; Inaugural Hall of Fame banquet
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Inaugural Hall of Fame banquet


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									  B ulletin
                                 SAC-JOAQUIN SECTION

           September 2010                                                                      Volume 10, Number 1

 Inaugural Hall of Fame banquet
Event scheduled for Arco Arena on October 24
    The Sac-Joaquin Section has a long,
storied history of excellence in high
school athletics.                                                                                              The Sac-Joaquin
                                                                                                               Section’s inaugural
    And on the evening of October 24 at
                                                                                                               Hall of Fame class
Arco Arena, many of those contributors
                                                                                                               includes many top
will be honored as part of the inaugural                                                                       athletes. Two Stan-
class of the CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Hall                                                                      ford graduates are
of Fame.                                                                                                       part of that group:
    The Sunday banquet kicks off at 5                                                                          Olympic gold
p.m. and is expected to continue until                                                                         medalist Summer
approximately 8.                                                                                               Sanders (far left)
    The 55-member class includes 25                                                                            and current Stan-
athletes, 13 coaches, 12 administrators                                                                        ford baseball coach
and benefactors, four officials and one                                                                        Mark Marquess
member of the media.                                                                                           (left).
    The inductees include world record
holder and Olympic gold medalists such
as Roseville’s Evelyn Ashford (track
and field), El Camino’s Mike Burton             u SAC-JOAQUIN SECTION HALL OF FAME BANQUET
(swimming) and Rio Americano’s Debbie           Note: Below are some of the pertinent facts and a preliminary schedule for
                                                October’s Hall of Fame induction banquet.
Meyer (swimming).

    Del Campo’s Dusty Baker and                                        It’s the CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Hall of Fame induction
Cordova’s Jerry Manuel were both                                       banquet and ceremony. Many of the state’s top athletes and
outstanding multi-sport athletes who                                   coaches will be honored.
eventually went into baseball. Both are

now Major league Baseball managers;                                    Arco Arena in Sacramento. Arco Arena has been the site of the
Baker with the Cincinnati Reds and                                     Sac-Joaquin Section basketball championships since 1986 and
Manuel at the helm of the New York                                     is one of the top sports venues in the Central Valley.

    Davis Sr.’s Denise Curry remains the                               Sunday, October 24.
all-time basketball scoring leader for                                 The banquet is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. and should be over
UCLA, men or women.                                                    by 8 p.m. Tickets are $75, contact the Section office for details.
    Elk Grove’s Bill Cartwright, currently
an assistant coach for the NBA’s Phoenix

                                                                       It’s a group of 55 of the best and most influential athletes,
Suns, is considered one of the greatest                                coaches, administrators, benefactors, officials and members of
basketball players to ever play in                                     the media over the Section’s 60-year history.
Northern California.
    Oakdale’s Eddie LeBaron was the

                                                                       After being in existence since 1942, it’s about time the Sac-
first quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.                              Joaquin Section celebrates its deep history and tradition of high
He carved out an 11-year professional                                  school sports. Join us if you can!

                   See HALL on Page 9

                                             Visit us at www.cifsjs.org
                                                SJS HALL OF FAME

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                                                                                      The Sac-Joaquin
                                                                                      Section Hall of Fame
football career despite being the shortest                                            inaugural class
quarterback ever selected to the Pro Bowl.
    Let’s talk about the coaches.                                                     Evelyn Ashford (Roseville, 1975)
    Johansen’s Brent Bohlender, an                                                    Dusty Baker (Del Campo, 1967)
aquatics coach, has more wins than                                                    Dick Bass (Vallejo, 1955)
any coach - in any sport - in the state of                                            Vic Bottari (Vallejo, 1933)
California.                                                                           Tedy Bruschi (Roseville, 1991)
    Cordova’s Guy Anderson is a member                                                Bill Buckner (Napa, 1967)
                                                                                      Mike Burton (El Camino, 1965)
of the National High School Hall of Fame.
                                                                                      Bill Cartwright (Elk Grove, 1975)
His teams have won 822 games in his 44       ABOVE: The new logo for the Sac-         Denise Curry (Davis Sr., 1977)
years at the helm.                           Joaquin Section Hall of Fame.            Steve DeVries (Armijo, 1983)
    Jesuit’s Walt Lange has seen his cross   BELOW: Cordova baseball coach Guy        Don Doll (Grant, 1943)
country teams win 29 Sac-Joaquin Section     Anderson                                 Jim Eakins (Encina, 1964)
titles from 1974-2009.                                                                Nick Eddy (Tracy, 1962)
His cross country teams                                                               Bob Garibaldi (Stagg, 1960)
                                                                                      Kevin Johnson (Sacramento, 1983)
have also won nine CIF                                                                Eddie LeBaron (Oakdale, 1946)
state titles.                                                                         David Lee (Bella Vista, 1984)
    The administrators                                                                Jerry Manuel (Cordova, 1972)
include former Sac-                                                                   Mark Marquess (Stagg, 1964)
Joaquin Section                                                                       Debbie Meyer (Rio Americano, 1969)
commissioner Clarke                                                                   Summer Sanders (Oakmont, 1990)
                                                                                      Karen Smith (Rio Americano, 1980)
Coover (1968-93), father                                                              George Stanich (Sacramento, 1946)
of the basketball power                                                               Tisha Venturini (Grace Davis, 1991)
ratings Dean Janssen                                                                  Kevin Willhite (Cordova, 1982)
and former CIF State                                                                  OFFICIALS:
President Dale Lacky.                                                                 David Avila
The Section has named                                                                 Jesus Garcia
                                                                                      Nick Piacentini
its student-scholarships                                                              Jerry Streeter
in Lacky’s honor.                                                                     MEDIA:
    It’s an outstanding                                                               Nelson and Mark Tennis
class, one with                                                                       COACHES:
superstars in almost                                                                  Sandi Abrahamson (Edison)
every sport. We’ll                                                                    Mike Alberghini (Grant)
                                             Below left: Jug Covich, administrator.   Guy Anderson (Cordova)
celebrate them all Oct. 24
                                                                                      Brent Bohlender (Beyer, G. Davis, Johansen)
                                             Below right: David Lee, wrestler.        Jim Boyd (Vanden)
                                                                                      Vince Clemons (Merced)
                                                                                      Jan Edwards (Summerville, Bret Harte)
                                                                                      Jon Gustorf (St. Mary’s)
                                                                                      Walt Lange (Jesuit)
                                                                                      Pete Lenz (Stockton)
                                                                                      Larry Nelson (Vacaville)
                                                                                      Wayne Schneider (Tracy)
                                                                                      Charles Washington (Edison)
                                                                                      Charley Berger
                                                                                      Eleanor Brown
                                                                                      Clarke Coover
                                                                                      Jug Covich
                                                                                      Len Frizzi
                                                                                      Dean Janssen
                                                                                      Bob King
                                                                                      Dale Lacky
                                                                                      Phil Miller
                                                                                      Dick Nelson
                                                                                      Steve O’Meara
                                                                                      Tom Zunino

                                                               9                                September 2010

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