No. TISTR 021 (Revision 0) Schedule of Infrastructure by smitty1254


									Page 1 of 5   Effective from 11.12.2002   TI/STR/021 Rev. 0 (For PSC Mast)

                        GOVERNMENT OF INDIA
                        MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS

                            No. TI/STR/ 021
                              (Revision 0)

          Schedule of Infrastructure Requirements for
         Manufacturing & testing facilities and Quality
                    Control Requirements.

            OHE. TRACTION MAST. (Specification No.

                                ISSUED BY
        MANAK NAGAR, LUCKNOW - 226011
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1.0    SCOPE

               This schedule covers the technical requirements for manufacturing, testing
       and supply of spun prestressed conerte (PSC) traction masts for Railway



               There shall be a design/drawing cell with facility of CAD for dealing with
       the design/drawing of the product.

2.2           Manufacturer should have adequate covered accommodation for storing
       raw material, finished masts awaiting dispatch and arranging inspection.
       Manufacturer should have system to ensure that product conforms to the
       requirements of RDSO Specification No. ETI/C/2(8/84). The manufacturer
       should have an effective quality control system to monitor quality control of

              -       Inward raw material.
              -       Stage inspection at various stage.
              -       Inspection of the final product to confirm adherence of the

2.3            The firm should have a clean and pollution free environment and should
       be taking adequate safety precautions during the production. The firm must have
       the item like fire extinguishers, safety warning board, shock treatment charts and
       medical first aid kit in the premises.

2.4          The management should organize regular training programs for
       upgradation of the knowledge and skills of the employees.


               The manufactures should have the following plants/machines/equipments
       of suitable capacity/rating required for manufacturing of the PSC masts in
       different stages as per RDSO specification in its works.

              -       Main plant building.
              -       Steam curing machine/chamber
              -       Cement Godown
              -       Stocking Yard
Page 3 of 5   Effective from 11.12.2002   TI/STR/021 Rev. 0 (For PSC Mast)

              -      D.G. set building.
              -      DM plant building/shed
              -      Site office room
              -      Site Lab.
              -      Water supply arrangement.
              -      Power arrangement.
              -      Mechanised Batching Plant for concrete mixing
              -      Automatic wire cutting machine.
              -      Button Heading machine.
              -      Cage forming facility.
              -      EOT crane for material Handling.
              -      Spinning equipment/Machines.
              -      Pre-tensioning Machine.
              -      Boiler with Dimineralising plant.
              -      Cube test Machine.

           -    Standard sieves.
           -    Hydraulic cube testing machine.
           -    Cube moulds
           -    Cylinder moulds
           -    Spinning machine
           -    Oven.
           -    One lathe machine- long bed (It is used for rectification of defects
                in moulds)
           -    Mobile road crane.
           -    Mould of various size for casting spun concrets masts.
           -    D.G. set
           -    Spiral wire machine.
           -    Pneumatic wrenches.
           -    All BIS specifications required in manufacturing PSC marts, steel,
                cement, Aggregate & its testing etc.


              The firm should have the following testing and measuring equipments.
       These instrument should be calibrated with the standard master instruments,
       accountable to National Physical Laboratory or a similar reputed agency. Each
       instruments should have a valid calibration certificate.
              -      Suitable rig machine.
              -      Tools
              -      Chain Pulley block.
              -      Gauges.
Page 4 of 5   Effective from 11.12.2002     TI/STR/021 Rev. 0 (For PSC Mast)

              -       Pressure gauges.
              -       Jacks
              -       Measuring dials on the compression test machine.
              -       Test cubes.
              -       Pretensioning equipment.
              -       Weigh batching machine.
              -       Dynamometer.
              And all other things which may be considered necessary or required by the
       Inspecting officer for carrying out any or all the checks and tests mentioned in the
       RDSO specification and shall render all assistance in making such checks and

2.7    TEST
               The following checks and tests and the results obtained supplied to the
       inspecting officer.

              -       Cube Test.
              -       Type test.
              -       Acceptance test.
              -       Compressive strengths test of concrete
              -       Flexural strength of concrete
              -       Check for dimensional tolerance and finish.
              -       Bend Test.
              -       Modulus of rupture test of concrete.
              -       Transverse and longitudinal test etc. as mentioned in RDSO

           -     The firm should have acquired ISO-9000 series certificate for the
                 product for which approval is sought and it should be broadly
                 covered in the scope of the certification for manufacture and
           -     Quality manual of the firm for IS0-9000 should clearly indicate at
                 any stage the control over manufacturing and testing of the said
                 Rly. product.
           -     There exists a system of easy tracetability of the products from
                 shearing stage to finished product stage.
           -     The manufacturer should have a system of monitoring the
                 complaints for supplied product. The complaints made by the
                 customer should be identifiable to the various manufacturing
                 stages of the products and linking the complaints for corrective and
                 preventive action of the product.
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              -      Quality Assurance plan for the product detailing various aspects
                     a)      Organizational chart.
                     b)      Flow process chart.
                     c)      Stage inspection details.
                     d)      Various parameters to be maintained to ensure control.
                     e)      Policy of disposal of rejected material should be
                             implemented and record is maintained for documentary
              -      A Degree/diploma holder must be head of the inspection/final
                     control section with 5 years experience in the relevant field.
              -      There exists a quality manual of firm indicating the extent of
                     control over production and testing.
              -      There exists a system of documentation in respect of rejection at
                     customer end and warranty replacement.
              -      System should exist for documentation of the following.

                     i)     Incoming raw material with TC reference of supplier as
                            well as internal test/ audit checking form the outside
                     ii)    Ensure that details regarding stage inspection and test
                            results are available.
                     iii)   Ensure that a system exists for calibration of testing &
                            measuring equipment and record is maintained.

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