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					Switching Solutions


• MRV Company Overview
• MRV Switching Position Statement
• MRV Switching Products
   –   Product Family Overview
   –   OptiSwitch
   –   OptiMaster
   –   MegaVision
• Applications
   – OptiSwitch in the Enterprise
   – OptiSwitch and Ethernet over VDSL
• Why Choose MRV

            MRV Communications
 Founded in 1988
 World Class Leader in Ethernet Access
  and Optical Components
 Product solutions that are provided:
    •   Integrated Switching
    •   Routing
    •   Remote Presence
    •   Optical Transmission system
 Next Generation Access solutions (Last Mile)
    •   Ethernet over VDSL
    •   Free-Space Optics
    •   Colored Ethernet
 First affordable 10/100 dual feed LAN switching
 First to deploy Gigabit Ethernet                    MRV Communications
                                                         Sales 800-338-5316
 First Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) in
  residential access network
 First with free space optical transmission (FSO)
 MRV OptiSwitch Positioning
 The OptiSwitch is a best of breed modular Intelligent
Ethernet Switch designed to meet the needs of the small,
medium, and large networks. The OptiSwitch enables our
  customers to build superior LAN, WAN, and MAN
  solutions for high-bandwidth data, voice, and video.

    As a Global Leader of Intelligent Optical Ethernet
solutions for over 15 years, we are committed to regaining
 market share from our major competitors. We will do so
  through strong channel partners and a commitment to
        high-quality products and superior service.

       MRV Switching Products

• Family Product Overview
   – Low Cost Closet Switch
       • OS-LAN
   – Layer 2 Closet / Aggregation Switches
       • OptiSwitch-200, 400, 800, 1200, 2400
   – Layer 2 / 3 Switches
       • OSM-48, OSM-400, OSM-800
• Network Management
   – MegaVision Network Management

                  Layer 2 Closet / Aggregation Switches


      Optiswitch-400                      Optiswitch-1200



             Optiswitch Master
              Layer 2 / 3 Switches




             OptiSwitch Modules

• Diverse set of interface modules
   – 10,100 and 1,000 Mbps Ethernet
   – Densities of 1, 2, 4 or 8 ports per module
   – Multimode, singlemode
      • Fast Ethernet 0-150 km
      • Gigabit Ethernet 0-100 km
   – Hybrid cards of 1 or 2 FO + 4 TP
   – Ethernet over VDSL

             OptiSwitch / OptiSwitch Master
                    Product Features
•   Wire-speed, non-blocking                               •   Complete Standard Layer 2
    architecture on all models                                 Feature Set
     –   Up to 34Mpps                                           –   IEEE   802.1D Spanning Tree
     –   24 Gbps of aggregate switching capacity                –   IEEE   802.1Q VLAN Tagging
                                                                –   IEEE   802.1p Traffic Prioritization
•   Modular Design
                                                                –   IEEE   802.1ab Link Aggregation
     –   4, 8, 12 slot chassis                                  –   IEEE   802.3x Flow Control
     –   Allows for custom configuration to fit specific
         customer needs                                    •   Advanced traffic control features
     –   Up to 30 different modules                            (QoS)
                                                                –   Hardware support 4 priority queues and 2
     –   Scalability - grow as you go                               discardabilty levels per port.
     –   Product designed for the Enterprise, Metro             –   Allows Rate-Limiting, using per flow Token
         and Carrier Networks                                       Bucket algorithm.
•   High Ethernet port density                                  –   DiffServ Support – Class Of Service Standard,
     –   From 4 to 192 10/100 ports                                 Map flows into Service Level.
     –   Form 1 to 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports                    –   Based on PHB (Per Hop Behavior)
                                                                –   Using WRR, SP and Hybrid scheduling
•   High Availability and Fault Tolerance                           algorithm to achieve any PHB
     –   Redundant Power Supplies                               –   Marked by 6-bits wide DSCP
     –   Hot Swap of modules (Telco Chassis)                    –   Granular Rate limiting 64k and up
     –   Redundant Gigabit
     –   Rapid Spanning Tree

           OptiSwitch / OptiSwitch Master
                  Product Features
•   Extensive protocol support (OSM)
                                             •   Bandwidth Optimization
     • RIP, OSPF
                                                  – 802.1ad bandwidth aggregation
     • BGP-4
                                                     enhances fault tolerance, provides
     • MPLS                                          increase bandwidth between
     • Multicast, IGMP Snooping                      servers, routers and switches
     • VRRP                                  •   Superior Manageability
     • NAT
                                                  • SNMP, Telnet, CLI
     • DHCP server / relay
                                                  • MegaVison Graphical User Interface
                                                  • RMON agent
•   Rich set of Security features
                                                  • TFTP
     – High-performance ACLs
                                                  • Two LED’s per port for link and
     – MAC base per port
     – Multi-Level Console Access
                                             •   Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
     – Built-in Secure Shell (OSM)
     – Protection against DoS attacks             –   Common I/O modules for all modular
     – AAA: Authentication, Authorization,            products
        and Accounting

              OptiSwitch Solutions
                         for Enterprises
• Features
   –   Wire-speed, non-blocking architecture
   –   Redundant Power
   –   Redundant Links
   –   Link Aggregation
   –   Traffic Prioritization
   –   Rate Limiting
   –   Modular
• Benefits
   –   Fault tolerance
   –   Differentiate time sensitive traffic (voice, video, time sensitive applications)
   –   Allows for strict control over traffic entering or exiting the network
   –   Control of “flow” through the network end to end
   –   Prevent security breaches and attacks
   –   Increase density as you go

            OptiSwitch Layer 2 / 3 Solution
             Small / Medium Enterprise

        High Availability        RIP / OSPF
                                                  Backbone           VRRP                 Medium to High
        •Power Redundancy                                                               Density Wiring Closet
        •Gigabit Redundancy
        •Hot Swappable Modules
                                                                                        8 to 192 10/100 ports, up
Additional Features                                                                     To 24 Gigabit Ethernet with
•Gigabit Aggregation                                                                    wire-speed performance
•IGMP Snooping
•QOS for time sensitive
 applications (video, VOIP)

                                              Data Center / Server Farm

                 OptiSwitch Solutions
                 Ethernet over VDSL

— A Last Mile solution that delivers all (voice, data and video) services
  to customer premises over a single unified network
— A technology which enables the extension of full Ethernet over
  telephone lines to distances of approx. 1.2-2.4km
— Data rates of up to 10Mbps, Full duplex, in parallel to the voice line
— Transmits 10Mbps data over frequencies unused by the voice
— Provides broadband access to subscribers in Multi-Tenant buildings
  by using existing telephone wiring infrastructure
— Simultaneous Broadband and POTS service
— Simple to install, operate and manage
— The most cost effective system

     Ethernet over VDSL Application

• OptiSwitch 800 = 8 slot chassis
• 1 module for uplink to remote site
• 7 VDSL modules = 56 subscribers

             Why MRV?

• Global Leader in Intelligent Optical
  Ethernet Solutions
• Most Comprehensive Intelligent Optical
  Ethernet Solution Suite
• Big Company Power with Small Company
• Channel Loyalty

             Global Leader

• Over 15 years of providing advanced
  Intelligent Optical Network solutions
  throughout the world.
• First to market with major technologies.
• Independent surveys have ranked
  OptiSwitch as best of breed time and time
• ―Best kept secret in the industry!‖
  Most Comprehensive Solution

• One stop shopping for Ethernet Access
     •   Free Space Optics
     •   Switch/Routing
     •   Media Converters
     •   Wave Division Multiplexing
     •   Colored Ethernet
     •   Ethernet over VDSL
     •   Remote Presence Management

 Small Company Flexibility

– Work closely with Channel Partners on each
  and every deal.
– Provide product customization to meet
  customer needs.
– Top down management availability to meet
  with you and customers if needed.

                Channel Loyalty

• Our focus is on Tier 3 Channel Partners
• Do not dilute the market with multiple resell
• Believe Channel Partners our an extension of our
  direct sales efforts – Part of the family!
• Close relations between direct sales and Channel
   –   Joint Sales Calls
   –   Application Engineering Assistance
   –   Lead Generation
   –   Frequent Training
            Channel Initiatives

• Better Margins
   – Bundle offering with greater discounts adding more
• Discounting structure
   – We now offer our channel better pricing than our local
     sales people to encourage and develop channel sales
• More Profit
   – We are dedicated to optimize our partners gross margin
     when selling our products.

         Add. Channel Initiatives

• Our long-term sales strategy is to distribute our
  products through the channel, not direct.
• We won’t let our channel partners lose an
  opportunity because of price. We’re willing to do
  what ever it take to help our channel partners win
• In addition to your local sales team we have a
  Channel Manager that is dedicated to make sure
  that you are successful.

   OptiSwitch Bundled Offering
• Ethernet-E24
   – 4 slot chassis with (3) 8 port 10/100 modules with one gigabit
     uplink slot
• Ethernet-E48
   – 8 slot chassis with (6) 8 port 10/100 modules with two gigabit
     uplink slots
• Ethernet-G2004
   – 8 slot chassis with (6) SX QOS gigabit modules with two gigabit
     uplink slots

• Optional modules for bundle offering:
           – Gigabit TX
           – Gigabit SX
           – Redundant Gigabit
• Warranty
       • Limited Lifetime on all OptiSwitch Family products
Bundled Competitive Match-Up

                      MRV           Cisco       Foundry        Extreme

                                               FastIron Edge
 24 ports                          Catalyst
                   Ethernet-E24                   Switch
 Advance Layer 2                  2950-24-EI
                                                 FES 2402

                                               FastIron Edge
 48 ports                          Catalyst                    Summit
                   Ethernet-E48                   Switch
 Advance Layer 2                  2950-48-EI                    48si
                                                 FES 4802

               Competition List Pricing

                             MRV           Cisco               Foundry

Model                      Ethernet-E24   2950-24-EI    FastIron Edge Switch 2402
24 ports Advance Layer 2

List Pricing w/o uplinks      $2,900        $2,495                $3,000

                             MRV           Cisco               Foundry              Extreme

Model                      Ethernet-E48   2950-48-EI   FastIron Edge Switch 4802    Summit 48si
48 ports Advance Layer 2

List Pricing w/o uplinks      $5,300       $4,495                 $5,000              $4,995

                  Profitability Opportunity

                                   Preferred Tier 3                    Reseller
                                                            Street                Reseller Gross
        Product       List Price                                        Gross
                                   Reseller Discount        Price                  Margin %

MRV                                     $1,595.00
                      $2,900.00                            $2,073.50   $478.50        30%
Ethernet-E24                          (45% off List)

Foundry                                 $2,400
                      $3,000.00                            $2,640.00   $240.00        10%
FES2402                              (20% off List)*

Cisco                                   $1996.00
                      $2,495.00                            $2,195.60   $199.60        10%
2950-24-EI                           (20% off List)*

  *This is an average amongst Tier 3 Resellers Surveyed.

               Profitability Opportunity

                                Preferred Tier 3                  Reseller
                                                         Street              Reseller Gross
    Product        List Price                                      Gross
                                Reseller Discount        Price                Margin %

MRV                                 $2,915.00
                   $5,300.00                         $3,789.50    $874.50        30%
Ethernet-E48                      (45% off List)

Extreme                             $3,996
                   $4,995.00                         $4,395.60     399.60        10%
Summit 48si                      (20% off List)*

Cisco                               $3596.00
                   $4,495.00                         $3,955.60    $359.60        10%
2950-48-EI                       (20% off List)*

*This is an average amongst Tier 3 Resellers Surveyed.
MRV Partnership with the Channel
• We are committed to work with you to increase
  your profitability and MRV market share.
• Will work with you on deals that need to be more
• Local Sales and Technical Support at your service.
• Continuous sales and technical training .
• Our technical field support Engineers can be an
  extension of your field support staff.
• On-going channel sales promotions which include
  spiffs and special discounting, to name a few.
• Together we will be successful!

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