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Army Military Shirts From Sniper to Rank Shirts,
Ranger to National Guard Cover the Troops!
Army rank, MOS, Artillery, Dustoff, Ranger, EOD, National Guard,
Special Forces shirts and more define military apparel at

                                Vision-Strike-Wear.Com military shirts and apparel are
                                designed for the modern troops for soldiers, sailors,
                                airmen, marines and Coast Guardsmen that are looking
                                for cutting edge graphics for their military t-shirts,
                                hoodies, sweatshirts, tank-tops, military decals and

                                Some of the most detailed designs on the marketplace,
                                Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has also created the most
                                innovative way to custom create your military shirt the
                                way you want it. The Battle Rattle options displayed on
                                many of the designs in each military branch provides
                                options specific to that design and gives each customer
                                the added advantage of selecting options that define the
                                military apparel item the way they want it. Chose from
Battle Rattle options to include WEAPON, COVER, RANK, RATE, EYE GEAR, MOUTH

Army shirts, Army MOS Shirts, Artillery shirts, Dust Off shirts, Ranger shirts, Airborne
shirts, Special Forces shirts, Combat Medic shirts, National Guard shirts, EOD shirts,
Sniper shirts, Army Security K-9 shirts, SERE shirts for men and women serving at home
or abroad in the modern armed forces are just some of the military shirts and designs
found at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!

Visit Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and see the arsenal of Army shirts and designs that are
available at

Founded in 2009 Vision-Strike-Wear is a company formed from many years of love and
passion for the idea of freedom and the perpetuation of these ideas to today and in the
future. In the past many have fought to defend these freedoms with little corresponding
efforts to support their efforts unitl long after the fact. Vision-Strike-Wear's motto is to
"Serve the Modern Military Soldier" serving right now, TODAY!, somewhere in the world.
We hope to celebrate their efforts during the time in which they need the morale
support most.

As part of our efforts to COVER THE BACKS of many of these military individuals and                                                        Page 1/2
units, Vision-Strike-Wear is obligated to give back and provide the opportunity to help
support those within the military community through various relationships with military
organizations. Through these relationships we can continue to support these fine troops
in more than providing the shirt on their backs but also for their family, friends and

Vision-Strike-Wear designs are customizable! Items that can be customized include
Men's and Women's Styles in Short and Long Sleeve Shirts, Crewnecks & Sweatshirts,
Hooded-Sweatshirts (Hoodies), Tank-Tops, Decals and Poker Chips! Once you have
selected your design you can choose what you would like the design to appear on in the
options field. customizable cutting-edge designs are available on T-shirt,
Long Sleeves Shirts, Crewnecks & Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Tank-Tops, Decals, Stickers
and Poker Chips.
Choose your favorite design on any of our items and Customize It!

Visit us at to order your Custom shirt today!

Todd Gilbert

4802 SW Scholls-Ferry Rd Ste C
Portland, Oregon
United States 97225

Voice: 503-791-6440
Fax: 503-297-2570

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