We’ll continue our canoe/kayak class
with difficult head winds on our way back to the takeout.      when the weather gets warmer come spring.
         Dear Parkmont and Somerset Families and Friends,

         Our 2009-10 Annual Report and Newsletter follow. Your many gifts to the school have never been
         more important. The last half decade has not been kind to a number of the smaller (and recently larger
         as well) independent schools, but we continue to be sustained by the generosity of our friends and the
         many services and other forms of support integral to our program. When we named our largest fundrais-
         ing campaign five years ago “Creating Futures: Parkmont’s Campaign for Today and Tomorrow,” we had
         little notion of how profoundly accurate that name would be, and we are ever thankful for its success.
             When I first arrived at Parkmont 30 years ago, there were a number of posters around our Wis-
         consin avenue building touting “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” It was already a school
         experienced with challenge. We did our own version of lemonade making last summer when we found
         ourselves asking how to get more staff help with an economy-shrunk budget. Would someone work
         for free? Seemed crazy but with the job market crumbling for college grads we gave it a shot. The
         result, Julia Penn, a recent Blair High School and Wesleyan graduate, volunteered to work half time
         for us around her schedule waiting tables at Matchbox, and what a job she did. Tutor, teaching assis-
         tant, School ID maker, yearbook supervisor, Hannah’s homework coach, get out the evaluations office
         worker, there’s little she didn’t contribute to at Parkmont during her time with us. After a year of such
         interning, what did Julia find for herself? A place in Math for America that includes a totally paid-for
         Masters at American University, a contract to work with DCPS, and a living stipend on top of the
         whole thing. Thank you Julia, for what you’ve done for Parkmont and our students, and congratulations
         on what you’ve accomplished for yourself.
             Early in July, I attended a funeral in New Hampshire for George Blackman, a retired Episcopal priest
         who married Holly and me 26 years ago. I met George ten years before that when I first started attend-
         ing the Northfield Conference at Northfield Mt. Hermon school, and his work leading the confer-
         ence inspired much of the work at Parkmont that I’ve been proudest of during my now thirty years as
         head. The Conference had been a week-long bible-study camp for high schools girls for 80+ years, and
         evolved into a spiritual retreat for families in the early 1970’s. George’s contributions to that transfor-
         mation were many. It became a place that accords great respect for the individual paths that we each
         follow and the challenges that mark the way. It teaches great confidence in our resiliency. It affirms the
         value in inviting folks to share their own stories (i.e. our petition process). It is a truly “encouraging”
         community. We’ve had a fine start to our own school year, in part because of great changes in spirit
         and intention among our older students during the past six months. They remind me of George’s good
         work and reflect our own at Parkmont.
             We’re planning a new class trip to Panama this year (may Mexico recover from its current cancer).
         We are sending our students out to work around town as we have for 29 years. We are taking a number
         of local trips to get everyone biking, wall climbing, or canoeing, and are enjoying the theatre scene
         as much as we ever have. We are grateful for the way Facebook connects us with our alumni and are
         looking forward to the opportunity to display our work for the AIMS accreditation team that will visit
         us in March for our once-in-a-decade review. And we are always grateful for the opportunity we have
         here to help young people change their lives and aspirations.


                                                             Ron McClain, Head of School

2   Fall 2010                                                                                                     ParkmontNews
                                                                                              Field Trip Spotlight:

                                                                                              Button Farm Living
                                                                                              History Center
                                                                                              By WiLLA REiNhARd

                                                                                              I discovered the Menare Foundation’s
                                                                                              Button Farm Living History Center
                                                                                              while teaching a class on Race Rela-
                                                                                              tions in the fall. Donna Geraci, a Park-
                                                                                              mont parent, had taken her son, Malik,
                                                                                              to experience their hands-on program
                                                                                              about the Underground Railroad, and
                                                                                              she spoke highly of it. So in the spring,
                                                                                              when teaching a middle school main
                                                                                              lesson on the U.S. Civil Rights Move-
                                                                                              ment, I decided to take my class to the
                                                                                              Button Farm for a field trip.
                                                                                                  On May 26, we drove just an hour
                                                                                              outside of DC to Germantown, MD,
                                                                                              to find ourselves on a winding country
                                                                                              road that led us to the 60-acre historic
                                                                                              farm, designed to look like an 1850s
                                                                                              plantation. My class took part in their
                                                                                              “Beyond the Big House” program. The
Fall Soccer Team Competes with Nora School                                                    day included an introduction to various
                                                                                              tools used for work during that period,
Last spring we explored the possibility of sharing soccer and basketball teams                an hour of weeding and hoeing in the
with the Nora School in Silver Spring. When we started talking about it with                  garden, and exercises designed to help
our students this fall it turned out that we had enough soccer players at Park-               students understand what it may have
mont to form our own team, which we did several weeks ago with uniforms and                   felt like to stand on an auction block
cleats and minimal practice. Our season will be a three game series with Nora.
                                                                                              or the many obstacles involved in try-
We were delighted to find that we had a number of experienced players in the
                                                                                              ing to escape a plantation.
mix and some very athletic foks newer to the game whose enthusiasm for com-
peting is infectious.                                                                             The afternoon concluded with a
                                                                                              personal story from Anthony Cohen,
                                                                                              our guide, and the founder of the
                                                                                              Menare Foundation. In order to fur-
  ParkmontNews Volume 19, Issue 1                                                             ther his own understanding of slavery
                                                                                              and the Underground Railroad, in
  ron mcclain                          Parkmont School                                        1996, Cohen walked 1,200 from Sandy
  Head of School                       4842 Sixteenth Street, N.W.                            Spring, Maryland to Ontario, Canada,
                                       Washington, D.C. 20011
  christy Halvorson ross, Editor
                                                                                              a journey that took him two months.                                                                          Two years later, he walked from what
  The Parkmont News is a                                                                      was known as the Deep South, from
  publication of Parkmont School       (202) 726-0740
                                                                                              Mobile, Alabama to Ontario, Canada,
  issued approximately twice a         DevelOPment
  year. Inquiries should be directed                                                          this time traveling three months.
                                       (202) 726-0740, ext. 210
  to the Development Office.
                                       (202) 726-0748 (fax)
                                                                                              While our students didn’t get that close
  Thank you to all the                                                                        to experiencing the challenges of slav-
                                       BOarD Of truSteeS 2010-2011
  teachers and students who                                                                   ery, they did come away with a more
  contributed to this issue.           cari Gradison, President      ron mcclain
                                                                                              personal understanding of the physical
              aURaS Design             Debbie DuSault,               Shannon morris
  design by
                                       Vice President                christy Halvorson ross
                                                                                              and mental challenges of the work, of
                                       Walter ailes, Treasurer       Dick roth                the uncertainty involved in slavery, and
  Printed on recycled paper
                                       cille Kennedy, Secretary      David Weisman            what it might feel like to have your
                                       Judy lentz                                             humanity denied.

ParkmontNews                                                                                                            Fall 2010    3
Choose Your Own Adventure! Parkmont’s New Field Trip Days

On Wednesday June 2nd and again in          location on June 2nd. There was the        the next day, but that they had had a
September, Parkmont had a field day.        usual awkward putting on of harnesses      great time!
Ok so, it wasn’t exactly a field day.       and adjusting them to fit. When our
We did not have competitive three-          climbers were all ready they divided
legged races or egg tosses, but we did      into groups and set out with the Sport
                                                                                       Paddle Boating...
                                                                                       By GiNA dUffiN
go on trips that allowed us to get out      Rock belayers (who hold the end of
and enjoy the beautiful weather. Stu-       the safety rope attached to the climber)   It was a hot and humid day when four
dents were able to choose what type of      to gracefully scale the walls just like    students and I went paddle boating at
adventure they wanted.                      Spiderman! Or not! Some of the stu-        the Tidal Basin during the upper school
                                            dents had previous climbing experience     trip day this June. As other students
                                            and others hadn’t climbed at all before.   were biking, rock climbing, or golfing,
Biking...                                   After her first route up to the top of a   we paddled our way around the basin
                                            beginner wall, I asked Jordan Leach-       enjoying the peacefulness of the still
Nijole, Michelle, and I led one of the      Herndon, a 9th grader and first time       water beneath us and the puffy clouds
trips and took our kids down to Fletch-     climber, if this was her favorite new      overhead. However, because there was
er’s on Canal Road. We rented bicycles      sport. She pondered for a few seconds      not respite from the hot sun while pad-
and rode for a couple of hours on the       and confessed with a sneaky mischie-       dling in the basin, we decided after
Capital Crescent Trail. It was hot and      vous smile, “Yeah… yeah, I think it is.”   about 30 minutes of sweaty exercise
sunny, but the tree-shaded trail was        Over ice cream from Rita’s we talked       to make our way to the zoo where we
pleasant and we polished off about 6        about our day: everyone said they were     could enjoy the water sprays that line
miles before stopping at Bethesda Row       worn out and planning on being sore        the pathways; the animals, and some
for a bite to eat.
    As a group we parked our bikes
and went for lunch. AG and I treated
ourselves to ice cream as we waited for
the group to get back, it seemed a fair
trade for watching the bikes. We chat-
ted amicably about how AG was going
to spend as much of his summer as pos-
sible riding around on a bicycle.
    The trip back to the boathouse flew
by. The kids were jazzed: Kien, AG,
SaVaughn, and Colin played leapfrog,
trying to outrace each other. SaVaughn
cycled without his hands on the han-
dlebars and kept trying to get us to look
and be impressed. And he had a smile
plastered on his face the entire time.
    We got back to Fletcher’s quicker
than we expected, no one wanted to
leave so we turned back around and
got on the Canal toe path for a couple
of miles. When we did finally turn in
our bikes we were all tired and happy.
So, while I cannot speak for sure about
the trips, my group of Parkmont did
have a field day.


The red van took a load full of upper
school students and two teachers on an                                                  Sarah Moroney  on the  climbing wall this fall.
adventure to Sport Rock’s Alexandria

4    Fall 2010                                                                                                            ParkmontNews
                                               From the President of the Board
                                               Behind the scenes and safeguarding the unique educational experience
Subway sandwiches on the way. Our              that our students and faculty are engaged with each school day, there
fun filled day of exercise ended happily       exists a full range of management and governance activity.
with some ice cream and sodas before               This year in addition to the usual planning, fundraising, oversight and
heading back to school.                        promotion in which the Board of Trustees is always engaged, an extensive
                                               self-assessment of the entire school is underway. The Board in conjunction
Golfing...                                     with the staff is conducting a head to toe review and assessment of the
By RON MccLAiN                                 school, which will make up the core of our ten-year accreditation renewal
                                               submission. This work is both exciting and challenging. While time con-
Viitel, Julien, and Ben went golf-
                                               suming, it is essential to assure our school is positioned and structured most
ing with me on our local outing day.
We went down to the East Potomac               effectively to meet the needs and challenges of today’s Parkmont student.
Course just above Hains Point (from                In May & October, the Board held half-day retreats to carefully review
which the “Awakening” sculpture was            our mission and processes as well as to scrutinize our own board structures
recently “stolen” for National Harbor.)        and mode of operation. We want to make sure we are honing in on the
They have three nine-hole courses and          right issues, the ones most critical to our students and overall school. Each
a very large driving range that faces          and every one of our ten board members is dedicated to assuring that our
National Airport. There are practice           school performs effectively for our students and that Parkmont remains an
putting greens and a mini-golf course          available and much needed alternative for students (and their families) in
next door. We spent most of our time           this metropolitan area. Our target population is those students who have
on the driving range, occasional getting       not found success in the more traditional school setting.
our balls airborne like the passenger
                                                   In addition to evaluating our mission and bylaws, the boards is also
planes we watched take off and land.
                                               redoing our entire board manual, streamlining our board record keeping
We competed to see who could most
accurately hit some of the flags on the        and refining our policies. This may sound dry and procedural but it will
range, then putted for a while before          help us do our jobs better.
taking on the mini-golf course. At the             Our Board is also trying to assure that Parkmont remains agile finan-
beginning, golf balls look very small          cially. The Creating Futures campaign has significantly strengthened our
when you’re trying to hit them.                financial base, but we must still contend with economic pressures and the
                                               resulting decrease in enrollment private schools as a whole are experienc-
Beaching (with the                             ing in this area. The need for Parkmont still exists but families more often
                                               are financially stressed and thus in greater need of financial aid. With
Middle School)...
                                               our small size Parkmont can be flexible but it also means when student
                                               numbers drop, budget adjustments must be quickly made. The Finance
Matt McClain and I were asked to               committee has been very active this year, meeting at least bi-monthly.
take the Middle School on a day trip           The group naturally has been active in monitoring the budget but has
up to Sandy Point Beach, a nice little         also developed key financial models that allow us to expand and contract
state park over on the Chesapeake
                                               our budget and spending when and where needed. Despite all of this, our
Bay. I had never been before, although
                                               commitment to financial aid remains strong, with upwards of 25% of our
after this trip, I can say I will definitely
be back. We took our lunches and a             operating budget being used for such assistance.
cooler with some water over the (really            As always, our financial supporters and “angels” are essential in keep-
hot!) sand, and laid out our towels and        ing Parkmont financially viable. On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees
prepared for what would be a gorgeous          – many thanks to each and every one of you for your contributions and
day of relaxing and hanging out with           commitment to this wonderful school. We as a Board are hard at work
each other on the beach. Honestly,             to make sure the dollars you have contributed are expended efficiently
these are the kinds of trips that make         and effectively while keeping our education program vibrant and focused
me so happy to get to hang out with            on each individual student and to the extent possible, to do that without
these great kids. We joked around and          regard to a family’s financial status. We live in challenging times!
played in the water and on the sand,
threw Frisbees, footballs, and chilled
out when we wanted to. I have to say,          J. Cari Elliott Gradison
I had a great time with the middle             President, Parkmont Board of Trustees
school on that day, and I can’t wait
until we get to go back next year.

ParkmontNews                                                                                                      Fall 2010     5
Sheer Poetry                                                           mainstay mistress
                                                                       of ceremonies,
                                                                                            THERE IS A TANGERINE
                                                                                            COLORED SKY
By KiM schRAf                                                          former Parkmont
                                                                                            a (sunset) luncheon of the boating party
                                                                       teacher and
                                                                                                              —Pierre Auguste Renoir
The reliable indicators that                                           published poet
May is here – azaleas, SATs,                                           Sharan Strange.      There is a tangerine colored sky
Mother’s Day brunches —                                                Students wrote       And as I open my eyes,
were joined by our own spe-                                            of their families,   I see a family,
cial end-of-the-school-year                                            their dreams, the    Together
harbinger, the Parkmont                                                images that sus-     A mom,
Poetry Festival. On Satur-                                             tain and disturb     A dad,
day, May 8, for the 28th                                               them as they         And a little baby.
year running, young poets                                              attempt to make      And myself,
from every stripe of school       Sharan Strange, former Parkmont      sense of the world   Sitting
                                  English teacher, is now the modera-                       In a chair,
in the District of Columbia                                            they live in.
                                  tor of the Parkmont Poetry Festival.
met up at Parkmont to read                                             Mostly, though,      Watching,
their verse and be celebrated. A pool           their poetry sought to articulate them-     Backwards,
of nearly 350 middle-school and upper- selves through lenses as diverse as they             Like I’m glued there.
school entrants had been winnowed               are. Here are Parkmont’s distinguished      They look happy.
down to 40 finalists by an esteemed trio winning poems:                                     I take a closer look,
of judges (Liz Rees, Regie Cabico, and                                                      And see,
Ed Skoog), whose backgrounds span                                                           Me.
inner-city schools, university instruc-                                                     I am that little baby.
                                                FADING SUNLIGHT                             I look so innocent,
tion, and spoken-word slams. A record-
                                                The clouds split in the sky                 Like a tiny dog.
breaking, capacity crowd showed up to           And the sun falls to the ground             I don’t see the parents’ faces
affirm and applaud them on a merci-             The flocks fly by                           They are a blur,
fully mild, 75-degree afternoon follow-         Without making a sound                      Like a sailboat in the distant waters.
ing a scorching heat wave.                      The clouds fade to red                      I reach out to touch them …
    We were thrilled to include dozens          As the day turns black                      They disappear
of new schools in the process this year,        Feathers lightly shed                       Like in the magic shows
reflecting the rapidly-changing land-           As the rain comes back                      You always wake up.
scape of DC public charter education,           The horizon gets dimmer                     I did, and now,
and to find five of our Parkmont stu-           As the clouds disappear                     I’m alone.
dents honored as finalists. Thirty-eight        The flocks from summer                      I look out my window
of the forty winners were on hand for           Begin to reappear                           There is a tangerine colored sky.
the festival and reading, as was our                            —Jack Hussey, Grade 12                  —Hannah Kramer, Grade 9

                                                 Larry Neal Writers                         who dreams of flying planes, is one
                                                                                            that Willa has been working on for
                                                 Competition Honors                         several years – what she submitted to
                                                                                            the Larry Neal competition is part of a
                                                 Willa Reinhard                             much longer story. During the summer
                                                                                            of 2006, while working as an Academic
                                                 By NijOLE GEdUTis
                                                                                            Dean for the Johns Hopkins Center for
                                                 On May 7, 2010, Willa Reinhard,            Talented Youth, she was intrigued by a
                                                 English Teacher, Administrator, and        student in the program who ended up
                                                 Admissions Coordinator, accepted           serving as inspiration for this particular
                                                 3rd place in the 30th Annual Larry         story. He was facing some difficulties
                                                 Neal Writers Competition for her           fitting in, she says, despite being as
                                                 story, “Flight.” The contest, which        capable as the other students there. In
                                                 is sponsored by the DC Commission          the summer of 2007, after completing
                                                 on Arts and Humanities, is open to         her MFA at University of Miami, she
                                                 adult and teen writers throughout          began to write the story while on an
                                                 DC who can submit to any of three          artist’s retreat in Lake Forest, Illinois.
                                                 categories – poetry, short stories and         “Flight” is representative of Willa’s
Willa Reinhard teaches English at Parkmont and   dramatic writing. “Flight”, about an       writing in the past few years. Her thesis
was honored for her story “Flight.”              11 year old boy from Washington, DC        at the University of Miami was a col-

6    Fall 2010                                                                                                           ParkmontNews
                                                                                                 And suddenly, it’s over.
                                                                                                 Ninety minutes, rushed
                                                                                                     by in an instant.
                                                                                                 I left with the crowd, feeling awesome.
                                                                                                               —Quentin Korn, Grade 8

                                                                                                 UNNAMED POEM
                                                                                                 The tree dances in the wind like wind
The winners of the 2010 Parkmont Poetry Festival, from dozens of schools from across the city.       blows the tall blades of grass.
                                                                                                 The tree blowing is life in front of you.
UNTITLED                                           SONIC YOUTH,                                      The tree liable to fall down.
Don’t get stuck between the rotting                LIVE AT THE 9:30 CLUB                         The Empire State Building-sized tree
   gray wooden boards.                             Silhouette figures leap to the stage,             will soon perish.
Ease your way and follow me.                       Beams of light blaring from                   It blew with great alacrity; it should
These people are like vines.                          the back wall.                                 never look at the ground.
Ready to stop you from growing and                 Ceiling-high loudspeakers,                    The tree is gone now, an emptiness
   other things.                                   Taped-up drums.                                   inside.
Touch the velvet fabric on the table.              The crowd shifts and shuffles.                For all we’ve been through, the people
It beats like a heart.                                                                               in the sky are thinking of the tree.
Showing love.                                      Five first guitar notes shatter               Those furtive leaves keep getting on
Pain.                                                 the suspense,                                  me, but I do not care.
Happiness.                                         Like a baseball through glass.                The one thing I cared about is now
Heartache.                                         Drums pound, bass notes pulsate.                  forever gone.
The warmth of a mother’s and                       The guitar screeches and reverberates,        I noticed something where the tree
   grandma’s love.                                 overpowering the singer’s voice.                  used to be.
Keep the lantern in the child’s soul               The crowd bounces and crashes.                Well, that’s the beginning of a whole
   burning.                                        I look around the stage,                          new tree.
Everyone here has big dreams.                      the guitarist is using a drumstick,           Someone planted another tree. I guess
At the brown table we come together.                  bowing the strings,                            I’m not the only one.
Sharing smiles and laughter.                       The bass and drums drop out,                  Not the only one who thinks about the
See, it’s not as bad as you thought.               the next song beckons.                            tree; it’s such poetry.
You saw people like us on TV, but not                                                            For all that it’s worth, it is obscure
   up close.                                       The borders of the songs blur,                    outside now.
Now I guess you have a little sense                the guitar rarely stopping.                   It’s time to go where humans go.
Of what goes on.                                   The storm of music begins to                  Away from the outside world.
                —Noelle Smith, Grade 9                mellow into light rain,                                —Michael Seidman, Grade 7

lection of short stories, How to Lose an
Accent, about what she calls “the real             Parkmont School                               advisory group made a yummy Wine
                                                                                                 and Cheese basket, which won first
DC.” She wanted the stories to reflect
the “mixture of people who come
                                                   Silent Auction 2010                           place for selling at the highest price.
                                                                                                 However, Trefor’s advisory won the
together in a city like DC,” where she             By AMy WARd                                   unofficial prize for best name: Death
herself was born and raised. She’s found                                                         by Chocolate.
inspiration in writers like her local idol,        The Parkmont Silent Auction was                  We raffled off a Vacation Package at
Edward P. Jones, as well as Jhumpa                 a great success this spring! All told,        Rehoboth Beach and when Parkmont
Lahiri, Junot Diaz and Daniel Alarcon.             we raised almost $12,000 to support           alum Thomas Hailey pulled out the
   Willa plans to spend some time                  our school Computer Center and the            winning raffle ticket...he pulled his
this summer pulling together more                  Financial Aid Program. It was great           own mom’s name! How exciting!
stories for her collection. The process            to see so many members – new and                 We had an absolutely amazing of
of writing is, for her, one that entails           old – of the Parkmont community               parent volunteer staff. As Auction
some work in advance – she says she is             in attendance. The bidders had fun            Coordinator, I would like to say a huge
always observing and taking notes – as             bidding on everything from Nation-            collective thank you to all those par-
well as some faith that, even though               als Tickets to Alaskan Crab Legs and          ents – you really made this event pos-
she often starts a story without know-             Golf Vacation Packages to tickets to          sible this year and did a great service
ing exactly where the characters are               Folger Theatre’s production of Hamlet.        to our school and our students! Cheers
going to take her, they have somewhere             Parkmont students’ advisory groups            to the auction solicitors, volunteers,
to go.                                             put together baskets to bid on. Gina’s        donors, attendees and staff!

ParkmontNews                                                                                                               Fall 2010    7
Parkmont’s                                     supervisor), look at any books that may
                                               be on the cart next to her desk, walk
                                                                                           have for my family since, from what
                                                                                           I have seen, people in the Council
Internship Program                             out of her office, say hello to Rebecca
                                               and Dave, walk out of the staff room,
                                                                                           have to dedicate their heart and soul
                                                                                           to their jobs. I know it is a stressful
By WiLLA REiNhARd                              say hello to Karen, walk across the         job, but I would try my best to make it
                                               library into the kid’s room, organize one   work because I love law and politics. I
Each fall and spring, our upper school         or two sections of the nonfiction, read     also like to dress professionally and the
students spend six hours a week, and           something, tutor Ethan, Akholom, and        idea of working at a desk and keeping
sometimes more, at internships around          Isaak (Isaak is a girl) and then, prob-     myself busy. This field is perfect for me
the DC metro area. The internship              ably go home.                               because it involves everything I enjoy.
program is an integral component of                        —A.G. Abrams, 10th grade                   —Joselyn Flores, 11th grade
the upper school curriculum. We see it
as an opportunity for students to learn        Nippon Kenpo Karatedo                       Drilling Tennis and Golf
about the world of work through first          I have been a part of my internship         I learned how to do a lot of things at
                                               or organization for well over 10 years.     my internship. It is the first job that
                                               Throughout those 10 years I have done       I had ever done. The first thing that
                                               quite a few things. Some things that I      impressed me was the cash register.
                                               have done in the past which are not         Eric taught me how to be a cashier,
                                               new include, learning how to build          doing things such as voiding the
                                               trophies, training students and adults      bill and charging by credit card. He
                                               (which I am still doing now), and           patiently corrected my mistakes and
                                               being a camp counselor. The experi-
                                               ence that I have gotten the most out
                                               would be training the adults and kids.
SaVaughn Thompson at his internship at DCTV.
                                               I get so much out of that because at
hand experience, and we hope it will           the end of the day I can think back to
help them make more informed future            myself and say, “I just taught this adult
choices about areas of study and careers       or kid a new skill today and hopefully
they may want to pursue. The program           they remembered what I showed them
also strengthens our ties with the diver-      or taught them.” Besides, I get the
sity of the D.C. metropolitan commu-           most out teaching the kids and adults
nity, and opens the eyes of our commu-         because I get to hold the responsibil-
nity to the potential of motivated and         ity that I know what I have learned
earnest high school students.                  enough to teach someone else.
    This year, our students participated                    —Angela Cole, 11th grade
in a wide range of jobs, from retail to
day care to pet care, from homeless            Council Youth
advocacy organizations to the offices of       Internship Program
the DC City Council (please see the            I would choose to work in D.C. politics
complete list in the attached Annual           because I have enjoyed my intern-           Kien Han, as a Parkmont senior, writes, “I learned
Report). They worked side by side with         ship at the Council Youth Internship        how to do a lot of things at my internship.”
everyone from the Council Chairman             Program. I learned about politics and
to horse trainers to television produc-        the difficult situations the Chairman       never got angry with me even though
ers. We thought you might enjoy hear-          is put through. It’s funny how he tries     I made tons of errors. They some-
ing a bit about the experiences of some        to ask us questions to help him with        times entrusted me to be the cashier
of our students in their own words:            his own problems, but he does it in         alone when they were busy explaining
                                               a discrete way. I would make sure my        racquets to the customers. I always
Takoma Park Library                            constituents’ concerns are heard and        restocked the racquet grips and over
On a typical day at my internship, I           solved. I would learn leadership skills     grips whenever I came to the shop. It
get off the bus, cross the street, walk        and responsibility, but I know I would      was hard at first because the store has a
across the lawn, jump over the wall            have to handle a lot of problems. The       variety brands, but eventually, I became
walk up the sidewalk, open the first           people of DC would have to trust me,        familiar with everything. The last thing
set of doors, walk through, open the           and I would have to give them that          that I learned that I had never done
second set of doors, walk through, say         comfort. I would like to be a Council       before was using the pricing gun. It was
hello to whoever happens to be at the          member that everybody knows. I would        easy and fun. I could use that gun the
desk, walk into the staff room, walk           try my best not to be arrogant but          whole day just because it made a funny
past the kitchen, put my backpack and          to be helpful to people. I have some        noise every time I triggered it.
laptop behind Karen’s desk (that’s my          doubts about how much time I would                         —Kien Han, 12th grade

8    Fall 2010                                                                                                               ParkmontNews
Total Support                                        $93,823.00

Dear Friends of Parkmont and Somerset,
We are so thankful for the support of our families and alumni always,
but especially during more difficult economic times. You all showed us
your loyalty in many ways this year, through our Annual Giving Cam-
paign, by volunteering at our Poetry Festival, by donating to our Auc-
tion, and more.
    We have much to show for your generosity. Each individual who           Upper sch
                                                                                     ool studen
goes through our program comes out more confident, smart, self-assured,                        ts at the N
                                                                                                          atural His
skilled, happy. They move on to the next step in their lives able to feel                                           tory Muse
successful, productive adults. They have learned biology, canoed, served
at multiple internship sites and built a resume, made connections with
adults, know their strengths and weaknesses. We are proud of the work
we do with individuals, and your support makes it possible.
    Our Board of Trustees has been especially involved this year, and
we are grateful for their participation. Former Somerset teacher Monty
Carlson helped us connect with Somerset alumni during this past aca-        Gifts for Current Operations
demic year, and we appreciate her help! So many of our parents vol-         annual Giving, Unrestricted                $51,984
unteered with our auction or at other events. So many local businesses      annual Giving, Restricted                   $2,850
sponsored our students for internships.                                     The Somerset Fund                             $575
    In 2011, we look forward to completing our Accreditation process        The Financial aid Fund                      $7,500
with AIMS. We will be graduating more than 10 seniors. We are trav-         Internships                                $2,000
eling to Panama. Your participation and support this year will undoubt-     Board Development                           $1,000
edly have a positive impact on our programs. Thank you so much for          The Parkmont Poetry Festival                $4,275
all that you do.                                                            auction                                     $11,439
                                                                            total current Year Support                 $81,623
                                 Sincerely,                                 Gifts for Capital Purposes
                                                                            creating futures campaign                  $12,200

                                 Christy Halvorson Ross                     Total Voluntary Support                  $93,823
                                 Director of Institutional Advancement

AnnualReport                                                                                                      2009–2010       9
Ways to Give to The Parkmont School
Cash or Check                               Securities                                   Matching Gifts
K These gifts are immediately available     Appreciated stocks or bonds can be           More than 1,000 employers will match
  for use at Parkmont.                      donated to Parkmont and can be               donations made to Parkmont. You can
K Gifts may be unrestricted or restricted   deducted at full market value on the         obtain matching gift forms from the
  to special projects or funds.             date of transfer.                            personnel office of your employer.
K Donations may be made with a Visa
  or MasterCard.

Types of Gifts
Unrestricted Annual Gifts                   2008. Creating Futures raised monies         and school spirit among students, par-
Annual gifts are used to support our        to build a number of reserves for Park-      ents, faculty, administration, trustees
continued needs. These funds become         mont. It created a more stable financial     and friends. Included are:
part of our operating budget.               aid program; strengthened our faculty        K Back-to-School Picnic and
   Be sure to have your employer match      salaries, benefits and training programs;       International Dinner
your gift to Parkmont School, if appli-     and reinforced our Signature Programs        K The Silent Auction
cable!                                      (internships, trips, computers, use of       K Parkmont Poetry Festival
                                            our special building, etc.) We raised
Restricted Annual Gifts                                                                  Gifts in Kind
                                            over $1 Million for this campaign.
In 2009-10, restricted gifts were made                                                   Gifts in kind include goods donated,
to several restricted annual giving         The Parkmont-Somerset                        which directly support our programs
funds. Restricted gifts can be made for     Financial Aid Fund
                                                                                         and enhance our facilities. Books, com-
any purpose decided upon by the donor       Parkmont School raises funds to cover        puters, art supplies, equipment, land-
and the school.                             immediate financial aid costs, as well       scaping assistance etc. are listed here.
   The Popkin Fund (Social Studies)         as to build a financial aid endowment.          Parents, friends, trustees and busi-
in 2009-10 provided funds for theater       Many Parkmont families do not pay            nesses that offer their professional
experiences for our Upper School stu-       full tuition so the school gives out more    expertise or services free of charge to
dents. Among other things, a theater        financial aid, on a per capita basis, than   Parkmont provide a significant savings
class attended “Around the World in         any other school in the Washington area.     to the school. We appreciate your sup-
80 Days” at Round House, and “Meta-         The Parkmont Poetry Festival                 port and recognize your gifts of service
morphosis” at Synthetic Theater. They       Our 28th annual citywide Poetry Festi-       under this category.
also saw a series of monologues at the      val occurred in May 2010, celebrating
Arena Stage about identity and Race.                                                     Volunteers
                                            the talents of many young D.C. poets.
The Randy Pellaton Fund (Outdoor                                                         Dozens of volunteers—current parents,
                                            Funds for the Poetry Festival over the
Education) for over two decades has                                                      parents of former students, and friends of
                                            years have been raised primarily from
supported our middle school adven-                                                       the school—volunteer their time to help
                                            foundations with generous in-kind
tures. Last year, the middle schoolers                                                   out the school each year. Volunteers
                                            donations from a number of local busi-
went to Greenbrier State Park to enjoy                                                   make meals for school events, place
                                            nesses as well.
the lake, and Tuckahoe State Park                                                        phone calls at our Annual Giving Pho-
Ropes Course, as well as iceskating,        Support Services                             nathon, organize our fundraising silent
bowling, and more. The Lentz Fund           Parkmont raises monies from founda-          auction and work at our Poetry Festival.
(Financial Aid for Travel Classes)          tions and individuals for our Support
                                                                                         Internship Sponsors
helped take students to an all-school       Services program. This program pro-
                                            vides tutoring, study skills help, study     Internship sponsors aid the Parkmont
ski trip to Whitetail, and upper school-
                                            hall, diagnostic testing, computer skills    community by working with students in
ers to a corn maze in The Plains, VA.
                                            and counseling to students who need it.      our Internship program. Upper School
Creating Futures:                                                                        students work six hours per week all
Parkmont’s Campaign for                     Events                                       year. Middle Schoolers work three hours
Today and Tomorrow                          Members of the Parkmont community            per week in the spring at internship
We continue to bring in long-term           donate their time, services and goods to     sites where they get real-life work expe-
pledged dollars to the Creating Futures     several events each year to support the      rience without pay to enhance their
Campaign, although the campaign             goals and mission of the school. These       education and knowledge of the work-
officially was concluded in December        events promote a sense of community          ing world.

10   2009–2010                                                                                                         AnnualReport
                                                                                                     AnnualReport 2008-2009

Annual Giving (Unrestricted) $51,984                                          Annual Giving (Restricted) $3,425
Current Families 2009-10                 Elias Kennedy                        the lentz fund                          the Somerset fund
Lynn and Bill Brownell                   Mary Jordan                          Ron McClain                             Laurie Anderson
Mary Cole                                Al and Ann La Porta                  Barbara Clarke and Douglass Leslie      Bob and Rhoda Chanin
Colleen Coughlin                         Jeannine Ladd                                                                Charles and Barbara Gholz
                                                                              faculty Development fund                Bette Lemperle
Diane and Alex Dabney                    Judy Lentz                           Ron McClain                             Kenneth MacClune
Elizabeth and Robert Doherty             Judy and Larry Lorber
Debbie DuSault                           William McInturff                                                            Kate Meade
Diane and Melvin Heath                                                                                                Llyn Peabody
                                         Jacqueline Parker and Paul Meagher
Michael Hussey                                                                                                        Robert Peabody
                                         Mike Jones and Leah Noonan
Karen and Steve Korn                     Nancy Coleman and Paul Pitkoff
Sara and Michael Landy                   Lisa Nickerson and Rimensnyder
Ernesto Grijalva and Kate Lasso          Julia and Thomas Rogers
Laura Lester                             Peter and Beatrice van Roijen        Creating Futures: Parkmont’s
Sydney Jacobs and Mark Otto              Elsa Silverman                       Campaign for Today and Tomorrow
Susan Richardson                         Penny Mills and Peter Simpson        Total Pledged in Campaign,
Leslie Saunders                          Shanna Smith                         2005-8 $1,016,438
Susan Silverstein and Ken Shiotani       Susan Chinn and Tom Snyder           Creating Futures Income Received
Susan Schwartz and Howard Stanislawski   Shirley Thompson and Solomon         in 2009-10 $12,200
Sherrie Stephens                         Barbara and Randy Stewart
Kerry and Howard Tripp                   Ralph and Suzanne Tarica             Annick and Lowell Abrams                Wendel Landes
Gina and Gerard Winstanley               Thelma Thompson- Deloatch            Deborah Archer                          Jude Landis
                                         Lee and Fred Tyner                   Patricia Jayne and Chris Barr           Sara and Michael Landy
Alumni and Parents of Alumni
                                         John and Kathleen Volpe              Ann Breen                               Judy Lentz
Susan and Robert Avjian
                                         Nancy and Dr. George Watson          Laurel Bryant                           Laura Lester
Patricia Jayne and Chris Barr
                                         David Weisman                        Shannon Burkart Morris                  Steven Ludwig
Patricia and Theodore Bell
                                         Mavis and Hal Wylie                  The Cafritz Foundation                  Andrew and Dorothy Mason
Betsy Vieth and Philip Brenner
Shannon Burkart Morris                                                        Diane and Alex Dabney                   Ernest McClain
                                         Board of Trustees, Faculty and
Sally Pfund and William Bush             Friends of Parkmont                  Elisa Braver and Austin Doyle           Mignon McClain
David Cowey                              Walter Ailes                         Debbie DuSault                          Ron McClain
Elisa Braver and Austin Doyle            Shannon Burkart Morris               William Eby                             William McInturff
Debbie DuSault                           Cari and Bill Gradison               The E.E. Ford Foundation                Mike Moyer
William Eby                              Sam Graul                            Ben Elliott                             Jane Perkins
Carl Engelhardt                          Sally and Thor Halvorson             Brian Fassl                             Nancy Coleman and Paul Pitkoff
Brian Fassl                              Christy Halvorson Ross               The Frelinghuysen Foundation            Jocelyn and Erna Radifera
John and Terry Fassl                     Cille Kennedy                        John and Kiendl Gordon                  Lisa Nickerson and Nelson Rimensnyder
Jan and Bruce Ferguson                   Judy Lentz                           Cari and Bill Gradison                  Marcy Marx and Steven
Whitney and Irving Fuller                Andrew and Dorothy Mason             Lee Goldman and Wendy Gradison          Christy Halvorson Ross
Mary and Richard Gathercole              Ron McClain                          Alison Gray                             Dick Roth
Lucy and Tom Gies                        Ginger and Jim Newmyer               Jo Ann Albert and Timothy Greene        Elsa Silverman
Patricia and Francis Glowacki            Paul Penniman                        Stephen Cohn and Christina Guidorizzi   Lee and Fred Tyner
Cari and Bill Gradison                   Stephen and Ruth Pollak              Kaifa and Tyrone Hall                   Peter and Beatrice van Roijen
Alison Gray                              Dick Roth                            Sally and Thor Halvorson                Jacqueline Wallen
Stephen Cohn and Christina Guidorizzi    Kim Schraf                           Diane and Melvin Heath                  David Weisman
Ezra Hausman                             Kim Tanner                           Sharon Hess                             Susan Willens
Sharon Hess                              Amy Ward                             John Kanwit                             Mavis and Hal Wylie
Peter and Kathleen Higgins               David Weisman                        Cille Kennedy                           Tom and Linda Yoder
Cille Kennedy                            Tom and Linda Yoder                  Elias Kennedy

AnnualReport                                                                                                                            2009–2010        11
The Financial Aid Fund $7,500                                                     Board Development $1,000
The Clark-Winchcole Foundation                                                    Cari and Bill Gradison

2010 Auction Donors $11,439
Alexandra Beyda                            Arena Stage                            Dr. Michael G. Landy, D.D.S.             Paat Itz’at
Julien Clarke                              Artful Framing and Gallery             Eggspectation                            Panera Bread
Diane Dabney                               Arucola Osteria Italiana               Fallon Fine Art Photography              Park Florist
Gina Duffin                                Austin Grill Stepha                    First Financial Group                    Parkway Custom DryCleaning
Debbie DuSault                             bd’s Mongolian Barbeque                Folger Theatre                           Regal Entertainment Group
Alison and Pete Duvall                     Bear Trap Dunes Golf Club              Friends of the National Zoo              Ridgewells Caterers
Nijole Gedutis                             Bethesda MRI                           Giant Foods LLC                          Robeks
Cari and Bill Gradison                     Big Fish Grill                         Gina’s Advisory                          Rock Creek Sport & Health
Sam Graul                                  Blair Mansion Inn                      Giuseppi’s Pizza Plus                    Round House Theatre
Teresa Gruber                              Bowie Baysox                           Great American Restaurants               Seth Krauss
Sally Halvorson                            Bread & Chocolate                      Gruen and Wichansky, P.C.                Shopper’s Food
Christy Halvorson Ross                     Cactus Cantina Cindy                   Guttman & Pearl Associates               Starbucks Coffee Co.
Michael Hussey                             California Tortilla                    Hillwood Museum                          Strathmore Hall
Cille Kennedy                              Candy Kitchen Shoppes                  Hot Yoga                                 Suzie Ward, Massage Therapist
Sara Landy                                 Capitol Steps                          House of Musical Traditions              Tabard Inn
Judy Lentz                                 Catch Can                              Imagination Stage, INC                   The Artisans Am
Laurie Lester                              Child’s Play                           Jeff Goldman & Associates                The Theatre Lab
Dorothy Miller                             Circle Yoga                            Johnson’s Florist & Garden Centers       The Tripp Family
Mike Moyer                                 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center   Kendall’s Cakes                          Tonic
Susan Richardson                           Color Me Mine                          Lebanese Taverna Café                    Trefor’s advisory
Rachel Schmidt                             Computer Geeks                         Magic Carpet                             Tweddell Goldberg Investment Mgmt
Kim Schraf                                 Creative Cakes                         Mark’s Kitchen                           Washington Mystics
Lisa Schumacher                            Dance Place                            Marrakesh Restaurant                     Washington Reiki
Amy Ward                                   Destination Fitness                    Middle Eastern Cuisine                   Willa’s Advisory
A Fair Day’s Play                          Doggie Style                           Mobile One Detailing Services            Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center     Dominion Electric                      Nijole’s Advisory                        zpizza
Amano                                      Dominoes Pizza                         Opera Lafayette

Auction Volunteers                                                                Parkmont School Volunteers, 2009-10
Michelle Banks               Theresa Gruber              Mark Otto                Taylor Barnes                Sydney Jacobs            Naomi Steinberg
Taylor Barnes                Barbara Hough               Marcus Pettus            Janet Batlan                 Cille Kennedy            Kerry Tripp
Janet Batlan                 Reggie Hough                Willa Reinhard           Marcia Burke                 Sara Landy               Suzie Ward
Marcia Burke                 Pat Hurley                  Susan Richardson         Liz Doherty                  Kate Lasso               Gina Winstanley
Liz Doherty                  Edward Hurley               Jon Rothbaum             Debbie DuSault               Lisa Leach
Gina Duffin                  Phillippa Jackson           Adrian Schmidt           Pete Duvall                  Judy Lentz
Debbie DuSault               Sydney Jacobs               Rachel Schmidt           Theresa Gruber               Laurie Lester
Pete Duvall                  Cille Kennedy               Naomi Steinberg          Barbara Hough                Mark Otto
Allison Duvall               Sara Landy                  Kerry Tripp              Reggie Hough                 Marcus Pettus
Trefor Evans                 Lisa Leach                  Suzie Ward               Pat Hurley                   Susan Richardson
Nijole Gedutis               Judy Lentz                  Gina Winstanley          Edward Hurley                Jon Rothbaum
Sam Graul                    Laurie Lester                                        Phillippa Jackson            Adrian Schmidt

12    2009–2010                                                                                                                                  AnnualReport
The Internship Fund $2,000                                              Fiscal Year 2009-10*
The Lucas-Spindletop Foundation
                                                                        Tuition                                             $1,233,722
Internship Sponsors                                                     School Programs                                        $10,849
2 Amys                                   Grafitti Audio/Visual          Fundraising**                                          $81,623
Advanced Computer Center                 Green Pets                     Financial Income & Capital Transfers                   $82,413
Bethesda Pet Shoppe                      Hillwood Museum and Gardens    total                                              $1,408,607
Calomiris YMCA                           John Robert Powers
CD/Game Exchange                         Little Flower Montessori
                                                                        administration & Instructional                       $765,422
Centro Nia                               Little Rascals
                                                                        Financial aid                                         $292,215
City Council Youth Internship Progra     Meadowbrook Stables
                                                                        Program & Student activities                           $69,901
Commander Salamander                     Montgomery County Parks
                                                                        Property, Other Expenses                             $109,406
Community Council for the Homeless       Morgan Day Care
Community for Creative Non-Violence      National Geographic Society    total                                              $1,236,944
CREATE Arts Center                       New School of Dance & Arts
Dance Place                              Nippon Kenpo Karatedo          *These numbers have not been finalized in the school audit, which
                                                                        is completed winter 2010-11.
DCTV                                     Old Takoma Park Business Ass
                                                                        **does not include incoming funds ($12,200.00) to Major Giving
Doggie Style                             Rock Creek Horse Center        campaign, which are not for operating income.
Drilling Tennis and Golf                 Shephard Park Library
Exent Technologies                       Silver Spring Public Library
Fillmore Arts Center                     SOME                           Revenue
Foot Locker on 14th                      Sullivan’s Toy Store           $1,408,607
Furin’s                                  Takoma Park Library
G & T Sportscenter                       The Bike Rack
Gandhi Brigade Youth Media               The Washington Home                                                               Tuition
GAP Community Day Care Center            Third and Eats
Garnet Group                             Total Geek Solutions
                                                                           Financial Income &
                                                                           Capital Transfers 6%
The Parkmont Poetry Festival $4,275
The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities                                     Fundraising 6%
                                                                                    School Programs 1%

Gifts in Kind
Black Student Fund                       Barbara Hough                                                                   Expenses
Hogan and Hartson, LLP                   SEIU

  the Parkmont School annual report is published
  by the Development Office after each fiscal year.                                                                   Financial Aid 24%
  We have attempted to make these lists as correct                            Administration
  as possible. if any inaccuracies are found, please                          & Instructional
  notify the Development Office and accept our sin-                           62%                                     Program &
                                                                                                                      Student Activities 6%
  cere apologies.
  for more information on Parkmont School’s devel-
  opment efforts, please contact christy Halvorson                                                             Property, Other Expenses 8%
  ross, Director of institutional advancement, at
  (202) 726-0740, ext. 210.

AnnualReport                                                                                                               2009–2010          13
Parkmont Alumni                             baby girl (Madeleine.) My parents live
                                            in Takoma Park.” Brian reports that
                                                                                      WHat'S neW?
                                            Andrew Budnyj (1983) is an executive        Please send us your news! We love
Brian Huth (1983) sent us a great                                                       to hear from Parkmont and somerset
email with lots of interesting updates      chef in San Francisco.                      alumni. email christy at cross@
                                                                               or call at 202.726.0740,
on classmates. He fondly remembers          Rachel Schlank Bailey (1985) is living      ext. 210.
the Shenandoah class. He says “After        in Glen Allen, VA. She is still in very
I left Parkmont, my family moved to         close touch with Meghan Chrisney
NYC for a year. I attended HS for the       (1985). Rachel is working at Sun Trust    nary School in Canada and is now
humanities in Chelsea. We then moved        Mortgage.                                 working on the Hill at a restaurant.
out to Micronesia. I finished HS at
Xavier, a Jesuit boarding school on the     Scott Parsons (1999) and Angela           Cece Bell (2008) is attending Anne
island of Weno in the state of Turk.        (Engelhardt) Parsons (1998) had a         Arundel Community College and is
Did a lot of diving out there. After        baby boy this September.                  planning on transferring next fall to
that my family moved to Saipan for a                                                  University of Maryland to study com-
few years. I stayed there for a year and    Philip Barr (2005) is a civil engineer    munications and sports medicine.
then wend backpacking through Europe        graduate from Penn State. He just
before attending my first year of col-      started working for the FAA on 7 state
lege at Eastern Oregon State College.
I finished out college at the University
                                            airport projects.
                                                                                      Somerset Alumni
of Maryland and after a short stint as a    Dana Ferguson (2006) is an audio engi-    Sue Peabody (1977) teaches history
laboratory chemist have been working        neer and his company, Back @ the Lab      at Washington State University Van-
for the National Library of Medicine        Productions, provides sound recording     couver, “which is neither in Canada
ever since. I am an indexer there, and      and PA systems to musicians and live      nor hosted the Olympics.” She gives a
lived down in Shaw with a wife and          festivals in Southern California.         shout out to Margie McClune “Somer-
                                            Martin Gathercole (2007) is studying at   set ’75!”

faceBOOK!                                   Montgomery College and also working.
                                            Sarah Gordon (2007) just finished an
                                                                                      Llyn Peabody (1980) married Chris
                                                                                      Burns in 2007. She reports “He and I
     Become a fan                           internship at Disney and has been         live a very simple life in the country
     of Parkmont School                     offered a job in Orlando.                 (near Eugene, OR)and we dedicate
     on Facebook!                                                                     much of our time as volunteers to our
     in your “search” box at the top of     Peter Ferguson (2008) is in his junior    project: Alpine’s Food-Sharing garden,
     the screen, type in “The Parkmont      year at Loyola Marymount University       which grows food for those in need.
     school,” when you see our school pop
     up, click on “Become a fan” on the     in Los Angeles. Peter is in the LMU       2010 will be our second year.” She
     right side of the screen.              Honors Program, on the Dean’s List,       continues, “Keep up the good work! I
     you’ll get to hear of                  majoring in Electrical Engineering. He    draw on my Somerset education all the
     some of the interesting
     things going on here,                  was inducted into the National Society    time.”
     and you can reconnect                  of Collegiate Scholars on Nov. 6, 2010.
     with alumni as well.                                                             Ken MacClune (1982) has moved with
     Thanks!                                Kindred Crane (2008) was in the Navy      his family to Bangkok, Thailand for a
                                            for a short tie. He then attended Culi-   1-4 year stint!

14     Fall 2010                                                                                                   ParkmontNews
                                                                  Parkmont Reunion, Fall 2010
                                                                  It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces at the Park-
                                                                  mont Reunion on September 3rd. There was a big contingent
                                                                  especially from the 1990’s, and fun for everyone to catch up.
                                                                  Thank you so much for attending and re-connecting.
                                                                     Please make sure you join our Facebook group and send
                                                                  us your latest email address and information so that we can
                                                                  stay in touch with you!

Alumni Brian Fassl (2006) and Rachel Hatcher (2005)

                                                                  left to right: Raquel Ortiz (1996), Nikka Garcia (1997), Ayana Simms
                                                                  (1999), Madalyn Renee Evans (1988), Tony Batten (1998), Zitaqwa
                                                                  Muhammad (2001).

left to right: Aaron Wiseman (2000), Ayana Simms (1999), Olivia
Soileau (2000), Madalyn Renee Evans (1988), Tony Batten (1998),
Zitaqwa Muhammad (2001).                                          Raquel Ortiz and Nikka Garcia.

ParkmontNews                                                                                                            Fall 2010        15
 Inside this Issue
  1 Canoeing and Kayaking Club
  2 Director’s Letter
  3 Fall Soccer Team Competes
    with Nora School
  3 Field Trip Spotlight
  4 Choose Your Own Adventure!
    Parkmont’s New Field Trip Days
  6 From the President of the Board
  8 Parkmont’s Internship Program
  9 Annual Report
 14 Alumni News                       paint a sn iddle schoolers and
                                                ow fort aft           a
                                                           er one of rt teacher Alison D
                                                                    the 2010
                                                                             blizzards. uvall’s daughter, Zo

                                                                                                            e, build a
                                                                                                                      nd artfully

Washington, D.c.
  Permit no.                                                                                        Washington, DC 20011
     PaiD                                                                                           4842 16th Street, N.W.
 u.S. Postage