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AIDS powerpoint

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					The AIDS Epidemic
Alex Jones & Logan Bjorkman
    What is HIV?

   Human Immunodeficiency Virus
       HIV -: killer T-Cells attach themselves
        to invader cells and destroy them
       HIV +: The disease kills the T-Cells
        and they are unable to fight off
       Can mutate to resist drug treatment
   You have “AIDS” when:
       Your T-Cell count is less than 200
       You have opportunistic Infections
What is AIDS?
   Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
       Viral disease
       Causes failure of the immune system
       Makes body more susceptible to diseases
           Can be killed by the common cold
       Can not actually die of “AIDS”
           Killed by a disease that you are unable to fight off
            because of AIDS
           AIDS was the cause of death over 3.1 million people
            in 2004
How is HIV spread?
   HIV is passed through blood, semen,
    vaginal fluids, and breast milk, and any
    fluid with blood tissue
   Sex
     Through homosexual sex there is a
        greater chance of spreading HIV
     Contact of a fluids in sex makes it a
        great risk
   Needles
     The use of unclean needles from one
        person to another
     Intravenous drug users, tattoos, shots
     Clean Needle Programs
   Childbirth
     A process involving many fluids leaves
        many infants HIV positive
HIV & AIDS History
   AIDS may have been around
    since the 1940’s
   Possibly acquired from the
    Simian Family (SIV)
   HIV was discovered by two
    separate scientists (Dr. Robert
    Gallo, Dr. Luc Montagnier) in
   AIDS didn’t surface on a large
    scale until the 1980’s
HIV & AIDS History
   At first it was common in Gay Males and was
    named the Gay Related Immune Disease
   It was then realized that the disease was not
    restricted to gay males but was also present
    in women and child straight and gay alike
    Gaetan Dugas was believed to be “Patient 0”
    because he slept with over 750 different
    males in four years
AIDS in Africa
•There are 25.4 million
people in Africa living
•3.1 million are newly
infected with HIV/AIDS
each year
•There are 2.3 million
people who die from the
disease every year
AIDS in Africa

   The AIDS epidemic in Africa
    has lower the school
   Large amounts of money are
    being spent to prevent AIDS in
    Africa, but it is hard to help
    because it they are third world
    countries with little structure
   The quality of care provided in
    hospitals is declining because
    of the epidemic
    AIDS in America
   There are 569,713 known
    cases of AIDS and HIV in
   It is believed that thousands
    more people have AIDS or
    HIV and do not know about it
   People are treated differently
    when they're HIV+, or when
    people think they might be
   The campaign to promote
    safe sex and needle use has
    made America one of the
    leading countries in the fight
    against AIDS
   The ABC approach
       Abstain
       Condomise
       Be faithful
   Clinics are passing out condoms
    and educating the public
   Hard to teach third world
    countries of these safe methods
   Registered prostitutes must
    check out to be HIV -
Research & Treatment

   STAGE 1 : Primary HIV
   STAGE 2 : Clinically
    Asymptomatic Stage
   STAGE 3 : Symptomatic
    HIV Infection
   STAGE 4 : Progression
    from HIV to AIDS
Research & Treatment
   1985-* Blood first began to be
    tested in blood banks
   1986- *Us Surgeon General
    reports on AIDS epidemic and
    SEX education
   1987-*First anti-HIV drug AZT
    approved by the FDA & AIDS
    memorial quilt began
   1989-* FDA approved four more
   1991-* Red Ribbon adopted as
    AIDS symbol of life
Research & Treatment
   1993- *CDC changes to include opportunic
   1997- *AIDS deaths drop 19%
   1998- *AIDS deaths drop 47%
   2000- *Clinton Administration formally declares
    HIV/AIDS a threat to U.S national security
   2002- *Realized that American public was not
    informed about AIDS
   2004- *AIDS and sex education in the USA focus on
    sexual abstinence until marriage

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