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									People, Perspectives and Press
A Diversity Committee Quarterly Publication | Winter 2011

                                                              Making Strides:
                                                              A Banner Year for Women
                                                              at WilmerHale
                                                              Over the past three years, WilmerHale has steadily
                                                              increased the percentage of women partners promoted.
                                                              Starting in 2012, WilmerHale will join a small minority
                                                              of AmLaw 100 firms with a woman serving as
                                                              Co-Managing Partner. But that’s not all.

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FiRm NewS & eveNtS
                                                              Q & A with Pedro Medrano
                    Get your calendars                        Pedro Medrano shares with us some insight into the
                    ready! Click here                         man behind the lawyer – from his favorite food and
                                                              his ultimate dinner guest to his inspiration for coming
                    to learn about                            to work everyday.
                    upcoming events
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                    in which you can
                    get involved.
                                                              “Out” in the Workplace
Firm Client Plays Role in Successful                          Former Washington DC Summer Associate Jason
                                                              Beekman hosts Senior Associate Zaid Zaid at Cornell
Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t tell
                                                              Law School to discuss what it means to be gay in
more details                                                  today’s workplace and gives advice on finding a work
                                                              environment that supports the LGBT community.
NAPABA Conference Update                                      read full story
more details

Partner Kim Parker Named                                      AALDEF Celebrates the New Year
to “45 under 45” List of Leading                              The “Year of the Rabbit” was kicked off as attorneys
women Lawyers                                                 from WilmerHale’s New York office attended AALDEF’s
more details                                                  Lunar New Year gala.
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For more information, visit the Diversity Committee on
WHweb. Click here to learn about our Diversity Initiatives.
 People, Perspectives and Press
 A Diversity Committee Quarterly Publication | Winter 2011

                Making Strides: A Banner Year
                for Women at WilmerHale
                Starting in 2012, WilmerHale will join a minority of AmLaw 100 firms with a woman serving as a
                co-managing partner. In November 2010, we announced the election of our first woman co-managing
                partner, Susan Murley, who will begin her three-year term on January 1, 2012. Susan is currently chair
                of the Transactional Department, which comprises 11 practice groups with lawyers in eight offices.
                She was promoted to partner in 1994, and previously served as chair of the Firm’s Corporate Department.
                She was assistant managing partner at Hale and Dorr at the time of the merger with Wilmer Cutler
                Pickering and has served on the Management Committee since that time. Susan has taken an active role
                within the Women’s Leadership Initiative as well. When asked about the Firm’s support of its women
                lawyers, she reflected, “we want to lead the efforts in the profession to understand why it is women leave
                the practice of law and how best to promote the advancement and retention of women.”

                                          Retaining and promoting women is critical to the future success of the Firm
                                          and WilmerHale continues to work hard to ensure that women attorneys are given
                                          the support, tools and experiences they need to attain their professional goals.
                                          The percentage of women at WilmerHale promoted to partner has increased
                                          steadily since January 2009. In 2009 and 2010, 40% and 56%, respectively,
                                          of our partner promotions were women. In 2011, 73% of our partner promotions
                                          were women (8 of the 11 attorneys promoted).

                                          Recently elevated IP partner in Palo Alto, Evelyn Mak, credits both her formal
                                          mentors as well as her many informal mentors across the Firm in both the IP
                                          Department and IP Litigation Practice Group for her professional success. Evelyn
                                          said, “My many mentors have been incredibly supportive of me. They have all
                                          helped shape my career. The Firm’s open door policy and the real-time feedback
                                          I have received over the years have helped me reach the milestone of partnership.”
                                          Evelyn also credits the Firm culture of “everyone counts” as she feels that each
                                          person on her case teams is very important to WilmerHale’s success. As she put
                     Susan Murley         it, “I have been very fortunate to be staffed on a wide variety of cases with
                                          different partners across the offices and have thus been given the opportunity
                                          to develop and grow as an attorney. And now I have also had the opportunity to
                                          work with great teams of other counsel, associates, paralegals and secretaries
                                          whom I can count on and trust. It feels great to see it come together full circle.”

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 People, Perspectives and Press
 A Diversity Committee Quarterly Publication | Winter 2011

                Making Strides: A Banner Year
                for Women at WilmerHale
                (continued from page 2)

                Through the efforts of a group of women partners, counsel, associates, senior administrators and support
                from the Firm’s Management Committee, the WilmerHale Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) was
                established to promote the retention and advancement of our women lawyers. Last year, WLI programs

                          Panel discussions with Firm partners, networking events and trainings on topics such as career
                          navigation, communication skills, negotiation skills and business development;

                          Welcome receptions, lunches and dinners across the Firm for summer and fall associates;

                          External events with female lawyers working as general counsel focused on the importance
                          of mentoring to career development;

                          Attendance at national conferences related to the advancement of women, including the Women
                          Rainmakers Roundtable, the National Association of Women Judges Conference and the American
                          Bar Association Women in Law Leadership Conference;

                          Supporting national women’s organizations and local bar associations through dues
                          and sponsorships; and

                          Maintaining internal and external websites that highlight the achievements of the Firm’s
                          female attorneys.

                WilmerHale’s commitment to supporting the retention and advancement of women has been recognized
                through industry accolades, including selection in 2007, 2008 and 2009 as a “firm of choice” for
                women in the Working Mother Magazine & Flex-Time Lawyers survey of “Best Law Firms for Women” and
                selected for the third consecutive year as one of the Top Ten Family Friendly Firms by Yale Law Women.
                We look forward to the success the WLI and women attorneys will have in the new year and extend our
                congratulations to the newly elected Partners and our Co-Managing Partner elect.

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 People, Perspectives and Press
 A Diversity Committee Quarterly Publication | Winter 2011

                Q&A with Pedro Medrano
                Pedro A. Medrano joined the Firm’s Washington, DC office in the fall of 2003 as an associate. Shortly
                thereafter, he transferred to the New York office where he has been practicing since 2004. Pedro is now
                Counsel at the Firm and practices as a member of both the Firm’s Litigation Department (Investigations
                and Criminal Litigation practice group) and Securities Department (Securities Litigation and Enforcement).
                He has also been a very active member of the New York Diversity Committee.

                                                                                  Pedro’s commitment to the law and to
                                                                                  public service is longstanding. He served
                                                                                  as a Combat Medic in the United States
                                                                                  Army Reserve, and as Fellow in the
                                                                                  Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy
                                                                                  Project, where he taught constitutional
                                                                                  law to public high school students in the
                                                                                  District of Columbia. Prior to attending
                                                                                  law school at American University
                                                                                  Washington College of Law, Pedro studied
                                                                                  Criminal Justice and Psychology at the
                                                                                  State University of New York at Albany.
                                                                                  At WilmerHale, his commitment to public
                                                                                  service has continued to grow.

            Clockwise from top left: Medrano’s grandmother, great-grandparents    In the interview below, we took a few
  and great-great-grandmother in Los Yungas, La Paz, Bolivia (date unknown);      moments to turn the tables on this litigator
      Sergeant Medrano atop a US Army mobile artillery unit at Camp Ripley,
                                                                                  and cross examine Pedro. Here he shares
Minnesota in 2001; Medrano with fiancé Monica in Whistler, Canada in 2009;
            and a photograph taken by Medrano in La Paz, Bolivia of a parade      with us some insight into the man behind
                        of schoolchildren dancing Tinku, a Bolivian folk dance.   the lawyer from his favorite foods and his
                                                                                  ultimate dinner guests to his inspiration
                                                                                  for coming to work everyday.

                My favorite music artist is… Biggie Smalls (RIP), if we are talking about hip-hop music. My interest in
                music has changed a lot over the years, but my favorite genres are hip-hop and reggae from the 1980s
                and 1990s. Listening to this music takes me back to when my brother Ivan (DJ Lo) transformed our
                basement into a virtual music studio by mixing and scratching the latest hits on the “wheels of steel.”

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 People, Perspectives and Press
 A Diversity Committee Quarterly Publication | Winter 2011

                Q&A with Pedro Medrano
                (continued from page 4)

                My favorite sports team is… the New York Knicks. We haven’t been good for a long time, but things
                are looking up now that Isiah Thomas is gone and Amar’e Stoudemire is playing like a man possessed.

                The best movie I’ve seen in the last year is… The Fighter, which is based on the boxing career of “Irish”
                Micky Ward and his older brother and trainer Dicky Eklund. It’s a good drama and the acting is excellent.
                Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale both received Golden Globe nominations for their roles (Bale won
                Best Supporting Actor), and the film was nominated for Best Picture.

                The most interesting book I’ve read lately is… Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.

                My favorite food is… chairo, a delicious Andean soup made with beef, carrots, herbs, potatoes
                and freeze-dried potatoes called chuño. A close second is a hot, crisp Sicilian pizza slice from Lillian’s
                Pizzeria, my neighborhood pizzeria located in Forest Hills, Queens.

                The reason I come to work everyday is… to become a better lawyer. A WilmerHale partner once sat
                me down to explain a litigation pointer, and he told me that you never stop learning something new
                in the practice of law. This is so true, and ever since I joined the Firm in 2003, I’ve learned a great deal.
                I’m very thankful for all of the guidance and support my colleagues have shown me over the years,
                and each day I try to repay their faith in me by helping our clients as best as I can.

                If I weren’t doing this, I would probably be… in law enforcement or the military. I actually came very
                close to joining the New York City Police Department prior to starting law school and was in the US Army
                Reserve for eight years. Go Army! HOOAH!

                My favorite thing about the city in which I work is… the cultural diversity. I grew up in Queens, New
                York—the most diverse borough of New York City—with people from all over the world. To put this into
                perspective, my childhood friends were all first-generation Americans from the Philippines, Armenia,
                Taiwan, Indonesia, Haiti, Japan, India, Colombia, Mexico, Guyana, Korea and Saudi Arabia. I grew up
                thinking this was normal, but having visited other parts of the United States, I now know how fortunate
                I was to be exposed to different cultures at such a young age.

                People might be surprised to learn that I… once paid a shaman in Bolivia to bless the outcome of my bar
                exam. You may not believe in such things, but I’m licensed, right?

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 People, Perspectives and Press
 A Diversity Committee Quarterly Publication | Winter 2011

                Q&A with Pedro Medrano
                (continued from page 5)

                If I could live anywhere else, it would be… somewhere in South America. I don’t know exactly where yet,
                but Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are high on my list.

                The best vacation I ever had was… a trip to Bolivia in 2003, after taking the bar exam. Prior to this trip,
                I hadn’t returned to Bolivia in 15 years, so it was wonderful to reconnect with family and to see places
                and things that my parents had told me so much about. One day, while exploring La Paz, I stumbled
                across a parade of schoolchildren performing folkloric dances in full costume. Watching them dance
                with incredible joy and intensity made me so proud of my culture.

                The historical figure who intrigues me the most is… Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

                My greatest accomplishment (personal or professional) is… convincing my then-girlfriend Monica that
                accepting my marriage proposal would be a good thing … for both of us. I first met Monica in San
                Francisco at the Hispanic National Bar Association Annual Convention, where I interviewed her at the
                career fair. Two years later, I bumped into her at the same convention in Puerto Rico, and asked her
                to dance. We danced all night and have been inseparable ever since.

                The title of my autobiography would be… Rock Steady, which is the name of my favorite Army running
                cadence, and how I would describe my attitude (on most days).

                The actor I would cast to play me in a movie is… Benjamin Bratt. People have told me that we look alike.
                I tend to agree, except I wear glasses and he’s less handsome (though people haven’t told me this).

                If I could have dinner with five people, they would be… my grandparents. My mother’s parents passed
                away before I was born, so I don’t know much about them. My grandmother on my mother’s side is the
                little girl with the hat in the picture; my great-grandmother is behind her; my great-great-grandmother
                is the woman in black; and my great-grandfather is the smooth-looking guy in the back. They are all
                surrounded by village people, or campesinos, from whom my grandmother learned Aymara, the language
                spoken by indigenous people in the Andes. My grandfather on my father’s side was a tailor and a veteran
                of the war between Bolivia and Paraguay (the Chaco War). I met him during his only visit to New York.
                I remember we went to McDonald’s and he ordered a Big Mac. Upon close inspection of his sandwich,
                he told me he’d been cheated because his sandwich had only three pieces of bread. Naturally, whenever
                I eat a Big Mac, I think of him.

                I can’t pick just one other person for this dinner, so I’m going to cheat and include my entire family.
                I’ve actually dreamt of this dinner before, and in my dream I see a family so happy to be together at last.

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 People, Perspectives and Press
 A Diversity Committee Quarterly Publication | Winter 2011

                “Out” in the Workplace
                On Thursday, February 10, Zaid A. Zaid, a Washington senior associate in the Litigation/Controversy
                Department, spoke on a panel that WilmerHale co-hosted along with White and Case LLP at Cornell Law
                School about being gay in the work place. The panel was conceived and organized by Jason Beekman,
                a 2010 summer associate in WilmerHale’s Washington office. Beekman is president emeritus for Lambda,
                Cornell Law’s LGBT student group. Beekman described why he was inspired to organize this program:
                “When I started interviewing for legal positions, I contemplated stripping my resume of all my LGBT
                involvements. Thankfully, I spoke with some wonderful Cornell alumni who encouraged me to be honest
                and forthright from the get go. I wanted to provide a similar opportunity for my fellow LGBT Cornellians
                                                         to get advice from young openly gay attorneys. In addition to advice
                                                         on the recruiting side of things, I wanted to provide my peers with
                                                         advice on choosing employment, seeking out LGBT affinity groups
                                                         within their particular job environment, and maintaining involvement
                                                         with important LGBT issues through pro bono opportunities, ABA
                                                         committees, and nonprofit boards.”

                                                         Zaid spoke with law students of all levels about his experiences
                                                         being gay in the workplace at WilmerHale, and his approach while in
                                                         law school to organizing his resume, selecting firms, and interviewing
                                                         with potential employers. He encouraged students to identify
                                                         themselves as LGBT individuals when they apply to firms, as well
                                                         as when they begin their summer or start as an associate. Student
                                                         questions ranged from the kind of LGBT-themed programs that
                                                         WilmerHale sponsors to the types of cases that the firm is involved

                    Zaid Zaid and Jason Beekman          in relating to the LGBT community. Beekman received very positive
                                                         feedback on the program. “The candid and conversational nature
                of the program provided a great opportunity to ask questions that many said they never felt comfortable
                to ask. One of my friends in particular decided not to come out during recruitment and spent her entire
                summer associate experience closeted. After speaking with Zaid, she has decided to come out and join
                her firm’s LGBT affinity group.” Many of the students noted that it is important for them to know that firms
                to which they apply are committed to LGBT associates and the LGBT community. Beekman noted
                “One of the major reasons I chose to accept my offer at WilmerHale was the Firm’s strong diversity
                programs and its commitment to the LGBT community. I had an absolutely wonderful experience
                at WilmerHale this summer and cannot wait to return to the Firm as an associate.”

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    People, Perspectives and Press
    A Diversity Committee Quarterly Publication | Winter 2011

                    AALDEF Celebrates the New Year
                                                            On Tuesday, February 8, members of the New York office and guests
                                                            celebrated the Year of the Rabbit, the fourth sign of the Chinese
                                                            Zodiac, at the annual Asian American Legal Defense and Education
                                                            Fund (AALDEF) Lunar New Year Gala which took place at Pier Sixty,
                                                            Chelsea Piers in New York City.

                                                            WilmerHale’s own Bill Lee served as a Benefit Committee Co-Chair,
                                                            as did former WilmerHale partner, John Payton, now with the NAACP
                                                            Legal Defense and Educational Fund. This year’s Justice in Action
                                                            award recipients included A.B. Cruz, III who serves as Chief Legal
                                                            Officer & Corporate Secretary for Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc.
Back: Joseph Yu, Henry Chen, Ronnie Lin, Sarah Mohr
                                                            and Lillian Kimura, a civil rights advocate and former president
               Front: Elizabeth Derbes, Laura Asserfea,
                    Tetyana Gaponenko, Denise Leong         of the Japanese American Citizens League. The evening was emceed
           (an EPA attorney and friend of Ronnie Lin)       by two faces familiar to morning news fans. Juju Chang, news anchor
                                                            for ABC’s Good Morning America served as one of the co-hosts
                                                            for the evening. Alongside Ms. Chang was Sree Sreenivasan who
                                                            currently serves as the Dean of Student Affairs for the Columbia
                                                            Graduate School of Journalism and has previously been seen on local
                                                            New York City news stations as a tech reporter and “Tech Guru.”

                                                            Attendees from the New York office included: Litigation/Controversy
                                                            associates Joseph Yu, Henry Chen, Sarah Mohr and Tetyana
                                                            Gaponenko; Litigation/Controversy senior associate Ronnie Lin,
                                                            Securities associate Laura Asserfea, and Securities partner
                                                            and Diversity Committee Co-Chair Elizabeth Derbes. AALDEF
                                                            did not disappoint as everyone in attendance enjoyed the night
                                                            with colleagues, peers, and friends and engaging speakers.
        Henry Chen, Elizabeth Derbes, Laura Asserfea,
                                                            And thus begins the countdown to 2012, the Year of the Dragon.
                                Tetyana Gaponenko

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 People, Perspectives and Press
 A Diversity Committee Quarterly Publication | Winter 2011

                  Get your calendars ready! Learn how
                  to get involved in upcoming events.
 Boston                                                      On April 1st, WilmerHale will sponsor the Santa Clara
 On March 4-5th, WilmerHale will sponsor Harvard             University SOL APALSA 30th Anniversary Banquet.
 BLSA’s 28th Annual Spring Conference. This event will       The event will take place at the Dynasty Restaurant
 take place on campus at Harvard University.                 in San Jose from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

 On April 7th, WilmerHale will sponsor “Lawyers for          washington
 Transgender Rights,” a cocktail party, held by the          On March 17th, WilmerHale will sponsor the Asian Pacific
 Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. This event   American Bar Association’s Educational Fund 18th Annual
 will take place at Club Café, beginning at 5:30 p.m.        Benefit Dinner. This event will take place at the National
                                                             Press Club from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
 Los Angeles
 On March 3rd, WilmerHale will sponsor/attend                On March 23rd, WilmerHale will sponsor the GW Law
 the Implicit Bias Conference. The conference will take      School Chapter of Lambda Law’s Fifth Annual LGBT and
 place at UCLA.                                              Allied Law Student Networking Reception. This event will
                                                             take place at GW Law School from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
 On March 11th, WilmerHale will sponsor the
 Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Los Angeles       On April 1st, WilmerHale will sponsor/host the National
 13th Annual Installation Dinner.                            Conference for Vietnamese American Attorney’s Annual
                                                             Conference. The Welcome Reception for this event will
 On April 6th, WilmerHale will sponsor the LAALRA            take place at Arent Fox LLP.
 Diversity Networking Event. The conference will
 take place at the Radisson Hotel in Los Angeles             On May 13th, WilmerHale will sponsor/host the GW BLSA’s
 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.                                 33rd Annual Patricia Roberts Harris Banquet. This event
                                                             will take place at The Mayflower Renaissance Hotel from
 Palo Alto                                                   6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
 On March 11th, WilmerHale will sponsor/attend the
                                                             For more information on events please contact:
 BALIF 31st Annual Dinner and Awards Gala entitled
                                                             Boston: Lara Freishtat at
 BAILIF Celebrates the Art of Equality. The event will
                                                             LA: Martinelle Cole at
 take place at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
 from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.                                Palo Alto: Martinelle Cole at
                                                             NY: Kristin Hagestad at
 On March 24th, WilmerHale will sponsor the
                                                             Washington: Tanya Massey at
 Out & Proud Corporate Counsel Award Reception.
 The reception will take place at the Standard Hotel
 in downtown Los Angeles from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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 People, Perspectives and Press
 A Diversity Committee Quarterly Publication | Winter 2011

 Notable & Quotable:
 more reasons we’re proud to work for wilmerHale.
 Firm Client Plays Role                                           WilmerHale sent six attorneys to the convention,
                                                                  representing the Los Angeles, Boston and Washington, DC

 in Successful Repeal                                             offices. Based on this group’s feedback, NAPABA met its
                                                                  goal of inspiration. “The convention reminded us of how
 of Don’t Ask, Don’t tell                                         far Asian Pacific Americans have come as a group. In 1898,
                                                                  it was questionable whether a child born in the U.S.,
 WilmerHale client, Center for American Progress played           of Chinese parents, even deserved to be a U.S. citizen,”
 a critical role in the successful legislative effort to repeal   says Shirley Cantin and Yin Zhou, both Litigation associates
 the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law, which has been on the books       in the Boston office. “Now, NAPABA is celebrating Judge
 since 1993. With passage of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t       Cantil-Sakauye’s nomination to Chief Justice of the
 Tell, gays and lesbians will be able to serve openly in the      California Supreme Court, the first Asian Pacific American
 military. For the past 18 months, the Firm has assisted          to head a state’s high court.”
 the Center for American Progress by helping to craft the
 legislative language that ultimately attracted enough votes      NAPABA’s nationwide membership includes attorneys,
 to pass both houses of Congress, and engaging with the           judges, law professors and law students and represents
 White House, Department of Defense, Department of Justice        the interests of approximately 63 local bar associations
 and key Senate offices. Click here to read more.                 and over 40,000 attorneys. Some 1,700 Asian Pacific
                                                                  American legal professionals attended the convention
                                                                  which offered both networking and educational opportunities
 inspired: NAPABA                                                 via panels, workshops and general events. Topics include
                                                                  an international law symposium, a panel about social
 Conference Update                                                advocacy for children who enter the U.S. illegally without
                                                                  a guardian and the variety of ways Asian Pacific Americans
 In November 2010, The National Asian Pacific American
                                                                  can advance in the legal industry.
 Bar Association (NAPABA), held their 22nd Annual
 Convention in Los Angeles, titled “Inspire.” The convention      NAPABA strives is to provide a national voice for the needs
 showcased the different ways people are inspired by the law,     and interests of the Asian Pacific American legal community
 and by the achievements of Asian Pacific American lawyers,       and help to foster an environment for professional
 in their roles as lawyers, leaders anda volunteers within the    development, advocacy, legal scholarship and community
 communities in which they practice and live. By showcasing       involvement. The 2011 convention will be held in Atlanta,
 these achievements, the conference further inspired people       Georgia. And as Shirley and Yin both stated, they are already
 to strive for excellence and give back to their communities.     looking forward to it.

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 People, Perspectives and Press
 A Diversity Committee Quarterly Publication | Winter 2011

 Notable & Quotable:
 more reasons we’re proud to work for wilmerHale.
 Partner Kim Parker Named
 to “45 under 45” List of Leading
 women Lawyers
 WilmerHale partner Kimberly Parker was named one
 of the 45 leading women lawyers under 45 years of age
 in the January 2011 issue of The American Lawyer.
 This issue of the magazine profiles each of the 45 women
 and recognized their significant achievements at a
 notably young age. Click here to read more.

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