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					                          PTO Committee Chair Guide 2010-2011

I Getting Started
     1. Review Information Packet for the Committee Guidelines
     2. Contact previous chairperson(s) for suggestions or missing information.
     3. Update Committee Guidelines, Purpose and Outline
     4. Contact the delegated PTO Board Member below, to review your plans for the

II. Your Committee
      1. Update or enter the committee and event information on the PTO Manager
         Volunteer Builder and keep current. See chairperson pto manager guide
      2. Reach out to the volunteers that expressed interest in your committee.
      3. Review with your team the
            a. Committee Goals and Objectives
            b. PTO Procedures
            c. Delegate Tasks.

III. Your Responsibilities
      1. We assume you’re doing fine, unless you let us know!
      2. If you need help, feel free to recruit your own, or call us.
      3. Let your PTO Board contacts know ASAP if you are having a problem you can’t
             fix on your own!
      4. Present Committee Status Reports at each PTO Meeting
      5. All Communications and PR surrounding your event/program.
                     i. Creating, Copying and Distribution of Fliers see communication
      6. Contact the PTO Treasurer for any deposits needed as far in advance as
             possible and no less than one-week prior.
      7. Check your committee’s mail folder in the school office periodically for mail or
                     i. File folders are available for each committee and should not be
                        removed from the office.
                    ii. They are located in a pink crate on the floor next to the vault.
                   iii. The PTO Executive Board mail slots are located in the vertical
                        series of slots at the main office door directly opposite Mr. Perrault’s
IV. Procedures and Forms:

     1. Financial Procedures:
           a. Some committees have budgets. If you are doing something different
              than last year, or may need to spend more, call your PTO Board contact
              person or the treasurer.
           b. If your committee does not have a budget associated with it, and you
              need one, contact your PTO Board contact person or the treasurer before
              you spend. You should establish this during your planning in step one.
           c. Check the PTO Closet for items you could use.
           d. Reimbursement Forms are on the Website. One is enclosed.
           e. Contact the Treasurer BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. We might not be able
              to reimburse you for unauthorized expenditures.
           f. Let us know if you need to use the PTO cash box.

     2. Main Office Procedures:
                a. Log in any scheduled activities in the calendar located above the
                   copy machine in the main office.
                b. Follow it up with a confirmation email to Lori Bloomberg in the
                   office one week prior to the event. At
                c. If you are sending out fliers please be sure to place extra copies in
                   Lori and Tara's mail slot.
                d. If your are expecting response's to a flier, you must staple a copy
                   of your flier to a large envelope and put it in the PTO Mail slots
                   across Mr. Perrault’s office.

     3. Communication Procedures:
          a. All Flyers and Press Releases must be APPROVED by Mr. Perrault.
          b. Weekly Whistle-stop e-Newsletter:
                        i. Brief announcements must be submitted to Jill Rakowski at
                       ii. No later than Wed. for publication that Friday.
          c. Virtual Backpack on School Website
                        i. Email Jill Rakowski your fliers for posting in the virtual
          d. Sandwich Board
                        i. If no chairperson for this you will need to put the sandwich
                           board out each morning on the side walk near parents drop
                           off. The custodians will bring it in each night.
                       ii. Located in hallway from Gym to Parking Lot in cubby on left
                           next to the refrigerator. A list of pre-made cards enclosed.

3. Communication Procedures cont:

    e. Bulletin Board in Main Foyer
                  i.   If no chairperson for this, contact one of the board
    f. Flyers – Making copies in the Media Center
                  i. Copies can be made in the media center copy room after
                 ii. Teachers have right of way.
                iii. Must use colored paper – any color is ok
                iv. Make one copy per family, currently 316 families via the
                     youngest child list enclosed
                 v. Must clip a copy of the teacher’s youngest child list to the top
                     for the teacher and place in the teacher’s mail slot prior to
                     10:00am for distribution that day.
                vi. Distribute to school staff . Currently have 112 teachers and
                     staff. List attached to bulletin board.
               vii. Sign the user list on the bulletin board above the copy
                     machine in the Media Center Copy Room.
                         Your name
                         Committee name
                         Color of the paper you used
                         Number of copies made
                         Copy machine guidelines attached
               viii. A copy machine is located in the PTO Closet near the sink.
                     This machine is slower but is fine for a one page flyer. This
                     machine can generally be used anytime of day. When you
                     sign in at the front desk let them know you need to go in the
                     PTO Closet for committee related work.
    g. Public Relations
                  i. All PR must be reviewed by the PTO President and approved
                     by the Principal prior to submitting.
                 ii. Updated publication contact information enclosed.
    h. Digital Camera in Office
                  i. 2 cameras available for use at school functions.
                 ii. Sign out for camera with the main office.
    i. Audio & Video
                  i. Contact the AV chairperson if you would like your
                     event/program videoed for viewing on SCTV or have audio
                     needs for your event.
                 ii. Certain restrictions apply. Speak with PTO President or

4). PTO Manager Volunteer Builder
     a. Refer to information guidelines enclosed.

5). PTO Closet Procedures:
     a. Please check the PTO closet for supplies before making purchases for
     b. Everything must be stored in a sealed clear container and the containers
        must be labeled.
     c. Return borrowed items to the appropriate place. Keep this area neat so
        that others can find necessary items.
     d. A list of items stored in the PTO Closet will be displayed.
     e. If you need to reserve items for your event. Please post a note on the
        items or from a shelf.
     f. We will have an annual PTO closet clean out and expect everyone to pitch
        in. Date will be sometime in the spring.

6). Custodian Procedures:
     a. Be sure to review upcoming events with Custodians
                  i. Day time events with Bob DuBois.
                 ii. Night time events with Geoff and Mike.
     b. Let them know if you need to use the Sound System
     c. Let them know if you need chairs, tables, garbage cans, etc.
     d. Areas of School to use including which restrooms, which entrance.
     e. Traffic and Parking needs for large events.
     f. Access to cafeteria sink to fill coolers with water.

7). Renting McDonald’s Drink Coolers for a large Event.
     a. Rent two McDonalds Coolers for events:
     b. Deposit Check needed but returned when coolers brought back.
     c. Need to reserve the coolers ahead of time
     d. Pick up before event pre-filled with ice.
     e. Fill with water at school.
     f. McD’s can provide mix for orange drink for one of the coolers.
     g. Custodians will need to open the room to fill them with water.


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