Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

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					Subsequent sessions begin with a warmup         days each week for a small monthly fee.
period followed by an aerobic conditioning      The sessions are supervised by a Cardiac
period. Patients rotate through exercise        Rehabilitation nurse.
stations that include bicycle and arm er-
gometry, treadmill walking and stepping.
A cool-down and relaxation period follows
the exercise session.

Education: Education programs help              Entry into Rhea Medical Center’s Cardiac
patients identify potential cardiac risk fac-   Rehab program (as well as participation in
tors and encourage the reduction of such        Phase I), begins with a referral from your
risks through healthy heart living. Educa-      physician. Rhea Medical Center’s profes-
tion topics include stress management,          sional staff serves as an extension of the
smoking cessation, dietary influences such      referring physician’s care through contin-
as choles-                                      ued contact and periodic progress reports.
terol and
sodium re-
duction and
Learning                                        In many cases, insurance companies
to change                                       will pay for a portion of, if not all of the
one’s                                           program’s fees. In most cases, Medicare
lifestyle in                                    will cover the costs of the program if the
additions to                                    patient has had a previous heart attack,
exercise is equally important.                  open heart surgery or stable angina. Fol-
                                                lowing physician referral, our insurance
Encouragement: The Cardiac Rehabili-            representative will contact your insurance
tation registered nurse is present dur-         carrier and discuss the information with

ing all exercise and education programs.        you prior to entry into the program.
Supportive relationships also develop
through association with others who have

had similar experiences. Phase II usually
consists of one-hour sessions, three times
each week for 12 weeks.                                  Rhea Medical Center

                 Phase III
                                                      9400 Rhea County Highway
                                                           Dayton, TN 37321                      Program
Phase III, sometimes referred to as
“maintenance”, provides a safe environ-              (423) 775-8673 Cardiac Rehab
ment for continued exercise after comple-             (423) 775-1121 Switchboard                 Patient Guide
tion of Phase II. Participants attend three
                                              diet training, psychological support, stress
                                              reduction, spiritual support and regu-
                                              lar exercise, all in a balanced approach.
                                              Maintaining the lifestyle changes brought
Cardiac Rehabilitation services are de-       about through the cardiac rehab program
signed to help patients with heart dis-       makes the greatest difference to the pa-
ease recover faster and return to full and    tient’s independence and quality of life.
productive lives. Cardiac rehab includes
education, counseling, exercise and learn-
ing how to make lifestyle changes to live a
healthier life.
                                                                                             in Phase II in an outpatient setting after
                                              Heart disease is the nation’s #1 killer.       you have been discharged from the hospital.
                                              Cardiac rehab can improve the quality
                                              of life for those who are at high risk for                      Phase II
                                              developing cardiovascular complications        Rhea Medical Center’s outpatient cardiac
Almost everyone with heart disease can        or those who have already been diagnosed       rehab program begins during this phase,
benefit from some type of cardiac rehab. It   with any form of heart disease. It is an ef-   typically two or three weeks following hos-
is most important if you:                     fective way to help you:                       pital discharge. Phase II provides:
   • Have heart disease, such as angina           • Feel better faster                         • Medical and cardiac rehabilitation super-
   or have had a heart attack
                                                  • Get stronger                               vision by a physician and registered nurse
   • Have had coronary bypass surgery
                                                  • Reduce stress                              • Entry assessment and evaluation
   or a balloon catheter procedure on
   your heart                                     • Reduce the risk of future heart            • Cardiac risk factor assessment, analysis
                                                  problems                                     and counseling
                                                                                               • Educational sessions to enhance long-
                                                                                               term cardiac health management
                                                                                               • Individualized progressive and super-
Those who have had                                                                             vised exercise programs
a heart attack or                             Cardiac rehabilitation usually occurs in
angina are likely to                          three stages:                                    • Cardiac monitored exercise sessions
experience it again.                                           Phase I                         • Individual and group support sessions
It is wise to reduce                          Phase I begins in the hospital after a
risk factors for life.                        heart attack, heart surgery or other heart
Cardiac rehab gets
                                                                                                  A Closer Look at Phase II:
                                              treatment. Rhea Medical Center does
the patient started                           not perform major heart surgery, so this       Exercise: Following your doctor’s refer-
on this new road.                             stage of your rehab may take place in the      ral to the program, an orientation visit is
Cardiac rehab helps                           hospital where you had your surgery and        scheduled, and the Cardiac Rehabilita-
the patient change                            usually consists of two monitored exercise     tion registered nurse will complete an
lifestyle through:                            sessions each day. The program continues       initial evaluation and health history.

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