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Youth and Environment

      International Union for Conservation of Nature - Pakistan Programme
                                 Indispensable: Youth and Environment

  Engagement with youth in Pakistan.

                     Today, Pakistan has around 25 million youth who are between the ages
Around 25 million      of 17 to 35 years. IUCN is striving to enhance environmental concerns
                     like conservation and sustainability amongst the young people. IUCN is
   Pakistanis are        also looking at innovative ways to impart environmental education to
between the ages      these future citizens through different modes of print, direct awareness
                                                                          and the new media.
of 17 to 35 years.

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                                                                Indispensable: Youth and Environment

Biodiversity Day 2010 in Ziarat.

More thanthe Environment was also
‘Cleaning 160 students and teachers           encouraged the participating students
from various schools of Point’ a local
organized at‘Prospects Ziarat                 to act as environmental ambassadors
participated The participating students
tourist spot. in a walk on occasion of        in spreading the message of
the International Biodiversity Day which
collected 70 bags of litter from the area     biodiversity, conservation and
was organized by IUCN Ziarat Office
weighing more than 800 kilograms              maintaining a healthy environment in
in collaboration with local schools.
containing mostly the plastic litter.         their respective areas. He also praised
                                              the efforts of the students and their
Later to mark the day a competition           teachers in making the International
‘Cleaning the Environment’ was                Biodiversity Day a success and hoped
organised for the school students. The        the events would be helpful in creating
participating students collected 70 bags      awareness amongst public to maintain
of litter from the area weighing more         a clean and healthy environment.           “Cleaning the Environment”
than 800 kilograms containing mostly
                                                                                         was also organized at
the plastic litter. The students of Tameer-   A group of representatives from schools
                                                                                         “Prospects Point” a local
e-Nau Model Public School secured             pledged that they will be motivating
the first position by collecting the most     others towards nature’s conservation       tourist spot. The
garbage. The second and third                 and creating a healthier environment in    participating students
positions were secured by the students        their areas. At the closing of the event   collected 70 bags of litter
from Al-Hijrah Resident School. The           certificates of appreciation were also     from the area weighing
selected garbage collection competition       distributed amongst the winners and        more than 800 kilograms
site was a popular tourist spot known         participating schools.
                                                                                         containing mostly the
as “Prospects Point”.
                                                                                         plastic litter.
Mr. Ghulam Qadir Shah, Manager, IUCN
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                                             Indispensable: Youth and Environment

                The World Forestry Day, Karachi.
                                                                                 Mangroves Visit
                               To mark the World Environment Day, an exposure visit was organized by IUCN
                               Pakistan for a diverse group of people ranging from school and college students
                               to media and financial sector. The purpose of this visit was to create awareness
                               amongst the participants about the threats faced by mangroves. The plantation
                               was also carried out by the participants. The selected location of the exposure
                               visit was Korangi Fish Harbour.

 The programme included        The second part of the programme was an open discussion on Ecosystem
                               and Mangroves. During the discussion, Mr. Tahir Qureshi briefed the participants
        an exposure visit to
                               about the linkages between mangroves and the ecosystem. While briefing the
       Korangi Fish Harbor,    audience on the topic, Mr. Tahir Qureshi said that forests nurture wildlife, flora
mangrove plantation by the     and fauna and absence of mangroves on shore adversely impact fish in the
participants and screening     sea. Mr. Qureshi stressed on the collective effort for reafforestation and advised
       of a documentary on     learning from the experiences of other countries on the joint forest management.

  community based forest
                               Mr. Rafi-ul-Haq of IUCN elaborated on the status of the species and the need
               management.     for environmental reform.

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                                                               Indispensable: Youth and Environment

World Environment Day 2010 in Ziarat.
On occasion of the World Environment
Day two hundred and fifty students and
teachers from various schools and
colleges of Ziarat participated in a poster
drawing competition. The competition
covered four themes i.e. forest, water,
pollution and disasters. A large number
of saplings were planted by the Minister
of forest, Deputy Commissioner and
members of the Green Club of Al-Hijrah
School and College. Besides students
and teachers, a large number of
representatives of civil society, local
NGOs and community members
participated in the event.

The Chief Guest awarded the shields
amongst the winners of the
competition. The event was organized
by IUCN Pakistan, Ziarat Office.

                                              IUCN expert Mr. Rafi-ul-Haq highlighted    Head of organizing committee Mr.
International Year                            the significance and the value of          Mohammad Azmat (Shigeyuki) Ataka,
of Biodiversity                               Biodiversity in terms of monitory gains    Director, Student & External Affairs,
celebrated at                                 and losses. He also elaborated on the      Hamdard University also thanked and
Hamdard                                       role of IUCN in the formulation of the     appreciated the efforts of IUCN in
University,                                   Convention on Biological Diversity and     highlighting such an important issue.
                                              the proactive role of its commissions in
Karachi                                       its support. The lecture on Biodiversity
                                              was organized by Hamdard University
                                              at its main campus in Karachi.

                                              The session was attended by the faculty
                                              members and the students of business
                                              management, engineering, pharmacy
                                              and eastern medicine. The talk piqued
                                              the interest in the students as the
                                              audiences were very keen to learn more
                                              about IUCN and its biodiversity work.
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                                                               Indispensable: Youth and Environment

Establishment of a Green Corner
Establishment of a Green Corner at the Balochistan Girls Guide Association

Ms. Faryal Ahmed, Communication              the usage of water in a responsible        Girls Guide Association applauded
and ESD Officer delivered a talk on the      manner is defined in every religion very   IUCN’s role and contribution in
Current Situation of Water in                comprehensively. In the light of the       establishing the Green Corner at the
Balochistan and its conservation.            religious teachings we can reap the        Balochistan Girls Guide Association
                                             blessings of the nature by conserving      library.
She also shared the concern that due         water. Ms. Ahmed was invited to deliver
to fast declining of water table in          a lecture to the participants on the
Balochistan province the situation is        water conservation techniques and
becoming very alarming. She                  importance of fresh water in human
mentioned that many districts in Quetta      life.
city are facing acute water shortage.
She informed the participants about          This awareness raising event was
the dangers the country is facing due        organized by the Balochistan Girls
to severe water shortage. There are          Guide Association on May 27, 2010 at
two main reasons: one is natural i.e.        Quetta. The students and teachers
prolonged drought which is beyond the        were enthusiastic and asked questions
control of human beings and the other        during the Q&A session. IUCN
is due to lack of proper water resource      publications were also given to the
management.                                  Institution for establishment of a Green
                                             Corner and Education for Sustainable
She also shared some useful tips with        Development section in their Library.
the participants for conserving water        At the closing Mrs. Ishrat Alliani
in their daily lives. She mentioned that     provincial president of the Balochistan

BPSD- Youth Professional Development Programme.
                                                                      During the year 2010 five students from Sardar Bahadur
  Name          Details             Discipline/        Assigned       Khan Women University completed their internship with
     of            of      2008 2009 Area of            District
                                                                      IUCN in social work at Qila Saifullah and Ziarat. A batch
 University     Interns              Research
                                                                      of 18 students will join BPSD research programme by
                                                                      September and will be positioned in Gwadar and Uthal
                                                                      for 30 days. They will carry out research on sea turtles
   Sardar       Master
  Bahadur                                  Social       Qila          and their habitat and mangrove ecology. The research
                 level     05     05
   Khan                                    Work         Saifullah,    will be supervised by Asghar Shah, District Coordinator,
  Women                                                 Ziarat        BPSD Gwadar and Nadeem Mirbahar, District Coordinator,
                                                                      BPSD, Lasbela

                                                                      This was in compliance with the MoU that had been
  Lasbela    Master        -      09       Mangroves                  signed with Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and
  University level                         ecology                    Marine Sciences (LUAWMS) and Sardar Bahadur Khan
  of         students                      Fish and     Gwadar        Women University, Quetta. According to the MoU, IUCN
  Agricultur                               shrimp
                                                                      Pakistan will organize this internship programme under
  e, Water                                 habitat
  and                                                                 its Balochistan Partnerships for Sustainable Development
  Marine                                                              (BPSD) project’s Young Professionals Development
  Sciences                                                            Programme (YPDP). The students will be assigned in
                                                                      various project areas for research work.           pg 05
                                 Indispensable: Youth and Environment

            World Environment Day 2010
                        in Qila Saifullah.
                                  More than 682 female students participated in a speech
                                  competition on the World Environment Day. Traditionally this
                                  area is rigidly conservative and girls are not allowed to participate
Presence of 682 girls in an       in any extra curricular activities. A gathering of 682 girls, first
event other than a religious      of its kind was a source of encouragement. The participation
gathering was unthinkable         of such a large number of females in an event other than a
                                  religious gathering was unthinkable in this part of the country.
in an area like Qila Saifullah
   but IUCN along with the        The credit for such an outstanding achievement goes to the
     education department         IUCN Project Office and the Education Department of Qila
                                  Saifullah. Hard work of IUCN staff is now bearing fruit that
         managed to gather
                                  acceptance of environment is increasing amongst the masses
students in huge numbers.         of this highly conservative society.

                                  Students from Muslim Bagh Girls High School and Muslim
                                  Bagh Girls Degree College and the teachers participated in
                                  this event. Shields were also distributed amongst the winners
                                  at the closing ceremony.
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                                                                   Indispensable: Youth and Environment

      Before field data collection, the
    students were provided with two-
        day training in data collection
       methodology and interviewing
    skills, mainstreaming Biodiversity
    into production systems in Juniper
                    Forest Ecosystem.

Engagement of College Students in Field Data Collection
IUCN Ziarat office engaged 20 college students of Al-Hijrah Residential College Ziarat for collection of data for economic
valuation of Juniper Forest Ecosystem in the project valleys. Before initiating the field data collection, the students were
provided with two-day training in data collection methodology and interviewing skills, mainstreaming Biodiversity into
production systems in the Juniper Forest Ecosystem. After collection of data from the field, the students were trained in
compilation of field data using MS Excel data sheets through hands-on-training.

The participation of students in the field survey and data collection provided them the opportunity to gain practical experience
in conducting field surveys and to learn about the economic value of goods and services provided by the Juniper Forest

Coastal Ecosystem Unit, IUCN                                          of special educational institutions and facilitate communication
                                                                      between the deaf and the hearing worlds. It is useful not
Pakistan.                                                             only for the teachers of the hearing impaired, but for the
A group of final year students of the Architecture and Planning,      parents and relatives as well.
N.E.D University of Engineering and Technology have been
assigned to collect the information by visiting various sites         The application draws upon the work of several special
of mangroves for their thesis. The main objective of the study        sector institutions in Pakistan and was produced under the
is to bring local masses of Karachi city and students in              Pan Asia ICT R&D Grant Project: “Assisted Learning Tool
contact with the nature and to formulate the architectural            for the Deaf in Pakistan”. Sustainable Development
solutions for providing a recreational space to the people            Networking Programme, a component of IUCN Pakistan’s
through preservation and appreciation of the nature and               Education Communication and Knowledge Management
natural resources. The study will be completed in December            (ECK) Group in collaboration with Pakistan Association of
2010.                                                                 the Deaf (PAD) has developed this resource kit.

Environmental Terms in the
Sign Language.
A resource kit has been developed which contains the
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) assisted
Pakistan Sign Language (Urdu) based learning tool for the
deaf community in Pakistan. It aims to address the needs
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