Rs.500-deposited with A.O(Cash) % GMT Ludhiana vide Rec by smitty1254


									                       BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LTD.
Rs.500/-deposited  with    A.O(Cash)       %     GMT      Ludhiana
vide Receipt No.____Book No._______ dt______________________
Form No.__________dated__________issued to ______________________

1.Wax/tape sealed tenders are invited by GMT Ludhiana on behalf of BSNL
for feeding of data in the office of A.O(Cash)/AO(TA & Estt) % GMT
Ludhiana.Tender superscribed as“Tender for feeding of Data in office of
A.O(Cash)/AO(TA & Estt) % GMT Ludhiana” addressed to Shri Jit Singh DE
Phones(Plg) Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar Telephone Exchange Building E-Block
% G.M.T. Ludhiana and should reach him on or before 29-7-2009 upto 1200
hours which will be opened at 1205 hours on the same day in the presence of
those tenderers who may wish to be present at their own cost.In case this day
happens to be holiday, the tenders will be opened on the next working day at
the same time.The appx. cost of work is Rs.2.5 lacs.The tender to be submitted
in two separate wax/tape sealed envelopes(Both these envelopes should be
placed in a separate wax/tape sealed envelope) lebelled as under:-
Qualifying bid(Envelope No.I)
i)Copy of latest valid income tax clearance certificate or Permanent Account
Number duly attested by Gazetted Officer/Notary Public.
ii)Copy of latest Partnership Deed or articles/Memorandum of Association
as the case may be duly attested by Gazetted Officer/Notary Public.
However, in case of individual/Sole proprietor, affidavit to this effect will
suffice(Photocopy/attested copy of affidavit will not be accepted).
iii)Copy of registration of firm/company in case of partnership firm/
company duly attested by Gazetted Officer/Notary Public.
iv)Copy of registration with service tax deptt. in case of all types of concerns
i.e. partnership,Company,Sole Proprietor & individual duly attested by
Gazetted Officer/Notary Public.
v)Copy of experience & satisfactory performance of similar one work done
in PSU/Central/ State Govt. department during the last 5 years from officer
not below the rank of Divisional Engineer or equivalent rank duly attested
by Gazetted Officer/Notary Public.
vi) Copy of certificate of registration of EPF duly attested by Gazetted
Officer/Notary Public.
vii)Copy of certificate of registration of ESI duly attested by Gazetted

 Officer/Notary Public.
 viii)Near relative of all BSNL employees either directly recruited or on
 deputation are prohibited from participation in the tender.The declaration
 must be given as per detail mentioned in tender document.
 ix)Cost of tender form,if the bidder downloads terms and conditions from
 x) Required earnest money.
 Financial bid(Envelope No.II)
 The financial bid should contain the tender form having quoted rates.
       The qualifying bids will be opened on date & time mentioned
above.The date and time for opening of “Financial bids” shall be conveyed
 later on to all the bidders who have qualified in qualifying bids.
Earnest money
 2.Tender must be accompanied by earnest money of Rs.6250/- in the shape
 of demand draft in favour of AO(Cash) BSNL % G.M.TD Ludhiana.
 3.Incomplete tenders or conditional tenders or tenders received without
 earnest money will not be entertained.
 4.The earnest money of successful tenderer will be converted into security
 money.The earnest money of the unsuccessful tenderer will be refunded as
 per departmental rules.
 5.If any tenderer withdraws the offer before the final acceptance of
 tender,the earnest money of such tenderer is liable to be forfeited.
 General conditions
 6.The tenderer shall arrange to receive all letters addressed by the officers of
 G.M.T, Ludhiana either personally or through his authorised agency failing
 which letters will be posted to him.This office shall not be responsible for
 non-receipt or late receipt of letters by the tenderer.The contents of letters
 will be binding on the tenderer as if it was received by the tenderer on the
 date of posting.
 7.The tenderers are at liberty to be present or authorise not more than one
 representative to be present at the opening of the tender on the above
 mentioned date and time at their own expenses.
 8.Correction, if any, in the tender should be initialled otherwise the tender is
 liable to be rejected.
 9.The submission of more than one tender under different names is
 Validity of Rates
 10.The rates should be quoted inclusive of all taxes in words as well as in
 figures on Annexure-1.The rates quoted should be given for acceptance
 within a period of 90 days from the date of opening of tender.

11.The accepted rates will remain operative for a period of one year from the
date of signing of agreement.GMT Ludhiana has sole discretion to extend
the period for further 3 months, if necessary at the same rates, terms and
conditions.GMT Ludhiana also reserves the right to reduce the period.
12.G.M.T. Ludhiana does not bind himself to accept the lowest tender and
reserves the right to reject/accept any tender or all tenders without assigning
any reason.GMT Ludhiana further reserves the right to accept the tender in
part or in whole.
13.Acceptance of tender will be communicated by Regd. post only to those
tenderers whose tender is accepted.
14.Any attempt direct or indirect on the part of the tenderer to negotiate with
the authority to whom he has submitted the tender or the authority who is
competent finally to accept it after he has submitted his tender or any
endeavour to secure any interest for any actual of prospective tender or to
influence by any means for the acceptance of a particular tender will render
the tender liable to the exclusion from consideration.
15.Before outright rejection of the Bid by Bid-opening team for non-
compliance of any of the provisions,the bidder company is given opportunity
to explain their position, however if the person representing the company is
not satisfied with the decision of the Bid opening team, he/they can submit
the representation to Bid-opening team immediately but in no case after
closing of the tender process with full justification quoting specifically the
violation of tender conditions if any.
       Bid opening team will not return the bids submitted by the bidders on
the date of tender opening even if it is liable for rejection and will preserve
the bids in sealed cover as submitted by taking signatures of some of the
desirous representatives of the participating bidder/companies present on the
       The Incharge of the Bid opening team will mention the number of
bids with name of company found unsuitable for further processing on the
date of tender opening and number of representations received in Bid
opening Minutes and if Bid opening team is satisfied with the arguments of
the bidder/company mentioned in their representation and feel that there is
prima-facie-fact for consideration, the incharge of the Bid opening team will
submit the case for review to competent authority as early as possible
preferably on next working day and decision to this effect should be
communicated to the bidder company within a week positively. Bids found
liable for rejection and kept preserved on the date of tender opening will be
returned to the bidders after issue of P.O. against the instant tender.

        If the reviewing officer finds it fit to open the bid of the petitioner,
this should be done by giving three(working) days notice to all the
participating bidders to give opportunity to desirous participants to be
present on the occasion.
16.i)Near relative of all BSNL employees either directly recruited or on
deputation are prohibited from participation in the tender.
ii)The near relatives for this purpose are defined as under:-
a)Members of a Hindu Undivided family.
b)They are husband and wife.
c)The one is related to the other in the manner as father, mother, son(s) &
son’s wife(daughter-in-law), Daughter(s) & daughter’s husband(son-in-law),
brother(s) & brother’s wife, sister(s) & sister’s husband(brother-in-law).The
declaration to this effect must be attached with tender as per Annexure-II.
 iii)In case of proprietorship firm certificate will be given by the proprietor,
for partnership firm certificate will be given by all the partners and in case of
limited company by all the Directors of company. Any breach of these
conditions by the company or firm or any other person, the tender/work will
be cancelled and earnest money/security deposit will be forfeited at any
stage whenever it is so notice. The department will not pay any damages to
the company or firm or the concerned person. The company or firm or the
person will also be debarred for further participation in the Ludhiana SSA.
Security deposit
17.The tenderer whose tender is accepted will be required to deposit security
equivalent to 10% appx. cost of work awarded(Less earnest money
automatically converted into security) in the shape of demand draft in favour
of A.O(Cash) BSNL % G.M.TD Ludhiana or FDR duly pledged to
A.O(Cash) BSNL % G.M.TD Ludhiana valid for 18 months within 10 days
from the date of intimation of acceptance of tender in writing.The successful
tenderer will also be required to execute the contract/agreement on non
judicial stamp paper of Rs.25/- at the cost of tenderer in prescribed form
within the same period before the actual commencement of work.
        GMT, Ludhiana reserves the right to extend the date for deposit
security in deserving cases.In case of failure to furnish the requisite security
or non execution of agreement within the above specified period, the offer
will be treated as withdrawn and earnest money will be forfeited.
18.The security will be refunded to the tenderer after completion of work
and on receipt of satisfactory report from A.O(Cash)/AO(TA & Estt) %
GMT Ludhiana.Earnest money/security will not carry any interest.

19.Details of job to be attended are enclosed in Annexure-I.The tenderer will
start the work with the permission or intimation to A.O(Cash)/AO(TA &
Estt) % GMT Ludhiana.
20.In case of problem of staff, no excuse will be entertained.
21.The tender will abide by all the labour laws.The tenderer shall have to
pay wages not less than fare wages fixed by local authorities from time to
time the staff engaged by them for this work.Proper wage record shall be
maintained by the tenderer to ensure payment of adequate wages to the staff.
22.Implementation of Statutory Condition of labour laws
The contractor shall abide the labour laws as under:-
a)The terms and conditions towards fulfillment/compliance of the provisions
of EPF & Misc. Provisions Act 1952 & Employees Provident Fund Scheme
1952 by the contractor in respect of labourers/employees engaged by the
contractor for performing the work of BSNL are to be followed.
b)To comply the provision mentioned at para (a), each claim bill of
contractor must accompany the i)The list showing the details of
labourers/employees engaged ii) duration of their engagement iii) the
amount of wages paid to such labourers/ employees for the duration in
question iv) amount of EPF contributions (both employeer’s & employees’s
contribution) for the duration of engagement in question, paid to the EPF
Authorities v) copies of authenticated documents of payments of such
contribution to EPF authorities and vi) a declaration from the contractor
regarding compliance of the conditions of EPF Act. 1952.
c)While passing the bills of contractor the bill passing authority must check
the payment particulars regarding EPF contribution furnished by the
contractor along with the bill as mentioned in Para (b) above and keep full
records of the payments etc. each contract wise. The bill will be passed by
the bill passing authority only if the contractor complies with the terms and
conditions of EPF Act, 1952.
23.It should be ensured that the contractor is paying all the dues to his
employees as principle employer and all other statutory obligations are
complied by him.The contractor will pay all the dues to his employees
through cheque only and they have to furnish a proof of the EPF paid for the
employees.A certificate to this effect must be given by the contractor before
making the payment to him for the following month.
24.The field units must ensure themselves that the provisions of such
statutes are complied with by way of (i) maintenance of prescribed records
and registers:-(ii) Preparation and filling of required returns:(iii)
Contractor/Agency possess registration/license from the appropriate labour
authority and are furnishing particulars of their employees/ workers engaged

by them to execute the outsourced activities: (iv) Such Contractor/Agency is
making payment to its workers at the rates not less than the rates prescribed
under the minimum Wages Act. 1948. for such employment wherever
applicable and where the rates have been fixed by an agreement not less than
the rates so fixed :(v) The Contractor/Agency has obtained registration with
PF/ESI authorities:
(vi) Monitoring that the contractor ensure timely deposit of PF and ESI dues
of the employees with the appropriate authorities and contractor must submit
the documents in this regard to BSNL: (vii) The payment to workers may be
made in the presence of authorized representative of BSNL who must certify
at the 2nd the entries of Wage Register (viii) Such contractor is making
payment to workers by cheque or by crediting the wages in their bank
account after obtaining written authorization of the workmen and (ix) The
employees of the agency/Contractor deployed for the outsourced activity
must be carrying their identity cards duly certified issued by the
Agency/Contractor as their employer and so on.
i)The work will be carried out in the office of A.O(Cash)/AO(TA & Estt) %
GMT Ludhiana.
ii)GMT Ludhiana reserves the right to change the formats, of data entry in
part or full at any time during execution of work.
iii)Accuracy level will be determined with reference to records not with
reference to key depression. Even one error in the record will mean the
erroneous record.
iv)Normally there will be always work for contractor within the territorial
jurisdiction of GMT Ludhiana,However in situation where the contractor has
to be remained without work due to any reasons, the contractor shall not
claim wages for idle period.
v)The contractor will be responsible for any accident, any mishap while
carrying out the work. Compensation to the affected labour if any, will be
liability of the contractor.
vi)Specification of work as per Annexure-I.Preprinted stationery and
printing material will be supplied by department.
i)Deductions for errors will be calculated with reference to number or record
wrongly entered i.e. the full record will be considered wrongly entered even
if one digit/character in a record its wrongly entered/or any amount of
penalty imposed by GMTD Ludhiana.Cost of stationery will also be
recovered in such case errors would attract deduction four time the rate
payable for the job

 No. of records      No. of errors        Rate of errors      Deduction
 5000                50                   1%                  4%(200 records)
AO(Cash)/AO(TA)/AO(Banking) % GMT Ludhiana will check their
transaction on day to day basis.
ii)If any of the work is not completed within the time limits fixed as per
schedule for completion of work, a penalty for Rs.100/- per day shall be
deducted for the period of delay.
a.The rates once approved will not be enhanced in any circumstances.
b.The order placing authority has the right to deduct any amount from the
bill,he may consider reasonable for the unsatisfactory execution of work.
c.Payment will be made on monthly basis through Planning Section on
endst. of satisfactory working certificate on bills by A.O(Cash)/AO(TA &
Estt) % GMT Ludhiana.
d.Income tax will be deducted from bills at prevailing rates.
Termination of contract & forfeiture of earnest money & Security
28.GMT Ludhiana reserves the right to award the work to other tenderer if
the performance is found unsatisfactory or fails to start work after signing of
agreement and GMT Ludhiana also reserves the right to terminate the
contract and earnest money and security will be forfeited.
29.The tenderer will not be permitted to sublet the work to other agency on
commission basis.In such circumstances,if it is found that the work has been
subletted,the earnest money & security of the tenderer will be forfeited and
no further work will be allotted to him.
30.If any of the information furnished by the tenderer is found to be
incorrect, the contract is liable to be terminated and earnest money &
security lying with the department will be forfeited.
31.That in the event of tenderer being adjudged insolvent or otherwise
legally in capable of fulfilling this contract.GMT Ludhiana shall have power
to terminate the contract immediately without giving any notice to the
tenderer and earnest money & security will be forfeited.
32.G.M.T. Ludhiana reserves the right to forfeit the earnest money and
security if the tenderer fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions
set out above or in any other contract or agreement which may be drawn up
as a consequence of acceptance of tender.In such circumstances the right of
cancellation of contract is also retained by BSNL authorities.
33.If there is any dispute of any kind or in the interpretation of any clause in
the terms of contract, the matter will be referred to the sole arbitration of

Chief General Manager Telecom Punjab Circle Chandigarh or any person
nominated by him on his behalf whose decision will be final and binding.
34.The jurisdiction of Civil Court shall be at the Headquarters of GMT
35.GMT Ludhiana reserves the right to suspend any schedule item/items
temporarily or permanently.
36.In case, any clause is not mentioned, prevailing departmental rules will

                                                  % GMT, Ludhiana

                           BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LTD.
Name of work:-Tender for feeding of data in the office of A.O(Cash)/AO(TA & Estt) %
GMT Ludhiana
Schedule of data feeding
Sr.No   Description                                            Appx.           Rates          Appx. total   Schedule for
                                                               quantities of   quoted         cost          completion of
                                                               work            inclusive of                 work
                                                                               all taxes
1.      Reconciliation of remittance to bank                   11500 cheque/
                                                               drafts p.m.
I       Data feeding of cheques & drafts                                                                    24 Hrs.
II      Preparation & printing of remittance challan                                                        -do-
III     Affixing of rubber stamps on each copy of                                                           -do-
        remittance challan & cheques.
IV      Tearing of challan in two parts & stiching of                                                       -do-
V       Posting of cheque, cheques dishonour and                                                            -do-
VI      Printing of cleared items                                                                           10th of the
VII     Printing of unlinked items                                                                          -do-
VIII    Printing of schedule of remittance to bank                                                          -do-
2.      Reconciliation of drawing from bank                    1600 cheques                                 2nd of the
                                                               p.m.                                         month
        The work comprises of following stages
I       Data feeding of cheques                                                                             -do-
II      Printing of schedule                                                                                -do-
III     Posting of date of clearance of cheques,                                                            -do-
        dishonour of cheques
IV      Reconcilation of drawing from bank                                                                  -do-
V       Printing of cleared items                                                                           -do-
VI      Printing of unlinked items                                                                          -do-
3.      Data feeding and reconciliation of trial balance                                                    -do-
A       The work includes following stages of                  2600 p.m.                                    -do-
I       Data feeding of entries collection cash book                                                        -do-
II      Data feeding of entries collection bank book                                                        -do-
III     Reconciliation with collection bank cheque                                                          -do-
IV      Taking out of print of balance/sheet current                                                        -do-
        (Receipt side)
B)      The work includes of following stages of               2900 p.m.                                    -do-
I       Data feeding of entries collection cash bank                                                        -do-
II      Data feeding of entries collection bank book                                                        -do-
III     Reconciliation with collection bank cheque                                                          -do-
IV      Taking out of print of collection balance/sheet                                                     Immediately
C)      Detail of printing trail balance                                                                    -do-
I       Detail of print of J/Slip                                                                           -do-
II      Reconcilation of J/Slip                                                                             -do-
III     Printing trail balance                                                                              -do-
IV      Printing Sub ledger                                                                                 -do-

Sr.No   Description                                           Appx.              Rates          Appx. total   Schedule for
                                                              quantities of      quoted         cost          completion of
                                                              work               inclusive of                 work
                                                                                 all taxes
V       Print of J/ledger                                                                                     Immediately
4       Other computerized items                              230 p.m.                                        Printing same
5       Data feeding of change in various component of        1000 p.m.                                       Printing same
        salary like basic pay, DA, HRA, CCA etc and                                                           day
        recovery items like GPF (C), GPF(R), and
        advance etc.
6       Printing of schedules                                 Two set p.m.                                    -do-
        The work referred includes                                                                            -do-
a)      GPF(C) and Refund class IV                                                                            -do-
b       GPF(C) and Refund other than class IV                                                                 -do-
c       Loan & Advances                                                                                       -do-
d       HRR                                                                                                   -do-
e       PLI                                                                                                   -do-
f       Society dues                                                                                          -do-
g       Welfare                                                                                               -do-
7.      Printing of pay vouchers/A Roll/Pay Slip              Two set p.m.                                    -do-
                                                              (for 1800 staff)
8       Printing of Rent bill/MO list                         Two set p.m                                     -do-
                                                              (150 building)
9       Date feeding of rent bill/MO list                     300entires p.m.                                 -do-
10      Data feeding of Medical & OTA                         900 p.m.                                        -do-
1.      Data entry of medical & OTA                                                                           -do-
2.      Printing of voucher medical & OTA                                                                     -do-
3.      Printing of Aroll Medical & OTA                                                                       -do-
11.     Feeding of travels allowance                          400 p.m.                                        -do-
        1.Data entry                                                                                          -do-
        2.Printing of voucher                                                                                 -do-
        3.Printing of A ROLL                                                                                  -do-
12.     Printing of GPF(withdrawal) sanctioning &             450 p.m.                                        -do-
        maintenance of employees wise records
13.     Despatch of refund cheques & building rent            2200 p.m.
1.The appx. quantities mentioned above may vary.
2.The evaluation of the tender shall be done on package basis i.e. the total cost of the
above detailed items.
       I/We have read & understood the terms and conditions of tender form & all are
accepted to me/us in full.

                                                                      Signature of tenderer
                                                                      Telephone No.

                             Annexure –II


 I______________________S/o____________________ r/o____________
 hereby certify that none of my relative(s) as defined in the tender document
is/are employed in BSNL unit as per details given in tender document.In
case at any stage, it is found that the information given by me is
false/incorrect, BSNL shall have the absolute right to take any action as
deemed fit/without any prior intimation to me.

                                       Signature of tenderer

Note:- In case of proprietorship firm certificate will be given by the
proprietor, for partnership firm certificate will be given by all the partners
and in case of limited company by all the Directors of company.


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