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									Gospel Tract Society, Inc. Newsletter, September 2009:

             The Train Station
Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord:
    Greetings in the most precious Name to Save — Jesus. What is the thing that binds
us together as His Church: the prophet’s message of a soon coming Messiah, the
message by John the Baptist to repent and be baptized, the Blood shed at Calvary as
sacrifice for our sin, the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of our Savior, or is
it any number of various things that cause our churches to have different names above
their doors?
     Over the past several days, I have received a lot         Dear Brother Tom:
of mail, phone calls, and books on prophecy. The               I received your August/September Harvester and
most interesting was an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of card            I was wondering if it means that if I don’t subscribe
stock with four individual cards, each proclaiming         to your post-tribulation Rapture theory, that I lose my
a seven year time line, but otherwise differing in the     train ticket? RB
order of events upon that line. The sheet is designed
so one can read the scriptures and then cut out the             Dear RB:
card that suits them and their beliefs the best: PRE-           I am glad you asked. No, owning Salvation is
TRIBULATION RAPTURE, MID-TRIBULATION                       inconsequential to the timing of The Lord’s Return,
                                                           whether it be His Second Coming or a Rapture. Neither
                                                           is it cause for us to no longer be family, if anything, we
TRIBULATION RAPTURE. It is almost humorous
                                                           need to be family more than ever. I just want to say this:
if it weren’t so true. It is like my friend Bill Corum
                                                           If the train doesn’t arrive when you expect it, and the
said, “But Tom, there can only be one Truth.” Well,
                                                           train station becomes very empty as you hear of plans
the thing I want is truth, and as it is with so many
                                                           to tear it down, HANG ON TO YOUR TICKET with a
“doctrines” past our core beliefs, it is that generally,
                                                           death grip! And above all, don’t trade it in for a meal
they are a long way from our heart. Whether we sing
modern praise songs or old hymns from the book, use
instruments or sing acappella, enter the church from          Tom
the front door or the side door — all of us can have          When I was in high school and full of the spirit, I
our name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. I had         wound up in “church arguments” and realized that they
an interesting note from one family member and it          only ended in frustration and division. So, as you often
came a lot closer to helping explain what difference       hear people say, “never talk about religion and politics.”
holding to separate beliefs can mean.                      That way you won’t alienate and divide people. From
that point on, I avoided religious “arguments” and         when I called for a Buttram Family meeting. I told my
today, more than ever, I want to teach and preach          son who is full of ambition and long range plans, my
truth and let the minor stuff go. The next thing I must    daughter who is nursing baby Jack, and their spouses,
do is determine what is and is not minor.                  that we should prepare our very soul and mind to
    I have several wonderful friends who are               enter tough times. Going a step further and realizing
Catholic and we talk about each other’s faith. I find      that 85% of Christianity holds to a pre-trib Rapture
that even though they are steeped in the “tradition”       doctrine, how can I not tell you the same by bearing
of the church, some Catholics think for themselves         my heart to you — even knowing how it might shock
and know the Lord. We talk often of the things they        you? I love this family and this thing is hard. I told my
practice as tradition but is without meaning for them.     wife last night that I wish I could be someone else,
So, does it matter about the truth that is hidden by the   somewhere else, but then after thinking about it, I
practice? Recently, I found how steeped I am also in       wouldn’t trade places with anyone for the direction I
the teaching of tradition. I think this is a good time     feel the Lord has given.
for me to tell you, our ministry family, how proud      I realize how my Straight Talk message in the
I am of you. You have accepted and loved us and     Aug./Sept. Harvester could have been received
trusted us to act on your behalf. You are solid and as a sharp blow to the side of the head. There is no
searchers of the scriptures. You don’t put up with  easy way to announce such a realization, but after
any nonsense and you are not easily swayed. We are, a while you adjust, and hopefully you will come to
for all practical purposes, on the same page.       the place I arrived at this weekend. I now anticipate
    You will all agree with me on this: WE ARE      the following days with joy, thinking that I will be
IN EVIL TIMES! There are wars and rumors of         able to share the Gospel with folks who will really
wars and sin abounds since long ago. It                          have “an ear to hear.” I count with joy
abounds more rapidly now. Persecution       “How can I           any suffering I might encounter for His
of those who are called by the name of                           Name’s sake, not with an attitude of a
                                            keep this to         martyr, but that of a servant. I have joy in
Christ has been ratcheted up by the day
and it seems to have no end. What person    myself, what         the Lord. The greatest excitement I have
                                                                 is that of seeing first-hand the fulfillment
isn’t looking at the signs of the times and punishment           of scripture and the hollow of God’s hand
wondering, “Is this one the Antichrist
or that one, or will the Lord return just    would I be          where the Saints of the Most High will
before we see the Man of Lawlessness         worthy of           find refuge as they await His Return.
or about the same time or a little after?” I                                There is more information than I can
don’t know of a person, saved or unsaved,
                                                 if my wife and         share in many letters, so for those who
who doesn’t think that some big change is       children weren’t        want more, they can view it by going to our
soon to happen.                                   prepared for          special website,
    Here is a question I asked my Sunday                                I realize that many of you don’t have a
school class: “If you were to find yourself
                                                   the worst?”          computer, but I am sure you have a library
in months to come looking at a man                                      nearby, or a relative or neighbor who
on television who has proclaimed himself as the            can help you look it up. If not, we have developed
Teacher, Master, and Leader of the world, as he            a tract/brochure that has an overview of the material
introduced his answer to the world monetary crisis         contained, and we will send one upon request. I care
                                                           about you as family. If you feel anxiety or fear and

                                                           us at (816)461-6086 or write. We don’t want you
(his system involves a single world currency and
everyone would wear their own permanent PIN                find nowhere you can go — we are here. You can call
(personal identification number), thus eliminating
identity theft, robberies, and bad checks), then           to feel alone. If the line is busy, call back or leave a
what condition would your faith be in, if that would       message. Any of us will be glad to talk with you. You
happen?” I have repeated that question several times       can find great support in the Bible; just go to every
and each time, the answer is hard to cough up. That        verse that you used to support the pre-tribulation
is why I shared with you, and would like to share          rapture and when you read about the “Day of the
further what to expect, should we wake up that             Lord, the Blessed Hope, the Coming of Christ, or the
dreadful morning and realize that it was tradition we      Gathering,” don’t substitute those words with pre-
followed and not truth. And if, while we are waiting       tribulation rapture. Just read them as they are, then go
for His return, we should hear the trump and see the       backwards and forwards to get clues as to when that
sky part, then praise the Lord.                            event occurs.
    Till then, our calling is the same — disciple the          I want to close with
nations, walk in the Love of Jesus and pray for the        good news of the gift of
lost, who include our family, friends, and community.      life we just witnessed here
It seems that most churches are quiet about the            at the office. Scott Russell,
coming of the Lord at a time they should be the most       who is our printer, and
vocal. I now know why, as one pastor confided, “Oh,        wife, Vanessa just received
Tom, that is so controversial.”                            into the world their first
                                                           bundle of joy—Kora Danni
    Several months ago, we sent a letter called,           Russell. She is so sweet—
FAMILY MEETING. After I began seeing this                  we just had to share.
belief of the pre-tribulation Rapture differently, I                                        Vanessa, Scott and Kora Russell
thought to myself, “How can I keep this to myself,         We are so encouraged by
what punishment would I be worthy of if my wife            you and your words, write soon,
and children weren’t prepared for the worst?” That’s       Tom Buttram and Staff at GTS

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