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                        Message from Master Eric Sbarge
                            Our perceptions of our teachers often follow a similar progression: At first we
                            are amazed, awed and humbled by all that our teachers know and can teach us;
                            then as the years progress and we gain our own knowledge and skill, out teachers
                            start to seem quite ordinary; then finally as we train even longer and see the real
                            depth and value of what our teachers have taught us we are again amazed, awed
                            and humbled.

                     I don’t know if Grandmaster ever really seemed ordinary to me, but with each
passing year now I do better appreciate the depth and value of what he has to offer. Few people in any
field or endeavor continue to study, practice, research, and learn once they are recognized as
“masters” of their field.

But Grandmaster is a perpetual student despite being a legitimate grandmaster. His knowledge isn’t
static – every time I see him he is working on something new, and showing me a better way to do the

He has often joked that the only secret to becoming a grandmaster is to stay alive long enough. His
modesty notwithstanding, he demonstrates that true mastery is about much more than merely staying
alive. It’s what you do with life that matters. To this day Grandmaster dedicates virtually every day of
his life to better understanding the arts he loves, and to helping each of us better understand and
master these arts.

I look forward to seeing what new knowledge he will offer us at his workshop this year!

                                     Upcoming Events

Workshop with Grandmaster Ma For Ren
Every year, Grandmaster Ma’s workshop at The Peaceful Dragon helps each of us – child or adult, experienced
or inexperienced – gain significant new and deeper insights into the arts we practice. This year’s workshop
promises to be extra special for all kung fu and tai chi students – take a look at what Grandmaster is planning to
teach us!

        Dyan Shr -- Hitting vital points
        The “Stop” Hit
        Hidden controls (Ways of controlling the opponent without him knowing.)
        Advanced self-defense techniques
        Analysis of forms and hidden movements
        How to create and generate extraordinary power
        Insights into hidden pathways of power.
        Combining the Internal and External arts
        Secret weapons you don't see and how to use them.
        Bottle training for Sticky Hands (You need to bring one empty Gallon Wine Bottle – so start drinking

Any Young Dragon aged 9-13 ranked Green Sash and above can join the weekend-long workshop. Like last
year, there will be medals for various winners to remember the event. As usual anyone who has weapons
should bring them with them, in case Grandmaster wants to bring out points of weapons. If you don’t have
weapons there is no need to buy anything.

Workshop                        10:00AM -1:00PM
Lunch                           1::00PM – 2:30PM
Workshop                        2:30PM – 5:00PM

Banquet dinner          7:00PM – 10:00PM

Workshop                        9:30AM – 11:30AM
Lunch                           11:30AM – 1:00PM
Lion dance & demo               1:00PM-1:30PM
Workshop                        1:30PM – 5:00PM

Meditation                      10:00 – 11:00AM
Workshop                        11AM – 1:00PM
Lunch                           1:00PM – 2:30PM
Workshop                        2:30PM – 5:30PM

For all children aged 5-13, Grandmaster will be our Guest of Honor for the Children’s Promotion Ceremony on
Saturday afternoon, after which he will lead a special Children’s Class open to all children aged 5-13.
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Early Bird Special is just $167 through June 9; after then, the workshop cost is $197, cash or money order only.
You can come to any or all days of the workshop – the price remains the same. Tickets for the Friday night
banquet dinner at Wan Fu should be purchased separately at the front counter. Check out the announcement
on our web site as well,

Update on China Trip
Over forty students have so far signed up to join us in October for our China Tour. All are welcome, and you
have until August to make your reservation. See details at

Monthly Discussion Group
Wednesday, June 6, 7:45pm

The topic for June is Reflections on Our School’s History and Lineage. There is quite a bit of information
on Grandmaster’s web site at Bring your questions and observations
Wednesday, June 6 following Taiji class.

International Kuoshu Tournament
July 28th and 29th

Sifu will be going to Maryland again this year. Whether you plan to compete or just want the thrill and
experience of attending an international level martial arts event, book your travel and accommodations early
because this venue fills up very fast. All students are encouraged to compete or come and support those who
are. For details please go to The Peaceful
Dragon will continue classes that weekend.

Student Appreciation Picnic and Barbecue
Saturday, June 10, 2 – 6pm

The Peaceful Dragon is pleased to invite all students and family members to our Student Appreciation
Picnic and Barbecue. The summer barbecue is a tradition and everyone always has loads of fun, eats
and drinks to their heart’s content, plays hard (past picnics have been notable for Shaolin-style touch
football in the rain).

All the food and drink will be provided by The Peaceful Dragon – you don’t have to bring anything.
Enjoy games and sports for kids and adults alike, including volleyball, football, basketball and soccer, or
just sit and relax!

Note: You must sign up at the front counter and get your FREE tickets for you and your family no
later than Wednesday, June 6, so that we know approximately how many people to prepare food for.

Location: Wingate Park, just over a mile from The Peaceful Dragon. Return to Top ☯

                                   Window on the Dao
            When we look at things in the light of Tao
            Nothing is best, nothing is worst.
            Each thing, seen in its own light
            Stands out in its own way.

            — Chuang Tzu

            Commentary by Master Eric Sbarge:

The human ability to discriminate can be a blessing or a curse, and most often ends up a curse. Best or worst,
this or that…. We should remember that each thing really reflects its natural version of the One. A quote
from the late essayist Susan Sontag put it well: “Every thing has beauty, or at least interest, seen with a keen
enough eye.” Discrimination clouds the mind, which is where images from the keen eye are processed. The
beauty and interest of the “other perspective” is lost due to discrimination.

               Martial Arts Tips from Master Sbarge
Develop your power techniques! Through our forms, techniques and sparring practice, each of us find certain
movements and combat techniques that feel most natural, and others that feel awkward and unnatural no
matter how hard we practice them.

Discard the awkward movements – and then fully develop your naturally strong techniques. Most students fail
to fully develop their strong techniques.

For example, let’s say you feel reasonably comfortable catching an opponent’s leg during his kick, and then
sweeping out his supporting leg. Keep developing and improving this technique; don’t just rest on your natural
affinity for it. You want to make it part of an arsenal of a FEW POWER TECHNIQUES that you can execute
smoothly, effectively and consistently SEEMINGLY AT WILL.

How do you develop the ability to execute a technique almost at will? Steady, regular, and frequent practice.
For the above example, you might want to dedicate 20 minutes a day, every day, for a year or more, to just
sweeping the heavy bag. Then another 10 minutes to holding the posture, “Search for the Sea.” Then 20
minutes with your training partners (bigger and smaller than you) just throwing various kicks at you, so you
defend and catch the kick and execute the sweep. Then you can mix it up and not wait for the kick, but instead
scoop the front leg with your arm or with a foot-reaping motion.

In the above example you’re spending about an hour a day on one technique. I guarantee that at the end of a
year, there will be few kickers you’ll face that won’t go down almost at your will. Do this with three or four of
your strongest techniques – for three or four years – and you’ll face few attacks of any kind that you won’t
thwart at will.

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                         Peaceful Dragon School News

Debra Recovering Well From Surgery
Debra and Sifu both wish to thank all Peaceful Dragon students, families and friends who have sent her cards,
flowers and well-wishes as she recovers from her surgery. All went well with the surgery, and she is recovering
right on schedule. She should be back manning her post at the front counter any day now.

Massage Therapist Shawn Hammond Opens New Place
After working at The Peaceful Dragon for 3+ years as the resident Massage Therapist, Shawn Hammond has
relocated her services to the Plaza/Midwood area. Her business, The Peace Within Massage Therapy, is
located at 1208 The Plaza within Plaza Midwood Massage. Shawn’s new location is more relaxing than ever and
she still plans to give Peaceful Dragon students 10% off. Sessions are by appointment only, phone: 704-564-
2289. Check out her ad at and wish her luck by scheduling
an appointment!

Remodeling Again
           We’re creating a new room dedicated to offering introductory tours and classes for those who
           come in to inquire about our programs. We apologize again for any noise, mess or inconvenience
           during the construction. Hopes and dreams are never finished, and as the needs of the school
           evolve, the original vision continues to be expressed to reflect the needs of our diverse and growing
student population as well.

Welcome to the Following New Students
Congratulations to Steven Inga, Jacob Gay, Sarah Kott, MicahTeague, Laura Lawler, Ralph Belk III, Leesa Tam,
David Ansley, and Moira Scheffrin, on starting your martial arts journey with The Peaceful Dragon. All of
these new adult students have entered the Shaolin program. Laura Lawler and Ralph Belk III also entered the
Taiji program.

Class Schedule and Staffing Changes
A new schedule will begin on Monday, June 11. The changes will optimize class time
for adult Beginner/Novice (Block A/B) levels, as well as Intermediate/Advanced (Block B/C/D) levels. By
having classes that are more level-appropriate, each class can be tailored to an agenda offering greater benefit to
individual students.
We have also modified the schedule for the children’s programs in order to add 15 minutes to the Leadership
class, and we’ve added new Tuesday classes.
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To ensure optimum student/instructor ratios for all classes, we are also implementing a roster. All students will
need to sign up at the front counter to help create the new class rosters. Please do this right away. We
understand these changes may be inconvenient to some students; however, one of the requirements for a good
school is responsiveness to the needs of the greatest number of students. These changes are to that end.

New members of The Peaceful Dragon staff are Robert Beaver, who is assuming Wes Adam’s role as
Student Services Manager; and Maricris Guadagna, who is replacing Shawn Hammond as Office Assistant. Wes
has planned to open his own kung fu school in Columbia, SC, around September and will be helping Robert get
up to speed in the meantime. Shawn has already started her new massage services business.

                                   Children’s Programs
Children’s Promotion Day
June 30, 1:00pm

Our special Guest of Honor for Promotion Day will be Grandmaster himself! The promotion
ceremony will be followed by a special full-hour class that Grandmaster will lead, available to all
children aged 5-13. The tuition for this special class is $20 – please register in advance at the front

Black Sash Club News
Congratulations to new Black Sash Club members, Aine Grady and Monty Head. We also extend kudos to
Wesley Pugh, new assistant children’s instructor.

Focus for June
June is Self Defense month. All kids will be working on empty hand forms and self defense techniques. Black
Sash Club and Leadership Club members, 5 to 8 years old White, Yellow and Orange Sashes will also need to
bring your short staff; Green Sash and above plan to bring nun-chucks. 9 to13 years old White, Yellow and
Orange Sashes will need to bring short staff; Green sash and above do not need to bring any weapons; we will
emphasize Man Da – slow sparring for those students.

Testing and Promotions
Final Stripe Test Week will be June 18 to June 23 during class time; the next Promotion Day will be on June 30
at 1pm. Grandmaster will be the guest of honor and he's hosting a special kids' class right after the promotion.
Note details above. Return to Top ☯

Parent Tip of the Month
Practice every day. If we want the student to have a strong side kick, we teach how to execute a correct side
kick and the student should practice 100 kicks a day for the next three months. Their side kick will become
very impressive. It's easy to tell someone what to do, but a lot harder to "convince" someone to practice. How

can we help the kids to practice? Everyone is different and the best way is to try different methods, as long as
we all agree that "practice makes perfect", and not "practice is torturing". Practice for lacrosse, or piano lessons
make the same demand to get the desired result of higher skill.

                                        Lyn’s Boot Camp
                      Morning and Evening
                      boot-campers met at
                      Crowder’s Mountain at
                      10:00 am, April 28th, for a
                      hike. The weather
                      couldn't have been more
beautiful! We had a pretty good turnout for
a beautiful Saturday afternoon! The campers
split off into smaller groups to try different
trails and go at different paces. I encourage
anyone to try out the trails at Crowder's.
Only 45 minutes from the Dragon, it offers a
very inexpensive and very fun way to spend
time with friends and family and nature.

Talk about a fitness lifestyle......a special
recognition goes to Rafael Hildalgo, Joselle Anthony and Kim Anthony who came straight from a 5K run in
uptown Charlotte to meet us for the hike! Great going guys!

                                    Student of the Month
Our Children’s Student of the Month is Cody Eidsness. Cody has always been full of enthusiasm for the
martial arts. He provides an outstanding example to other students with his attitude and poise, and excels in
the Leadership Club. Another reason for our recognition of Cody this month is that he did a very good job of
showing the results of his hard work and discipline in both the CACMA and Peaceful Dragon Team
Tournaments. His sparring in these events not only demonstrates his spirit, but his ability to effectively
incorporate instructor tips, and raise his level of performance. Congratulations Cody!

The Adult Student of the Month is Joe Bozyk. What defines a good student goes beyond what they bring
through talent or skill. Grandmaster Ma For Ren has said many times that it is the personal journey, the inner
development and discovery that is most important, and it is for these things particularly we recognize Joe.
Recently promoted from Block A to Block B, Joe has faced a range of obstacles to his practice and continued
attendance; any one of which could have stopped a person with less will. Through his own determination, and a
leap of faith that has led to a profound transformation in health, Joe has realized the value of the arts in his life
and set a wonderful example for others. For these reasons, The Peaceful Dragon is proud to recognize Joe
Bozyk as our Adult Student of the Month. Congratulations Joe!

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                              Celebrating Student’s Lives
Parents are welcome, and encouraged, to share any news they have about their child’s achievements and
successes outside the Peaceful Dragon. Information can go to the Editor,

                                                Disciple Forum

                                                Row Your Boat
                                                     By Laoshr Wes Adams

                                              Most people, even most students of Zen and Tao, tend to take these
                                              teachings as interesting perspectives, food for thought – brilliant
                                              metaphors, or even “higher spiritual laws” – from a lofty plane far above
                                              our daily lives. But…what if we were to actually take these teachings at
                                              face value, as the literal truth that governs our daily lives? Would that be
                                              “enlightenment?” Just for fun, let’s look at some of the best known Zen
                                              and Taoist teachings from the perspective that they are literally true.

We have the teaching that the present moment is all that there is; literally all that is real. That would obviously
mean that the past and future don’t exist. Not that metaphorically it is as if there is no future or past, but that
there literally is none: past and future are fantasies of the mind. Does that seem absurd to you? Is that terrible
or wonderful? Is it liberating or terrifying? Perhaps it is absurd, or even terrible and terrifying as a thought, but
wonderful and liberating as a reality.

What about impermanence, which is a core teaching of both Tao and Zen. This teaching is that nothing, no
thing, is permanent. Change is the only constant. All that arises passes away. The only loophole is that Tao
lasts forever, and Tao is everything. So, really, only those things that don’t know that they are Tao don’t know
that they last forever, though some of them imagine that they do. It’s very simple.

And what of the “Great Illusion,” the teaching that all that we think of as real is not real. That’s just silly you
think, but let’s pretend it isn’t just for a moment. What if everything wasn’t real? What if it wasn’t really there
at all? What if nothing is there? Then what would be left? Well, according to the teachings, what is left after
you realize that nothing is real is the one thing that is truly real, which was really you all along.

It’s been said that confusion is the mother of learning, and so I genuinely hope that I have confused you. If I
haven’t, I apologize, and I solemnly promise that I will try harder if given another opportunity. At any rate, I
want to leave you with some of the most profound scriptures ever written on Zen and Tao. These few words
encapsulate the quintessence of Zen and Tao, and also pass the time well on road trips if sung in rounds.

        Row, row, row your boat,
        Gently down the stream.
        Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
        Life is but a dream.

More verses are at Return to Top ☯

The following adult Taiji students were promoted from Block A to Block B: David Jokell, Vernon Carre, Mick
Holly, Joe Bozyk, Mary Boulton, Maria Loudres Cuevas, Christine Lwin, Nancy J. Pittman, Matt Mow, Krista
Mow, Timothy Mecum, Ashley Faison, and Macie Imholt (who has already been promoted in Shaolin. Also,
these Shaolin students were promoted: Chris Webber and David Markoski.

            Wisdom of our Grandmaster Ma For Ren
                    Part I
                   This art is composed of two things: blocks and strikes. Far too often students fail to see the
                   importance of and differences between our blocks. As I have said before, there is no such
                   thing as a good hit to your opponent there is only a bad block. Blocks are as varied as
                   strikes and each one has its specific purpose. There are blocks for the power hits, deflecting
                   pat blocks, hammer blocks, iron latch blocks. There are meat cleaver blocks, forearm blocks,
                   cutting or chopping blocks, hooking blocks, elbow blocks and many more. The idea I am
                   trying to get across is that there are very specific blocks for specific types of attacks. To use
the wrong type of block for a certain type of attack could lead to failure.

Don't think of blocks as just blocks, because each type has advantages and disadvantages. You have to analyze
your blocks carefully and get to understand these differences so you will automatically use the correct blocks for
the correct strike. This will put you in an advantageous position to counter faster and more effectively.

Blocking is part of our art, but far too often we just use anything, not realizing that blocks can be used to set the
opponent up for an effective counter. In advanced methods, blocks themselves become strikes and are woven
into the attack seamlessly. This is a high level of blocking and, once understood, it can increase the speed
and effectiveness of your techniques up to fifty percent.

Using the wrong block can cause your counterattack to be slower, less effective and, in some cases, even cause
you injury. It would be like trying to stop a bullet with a fly swatter.

Don't take anything you learn for granted. The art is deeper than you think. The more you look and study and
analyze, the deeper you will find yourself getting into the mechanics of movements, which can be complex at
first, until you fully understand the subtle differences.

In the beginning you start with the three systems of blocking, the ten-count, the five star, and the Shuai Chiao
blocking set. But keep in mind, these are only basics, don't get struck there. Once you understand the basics of
blocking it is time to move on to the higher levels, which will serve you well on your quest for perfection.

Part II
There is no such a thing as a good punch, only a bad block. What I mean is that you must perfect your blocks.
Here’s how to do this:

1. Condition your arms to receive hard hits. This is done with by training in arm hitting.
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2. Perform your blocks according to proper martial arts basics. By this I mean proper starting and ending points
of blocks.

3. Never reach with your blocks and always pick the closest block.

4. Vary your blocks: circular blocks and straight line blocks.

5. A block and hit with the same arm is the fastest block you own, but most don’t use this technique properly. If
you don’t, fix it.

6. Evading is faster than any block and gives you more opportunities for counter attack.

7. If you must block, a simultaneous block/hit is preferred. This concept is taught in Kenpo Form #2.

8. Train blocks with weighted arms to increase your speed. The preferred method is using the Iron Rings.

9. Train by blocking against the bamboo staff. This will further condition your arms as well as test your blocks
out safely.

10. Most important is the realization that there are many various ways of blocking seen throughout your forms:
forearm blocks, pressing blocks, and locking blocks – sometimes called entrapment blocks.

11. Lastly, when you’re ready, try blocks against multiple attacks. This will test your blocking ability to the

   NOTICE: if you have not received email from Grandmaster in a while, it may be due to a data glitch that
   happened at the A.C.C.S. Please resend your full name and email address to Ma Shrfu at: If you’ve never participated, and want to get email directly from Grandmaster Ma, go to Include a brief thanks for Grandmaster’s generosity. Make sure the punctuation
   and spelling on your email address are correct. Don’t forget to add Grandmaster to your approved senders list. If
   your computer is blocking email, get help from someone locally; Grandmaster Ma cannot help you with these matters.

                                           Dragon Report

Beautiful Weapons Rack
Sifu says “Thanks from me to all of the Disciples and Instructors who contributed and worked on it in one way
or another. It really is beautiful.”

CACMA Tournament Good Venue for Peaceful Dragon Students
While we are not exactly a tournament school, the level of training that is accomplished in our studios is almost
always reflected in the results of our competition, and the recent CACMA tournament was a case in point.
Results for Peaceful Dragon students are listed here, with congratulations to all! Return to Top ☯

 5 – 7 Year-Old                         Adults                                David Block – Second in Advanced
 Hannah Eidsness – Third in             Graham Jones - ? in Beginner          Taiji Form, First in Advanced Taiji
 Beginner Open Hand                     Shaolin Forms, Second in Sparring     Weapons, Second in Advanced Active
                                                                              Push Hands
 8 – 10 Year-Old                        Eric Dennison – Third in
 Cody Eidsness – Second in              Intermediate Taiji Form, Second in    Natalia Hill – Competed in Taiji
 Intermediate Open Hand, First in       Chi-Sao, Third in Active Push         Form, First in Advanced Active Push
 Sword Form, First in Two-Person        Hands                                 Hands
 Form, Third in Sparring
                                        Rick Towell - Competed in             Wes – Second in Active Push Hands
 Anna Hill – First in Open Hand         Intermediate Taiji Form
                                        Robert Beaver – First in
 James Adams – First in                 Intermediate Taiji, First in Interm   Well-deserved congratulations to
 Intermediate Open Hand, First in       Northern Shaolin, First in Lei-Tai    all who competed. Wear your
 Two-Person Form, First in Sparring                                           honors well.
                                        Carrie Chun – Third in
 Emi LeNeave – First in Advanced        Advanced Taiji Weapons, First in
 Open Hand, First in Weapons,           Advanced Open Hand Shaolin
 Second in Two-Person Form              Form, Second in Sparring

 11 -13 Year-Old                        Kevin Deal – Competed in
 Alex Wright – Second in Two-           Advanced Shaolin Form, Third in
 Person Form, Third in Open Hand        Advanced Shaolin Weapons, First
                                        in Men’s Advanced Sparring
 14 – 15 Year-Old                                                             Any omissions or errors of fact are
 Cole Mumpower – First in Open                                                the fault of the editor transcribing
 Hand, First in Weapons, First in                                             from hand-written notes.
 Two-Person Form

Clean-up Day Not So Great
The response for our quarterly clean-up day was unfortunately small for a school of our size. Master Sbarge
realizes people have busy lives; however, it’s been said often that part of your training in a traditional school
includes your support for the more mundane needs of the school. Wu-de is not something that can be forced;
either students “get it” through their training and develop an understanding of what it means to be in martial
arts, or not. Thanks go out to those who did show up and work hard for the benefit of everyone else.

Team Tournament Highlights School Spirit, Skills
Everyone who came to the tournament to compete or cheer their favorite came away with more experience
and many fun memories. From the high energy of the Shuai Chiao matches, to snappy Shaolin form
demonstrations, to the calm expressions of Taiji, everyone found something to watch, participate in and learn
from. Highlights included team competitions, and a Sumo Smack-down that had everyone in stitches! If you
weren’t there, you missed another terrific team tournament day. Of course, there will be another one next
year, when we’ll hope to see more of you there. Following are the results of the tournament, compiled by Sifu
Hank Kadel, and some wonderful pictures, taken by David Pankey. Enjoy!
                                                                                              Return to Top ☯

                                    Division Results 1st thru 3rd
                  EVENT                            1ST PLACE            2ND PLACE           3RD PLACE
Adult Kung Fu Beginner Basics                  Alexander Japit       Lonnie Lin
Adult Kung Fu Beginner Form                    Alexander Japit       Lonnie Lin
Adult Kung Fu Intermediate Form                Melanie Misenheimer Rodney Hale
Adult Kung Fu Intermediate 2-Man Form          No Competitors
Adult Kung Fu Intermediate Weapon Form         Melanie Misenheimer
Adult Kung Fu Intermediate Sparring 18 yrs +   No Competitors
Adult Kung Fu Intermediate Sparring 13-17 Yrs. No Competitors
Adult Kung Fu Advanced Form                    Carrie Chun           Robert Beaver       Cole Mumpower
Adult Kung Fu Advanced 2-Man Form              Cole Mumpower         Nicole LeNeave      Robert Beaver
Adult Kung Fu Advanced Weapon Form             Cole Mumpower         Nicole LeNeave      Jessica Henry
Adult Kung Fu Advanced Sparring 18 Yrs. +      Hameed Sanders        Carrie Chun         Robert Beaver
Adult Kung Fu Advanced Sparring 13-17 Yrs.     Charlie Wagner        Matthew Rumirez
Shuai Chiao - 165# & Under                     Robert Beaver         Carrie Chun         Jessica Henry
Shuai Chiao - 166# & Over                      Hameed Sanders        Kevin Deal
Adult Tai Chi Beginner Chi Kung Form           Julian Roscoe       Alexander Japit       Wanda Williams
Adult Tai Chi Beginner Solo Form               Julian Roscoe       Alexander Japit       Wanda Williams
Adult Tai Chi Intermediate Solo Form           Melanie Misenheimer Rick Towell           Leslie Imholt
Adult Tai Chi Intermediate Weapon Form         Rick Towell
Adult Tai Chi Advanced Solo Form               Robert Beaver         David Block         Dale Guadagna
Adult Tai Chi Advanced 2-Man Form              No Competitors
Adult Tai Chi Advanced Weapon Form             David Block           Rodney Hale
Adult Tai Chi Intermediate Linear Push Hands Rick Towell             Melanie Misenheimer Leslie Imholt
Adult Tai Chi Intermediate Circular Push Hands Rick Towell           Melanie Misenheimer
Adult Tai Chi Advanced Linear Push Hands       David Crowe           Natalia Hill        Dale Guadagna
Adult Tai Chi Advanced Circular Push Hands     Natalia Hill          David Crowe         B. Dale Saufley
Hsing-I / Pakua Form                           Dale Guadagna
Hsing-I / Pakua Weapon Form                    No Competitors
5-8 - White/Yellow Sash Basics                 Christopher Frez      Kendall Brady       Dorothy Gheorghiu
5-8 - White/Yellow Sash Form                   Dorothy Gheorghiu     Christopher Frez    Kendall Brady
5-8 - Orange/Green Sash Basics                 David Francis         Stephen Biddix      Vanka Ivanov
5-8 - Orange/Green Sash Form                   Stephen Biddix        Vanka Ivanov        Garrett Brady
5-8 - Orange/Green Sash Techniques             Stephen Biddix        Vanka Ivanov        Hannah Eidsness
5-8 - Purple Sash & Up Basics                  Timothy Evans
5-8 - Purple Sash & Up Form                    Vincent Wolf          Timothy Evans
5-8 - Purple Sash & Up Techniques              Vincent Wolf          Timothy Evans
9-13 - White/Yellow Sash Basics                Christopher Nyugen Jarret Lawing
9-13 - White/Yellow Sash Form                  Christopher Nguyen Jarret Lawing
9-13 - Orange/Green Sash Form                  Philly Gheorghiu      Mike Hauf           Alan Tran
9-13 - Orange/Green Sash 2-Man Form            No Competitors
9-13 - Orange/Green Sash Weapon Form           Mike Hauf
9-13 - Orange/Green Sash Techniques            Mike Hauf             Faith Hauf

                                     Division Results 1st thru 3rd
                   EVENT                            1ST PLACE            2ND PLACE         3RD PLACE
9-13 - Purple Sash & Up Form                    Marshall Berry       Emi LeNeave         James Adams
9-13 - Purple Sash & Up 2-Man Form              Alexandria Wright    Emi LeNeave         Cody Eidsness
9-13 - Purple Sash & Up Weapon Form             Cody Eidsness        Justine Seibel
9-13 - Purple Sash & Up Sparring                Cody Eidsness        James Adams         Anastasia Hill
Shuai Chiao Light Weight                        Cole Mumpower        James Adams         Cody Eidsness

                                            Students and parents enjoy the competition


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 The b
 The big guy reflects

Checking out the awards table

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Judges between events
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Divided Attention

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                           Students Ask Master Sbarge
Question:       How many hours a day do you train?

Answer:       This kind of reminds me of another question I often get: “How many times have you really had to
use your kung fu skills?” When I answer, “Every day,” the questioner usually pauses, and then naturally makes
the shift from thinking solely of fighting to the arguably greater benefits that come from training: reduced stress,
clearer thinking, greater tolerance and compassion, more energy, better health, and so on.

So how many hours a day do I train? Well, to fight, not too many hours any more. In my teens, twenties and
through my mid-thirties I trained an average of 3-4 hours a day, six days a week; probably more than most
martial artists, but not as much as some.
When I reached my late thirties my interests and values changed, and I would like to think naturally evolved. I
became more interested in being a better instructor, running a top-notch school, helping my students achieve
their martial arts goals, and ultimately becoming a better person.

As a nearly forty-eight year old, I don’t know whether the world really needs me for anything, but it certainly
doesn’t need me to become a better kung fu fighter. So I only train a few hours a week on things that impact
my fighting skill – just enough to stay sharp with what I know, and to find more efficient ways to execute what I

However I spend many hours a day studying and training myself to be a better instructor, a better martial arts
school manager, and hopefully a better mentor and example to my students. And I do dedicate an average of a
couple hours each day to my physical and mental fitness and wellbeing via a combination of meditation, qigong,
running and exercise, and spiritual reading.

And one last point: As one’s kung fu knowledge and powers of concentration grow, one’s kung fu training time
becomes more efficient. Whether I focus on the combat aspects of my training or on the personal development
aspects of training, I find that I do usually accomplish much more in a shorter period of time than I used to.

                                   “No snowflake falls in an inappropriate place.”
                                                 Old Zen Saying

                                   “How can you think and hit at the same time?”
                                                   Yogi Berra
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